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A Fascinating Creepy Nightmare / History Turns Nightmare As White Child Gets Set To Have Ebony Skin / Short Story: Worst Nightmare (2) (3) (4)

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 11:00pm On Apr 23
Oh whoa!!!
Will these kids ever get back their normal life?
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 11:22pm On Apr 23
Nice one op
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:53pm On Apr 23
Olivia sat under a tree. She watched as Ejiro paced back and forth. Low mumbling could be heard from the girl in a language unfamiliar to Olivia. The road was silent at first. But then Ejiro stopped pacing.
Olivia looked at her trying to study her expressions. Did she hear something?
Olivia tried to listen but all she could hear were the sounds of Mr Kolawole, STILL, ranting by the edge of the road. Paranoia
may have been the case. But at times such as these, paranoia might just be the one thing that saved your life.
Ejiro turned to Olivia with widened eyes as she ran over without warning and
grabbed her arm.
"E..Ejiro, what's wrong!?" She winced out as the bayelsa-born girl pulled, violently, on her
Footsteps finally caught Olivia's ear and forced her right up. Her pupils enlarged as she slowly turned around. From afar, three decaying cats could be seen rushing over to them. Mr Kolawole spun around and, like Ejiro and Olivia, rushed back to the car.
Only he had gotten there first.
Ejiro slammed her body into the car and tried opening the back door. When it didn't open, she turned back around to face Olivia and the cats. Ejiro knew time was
a factor and they didn't have time to plead with Mr Kolawole. So, yet again, she grabbed Olivia's arm and ran back over to the tree.
"Climb!" She cried.
Olivia stared at Ejiro who immediately jumped onto the bark and began climbing.
Olivia was reluctant and had never
climbed a tree before. The cats were getting closer and soon they weren't too far away. Olivia thought of Josh. She envisioned him demanding her to hurry up
the tree. Ejiro got as far up as she could before looking down.
"Olivia! Come on!"
That was the push Olivia needed to throw her body into the tree and begin climbing. The bark was rigid against her delicate finger tips but it was a discomfort
she had to get used to in order to survive.
The zombie cats slid to a complete stop by the tree then backed up a bit before lunging themselves upwards. But, due to their deformed bodies, they were unable to reach either girl. Olivia screamed, not far enough away to feel safe again. The attention of the cats shifted to the car
when Mr Kolawole started the engine. Before he could even switch gears, all three creatures
rushed over and rammed their bodies into the side of the vehicle. Ejiro covered her mouth as Olivia gasped.
The two were a bit thankful now that Mr Kolawole didn't allow them inside.
"Jesus help me! I didn't want to help the criminals! He made me!" Mr Kolawole cried hysterically.
One of the cats tackled the window and nearly broke it. He slammed his foot on the gas, attempting to drive away but the
felines threw their bodies into the car once more and this time it was pushed towards the edge. Mr Kolawole pulled his foot off the gas as fast as he could but wasn't
able to hit the break in time. The car drove straight off taking one cat with it.
"Tosin!" Ejiro shouted after the retreating vehicle as if her friend was still alive.
Olivia covered her face.
"I..I can't do this anymore…I can't." She whimpered.
Ejiro's eyelids lowered. She realized then that she was the only one left to be the strong one. She promised Josh she would.
And she never breaks a promise. The two remaining creatures turned around now.
They no longer had the car to hold their attention, so they turned it to the tree supporting the girls. The two monster cats rushed over and rammed their bodies into
the tree hard. Olivia grabbed onto the bark of the tree as Ejiro fell off her branch.
"Ejiro!?" Olivia shrieked.
Ejiro threw her body onto a nearby branch and put her arm out. Ejiro grabbed her hand but her weight pulled Olivia
downward. Olivia winced, never holding anyone by their full body weight before. She wasn't strong like Josh was but she knew Ejiro would die if she let go. So, she
embraced the pain along with the fear.
Pulling up with all her might, she allowed Ejiro to reach the branch. Olivia wasn't able to pull her up all the way but far enough for her to climb the rest of the way on her own.
"Thanks." Ejiro sighed in relief.
The two breathed heavily but were unable to catch their breath. For the demons below continued to ram themselves into the tree.
The girls were prepared this time and the two held onto the tree.
"W...what are we gonna do!?" Olivia's eyes were wide with fear and worry.
Ejiro thought for a moment.
"I don't want to end up like Mr Kolawole!" Olivia added as her eyes watered.
Ejiro closed her eyes.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:25am On Apr 24
Oh whoa!!! Will these kids ever get back their normal life?
Hmmmm. Let's see
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:27am On Apr 24
Nice one op

Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:41am On Apr 24
smiley Good morning, friends. Hope you all had a pleasant night.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 9:30am On Apr 24
Nice one, keep it up
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 10:29am On Apr 24
Thanks for the update
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:19am On Apr 24
Emem turned to Josh as the noise got louder.
"We have two options."
Josh nodded, "Turning back around or moving on ahead. If we turn back around now, we're at a disadvantage with our
backs to whatever is coming towards us.
We also have our decaying friends waiting for us…So as unpleasant as it sounds…our chances are better moving ahead."
"No matter what it is?" Emem asked.
Josh only nodded as he continued moving forward.
Emem sighed, "Alright. But if I die, I'll haunt you o!"
Josh raised an eyebrow, "Aren't there better things to haunt?"
Emem thought for a moment then laughed,
"You're right."
Josh shook his head at his companion. The further the two went, the louder the noise
in front of them became.
"I'm not liking this." Emem said as he mentally prepared himself for what was to come.
A figured appeared in sight. Josh knew he didn't have enough room to take out his dagger, so he reached into his boot and
pulled out a smaller knife. Emem blinked as Josh glanced over at him then back ahead. His
guard soon fell once the figure became clear. It was a girl who Josh was unfortunately familiar with. She was his brother's closest friend,Becky.
"Praise God. Josh is in the house!"
She shouted, happy to see him.
Josh raised an eyebrow, "We were right…it is both."
Becky tilted her head to the side, "Ehn?"
Emem chuckled, "Don't mind him. What's up?"
Becky smiled a bit, "Nothing much. Trying not to die, you know?"
Emem nodded as Josh put his dagger away, "How did you get here?"
Becky's eyelids lowered, "Mike was silly, you know? He made me go through this alone when I told him to come with me."
Josh's eyes widened for a second,
Becky pointed behind her as Josh tried to pass. It was too narrow between the three of them and Becky wasn't moving.
Josh let out a low sigh, "Move."
But Becky shook her head.
"I'm not going back there."
Josh growled grabbing her and slamming her into the side of the vent's walls.
Becky yelled out.
"Josh!" Emem grabbed his arm, "Calm down!"
"You were his friend, Becky! He did what he did to protect you! Now stop being a coward and show us the way!" Josh snapped
throwing her back over to where she was.
Before Becky could get up, a loud sound caught the three off guard. The bottom of the vent broke off and fell, causing the them to go down with it. Josh landed on
his feet but the same couldn't be said for Emem and Becky. Luckily, the group landed inside an empty classroom rather than the passage. Emem helped Becky up then turned to Josh.
"You must be out of your mind!" Emem snapped angrily.
Josh stared at the door as his eyes
narrowed, "Keep your voice down."
Footsteps from outside the classroom alerted and silenced Emem. Becky, as if on reflex, picked up a chair. Josh, a bit more
rational, walked over to the door. He took out his dagger and waited for the door to open. Emem clenched his fists and got into a defensive position. A shadowy figure appeared through the glass on the door.
Josh's eyes sharpened as the door pushed open.
The figure stepped inside the classroom.....slowly. Josh wasted no time spinning around and slashing the figure in half. Steve's
eyes widened as one half fell to the left as the other fell to the right. Blood shot out of
his halves like a broken water fountain, covering Josh. Emem
threw his arms up as Becky blocked with the chair she was holding. Josh wiped his
blade clean and put it away. He did not hesitate to check the body; though he was fearful he had just killed an innocent man.
"Guy…" Emem lowered his arms.
"Chill out. He wasn't himself." Josh said calmly.
Becky slowly put down the chair. Once she saw the divided corpse of Steve, her eyes widened.
"Uh, Josh…"
Josh glanced over to Emem whose eyes were on Steve's two body parts. The arms on one half twitched as his legs jerked from
the other half. Steve's upper half got up from his hands and lifted up. Josh turned around completely as Steve ran towards Emem and
Becky. Becky glared as she grabbed the chair again and smashed it against the running
half. Josh rushed over. He slid, with the help of the blood on the floor, and grabbed the gun from Steve's lower half. He aimed and fired as the force from the chair flung Steve towards him. Once shot, Steve's remains turned to black ash that quickly fell

