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A Fascinating Creepy Nightmare / History Turns Nightmare As White Child Gets Set To Have Ebony Skin / Short Story: Worst Nightmare (2) (3) (4)

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by yungbanks(m): 5:12pm On Apr 26
Nice work bro I love it
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 7:48pm On Apr 26
Josh walked over to his dagger and picked it up before walking over to the tree. He stabbed
down into the bark while letting out a loud battle cry.
Rain poured down with only one sharp warning, matching Josh's cry.
"…the new doll…was my idea…"
Thunder echoed.
Josh dropped his dagger and touched the bark of the tree with his hand.
"I told Brother Sunny to buy it for Olivia…because… because I was too shy to do it myself!"
Josh punched the tree lightly, "I don't care if she wouldn't know it was me or not…I just wanted to see her happy…see her smile…" Josh's fist loosened up causing him to touch the tree gently.
He pulled away and glared, "This is all my fault! You have the wrong victim! You chose the wrong person, Veronica!
It was me all along! So come out and do it. Kill me!"
Unexpectedly, lightening struck the tree and came crashing down. Josh moved out of the way as the tree burst into flames. Out of
the flames, the girl appeared and walked out holding Olivia in her arms. Josh got back onto his feet then his eyes widened.
"O..Olivia!" He clenched his fist looking over at the girl, "Let her go!"
The tree stopped burning and transformed into a chair. The girl then put Olivia down
on the chair. Olivia moaned out lowly before opening her eyes.
"J…Josh…?" She blinked once awake,
"Josh!" She tried to get off the chair but was suddenly tied to it.
The girl looked over at Olivia and smiled,
"Would you really replace me, Olivia?" She pouted in mock fashion.
Olivia opened her mouth to say
something but was quickly silenced by celotape appearing over her mouth. She struggled to get out of the ropes but it was
no use. Josh growled, rushing over but was stop dead in his tracks when the ground started shaking. He fell back as the ground
broke around Olivia and the girl. The girl laughed as a large doll house formed around the two. It was pink and purple with a bright blue door. Once the ground
stopped shaking and Josh was able to run inside, the house just disappeared. Josh yelled out, punching where the house once
stood. Then turned his head, realizing he recognized the house.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:10pm On Apr 26
He picked up his dagger right away and ran back towards Olivia's house.
As he run back, he passed many demon cats, all of which lifted their heads up and chased after him. Josh stopped short and
sliced a few that got close then started running again. He knew he couldn't lead them all back to the house where Mike and
the others were. So, he made a sharp turn just before Olivia's house and ran inside his own. The felines followed him on instinct, just as he wanted. He slammed
the door behind all of them and smirked.
They all lunged at him but Josh slashed his dagger around with perfect symmetry. Parts
of the dead cats fell to the ground as Josh lowered his blade.
Just then,there was a knock on the door.
Josh looked to the side before slowing turning around. The door knob moved roughly then suddenly stopped. Josh gripped down on his dagger as the door
flung open, revealing who it was.
"T..Tosin?..." Josh backed up a bit then got serious and narrowed his eyes at the lifeless boy.
Tosin smirked a bit before rushing towards Josh. Josh slashed but Tosin dodged and kicked him in the stomach. Josh grunted,cocking forward only to have Tosin deck him across the face. Josh hit the ground hard, dropping his dagger. Tosin bent down and picked the blade up. As Josh got back onto
his feet, Tosin lept in front of him slashing.
Josh's eyes widened as he quickly moved out of the way. Tosin's slashes became ungodly fast and, though Josh was able to
dodge most of his attacks, he was unable to dodge Tosin when he stabbed down and into Josh's shoulder; pinning him against
the wall.
"A-ah…!" Josh growled lowly, "I don't have time for this!"
Tosin's grin faded as he ripped the blade out and stabbed back in. Swiftly, Josh ducked out of the way and punched Tosin in the stomach with his good arm. Then,
dropped onto his back and double kicked him in both knee caps. Tosin yelled out dropping the dagger and falling onto his
hands. Josh quickly grabbed his blade and slashed Tosin's head clean off.
Catching his breath, Josh stepped over Tosin's body and towards the front door.
"Sorry, bro." He said lowly before opening the door.
A car engine roared as bright head lights nearly blinded the thirteen year old. Josh winced, trying to peer pass the lights and at the
car. Before he could get a clear picture however, the car rammed forward. Josh jumped back and into the house on reflex.
The car crashed into the house but got stuck half way through. Josh's left arm was completely numb now and useless but he still had his right. He looked up at the car
door as it opened as an undead Mr Kolawole stumbled out.
"I really don't have time for this…" Josh said under his breath.
Mr Kolawole smiled a bit before going back into the car. The car backed out, waiting for Josh to make his move. Josh's eyes narrowed as he slowly put his blade away then rushed toward the front door.
As the car came rushing through, Josh jumped up and landed on top of the hood.
He revealed a faint smile before flipping off it and landing directly beside the driver's side. His blade smashed through the window, through Mr Kolawole's cheek, and out the other side. Josh pulled his dagger out and walked across the street.
Josh looked up and over at the house. A sharp gust of wind passed by, causing him to briefly close his eyes. But once opened, his pupils only widened at the sight before him. Olivia's house was now pink and purple with a
bright blue door just like the doll house.
Josh ran inside, only to drop his blade in shock.
"Emem? Mike?"


