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Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor (2) By Tosan Tarre / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor By Tosan Tarre (2) (3) (4)

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by keelsors: 2:28pm On Oct 06
I swear this past days has been so crazy. Two of my kids went back to school and the time given to me to prepare them was too short.

Office work also has been choking, my hands are so full that I can't even move.

I beg you all to give me extra two days to clear my table biko nu o

God give you the strength to carry on your good motherly and wifely duties. May your brain remain oiled and may your pen never run dry as you dish out your juicy updates, unlike some other "authors" we know.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by skubido(m): 7:06am On Oct 07
I swear this past days has been so crazy. Two of my kids went back to school and the time given to me to prepare them was too short.

Office work also has been choking, my hands are so full that I can't even move.

I beg you all to give me extra two days to clear my table biko nu o

No qualms,,,

The Lord is your strength
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by unitysheart(m): 11:58am On Oct 07
I'm here finally.

Read it all in one day.

@Rosemary33 you too much.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Vulcanheph(m): 2:21pm On Oct 09
I swear this past days has been so crazy. Two of my kids went back to school and the time given to me to prepare them was too short.

Office work also has been choking, my hands are so full that I can't even move.

I beg you all to give me extra two days to clear my table biko nu o
Take all the time you need.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by favy19(f): 7:31pm On Oct 09
We understand and appreciate your concern, please take time and do your duties, we are waiting.
are u de fortunate I kW?
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by FortunateB(f): 8:16pm On Oct 09
are u de fortunate I kW?
I doubt
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Fortunebae(f): 4:42am On Oct 10
are u de fortunate I kW?

Maybe I'm the one you know
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Fejimummy: 5:47am On Oct 12
hope all is well o
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by slimsophiediva(f): 7:17am On Oct 12
Waiting for more than 3days�
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by mhizv(f): 8:53am On Oct 12
Waiting for more than 3days�


She clearly asked for extra two days.if she takes more than that,it's all good. She has a life of her own! Not like we are paying for the story or anything

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Humbleness: 3:03pm On Oct 13


She clearly asked for extra two days.if she takes more than that,it's all good. She has a life of her own! Not like we are paying for the story or anything

Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Madiba147(m): 9:03pm On Oct 13
Waooo....this is a wonderful bit of story av read in a while...wonderful...wonderful...been reading this piece since yesterday and it's really worth my time...more ink to ur pen ma'am...u are such a special writer...thumbs up smiley

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by elmagnifico411(m): 7:07am On Oct 14
Madam Rosemary, please, come and finish d story nah! I know u got busy schedules. Pls, find time and come back here.. we need to know what happened next.. abi u don leave story go join protest? Ok. How I wish I know your face I go just look for u inside d crowd. We dey wait abeg.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 3:22pm On Oct 14
I am back people.

seriously, it was a whole lot of craze these past days. I had three works to conclude and my desk was so full, with kids and everything.

I have been able to finish and sent out a manuscript for an anthology, finished first round of editing "The soldier story" (Started the second round of editing this Monday) sent my two kids back to school successfully and cleared my table a little. grin grin grin

so I can juggle the little that is remaining.

once again, thank you so much for waiting this long.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 3:25pm On Oct 14
Chapter 37

There wasn’t much to pack. One suitcase and a carry-all bag with all her bits and pieces on. She never travelled heavily anyways as she could buy anything she needed in her new location.

Madonna slid her hand inside her arms bag for her passport and other documents. Gave her room one last long glance and lugged her rolling spinner suitcase out.

Coward! A subtle voice in her head shut back at her.

She didn’t block it off. Wasn’t that who she was? Running away like a spineless idiot. She wasn’t running- she was sneaking out in the night, that made it worse! Her father was right. Going after Morgan and his little naïve woman was a total mistake, she could have as many men as she wanted- they would even crawl at her feet begging to do her bidding.

Only that ‘yes men’ bore her to death, like the senator’s son who’d turn himself into a pin-pun in her hands. Attending to her every cough, liking everything she liked. Boring!

