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A Fascinating Creepy Nightmare / History Turns Nightmare As White Child Gets Set To Have Ebony Skin / Short Story: Worst Nightmare (2) (3) (4)

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:47pm On Apr 20
The boy was short for his age with short black hair and dark eyes. He wore black jeans and a plain white T with a pair of large black headphones around his neck. The girl standing next to him had dark skin and a slim figure. Her hair was braided,leaving a side pony
tail held up by red ball hair clips. . She wore a black shirt with
matching boots and blue jean skirt over a black leggings.
The object she used to protect Emem was a red tennis bat that was now broken.
Olivia blinked, looking at the two, "T..thanks." she stuttered.
The boy nodded as the girl smiled a bit.
She then looked down at her tennis bat and her eyes widened.
"MY BAT!" She let out a shrill cry.
The boy rubbed his ears, "Uh oh…"
The girl looked at Emem glaring. Emem just blinked as she got a little too close for comfort.
"You broke my bat!" she snarled at him.
Emem blushed slightly but glared equally.
"What? No, You broke your bat!" he corrected.
The girl got closer yelling in his face,
"I broke my bat because of you. Which means it's your fault!"
Emem didn't like when people got all up in his face. He'd never hit a girl though, especially one that just saved his life, so he only pulled away being the bigger man. He folded his arms and looked off to the side,
"Whatever. I'll buy you a new one when the world isn't messed up, alright?" he muttered.
The girl's face puffed up.
She folded her arms as well, glancing away.
"Thanks." Emem mumbled.
The girl blinked.
"What?" She turned to face
Emem looked back at her fully, blushing but still glaring, "I said thanks! For saving me. Men!."
The boy shook his head as Olivia giggled.
The girl smiled a bit, "Oh! No problem." She said cheerfully.
Olivia turned to the boy smiling calmly.
"Thank you." She said.
The boy grinned slightly as he nodded,
"You're Olivia, right?" He finally spoke.
Olivia blinked surprised he knew her name.
Then she thought for a moment, "Ohhh,you're in my class!"
The boy nodded, "Yes. I'm Tosin."
Olivia clapped her hands together, "Oh,that's right!"
She blinked, "You're so quiet…and always in the back of the room."
Tosin nodded.
Emem put one hand in his pocket then glanced over at the girl, "And you?"
The girl turned to face him,
"Ejiro." She said.
Emem nodded, "I'm Emem."
"Oh, you're from cross-river?" Ejiro asked.
"Akwa-ibom. Why do people get it wrong?" Emem frowned,rolling his eyes and Ejiro laughed softly.
Olivia raised her hand as if in class.
When everyone looked over at her, she spoke, "I'm Olivia!"
Ejiro giggled, "We know. Tosin already said your name."
Olivia lowered her hand, "Oh…yeah."
Emem chuckled as Ejiro laughed more.
Olivia tilted her head to the side, "How come I never saw you in class?"
Ejiro blinked, "Because I'm not in your class?" then she smiled, "I'm two classes ahead of you."
"Ohhhh. That makes sense." Olivia shrugged.
Ejiro nodded and pointed downwards, "And who's your friend?"
Olivia blinked and looked down at her doll, "Oh! This is Veronica!" She
announced cheerfully.
Ejiro smiled bending down. She shook the tiny doll's hand, "Hello, Veronica."
The two boys looked at each other then shrugged and looked back at the girls.
Loud scratching silenced the group of kids.
They all turned to the canteen doors hearing the monsters behind them. Tosin's eyes narrowed as he went over to a table.
Emem went over as well, already knowing what he was up to. The two dragged the table over to the doors to block them off.
They both pulled away as the doors pulsed violently. Loud bangs vibrated the doors
over and over again.
Emem and Tosin backed up until they reached the two girls. Ejiro glared ahead pulling her bat to the front of her like a
sword. Olivia stood behind Ejiro
already trusting her. Ejiro gladly stood in front of Olivia. She smirked at the doors itching for a fight. Olivia pulled out two of the toy guns which were loaded. She aimed ahead shaking a bit
but her eyes were determined to help out.
Ejiro whistled, "Nice."
"They're fake." Olivia replied in a disappointed tone.
"Still." Ejiro shrugged then put attention back on the raging doors.
"Get ready." Emem put his arms out and clenched his hands into two fists.
Tosin stood determined. He slid his foot out and to the side as he put his left hand up but close to his chest and his right hand
bent out further.
His eyes narrowed as the doors burst open, pushing the table at them.....



Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:24am On Apr 21
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:11am On Apr 21
undecided undecided having issues trying to post. Don't know what's happening to the clipboard
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 11:42am On Apr 21
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:29pm On Apr 21
There wasn't much time to react as the table pushed forward. Ejiro jumped up and
on top of the table as Olivia yelped,
throwing herself out of the way. Emem and Tosin flew to opposite sides as two rotted felines lunged at Ejiro. Ejiro swung her bat as hard as she could and was able to whack one cat clear out of the room. The second caught her off-guard by pouncing her to the ground. She struggled with it
using the neck of her bat to block its fangs. Olivia sat up and fired at it ,drawing its attention to her now. The creature got annoyed quickly and pulled away from Ejiro. The cat in the hallway
shook its body after getting back up.
Before Emem or Tosin could help the girls, it jumped back into the room and at Emem.
Emem side stepped out of the way as Tosin rushed over and kicked the beast back. It
hit the wall hard, releasing a painful growl.
Once it hit the ground, however, it just got right back up. Olivia fired rapidly as the decaying cat walked towards her. But her
pebbles didn't seem to harm the creature, only enrage it. Once the guns ran out of ammo, fear soon followed. Her eyes widened as her body froze, rendering her
useless. The extra ammunition she
possessed wasn't going to reload the guns themselves.
With shaking hands, she reached inside her hoodie but the sudden hiss caused her to flinch and drop both guns. As the cat
closed in on her,Olivia couldn't help but think of Josh. She watched as discolored
spittle fell from the creature's mouth as it leapt forward and at her. She closed her
eyes in that moment but opened them as soon as Ejiro's bat hit it. Ejiro huffed, staring the cat down as it dared to get back up. It growled at her as it lunged
Ejiro spun around and released her final strike. The bat nearly exploded on the creature's face. Pieces of her bat flew out
and some even hit her, along with blood from the animal. Ejiro dropped the damaged bat as the monster's body fell before
her. She breathed heavy staring down at it.
Her eyelids lowered suggesting
compassion. Olivia opened her mouth to thank her but the girl turned around. She
smiled weakly at her then turned over to the boys.
Emem and Tosin took turns dodging and attacking the distorted feline that was before
them. In the midst of battle, the two ended up back to back. They glanced at each other, Emem smirked as Tosin nodded. The
creature, on the other hand, grit its teeth before lunging ahead. Tosin put his hands
out as Emem grabbed a hold of them. Emem swung Tosin around allowing him to kick the cat hard across the face. When he
landed, the feline's body hit the floor.
Before it could get back up, Tosin ran over full speed. He jumped up mid-way and twirled in the air before slamming both his
feet into the creature's neck. Olivia looked away as soon as she heard the loud cracking sounds. Tosin blinked and pulled away. He wiped the bottom of his shoes against the clean part of the floor trying to rid himself of the filth.
Ejiro shook her head, "Is everyone okay?"
Mouths opened up to talk but quickly shut when unfamiliar noises were heard. The
four kids all looked at one another then at the opened doors.
"More cats?" Emem questioned.
Tosin shook his head, "I doubt. Those foot steps are human."

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:51pm On Apr 21
"Human?" Ejiro tilted her head to the side questioningly, "Who else is here but us?"
Olivia's eyes lit up.
"Josh!" She shouted as she rushed forward with newfound
"Olivia!" Ejiro called after her.
Olivia stopped short in the doorway as a long chain suddenly struck her body.
Everyone was thrown off-guard as she flew back and hit the ground hard, holding her chest. She choked out some blood as
the figure walked inside. It was none other than the late G-man. His blank eyes stared straight at the group of kids. Emem
rushed over to Olivia who sobbed lowly in pain. He looked up and at G-man, glaring hard. Ejiro growled as she rushed at him.
G-man just stood there as a bloody and zombified Innocent walked inside as well. He aimed his gun at Ejiro just as she was about to hit G-man. Her eyes widened but she was already
in the air and about to strike. There was no way for her to move out of the way in time.
Ejiro's eye enlarged more so from the sound of gun fire and the impact that hit her body. She hit the ground violently but
was surprised to feel little pain. She looked up to see Tosin above her. He winced, not opening up his eyes.
"T..Tosin!?" She sat up.
Emem's eyes widened then lowered. He looked over at the smiling Innocent with a
deadly glare on his face. Innocent's eyes were like G-man's; blank with no pupils.
"It's…just a flesh wound…" Tosin managed to cough out.
Ejiro's eyes watered, looking down at her now wounded friend. The blood pouring out of his chest leaked onto her crimson top and faded into it. Unable to hold in
her pain and anger, she looked up at the two zombies with fury,
"I'll…kill you!" She fumed.
Without warning, Innocent walked over to Ejiro and pistol whipped her across the
face. Ejiro yelled out as she fell to the side.
Tosin grunted moving with her as Innocent aimed the gun downward and at the two.