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 3:27pm On Apr 24
Josh stood up, "Where's Mike?"
Emem turned to Becky, "You better answer him."
Becky threw the chair to the side and out of the way.
She eye balled the gun now in Josh's possession, "Alright. I'll lead the way if I get the gun."
Josh raised his eyebrow as Emem blinked,
"Do you even know how to use a gun?"
Becky shrugged, "How hard can it be?"
Josh shook his head as the gun
Becky blinked in shock "W..what?"
Josh appeared annoyed but he didn't have time for this.
"Fine." He mumbled.
He then walked over to the girl. He pulled out another gun and
handed it to her. A click was heard.
"I put the safety on…this is how you take it off." He said.
Emem eyed him, "Where did you get the second gun?"
Josh shrugged, "I took two instead of one from Steve's body. I knew that one would disappear."
Emem laughed a bit, "Josh always
thinking ahead!"
He paused for a moment getting a bad feeling in the pit of his
"I have a bad feeling about this."
Emem rubbed his stomach as it growled,
"Oh wait.. I'm just hungry."
Becky giggled as Josh shook his head. She put the gun in the waist of her jeans before she started to walk ahead of the two. Josh
was a bit surprised that the hallway was so empty.
There was no sign of any other creature in sight. However, this part of the building was poorly lit, giving Josh and the others an uneasy feeling. When light could be seen, blood stains patterned the floor and walls.
Josh noticed a few pieces of decayed flesh and bones. He wondered if the creatures
resorted to eating each other. Emem and Becky didn't pay much attention because they weren't really looking. Becky was concerned with shooting a gun for the first time and Emem was too scared and hungry to be concerned with anything else.
"What exactly happened?" Josh questioned.
Becky looked over at him then looked ahead. She sighed as the memories came flooding...

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 3:38pm On Apr 24
I like the way you are consistent in dishing out updates, thumbs up op
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:31pm On Apr 24
Becky stood in the door way of the school's entrance. She watched as her mother ran back for her father. A low growl
caused the girl to jump and run inside the building. She shut the door behind her only
to feel the burning of hungry eyes upon her back. Slowly, she turned around. The girl learned in an instant that the school was
the least safe place to be right now. The hallway was infested with rotten felines, one
looking hungrier than the last. Before Becky could even move her arm up to open the door, the creatures came running at her.
Her eyes grew wide with fear as she ran without a known destination. Her feet moved as if they had a mind of their own.
And without question, she followed the emptiest path in sight.
Becky didn't dare turn around, having the numerous demon cats behind her. Being on the basketball team really paid off, for
she was able to run fast for an extended period of time without getting tired. Along
with having the ability to dodge like no tomorrow. But this wasn't a game; the stakes were way too high. And yet, by making it seem like a game, Becky was able
to replace fear with adrenaline. With much speed and evasion, Becky was able to make it to an empty classroom. She locked the
door but wasn't satisfied with just that as she pulled a few desks in the way. Then, she walked over to the back of the classroom and hid in the darkness of the closet…
Becky wasn't frightened easily. Going from the comfort of one's own home to the darkest closet, in an unfamiliar school, awakened the little girl Becky's harder outer shell tried so hard to protect. She played with the bottom of her pony tail as she waited.
For what?
She had no idea. All she could think of were scenarios. Like maybe the monsters would
get too hungry and eat each other. Or maybe the president might do his job right and
send the army down to exterminate the pests .
But the longer Becky stayed trapped inside the closet, the more delusional she became.
Time was no longer a factor as she slowly lost touch with reality. Without a cell phone
or a watch, she couldn't tell how long she was in the closet and when to get out.
Within the hour, however, loud gun shots snapped her back to reality. The fires echoed from a distance but soon were
close enough to hurt her ears. Becky rushed out of the closet and straight for the door but it was barricaded by her own doing.
"Help! Help! Hello, I'm in here!" Becky would rather the help come to her than herself go to the
help. A trait she picked up well from her rich parents. But once a human shadow passed by the door, she grabbed all the
desks and pushed them away. She unlocked the door but didn't open it.
"In here!" She yelled....