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:53pm On Apr 26
Nice work bro I love it
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:13pm On Apr 26
Olivia woke up in a strange room. The bed and everything else in it was made of some kind of cheap plastic. She tried to move but quickly realized she was tied to a
plastic chair. Suddenly, a cold pair of hands gently caressed her shoulders. This caused her to twitch. She yelled out, feeling
something sharp prick her all over her body. Slowly, she looked down and saw that it was barbed wire keeping her in place.
Olivia felt her breathing increase, which only caused her more pain.
"W..who's there?" She asked in trembles.
A smile could not be seen from the girl standing behind Olivia.
"My goodness, Olivia. have you grown."
Once Olivia heard the voice of the girl, she instantly panicked, feeling her breath directly behind her.
"W..what do you want?" Olivia sqeaked in fear.
"Tell me. Why did you name me Veronica? You know that's not my name." The girl said.
"Veronica?" Olivia questioned as the girl walked over to face her.
Olivia's eyes widened at the sight of the girl, who strangely looked exactly like her.
The girl smiled more as she approached Olivia. Olivia tried to pull away, which led back to more pain from the barbed
wire. The girl's smile grew as if she was enjoying Olivia's pain.
"More…more." She purred in delight.
Olivia grunted lowly, "M..more what?"
The girl put her hand out and touched the side of Olivia's face, "Pain. More pain." The girl grinned.
Olivia flinched the second the girl's hand touched her.
"P..please." She began to beg.
This enraged the girl for some reason. Her hand balled up into a fist and she punched Olivia across the face. Olivia cried out
as the force of the girl's attack caused her to fly back. She cried out once more when her chair hit the ground. Multiple whimpers
slipped out of her mouth as the wires squeezed against her body. She yelled out more, trying to hold her face on reflex.
Laughter began to fill the air and, as Olivia opened her teary eyes, she could see through the blurriness of it all that it
was the girl who was laughing.
Olivia continued to cry and after a while, the girl didn't much care for it.
She rolled her eyes and bent down to her,
"Oh shut up. You're such a baby
sometimes." She huffed.
Olivia opened one eye to look at her and sniffled a bit, "W..why are you doing this, Veronica?"
The girl kicked Olivia hard, "That's not my name!"
Olivia screamed before crying more.
The girl touched Olivia's hair before pulling at it.
"Where did you even get that name from anyway? You're so stupid." She scoffed in anger.
"S..s..stop it!" Olivia cried out in pain.
The girl pulled at her hair more, "Why did I ever love you? You're weak and pathetic!"
Olivia sobbed louder and louder.
The girl smiled a bit, "Say it."
Olivia winced as the girl pulled her hair more.
"Everyone has that one person they think about when they're in danger. The person they think will save them. For most babies
like you, it's mommy or daddy. But that's not the case here. Is it, Olivia?" The girl grinned.
Olivia's sobs grew lower.
The girl narrowed her eyes and kicked her again. Olivia grunted, which sparked something in the girl.
"Are you holding back now?" The girl beamed then kicked Olivia again, hoping for a scream but getting another grunt in return.
"Oh, you are."
Olivia opened her eyes slowly as the girl lifted her chair back up, "You killed mommy." Olivia sobbed.
The girl scoffed, "No. A random zombie killed your mommy and everyone else for that matter."
"Because of you, though." Olivia argued.
The girl chuckled a bit before turning away from Olivia and walking over to a plastic desk. She opened a drawer that didn't appear to be able to open and pulled something out of it. Olivia's body was finally beginning to settle from the prior pain.
Then she saw the knife. Fear immediately engulfed her. It was as if a new kind of pain was already upon her.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:29am On Apr 27
The girl played with the knife a bit as she walked backed over, "A fake house. A fake room. Fake things.But this.." She began to
say as she grabbed a handful of Olivia's hair and cut it right off, "..is very real."
Olivia's eyes widened as she watched her hair fall to pieces on the ground before her.
The girl walked around Olivia now and touched her remaining hair, "So are you going to say it or what?"
Olivia's eyes filled with tears but she said nothing.
The girl grew impatient quickly. Without warning, she slashed off another handful of Olivia's hair.
Olivia went to cry out but bite her lip instead.
"I'm getting really annoyed now, Olivia." The girl growled.
Olivia cried lowly trying not to say
anything. The girl grabbed the top of Olivia's chair and smiled a bit before slamming her face first against the floor.
Her smile faded on impact and her eyes dulled over as Olivia cried lowly. She walked around the chair then finally stopped and bent down, lifting the chair up
a bit so she could face Olivia. Her nose was bleeding.
The girl smiled again, "Does it hurt? The barbed wire?" She giggled a bit, "You're
Olivia's sobbing stopped for a moment as she looked at the girl and thought of Ejiro.
She was so much stronger. What would she do? And just then,Olivia did something completely out of character. She gathered
some bloody saliva and spat in the girl's face.
This, and only this, caused the girl to drop the knife and stumble back. She wiped her face over and over again crying out.
Olivia's eyes were as sharp as daggers but quickly dropped into a state of confusion and somehow guilt. The girl fell back and onto the fake bed crying.
"W..what" was all Olivia could manage to say as the girl sat up holding her face.