With haste, Emem ran over and kicked the gun out of Innocent's hands. Innocent growled, facing him as G-man struck Emem's
back with his chain. Emem turned around quickly and moved his arm up blocking as the chain wrapped around it. G-man pulled
him over as soon as the chain hooked and kneed him in the stomach. Emem choked
out some spit as he fell on one knee but G-man wasn't done. He swung Emem around until the grip loosened. The boy flew off and struck the wall behind them hard. Then fell to the ground,
writhing in pain.
Olivia covered her mouth watching in horror. The two grew bored now and focused their attention on her. Innocent
reached into his coat and pulled out another gun. G-man walked next to him as they made their way over to the frightened young girl. Olivia shook uncontrollably as they stopped by her. She
scrambled into her hoodie for the extra ammo. Keeping her eyes on the two, she reloaded quickly and aimed the toy guns at them. Her hands were shaking but she
wasn't bluffing.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:24pm On Apr 21
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 5:25pm On Apr 21
Really interesting smiley smiley
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 7:54pm On Apr 21
G-man lifted his chain up and Olivia snapped. She fired mercilessly at the two, causing them to back up a bit. She got to
her feet quickly and ran passed them.
Innocent turned around and fired causing Olivia to scream and jump off to the side.
He missed but before he could fire again, Olivia turned around and shot repeatedly at his hands until he lost grip of his gun.
She got back up and walked towards him continuing to fire. As she walked forward,he backed up until his back was against the
wall. Olivia thought she had him but then G-man whipped his chain around her tiny waist and pulled her back. She yelled out as
he threw her against the wall and by Emem. Olivia dropped her guns and winced getting onto her hands.
She looked over at Ejiro and Tosin then down at Emem.
'Is this it?' Olivia closed
her eyes now 'Josh…'
G-man spun his chain around.
"I've had enough!"
Olivia's eyes shot open as G-man's chain was struck by Josh's dagger and pinned to the wall. He ran inside the room and jumped up. He kicked G-man across the
face with his foot, causing the zombie to fall back. Josh landed and got into a fighting
stance as Innocent walked over. He glanced around the room taking note of the situation. Olivia stared at the boy and when their eyes met, all hope she lost
came rushing back. His eyes narrowed as he turned back to Innocent, who was
reaching into his coat to pull out his most powerful gun. Josh didn't waste any time and as soon as Innocent's arm moved, he
threw his body to the ground and spun kicked Innocent's legs, successfully tripping him.
Innocent fell back but G-man came up from behind Josh and grabbed him.
"Josh!" Olivia cried.
Josh grunted as G-man lifted him up and off his feet; bear hugging him tightly. Josh kicked his feet feeling the overwhelming
pressure. But he closed his eyes, calming himself down, and breathed painfully in. He opened his eyes and grabbed onto the zombie's forearms. With all his might, Josh swing himself up then slammed his feet into G-man's chest. The second his grip
loosened, Josh kicked himself off G-man's chest and flew out of his grasp. He landed on the ground and on his feet. Innocent rushed at him and punched but Josh moved out of the way. He moved in and out as Innocent unleashed a barrage of punches. As Josh
was dodging the blows, G-man
attacked him from behind. He flipped up and out of the way as G-man hit Innocent instead. Josh then landed in front of Emem and Olivia. His eyes shifted to
the two other kids then back at his enemies.
Emem groaned on the ground but chuckled and spat out some blood.
"Well, it's the hero." he said
Josh glanced over and at him.
Olivia saddened, "Josh…"
His eyes glanced her way then diverted,
"Are those two okay?"
Emem grunted, forcing himself up, "They're good people. They need help." he said.
Olivia nodded, "Please help them, Josh.They saved us."
Josh's eyelids lowered, "I see."
Ejiro whimpered sitting up and looked down at Tosin. She pulled him into her lap then looked over at the boy standing in
front of Olivia and Emem. She watched as the boy walked forward and toward G-man
and Innocent. Innocent rushed forward for a punch which Josh jumped over. The zombie fell on
his face as G-man went to grab Josh. Josh side stepped out of the way and kicked G-man hard in the chest and then in the stomach.
As G-man fell forward, Josh spun around to block a charging attack from Innocent. The young boy slid back then lowered his arms as the two rushed towards him.
He ran in between them and blocked various attacks. His height was both an issue and beneficial. Josh used it mostly to his advantage as he ducked, blocked, and dodged most of their blows.
When both men stumbled back at the same time, Josh jumped up into the air. As they ran at him, he kicked both his legs out doing a perfect split in mid-air. The two fell backwards as he landed on his feet. He scoffed as they both started to get back up.
He looked over at the wall where
G-man's chain hung from his blade.
Then, he glanced around the room until his eyes caught Innocent's gun. Ejiro watched his eyes carefully. As his eyes stayed on
Innocent's gun her eyes focused on G-man's chain and the dagger holding it up. She placed Tosin to the side and stood up. The two glanced over at one another
then nodded without the need for words.
