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This Thing Called Juju. / The Document By Asuquo Udo. The Mysterious Ebony Carver. Juju Rock / Introduction To Afro Science Fiction And Juju Fiction (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Juju Man by collinometricx: 2:33am On Jan 25, 2022
Keep it up
Re: Juju Man by Lakesc: 10:20am On Jan 25, 2022
Thanks for the update...
Re: Juju Man by preshman22: 12:26pm On Jan 28, 2022
Devilpen you are good

But why the suspense na?? undecided
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 10:52pm On Jan 29, 2022
Arc 5
Chapter Seven
Leaping from one roof top to another, all four on the Intel mission made sure to move very swiftly from one roof top to another. Getting to the scene where the supposed killing had take place, the watch from where they stood as guards patrolled the area and made sure it was completely sealed off.
"Who ever did that, would be expecting us to come around the scene, probably to try and get us in more trouble so they should also be lurking in the dark" Ayo said and looked around the vicinity.
"I'm fast, I'll be the bait to draw them out" Dami said and waited for their approval.
"Good one, make it look suspicious" Henry added.
Ekun walked out of the portal right into the King's chamber and met him seated on his majestic bed.
"I never wanted to be King" Ekun said and sighed.
"I have my men investigating, we know you didn't do any of what was accused" the King said
The door to the King's chamber suddenly came open and the King's personal guard walked in
"You are in such tight spot, I feel sorry for you" The guard said
"Sorry for your family" Ekun replied.
"We've crossed checked every power in the city from the archive and nobody seems to be using shape shifting powers" the guard said.
"Can I see these records for myself?" Ekun asked "Powers tend to evolve and develop at certain ages "
Dami leaned against the wall, and looked at the guards patrolling the crime scene, he slowly pulled back his hood and turned around to take his leave. As soon as he was distance away from the scene, he noticed someone before him.
"I knew one of you would come out to do some little checky checky" the husky voice said before him.
"Actually, na you wey do mumu fall for the trap" Dami replied with a smirk on his face.
"Are you sure? do you think I'd come without backup, you JujuMan are strong I'd give you that" Dami heaved and made his lips vibrate agaisnt each other before speaking
"You wasn't expecting me not to come with my ganga also" Dami said and instantly the others landed beside him from the roof top.
"I hope no one is starting any party without me?" Aanu suddenly said behind their opponent and went up in flames.
"Tch, the troublesome one is here" someone from the opposition said and gritted his teeth.
"Few questions and you're free to go, provided you tell me what I want to hear" Aanu said.
Ekun went through the files and made them appear in mid air, sorting them in groups so it would be easier for him to pin down his target.
"Here, they are seven people who have powers relating to shape shifting. People with animal transformation powers with rigorous training can attain the power for shape shifting, but in most cases those above seventy years can easily aquire new power within their niche" he said and swiped to the left.
"And here, just one person is above 70, hits 71 this year " Ekun said and zoomed out the picture "This is who we are after, Julius" Ekun said and pulled up record on his target.
"He has a long history with the city. Once tried building his own guild, but wasn't validated, plus he his a big supporter of Edun Ara of the Thunder Guild" Ekun said and sighed.
He opened a portal before himself and walked inside.
"I don't know how we missed those details?" The King's guard said in disappointment
"A King must also be a fast thinker, as days goes by he proves that my intuition is right"
Ekun barged into The Thunder Guild, sending cold chill down everyone's spine. The guild members could only stand and watch as Ekun headed for their master.
Ekun got closer and grabbed Edun by the neck
"Where is Julius?" He asked growling.