She wanted what she saw in Morgan, a territorial wild big dog, proud with a subtle arrogance one wouldn’t see at first glance.

She smiled sadly. Well, I guess somethings were not meant to be, she thought. But somewhere lurked in her heart, she felt she would have won the heart of the man had she done things differently.

Using that girl at the party was where she flopped, now she had to deal with it.

The slowpoke had been caught and as she envisaged, it didn’t take up to thirty minutes for her to crack and started singing like a bird.

She locked her gate, balanced her luggage at the walkway and waited impatiently for the cabman she called a few minutes ago, eyes darting from one end of the deserted street to the other.

The cab appeared shortly; the driver scurried to her side to get the luggage.

“You are late!” she blurted

“Sorry madam, my wife was sick”

“I didn’t ask you that. You know I hate being kept waiting, no matter what!”

She left the puzzled man and flumped inside the car. The man was his special driver, one she used whenever she wouldn’t be using her car. They had argued about keeping her waiting twice and he knew very well how she detested being left waiting for even the shortest of time.

Arranging for this sudden departure was the only thing her father was able to do,

“It’s the only thing you can do at the moment! Take it or leave it, I am not going to lie on national tv on a matter as stupid as this” the man had insisted.

As if he had not lied before. She hissed.

She never wanted to go back to him after the last time, yet like always, she had found herself knocking at the old man’s door thirty minutes after it was announced that the girl was caught in a bank and that she was cooperating with the police, with the security man at the party already identifying her as connected to the girl, she knew she could not wiggle her way out of this without the help of her father.

Gripping her knees, she listened to the swish of cars still on the street by that time of the night. She wondered how long it would take for her escape to be noticed. Few hours? The next morning? How long would it take the newsmen and the police to throng her house and office?

Damn that girl. Damn the little pretty face, and Morgan could die and go to hell as well. She wouldn’t have been in this situation if not for him.

“Please switch that radio off, I want some peace” she ordered.
The driver stared at her from the rear mirror but said nothing.

Has he heard? Would he turn her in? the news broke the previous morning and she was lucky to get an invitation to turn herself in for questioning within twenty-four hours. They’d respected her father, if not, they would have whisked her away in the most humiliating manner.

She thought of Morgan and clung her tongue. His death would be better for her than his survival, the man would never let it pass, he would enjoy seeing her on her knees, begging.

Well if she could successfully get herself out of the country, she would care less about all of them.

The car came to a halt in front of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, and two security men strolled to them. Retrieving her eyeglasses from her bag and wearing it, she wound down the glass.

“Inner light please” one of them ordered.

The driver turned towards her, waiting for her to say something but
she didn’t.

The light came on.

The officer’s eyes swept the interior of the taxi, then arrowed back at her face.

“My flight is scheduled for ten pm and I wouldn’t want to miss it, officer.”

Surprisingly, her fingered were trembling under the sweater on her laps. Nervousness wasn’t what she needed at the moment or she would give out reasons for these men to delay her.

“Sorry ma’am, we don’t mean to delay you.”

“Then don’t!”

The security man stared hard at her, narrowing his gaze and tapping on his forehead as if he was trying to recall a face.
She waited.

Heart panting. Feet tapping on the car rug.

If he recognized her as Madonna. The Madonna- daughter of a renowned politician and business mogul. The girl that had been trending since morning- her name connected with the blacking out of the famous Morgan. Then that would be the end.
Only one thing would bail her out of this situation;

“What do you want Officer?” her fingers already groping inside her bag for some cash.

“Nothing, you can go in”

She could swear the policeman heard the wheezed breath of relief that left her throat. As the car moved, she thrust her head out and looked back, the officer was saying something to his colleague, pointing at their car.

Whatever it was the two were discussing, she would be gone before they would be able to contact someone else. She checked her time- twenty-eight minutes to her boarding time.


“Ma’am? He is stable now; you can go in to see him.”

The elderly nurse smiled at her and walked away without hearing her muffled “Thank you so much.”