Ejiro ran towards the wall as Josh ran for the gun on the floor. G-man rushed after Ejiro as Innocent went for Josh.
Josh threw his body down on the floor, sliding towards the gun. Ejiro ran up the wall. She grabbed
the handle of the blade and ripped it out before she landed. Innocent lunged for Josh.
Josh grabbed the gun quickly and aimed the barrel into Innocent's mouth.
Josh smirked as Innocent tried to pull away.
"Bang." He fired with no emotion as both Innocent and the gun turned to ash.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 9:21pm On Apr 21
I'm enjoying every bit of this
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:42pm On Apr 21
I'm enjoying every bit of this
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Aiyamrex(m): 8:37am On Apr 22
Update! Update! :/
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 2:16pm On Apr 22
Ejiro slashed once at G-man's body.
She put her hand out and caught the dropping chain then spun around hitting G-man at each end. The side on his right was
struck with the blade as the left side was hit with the chain. As soon as the chain hit the
zombie, however, his eyes widened and both himself and the chain turned to ash. Ejiro
backed up a bit confused then looked over at Josh who walked over to her.
"Not bad…" He put his hand out for his dagger.
Ejiro handed it to him quickly then dusted herself off.
"Who are you?" She asked.
"Josh, and yourself?"
"Ejiro." She responded
with a smile but when Tosin groaned, she rushed to his aid, "Tosin!"
Josh cleaned off his blade then put it away,
"Tosin? Sounds familiar…" he mused.
Olivia helped Emem to his feet, "He's in our class."
Josh glanced at them then looked over at Tosin, "He was shot?"
Josh nodded as she helped her friend to his feet.
Tosin winced, "I'm fine…"
"You're lying." Josh stated flatly.
Tosin looked over at Josh who took off his trench coat. Josh walked over to Tosin and
wrapped the coat tightly around his wound.Tosin grunted when he pulled it closed,
"I know it's tight but it has to be if you want any hope of the bleeding to stop…" Josh said.
Tosin nodded as Ejiro's eyes watered,
"You better be okay." She sniffed.
Tosin just looked at his friend then back at Josh, "Thanks…"
Josh nodded and walked over to Emem and Olivia.
"You guys okay?" he asked.
Emem pulled away from Olivia, "Yes." he said
Olivia lunged forward, hugging Josh tightly.
Both Ejiro and Tosin raised their eyebrows then smiled causing Josh to blush very lightly, "Olivia…" he whined.
"Don't ever do that again!" she cried out.
Josh raised his eyebrow, "Do what?"
"Leave me."
His eyes widened for a second then lowered,
"…sorry." He mumbled.
Ejiro smiled, "Aww." Then giggled.
Tosin smiled as Josh just glared at them.
Olivia pulled away from him and wiped
her face, "I did my best. I knew you'd come
She smiled cheerfully feeling like herself
again with him around.
Josh looked at her. He didn't react but on
the inside he was a bit happy to see her
normal again.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 3:36pm On Apr 22
Emem put one hand on his hip, "Now what? I bet those cats are all over the city." he said.
"We have to find Mike." Josh replied.
"Who's Mike?" Ejiro questioned as Josh started walking out of the canteen.
Olivia followed closely behind him as Emem turned to face Ejiro, "That's his brother."
"Ohhhh." She blinked.
Emem looked over at Josh and Olivia leaving then back at the other two "Are you coming?"
Ejiro looked at Tosin who nodded, then at Emem, "Yes."
Emem smiled a bit as the three followed after Josh and Olivia. Josh lead everyone back outside, where dozens of zombie cat
corpses could be seen. Olivia clung to his arm, startled at first, at the sight. She closed her eyes as Josh lead her away from the dead bodies. Emem and Ejiro both
whistled, knowing all too well Josh was the cause.
Tosin noticed the slash wounds on the corpses then glanced over at Josh's dagger.
He smiled a bit at the choice of weapon. Josh continued walking
down the middle of the street with Olivia clinging to his arm tightly. Emem walked
behind the two with his hands in his pockets. He glanced behind him and at Ejiro who was rather worried about Tosin. Tosin
walked next to her with one eye opened, trying hard not to reveal his true pain.
Emem saddened at the sight and at Ejiro.
When her eyes felt his gaze, she looked over at him.
Emem quickly looked away and over at Josh,
"Where are we heading to?"
"Filling station." Josh replied.
The young group made it to the filling station without any unwanted visitors. They spent
most of the walk in complete silence as well.
Just as Josh assumed, Steve and Innocent's bus was there. Olivia let go of him as he rushed over to it. Josh figured that both Steve and Mike weren't inside. He also assumed they stopped for fuel then, when they realized
neither of them actually knew how to work a gas pump,just stole a car that already
had fuel. Josh sighed as he opened the door of the bus.
