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Religion / Re: Father John Chinenye Oluoma: Your Tithe Saves The Needy, You Haven't Robbed God by 9jamustchange: 2:41pm On Oct 06
It is shocking that a Christian can call another a fool, a blind bat etc. with so much ease. If you do that, I beg you not to ignore such an important symptom of unclean heart. It signals a carnal heart that needs the washing and renewing by the word of God and of course deep repentance. He who calls his brother a fool is in danger of hell. Where is the Christian requirement to honour all men? If you can conveniently insult another without any feeling of guilt, my brother, you probably have to seriously consider if you are really in the faith!


Religion / Re: Is Your Church Responsible For Your Inability To Follow Christ? by 9jamustchange: 1:16pm On Sep 22
In as much as we all have access to the bible and to God through prayer, you cannot blame any church for your spiritual state. It is simply an excuse you can give yourself and those willing to listen, but such excuse cannot stand before the Almighty God.

It is a grave sin to refuse to believe the gospel of Christ which is God's testimony about His son. It is simply an impudent declaration that God is a liar. It is trampling upon the precious blood, and an insult to the Spirit of grace. The consequence is condemnation, punishment and death!
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancy For English Language Teacher by 9jamustchange: 3:35pm On Sep 05
An Experienced English Language teacher needed at a private school around Ojurin-Akobo in Ibadan. If interested send your CV to nelmatin@gmail.com
Celebrities / Re: Pornography Viewers Commit No Sin Before God Unless They Lust After The Flesh by 9jamustchange: 4:06pm On Aug 17
God is not mocked, whatever a man soweth that shall he reap. Any act that is not of faith is sin. A soldier who kills as his duty is not condemn, yet it is 'written thou shall not kill.'
Religion / Re: If Jesus Christ Is Seated At The Right Hand Of God, Then He is not God? by 9jamustchange: 8:59pm On Aug 15
The logic is similar to a situation where an animal e.g. a goat, argues with other animals by making the claim that a son is not a man because he is sitting at the right hand of man.
There is still much that man is yet to understand about this material world that we can see. Imagine the ridiculous speculation involved in man's attempt to explain divinity which he neither sees nor really understands?

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Travel / Re: Swiss Woman Married To Anambra Guy, Compares Nigeria To Zurich- Pics by 9jamustchange: 7:23am On Aug 14
I'm surprised that her English is just the normal Nigerian English! How can this be?
Family / Re: 1 Year After Marriage, I Am Already Tired by 9jamustchange: 11:22am On Aug 13
A wise woman builds her own house. It is a challenge you have to overcome. You can break him by returning every wrong from him with goodness and love. Focus on the good things about him. Think about him from the positive angle. Stay strong, take the issue up in prayer and never give up. You will come out stronger when you overcome this.

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Celebrities / Re: Jesus Was Invented 400 Years Ago - Daddy Freeze Tells Maraji by 9jamustchange: 12:19am On Aug 13
Those with the experience of Christ are not at the mercy of those with arguments!
Politics / Re: Governor El-rufai Receives Chieftaincy Title In Southern Kaduna by 9jamustchange: 4:17pm On Aug 12


Everyday before leaving your homes you pray for guidance, direction, success, good health, wealth, happy life etcetera.
The question is
Where is your prayer going to?
Who is your prayer going to?
Why would your God no appear to you for once?

Before going to bed, a lady prayed at night that God should guide her while sleeping. Hours later, robbers broke in and loot valuables from occupants in the house, but for this lady, these robbers saw her beautiful nature in night gown and decided to rape her in turn despite begging that they should take whatever material thing they want and free her but to no avail. This lady suffered serious damage in her vagina and she prayed that God should bring these perpetrators to justice. Few weeks later, Insurgents came and blew themselves up on a suicide act in a market that killed many but left left her with injuries.
We came for visit to commiserate with the victims and assured them that God is in control but this lady in question cried and said "which God?
Is it the God I prayed to every day?
Is it the God that allowed these plight to happen to me within few weeks?
And you are telling me he is in control?
There are many things that happened to me these days which I can't share with you".

Now, does one has to pray 1000 times or more before one request would be answered?
We pray to who we don't see and would never see while in flesh and we keep having faith that heart desires would be met.

