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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 7:30am On Aug 29
Rush's greed for power shall bring is downfall.

As for wonuola she's up to some mischief. .

It's been awhile mide went for training oo.

Thanks for the update sir devilpen.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 7:53am On Aug 29
Chapter 14
Lord Gitana and three of his guards stood at the gate of Arrow of God clan and waited patiently for it to be opened, where he met Queenite, Lin Feng, Dawn, Sleek, Tema and Tasha.
"Lord Gitana, whatever might have brought you here is of great odd" Queenite said, still standing at the entrance.
"He should crawl back to where he came from" Dawn said and hissed at him, and walked away.
Lord Gitana looked at her pooling perplexed, at hole disrespectful she was.
"Her brother is Double D, Lyta sold her to you, remember " Queenite said, trying to justify Dawn's action.
"Can I come in, we have to talk at length" Lord Gitana said, having a serious look on his face.
Mide pulled off his shirt, and pulled his trouser up to his knee level and heaved, and looked at the representative from Green Shadow for the Dare Devil challenge.
Before them was a volcano, which erupted at interval, standing on the high ground, Mide looked down and swallowed spit, hanging in the air were tree vines, which they were to swing with, till the got to the next end, and face the next unknown challenge.
Glow, the boy representing Green Shadow, dived off the cliff and gripped a tree vine, and swing himself forward, leaving the one for another, the volcano suddenly erupted before him, swiftly he dived to another vine with a flip.
"This is should be simple" Mide said and walked back.
He squinted his eyes, calculating his moves, and seeing his chance, Mide channeled Darkwar into his legs and ran with great speed, getting to the edge of the cliff, he channeled the Darkwar under his feet, which gave him a great push, breaking a part of the edge of the cliff.
Mide propelled himself forward, twisting around, and dodging the erupted volcano, without grabbing any vine, Mide caught up with Glow and left him behind, Mide rolled in the air, did a flip and landed on the cliff before him, and proceeded to the next challenge.
Wonuola only opened her mouth, watching from the screen in the cafeteria, and also others were surprised also.
"How did he do it, he literally just flew in the air, he grabbed no vine, do people fly" Wonuola asked IV who was seated next to her.
Soon the entire Silent Arrow Clan was gathered, with Sen and Hardys in front, while Sam and Mary were beside them, and the other clan members.
"Ahhhwuuu" Hardys shouted.
"Ahhwuuuuuuuu" the entire clan chorused loudly, they almost sent people into shock.
"That's why we are Silent arrow" IV replied Wonuola and stood up " We are sorry, no more entry into our clan, we are filled"
"Lyta was integrated, he actually died, but somehow, Rush got his hands on Deadly Alliance, which made it possible to map Lyta's body into a cyborg, and he is very power, he beat me hands down, that why am here, and also, they are going about clans, conquering them and tearing them down"
Queenite heaved and stood up, then stretched her hands to Lord Gitana.
"Only our collective effort can bring him down"

Chapter 15

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 2:46pm On Aug 29
Lord Gitana joining forces with arrow of God clan.who is thinking what am thinking??
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 9:15am On Aug 30
Chapter 15
Getting to the other end of the cliff, Mide held to a vine and leaned forward, looking down, before him was dead end, looking down, the end could not be seen, because of the thick steam.
Glow swing off the vine and landed opposite Mide, without thinking twice, he dived down the cliff and soon disappeared among the steam.
Mide clicked his tongue and held to the vine and slide down, getting down, Mide eyes was blurred by the steam, noticing strange movement, around, he looked to his right and got a glimpse of Glow running into a building.
Mide felt a cold hand against his leg, he leaped up and tried running towards the entrance he was, and was suddenly pulled to the ground.

Everyone watching the show, placed their hands against their mouth, as blood spilled out from different angles, the thick steam denying them vision of who or what was being killed.
Wonuola smiled and looked at IV who was in shock.
"Passing the steam demon needs a rare technique only Green Shadow knows about" Wonuola said and was about standing up, then a very loud cheer came from the audience.
The thick steam faded off, revealing Mide standing upright, with his airslasher in his hand, covered with blood and the white steam demons all dead.
"Why the rush? "IV asked and giggled.