Olivia flinched when she saw the look on Josh's face. She went to walk over but Emem grabbed her arm, stopping her. He then walked over in her place.
Ejiro and Tosin walked over to Olivia who held her arm, growing more and more worried. Emem touched Josh's shoulder then peered over it to see what he saw. The sight of the empty blood stained bus caused his eyes to widen as well. The entire
insides were covered top to bottom in blood. Josh clenched his fists, trying not to think of the worst. Scientifically speaking,
the amount of blood in the van suggested death. No human being could have survived loosing that much blood. Josh had only two

One: his brother and Steve were murdered and soon he would have to fight and kill the both of them.

Two: only Steve was killed and Mike somehow got away…or vice versa.

"Josh…" Emem began but the two were cut off by a low moaning sound.
Olivia gasped and turned around to face where the noise was coming from. Ejiro's eyes narrowed as she stepped in front of both Olivia and Tosin in a protective matter. Under normal circumstances, Tosin could easily take care of himself but he was
currently badly injured.
Josh and Emem turned away from the bus as they found the sounds coming from the filling station's store. Josh touched the
handle of his dagger. His eyes narrow but he quickly imagined a monster version of Mike walking out. The young boy froze once more and was undoubtedly unable to move.
What if it was his brother?
Fear…was finally starting to settle into the most logical parts of Josh's mind.


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 6:52pm On Apr 22
I love your consistency wink...keep it up
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 7:06pm On Apr 22
Tuale! Boss you're too good, this suspense is killing me
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 7:12pm On Apr 22
Your consistency is topnotch....keep it up smiley
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:18pm On Apr 22
Olivia ran over to Josh, snapping him out of his trance. Emem gestured for Ejiro and Tosin to do the same, in which, they obliged.
Once the group was back together, the doors swung open. A large shadowy figure staggered its way out of the store. Josh's
eyes narrowed. He gripped down tightly on his blade, never wanting to feel that fear, that doubt of his own instincts, again. He rushed forward and at the figure, not giving it a chance to attack them first. Josh yelled out as he slashed but the figure yelled
out as well and fell back before the hit.
Josh paused for a moment, realizing who it was. It was the last person he wanted to see right now.
"Jesus! Save me from this eastern criminal!" Mr Kolawole shouted with his hands on his head.
"Mr Kolawole?" Josh lowered his blade, "What are you doing here?"
The obese man pulled his hands away while frowning,
"I live nearby!" He snapped. With a huff, he got up and to his feet.
Olivia walked over to Josh and clung to his arm, "What should we do now?"
Josh glanced her way then looked back over at the fat psycopath.
"I know you can drive. Get us out of here." He commanded.
Ejiro saddened, "We need to get Tosin to the hospital." Speaking such words made her voice crack.
Tosin winced, "No…we need to find Josh's brother…"
Josh's eyes landed on Tosin. Though the bleeding did slow down, he was still losing
much of his blood. Josh knew the boy didn't have much time. He didn't know for sure whether or not Mike was even still alive. He closed his eyes thinking hard.
"Josh?" Emem questioned looking his way.
"Alright." Josh opened his eyes, "Mr Kolawole,grab a car and take everyone out of here and to the nearest hospital." he turned to the fat man.
"But.." Olivia started.
"Don't argue with me, Olivia." He snapped.
Olivia gripped down on her doll
trying desperately to hold back tears.
Josh sighed and looked the other way,
"And don't cry either." he muttered.
"I'm not stealing a car. That is against the propaganda of survival to declaration of safety!!" Mr Kolawole cried out in seriousness.
Everyone looked over at him with dull expressions on their faces.
"Is this man high?" Ejiro frowned.
Emem nodded then shook his head at Mr Kolawole.
"This is a matter of life or death!" he said.
"I don't care if it's a matter of resurrecting Fela or meeting Davido himself! I'm not doing any kind of criminal act!" Mr Kolawole argued.
Tosin blinked, "He's really insane"
Josh glared, not at all amused.
He pulled away from Olivia, thrusting his blade to the side of Mr Kolawole's neck and his eyes narrowed dangerously.
"I'm not playing with you, you fat cow! You're going to get
in that car...." Josh's eyes glanced over at a random, but stable looking vehicle,then looked back over at Mr Kolawole "And you're
going to get my friends to safety. Now!"
"Josh…" Olivia squeaked.
The blade against Mr Kolawole's neck moved in closer nearly choking him but not harsh
enough to cut his flesh.
"I won't repeat myself." Josh's voice was flat and stern.
Mr Kolawole glared at the young boy but complied, "Alright, alright. You're lucky you have your weapon!"
