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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 9:19pm On Aug 25
I was kinda expecting this would happen to mide,he lost his mind and became vulnerable to any attack,
Though painful but warrior's life is always like that,at least he left three kids behind.
Bye bye mide,nairaland will miss you cry cry cry cry
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by enm(m): 10:36pm On Aug 25
Miracle will happen. Mide will resurrect again.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 4:16am On Aug 26
Chapter 8
Sleek summoned two more arms from his body and easily carried Mide's lifeless body and laid it on Wicked, who had already grown huge,and helped Dawn on it.
The whole of Iron Sanctuary went into total silent, never in the history of The Sanctuary has anything as hot ever happened, or any tough rival taken to a level which Mide and Lyta had taken it too, and now they were both dead.
Sleek entered into the room where Tasha had put to bed, and was glad to see her sleeping, while Queenite and Lin Feng stood on both sides of her bed, playing with the babies.
"Ma" Sleek said and beckoned her to come. Queenite laid down the baby gently and walked up to Sleek
"Mide is dead, killed by Lyta, although Lyta too is also dead"
Queenite looked at Sleek finding hard to believe and pushed him out of the way, Lin Feng turned thier direction and walked up to Sleek
"Mide is dead" Sleek said and walked away.
Queenite entered into the room where Mide's lifeless body was and was shocked it was true, the vein traces on his body were already black, having a huge peirce hole on his stomach and his body already pale white.
"This is wrong" Queenite muttered and streams of tears rolled down her cheeks.
IV puked Dawn to him and tried consoling her, as she wept bitterly, and when she tried to talk, he voice would deny her, everyone got moody.
First it was Sen, now Mide. Hardys leaning on the wall, flicked his dagger into the air, caught it and flicked it again, while tears rolled down his face.
"We haven't return to the surface" Lin feng said and walked out.
"Begin preparing, we return to our Clan ground" Queenite commanded.
Tasha opened her eyes, seeing there was no one with her, she turned towards her babies and smiled.
"Don't worry, daddy is coming soon" She said and gently sat herself up.
Tema and Dawn entered into the room,without uttering any word, they began to get their things together.
"Hey, what's happening? " Tasha asked, noticing their strange behavior.
"We are..... goo…ing back to the surface " Dawn said with a cracked voice.
"I thought... Well" Tasha said and pick a baby from where they laid.
"What are you going to call them? " Dawn asked
"That should be done by Mide" Tasha replied smiling.
"He is dead" Queenite voice said from the entrance of the room.
A black coffin withbthe inscription, THE TRUE LEGEND IN IRON SANCTUARY, was gently laid into the hole that was drugged into the ground, Tasha wailing uncontrollable, no one could deny his death was not just a mere death, just in two years Double D had risen fast to one of the top legends of the sanctuary.

"I don't know why, but I feel pained about the death of the boy" Lord Gitana said feeling bad. " The traitors here are the golden clan, as from today I cease to be in alliance with them, get message to Queenite, tell her I am fully behind her, they can call on me anytime " Lord Gitana said and took a pen from his table and an empty paper and wrote on it, then sealed it in an envelope.

The entire Iron Sanctuary all dressed in black, to mourn Mide's death took turn to pour a handful of sand into the grave, one after the other.

Seeing Rush from afar, standing by the gate of Iron Sanctuary, Queenite walked up to him.
"Why are you here? "
"Returning back to the sanctuary, the Golden Clan still exist" Rush replied calmly.
"I see, be prepared to also die like your brother who died a Comman loser" Queenite said and turned around to leave.
"My brother might be foolish, but I will surely avenge his death, this is just the beginning of our rivalry"

Chapter 9

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Dagger79(m): 10:51am On Aug 26
Ahh Op why na embarassed embarassed embarassed
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by obumnaeke(m): 11:23am On Aug 26
OP. why did you kill our Mide nah
bring him back oo embarassed
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 3:53pm On Aug 26
This last two update just get as dem be(someone must be dreaming should be Tema)