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Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 8:38am On Jan 30, 2022
Arc 5
Chapter Eight
"Julius who?" Edun asked and as he looked around he saw the look on the face of his guild members and forced himself off Ekun's grip and pulled on a furious face.
"Julius, your master" Ekun said and clinched his fist "He is painting me in bad light here, because he acts on your instructions"
"Everyone leave" Edun commanded and as soon as the guild hall was empty he looked at Ekun and signalled him to calm down.
"I thought I had get rid of him for good" Edun said "If he is the one trying to get you then we have a big problem looming" Edun said.
"When last did you have contact with him?"
"This week, he was talking about how he would make me King and I would help him in return" Edun said and sighed
"I don't know the relationship both of you have, but you have to tell everyone I am innocent here" Ekun said.
"I can't" Edun replied
"Because I want to be King"
"ARE YOU ALL MAAAADDDDD, eti ya were" Ekun shouted at the top of his voice "I don't want to be King, you all know that and you will get yourself into a big mess if this continues " Ekun shouted.
"I'm not the one doing the bad works"
"Guess I'll have to use force then" Ekun said and strecthed his hands sideways.
Two swords swiftly formed in his hands and he took his attack stance.
"I was really hoping it comes to this, you see the guild association thinks you are actually the strongest, and there is no better opportunity to put that to the test" Edun said and suddenly thunder bolts began to emit from his body.
Aanu smashed hard agaisnt the wall and groaned as he stood to his feet
"That was one hell of a punch, if I take more, I might die" Aanu muttered and watched as they disappeared into the distance.
"Are you alright" Henry asked as he pulled Aanu to his feet
"What now, they are our only lead and they are gone, where is Omni when you need him?" Norris said and sucked.
Omni grabbed the gadget and tossed it in the air and caught it
"Be careful with that, that is a wide range teleportation viewing screen, unlike the ones that covered only small range, this one can go a wider range" Ore said with a smirk on her face.
"Yup, let's test it out then" he said and tapped the red button on the square shaped gadget
"And it can make 30 mini screen and also it records " she added and signalled him to leave.
Ekun fell hard to the ground shaking vigorously from the bolt attack that caught him.
"Even the strong cant withstand my thunder bolt for long" Edun said.
His body gave off wild electric surge which stretched all over the guild hall. He grabbed Ekun by the neck and sent thunder bolts through his body and screamed out with ecstasy as he watched Ekun shake vigorously.
He smashed Ekun's head right into the ground and landed a heavy kick on his stomach which sent him flying across the hall.
The whole sky light up bright and next was the ongoing fight between Ekun and Edun broadcasting in more than fifty locations for the whole city to see.
Ekun groaned and stood to his feet bleeding all over his face.
"You really want to become King that bad that you are willing to frame everyone around you and paint them bad?" Ekun asked.
"You don't know the power that comes with that, I crave for that power" Edun shouted and made more electric surge.
"You think becoming King will ease your burden, it only makes you worse, you even had to reconcile with your rogue master, because you all want power"
"Don't talk like you know me, for years I have disliked this city, and the way it regulates the use of magic power, powers like ours shouldn't be regulated, once I become King I will change those laws and I shall trample on the weak"
The door to the hall suddenly crashed open and in came the King's guards and the King himself.
"What is the meaning of this?" Edun asked confused.
"Power doesn't solve everything, ode, once in a while try dropping your muscles and use your brain" Ekun replied and walked out of the hall, along with the King while Edun was contained.
"Who is Tami?" Ekun shouted at the top of his voice.
"Here sir" Tami shouted from among the confused Thunder Guild member.
"You now a JujuMan", he said and turned to the King
"Tch, that short demon" Tami said trying to contain his happiness and suddenly ran off.
"What happens to his guild members?" Ekun asked the King
"It is for them to decide"
The lead captain walked forward and spoke
"Until after his trial, we still remain loyal to our master, even if we become a dark guild, we will forever remain his"
"Na una problem be that" Ekun replied and disappeared I to thine air along side with the King.


Re: Juju Man by lammy197(m): 7:05pm On Feb 04, 2022
Keep the updates coming
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 11:00pm On Feb 08, 2022
Arc 5
Chapter 9
Aanu burnt the coal on his palm to ash and used his left thumb to draw lines on his face, beneath his eyes and let out a soft growl, he grabbed the spear that laid by the door of his room and went up in total flame, having a menacing look on his face.
Aanu stepped out of the guild hall, outside where the entire Jujuman stood, the slowly paved way for him as he walked forward burning up in flames.
As soon as he stood at his designated spot, the guild members formed a wide circle around him and Tami. It was the initiation rite, the guild members had developed even before him.
"If you don't pass this initiation, your payment goes to the guild fund until you win a rematch" Norris said at the top of his voice, took a pause and continued.
"You will be denied access to compete for any position in the guild, you will do all dishes in the guild and have a master..."
"Shey e ya werey" Tami asked and had a smirk on his face. "Kuku say you want to torment me"
Aanu sighed and drove his spear to the ground.
"Oga you go comply abi make we gather beat you?" Aanu asked and stretched out his palm.
"How did Ore pass the initiation?" Tami asked.
"E no concern you o" Trigger replied at the top of his voice.
While they were in the midst of argument, people from the city suddenly emerged from the woods in large numbers, each having a billboard that showed support for Ekun as king.
"Who be dem?" Vee asked and suddenly made huge blasters emerge from her hands.
"Wowwowowwowwwww" a man shouted from the crowd and ran out into the open.
"We are only here to show our support for Ekun" he said with a smile.
"Reason why you had to disrupt our match?" Vee asked and raised her blasters at him.
"Blow off his head" Aanu said with a demonic voice.
The man suddenly fell hard to the ground, sweat already broke out of his face, while the others moved back.
"Stay still and watch, we will get back to you when the match is done" Vee said and whistled.
"Aanu suddenly dashed at Tami who was unable to keep up with his speed. Aanu rammed his flaming leg into Tami's stomach.
Tami screamed out in pain and coughed out blood from his mouth, fell hard to the ground and quickly picked himself up, narrowly dodging Wang's leg smash.
"He really wants to kill me?" Tami muttered and moved to a safe distance.
The whole Jujuman guild went up in wild cheer. Ekun leaped into the air in excitement and screamed out at the top of his voice.
"Land a punch and we will consider it a win" Ekun shouted "Or else you will be placed at the bottom ranking of powerful Jujuman "
Tami took a deep breath and suddenly all the air around ceased.
"Another ode that can manipulate air" Dami muttered
Norris smashed his hands together and created a parallel dimension that covered only Aanu and Tami so their powers won't affect people who are outside the dimension.
Tami dashed at Aanu, moving with the flow of the wind, he suddenly appeared behind Aanu and before he could land a punch, Aanu appeared behind him, grabbed his head and smashed it into the ground.
The whole time, the people from the village stood speechless at the brutal fight that was ongoing.
"Is this how brutal their initiation process Is? No wonder they are so strong" a woman said lowly.
Tami turned into winds and freed himself from Aanu's grip.
Aanu stood up and made fists, and instantly his power surged, making the air within the parallel dimension to go very hot, beyond what Tami could cope with.
Tami suddenly appeared and fell hard to the ground unconscious.
Aanu smiled and walked closer to him, with a grin on his face.
"That is for not checking up on me"Aanu said and knelt down next to Tami.
Tami suddenly held Aanu by the head from behind. Everyone stood in shock at what happened.
"Air clone" Omni muttered "That magic should be impossible to maintain for such long time"
"I win" Tami said and rammed Aanu's head into the ground.