Josh shook his head then looked at the others,
"Get going. I'll meet up
with you when I get my brother…" he said.
'When.' he thought inwardly.
Once Olivia heard that word, her heart sank. She saddened, not wanting to say it:
She was no genius but the odds of Mike being alive were very slim. Josh was one of the smartest people she knew. He knew the
odds better than anyone and yet he still had hope.
'How?' Olivia questioned inwardly. She was always the most naïve yet most positive. Then unthinkable circumstances form and she loses her positivity. Josh, the most logical, negative, pessimistic person she knew put
faith in a tiny possibility.
He had hope when she didn't.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:41am On Apr 23
Your consistency is topnotch....keep it up smiley
tnx dear

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:43am On Apr 23
I love your consistency wink...keep it up
thanks, i sure will.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:45am On Apr 23
Tuale! Boss you're too good, this suspense is killing me
lol. Abeg no die o. Thanks sha. I appreciate it.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 11:12am On Apr 23
Thanks for the update
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:38pm On Apr 23
"No, I'm going wit you." Emem said.
Josh glanced over at him questioningly.
" You can't do this alone. I have to come." Emem added.
Josh sighed lowly and glanced away, "Fine."
Ejiro kept her eyes on the two. Though she hadn't known them long, she still felt they were all friends.
"Be careful you guys…" she
said, almost too low for them to hear.
She then looked over at a depressed Olivia, who looked completely beside
herself. The poor girl kept her gaze downward and stared at her feet. She was stiff with her hands gripped down tightly
on the bottom of her skirt. Between all the angst and tension, Mr kolawole walked over to
the car and examined it.
"Not again…" Olivia finally choked out.
Everyone looked over at her but the only pair of eyes that mattered were Josh's.
"Don't…" her eyes watered, "Don't leave me again!"
Josh tried to keep a stern look on his face but he folded right away, "Olivia…"
His voice fell soft but his words remained stern, "Do what I say."
"But…" she stepped forward putting her hand to her chest, "I'm afraid…"
Josh closed his eyes with a sigh, "I know you are…" Then opened them back up, appearing angry, "But you'll only get in the
"I can help." Her body shook as she spoke, "Please…"
Tosin raised his good arm to touch Olivia on her shoulder. Olivia felt his touch but kept her eyes on Josh as Tosin spoke.
"It's okay…Ejiro is strong. She will protect you…"
Ejiro smiled weakly as she nodded.
"I-It's not that…" Olivia argued.
Josh didn't open his mouth. He just stared at the shaken girl.
"You said…you said not to split up! And that's all we've been doing!"
What Olivia wanted to say and what she said were not the same but held the same amount of truth. Josh knew there was no
way Olivia would go with the others willingly. The strong willed youth let out a defeated sigh and put his blade away.
He walked over to Olivia, "You're right…"
Olivia looked up at him. Her eyes
widened as she was suddenly pulled into his embrace. The girl blushed deeply and even watching the two caused the others to blush as well.
"I'll go with you guys…Then we'll all come back together." Josh said softly.
Olivia snapped out of her frozen state just to hug him back. It was the first time Josh had hugged her on his own. His warm
body reminded her of their friendship and why she liked him so much.
She pulled away with a smile on her face.
She wiped her eyes and turned around. As soon as she did, her eyes widened again, but this time shut soon after as she fell forward. Josh grabbed the girl before she hit the ground and picked her up bridal style. Stunned expressions were written on the faces of the others as soon as they realised what Josh did: He had hit a pressure point on the back of Olivia's neck, knocking her out.
"What!' Ejiro shouted partly enraged and half shocked.
Emem blinked then shook his head because, like Tosin, he understood why Josh did what he did.
"Get moving." Josh's voice fell out like venom.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:56pm On Apr 23
Mr Kolawole was still struggling with the car when Josh approached him.
"Having trouble?" Josh queried.
Mr Kolawole turned to face him, "Maybe I can find the key…" the large man tried to walk
away but Josh stepped in front of him.
"Emem, show him how it's done." He said.
Emem nodded without thought and walked over. He rubbed his elbow before slamming it into the glass. After it shattered
away he reached inside and unlocked the door.
"Criminal act!" Mr Kolawole cried haughtily.
Josh shook his head as Emem opened the back door for him. Ejiro walked over with Tosin's arm over her shoulder. Emem opened the back door for her as she helped Tosin in. Josh slipped Olivia in the back.
"Sorry, Olivia" he whispered. "I just wouldn't be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you"
He then turned away, shutting the car door and glanced over at Emem. Emem looked
over at him and nodded then walked Ejiro to the passenger side. He opened the car door for her with a smile.
"Take care of those two." He said.
Ejiro got in. "I will."
"And yourself." He added.
Ejiro nodded. She looked down then up at him, "Instead of owing me a bat…just come back alive okay?"
