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A Fascinating Creepy Nightmare / History Turns Nightmare As White Child Gets Set To Have Ebony Skin / Short Story: Worst Nightmare (2) (3) (4)

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Aiyamrex(m): 4:01pm On Apr 17
Get it coming man
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:56pm On Apr 17
Emem nodded, feeling a bit reassured after hearing Mike's review.
"You think he left?" he asked.
"Who?" Mike tilted his head sideways in confusion.
Emem looked over at the door, "You know…"
Mike looked over at the door as well.
"I don't know." He said, getting up and walking over.
"What are you doing?" Emem asked.
" Hold on." Mike put his head to the door.
He flung back when it began shaking violently.
Looking back over at Emem, he gave him a blank look.
"Does that answer your question?"
Emem sighed then nodded.
"Alright,let's do this. This time we are going to make it." Mike declared,a look of determination appearing on his face.
Emem shook his head, "That doesn't seem like a good idea at all…"
He lifted his wounded hand, "I can barely feel my right hand anymore."
"It's a flesh wound,bro. Deal with it. You're from akwa-ibom.You people are supposed to be tough for goodness sake." Mike scoffed,rolling his eyes.
Emem glared at Mike, "It nearly came out of the other end. Do you know how deep that is? I'm lucky I haven't passed out from
blood loss."
" Well,you're fine now. You have a pillow case wrapped around it. It'll heal." Mike argued stubbornly.
Emem rubbed his head with his left hand.
"I don't know how your brother can deal with you." He muttered.
Drops of water silenced both boys. Emem raised his eyebrows standing up as Mike looked around the room. The sounds were low and dim but the closer they got towards the door leading into the storage, the more the sounds grew. Emem opened the door slowly and peered inside.
He heard a few droplets then looked up. The ceiling appeared to be leaking blood.
His eyes widened as he stumbled back.
Mike cringed, "Is that even possible? The ceiling is bleeding?"
The television in the room suddenly turned on. Emem and Mike both spun around quickly to face it. TRACE was on and playing one of Lil Wayne's old hit songs. Mike threw his arms up moving a bit,momentarily forgetting his dilema. He happily
cheered for the music but Emem wasn't amused.He knew something was up. As Mike rapped along with the video, Emem noticed a sound other than that of music. It was a
terrifying sound: as if something were dragging.
It sounded almost like a chain.
"Mike…" He whispered fantically.
Mike was completely preoccupied.
The door to the storage room slowly opened…
"Mike." Emem called out again.
Mike only raised the volume, "This is my song, shut up!"
A loud bang hit the door. Mike jumped and turned around as the T.V shut off from behind him. Emem backed up until he was
standing next to Mike, his eyes still glued to the door. Another bang was heard as the door flew open.
To both Emem and more so Mike's surprise, G-man stood before them. There were no pupils in his eyes showing no signs of
life other than him standing up straight. His skin was pale with green veins pulsating.
Emem examined him more to find that he wasn't even breathing. In his hand he held a large chain that once hung around his neck.
He lifted the chain up pointing at Mike.


Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 9:23pm On Apr 17
Thanks for the update
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 9:26pm On Apr 17
This is real horror mehn....thanks for the updates.
Cheers ✌️
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:51pm On Apr 17
Whoa!?? This is real horror mehn....thanks for the updates. Cheers ✌️
cheers to you too,dear. Appreciate the comment.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:50am On Apr 18
"G-man?" Mike stepped forward."How far? it's me,Mike. Remember?"
G-man didn't seem to respond.
Mike turned to Emem "What kind of sick stuff is this?"
Emem glanced over at Mike then looked back at G-man. The tall dark man twitched before jolting over and at them.
Mike threw himself to the right as Emem dove to the left and out of the way. G-man hit the staircase but slowly got back up. His empty eyes narrowed at the boys.
Emem looked passed the man and at the door, "We have to make our move."