*flashback end*

"Turns out,it was your brother and Steve chased by cats" Becky sighed as she stared at Josh.
"Steve got bitten by cats and Mike had to kill him"
"Then?" Josh asked impatiently.
" Steve resurrected in that form you saw and Mike pushed me into the vent. He never followed me. I don't know where he is"
She said.
The trio sighed collectively as they knew they were not any close to solving their problem.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:40pm On Apr 24
I like the way you are consistent in dishing out updates, thumbs up op
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:46pm On Apr 24
The tree finally stopped shaking. Olivia opened her frightened eyes as Ejiro looked down below. Both demon cats appeared to be dead with pieces of their flesh all around the tree. Neither girl knew how long it took but were glad it was finally over.
For now.
Ejiro looked over at Olivia before she climbed back down. Once on the very last branch of the tree, she jumped and landed
on her hands and feet. Olivia looked down at her doll,Veronica and hugged her for some form of reassurance. She began
making her way down once this feeling was obtained. Ejiro brushed off her hands then looked around. The coast seemed to be clear until Olivia let out a sharp
Ejiro turned around right away only to find a hooded man holding Olivia up by her
neck. His face could not be seen, almost as if nothing were there. Olivia tried clawing at the man's grip as her eyes started to roll
back into her head. Ejiro was afraid but wasted no time taking her switchblade out.
She was too short and too far away to actually stab him so she did the next best thing.
She cocked her hand back and then threw the blade at the man's face.
Blood fell on Olivia but the man appeared unaffected; not even flinching. Ejiro's eyes widened as he ripped the blade out. She
backed up then turned to run away. But the blade hit her back hard causing her to stop
running and fall forward…


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:47am On Apr 25
men, this constant writing i'm doing is already taking it's toll on me. I seem to be getting tired and weaker everyday. But i'm not resting until i finish this story. Phew!!
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:00am On Apr 25
Josh needed to know his brother was okay.
He followed Becky, a bit surprised by her usefulness. Now holding a gun, the fair-skinned girl was ready for anything. A part of her yearned for something to jump
out at them, just so she had something to kill. But the hallway was surprisingly empty with nothing but bones and bloodstains to keep the spiders company. Emem was relieved, but still very hungry.
He turned to Josh, snapping him out of his daze,
"Guy. You think the canteen has
any food? I forgot to check when I was there."
Josh looked back at him with not much to say, "I think we should focus on surviving."
"Yes.But if I starve to death,surviving doesn't really matter now, does it?" Emem countered.
Josh gave him a look.
Emem sighed, "Sorry,it's the hunger talking."
Josh nodded, "I'm sure Mike will complain as well.We'll try to find some food once we
meet up with him."
Emem nodded but feared how Josh would react if he found out his brother wasn't alive. Becky led the boys to the last room she
saw Mike in. The hall grew darker as they approached the door. Becky backed up a bit, allowing Josh to take the lead. Josh's eyes
narrowed as he reached for the door knob.
For some reason he remembered when Olivia was with him.When he was reaching for the door knob to her room.When this all began.
His eyelids lowered now. But the thought quickly retreated,
bringing back determination in the boy's eyes.
He grabbed hold of the knob but once touched, a sharp pain engulfed his entire body. Becky backed up more as Emem cried
out for his friend.
Josh grunted while being electrocuted. He knew if anyone tried to help him, they
would be electrocuted as well.
"S..stay back!" He managed to cry out as the pain grew immensely. Any longer and he would pass out ....or worse. Josh tried letting go of the knob but it was as if his
hand had molded around it. As his vision began to fade, all he could hear before the darkness came, was Becky's terrifying scream and a gun shot.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 1:07am On Apr 25
Thanks for the updates op
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 7:14am On Apr 25
Josh's body jerked as he woke up yet again.
The room he was in was dark but lit enough for him to see. Breathing heavily, a
low grunt was released he struggled.
"Don't bother…"
Josh's eyes shot to the side and at Emem,who smiled weakly once their eyes met.
"Glad you could join us."
"Yeah. For a second there I thought you were gone for good!" Becky added.
Josh sighed, letting his body relax into the chains he was now in.
He looked over to his right and there Emem hung with Becky at his left, "Where are we?"
Emem shrugged a bit, though the chains made it difficult.
"No idea. Some kind of room.After you blacked out, we got ambushed.So now that you're
awake." He winced struggling a bit, "Maybe you can think of a way to get us out of these?"
Josh glanced around examining the chains.
He then closed his eyes for a moment,thinking silently to himself. The room itself seemed rather old. If the chains were
in the walls they weren't in well enough.
Josh opened his eyes. He knew his
weapons were no longer on his person but he had hope for his backup plan.For once, he didn't regret not having a haircut in a month. He looked at Emem who was closer to him.
"Emem, reach into my hair."
Emem raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me?"
Josh shook his head, "Just do it. Hurry."
Emem sighed. But in the short time he knew Josh he already found a deep trust in
him. He pushed his body to its limits as he reached over and into Josh's hair. The latter eyed him as he did so, "Be careful." Josh said
"Yes i know." Emem said and then blinked as his hand came
across something pointy. He grabbed a hold of it and pulled it out.
Josh smiled as Emem followed suit.
"You sly bastard." Emem laughed.

Becky blinked, "What is it?"