Thanks for the update.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 6:07pm On Aug 26
Chapter 9
Since all was still not set in the sanctuary, IV and Hardys decided to return back to Myriad group, and continue with whatever they did before Mide came, although War Frame was still on thier Prime list to destroy, even for the sake of Mide.
Getting to the cafeteria IV and Hardys found themselves a table which was beside the window of the cafeteria.
A ball suddenly hit IV on the head, and he turned towards the direction to see Wonuola, and three other girls with her.
Sam stood up from his table, alongside Mary, and both walked towards IV's and stood in defense.
"Where is that nuisance leader you have, Mide or whatever he calls himself, even saw the idiot and you guys and that butch on War Frame advertisement bill" Wonuola said and picked the ball from the ground.
Hardys was lost of words, using his spoon to pick up food from his plate and return it back again.
"Dead, he is dead" IV finally said with tears in his eyes.
"Hmm" Wonuola scoffed "I hope he has nice time in hell" She said.
Hardys stood up angrily, screaming loud he launched a punch at Wonuola.
Quickly IV grabbed the wrist and pulled Hardys back to his seat.
Everyone turned around, murmuring, most of them focusing on Hardys who wept like a child.
Wonuola felt shocked and it now dawned on her, what they said was true.
"Masters, is it true" Sam asked in a cold tune.
IV and Hardys didn't say anything than to nod
"And Sen too" Hardys said.
Lin feng suddenly barged into Queenite chamber, Tema seated, with a baby on her lap, while Tasha was with the girl and Queenite carefully bath the one with her.
They all have a startled looked at Lin Feng.
"Mide's body is out of the grave, like his body was stolen or some work, I don't understand " Lin Feng said panting.
Everyone went into shock, and found it hard to believe Lin Feng.

Getting to the grave site, the ground was opened, with a rough hole on the top of the casket.
Tema looked around and saw hand print on the floor, like someone crawled out.
"Mide is alive, see" Tema said and pointed to the print.
"I doubt it" Just then they saw Wicked crawl out from a flower, looking pale and exhausted.
"Wicked gave him one life out of her nine" Queenite said as a smile escaped her lips.
"Where is he? " Tasha asked Wicked and bent down towards it.
Wicked meowed and turned around, walking slowly, and they followed patiently behind it.
Chapter 10
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Smithwilliams826: 7:48pm On Aug 26
[color=#000099][/color]Actor no dey die.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 8:00pm On Aug 26
OMG devilpen you too much.

This is the second time the cat is saving mide.

Mehn this is my best update in vol2.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 9:54pm On Aug 26
I wish i had a cat with nine lives
I'll be so reckless till I get to 3 left,then I'll be a good guy cool cool cool cool cool

Nice turn of event,so Mide is alive againnnnnn
Even death will be scared of him now.
Badt guy Mide is back in town.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by obumnaeke(m): 10:38pm On Aug 26
OP is a joy giver!!
Mide made it!!
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 11:29pm On Aug 26
But seriously, mide is just one lucky bastard.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by banky3w(m): 12:03am On Aug 27
I don't know where the OP got his brain but I admire it. I hope this work is genuinely yours.

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by enm(m): 12:56am On Aug 27
I said it, miracle will happen and it did.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilomo(m): 9:03am On Aug 27
I wish i had a cat with nine lives
I'll be so reckless till I get to 3 left,then I'll be a good guy cool cool cool cool cool

Nice turn of event,so Mide is alive againnnnnn
Even death will be scared of him now.
Badt guy Mide is back in town.

You are sighted. We the association of Nairaland cat rights caretakers, hereby ban you access to the furry, beautiful creatures.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilomo(m): 9:04am On Aug 27
Wow. Glad to know the cat really has its uses.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 11:56am On Aug 27
Chapter 10
Wicked ran up to Mide, leaving others . Standing at the edge of a cliff, Mide bent down and picked Wicked up and turned around to face Queenite and others.
The white overall garment on him, already stained on most part.
"Hope he still remembers us? " Tema asked walked behind Lin Feng.
"Hey, seems I cheated death a second time" Mide said and smiled.
"Seems so" Lin Feng replied Tema and looked at Queenite.
Tasha walked forward boldly and at the same time took caution as she approached "Tasha, alright so all of you are looking like something happened befkre I died, seriously I don't remember much, only we went on a hunt and the snake" Mide said and looked at them.
"Yeah, Tasha already gave birth "
"Sen" IV said as he laid on his own bed,and looked at Sen's bunk.
"Dude, always mads lie lively, and now Mide is gone" Hardys replied.
For a while, everywhere was silent, then a knock came at the door.
"Who is it? " IV shouted angrily.
"Dude, it's me" the voice that came next startled them.
IV jumped off his bed and also Hardys, each looking confused.
"Isn't that Mide's voice? " Hardys asked and took three steps backward.

"Open up it's me"
IV began breathing hard and slowly walked towards the door and turned the lock, and quickly jumped backward, and summoned out a pistol, while Hardys summoned out his lite sword.
The door came widely opened, exexfkng someone to walk in. After minutes andno one came in, Hardys shut them done and locked it.
"Our minds are playing up trick " IV said and returned hiis gun.