Mike nodded "Finally. Took you long enough to decide."
Emem frowned. However, the loud crashing sound that followed stole his attention away from Mike. G-man slammed his chain on the ground two more times
before dashing at them again. He ran at Mike first, whipping his chain around. Mike dodged the attacks, maybe not with grace,
but with enough effort not to get hit.
Emem looked up at the door then back at Mike. He sighed, unable to be that selfish and darted at the man from behind. He tackled him to the ground as Mike moved out of the way, just in time too. Emem tried to keep him pinned but his small frame just wasn't strong enough to hold down the adult. Mike jumped over the two and ran up the stairs.
"Bro, we're out. Come on!" He shouted behind him.
G-man stood up, knocking Emem off of him.
Once Emem hit the ground, he rolled onto his feet quickly and ran up the stairs. Mike tried
opening the door but it wouldn't budge.
Emem pushed then pulled back and slammed his body hard against the door.
Multiple chain sounds stopped the door from opening. It was clear to them now that the door was bolted and chained shut
from the other side. There was no way out.
A groan escaped the living-dead man's mouth as he slowly made his way up the stairs. His chain dragged over the steps as
he stumbled up. Mike's eyes widened as he turned back over to the door and began
pounding his fists desperately against it. Emem completely gave up on the door and turned
around. He kept his eyes on G-man as he backed up against the door.
"Well.Mike. It was nice to have met you." He said solemnly.
Mike didn't stop banging on the door,
"No, don't talk like that! We are going to live!" he cried out.
G-man raised his arm up lifting the chain.
Emem closed his eyes, "At least we lasted this long…!"
Mike heard his old friend now turned zombie nearing them.
He turned around to face him with sad eyes.
His ego broken.
His denial accepted.
Mike slipped to the floor and held his head.
"Someone help us!" He shouted.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 12:12pm On Apr 18
Hope you'll post another one today
..let's get this horror over and done with biko sad
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:27pm On Apr 18
A loud crash shook the ground just as the chain came swinging down. With G-man
being close to the stairs, the sudden shake
caused him to fall down the staircase. Mike held himself as Emem opened his eyes and
fell onto one knee. Car tires screeched as something hit the door to the room.
Emem and Mike flew forward, almost falling down the stairs themselves.
Smoke filled the area quickly causing the boys to cough. From behind they could hear
G-man and his chain closing in on
them once more.Just then, after the smoke cleared, a large hole was shown by the wall, revealing a mini-bus. Josh landed on top of the bus hood blocking the door. He grabbed both boys and pulled them up right before
the chain hit. He dragged them further out, jumping off the bus and landed on the
ground. Mike lunged forward hugging his brother. Josh
hugged him back with little to no emotion on his face. He looked passed him and at the door.
"Ha, look who we have here"
Mike pulled away quickly from the sound of familiar voices. He looked at the bus and saw two men at the front: Steve and Innocent. The two men were soldiers who Mike had known for a long time. Steve was a trigger-happy fellow who made questionable decisions while Innocent was the more level-headed one: although he had his own moments of rage when provoked.
Steve and Innocent cracked their necks, hopping out of the bus. Innocent opened the back
door, letting Olivia out who seemed to be in a daze. She was wearing black leggings with a jean skirt that had two belts that
criss-crossed over and around her waist.
Veronica the doll, was being held behind the belts perfectly strapped in. She wore a pink hoodie over a black T-shirt. Hiding in the hood of her hoodie was the same torchlight Josh gave Mike from the start of this whole
Olivia smiled at Mike who blinked, a bit surprised to see her.
She ran over to him and hugged him tightly.
" Thank God.We were so worried about you!" she cried.
Mike eyed her not hugging back as Josh stared at him.
Josh paused and looked over at Emem,gaining his attention.
"Are you Josh?" Emem asked, his accent throwing the boy off.
Josh nodded as Emem put his left hand out for a fist bump.