Science is the true religion that would bring peace in the world if wholly embraced.
Science don't lie. For example, It says when you mix acid and base they would produce salt and water in the right proportion. That is the simple truth and no two ways about it.
But for religion, when millions pray a million times that boko haram menace should come to an end but no result. That is a false ideology. Religion has caused deaths to uncountable human who were once living in peace.

So take it or leave it

Despite the fact that she prayed, two terrible calamities befell her and therefore, according to you, religion is a scam! Really?
The One who suffered more than any other man had or could ever suffer by suffering the ultimate suffering of crucifixion did not reach that kind of conclusion.
Let God be true, and every man a liar.
God is faithful and knows far better.
God's plan for his children is beyond this material world, and the plan is for our good no matter what happens here!
Religion / Re: HIV Positive Man Dies After He Stopped Taking His Drugs To Show Off His Faith by 9jamustchange: 6:17pm On Aug 08
Death is not the end of the Christian faith, neither does it defeat the faithful Christian. Death for a Christian is gain. The three Hebrew men thrown into fire were ready to die for their faith even if not delivered. It is better to die as a faithful Christian than to live sinfully.
Romance / Re: Before You Spend On Any Girl Or Your Friends Remember This by 9jamustchange: 4:46pm On Aug 04
When you give, do so as unto God and expect your reward from him. It's never a bad thing to help others, but expecting the same people to return the favours will always be disappointing.


Religion / Re: What If A Christian Says He No Longer Believes The Gospel? What Happens To Him? by 9jamustchange: 4:26pm On Aug 04
It is tantamount to trampling upon the blood shed to cleanse us; it is insulting the Spirit of grace; it is rejecting God's testimony about the son. If those who disobeyed the law of Moses were punished. Then imagine what the lot of such person will be?
Religion / Re: The Traitors Of Christianity by 9jamustchange: 4:16pm On Aug 04
White man religion... Adopted by blackman. Now blackman threw away his tradition and labeled everything traditional as diabolic, black magic and not good enough to be practiced. ... The white man that brought the religion already moved on from it....

I believe there is a supreme being and he is not a Christian...

Religion is a weapon that was created to cause division...

We are all sha going to hell in the other person's Religion.

I recently stopped going to church nor following ur doctrines and I feel more alive than ever!

Non Christians are unbelievers

Non Muslims are infidels!

Africa with its wholesome religion practice is light years away in development compared to the less religious countries!

Who cursed the blackman?

Remember the gospel existed when the slave masters overrun West Africa! Ur missionaries came in when they where done exploiting our lands!

What was the disposition of the Vatican? The pope when we where under slave bondage?

Well it'll be good for u to know that slaves also served in the Vatican and ur popes had slaves...

Now they brought this religion to keep y'all under slavery forever!

Why did they not consult the bible and call the tyrants to order?

Now we can't even speak our own language in public cos it's vanacular.. We adopt English and curse anyone that don't speak it... Sell ur identity for what?

Fu*K y'all hypocrites..

Humanity is love
The supreme being is love.

Not ur religion

*Christianity is not a whiteman's religion; rather, it is reconciling with the true God!
*Feeling more alive when you abandon God or his decrees is not the same as being alive. In Him alone is life!
*The idea that the Christian faith has been abandoned by some whites does not mean Christianity is irrelevant! They do not determine what is right or wrong!
*Christianity does not stop development and advancement in any way; rather, it enhances it!

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Education / Re: Pastor Renounces Christianity As He Realized Its Greek Mythology by 9jamustchange: 8:48pm On Jul 21

How dare you call him a sinner?

The man has done more work for your Jesus than you. He was just as sinful as you.

Remember, if we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us- 1 John 1:8.

The very next verse says if we confess he is able forgive us our sins and cleanse from all unrighteousness - 1 John 1:9
Religion / Re: As Christians, How Can We Overcome Sin? by 9jamustchange: 4:09pm On Jul 21
The most dangerous sin is to refuse God's offer of salvation. This offer is accepted by believing on the Lord Jesus in one's heart and confessing with the mouth. To reject it is to trample upon the precious blood of Jesus and insult the Spirit of Grace!
Christians are expected to overcome sin. Christ gave us the example of living without sin. The apostles lived without sin.