Josh watched Emem pull away then looked over at Becky. "A lock pick."
Emem breathed in deeply as he lifted his body upward and began to pick at the nails
that held his chains together.
"That's it." Becky said excitedly.
Josh's eyes shot to the door, "Uh, Emem…"
Emem grunted, "Almost…got it!" He shouted rather happy with himself.
Josh sighed as the door shot opened.
Emem blinked as he fell to the ground.
"Oh no."
He looked around the room then darted over to a wooden table. He ducked under it
then noticed their weapons resting on top.
Josh's eyes looked away from Emem and at the person walking down the stairs. His eyes widened slightly then narrowed once seeing who it had been.
"E..Ejiro?" Emem lifted his head up before standing up to face her.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 8:53am On Apr 25
This is interesting

Well done OP
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:24am On Apr 25
Becky raised her eyebrow, "Who is she?"
Ejiro looked to Becky blankly then smirked as she turned to an escaped Emem. Emem
saddened then clenched his fists, closing his eyes. Ejiro started walking towards him now. Josh struggled to get free but it was
no use.
Emem had to get them out.
Emem opened his eyes, staring at Ejiro. He shook his head not wanting to fight her but
he knew he had to,
Once she passed them, Josh noticed the switchblade in her back. The blade wasn't
in deep enough to kill her but it was glowing red, along with her blank eyes.
Some kind of mind control?
"Emem! She's not dead but she's being controlled. At least…I assume so." Josh cried out.
Emem glanced at Josh's way as he spoke.
There was some hope now. He then looked back at Ejiro
just as she lunged at him and grabbed her.
He landed on his back hard as she smirked on top of him. Emem blushed as she leaned
in. Ejiro opened her mouth, revealing fangs.
Emem's eyes widened as she went to bite down on him. At the last second, Emem lifted his arm up and grabbed her by the
"I..I'm sorry." He said before throwing her off of him.
Ejiro stumbled back but once gathering her footing, she only rushed back at him. Emem
rolled out of the way and onto his feet. He jumped over the table, grabbing the edge
and pulling it down with him, as she jumped on top of it.
"Emem!" Becky cried out and then turned to Josh, "Do something na."
Josh looked at Becky like she had ten heads.
"Yes. Because I have magical powers that aren't affected by metal chains. Idiot." He snapped.
Josh wanted to help Emem but there was no way he could.
Emem winced then noticed all the weapons scattered across the floor. He eyed each of them then grabbed Steve's gun. Ejiro grabbed
the table before throwing it towards the wall. The table broke on impact. Emem aimed the gun at Josh and fired. Becky's eyes widened but it was a perfect shot. The chains shattered, freeing Josh. Just in time for him to rush over too. He flipped over Emem and kicked Ejiro back. Once he
landed, his eyes narrowed.
Josh picked up his dagger.
"Don't kill her, bro." Emem said.
Emem scoffed as he put his hand out and signaled Ejiro to come to him. Just when Ejiro dashed forward, an axe flung out towards her.
Josh stepped in the way of Ejiro and slashed the axe back to its owner. The axe hit a hooded man at the top of the staircase. Once struck, the man along with his weapon erupted in ash. Ejiro's eyes widened as the glow faded and she fell forward.
Emem rushed over and caught her right away, "Ejiro?"
Ejiro winced then gripped
down on him in pain.
Josh stepped closer to them, "Hold her."
Emem glanced over to Josh then looked back at Ejiro.
"Brace yourself." he said.
Ejiro nodded weakly then leaned into him.
Josh grabbed the handle of her
switchblade and without warning ripped it out of her. Ejiro yelled out but quickly bit down on Emem's shoulder. Emem winced as her muffled scream vibrated his body. He rubbed her back when she finished and fell
limply on top of him.
"O..Olivia…" she mumbled out.
Josh's eyes widened, "Ejiro…where is Olivia?"
Ejiro closed her eyes.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 12:41pm On Apr 25
Keep it coming op
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:56pm On Apr 25
Emem looked away from Ejiro and over at Josh, "She passed out…"
He then looked back down and sadly at her.
"Is she going to make it, Josh?"
Josh glanced away then over at Becky.
"Em,guys. Can someone get me out of these chains?"
Josh nodded just as the door slammed shut. Water poured out from under the door and began to fill the room.
Emem picked Ejiro up in his arms, "We need to get out of here."
Becky struggled to get out of the chains,
"Get me out first!" She pleaded as the room filled up rather quickly.
Josh picked up all his weapons and put them away. Emem tossed Josh Steve's gun.
Josh caught it and fired, freeing Becky with one shot. She landed and once on her feet, walked over to Josh and took the gun away
from him. She scoffed as he rolled his eyes.
Emem looked around the room. The only way out was the door the water was coming from. He held onto Ejiro tightly
before pushing his way up the stairs. Josh let Becky go ahead of him. She grabbed onto the railing forcing herself up. Walking
up the stairs was like pushing through a waterfall. The pressure alone was enough to send all three kids flying back.
"Emem, are you okay up there?" Josh called out.
Emem grunted, trying his best to speed it up.
"Y..yes." But carrying Ejiro proved to be difficult.
With all his might, the young boy pushed himself to the top. Once in front of the door,he tried opening it but the door was locked.
"Of course." He muttered out before holding Ejiro close and ramming the door open.
As soon as the door flung open, the water stopped and where it came from was a complete mystery. Emem didn't ask
questions, only rushed over to the couch in the living room and set Ejiro down.
"This is.." Josh walked into the living room behind Becky, "This is Olivia's house."
Josh's eyes shot up the stairs.
"Is that..?" Emem glanced up.
"Mike!" Becky shouted as she darted up the stairs.
Josh rushed passed her. He turned sharply into Olivia's room. Luckily, the door was
wide open. Josh stopped short. Mike had a rope tied around his neck that reached up and tied around the fan. He was standing
on his tippy toes on a wobbly chair. Just as Josh stepped inside the room to help him,
someone kicked the chair out from under Mike and the door slammed shut. Becky
gasped as Josh rammed his body against the door but it wouldn't open. He stepped back whipping out his dagger.
With six clean slashes, Josh was able to cut the door down. He rushed inside but once in, a plank hit his hands hard, causing
him to drop his blade. Josh dropped to his knees, feeling the pain embrace both his
Were they broken?
The thought left him, and the thought of his brother hanging to death lingered in his
mind instead. He looked up, catching sight of Mike strangling to death. As Josh got up,
another swing hit him hard in the stomach.
He cocked forward, coughing up blood, before dropping back to his knees. Becky rushed inside as the man was beating Josh with the plank. She aimed quickly and fired
the gun at the rope. Two shoots struck the rope as a third hit the ceiling fan. Mike dropped to the ground with the ceiling fan
about to land on top of him. Becky dropped the gun and lunged forward, pushing Mike out of the way.
She yelled out as the fan landed on top of her instead of him.
Due to all the commotion, the man turned away from Josh. While he was distracted,Josh grabbed the plank from his grip and yanked it out. With one powerful swing,Josh slammed the plank against the figure's
body. The plank burst into ashes as did the man. He was the last one. It had to be over
now but…
"Olivia." Josh reminded himself.
What happened to her?
"What's going on up there?" Emem shouted from downstairs, rather concerned.
Josh snapped out of it. He rushed over to Becky but it was too late. The fan struck her directly on the head, causing an instant
His eyelids lowered,
"Becky..." He shook his head sadly.
She died saving Mike.
Something he could not do…