Josh returned it and Emem smiled, " The name's Emem Obong." He stated properly. "Just call me Emem."
"Joshua Kalu." Josh replied.
They pushed their greeting away as Olivia pulled away from Mike.
"We should get out of here." Josh stated.
Everyone nodded agreeing with him as they made their way back into the bus. Steve and Innocent got into the front as the kids
got into the back seats. Josh suddenly sensed something off. He got up and looked behind them.
"What's wrong?" Olivia asked
looking over at him.
From the large hole they made with the bus, walked in three men. They each were
wearing the exact same black cloak and hood but were holding three different weapons. The one on the right held a small plank,
the left held an axe, and the one in the middle lifted up a shotgun.
Josh's eyes widened as he flew back down into his seat shoving Olivia's head down.
"Drive!" He shouted as the gun fire shot through the back window and out the front.
Olivia let out a loud scream as the others, aside from Josh, reacted similarly.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 3:29pm On Apr 18
Keep it up bro... you're doing well
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:11pm On Apr 18
Keep it up bro... you're doing well
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 6:34pm On Apr 18
Oya.... let's go there grin
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:48pm On Apr 18
Innocent shoved the keys into
the ignition. He tried starting the bus up,but nothing.
"Uhhh" he blinked.
"Are you kidding me?!" Steve cried out.
"Well,what did you expect!? We drove this thing through a house and into a wall!" Innocent slammed his hands on the wheel in frustration. "Damn!"
Olivia whimpered, "We need to get out of here!"
Josh closed his eyes as he felt the dead nearing the van.
He opened his eyes, "Olivia, Mike, new guy..."
"Emem." Emem corrected.
"Emem." Josh restated then continued, "Wait in the car," He looked ahead, "Soldiers. Let's go."
Steve and Innocent both smirked as Josh opened the door. The two charged out of the bus whipping out their choice of automatics. Josh slammed the door behind
him as he ducked down, allowing Steve to shoot ahead. Innocent walked forward shooting at the living dead mercilessly. Josh rolled forward landing on one knee and reached into his vest.
Pulling out one of his daggers, Josh threw it directly at the barrel hole of the shotgun about to fire. As the dagger got stuck, Josh
ran at the man. Mid-way through his dash,Josh flipped up and over. Landing on top of the shotgun perfectly, he yanked the
dagger out of the barrel. He smiled slashing twice at the man's head. The killer dropped the shotgun which in return
dropped Josh. Josh landed on his feet. He was stunned as the man held his face, laughing. Steve and Innocent shot at the other two. The men laughed as well, shifting in and out of reality which caused the bullets to have no effect on them.
Olivia watched helplessly from inside the bus. She peered out the large bullet hole from the back seat but was impressed by
Josh's amazing advantage. Emem raised an eyebrow also impressed. He then turned to Mike.
"Your brother is amazing. Your soldiers on the other hand, need some work." He shook his head.
"Be quiet." Mike snapped at him.
Olivia turned to Emem, "We need to help!"
He nodded,climbing out of the back seat and into the
front, "Mike, can you give me a
a hand here?"
Mike climbed over, "What?"
Emem pointed to the floor, "You can hit the gas pedal while I try starting this bus."
Mike grumbled, lowering himself down."Alright."
"I'll tell you when." Emem said.
Olivia watched the boys fuss around before turning back over to watch the fight.
Josh was still fighting the man who was now bleeding from under his hood. Steve and
Innocent ran around the house shooting rapidly but ineffectively at the other two
killers. The two zombies laughed in unison as they swung their weapons around and at
the soldiers. At this point, Josh
pulled out his second dagger. He spun both daggers around as he walked around the
man. The man walked around with him.
Then Josh's eyes narrowed as he shot forward. The killer moved effortlessly in and out of the way of Josh's attacks.