Re: Juju Man by Lakesc: 8:44am On Feb 09, 2022
Thanks for the update... Waits the next
Re: Juju Man by collinometricx: 9:58pm On Feb 09, 2022
Let's go
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 7:08pm On Feb 15, 2022
Arc 5
Chapter 10
Election Eve
"How did they know about here, where our guild is located ?" Ekun muttered to himself "I guess if the King wants you then you are not out of reach, sending delegates over, I know he is strongly behind me, but no need to make it so obvious" he complained as the Kong's personal costume designer, dressed him up.
"This tie will look on you" the white lady said and moved closer to swing the tie around his neck.
Ekun stood still, trying to control his anger, while the lady went on with her job.
Next she buttoned the jacket of the blue tuxedo suit, and made some adjusted on the edges.
"This is some wide broad chest sir" she said compliment Ekun while her hand was still on his chest.
She remained that way for a while until Ekun spoke.
"Oga comot that hand as I dey look you so" Ekun said with a grin on his face and instantly the aura around the entire room went dark, which sent dark shivers down her spines.
"You don't have to threat her that way, you won't let another lady love you, yet you won't tell Lady Vermillion how you feel" Her said learning on the frame of the door that led into the room.
"Tch, this cloth itches" Ekun said and stood up, looked at the beach shiny leather shoe that was on him and sighed.
"This shoe looking like an alligator head" he said and tried walking in it.
Ekun's countenance suddenly changed and he sat down back on the chair.
"What's wrong?" Vee asked and signalled to the costume lady to excuse the room.
"My father, this brings back memories" he said and let out a bright smile.
He looked at Vee and while he tried to speak all that he could manage to do was stutter.
"I guess I've been a bad father to you, we have never really bonded and even I don't think you know anything about your grandfather" Ekun said.
"Now won't be a bad time" Vee said and summoned out a chair and sat on it.
"I really had a good childhood, father was involved in state affairs and he founded the......" before he could complete his words, Aanu barged into the room and froze.
He moved his eyes up and down, stared deep at Ekun's shoe and went into a wild laughter.
"I.... d......aaarrgghhhhgghh, don't...arrghhh, wa...." as he couldn't get his words together because of his wild laughter, he ran out lagging at the top of his voice.
"I guess it's time to address the people, I'm doing this because of you, and I am trusting your judgement" Ekun said, stood up, adjusted his tie, stood up ,adjusted his suit and walked out while his daughter tagged behind him.
Mega sat on his dusty throne with a plain expression on his face, he stretched out his hands and a purple orb appeared on it and suddenly it exploded, sending out people wavy line all over the room.
"Let there be darkkkkneeessssss"
Ekun suddenly stopped giving his speech and looked at Omni who was standing in the midst of the crowd, and then at Ray who was also among the large crowd that gathered around.
"What is this evil aura magic spread all over the earth" Levi spoke and stood up "Aanu a new evil is born"
"I can feel it too" Aanu muttered "it's terrific".
Obviously the whole Jujuman and every other magic guild felt the evil magic spreading.
"Let's focus on this first" Omni said to Ekun through telepathy.