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:40pm On Apr 25
Josh's eyes shot up, "Mike?"
He heard a faint cough from the other side of the room. Mike winced, having feeling suddenly come back to his body. Josh went
over to him and helped him up.
"Mike…Mike, are you okay?"
Mike groaned but nodded weakly. Josh threw his brother's arm over his shoulder as he stood up with him.
"B-Becky…?" Mike stared at her body as Josh walked passed and out of the room.
"I'm sorry, Mike." Josh said solemnly.
"God…" Mike's voice cracked.
Josh remained quiet as low sobbing could be heard from his younger brother.
The two made it back down the stairs.
Emem looked up and at them, "Mike. He was upstairs?" He asked.
Josh nodded.
"Where's Becky.?" Emem asked.
Josh looked away as Mike nearly broke down.
Emem's eyes widened then lowered as he looked to the side. "Oh…sorry." He mumbled sadly.
Josh walked over to the couch and placed Mike down by Ejiro. Mike sat up staring off and into nothingness. Reality finally settled
in for all of them.
Josh walked away from the couch. "I have to find Olivia" he muttered.
Just then, the living room T.V switched on. A cute, yet unsettling, giggle echoed out of
the screen. A dark figure appeared but only as a shadow.
"Greetings survivors…" The figure cackled.
"What...?" Emem raised his eyebrows.
Josh gripped down on the handle of his dagger.
'Foolish of me to think this could all be over so easily.' He thought angrily.
A bright red smile appeared on the shadow's face.
"It seems you made your choice… JOSHUA KALU."
Her voice was rather childish until she spoke Josh's name.
Josh felt a sharp pain on his thigh. He reached into his pocket, wincing from the pain that his hands once felt, and pulled out
the note from earlier that day. As he read the note in his head, the shadow spoke the words out loud:
"Your brother's mouth is larger than life.
Whose life would you replace for his? "
The smile on the figure's face became creepier as she spoke on.
"And you chose…"
Red letters began to form on the note:







Josh's eyes widened as the figure giggled.
"W..what?" Emem stood up from the couch as the T.V shut off.
Josh dropped the note, shaking his head.
"T-this…can't be."