Mide heaved and ran into the building, where he met Glow, standing before a huge puzzle like wall, with thousands of door, moving very fast, looking well through the little opening,was a golden lantern hanging in mid air.
Glow monitored the movement, and dashed towards the door, he jumped forward and was about diving thought the opening, before it would close.
A spear suddenly shot out from the opening which Glow was going to pass through, but it was too late for glow to do anything, trying to dive will only implicate matters.
Mide channeled dark war into his leg, this time, with much concentration like he had never done before, and like a shooting rocket, he dashed towards Glow, everything looking slow to him, he slid under Glow and used the tip of his middle finger to push the spear another direction.
He brought out his airslasher and placed it horizontally before the opening, preventing it from closing.
Mide pulled Glow by the arm, and slid under the airslasher, entering into the puzzle wall, he used his leg to kick his airslasher inside, and fell hard on the ground.

IV stood up in shock, feeling tensed all over him.
"Whoooooooooooooo" he screamed loud "Way to go Silent Arrow "
Mide stood up and helped Glow to his feet, standing before the golden lantern.
"You saved me, how did you do it? " Glow asked and hugged Mide tightly.
"Yeah bro"
The both stood for a while looking at the lantern, hard to decide who would take it.
"that lantern is for the Green shadow, take it" Wonuola said with greed.
Mide patted Glow on the back and pushed him towards the lantern.
"No, I can't, you deserve it more" Glow said and stepped back.
"I don't know if there is still room in Silent Arrow for one more person? " Glow said, looking at Mide.
"Welcome brother" Mide smiled and shaked Glow.

Wonuola stood up angrily and screamed
"Bastard Glow, I'll teach that cow a lesson"
IV giggled and leaned comfortable on the chair
"Our stat already topped every other clan, to success"
Sleek ran into Queenite chamber with a letter in his hand.
"Ma'm, Tyrant Clan, called for help, Golden Clan attacked them " Sleek said panting.
"Gear up, gather everyone you can"

Chapter 16
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 10:18am On Aug 30
Thanks for the update Op.


Mide should start teaching his kids the art of dark war at a young age. The earlier the better.

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 11:53am On Aug 30
Mide is not behaving like a papa at all,does he even know he has children, kai dis kain man sef

Anyways I was expecting something from the steam demons to add to Mide's invincibility

Nice update,keep Mide alive and bubbling cool
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 6:49pm On Aug 30
Chapter 16
Mide held the lantern, chatting with Glow as they both came out from the Dare Devil.
"Betrayal" Wonuola shouted at Glow and ran up to hit him on the face.
Hardys quickly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back.
"It hurts I know, but it hurts more when you use your followers for tasks and still don't appreciate them" Glow replied.
"Dude, have you forgotten today you are naming your children, let's roll" IV said and winked at Wonuola who looked surprised.
Entering into Iron Sanctuary, Mide and others met the entire clan including Dannegro proceeding out of the ground.
"What's up" Mide asked Sleek who was geared to the teeth.
"Lyta Omega, Lyta didn't die, he and his brother are now going about bringing down weak clans " Sleek replied.
Mide scoffed and ran up to Queenite
"Am coming aleekrpasong"
"Sure, it's your fight"
Mide ran into Tasha room, and walked up to her, Tema aznd Dawn each holding a baby with them.
"Brother" Dawn called out and hisses at him.
"Yours is later, babe how are you? " Mide asked Tasha and kissed her on the lips
"Good, you're also going with them"
Mide only nodded his head and took a step back.
"Don't die this time, and take Wicked with you"
"Yes, your highness " Mide replied and ran out.