"No, it's me really" Mide's voice came from behind them and they jumped on the bed, screaming loud.
Mide turned visible and sent a cold hill down their spine.
"How on earth? " Hardys shouted.
"Wicked, first thing first, let's show War Frame what we got" Mide saidand smacked his hands together.
"Dude, welcome back bro, glad you're still in your right mind"
"What of Sleek and Tema?"
"Week took Dawn on a hunt, getting her prepared, she'll be turning eighteen next month, and Tema is with Tasha" Mide replied and hit Hardys slightly on the arm.
"For Sen" IV said.
"For Sen, they all chorused"

Chapter 11

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by skyblueking(m): 1:51pm On Aug 27
Hardes, uhm sorry, ladies and gentlemen lets welcome Ayomide abi na Mide to the land of the living...

Devilpen been wan gimme heart attack eh...

I will sue you to court if you make any other attempt on my clan member's life...
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by mondaypemisire(m): 5:27pm On Aug 27
Nice story i love it
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 8:35pm On Aug 27
Chapter 11
IV gritted his teeth, holding tight to the steering, he pulled the gear forward and stepped on the acceleration and drove recklessly towards the huge building before them.
The guards manning the entrance of the building both dived off from the direction of the car.
The car collided with the building and instantly the front was rammed.
IV alighted first and shot the a guard on the leg, before the second guard could bring out his gun, Wicked jumped on his and dipped her teeth into his face.
Mide turned into Double D, and summoned out his airslasher and with one strike the door splitted into two.
His stun gun on his left hand, he shot at a guard that dashed recklessly at him, making him static, he used the butt of his sword to smack his face.

Anthony, heard the noise, and pressed a button on his phone, and the love video of what was going on the ground floor popped up.
"Hmmmm, I was expecting this" Anthony said and pulled of his shirt.

IV and Hardys grunted at the same time and staggered, quickly they supposed themselves against the wall.
"What is wrong? " Mide asked running up to them.
"Our Tribot is forcing us to merge, it can only happen when someone among the three of us is forcing us to" Hardys said grunting, and their neck veins popping out as they strained know pained.
"I don't understand " Mide said confused and threw his airslasher at a guard, who was about pulling the trigger of his gun.
The sword, smacked the guard on the face, making him unconscious and topped back to Mide's hand, Wicked on the other hand, had already grown into full height, stumping it's opponent easily and throwing them off.
"Sen is alive, he is the one trying to pull us together, and we are far from him, but he is in this building, we can feel him" IV said straining and both of them got relieved and began panting heavily.

Mide ran up the stair way, punching a guard on the stomach and with great effort he lifted the guard up and threw him down the stairs.
Quickly he dodged an incoming punch against his face, and leaned backward on the stair rod, and kicked the guard on the leg, making him roll of the stairs.
He grabbed a guard by the head and rolled him behind, instantly Hardys grabbed the guard and threw him off the stairs.
Mide grabbed another by the arm, and pushed him behind to Hardys, who knocked the guard on the head and pushed him behind to IV and angrily punched him on the stomach and twisted his arm, and spammed his face against the rod of the stairs.

The door to Anthony's office suddenly flew off it's frame, revealing Mide, Hardys and IV outside, while Anthony on the inside with two swords on his hands, and Sen tightly strapped to a vertical board, with needles all around his body and a huge sword around his neck.
"Come to daddy" Anthony said and smiled wickedly.

Chapter 12

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by sunkoye: 9:31pm On Aug 27
Wao Sen is alive...but how?
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by banky3w(m): 10:11pm On Aug 27
Seems the dead are coming back to life. Waiting for Lyta to come back so I can kill him myself with better jazz.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 11:19pm On Aug 27
Chapter 12