"Y-you're so wicked to me! Why are you so wicked to me!?"

"What is wrong with you!?" Olivia gasped at the girl's strange behavior.

The girl sniffed a bit as she giggled a bit,
"You look funny."

Olivia clenched her fist, even though it hurt her, and yelled out as loud as she
The girl wiped her tears away, "What's wrong?"
Olivia let her head fall forward then slowly looked back over at the girl, "Why are you doing this to me?"
The girl slipped off the bed and walked back over to her, picking up the knife.
Olivia closed her eyes as the girl slashed at her but missed her skin. Olivia winced,feeling a snap and when she opened her eyes the barbed wires were all cut. The girl
gestured for Olivia to get out of the chair and so she did. She rubbed her arms and
winced when she felt the pain from the wires finally settling in, now that she was freed. She slipped to her knees crying out
as her body twitched from the stabs all over. Then, thankfully, numbness and she was able to stand back up. The girl watched
her the entire time with her head tilted a bit to the side.
Olivia looked into the girl's eyes. It was as if she were looking into her own eyes. The girl smiled at her as she did this then raised
an eyebrow as Olivia's eyes trailed away from her and to the door.
"Do you think you can leave on your own?"
She asked Oliva shaking her head,
"No,no, I think you'll need help. Now, who was it again?"
Olivia looked back to her, glaring.
"Well?" The girl pressed.
Olivia turned her back to the girl and ran for the door. She reached out for the knob but was a bit taken back when the knife
flew passed and stabbed into the door knob. Olivia tried pulling the knife out but was unable to. She tried to open the door
but was also unable to. She slammed her hands against the door over and over again
before finally sliding down and turning back over to see the girl.
Her eyes widened when she saw the girl close to her.
"Did you really think you could leave?" The girl grinned evilly.
Olivia finally screamed out once more.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 1:02pm On Apr 27
Ok....let her continue screaming instead of fighting back undecided
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 4:49pm On Apr 27
The girl want her to fight
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Vickyace(f): 4:56pm On Apr 27
Wow, I am really enjoying this story.
I can’t even wait for the next episode. I am so anxious already �.
I’m between, I also enjoy romance thriller on www.youngicee.com. You can check them out hun and thank me later��.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:50pm On Apr 27
Josh dropped his blade in shock at the sight before him. Emem,
Mike, and Ejiro were all dolls. Cautiously, Josh walked over to them. Their eyes were
made of buttons and their mouths sewn shut. Emem and Mike's hair was made out of string where as Ejiro's was made of something closer to human hair. Horse hair
perhaps? Josh glanced around the plastic room and reminded himself that he had to
find Olivia. He hoped that after he put an end to all this, then things would go back to normal and the others would be okay. It
was then that he noticed the red paint under the Ejiro-doll. His eyelids lowered a bit but he shook it off and walked back over to
his blade.
Suddenly, a loud scream caught his attention. The sound of his name through her voice, pierced right through him.