Mide flew on his Raven mount, with Wicked clinching tight to his shoulder, beside him was was the Legendary Tribot, flying also, and Sleek on a wingless dragon mount.
Mide wondered how sleek had managed to lay his hands on such powerful gears, considering, then he was the one who sold metal meats to Sleek, but all it didn't matter much to him.
Thigh black smoke rised into the air from the Tyrant clan ground, with loud cry of War and agony.
Mide dived down his Raven mount, sighting Lyta Omega, he jumped down his mount and fell on Lyta Omega.
Queenite jumped down her horse and transformed into a green Tribot, with sharp metal stinger swords on her hands, while Dannegro, didn't hesitate to transform into his dragon metal beast, spitting fife all around.
"Thank you, I thought you'd abandon us" the Tyrant leader said and looked at Dannegro fearfully.
"Is he with us? "
Queenite frowned and nodded her head affirmatively.
Lyta Omega only staggered forward, ehil Mide fell hard to the ground.
"So we meet again"
"And this time no ressurection" Mide said and gripped Lyta Omega by the waist and pulled him to the ground, he smacked his fist against Lyta's metal face and summoned out a pistol and shot Lyta on the hand repeatedly making his sword loss from his grip
Lyta screamed and held Mide's collar and threw him off, before Lyta could stand up, Mide dived towards his sword and picked it up, only for the sword do pull him � in, being heavier than Mide
"Only a level 200 could lift that sword, and what are you, just level 30" Lyta said and pulled Made up with his collar and slammed him to the ground.
"Only I level Up, your days of show off is over" Lyta said kicked Mide on the stomach.

Queenite screamed as Rush kicked her on the stomach, before he could attempt another strike, The Tribot rated up their gun engine and fired a shot at Rush, making him somersault off, and he fell hard to the ground, before he could stand, Sleek dashed at him, raised him up and summoned two more hands from his body each with a sword and struck Rush on the heart, rolled the sword around and ripped of his rib cage.
"Set him ablaze, we've had enough resurrection" Lin Feng shouted from where he was, striking down a golden clan member.

Mide's body began to bring out white steam, not knowing his eyes were glowing white, he didn't know how, but he was sure he heard Lin feng saying Rush body should be set ablaze.
"Your brother is dead, already set ablaze"
Lyta smirked and summoned out his sword, just then a burnt body fell beside him.
"Deal with that " Sleek shouted from the air.
Lyta staggered back in fear, Mide quickly stood up and slashed him on the leg, Lyta muffled and seeing he was lossing ,he leaped into the air.

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by obumnaeke(m): 8:13pm On Aug 30
tongue tongue tongue
Uncle brother Lyta Omega, stop right there
you're not going anywhere today.
Today is the day of Reckoning cool cool
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by mondaypemisire(m): 9:04pm On Aug 30
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 9:27pm On Aug 30
Nice one Devilpen..
. It's a good thing that rush won't be coming back
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by germaphobe(m): 9:50pm On Aug 30
"only i level up", guess it's not all about leveling up, it's all about who is more determined
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 9:21am On Aug 31
Chapter 17
Mide carried two of his babies, carefully wrapping them, beside him was Tasha by his right, Queenite on the left followed by Lin Feng, while others stood at the back, standing on the high podium in the clan ground, while the entire clan members were on the leveled ground, looking up at Mide and others.
"I haven't thought of sweet nice name for them" Mide whispered into Tasha's ear.
"I have for them, the girl came first, the baby with the blue eyes came second, the one with the cat like eyes came last" Tasha whispered back.
"Clue me" Mide whispered.
"It'll be nice if you name one IV" IV said from where he stood, and yawned.
Mide moved forward a bit and raised the baby on his right hand up
"She shall be called Mirah" He dropped the right hand and raised the left hand up "He shall be called Jude"
He handed over both babies to Queenite and received the last from Tasha
"wow" Mide was stunned, seeing the kind of eyes the baby had, looking deep into it only made him scared, as it seemed to glow
"Wierd" Mide thought within himself and smiled
"He shall be called Zion"
Sleek stood alone, looking at the gates of Arrow Of God, from distance, looking so tiny, then back at the moonlight that illuminated the night.
"I thought you said, you'd tell me everything going on, and how I can conquer Mide and his clans" A thick husky voice said from among the trees before Sleek.
"I did, and you didn't make use of it, you and your brother went about, bringing down weaker clans when you should focus on what really mattered" Sleek replied.
Lyta Omega came out from behind a tree and walked forward to Sleek and grabbed him by the neck.
"Huhn, huhn, I wouldn't do that if I were you, only I know how to kill you, so you have to start treating me with respect"
Lyta Omega sniffed and released his grip on Sleek
"I'm sorry"
Sleek adjusted his cloth and smiled.
"You should have a way to convince machineries, the strongest among them, they are much, rally them together" Sleek said and turned around to leave.
"What about Mide? " Lyta Omega asked.
"Leave him to me, he won't know what hit him until I am done, his sister is the perfect bait"