She eased herself off the chair which had doubled as a bed- an uncomfortable one. Her bones ached terribly, like one who lifted fifty bags of cement for the first time. She mildly thwacked her sore buttocks which she’d fear would have gummed on the metal chair by now, judging the long hours she had been sitting.

Trudging along the long hallway to the exclusive room he was kept, the tightness in her chest returned. What if he accuses her too? Those men had swum into his room immediately his resumed consciousness was announced, even when the doctor objected. With the questions, they asked her- No…they didn’t ask her, they outrightly linked her to the crime. What would they tell him?

She opened the door slightly and peered without moving in, swallowing the urge to cry. He lay faced up, his buffed torso rose and fall with his soft breath and he had his eyes closed. She dragged her legs in. leaned her back against the white painted wall and wondered if he would open those eyes soon. When he does, what would their conversation be like?

Her heart whirred as he adjusted his bulk on the bed and groaned. Seeing the larger than life billionaire struggling to tuck himself on a bed, half the size of what he was used to, looked so ridiculous, but she wasn’t in the mood to laugh.

As if he knew she was there staring at him, his eyelid flicked open and his weary eyes settled on her.

Words she had rehearsed, words she wanted to say to him, got stuck in her throat.

For one moment, she forgot what brought them to the hospital, the guilt that pricked her heart and the many days and nights her life was a truckload of misery, with scary faces of men on black uniforms thronging her.

When his face broke out in a smile and he ordered, “Come”

She covered her mouth with her palm, shook off the tears that clouded her eyes and walked into his stretched arms. “I am so sorry Nkem, I didn’t plan for all this to happen”

“I know…” he croaked

“I didn’t do it…” it would be better to start the explanation herself before he would bring up the topic, “I swear with my life, Obim, I will never poison you. You mean so much to me and…”

“Jesus. Not again” he muttered. Squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head on the pillow.

Her lips clamped shut, and her eyes narrowed in confusion.

“I told those guys to f*ck off. I just got back and wouldn’t want to talk about this.” He slapped his chest and scratched, drawing her attention to his chiseled thorax. “You are who I have longed to see and you, my dear is who I want to talk about.” He took her hands and stroked continually.

He wanted to see her- to talk about her. Her heart skipped. So, this was it, was he tired of the misfortune that followed her around? Was he going to tell her to give back the ring or maybe- take it as a parting gift as he wouldn’t want to die?

“I am sorry- please I understand if you want to have some space to…to. If you chose to let me go so you can be free from all these challenges, I understand”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” He scuffed, stopped stroking her hands and pulled himself to a sitting position. “You want me to let you go?” His face scrunched, he rubbed the bridge of his nose, rage flickered in his eyes.

She clasped her hands together on her laps. “No…I mean…I don’t want to bring more trouble to you. What more can a man take just because he loves a woman and wants to be with her at all cost?”

“Everything!” He blurted “This man will take everything. I don’t think you know me Akwaugo. I don’t lose. when I want something, I am ready to die for it, and I want you, so I will stay with you even if it cost me my life…”

“Two times. Two times you have placed your life on the line for me. It’s madness to want to continue with me, there are women who would make you happy while giving you peace”

“Crazy, is you saying these words to my face. And I chose to let my life go the first time. As for this one…well, it is what it is.”

She was tongue-tied. What else could she tell this man to make him see? How could he be so arrogantly stubborn? In all her years, she had never seen something- someone like this.

“Morgan” she breathed, biting off the sob that threatened to choke her.

He took her hand and pulled her to his body roughly, pinning her head on his chest, and she regretted what she’d say earlier. Why would she even suggest that he walk away from her? What would become of her already throbbing heart? Whose body would stir her core like his?

“You want to know what else I told those men?” He asked through her hair, “I asked them what was wrong in dying in the hands of a woman as beautiful as you.”

She moaned and slipped her armed around his midriff.

This man must be made of stone, he wasn’t perturbed at all about what happened- not eager to find out who tried to kill him, rather he was professing love to her the moment he opened his eyes.