*"JOSHHH!" Olivia screamed out.
The girl laughed maniacally, finally getting what she wanted.
"And there it is. The name of the person you care about the most. The person who you
think will always be there for you and protect you." Her eyes sharpened now at the thought, "But you're wrong." She
growled and gripped down her knife before thrusting it towards Olivia in the face.
Olivia closed her eyes on reflex.
Surprisingly, there was no pain. Slowly, she opened her eyes and saw the knife just centimeters away from her face. Her vision
was a bit blurry at first but when it settled,she peered over and at the girl. The girl's pupils were wide and blood ran down her
forehead and off the tip of her nose.
Olivia gasped and covered her mouth.
She then noticed the blade stabbing into the girl's forehead from the door behind them. She turned around and saw that the
blade was sticking through the other side.
"J..josh…" She managed to say with hope.
Josh ripped his blade out of the door,
"Olivia, get back!"
Olivia nodded as if he could see her and crawled out of the way as Josh kicked the door down. The door hit the girl and flung
her back and over the fake bed. Josh looked around and noticed the knife on the floor first, then Olivia. He rushed over to
her dropping his blade and before she could say anything, she was silenced by his embrace.
"I'm so glad you're okay…" He said softly.
Olivia felt her face turn red almost
instantly. At first, Josh's hug hurt her body but the warmth he gave off poured over her like nothing else. Her eyes filled with
tears as she buried her face in his chest and cried out loudly.
Josh smiled weakly as she began to cry,.
"It's okay…" He said lowly petting her now short hair.
"It was Veronica the whole time! It's all my fault isn't it!?" Olivia sobbed.
Josh shook his head and hugged her tighter, before standing up with her.
"Everything's going to be okay. I'm going to fix this." He swore.
Josh noticed the house didn't change back.
He knew it wasn't over.
Olivia sniffed but nodded, feeling safe again. She didn't let go of him though, and clung to his arm as he aimed his blade forward. Veronica laughed tossing the door aside and sitting up.
"Josh, Josh, Josh." She tisked.
Josh's eyes only narrowed.
Olivia flinched a bit as the girl got back to her feet.
how could anyone survive that?
She's not human.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:59pm On Apr 27
The girl chuckled as the room around them began to switch back and forth between
reality and the girl's dream world.
'She's weakened.' Josh thought with a slight smile appearing on his face.
The girl tilted her head to the side, "Don't be stupid. There's only one way you can make me go away. And it isn't sheer force."
Olivia felt her chest tighten.
Josh shook his head and pulled away from Olivia. He rushed at the girl, slashing forward. The girl jumped back and landed
on the wall behind them. Olivia watched them fight but thought about what the girl said. If what she said were true, then Josh
would only tire himself out, allowing the girl to finish him off. She had to think of what it
was the girl needed.
Josh threw his blade at the wall, causing the girl to flip over it and him. She landed behind him and kicked. Josh ducked down, grabbed a smaller dagger out of his boot and slashed at the girl's
ankles. The girl yelled out, before laughing and kicking Josh in the face. She then rolled over him and kicked back against his head.
Olivia ran over to the girl and pushed her away from Josh. "Leave him alone!" She cried.
Josh grunted.
"Olivia. Stay back!" He shouted getting back up and onto his feet.
Olivia's eyes filled with water, "No! You're always doing everything alone. I want to
help you. I need to help you!"
The girl stood up as well, "Why?"
Josh growled and got in front of Olivia.
"Stay away…I can do this." He said.
"Why? Why does it have to be you? Why does it always have to be you!? Don't you wonder that? Doesn't it bother you?" Olivia argued stubbornly.
Josh's eyes widened for a split second,then lowered and finally narrowed.
"I don't want you to get hurt." He said softly.
Olivia grabbed his arm, "I already got hurt!"
Josh turned to her, "Please."
Olivia gripped down on him, "I don't want you to get hurt just as much as you don't want me to get hurt."
Josh looked away from her, "That's not true…"
Olivia pulled at him, "Yes it is, Josh! I love you!"
Josh froze.
Veronica grunted and grabbed her chest, "Ow.…"
Josh glanced the girl's way, "This…can't be it…" He said lowly as he blushed ever so slightly.
Joshua Kalu was a boy of action. This was a whole other battle. A battle he never thought he'd ever have to face. A battle he purposely strayed away from. He looked
Olivia's way causing her to blush more and pull away from him. Josh knew what words he needed to say. And he knew that his response was true.
However, he just couldn't do it...