Emem blinked, puzzled at first. But once he understood her words, he smiled a bit.
"Sure thing." he nodded.
Ejiro smiled as he shut door.
Mr Kolawole huffed and puffed, not wanting to help the kids out. But he felt Josh's deadly eyes on him and for now had
to comply. Any chance he got, however,
Mr Kolawole would be willing to make a run for it and inform the Police. He then slid into the driver's seat and stared blankly at
the wheel.
"Emm…" He droned.
"What?" Josh folded his arms.
"There's no key."
Josh's eyes remained dull, "Hot wire it."
Mr Kolawole's eyes widened at the thought, "H.. how…how dare you! Performing criminal act is an offence restricted to you easterners."
"For heaven's sake." Ejiro shook her head, "Move aside."
Ejiro dropped her hand causing a
switchblade to fall into her palm from her sleeve. As she reached over, Mr Kolawole gasped.
Emem watched the girl intently,
finding her more attractive as she worked her magic on the car. The engine started up and Ejiro pulled back. She sat back in her
seat putting her blade away and her seatbelt on. She looked over at everyone and tilted her head to the side.
Emem chuckled, "A bit stereotypical, don't you think?"
Ejiro shrugged in response with a bit of a smile.
Josh bowed his head at the car, "Get out of here safe…"
His eyes wandered to the back seat then away as he turned around, "come on, Emem."
Emem nodded to Josh. He turned to the car and waved good-bye before following him.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 2:17pm On Apr 23
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 4:34pm On Apr 23
Thanks for the update
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:09pm On Apr 23
Mr Kolawole drove at a normal speed rate across town. Tosin's lips were nearly purple with matching shades under his eyes. His light skin was clearly and dangerously pale. Ejiro stared into the rear view mirror and at him. He wasn't looking too good.
Who knew how much blood he lost.Her eyes looked over and at Olivia. A low moan was heard as her eyelids twitched.
Olivia fluttered her eyes open. She was a bit bewildered at first but shot up right away noticing Josh wasn't there. She looked around the driving car with hurt
"Hello." Ejiro smiled weakly.
"Where's…" Olivia began.
"Josh?" Ejiro saddened as Olivia nodded."He went with Emem to find his brother."
Olivia looked down. She rubbed the back of her neck where Josh struck her. Her eyes slowly started to fill with tears.
"Olivia…" Tosin coughed loudly drawing both girls' attention. He looked up at Olivia smiling
weakly, "…Josh is a very noble
person…It is clear to me…that he cares for you…deeply…"
Olivia covered her face as he continued,
"Don't be angry with him…He really likes you."
Olivia cried into her hands now. Ejiro reached over and rubbed her back as her eyes stayed on Tosin. Tosin smiled his best at her causing her heart to break. Both knew and shared, in that moment, his fate.
"Take it easy, my dear." Mr Kolawole spoke up to Olivia. "Don't waste your tears on that IPOB criminal. Maybe if he dies, it will be for a good cause."

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 5:19pm On Apr 23
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 8:22pm On Apr 23
Following you with my Popcorn as I dy sip my Jedi and Alomo jejeli
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:26pm On Apr 23
Ejiro's eyes narrowed as she punched Mr Kolawoled in the arm.
"Ah!" he cried as the car swerved."see this little..!"
"If you talk, I'll cut you." She spat venomously.
As Mr Kolawole made an attempt to speak, Ejiro put her hand out as her knife dropped out from
under her sleeve and into her hand. She flipped the blade out and slashed quickly at his hand. He yelled out losing control of
the wheel. The car drove off the road causing Olivia to cry out. Ejiro took her seatbelt off and flew to the side, grabbing a
hold of the wheel.
She aimed her knife at Mr Kolawole's neck,
"Press the brake." She commanded.
He slammed his foot on the brake,
causing everyone in the car to fly forward.
Olivia held onto Tosin until the car came to an absolute stop. Everyone lifted their heads
up. Olivia turned to Ejiro holding her head. She opened her mouth to scream at her but froze at the sight before them. Her
eyes widened at the road ahead that no longer existed. There was a subtle mist but beyond that; nothing. The ground broke off
completely and looked almost as if they were truly on the edge of the earth. Tosin closed his eyes now. He winced a bit feeling
everyone's uneasy vibe. Mr Kolawole got out of
the car and ran over to the edge.
"Oh lord!"
Ejiro stared at their missing path. Now Tosin really had no chance.
"Don't leave me here!" Mr Kolawole shouted as he fell to his knees practically in tears.
Ejiro turned her head to face her dear friend. Olivia felt something wet touch her. She looked down and saw the blood leaking out of Tosin's body. She moved more
into the window, pushing her body against it as she stared at him. Tosin's body showed
clear signs of being drained. As he bled to death, one could literally see the life slipping out of him. Ejiro reached over and took of his hands. She stared deep into his
fading eyes as he smiled a bit.