Originally, there was only one killer but now there were three of them. Josh thought
back and remembered each weapon and fighting the man. If each man held a separate weapon and Josh fought a man
with each, then logically he fought all three at one point. However, this wasn't logical because he only fought a single opponent.
When did any of the others come in and out? He knew there was something unnatural about the entire thing, but the man before him was bleeding. Blood meant he was human or at least something living. The
killer ducked down and spun his foot, tripping Josh while he was lost in thought.
Josh grunted feeling himself slip. He hit the ground hard but quickly threw himself back onto his feet only to be kicked back. Josh flung backwards until a wall stopped his
travel. He dropped both daggers landing on his hands.
"Josh!" Olivia yelled out from the back of the bus.
Josh's eyes shot up and at the man, who aimed his shotgun at the his face.
His eyes widened as the man chuckled. A loud bang was heard but not from the shot gun. Josh shut his eyes on reflex then
opened them back up when he realized he was fine. The man grunted as a pebble fell to the ground and off his arm. He turned
around to face Olivia who had her arms raised with her fake gun aimed.
While he was distracted, Josh grabbed the shotgun and pulled it out of the man's grasp. He aimed it and shot without hesitation. Olivia gasped as the blow
went through the man's body. His body disappeared as soon as the shot hit which caused his clothing to fly back and land on the ground revealing no one inside.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:07pm On Apr 18
Josh lowered the gun that suddenly disappeared from his grip.
"What the…" he gasped.
Steve and Innocent ran back into the living room, this time out of ammo and running from the two remaining men.
"young man! Help us!"
Josh had no time to process anything that
had just happened.
He sighed picking his daggers back up and dashing at the two. The two killers stopped and turned to him. One swung the axe
downward, Josh jumped up and over it as the second man swung the plank. Josh couldn't dodge this one but he stabbed the
daggers into the plank quickly and held onto the other end flipping over the man and
throwing the plank away. He landed behind them leaving his blades. He spun around
spin kicking the man that had the plank into the one with the axe. Steve and Innocent tapped their elbows then slammed them
down taking each one out.
"Confirm!" Steve cheered as Josh shook his head.
Olivia's high pitch screech made Josh glance sideways. G-man was trying to crawl his way out of the room the bus was rammed into. He slapped his chain at the
hood trying to reach them. A few blows got through the front window and nearly hit
Emem. But Emem was quick and held his head, ducking down.
"Now! Now!" He cried out and Mike started the van.
A rumble emerged from the damaged vehicle sounding much like music to Emem's ears, "Yes!"
He switched the gears and backed up.
Emem stopped the van for Josh,Steve and Innocent to get in. Olivia opened the back door for Josh who slipped inside.
G-man was now free though and
slammed his chain down on the bus hood.
Steve and Innocent tried to get around him and into the bus but he wouldn't allow them. He
swung his chain the closer they got. Innocent pushed Steve into the bus and took a hard hit
by the chain.
"Innocent!" Steve cried out.
Innocent grunted, "Steve,go!! I got him!!"
"Hey, We have to go!" Josh reminded as the two other zombies started to get back up.
G-man smiled evilly as he swung his chain around and threw it forward. But Innocent grabbed
the chain and wrapped it around his arm.
"GO!" He screamed.
Mike opened the passenger door and grabbed Steve.
"Come on!" He pulled him in as Innocent grinned weakly.
The bus backed up running the two killers over and didn't stop backing up until they were out of the house and onto the road.
Steve stared at Innocent who was now being attacked at all angles. The bus sped off, leaving the sight of the house and his best friend…behind.



Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 11:36pm On Apr 18
Weldone Bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:36am On Apr 19
Weldone Bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by olaspecific(m): 10:33am On Apr 19
Nice write up OP
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:29pm On Apr 19
The outside world wasn't what it used to be just moments before. It was dark,gloomy and reeked with a bad after taste of death and despair. The ground was cracked
all over as if hell itself was itching to get out.