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Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 1:42pm On Feb 19, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter One
Everyone in the city gathered at the front of the Magic Palacame, where the new king would be crowned. Prominent figures from all over also were present, each entering into the city looking expensive and in their exotic rides.
Colors took over the entire city, loud soundsnof trumpets from every corner of the city.
Justin Gold, guild master for the Seven Chariots stood in the front of his mirror and adjusted his tie, opened his teeth wide and moved closer to the mirror to see how white and clean they were.
"Today is going to be a good day" he muttered to himself.
"You are taking this serious than who actually won the race" a member of his guild said to him.
"I'm happy, he is happy, everyone is happy" Justin replied and bond his hairs backward.
"I'm not so sure he is happy, nobody knows his where about since yesterday when he was declared winner"
"He isn't the type to be in the open, I sometimes wish I can as carefree as him" Justin replied and turned around, sprayed perfume on his body and walked out in style.
Aanu screamed out loud at the top of his voice shamelessly in front of the guests in the hall and the outgoing King, he moved from one table to another, throwing chunks of food into his mouth and munching hungrily.
Nubia gritted her teeth and angrily walked up to him, and sent a very heavy knock at his head which sent him unconscious. She pulled his unconscious body by the shirt and puffed out smoke from her nostrils.
"Who else wants to miss out on the rest of today?" She asked looking directly at the spot where the Jujuman members stood.
They all gulped and moved their heads negatively
"Good" she said and dragged Aanu's body out of the hall.
The door to the hall where the inauguration came open and immediately it was followed by a calm and soothing music, which instantly changed the whole mood of the hall.
First came in the members of the Magic alter, they walked down the ref carpet majestically as the song went on. As Soon as they were seated, popular figures around the city and beyond began to troop in one after another and soon the entire hall was filled to the brim.
"Tch, he hid himself in Norris space domain" Vee said and pointed to Norris unconscious body.
"He knocked him out and went into his domain to hide?" Omni asked and sighed.
"Today of all days " Remi added and gulped.
All eyes fell on Omni, and it communicated same massage.
"I guess we don't have any other choice" Omni said and turned into Ekun.
"No, he has to do this himself" Ray cut in and moved closer to Norris and whispered into his ears.
Norris suddenly jolt, undid his domain expansion and next was Ekun who fell off from up and crashed hard on the ground.
"Let me tell you something" Vee said with a stern voice and gave off an evil aura that scared Ekun. "You have to do this or else, I will send your head rolling off your body"
The music melody slowly changed into another rhythm with smooth pace, and Vee walked in first, then Ray, followed by Remi, then Ekun who walked in dressed in singlet and a short, looking so unkempt.
"Tch, that's the typical Jujuman, very weird people" Adis, guild master of the Action dogs said and scoffed.
"Why, why does he always have to embarrass us?" Lady Vermillion muttered and made a fist.
"Calm, I guess he was forced out of his hiding and had no time to get dressed, he still looks hot though" Oba said with a tone of mockery.
As soon as Ekun got to the podium, the leader of the Magic Alter stepped out with a large book on his hand and cleared his throat.
"The inauguration shall begin, Ekun you are taking over as soon as this is done and it will be effective as from the start of a new month" he said, took a pause and looked at Ekun who didn't eleven looked like he was interested.
"This is an oath book, and you make an oath to do good and protect this city with all you have?"
"Yes, except my life " Ekun replied.
The man seated next to the King almost choked on his wine at the answer Ekun gave.
"Errr, that's quite a young king you have there"
"I can't deny that, he might not look it but he is the best around" the King replied with a bright smile on his face.
"I know, that guild is famous all over"
"You promise to lead this city to be greater than it is presently?"
"Yes, but if it comes with stress I go abandon am" he replied.
"What is wrong with this man?" Vee grunted.
"Be serious for once" The magic alter leader whispered at him.
"I'm serious, and immediately I'm King, I will scrap this present magic alter" Ekun replied him.
The whole Jujuman went wild with happiness, celebrating the new King, now the guild was without a master and it means selecting a new master among them, Omni had declined the offer of becoming a guild master and wanted a youngin to take charge.
Aanu curled himself up at a corner of the building, sulking and murmuring while the others had a wild celebration.
"You know it was a good thing you passed out" Tami and appeared next to Aanu. "You would have caused and become a nuisance"
Aanu suddenly went up in flames, and used his dragon influence
"DO YOU WANT ME TO BUUUURRRRRNNNN YOUUUUUU!!!" He screamed at the top of his voice.