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:19pm On Apr 27
Ok....let her continue screaming instead of fighting back undecided
lmao. Na so e easy reach?
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 11:09pm On Apr 27
Bros goose pimples don dy grow for my body with this kind of suspense nah. Good work bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 7:57am On Apr 28
Thanks for the update OP
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:07am On Apr 28
Josh stared at Olivia a bit. Her outfit was ripped as well as her skin. There were bruises already forming on her fair skin. Her hair was extremely short
now and jagged. But beyond everything, he
saw her.
The real her.
"Olivia I…"
Josh was stuttering.
This never happened.
"Josh…" Olivia glanced away shyly, "I..I'm glad you came to save me."
Josh snapped out of it right away, "Of course I came."
Olivia looked back over at him smiling weakly. Then her eyes widened as he grabbed her by the shoulders, causing
them both to blush again.
"Oliva…" He said firmly then breathed in deeply before continuing, "I.."
Olivia's eyes shot passed him and saw the girl rushing at them, picking up the knife on her way over. Josh clenched down
on Olivia, noticing right away and pulled
her close to him before lunging to the side
and rolling out of the way. Olivia cried
out as they hit the floor but Josh made sure
to hold her head so she wouldn't get hurt.
He winced as he landed on his already
wounded arm. The girl growled and turned
back around before rushing at them again.
Josh shook the pain off and got up with
Olivia. He pushed her off and away from
him as the girl stabbed down into his body.
Josh grunted loudly as the knife pierced his
chest but he held on to part of the blade for
dear life. His palm bled but he pushed with
all his might to stop the knife from going in
any deeper.
"Josh!" Olivia cried.
The girl grinned as she pushed down
"So this is all Joshua Kalu is made of? Pathetic!"
Josh winced as the blade dug into his hands more.
Olivia clenched her fists.
"You can't protect her. You can't even protect yourself." The girl laughed.
"Protect this!" Olivia shouted as she tackled the girl away from Josh. Josh's eyes
widened as the girl released the knife and fell back with Olivia on top of her. Josh quickly ripped the knife out and rushed
"Olivia! Get out of the way!"
But Olivia ignored Josh and slapped the girl across the face, just as the girl opened
her mouth to speak. Olivia's eyes filled with tears as she began hitting the girl over
and over again, sobbing as she did so.
"How..Could..You..Do..This...To.. Me!?" She screamed.
Josh flinched slightly, never seeing Olivia this way before.
Olivia grabbed the girl by her shoulders and shook her a bit, "I played with you every day! I brought you outside! To the park! And went to Josh's house!"
She shook her harder now, "You were my favorite toy! WHY!?"
The girl winced as Olivia shook her then, touched her hand gently, "Because…"
She then gripped down on Olivia's hand roughly, "You lied to me!"
Olivia blinked as the girl pulled her in and grabbed her by the throat.
Josh stepped forward with the knife,
"Olivia!" And narrowed his eyes as he aimed the knife at the back of the girl's head, "Release her,Veronica!"
The girl ignored Josh as she focused on Olivia, "You told me you loved me. Remember? And only me…"
Olivia shook a bit, "I don't…" She
managed to choke out."Remember…"
The girl's eyes started to glow and once they did, Olivia's did as well, "Then let me remind you."
Josh stumbled back as his eyes start to glow as well.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:22am On Apr 28
* Flash memory*
Olivia ran into her room crying. She threw herself onto her bed and sobbed loudly into her pillow. After a few minutes,
she pulled away slowly and wiped her face.
She glanced over at her doll with numb eyes and picked her up slowly.
"Josh…is so mean to me…" She stated lowly.
"I tell you this all the time don't I? One minute I'm crying because of him and the
Olivia growled a bit as she tossed the doll at the wall, "I HATE HIM!"
Then she gasped and ran over to the doll,
"I..I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to…" And hugged down on the toy, "Josh just makes me so angry. please forgive me?"
There was a pause and then Olivia
smiled at the doll, "I knew I could count on you…I love you,Veronica. And only you." She said happily hugging the doll more.
*Flash memory end*