The trees were dead but lost the
color in their bark. Everything around the speeding bus suggested horror. Each house
revealed chipped paint and cob webs. They all looked abandoned as if there hadn't been anyone living in Ikeja for ages.
All the cars on the street; parked or not were nearly crushed.
Olivia covered her eyes when she
couldn't look any longer. She pushed her head into Josh's chest who kept his eyes out the window. Steve drove on in silence while Mike sat in the passenger
seat and Emem jumped into the
back. He looked out the window and whistled.
He looked over at Josh, "What is
happening? I can't beleive what i'm seeing."
Josh's eyes slowly made their way to Emem, "Honestly?"
Emem nodded.
Josh put his eyes back to the window.
"We're all in a messed up nightmare with no clear way of getting out." He stated flatly.
Olivia gripped down on Josh and started to cry.
He continued to study the outside world not looking back for a reaction.
Emem rubbed his head, "Lord have mercy."
Josh shook his head then looked down at Olivia when the sobbing grew louder.
"Olivia, calm down. It's not that bad…" He paused when Emem and Mike frowned at him.
"Okay," He corrected, "It is that
bad. But at least we're all together."
Olivia looked up at him, "I'm not crying anymore."
She blinked wiping the dry tears off her face.
Josh gave her a sceptical gaze then the four kids looked over at Steve.
Steve wiped his face as he drove. He felt the burning gaze of eyes on him and glanced back to see the foursome staring at him. "What?!" He shouted defensively. "I'm not crying!"
"We know…you just have something in your eye." Josh humored him.
Emem patted Steve's shoulder from behind the seat, "It's alright. Your friend was a real hero. Seriously he won't be forgotten."
Steve nodded weakly while smiling.
"Yeah..." He looked ahead as he sped on, "So where to?"
All eyes fell on Josh.
Josh blinked, "What? Why are you all looking at me?"
Olivia clung to his arm, "Well,you are the one with all the ideas and strategies."
He sighed as everyone nodded in agreement to her.
"Fine. Though anyone's
choice is as good as mine. From the looks of it…it doesn't really matter where we go. I
mean we could try out of town…maybe whatever it is, is only happening in Ikeja." he said.
Mike threw his arms up, "Back to Ikotun,guys!"
Josh shook his head and looked back out the window.
"We need another vehicle. This one's close to damaged and running out of fuel." he said.
Emem grinned, "Anyone up for car shopping?"
Olivia gave him a blank stare.
"Pick a car. Any car." he said.
Olivia gasped, "Isn't that stealing?"
Emem smiled at her innocence, "Oh, don't worry. We'll give it back when we're done."
"Really?" she asked.
"No!! Are you stupid? We're stealing, not borrowing. Who borrows a car? Fool." Mike snapped insolently in annoyance.
Josh closed his eyes and kicked the chair hard. Mike flew forward almost hitting the dashboard.
He turned and glared at his brother, "Josh! What was that for?!"
Josh just shook his head.
Emem chuckled a bit, "Men,Josh.
Protective over your girl?"
Olivia's face lit up as Josh raised his eyebrows.
"Pardon?" He asked.
Emem laughed more, "Ohhh I see. You're not official yet? Not on that facebook status,ehn?"
He then leaned into Olivia, "You might have to make the first move,girl." He said nudging her.
Josh closed his annoyed eyes and rubbed his forehead trying to hide the very subtle and slight blush. "Idiots…" he muttered under his breath.
Olivia felt her face heat up more but didn't say anything.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:34pm On Apr 19
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 9:50pm On Apr 19
[color=#000099][/color][right][/right] Weldone Bro, more grease to your humble elbow, keep it coming
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:15pm On Apr 19
Just then the bus passed the street where the Kalu brothers lived.
Everyone fell silent as the kids looked out the window and at their block. Josh and Mike stared at their house as Olivia kept her eyes on her own. The block was dead and empty. Olivia's eyes widened when she suddenly spotted someone walking pass her house window. She jumped forward pushing Steve.