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 10:46pm On Apr 25
More grease to your elbowMore grease to your elbowMore grease to your elbow
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 11:04pm On Apr 25
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:08pm On Apr 25
More grease to your elbowMore grease to your elbowMore grease to your elbow
lol. This one you wrote it many times, na glo you dey use?
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:09pm On Apr 25
Whoa!!! Interesting...
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:10pm On Apr 25
goodnight,pals. Till tommorow. Body no be firewood,abeg.lol
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:20am On Apr 26
Josh clenched his fists and, at first, just stood there. His eyes remained looking
downward and at the note he had just dropped on the floor. Before Emem or Mike could speak up, Josh took out his dagger and threw it across the room. Both Emem and Mike flinched when the blade struck the screen.
"Guy. Haba!!" Mike cried out.
Emem's eyelids lowered, "Bro.it's not your fault." He knew right away what Josh was thinking.
As Josh stepped over to retrieve his blade, Mike finally spoke his mind.
"All this…is because of Olivia? What does this mean? Is she the killer?"

Josh's eyes narrowed as he ripped the blade out, "You're mistaken."

Emem let out a low sigh as he sat back down on the couch, "She's the victim."

Josh's eyelids lowered, if only for a second,before sharpening again. He put his blade away then left the house.
"Where are you going?" Emem called out after him.
"To get Olivia back." He replied sharply.
Huey knew exactly where to go now. His mind had been racing with thoughts and images since the very beginning. He had all the pieces to the puzzle.
And the girl? She appeared in Olivia's silhouette but if Olivia was who he sacrificed then it couldn't have been her. A dark persona perhaps, hidden in the
deepest cracks of a little girl's imagination?
But everything's that's happened.
Everyone that died.
The entire area around him changing.
Who could possibly be capable of such power and destruction?
Josh's train of thought was silenced by his arrival at the neighborhood park. He looked up and saw the familar tree he used to relax by, but something was different. The tree was larger, black as coal, and dangling what
appeared to be a doll from its branches.
Josh hurried fast. And once he got nearer, he saw her.
She was tied to the tree's bark.
Josh rushed over but once close, she sunk inside the dead wood.
"What...." He gasped in shock.
Just then a girl's laughter could be heard.
Josh readied his dagger and looked around, but the sound was impossible to trace. It
echoed all around him then suddenly stopped. Josh glanced around then felt a chill rush down his back and turned around
Olivia stood behind him.
"…Olivia?" He questioned lowering his dagger a bit.
However, something was off about her. Her hair was down and unbraided. Her eyes were blank and glowing red. She giggled
more and then hugged him. Josh's eyes widened a bit as she whispered faintly in his ear.
"Have you figured it out yet, Josh?"

Josh's eyes narrowed as he pushed her off him rather harshly.

"You're not Olivia!" He spat with venom.

The girl laughed loudly, "Is that so? Well,well, Josh. you ARE smart."

Josh eyed her when she grinned then felt a sharp pain hit his body hard. He looked down as an imprint of the girl's hug
appeared over his body. Josh winced more until he fell on one knee and dropped his blade. The girl walked over to him and
lifted his face with her hand.

"Have you figured out who
I am? Don't you remember me?" She smiled darkly.

She then smiled as her clothes burned off and reappeared wearing Veronica's

"Oh my God" Josh gasped in terror and realization. "You're Olivia's doll.....VERONICA!"

Josh's eyes widened as her eyes began to glow causing his eyes to glow as well....

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 8:53am On Apr 26
lol. This one you wrote it many times, na glo you dey use?
The network is bad that time, am using airtel
I've been suspecting the doll to be the one behind everything now my suspicious is ascertain
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:43pm On Apr 26
*Memory flash*
Veronica the doll, sat on Olivia's bed while she was in school.
Olivia's mother walked in on the phone with someone.
"Yes, I know the doll is getting
old." She said sitting on the bed and looked over at the doll.
"And she's not that pretty either. Oh, you did? Well Olivia would love that. You know her birthday's coming up soon."
'Wait, what are you doing? Are you giving me away?' Veronica thought in shock.
Olivia's mother stood up from the bed and laughed before walking out of the room.
'Who's replacing me? Who's buying Olivia a new doll!?' Veronica thought.
*Memory Flash end*

Josh winced as a new memory formed.