Chapter 18

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Mielekcezylil(m): 10:58am On Aug 31
when reading only i level up, i do have a kinda feeling that there is a traitor among those guys, nyc work devilpen
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 11:50am On Aug 31
Not surprise abour sleek anyways
I've always had doubt about the guy,just don't want to be too forward.
Thanks for the update
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 1:19pm On Aug 31
It's like am not the only one who isn't surprised about sleek's betrayal although I wasn't expecting him to be working for the golden clan but for a greater enemy.

Any which way you are doing a great work OP.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by skyblueking(m): 3:48pm On Aug 31
Devilpen, the badass writer..
Thanks for the update..

I had expected betrayal from the onset by the tribot and not the other way round...
Anyway, you can consider it too...
Thanks bro
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 6:17pm On Aug 31
Chapter 18
Tasha summoned out her anaconda beast soul, the beast hissed as it moves it's slimmy body around the room, and coiled up. Tasha gently laid her babies on the serpent and adjusted herself on the bed, as she listened to the creeping noise of the night insects.
The serpent suddenly raised its head up, and moved the moved the babies along its body, and brought it's head out from the window, while Tasha was already fast asleep.
Wicked also jumped out from a window and silently walked along the shadow on the wall, blending it's dark fur perfectly.
A figure jumped over the fence of Arrow of God clan ground and hastily walked along the wall, dodging the guards on night patrol.
The snake made sure the babies were comfortable balanced, coiling it's body softly around them, it flinged itself out of the window, and ran with great speed, hissing, with its tummy moving smoothly on the ground.
Wicked also began adding momentum, running with swiftly, both creatures suddenly jumped out before the person that had leaped over the building g.
Wicked saw the anaconda, not to feel intimidated it also turned into its giant form.
"Ahhhh" Sleek shouted, and quickly removed the hood from his head.
Both Wicked and the anaconda moved at him with total hatred in their eyes.
"Enough" Mide shouted from the window of his room, and ran out.
"Geez, I decided to join on night patrol and they came for me" Sleek said, panting heavily.
Tasha also came out, alongside Dawn, IV, Hardys and Sen.
Tasha looked at Sleek suspicious and was sure something was up about him, the anaconda won't just risk it's life in an attack, or that of the babies if something was not wrong.
Soon everyone disbanded and returned to their room.
"Mide" Tasha called out and walked up to him, followed by the serpent and wicked.
"Something is up with Sleek, my heart isn't true with him"
"Maybe you're overthinking things" Mide replied and pulled Tasha by the arm closer to him.

Early the next morning, Mide prepared himself to go on a hunt, this time he was not after any metal meat but after leveling up, since that was the only advantage Lyra had over him.
He decided to return back to the dark forest, where he had killed the Scissors fish, maybe he would eventually get a level up.
He geared his sand horse furiously, running furiously. The horse suddenly stopped and went back into Mide by itself.
Mide fell to the ground, and quickly gathered himself up, already knowing he was in danger, and he didn't bring Wicked with him. Three gas balls rolled out from the bush at humans white fumes busted out of it, sending Mide instantly unconscious.
"Take him up, bound him and throw him into the Dark Circle, killing him will be having Mercy on him".