"Stop the bus!" She shouted as Steve swerved.
Olivia yelled out as her body flew to the side. Josh grabbed her on reflex until the bus came to a stop. Mike hit the dashboard and fell under the seat cursing under his
breath as Emem held onto the hook where one could hang stuff.
Josh glared at the frantic girl, "Olivia, what's wrong with you!?"
But Olivia just pushed passed him and opened the door. She jumped out of the bus landing on her two feet and one hand.
Quickly, she got up and ran across the street. The girl looked both ways on instinct as she ran then darted into her house. Josh didn't waste any time leaping out of the bus and after her.
Emem slid over and hopped out of the bus.
"You wait here for us, right?" he called behind him
Mike sat back in the seat folding his arms.
"You don't have to tell us twice." he stated.
Emem shook his head, "I'm leaving the door open in case we have to move."
Steve and Mike both nodded as he chased after the two.
Steve looked over at Mike once Emem left.
" We're leaving." he said,frowning.
"What?"Mike tilted his head to the side.
Steve didn't answer with words. He just slammed his foot on the gas and sped ahead. Mike threw his hands out and onto the dashboard forcing his face up and from hitting it again. He winced from the pressure. Then, turned to look out the window and at Olivia's house where his
brother now was.
"Steve, what are you doing!?" He yelled at the driver in question.
Steve didn't answer. He just drove.
Mike threw himself back against the seat holding his head in frustration.
"My brother's going to kill
you!" he cried out.
Josh and Emem stopped short at the same exact time. They both turned around sharply to the sound of the bus taking off.
Josh glared as Emem ran into the middle of the street waving his hands but to no avail.
Josh turned back to the house,passed the gate and slammed his fist against the door's frame. He ignored
the bus leaving for now and continued inside after Olivia. As soon as he got in, his body bumped against her shocked one.
Emem sighed and walked in as well. He stopped short staring into the kitchen as a disturbing sight met the three kids.


Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:12am On Apr 20
Weldone Bro, more grease to your humble elbow, keep it coming
sure thing,man
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:50am On Apr 20
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 7:21am On Apr 20
Chai! Bros I dy gbadun u back to back
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Christie171(f): 11:50am On Apr 20
Nice smiley
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:38pm On Apr 20
Chai! Bros I dy gbadun u back to back
i dey loyal. Lol
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:39pm On Apr 20
Nice smiley

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:08pm On Apr 20
Olivia's mother was standing there chopping the counter with the same kitchen knife that
was once in her chest. Her face was gone:blown off by the shotgun blast. As if in routine, she chopped down on the flat surface
with nothing underneath to really cut up.
Olivia's body was trembling at the sight of her once known and beloved mother. She didn't have time to consider her father's absence.
Josh put his hands on the girl's shouldersand slowly, without taking his eyes off
her mother, pulled her back and stepped in front
of her. He started backing up causing Olivia and Emem to do the same. They made it close to the door when suddenly
her mother slammed the knife hard and into the counter. The sound caused the three to
jump as the door magically flew off the floor and locked back into place. Emem grabbed the knob and tried opening the door but it was no use.
They were trapped.
Olivia clung to Josh as her mother
reached for the handle of the knife and ripped it back out.
"M..m.mommy…?" Olivia squealed,shaking like a leaf.
Her mother tilted what was left of her head to the side as she stepped forward. Josh pushed
Olivia and Emem back more as the
woman dashed over. Olivia yelled out as Josh pulled out his dagger quickly and darted ahead. The woman slashed as Josh
passed her quickly slashing just once. She stopped as did he. The two remained still until her body cut in two and fell to the
floor. Olivia covered her eyes and threw her head into Emem. Emem stared down at the woman then looked over at Josh who
appeared to be unharmed until he turned around. There was a gash on his shoulder blade.