“Oh, Morgan. I don’t know what to say”

“Just say you love me. I am okay with just that”

What she felt for his was more than any love she had ever seen or read about, she could as well rip her heart out and give it to him, “I love you more than I can say”

I will always love you my beautiful one.” His hands trailed the hollow line on her back, down to her ass and up again to her neck. “One more question” he pulled her away slightly, “Where did we stop with our little play before this happened?”

She tilted her head to the left and narrowed her gaze, wondering what he was referring to, with that devilish glint in his eyes.

“Uh…we were planning to rip each other’s clothes off and f*ck hard, weren’t we?”

Oh. That.

One of this man’s weird attributes was the unabashed way he voiced his desire and lust, the narrowing of his eyes and wetting of his lips in that seductive way that sent shivers rolling like waves all over her body, whenever he talked about making love to her.

“I can wait for you to get out of here, we have all the time,” she said shyly.

“Well, I can’t wait. This bed is so uncomfortable for us to do anything on it”

“Excuse me, ma’am”

She continued walking. Her luggage trailed behind.

“Ma’am, can you stop for a few minutes?”

Not me punk! Her heart screamed. She was close, close to securing her place in the belly of the big bird, close to throwing a punch in the air or do a victory dance. She wouldn’t allow this man to waste her precious time.


“F*ck off!” she howled and continue walking.

Why wouldn’t this man turn back and disappear? She had caught him looking at her steely while she got herself and her luggage checked, a glance and she saw his saying something on a cellular.

The voice ceased, but the heavy footsteps on the marble floor told her the man was still following, in fact, he was catching up.

She felt a firm grip on her arms before she could think of anything, she was twirled around and she stood face to face with a steel
looking man with a forehead like a smooth stone.

“Please, you have to come with me.”

“But I have a plane to catch!” she squealed.

“I am sorry ma’am, we will not take your time, but if that happens, we promise to make sure you have the most comfortable place in the next plane when we are done”


“Follow me now ma’am”

The next thing would be hustling her out like a common criminal, she wouldn’t want that. So, she followed.

She would be out in no time, she thought. Like always, she would buy her way out of this.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Pofgrace(m): 3:33pm On Oct 14
Welcome back

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by cyndy1000(f): 4:20pm On Oct 14
Thank you so much Ma for the update
Men like Morgan are so rare and surly not in this world.
God bless me with one like him in future

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ayemileto(m): 4:55pm On Oct 14
Well done Rosemary33.

Thanks for the update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Adeola25(f): 5:08pm On Oct 14
Maddona's yansh is now open for all to see. Thanks for the wonderful update ma'am and welcome back.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by dawno2008(m): 5:35pm On Oct 14
Welcome back Rossie

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gheeohh: 7:04pm On Oct 14
Welcome back!

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Sazzy07(m): 7:11pm On Oct 14
Clears throat..... "Na the Day wey breeze go blow fowl yn""h go open".
As for Aunty Madonna no maradona out of here for you, for a cockroach is never innocent in a gathering of fowls.
Rosemary33 fantastic work as always.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by ProfFarin: 7:31pm On Oct 14
Thanks so much for the update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Lakesc(m): 7:47pm On Oct 14
Welcome back Ma'am and thanks for this beautiful update...

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by mhizv(f): 7:52pm On Oct 14
Madonna can't escape this one.

Thanks rose

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by bimberry1307(f): 7:57pm On Oct 14
Thanks mama. Welcome back.
I'll love to see Madonna beg Akwa for her freedom.
Thanks for the update ma'am, on point as always.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by yemi411: 7:58pm On Oct 14
Thank you Aunty Rosemary, we keep wanting more grin

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by TroubleIsland(m): 8:40pm On Oct 14
Great piece Rosy

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by FantasticJ: 11:54pm On Oct 14
Thanks for the update Ma'am

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 7:07am On Oct 15
Thanks for the update ma’am, Madonna and Nwamaka should be cell mates too grin
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Abosede512(f): 8:00am On Oct 15
Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed it. more knowledge and blessings fall on you
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by skubido(m): 12:52pm On Oct 15

Thanks for the update

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