Josh winced as the images fell from his mind and he was able to see the girl and Olivia again. Olivia's eyes filled with
tears as did the girl's.
"Who am i, Olivia?" The girl's voice cracked.
Olivia choked as the girl's grip tightened.
"WHO AM I!?" The girl yelled this time.
Josh glared as he stabbed into the back of the girl's head, "I said get off her!"
Olivia's eyes rolled back into her head before she fell back. The girl's eyes widened at first before slowly lowered.
She chuckled out before her flesh burned off. Her clothes went up in flames before only ash remained.
Josh dropped the knife and rushed over to Olivia.
"Olivia? Olivia!" He shook her
a bit but she didn't move.
The doll house began to shake as Veronica's voice echoed throughout every room.
Josh gripped down on Olivia as he looked around the room.
"You bitch…I'll kill you!" He screamed in rage.
"You can't kill me. I'm immortal!" The voice echoed.
Josh looked back down at Olivia. He breathed in deeply before leaning in.
"What are you…doing?" The girl's voice cracked a bit as Josh closed his eyes.
He was indeed a boy of action.
"No. You can't love her. You can't!" The girl cried out as Josh pressed his lips against Olivia's.
The doll house stopped shaking for a moment.
Olivia's eyes shot open as her face turned bright red.
Josh pulled away slowly, with little to no emotion on his face but his eyes were softer.
"J..Josh?" Olivia stuttered out.
Josh just stared at her blankly before being smacked across the face.
"Ow!" He shouted, holding the side of his face, "What was that for!?"
Olivia covered her mouth with wide eyes.
"My…first kiss…"
Then looked around the room, "Where did that girl go?"
Josh stood up putting his hand out to her.
Olivia blinked at first but took his hand happily as he helped her to her feet.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:45am On Apr 28
Laughter broke out, causing Olivia to cling to Josh. Josh narrowed his eyes and glanced around the room as the house began to shake once more.
Olivia face grew pale, "I..I thought." She then cried out as the ceiling started to fall
piece by piece.
Josh grabbed Olivia and rolled under the bed. He grunted as his arm was unable to take much more and began to feel faintish,
"I thought that was enough!" Olivia finished.
Josh thought so too. He thought admitting his feelings for Olivia was what needed to be done. But they were clearly missing
something. Or worse, there simply was nothing they could do. Josh shook his head, refusing to give up so easily.
What could it be? There had to be
something they were overlooking!
Olivia cried out, as pieces of the ceiling hit the bed they were under.
"J..Josh…I'm scared."
Josh squeezed down on her hand a bit. He was scared as well, though, he wouldn't admit it. He wasn't ready to die.
Not today.
Not like this.
He had to at least protect Olivia. He glanced over at her. Tears filled her eyes as her body shook a bit. He had to think hard. This was
all about Olivia. Collect all the information:
First the doll wanted Sunny dead
because he bought Olivia a new doll.
Then Olivia's parents for allowing it. Then Mike for always picking on Olivia. And finally him for hurting Olivia so much. Most of the
people the doll wanted dead weren't even killed.Could Olivia really be the one she wants dead? Perhaps Olivia would then
be with her forever? Then why make them confess their feelings? It's like she…in her
own sick way…wanted to help them? But if that's the case then why was she still there?
She said she was immortal…and what was it she kept asking Olivia again?
"Time's running out!Soon
everyone in my little play house will be dead!" Veronica's voice echoed with sadistic glee.
Josh turned to Olivia finally remembering what the doll wanted from her.
"Oliva." He called out.
Olivia's eyes shot to Josh who continued,
"Who is she?"
Olivia stared at him blankly before
answering, "Veroni...."
"No, Olivia. Her real name." He shook his head.
Olivia blinked, "That is her..."
"Olivia, listen to me." Josh cut in. " You know how some toys already come with a name? It's normally written on their tag. But most kids change their names to whatever they see fit. What was Veronica's original name before you changed it?"
Olivia's eyes widened for a moment as she recalled the day she got Veronica…