Josh winced a bit looking down at the woman he once knew. Her limb hand twitched as it grabbed a hold of the knife
once more. Both Josh and Emem's eyes grew from pure shock. Olivia's mother got onto her
hands and began to crawl towards Emem and Olivia. Josh gripped down on his
dagger's handle and dashed over. Emem felt Olivia's head lift and forced it back down so she couldn't see as Josh stabbed
his blade into the back of her mother's neck. The
medium-sized sharp blade emerged out the front of her throat harshly and hit the ground stabbing into it. Emem cringed and looked away from the sheer horror just inches from
them. Josh ripped the blade out and cleaned it off but to his surprise,she moved
Josh growled getting into a stance.
"I don't understand.why won't she
die? Isn't she already dead!?" Emem cried out in shock.
"I'll just have to chop her up into little pieces then." Josh narrowed his eyes.
Olivia cried out into Emem's chest unable to bare any of it. It was then that Josh remembered something. His mind replayed
when he killed the man with the shotgun.
Nothing worked on the man. Nothing at all affected him other than his own weapon.
Josh stared at the moving corpse and thought to himself more.
Maybe…just maybe..
He spun his blade around before stabbing it into the floor, for safe keeping. He walked over to the moving corpse and stomped down on her back. She struggled to slash at him with the knife but Josh stepped down on her wrist. He leaned down and picked
up the kitchen knife, keeping his eyes on his living-dead neighbor. He spun the knife around in his one hand as he gripped down on the handle last second and
slashed down as hard as he could into and through the back of her skull. As soon as the knife struck, her body turned to ash and the knife fell to the floor before disappearing. Emem watched in
disgusted awe as Josh backed up from the ashy grave.
The front door behind them loosened and fell, allowing them to leave.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:15pm On Apr 20
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:25pm On Apr 20
"Men" Emem rubbed Olivia's back then looked up at Josh. "How did you know to use the knife instead?"
Josh pulled his dagger out of the ground and put it away. He looked over at Olivia and saddened then looked up at Emem,
"When we were fighting the three killers…
Nothing worked on the man with the shotgun expect for his shotgun. It was then
I realized that maybe each attacker can only be killed by their own weapon." He shrugged half way through the explanation "Guess I was right."
Emem smiled, "Nice."
He glanced down at Olivia then back at Josh.
"I know all this is crazy and all…but she's not taking this too well." He said.
Josh frowned slightly, walking over to them.
He touched Olivia's shoulder for her to turn around and she did. He didn't dare to look into that helpless face. He only took her
hand and walked out of the house.
"That was her mother." He responded coldly to Emem.
Emem paused, feeling a mental swift hit to the mind. He then turned around and followed the two outside rubbing his head.
Josh stopped on the side of the road still holding Olivia's hand. Her eyes were blank and staring forward but not at anything in
particular. Emem walked over and stood beside them with his hands in his pockets.
"Now what?" he asked.
Josh glared at the empty road, "We find them."
"How do we do that?" Emem looked at him expectantly.
Josh started walking down the street with the dazed girl at his side.
"They have to stop for fuel or a new vehicle." he looked around.
Emem blinked but nodded and followed,
"Alright. Your brother is a lot of trouble,bro. I don't know how you put up with him sometimes." he chuckled.
Josh nodded.
Emem glanced over at Olivia, "Is she…okay?"
"Does she look okay?" Josh frowned.
Emem winced, "Sorry."
Josh's eyes widened for a split second then lowered. He stopped short, forcing Olivia to do the same. Emem stopped as well and
tilted his head to the side, shooting Josh a questioning look. The sounds of grumbling
that soon followed answered Emem's incoming question, though. Low growling was heard
as animal-like footsteps drew near. Olivia gasped clinging to Josh's arm as a group of four legged creatures surrounded the
three. They were close to decaying and looked like large cats with no fur.
Olivia hid her face in Josh's arm as Josh only glared watching them circle around.