Re: Juju Man by silverlinen(m): 6:31pm On Feb 19, 2022
So who go be president now?
Buh i think those magic alter guys positions are long overdue.
OP bring more
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 3:12pm On Feb 20, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter Two
Ekun stood distance away from the throne, dressed in a casual cloth, one would think he was a regular in the palace.
"This was forced on me, but yet, I have to take the responsibilities that comes with it" he said to himself and made a fist.
He took a deep breath and just then the door to the palace came open. Gudambolt walked in supporting himself with his staff as he approached Ekun.
"My Lord" Gudambolt said and went on his knees to pay homage.
Ekun suddenly had a wide grin in his thought.
"My enemies now kneel before me" Ekun thought within himself and tried to suppress his laughter.
"I'm dissolving the entire magic alter with immediate effect" Ekun and turned around to face Gudambolt.
"I knew this moment will come" Gudambolt replied and stood to his feet.
"I am King, naturally I bore hatred for everything the Magic Alter stands for, but I still need your service as adviser" Ekun said and sighed "Couldn't find a better person to fill that position" Ekun added.
Gudambolt stood still for a long while, and freely went on his knees, with teary eyes.
"Eeerrr, hard man dey cry?" Ekun said in shock.
"Tch, I believe there are pending crisis that needs immediate action" Ekun said and walked towards his throne and sat down on it.
"Tch, this thing doesn't fit me yet, the throne is too hard for my bumbum " Ekun said and moved his hand to the back and began to scratch his butt.
Gudambolt sighed and lowered his head
"Some things never change" he muttered.
"And by the way, the Jujuman won't be moving to the palace, but they will be taking lead and charge of every battle that concerns the city, while they still go about their normal guild duties, I hope you have no problem with that"
"That is quite acceptable, I will have every record compiled and brought to you for reviews" Gudambolt said and turned around to take his leave.
Ekun sat down on the guild hall bar table and soon the whole member gathered around. It was that moment where a new guild master was to be chosen among them.
Omni appeared next to Ekun and also sat down on the table and cleared his throat.
"I have something to say" he said lowly and looked at everyone one after another.
"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Ire said at the top of her voice.
"I feel like it's going to rain sad news too" Bibi added.
"I will returning back to where I am from" he said.
The whole guild went silent, everyone except Ekun and Ray were finding it hard to comprehend the news.
"I have overstayed my time here, I need to go back stay for a while before coming back again" Omni said
"Go back, for how many years?" Remi asked calmly.
"6 years"
"You all love expensive joke, you've barely used two years here, Mega has been here for how long?" Nubia shouted.
"It doesn't work that way, the evil energy emitting from the living creatures here, is enough to keep Mega going for eons, the good in human is very very little compared to the evil in them" Omni said "And it's not enough to sustain me"
"Our projects " Ore said with teary eyes
"I trust you" Omni replied.
Ekun coughed out loud, and diverted everyone's attention to himself.
"Its left to choose a new guild master, Omni will have the honors" Ekun said and gave Omni a affirmative nod.
"Choosing a leader is not about the strongest, or the fastest, tch, I suck at motivational speech" Omni said and letniut a smile.
"Ore, she is your new guild master "
The unexpected name caught everyone off guard. Since the top favorites were Aanu, Remi, Ray and Norris.

The first comic issue for Jujuman is almost ready, this comic tells an entire different story about the Jujuman. Once it's ready I'll hit everyone up on it.


Re: Juju Man by collinometricx: 9:24pm On Feb 20, 2022
We muuve
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 10:53pm On Feb 20, 2022
The Jujuman comic series will be going up for sale once it's complete for a cheap amount. embarassed embarassed make una buy abeg.
The storyline is a complete different one from this on going one.


Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 10:17pm On Feb 21, 2022
pages from Jujuman Comic #1. I hope it gets your attention


Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 1:36am On Feb 27, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter 3
"I don't want to be the guild master" Ore said bluntly and gritted her teeth.
"Of all things I value, is silence and I am always in my thought, thinking of new inventions and things I can do to better lives, Omni you should understand better" Ore said and sighed "Someone else should do"
For a while everyone kept mute, nobody had anything to say at this point, it seemed everyone was evading the responsibility that comes with being a master.
"Ray" Aanu said and walked forward from where he sat silent at the back.
"I am sorry, I can't, I am a traveller, and I don't fit the description of what is needed being a guild master" Ray said and deactivated the magic aid Ore made for him to keep his feet from destroying places he stepped on.
"I know you're thinking of this powers, but it is not enough" Ray said
"That isn't my reason, you know about evil and good at large" Trigger added.
"Then Vee should do it" Aanu said and went up in flames " And if no one will do it, I will do it and make you all my slaves" Aanu shouted at the top of his voice.
"Tch, stop being noisy, I will do it " Vee said and turned to Omni and her father "What do you think, your decision will be final".
"I am sorry, I didn't bait an eye at you" Omni said with a gloomy face "Yes, you're are qualified to lead the guild, to lead the family "
"It is decided " Ekun said and stood to his feet "I'll be returning to my base, you all should take care while I am gone "
"Gone, Omni is the one who is going, you're always in the palace" Bibi said
"I'm going to gamble, and already I have a gambling chamber being constructed in the palace" Ekun said with a wide grin.
"DO I need to remind you that, we can pull you down if you misbehave, it is a matter of rally and evidence" Vee said with a scary tone and a terrifying stare on her face.
The tension in the room suddenly flared up.
"She's scary, she's beautiful, now all my confidence is lost, confidence I've been building for months" Remi muttered and gulped.
"Did you say something?" Vee turned to face Remi who was already sweating profusely.
"Better, now you all get your lazy brains to the mission board and disperse, with immediate effect" she thundered and instantly everywhere scampered off.
"Tch, that was scary" Omni said and tried laughing.
"You should be on your way back to where you came from, what are you still doing here?" Vee thundered and stormed off.
"She is taking this too serious" Omni said and sighed relief. He turned to Omni and immediately they both disappeared.
Omni and Ekun stood at the top of the highest mountain at the outskirt of the city, both silent for a long while.
"You faced off with Mega and you got wounded so bad, you have to take more than a decade to get healed" Ekun said, with his head lower to the ground "You are not as smart as I thought"
"I never expected it to turn this way, when it comes to my brother, I am unable to predict the future, and it makes things difficult and interesting at the same time" Omni said and smiled.
"If I hadn't been there, he would got rid of you and you'll cease to exist, have you thought about the fact that, if you die, some people will be pained, heart broken and troubled" Ekun said and turned to face Omni.
"You mean You?"
"Tch, you're annoying, get going before the poison spreads through your entire system, ten years should come in a fleet" Ekun said and patted Omni on the shoulder. "We will all be fine"

The first issue of the Jujuman is almost complete.