Chapter 19


Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by sunkoye: 10:59pm On Aug 31
Throwing mide in the dark circle will be a terrible mistake.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by mondaypemisire(m): 8:50am On Sep 01
Trouble is coming
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 9:38am On Sep 01
Chapter 19
"let's face it, it's being two years looking for Mide, fifteen years in the normal world, if he was dead we would know, but no sign, and there is Lyta, already taken possession of fifteen out of twenty sanctuaries, and you expect just Iron sanctuary to go after him" Queenite shouted at the top of her voice at Dannegro angrily.
Dannegro focused his gaze at her, Lyta Omega had made him looked like a novice, in the game he was born into, how Lyta made connection was astonishing, before they could do something Lyta was always two steps ahead.
"There is a traitor among us" Dannegro said and stood up from his seat.
"Traitor my foot, is it Dawn, his sister whom you used as slave, or the Tribot, who had been his friend from the onset, or Sleek who had saved his life numbers of time, or Tema, who isn't experienced or Lin feng or me or Tasha? " Queenite asked.
Dannegro eyes glazed up, showing how angry he was.
"There is a traitor among us and it could be anybody, do a thorough sweep, or else, Iron Sanctuary will also fall, since Arrow of God Clan is the remaining backbone it has" Dannegro said and walked out.
A girl jumped out from the top of a rock, right on the back of a komodo metal lizard, and retrieved a dagger from her shoe and struck the lizard in the eye, and gave it another struck, giving the lizard zero chance to struggle for survival.
Dawn from the bush on the right, pulled a metal dragon fly behind her and threw it on the komodo.
"Aunty, the lizard only gave me one metal point and nothing else"
Dawn sighed and bent down towards the dragon fly
"You know every children shouldn't be in this sanctuary, but the fact that you guys were born here only made you special, so be grateful, where is Jude and Zion? "
"I don't know they should be fine"
Dawn smiled and sliced the dragonfly wing and ate part of it.
"Mirah, You know you should always look out for them"
A lanky boy suddenly fell down from the sky, right on the lizard, and groaned, then another ran out from the bush.
"Aunty, I looked deep into the antelope eye and it went mesmerised, my eye charm" the boy with the snake like eye said blinking his eyes.
"What drop you from the sky? " Mirah asked the boy who struggled up to his feet
"I went after a cloud jumper, it was to fast"
"You won't succeed until you start being wise as your father" Dawn said angrily and quite cold began slicing the dragonfly meat.
Zion, became furious and kicked a stone near him, breaking it into pieces
"If only you can channel that anger and hunt down something meaningful, this is our tenth hunt this week, and you boys came up with nothing" Dawn shouted angrily and summoned out a Unicorn mount and climbed on it
"Don't return until you all have a metal mount" Dawn said and geared her horse.
Zion summoned out Tasha's anaconda and climbed on its head
"A mount, who cares, she behaves like she is the strongest, next time I'm going on hunt with IV or Sen or Hardys, Sleek is even better" Zion said and tapped the serpent on the head, and ran into the bush.
"Mirah, what now? " Jude asked, and turned into a blue humanbot, having two metal baton in his hand
"We have to hunt, maybe that'll impress them to tell us about our dad, since they all seemed to be hiding it, and I heard he is still alive"
"What about Zion, he is always angry"
"It's normal, he is the serpent among us" Mirah said and sliced up her hunt.