"Guyyyyy!" Emem backed up, "I played this game before. Silent…uh…oh yes! Silent Hill! No, No, wait. Resident Evil! Wait
no…like uh.."
"Emem." Josh cut in.
Emem looked over at Josh who didn't look back at him only kept his eyes on the wandering zombie felines.
"This is not a video game or a movie. This is, unfortunately, real. These unnatural creatures want to eat us. There is no reloading the game or respawning. There
are no alternate endings." Josh growled as his face scrunched up in anger.
Emem chuckled nervously, "I know that." He got into a fighting stance, "i just have to have fun
with things sometimes, you know?"
The cats stopped and got ready to pounce.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:51pm On Apr 20
"You have to run." Josh whispered.
Emem blinked, "What?"
"Take Olivia and run. You're close to the school. Just hurry, okay?" Josh explained further.
Olivia pulled away from Josh, "No!" She cried.
"I'll hold them off." Josh ignored her cries.
Emem stared at Josh. He wanted to help him fight but he knew that getting Olivia away was the best thing he could do for
him right now. He nodded and grabbed Olivia who struggled a bit at first.
"I'm not leaving Josh!" She shrieked.
Josh shot her a glare, "Olivia. Go!"
Emem ripped Olivia away as one of the felines lunged over and at them. Olivia yelled out as Josh moved swiftly in front of the two, pulling out his blade just in time to divide the cat in half. Emem made a run for it as soon as the two body parts hit the
street. The remaining cats dashed after them but Josh flipped over and landed in their path. He slashed up, down, left, and
right. He dodged countless attacks and blocked a claw or two with his blade.
Emem didn't look back as he ran but Olivia did. She kept her eyes on the fighting Josh until he was no longer in clear view. Her eyes fell down as she was forced back into a trance. She was perfectly
okay physically but mentally she was dead.
The only person that could save her from breaking down was no longer with them. She never felt so out of hope before in her life.
Without Josh, she didn't want to continue.And if he died, she would never forgive him.
"The school!" Emem shouted as he saw the familiar building come in sight. It looked run down and the gate was partly damaged.
Emem ran up to the gate. He let go of Olivia to open them but froze when he heard familiar growls. Olivia stared at the bushes nearby as two zombie cats leapt out.
Emem opened the gate and pushed Olivia inside first with the cats in tow. They moved into the building and slammed the doors shut hearing the loud bangs when the catss crashed against
the doors. He smirked for a second then looked over at Olivia, who was staring down the empty hallway. All the lights in the
building were out giving off a eerie feeling. Emem walked over to Olivia.
He looked down the hallway then glanced over at her.
"We'll wait for Josh here, okay?"
Olivia didn't respond.
"He's going to be okay. He's a warrior! So cheer up!" he said.
Olivia smiled weakly feeling a bit
She turned to Emem and nodded, "Okay. Let's wait in the canteen." She suggested.
Emem smiled back at her, but his smile quickly faded due to the clawing sounds coming from the door behind them.
He grabbed Olivia's hand and started running, "Sounds good!"
Olivia quickly took the lead bringing him straight to the canteen. The doors far behind them flew open as the two cats
rushed forward. Olivia whimpered as she ran as fast as she could. She knew all too
well they could never out run these creatures. They were gaining on them and
fast. Emem looked back just in time to see a claw come at him followed by a loud hiss.
Right before the claw struck, the canteen doors flew up and a large object smacked the zombie cat away, saving Emem.
Emem fell as Olivia stopped short. The second cat lunged at her but a boy leapt over and kicked the decaying feline away. He
landed and turned around to her. Emem looked up at his own savior who happened to be a girl. The two grabbed each of them
and dragged them inside, shutting the canteen doors behind them. Emem rubbed his head looking over at the two as did Olivia.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 9:58pm On Apr 20
Nice write up bro...keep it coming
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 11:06pm On Apr 20
Nice one bro

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