Re: Juju Man by UmmuA(f): 10:02am On Feb 27, 2022
Thanks for d update


Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 11:34am On Mar 08, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter 4
Aanu dropped his bag on the ground next to the roots of the huge tree he and Vee would be using as shelter to get away from the scorching sun. He watched as Vee also sat down and steadily began to increase his body heat.
"If you die before we return from this mission, I'm the one that killed you, no think am" Vee said with a devilish tone and immediately Aanu composed himself.
"Tch, you're not so tough you know" Aanu muttered.
"You say wetyn?"
"Nothing" Aanu replied and gulped hard.
"Good" Vee said and pulled out a map from her bag and spread it open "once the sun is down, we should get to the village by noon, our client is a Artifact Miner, and has difficulties getting one of the valuable treasures from his excavation site" Vee said and moved the map closer to Aanu.
Aanu stared at it, having no clue what he should look at
"I know you're dumb"
"Why are they having problem getting this particular treasure?" Aanu asked trying to prove he was smart.
"I don't have the details, when we meet with out client, he would brief us on it" Vee replied and laid down
"Seems I'm not the only dumb person here, what if it was a trap?" Aanu asked
"We will walk out of it and besides, I wouldn't count on your weak self to protect me"
Aanu got angry and went up in flames from where he sat.
"I hold the record for the third strongest Jujuman, would you like to text that out?" Aanu thundered
"You will be doing this on your own" Levi, Aanu's Dragoni said within him and snuffed out fumes from its nostrils.
"I don't need you to handle this one for me" Aanu replied him through telepathy.
"The outcome is certain, you dont stand a chance, not even Remi does stand a chance" Vee replied
Aanu suddenly made a huge ball of lava, wrapped with flames and shot it at Vee who was at close range. It resulted in a wild explosion that caused an earthquake in the nearest village. In the midst of the dust, Aanu stood out, shining brightly, as his body was encompassed in flames.
"How do you like that?" Aanu said from the right corner of his lips and let out a devilish smile.
"I told you, you are weak" Vee voice came at him.
Aanu suddenly fell to the ground panting heavily, he looked around and saw everywhere was normal, the huge explosion and destruction was nowhere to be found.
"What just happened?"
"I sent you into an alternate reality, where everything looks real" Vee said and sighed "Its different from the Mirage magic or Illusion" she took a pause and continued "You see why you are no match for me, I command ten different magics"
Aanu could feel his heart racing and pounding like never before, she could have killed him in an instance if she wanted to, snapped his neck, within that few seconds, he would have been dead if she wanted him dead
"Eerrr, a man has been gripped with fear"Vee said and picked her bag "The sun is down, let's get moving "
"Ai" Aanu replied and followed behind her.
Aanu leaned on the door frame, while Vee was in talk with their client, who was an aged man and rich, and probably commands a reasonable influence in the village.
"Thank you for coming" the man said and adjusted his glasses.
"We have prepared your rooms, we didn't know it would be two opposite genders, we didn't make provision for two rooms" he added with a gloomy face.
"Don't worry, we can share one" Vee said.
Aanu suddenly raised his head up and he could feel himself shaking and he was out of control .
"Thats good, tomorrow we will brief you fully and we will get down to business properly, I will have my maids attend to you shortly" he said had few more chats with Vee and walked out.
Aanu placed his bag on the floor far away from the huge soft bed and laid on the bare floor.
"Hey, move your things here, there is enough space for two " Vee said to him.
Aanu heart began to race very fast he was almost out of breath.
"And besides the weather is cold, I need you to warm me up close" she added.
"This isnt funny anymore" Levi said within Aanu "I warned you, didn't I?"
Aanu stood up reluctantly and began to walk towards the bed.