We must reckon ourselves as death to sin. It must not reign over our mortal bodies.
We must live by the spirit.
We must grow to the full stature of Christ by feeding the spirit man with the word of God and obeying the word.
The one who called us is faithful and will see us through!
Politics / Re: Wole Soyinka Blasts Youths "Nigeria Is Building A Generation Of Illiterates" by 9jamustchange: 8:27pm On Jul 18
It might be true that our youths are far from being optimally productive. It is however not the case that they are totally responsible for this fantastic state of affair. They were molded and nurtured by the society society to turn out this way. Some made efforts, paid school fees read hard for many years only to find that the society has no plan for them!
Romance / Re: Even The Devil Is Single! by 9jamustchange: 8:34pm On Jul 11
my son, all those stories in the Bible are lies! angry

Whose report should we believe? Yours? A man whose knowledge is so shallow that he doesn't even know what happens a second after death? A man who is imperfect and prone to sin? A man who has only but breath? Surely, no!

I'd rather believe the scriptures! The true word that abides forever which speaks of things long before they come to pass!
Religion / Re: I Need Your Help On Matt 5:16 by 9jamustchange: 8:18pm On Jul 11
M't:5:16: Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Things to talk about:
1. That Christians are lights and light bearers (You are the light of the world)
2. God expects each Christian to make his/her light continue to shine. How? By doing good deeds!(Use the story of Tabitha for example of one who did good works or other examples)
a. Believe in God and His son
What are good deeds?
b. Love God and love your neighbour
c. Visit the sick, visit the prisoners, give food to the hungry, clothe the naked, be hospitable to strangers etc.
3. Grow in God and be a strong soldier of Christ to be fully useful to the kingdom
4. Seek to glorify God in all you do
You need bible verses to support each point.
Hope this helps!
Crime / Re: Nafeezat Abdul Suicide, 200 Level Student Of ABU Commits Suicide (Photos) by 9jamustchange: 7:47am On Jul 07
Satan is given cheap victory when one commits suicide. His scam of deceit is made easily successful. He pushes the unsuspecting victim to that dark corner where the only thing in view is darkness and hopelessness. But the darkness is just a fleeting shadow that is sure to pass with a little patience and faith! Faith in the One who always says "I care for you!" "Cast your burdens upon Me!"

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Religion / Re: God's Role In Choice Of A Life Partner And Marriage For Christians by 9jamustchange: 3:02pm On Jun 16
why is God not married? but coercing humans to marry, God must be a hyporcrite. sad

God have mercy on you for you do not know what you are saying! You can't even call a common Nigerian soldier, a hypocrite, but here you are falsely accusing the one who is a consuming fire able to destroy both the soul and body of humans in hell. The one who is going to call into account every uttered idle word including yours. Your accusation is false because, as far as I know the God of the bible hasn't coerced humans to marry; it is a choice! Friend, your knowledge is embarrassingly too infinitesimal to question what God says or does! Ask for mercy!!
Education / English Language Teacher by 9jamustchange: 11:24am On May 22
An English Language Teacher needed in Ibadan. Must be able to teach senior class, and must reside in Ibadan. Send your CV to nelmatin@gmail.com
Education / Re: I want to kill myself PICTURES by 9jamustchange: 4:57pm On May 13
Low JAMB score is as inconsequential as a high JAMB score. The former doesn't define failure in life, neither does the latter indicate success. Life is far bigger than JAMB score. If the score is not favourable now; it doesn't mean it won't be in the future. I believe everyone, given quality time and preparation, can score 350! Many who have since got the high scores and have graduated are still roaming the street. So what really is the big deal?


Religion / Re: Christains Please Answer This {photo} by 9jamustchange: 7:12pm On May 12
*We are not told the age of Cain and Abel when the murder occurred. They could have advanced to a considerable age before Cain killed Abel. The limit the Bible puts on the age of Cain and Abel is 130 years.

*Adam and Eve had many sons and daughters. We are not told specifically how many, but we are told that Adam lived 930 years. This raises the possibility of dozens of children from that couple alone. There were possibly as many as 32,000 people living at the time Cain killed Abel.

*Genesis 5 tells us that some of Adam's descendants also had long life spans. Likewise, the Bible says that they gave birth to many sons and daughters.