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:01am On Apr 28
*Flash Memory*
It was a warm day about four years ago before meeting Josh.
Olivia and her mom were out shopping when Olivia noticed a doll. She ran over to the toy section and tilted her head to the
side following the doll which slowly fell off the shelf. Olivia gasped a bit but grew curious right away. She walked over to the doll and picked it up. She noticed that all the
other dolls had blonde hair but the one in her hands had red hair. She smiled a bit and hugged the doll wanting it right away.
"Mommy! Mommy! Can I have this!?"
Her mother looked over at her then the doll.
"That doll is not fine at all. Are you sure you don't want one of the other ones?" She said.
Olivia pouted as her face puffed up a bit,
"I want this one."
Her mother laughed a bit then nodded,
"Okay, okay." And headed for another aisle, "So what's your new doll's name?"
Olivia checked the tag, "…Dollie?" And stuck her tongue out a bit before giggling,
"No! no! I don't like the name. I'll call her Veronica!"
"Veronica?" Her mother questioned then shook her head, "Oh! From that cartoon?
Yeah.I guess she somehow looks like Veronica." And smiled a bit, "Okay, Veronica it is."
*Flash memory end*

"DOLLIE! That's your real name! That's who you are!!" Olivia screamed, causing the house to stop shaking.
Josh glanced around a bit before crawling out from under the bed. The room looked normal now, with no more plastic. He then
bent down. He put his hand out to Olivia before helping her out. Olivia clung to him still scared but slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room. She
smiled weakly before noticing the doll on the floor and backed up a bit.
A girl appeared, in spirit form, over the doll.
She looked exactly like Olivia yet again. Only this time her hair was red and in curls.
She wore the same dress as the doll and smiled warmly, bending down to the doll. When the girl touched the doll, it turned to ash. She then stood back up and
looked over at Olivia.
"I always loved you, Olivia." She said before closing her eyes and touching her own chest,
"With all of my heart." And opened her eyes to look at Olivia once more.
Olivia was angry with her doll but
clenched her fists to respond.
"Good-bye, Dollie." She said coldly.
The girl lowered her head and disappeared and once doing so, the town outside instantly changed back to normal. Olivia
looked down at her clothes and still saw the blood then turned to Josh who's arm was still wounded. Josh cracked a bit of a smile at Olivia before passing out.
"Josh!" She cried out.


