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Politics / Re: Sit At Home: ESN Neutralised Ebubeagu Commander And Others Today - IPOB by Abascoh: 6:47pm On Jul 12, 2023
Ebube agu don turn to ihere ngwere cry


Politics / Re: Biafra Rally Took Place In Finland In Simon Ekpa house But He Was Hiding -IPOB by Abascoh: 6:35pm On Jul 12, 2023

Ekeuke bu ndi obodo unu. Onye egbuwara isi tinye ya nsi oke.

Anumanu di ka gi na mmadu enwero mmeko. Ba n'ime ohia, ebe ahu bu oke gi.
When you finish speaking my beautiful language that you learnt, go back to your bush tribe that you are ashamed of, you are not and will never be Igbo. No Igbo person can read three of your comments and not immediately know that you are not an Igbo person so stop fooling yourself.
NYSC / Re: BREAKING: Offa-poly Graduate Kidnapped On Way To NYSC Camp In Ogun by Abascoh: 6:31pm On Jul 12, 2023
Ogun state? shocked shocked shocked

Any hope?
Politics / Re: Biafra Rally Took Place In Finland In Simon Ekpa house But He Was Hiding -IPOB by Abascoh: 6:29pm On Jul 12, 2023

Onye mere gi onye igbo? I wu nkita!
Ndi mmadu na ekwu okwu bara uru, ekeuke bingo na eme mkpotu.

Fool, go and ask your prostitute mother who impregnated her to give birth to an animal like you. An Igbo man can never give birth to an idiot like you. If you like speak Igbo from now till next year, you can never be an Igbo person. Fool that is is ashamed of his tribe, go back to your people and stop forcing yourself into Igbo affairs.
Politics / Re: Biafra Rally Took Place In Finland In Simon Ekpa house But He Was Hiding -IPOB by Abascoh: 6:23pm On Jul 12, 2023

Iwu ezigbote onye ara! Umu ekeuke! Ndi egbuwara isi! Go and check your DNA first.
Onye eriri eri, tinye jara!
Shut your dirty mouth idiot, you're only fooling yourself, you are not Igbo and will never be. Why are you ashamed of your tribe? You went and learnt Igbo so you can disown your own tribe and claim Igbo but you still brought your stupid tribal mentality and exposed yourself. Go back to your bush tribe and stop claiming what you are not
Politics / Re: Biafra Rally Took Place In Finland In Simon Ekpa house But He Was Hiding -IPOB by Abascoh: 5:50pm On Jul 12, 2023
Same useless Emma Powerful.
If they are really against Simon Ekpa, they should eliminate him.

You claimed you set up ESN to drive out fulani herdsmen from attacking farms in southeast. Use same 'wisdom' to setup Diaspora ESN that will eliminate Simon Ekpa.

Ndiara! When I was warning them years ago, they were calling me Efulefu.
Idiot, you are not even an Igbo person. Efulefu is even better than you. Mumu, have you heard of any Fulani attacks since ESN? We remember when it was one week, one massacre and Governor ugwuanyi was asking us to fast and pray because he was powerless. ESN did what your federal government couldn't do and contained the Fulani miscreants and that's why you are unhappy. Foolish animal, you learnt how to speak Igbo doesn't make you an Igbo person. Anu ofia
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine's Bid To Join NATO Is Premature - Joe Biden by Abascoh: 7:41am On Jul 11, 2023
When it comes to international politics, God1000 is a chronic ass-licker of the west.
I take his views with a pinch of salt.
I have consistently told him to avoid CNN.
Honestly, any time I see his posts about democrats or the US, it's always looking like someone who has been seriously brainwashed by CNN and other liberal media.
Politics / Re: 20 Benue Youths Slaughtered In Ukum (Disturbing Photos) by Abascoh: 10:09pm On Jul 08, 2023
Omenka, kyase and aonkuuse are no where to be found. Looking for IPOB story to make your foolish comments on but your people are being wiped out by Fulani herdsmen. Keep masturbating over IPOB affairs until it gets to your turn to be wasted by your Fulani masters. RIP in advance.


Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 12:16am On May 06, 2022

Share the link make I watch am too...cos this your story get as e be... grin grin grin
Sorry, i didn't know this was on this thread,I thought I was responding to someone I was talking with on another thread. On this thread, I was just reacting based on what was in the story posted up there, I didn't see any incident of racism in that story. There was no mention of anyone's race, it wasn't even alluded to in any way. The confrontation recounted in that story had absolutely nothing to do with race.
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 11:19pm On May 05, 2022

Oga u watch the video??
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 11:18pm On May 05, 2022

Video evidence of the crime, racism is a crime in brazil
There was no crime, there was no racism in that story
Family / Re: My Dad Almost Killed Me Today! by Abascoh: 11:15pm On May 05, 2022