Chapter 20
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Mielekcezylil(m): 1:44pm On Sep 01
I don like dat zion already
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 3:41pm On Sep 01
shocked :oLike play like play
This thing turns out like indian film
So the children grew up not seeing their pale

Kai sleek is a monster oooo shocked shocked
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by mondaypemisire(m): 4:04pm On Sep 01
Hmmm dis one is jumong
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 4:05pm On Sep 01
What's this dark circle gan self!!
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 9:29pm On Sep 01
Chapter 20
Zion jumped off the serpent mount, flipping in the air, he summoned back the serpent and landed steady on the edge of a cliff, looking down was a river, where people about his age group, bathed and placed around.
He pulled off his shirt and dived down the cliff inside the water, making a huge splash, which made those in it angry.
"Who's this crab?" a boy shouted angrily and walked into the river, then pulled Zion out from it.
"Hey dude, careful" Zion shouted and hit the boy hand off his shirt.
"Or what, am sure you are not of age to be in here, you look like a begger "
Zion got angry, and turned into his humanbot, and two dagger came out from his hand.
"And what will a dagger do? " the boy said mockingly, making others burst into laughter.
"Wondsrs" Zion replied and pushed the boy hard on the chest, sending him back into the river.
Another dashed towards Zion, quickly Zion threw a dagger at the boy, which rolled in the air, and coming in contact with the boy's hand, it cut it off, the dagger went in circular motion and came back at Zion's hand.
Everyone moved back in fear, which boosted Zion's morale.
"Who has a flying mount? " Zion shouted and flipped his daggers.
"I ha .. Ve" a boy said and within it Zion asking he summoned it out, and transferred it to Zion.
"Who else? " Zion said and summoned out his anaconda, which created fear in the boys mind.
"I, I have a fury sword, my father gave me"
Zion smiled and was happy at his luck.

Jude crept quietly, as Mirah followed behind him, hiding low among the bush, before them was a waterfall, in which a white dragon was bathing in it.
"That's the cloud jumper" Jude whispered to Mirah
"How do I help? "
Jude nodded his head in disapproval and continued creeping while Mirah remained still.
Jude summoned out his bow and pulled it amusing at the cloud jumper, he jumped out of hiding, and shot at the dragon, setting a hit on the wing of the dragon.
The dragon screeched in pain, and tried flying, but it found it difficult with just on wing.
Jude ran at it and broke the second wings, the dragon spitted fire at him, which had no effect on Jude.
"I don't want you dead, just cooperate, please" Jude said and carefully walked at the dragon.
The dragon screeched and stared deep into Jude's eye and soon it relaxed.
"Good boy" Jude said and pulled out the arrow from its wing, and healed it.
"You're mine "

Chapter 21

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 11:20pm On Sep 01
Thanks for the update @Devilpen.

Mide's kid having special powers display.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 1:28pm On Sep 02
Chapter 21
Total darkness,the depth of the darkness completely overcoming any slight illumination.
It was certain, there were living beings in the darkness, when they walk, they collided with one another, while some vented out after on anything that crossed their part due to fear.
"Hey, lower your sword or whatever that is" A voice said in the darkness, and the sound that came next was a loud thud of someone falling to the ground.
"this is the dark circle, an inmate said so, I've been here for heaven knows how long, from what I think, this is a city, with total darkness, people I h an e spoke with, I can't find them, everyone is just crawling about"
"Lyta Omega threw me here, I violated his rules"
"This is worse than death, the pain, the agony, the memory of loved ones trying to picture their faces in darkness"
"Who are you? "
"Made, popularly known as Double D"
"Lyta has done things he couldn't do while you were at ours, he had take possession of entire sanctuaries, all machineries work for him, your clan is the only one withstanding him"
"How do one leave here? "
"It's impossible"
Sleek watched from the top of the tree where he hid looking atDawn as she walked angrily into the river and saying inaudible words, he looked down at the rhino metal beast which was tied firm to the tree with a metal rope, he her looked back at Dawn as she unhooked her brassier and dipped herself into the river.
He brought out a sword on his right hand and said down the tree, he slashed the rhino on the side, which made it give a loud agonising sound and cut the rope loosed.
The rhino geared forward right at Dawn, who was already confused, but she found the courage to summon out her sword.
The rhino ran into the river, and continued at Dawn.
Sleek suddenly ran out from hiding and threw a spear at the rhino, which brought it down.
Sleek ran into the river, pretending not to see Dawn.
"You" Dawn mumbled and used her hand to cover her breast.
"Huh,i never knew, I had been chasing it for some time now"
"Thanks anyway"
For a while both of them stood speechless, and slowly Sleek walked forward and kissed Dawn on the lips.
"We should not" Dawn said, breathing heavily and moved back.
"I don't know how, but I love you" Sleek said, staring at her deeply.
"Huhn, it took you long enough" Dawn replied smiling shyly.
Zion boiled with anger where he hid and summoned out his dagger, he aimed at Sleek and thought twice.
"Two can play this game, traitor" Zion said and retreated.