Re: Juju Man by Elcapitan0: 11:45am On Mar 08, 2022
Something is about to happen oh........... grin
Re: Juju Man by preshman22: 12:04am On Mar 09, 2022
Wait a minute
Are they gonna do it ??
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 8:48pm On Mar 12, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter 5
A knock came at the door, and Aanu walked sluggishly towards the door, opened it and collapsed to the ground. The lady standing at the door, stood in awe and watched Vee walk closer to her.
“Is he going to be alright?” the lady asked, fright all over her face.
“Huhn, our master is around and seeks your presence”
Vee gave a nod and watched at the lady ran off. She looked down at Aanu and sighed.
“You lack agility and stamina, I will praise your strength though” she said and walked towards the bed.
“You made me go up in flames through out the night and made the room extremely cold, so I could warm it up to suit the weather condition you want” Aanu said sluggishly “You will pay for that” he said and managed to pull himself up.
“Just in one night, I am looking like someone who is homeless and helpless” Aanu said, his eyes shut and shaky feet.
“Just so you know, you will be doing this every night whenever we are on a mission and what happens here” Vee said and gave Aanu a death stare.
“After the human abuse, you are still threatening me, what kind of human are you?” Aanu asked with tears already rolling down his eyes.
“Do you have any objection?”
“No” Aanu replied and gulped “This is oppression in clear form” he thought within himself
“Now, go get ready to move out”
The aircraft Vee and Aanu boarded hovered above the deserted mining ground. Aanu was already unconscious due to his phobia for flight.
“This is it, the treasure lies beneath, it isn’t anything serious, just a retrieval process, someone without magic power or experience will be having a hard time retrieving it” Their client said with a bright smile on his face.
“That’s it?”
“And you are willing to pay 350 gold bars for this, that is a whole lot, and how do we know what you are looking for?”
“You will know it when you see it” the man replied.
“It’s time to load out” the pilot said and raised his hand as a means of confirmation
Vee grabbed Aanu by the head and suddenly leaped out of the aircraft.
“Everything has been set, two strongest Jujuman Guild members” the man said and turned to the pilot “Clear out of this area”
While in mid air, Vee rammed her fist hard into Aanu’s stomach.
“Tuueeehhhh” Aanu let out a loud cough and had his eyes wide open “Damnmmmmm, stop treating me like I am a log of wood!!!” Aanu screamed out
“We are going through that opening, it leads directly into the deeper part of the mine, according to what we were told, I need you to be awake” Vee said.
“Tch” Aanu cursed beneath his breath
Aanu shot out blue flames from his legs, which increased his diving speed while holding Vee on her waist, he moved her forward and placed his left hand beneath her right foot and threw her forward.
SWOOOSSSHHH they both went through the hole on the ground.
“Something is wrong in here” Aanu said as soon as he landed into the gold mine, which was looking like nothing he had in mind.
“It’s a trap, this was never a gold mine, it a power factory” Vee said and gritted her teeth.
“What’s a power factory?”
“Our powers will be drained, and given to someone else”
“Then we should just go back the way we came” Aanu said and pointed up.
“Not that simple, from stories I’ve heard, the factory does not exist on this realm and it has no exit, for people with magic power” Vee replied and turned around to look at Aanu.
A huge shiny blue ball slowly began to descend from the top, which followed by a spike of evil aura that filled the entire space.
“The extraction process has began” Vee said and gulped hard.
“I don’t want to believe there is nothing we can do” Aanu said and went up in flames “My powers are getting drained, I can feel it”


Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 2:36pm On Mar 20, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter 6
King Ekun walked in last into the emergency council, dressed in casual clothing one could hardly see him as a King, he approached his designated seat and made himself comfortable. He looked at the mang faces before him and suddenly something cut across his mind.
His expression changed, and it was noticeable.
"That is the emergency we bring today" a man said and bowed his head.
"How did it happen?"
"There has been cases of people losing their magic powers, and no chance of getting them back"
"I know well that their powers are gone, I am asking how did it happen" Ekun said with a growl beneath his vocal expression.
"A client has been disguising as a gold merchant, and sends request to help retrieve a precious stone from the mine, and has been asking for the strongest members, all seven guilds has have their strongest members powerless, depressed and just this morning a member from Thunder guild committed suicide"
"And we got report your children already got this request and accepted" another man chipped in.
Ekun tried to make himself as composed, so his judgement won't be clouded by his emotions.
"Gudambolt, please preside over this meeting and reach conclusions, I'll have to handle this myself" Ekun said and stood to his feet.
"What are you going to do?" Gudambolt asked
"Bring my children home safely" he said and vanished into thine air.
Ekun went through the accepted request with Nubia and Remi, but somehow the mission request for Aanu and Vee was missing. He let out a loud sigh and made a fist.
"So no one knows what mission they took, or where it leads them to?" Ekun asked the guild members.
"His magic is growing faint, I can barely sense it" Nubia said
"You should be able to trace the faint power right?" Remi asked, with a glimpse of hope.
"Yes" she said with a said countenance
"He is going to be okay" Remi said "both of them"
"I am directly linked to him, it pains me that I didn't pay enough attention to know something was wrong" Nubia said and had her eyes already teary.
"Faulting yourself won't solve anything" Remi said and sighed " If only there is a fast means before his magic runs out"
"And what do you think you have me here for?" Ore asked as she walked out from her lab into the guild hall.
Aanu screamed out in pain as the core of his magic power began to pull out from his forehead.
"This one has infinite power, it will take time to extract it all from him" a dark tall figure said from the other side where they watched as Aanu's power was being extracted from him.
"The lady?" The dark figure asked the man who had given them the mission.
"Her will is strong, but it's only a matter of time before she breaks completely" he replied.
"Good, it seems after these two we might not be needing anymore magic powers to set out plan in motion, they are enough"
Aanu could feel his body burning as his flames went out of control.
"You'll pay for this!!!!" He roared, he looked at Vee who was on her knees gritting her teeth as she tough to resist the extraction.
"Give up, this is your destiny, once you're in here, there is nothing you can do" a voice responded in the extraction room.
"His magic power is gone, I can't sense him any more" Nubia said and broke down in tears
Ekun gritted his teeth, and felt hatred within himself.
From the airship, they heard a loud explosion distance away and instantly Ore turned the ship towards the direction.
"There" Nubia said and pointed ahead, towards two figures that were laying on the ground.
As they got closer, and it was certain it was Aanu and Vee, Ekun jumped down from the airship and landed heavily creating a crater beneath him, where he landed. He hurried towards them and his heart shattered on seeing their condition.
"Th...ee...y took Levi" Aanu said and went unconcios.
"Their magic powers are completely gone" Ekun said and instantly his power sky rocketed.