*Memory Flash*
Olivia sat in front of the TV with Veronica watching Lil Wayne. She
moved her head from side to side, until he walked out in one screen wearing a skinned animal. Olivia gasped and began to cry until her father walked over and
turned off the television.
" Honey, what is it?"
Olivia sniffled when her dad picked her up and nuzzled against him,
"He killed a poor defenseless animal!"

*Memory Flash*
Olivia walked to the Kalu house holding Veronica in her arms. She
hummed lowly as she knocked on the gate.
Mike answered, opening the gate and eyed Olivia . Olivia smiled at him.
"Hey Mike.Is Josh around?"
Mike stepped outside with a smirk on his face.
"Yes, he's home. But there's a toll fee to get into the house, you see?"
Olivia blinked innocently, "What do you mean?"
Mike grabbed Veronica and laughed as he ran passed Olivia.
"Veronica!? Mike! Give her back!" She demanded, chasing after him.
Mike laughed as he tossed Veronica up and into the tree in the front yard.
Olivia cried lightly as Mike bent down to her and poked her forehead,
"Stop being a baby. Babies play with dolls." He laughed mirthlessly.
"You're so wicked sometimes, Mike! I hate you!" She yelled angrily, swatting his hand away.
Josh stepped out of the house and walked over to them. He looked at Olivia and then Mike. Olivia blinked as Josh kicked Mike hard on his leg causing him to fall.
"Ow!! Josh what is wrong with you?!" Mike howled in pain.
Josh shook his head, walking over to the tree and kicked it hard as well causing it to shake and Veronica to fall. He caught
her easily then walked back over to Olivia and handed her the doll. Olivia took the doll and hugged it tightly and smiled brightly at Josh.
Josh only nodded walking back into the house with Olivia following after him.
* Memory flash end*

Josh's eyelids lowered a bit as another memory formed again.

*Memory Flash*
Olivia left Veronica on the couch
and went into the kitchen with Josh.
Mike walked over and looked at the doll with a glare.
"Stupid doll." He growled,then he smiled, "But I get the last laugh because Brother Sunny is buying
Olivia a new doll for her birthday."
*Flash memory end*

Josh grunted as the memories finally stopped. He grabbed his chest as the pain slowly left.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:57pm On Apr 26
The girl looked over at him sadly, "Everyone else just got in the way."
Josh forced himself up when suddenly a hooded figure appeared and grabbed him
from behind.
Josh grunted then growled, "Veronica, stop this! Olivia would never want any of this. If you love her,you wouldn't put her through all this!"
The girl looked down, "That's not my name." She looked back at him smiling weakly, "You always helped me. Protected Olivia…and for that I thank you."
Josh struggled to get out of the man's grasp.
The girl walked over to him, "But there was one person you couldn't protect her from, Josh."
Josh looked up at her, "And who's that?"
The girl chuckled, "Yourself."
Josh's eyes widened as she spoke then lowered as she continued.
"You're afraid of letting anyone in. After your parents died, you put up this steel wall.You don't want to love because it hurts when you do, doesn't it? So you push
Olivia away. You hurt her not only to protect her from this evil world but to protect yourself."
Josh looked at her silently.
The girl smiled warmly, "I can't let you hurt her anymore." She then backed away and into the tree, sinking inside it.
Josh closed his eyes as the man holding him started to laugh.
Josh slammed his foot down on his blade's handle. The blade flung up into the air allowing Josh to catch it when it dropped back down. Once in his grasp, he
slammed the handle end into the man's stomach. Josh was then released. He spun around and slashed but the black cloak was
all that had been cut in half.
Josh slashed the air with his blade. "Show yourself!" He cried.
The hooded man appeared in front of Josh with a base ball bat and whacked the blade out of his hand. Then, the bat transformed into an axe and slashed
downward. Josh rolled out of the way and kicked at the man's ankle. A crack was heard as his ankle turned to ash and his
body dropped. Josh slammed his foot down on the man's wrist causing the same thing to happen. The axe, once within the
man's grip, disappeared as he groaned out.
Josh bent down and removed the hood from the man's face. It was a zombie alright, but his mouth was recently sewn shut.
"Damn." Josh muttered in frustration.
Veronica must have done this in
order to make sure the man could
never give away Olivia's whereabouts.
"Damn it!" Josh shouted as he glared down at the man.
He then slammed his foot into
his face erupting him in ash. The ash shot up and fell back down completely covering
the boy.

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