Chapter 22

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 2:07pm On Sep 02
I pray before is found out to be the traitor,lrt the havoc be limited,cos we meet the type of sleek in our everyday life, angry
Who would come as a friend,but are enemies, but it good Zion is on his case now,soon his secrets will be out,and disgraced.

Thanks for the update
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 2:36pm On Sep 02
Chapter 22
Zion jumped down from his eagle mount and ran up to Jude and Mirah, who were busy, with archery session in the clan ground, just then Dawn and Sleek came in and Sleek pushed back the gate.
"There is a traitor in our midst, and it's Sleek" Zion said and pulled down Jude's bow, and stared at him.
"Dude, get your eyes off mime, you'll mesmerize me to believe you, it's not happening again" Jude replied and closed his eyes.
"Am serious, you have to believe me, I saw him set a rhino loosed at Dawn and he later killed it himself" Zion said and looked at Sleek who turned around to walk out of the clan ground, while Dawn went into her chambers.
"Zion, lease go we are practicing " Mirah shouted angrily and pushed Zion to the ground.
"Fine, I'll kill him myself" Zion said and summoned out his eagle mount and flew off.
Queenite paced round her room, surely she was beginning to notice there was a traitor somewhere, but she couldn't bring herself to conclusion, IV, Hardys and Sen, we're busy with Myriad Ground, it was hard to point fingers at them, Dawn was out of question, Tema on the other hand, found no interest in Iron Sanctuary and Sleek had been of great help to her, and helping her keep the sanctuary safe from Lyta Omega and Lin Feng was now always with Dannegro.
She heaved and placed her hands on her head.
Zion jumped down his eagle mount, blocking Sleek on the lonely path and brought out his dagger.
"Confess, cause I know what you are" Zion said and took a situation position.
"Zion, what do you mean? "
Zion hissed and turned into his humanbot
"I know what you are, traitor" He said and summoned out his anaconda.
"Now you know, what are you going to do? "
The anaconda coiled round Sleek, hissing at him.
"I'll kill you" Zion shouted.
Sleek turned into his human bot and grabbed the serpent by the tail and threw it away.
Zion shouted and kicked Sleek on the face, before Sleek could do anything, he held Sleek's head and slammed it against his knees.
"You got skills, just like your father" Sleek said, as he staggered backward.
"Am not done with you, when am done, you'll find it hard to believe " Zion said and dashed towards Sleek.
Sleek threw his sword at Zion, creating a diversion, he grabbed Zion by the hand and punched him on the stomach, making Zion weak instantly.
"Join your father in the dark circle " Sleek said and pressed a button on his hand, and a dark portal opened before him, sending chilled air around and cold whispers.
Sleek pushed Zion in, and instantly the portal closed, he looked at his hand and opened his mouth in shock, the button he used to open the portal was missing
"No, he took the key, impossible, I must get to Lyta" Sleek said, feeling confused and summoned out wings from his back and flew into the sky.

Chapter 23
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by germaphobe(m): 3:10pm On Sep 02
father meets son and two of them comes out of the darkness and real war starts. I love this.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by mondaypemisire(m): 3:54pm On Sep 02
war is coming
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 5:42pm On Sep 02
Still thinking the best painful death this stupid sleek deserve

The wicked guy deprive Mide of all the goodies between Tacha legs,just once and three babies,then no more bashing shocked shocked

And even deprive the poor guy of the fatherly role to his children, lipsrsealed
That sleek needs to die,and most painful of all death

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