Re: Juju Man by preshman22: 10:19pm On Mar 20, 2022
This episode sweet me die!!!!!!
But please it was just not long enough
Thank you....,.
Re: Juju Man by preshman22: 10:20pm On Mar 20, 2022
Please we want more
Re: Juju Man by Lakesc: 3:13pm On Mar 22, 2022
Like the twist, though i hope they somehow manage to get their powers back...
Re: Juju Man by ghettochild(m): 3:42pm On Mar 25, 2022
We are waiting oooo our dearest OP
Re: Juju Man by Lakesc: 8:35pm On Mar 25, 2022
Pls come and update ooo...
Re: Juju Man by Devilpen(m): 2:01pm On Apr 03, 2022
Arc 6
Chapter 7
Jujuman Finale.

Ekun opened the door to Aanu's room and made a stool from his word magic and sat down on it by the edge of Aanu's bed. They both stared at each other until Aanu broke the silence.
"You should be with her instead of coming here" Aanu said and gritted his teeth as he felt sharp pains around his hips
"She is handling it well, unlike you"
"Tch" Aanu said and looked away.
"What would you have done if you had died, what was in your mind that decided to make you jump from the top of the guild hall, were you thinking your powers would come back with some kind of miracle?" Ekun shouted at the top of his voice at Aanu.
"I would be better off dead that having to rely on people for help" Aanu replied and bit his lower lips.
"Now you're up in band aids and plasters, 30 broken bones and top of it all, your body is resisting all treatment, magic treatments and the normal one" Ekun said and stood up "You have to grow up"
"You're not my father you know" Aanu said.
"Yes I'm not your father, remember your negligence and careless nature killed him" Ekun replied strongly.
Aanu felt a sharp pain on his heart and like heavy flood, his memories began to come back, the horrible rampage he had went on that had his father killed, it was all too much for him to take in. Aanu rolled over and had his face under his pillow as he tried not to make Ekun suspiciously anything.
"Rest up, the council are on the case, even if there is a low chance of getting your powers back, we won't let this go unpunished" Ekun said and walked out of the room.
As soon as Ekun was out, Aanu pulled his head up, already sweating heavily, and breathing faster than he should, he was rapidly going out of breath as the memories poured in and suddenly he collapsed.
He soon found himself standing in the middle of a vast green landscape, while supporting himself with his crotches.
"Arrghhh, here you are" a familiar voice said behind him.
Aanu took his time to turn around and face the person and who he saw was the least expected.
"Mega?" Aanu said and had a wild expression on his face, like a lion that had it's prey in the corners.
"Uh uh, Calm down, I only summoned you to help"
"What help can you offer?" Aanu asked
"Your powers, I can help you get them back, the truth is the vessel holding your power can't hold it for long and it's on the edge of blasting off, since your power is limitless, the vessel has a problem containing that limitless source that you can contain, so more vessels are being made to hold every fraction of that infinite power, even now I know you still feel that tiny ounce of power in you right?"
"Get to the point" Aanu said and grit his teeth.
"I will help you get yoirnpower back today, but I want something in return"
"What about Vee?"
"Argh, my brother's daughter, my niece, nephew, cousin, whatever"
"Can you get her power back to?"
"Uurrghhh yes, but you'll only end up OWING me more favours "
"I don't mind" Aanu said without thinking it twice "I'll do what ever you want"
"Interesting and here is what I want" Mega said and snapped his fingers immediately relating all his thought to Aanu through telepathy.
"Done" Aanu replied.
Aanu slowly opened his eyes and looked around, his bones were back to normal and his pains were gone, he sat up right and opened his left palm, focused and made a tiny flame dance around.
"Tch, you better keep the end of the bargain" he muttered and laid down back on his bed.
"And everything has been set to motion, the day we've all feared for is coming, nothing can stop this, this world will end, and the game has began" Omni said from his throne as he watched everything unfold
"It was just a matter of time, I thought the girl with mechanical ability would be the end, but I am wrong, this fury will burn this world"
"If I can't own this world, I'll destroy it, let's rain down fire" Mega said and had a wild grin on his face.


Re: Juju Man by Lakesc: 7:13am On Apr 04, 2022
Thanks for sharing with us. Op, hope this story will be having apart?
Re: Juju Man by preshman22: 8:36am On Apr 06, 2022
Wait a minute

Is this the end
Re: Juju Man by 198800Mam(m): 10:27pm On Jun 24, 2022

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