Olivia looked down, unable to see anyone else die. She slid her hand over to the door handle. She wanted to leave but she
physically couldn't.
"Olivia…? Could you give us a
minute?" Ejiro called.
Olivia let go of the door handle. She turned to look at Ejiro who kept her eyes on Tosin. Olivia knew Ejiro was just giving
her a reason to leave. She didn't have the courage to go nor the courage to stay. She
felt her hand reach back to the door handle as she slowly opened it.
"G..good..bye Tosin." She managed to choke out before rushing out of the car.
Tosin closed his eyes, "Bye,Olivia."
Ejiro's grip tightened causing Tosin's eyes to open again.
He looked at her weakly, "It's okay…really."
Olivia hugged herself outside the car. The mist that surrounded her felt eerie and un-wanting. Mr Kolawole was still whining at
the edge of the street. The longer she stood outside, the less protected she felt. And even
though Mr Kolawole was an adult, it didn't matter to Olivia. Her heart yearned for Josh's protection.
The car door opened now. The click and push of the door echoed as Ejiro stepped out. There were no tears on her now pale
She appeared completely numb with dull eyes, "We shouldn't stay here…"
Olivia kept her eyes on the girl. She didn't know what to say to her but managed to muster out, "Where…should we go?"
Ejiro shrugged.
They were stuck.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 8:43pm On Apr 23
Mr DJ pass me the mic I wan sing, *in John Legend voice** ".....cos all of me want all of u" naso I dy fall in love with this story cos e dy drive me crazy
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:46pm On Apr 23
After leaving the filling station, Josh and Emem had headed back to the school. The duo kept their bodies close to the wall. Emem glanced over at Josh who gazed around the corner. He pulled back
quickly then looked over at the boy. Without speaking, the two informed each other what to do. Josh let Emem know the halls
were infested. Emem nodded then looked around. He blinked suddenly; as if a light
bulb appeared above his head. A grin came across his face, bewildering Josh. Emem pointed up. Josh's curious eyes shot up. As
soon as he saw the vent, he knew. He glanced back down and at Emem shooting him a slight smirk. Emem nodded and looked around for something, if anything,
to stand on.
Josh walked over and stood under the vent.
He put his arms together with one over the other. Emem eyed him at first but soon gave in finding himself walking over. Josh
then ducked down a bit so that Emem could step down on his arms. He stood up straight once he did and lifted the boy up.
Emem wobbled as he stood unsteadily on Josh's arms. When he finally caught his balance, he looked up. Reaching ahead, it
became more and more clear that they still couldn't reach. Before Emem could react, Josh threw him into and through the vent.
Josh knew the loud crash would alert unwanted guests. His head whiplashed to the side as that just happened.
"Emem!" He called.
Emem winced groaning inside the vent,
"Ow, my head…what..?" he held his head but shook it off after hearing the distress in his
friend's voice.
Acting fast, he lowered his arms down and out of the vent as Josh jumped up grabbing a hold of them. Emem felt unbelievable pain emanating from his wounded hand once he took hold of Josh.
But he ignored the pain and pulled Josh up with all his might, just as the demon cats lunged at Josh's legs. Josh grunted as he
flew in and landed right on top of Emem.
The two groaned out crawling off one another. Emem was laughing through his pain.
"What?" Josh raised an eyebrow, almost nervous.
"Guy, if your brother was here right now…he'd be having a field day." Emem laughed.
Josh sighed as he shook his head and crawled through the vent, "What happens in school ventilations, stays in school ventilations." He mumbled.
Emem chuckled a bit as he began to follow.
"Do you even know where you're going?" He asked.
"No…but I'll figure it out." Josh replied.
"Joshua Kalu:Nigerian batman, african karate kid, and…school ventilation system navigator!" Emem chuckled humorously.
A part of Josh wished to chuckle, being amused, but the rational side took over. No matter what was said or done, nothing
could take away from the seriousness of the situation at hand. As the boys made
their way through the vents, a faint echo caught both of them off guard. Josh stopped, with Emem quickly following suit.
The two peered ahead; staring off into the metal distance. The sound echoed again revealing the assumption that they were
not alone.
"Erm…did one of those things get in the vent with us?" Emem whispered to Josh.
"It's not coming from behind us so nothing followed us in…and logically speaking, a
four legged-decaying-animal wouldn't be able to jump that high and climb through
without breaking its ankles. No…if I had to guess, I'd say whatever's in here isn't one of those creatures." Josh replied thoughtfuly.
"A new creature?" Emem wondered.
"Or a person…" Josh said.
The two paused with slightly widened eyes as they spoke in unison:
"...Or both."


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