"Sir " a boy entered into Rush chamber and bowed his head lowly before speaking again.
"The integration part for Lyta Omega has been completed, and the lion heart installation has also been done, we await further command to retrieve it's memory and integrate it"
Rush giggled and stood up from his seat
"Lord Gitana, denied me a simple request of using the Dead Alliance to bring back my brother, he never knew he is not the only one with secrets, tell Squadron Snr, all is set, tell him Lyta Omega is ready to function"
"You are surprised to see him alive" Anthony said and hit his swords together
"It's a simple trick, allow me to explain, he died in War frame, but what you saw was just virtual reality, tweaked the system to let you see him dead, replaced a dead person and made a face for it, and replaced the real Sen with the fraud, and here he is" Anthony said and smiled wickedly.
"Well down to business, if you want your friend back, you have to destroy the leads and opt out of War frame " Anthony said and used his sword to cut Sen lightly on the waist.
"That isn't happening" Mide said and dived towards Anthony.
He held Anthony by the waist and pushed him towards the window and both fell from it.
The huge sword that was before Sen, suddenly losses grip and swayed at Sen, quickly, IV, Sen and Hardys merged together forming their legendary Tribot.
"You guys wished me dead? " Sen shouted, inside the bot.
"Bro, lots had happened"
Mide groaned and coughed, he sighed and looked at where they both fell from, the sixth floor of the building.
Anthony quickly rolled towards his sword, picked it up and dived at Mide, slashing the sword at him mide quickly rolled side, and the sword clanged on the ground, making a deep cut into it.
Mide rolled around and fired Anthony his stun gun, making him static.
Anthony grinned and muffled inaudible words, which Mide cared less to listen too, he fired him again, this time Anthony shouted in pain.
IV, Sen, Hardys and Wicked ran out of the building and walked up to Mide.
"Done, the data file for War Frame has been copied and the initial one has been destroyed, all we have to do is reframe and remake" IV said and dipped the flash drive with him in his pocket.
"Alright let's move, the building will collapse in few minutes from now " Hardys shouted at Mide and smacked Anthony on the face, making him instantly unconscious.
A huge humanbot walked boldly into Lord Gitana chamber, with Rush beside it.
"I begged you for Dead Alliance to resurrect my brother and you denied" Rush said annoyingly
"I already destroyed it" Lord Gitana replied, and kissed the lady beside him
"Lyta Omega, give him a taste of true power "
Lord Gitana got irritated, and instantly transformed into his dragon metal beast, with lava coming out from its body and huge wings at his back.
The dragon spitted fire at Lyta Omega, after moments, he stopped, hoping Lyta Omega was dead.
Lyta Omega, walked out from the fire and swiftly grabbed Lord Gitana by the neck and fired a shot into his legs, making the dragon screech out in pain and he threw Lord Gitana off, against the pillar of the building.
"That's Lyta Omega, be careful if you think of coning for revenge. " Rush said and both he and Lyta Onega walked out..

Chapter 13
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 12:37am On Aug 28
Wait oooo
Do they die in this era at all
Just asking,so as to program my mind that whoever dies will wake again.
Nice update sir

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 12:39pm On Aug 28
The time for the decisive battle has come for most of the dead fighters are coming back alive and to fight.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 12:51pm On Aug 28
Op Thanks for the update.

And for those of you who are happy that lyta is alive I have nothing to say.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by skyblueking(m): 4:52pm On Aug 28
Devilpen you sabi bring up surprises sha..
Lyta 0mega don land, Mide go hear am...

Lord Gitana don confirm am la...
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by germaphobe(m): 5:26pm On Aug 28
it's been long oo, all this things happened while i was gone. Thank God i'm back oya devilpen lets go there, mide should get ready for some beating of his life cus lyta omega hot
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by obumnaeke(m): 7:17pm On Aug 28
please nah
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilee003(m): 7:48pm On Aug 28
seems like all of them they have another photocopy of The lives at homes.. resurrection everything
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 9:41pm On Aug 28
Chapter 13
Rush threw a lighter at the Silver Walker banner and tore it apart.
"Burn them all, this is total dominance, let them feel my scourge, let them feel my heat" Rush shouted loud, with a angry expression.
Lyta Omega, fought furiously with easy flexibility, slashing the Silver Walkers easily, grabbing anyone by the neck and snapping their necks.
The Silver Walker fell totally to Rush and we're completely wiped out.
"Brother " Lyta Omega said and drove the swords in his right hand into the stomach of a Silver Walker and splited his body apart.
"When do we go after Arrow of God, I can't wait to bring that clan down" Lyta omega said and summoned back his sword.
"We shall thread that part with care, I hear rumors that Mide is alive" Rush said and patted Lyta Omega on the shoulder.
"We are you still scared of him? "
Rush smiled and replied.
"Am not scared, just that, the boy is powerful than he looks and he doesn't use all his gears during battle, making it difficult to get him and also there is some uniqueness about his fighting technique, it's strange but effective " Rush replied and heaved.
"Killmongers are the next to destroy"
Mide and his friends joined the queue, in the cafeteria, chatting and laughing. Just then Wonuola sighted him from where she sat and stood up angrily.
"I thought how said he was dead" She shouted and pushed IV on the chest, making him stagger out from the line.
"I was" Mide replied calmly.
"Lied, let me see your neck" Wonuola demanded and before Mide could turn around, she grabbed his collar and pulled it down.
She opened her mouth wide, seeing the two blue stars on his neck.
"You've died twice, I never believed people came back from the dead"
Sen smirked and walked forward.
"I was dead also"
Hardys coughed and placed his hands on Sen's shoulder.
"Brother, you were not dead, Anthony only played tricks on us" Hardys said, teasing.
"Whatever " Sen murmured and dropped Hardys hang from his shoulder.
"Whatever, today is the challenge and your clan haven't accepted" Wonuola said.
"What challenge? " Sen asked.
"Dare Devil" Wonuola replied.
"That devils challenge, life and death" IV shouted.

Chapter 14

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 12:19am On Aug 29
Hey hey hey
Someone should warn wonuola oooo kiss kiss
She too wan die to come back
What if her own backfire embarassed embarassed
Keep it coming

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