*There would not be an issue of incest-parents sexual relationships with their children. This would be a matter of siblings intermarrying-something that was not condemned in Scripture until the Law of Moses. Abraham is one biblical example of a person marrying his half-sister.

*The Law of Moses condemned intermarriage between brothers and sister to protect the health of the nation as well as the family unit.

*Because Adam and Eve were created perfect, their gene pool would not have been corrupted until after the Fall. Children of close relatives that married soon after the Fall would not be subject to the same degeneration that would occur in later generations.


Religion / Re: Reason Why You Must Fear God by 9jamustchange: 3:28pm On May 12
The Bible god is the greatest killer of all times and never mess with him especially when he's high on his holy spirit, he will slaughter you without conscience.

You don't worship him and twerk for him to remind him how great he is, then be ready to be tortured in everlasting fire till the ends of time although he loves you ... Why won't you fear him,

He is the greater giver of life. He wants that which is good for all humans. He has given each of us the opportunity to choose what is good. People who choose death eventually get it.
Religion / Re: Reason Why You Must Fear God by 9jamustchange: 3:24pm On May 12
If it is the Abrahamic God, it is because he is psychotic and hateful, having simultaneously created offsprings that are supposed to follow rules but remain 100% hidden. Punishing and tormenting innocent people in both this lifetime and an eternal life to come, making it virtually guaranteed that any intelligent person will be found guilty of some fickle, capricious and illogical rule, that is in conflict with other rules or our own programming, making a mockery of freewill and any idea regarding supposed parental-like love. Even believers cannot deny that they find such a situation immoral and have to practice various forms of mental blocks not to be aware of the hypocrisy, or the lies one needs to look past.

He made you! You cannot be wiser than He. Your best conceptualization of laws that are fair, just, logical etc. doesn't come near what it truly is. Humble thyself, man, and listen to your maker. You do not know beyond the material world!
Religion / Re: What Experiences Strengthened Your Faith In God? by 9jamustchange: 3:05pm On May 12
He faithfully healed me of a tormenting fever and in the process taught me how overcome by faith.


Religion / Re: What Experiences Strengthened Your Faith In God? by 9jamustchange: 3:02pm On May 12
I was just thinking about the fact that Satan wanted to be like God and he premeditated dethroning God. He got more than he bargained for; he was thrown down and reserved for hell. But for man, for no merit at all, he was made in the image of God and crowned with Glory. While I was thinking about this, the scripture, 'What is man that thou art mindful of him...,' came to my mind. I didn't know where it was in the bible. I became curious wanting to find out the context that warranted the statement. So I picked up my bible and opened it. Lo and behold the first place I opened was the exact chapter where the statement was made -Psalms 8. I guess I will never forget that chapter of the bible! Indeed God is and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


Religion / Re: What Experiences Strengthened Your Faith In God? by 9jamustchange: 2:41pm On May 12

well, with my past experiences of watching a loved one ,suffer and die....i don't believe in God anymore.

Death is not the end! God watched his beloved son suffer and die a shameful death on the cross. Whether a christian lives or die is inconsequential. The good news is death is now a servant that leads us to the glorious abode which endures forever.


Romance / Re: How Women Cheat More Than Men - Lady Reveals. Do You Agree? by 9jamustchange: 12:38pm On Apr 29
The stinking hypocrisy with most men is that they wouldn't accept cheating by their own spouses, but they will jump at the slightest opportunity to sleep with another's man's spouse.


Romance / Re: Virginity Is The Best Wedding Gift Any Man Would Receive, Says Nigerian Man by 9jamustchange: 3:07pm On Apr 25
There is a curse that comes with calling good evil, and evil good. No amount of shouting can change darkness into light. Virginity is of course a good thing.
However, a woman that fears God is to be praised. But the evidence of fearing God is abstinence from every form of evil as the story of Joseph indicates.
Those who think they own their bodies and can do whatever they like with it are living in demonic deception. Your life is a gift from God who desires that you keep it holy, for He is only interested in and coming back for a bride pure and spotless.
I think faithfulness is the best gift. Faithfulness to God ensures virginity is intact; faithfulness to spouse gives the marriage the dignity and trust required.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: English Language Teacher by 9jamustchange: 1:27pm On Apr 19
Sorry, no accommodation

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