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 11:29am On Apr 28
hmmm this one na true living nightmare
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 2:12pm On Apr 28
Thank God.... hope this is the end of their nightmares biko
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:47pm On Apr 28
*20 years later*

A young girl skipped around the park with a small brown teddy bear in her hands. Olivia sat on a bench rubbing her large stomach
and smiled, watching the girl.
"Ruth,don't go too far, okay?" Olivia called out.
"Okay, Mommy." The little girl piped.
Olivia sighed and leaned to
the side before resting her head on a now thirty three year old Josh. Josh put his arm around Olivia then glanced to the side as a young boy stumbled over to
"Good evening,Sir. Good evening,ma." The boy greeted.
Olivia giggled a bit, "Hello Iruo. where are your parents?"
Iruo pointed behind him as Emem and Ejiro walked over with a basket.
"Oli!" Ejiro shouted with a wave.
"Hey, dear!" Olivia shouted back before trying to stand up.
Josh got up right away and helped Olivia without missing a beat.
Emem chuckled a bit, "Still over protective, I see."
Josh glared at Emem before grinning a bit,
"You would be too." he muttered.
Emem nodded as Ejiro nudged him.
"Oh he was! When I was pregnant with Iruo! This one ehn." She let out a laugh.
Iruo swayed a bit, watching Ruth play with her teddy bear.
Olivia smiled softly before bending down to him,
"Iruo. Would you like to play with
Ruth?" She asked.
Iruo blushed slightly before nodding.
Josh eyed Olivia a bit, "You shouldn't be bending down." And helped her back to her
Emem pushed Iruo and he left the group. The adults then took to the benches and watched their children play.
Emem pulled Ejiro playfully into his lap and looked Josh's way,
"So how's Mike?" he asked.
Josh rolled his eyes, "In and out of cell."
Emem saddened a bit as Ejiro watched Ruth hold up her teddy bear to Iruo.
"It's been twenty years and it still gets to him, ehn?" Ejiro asked.
Olivia glanced away, "I think it still gets to all of us. But Mike was the youngest so he acted out right away. I mean Josh and I
had each other. You and Emem had each other. Mike was left out in a way. Healing wasn't easy for him and he started acting out, you know?"
Josh rubbed Olivia's back, "It's not your fault, Olivia. Mike would have ended up in and out of cell with or without that experience. He has always been rebelious from youth"
Emem chuckled a bit, "I'm sure he brags about it."
Josh narrowed his eyes a bit, "Just about every time he's out."

*Iruo made the teddy bear bounce around, which made Ruth giggle. He smiled a bit at her then blinked and put the teddy bear down.
Ruth picked up her stuffed toy and
watched as Iruo walked over to a tree.
Ruth stood up and followed him before tilting her head to the side.
"What is it?" She asked him as he turned around.
Iruo was holding a doll in his hands.
Ruth stared at the doll a bit before
Iruo handed the doll to Ruth who hugged down on it.
"Aww…I wish I could keep this doll." She said solemnly.
"Why can't you keep it?" Iruo asked, a bit confused.
Ruth saddened a bit,
"Mommy hates dolls. They scare her."
Iruo nodded a bit then blinked getting an idea, "What if…you hide the doll?"
A big grin appeared on Ruth's face, "The doll can be our secret."
Iruo smiled back before nodding.
"What should we name her?" He asked.
Both Iruo and Ruth paused to think for a moment.
"You know. she looks like..."
They smiled at the same time, looking over at each other having the perfect name.


Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 6:42pm On Apr 28
Thank you so much for ending this horrific nightmare.... I can't stomach another horror with the new secret doll cheesy

Pls do well to mention me when you start another story...
Cheers ✌️�

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:01pm On Apr 28
Thank you so much for ending this horrific nightmare.... I can't stomach another horror with the nee secret doll cheesy

Pls do well to mention me when you start another story...
Cheers ✌️�
I sure will.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 8:09pm On Apr 28
Finally...nice one op
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:17pm On Apr 28
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 10:41pm On Apr 28
Bro, I'm really impressed please tag me in your next post
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:04am On Apr 29
Bro, I'm really impressed please tag me in your next post
i'm not sure im writing any story in this literature section again.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 9:17am On Apr 29
i'm not sure im writing any story in this literature section again.
Why nah? I just decide to start following you sef
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:14pm On Apr 29
Why nah? I just decide to start following you sef
The literature section is not what it used to be.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 12:24pm On Apr 29
The literature section is not what it used to be.
So which section do you want to post to
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:06pm On Apr 29
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Vulcanheph(m): 8:18pm On Aug 01
I've read your story and Believe me i love it....but i have a feeling this story was taken from somewhere else, the setting doesn't sound Nigerian and does the characters, everything about the story seems to american...but great story anyway

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