Do u know d kind of sacrifice yur dad endure to raise you to d point where u can afford a phone common it just a phone
U hurt him but you might no know d kind gravity
He probably showing off indirectly to yur step mum dat my children listen to me etc
Yes if you were staying in yur own place d case wound be different but wait his house his rules
My own dad was still beating with correct slap even though I was staying in my own house till I got d age of 38
Bro's it was just a phone you could have saved again to buy another one
It shows u are rude
U try dat my late papa u are done
What yur did was bad accept and try to build trust and d bridge between you and yur dad back OK
You are talking absolute trash and if your father was still beating you at thirty eight then I must tell you that he was nothing but an abusive person. That your parents raised you doesn't mean you should mortgage your own future to please them. How can a so called father be telling his 27 year old son that he doesn't need a browsing phone in 2022? Does that kind of father mean well for his son? Then accusing him of stealing money you know he didn't steal and when he tried to defend himself from your accusations you start insulting his late mother, calling him a bastard and tried to kill him? God!! That father is an abusive person. The best thing the guy needs to do is leave that house and go face his life as a man.

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Family / Re: My Dad Almost Killed Me Today! by Abascoh: 11:03pm On May 05, 2022
What happened was that my Dad collected a brand new iPhone I bought from me February last year all because some uncivilized people like him keeps telling him the phone I use is very expensive and said it’s used by yahoo boys and which my Dad hate the word YAHOO.

Though , I felt very sad wondering why he would collect a phone from a 27 years old Son.

I pleaded to him severally to please give me back the phone and I also sent some of his friends which they value each other to him to please help me beg him to return the phone but he keeps telling them he’s not gonna give me and instead get me a small phone that doesn’t browse so as to stop having internet access.

After many Months of using a small Android phone which is very uncomfortable for me and hoping I will gather some money and get a better phone for myself anytime soon.

I waited for some months but couldn’t afford a better phone cuz I don’t want to buy a very low budget phone since I’m addicted to smooth browsing on my IPhone.

Then I tried to find solution for myself by going to find the iPhone he seized in his room even though I don’t enter his room anyhow.

God so good i got into his room when everyone wasn’t aware and I found the phone where he kept it and took it.

I started having conscience on it and asking myself if I’ve messed up.

I came to Nairaland to ask what I should do maybe to return the phone or keep it with me.

I found out some people blamed me for invading his room and getting m my stuff.

Some people told me to return it and never do that again.

when I was going to return the phone I found out that the whole house are back and it’s not possible to go there that time.

I don’t know what to do because it was a luck that nobody was at home that day.

I reasoned to my self maybe I should go and deliver the phone to him myself fearing if he found out the phone is no more there the issue will escalate and will be too late.

The next morning I took the phone to him and told him I find it using a device on the phone with another phone to track it.

He was very annoyed and said what I did was bad with a very cool voice and gave me the phone back himself.

After few hours he called me and said he put some Saudi Money (Riyadh) in the carton he hide my phone and he couldn’t find the money there and asked me if I took it.

I sensed he was trying to tell me that in order to know what I did was bad.

I told him I didn’t take any money there and I honestly didn’t see any money there.

He let me leave and said he will try to find it very well later.

Then just today he called my married elder sister to come to our house and wanted to have a meeting with us cuz we are just two from our late mother.

From his speech he said he can’t be seeing me not working since I’m a graduate and I should find something doing.

He knew I was into exportation of Petrol to Cotonou before the work stopped due to border close down and too much customs officials on the road.

So he started insulting me I’m just being idle and don’t want to work because I’m getting money from yahoo because he returned my phone to me to have internet access.

I accepted all the insults he did to me and didn’t argue with him not until he said if I’m a good boy I won’t go into his room to take my phone and even take his money he kept there the other day.

I then knew he meant that word that I took his money again and which I didn’t even take or see.

Then he began raining insults on me and begin to lay emphasis on the money that I took my phone and his money.

At this point I was very mad and couldn’t hold myself from keeping silence and then I had to break it.

I told him I can take everything he do to me but accusing me wrongfully I will never take that with a mini voice and suddenly wanted to hit me which I run from him to escape.

On running through the steps, he suddenly grab the big stool in the sitting room and dropped it on my head which nearly hit me . (If that stool hit me I don’t know what will happen to me )

But I managed to escape and he started raining curses on me and insulting my late mother for giving him a son like me.

My sister was there too and all she kept saying was I’m very rude to disclaim the accusations and defending myself and she also start insulting me that how dare should I talk when he’s talking.

After few insults he gave me so he came downstairs and started insulting me again while I stand not too far from him.

He quickly picked up a very big stone and a big plank on the floor threw at me which if these two objects meet me I will still be bleeding by now.

He told me with anger that I’m a bastard and cursed me saying it will not better for me and we can never sleep together in the house today and he left and went out.

So my stepmother returned and I narrated everything to her and made her known I’m leaving the house to avoid unnecessary violence again because I’ve been planning to leave the house due to everyday arguments and his nags.

The stepmother told me not to leave the house and rather he will talk to him and calm him down and everything will be fine.

I already made my mind to leave the house and stay at the hotel for some days because my friend which I could go and stay with has traveled last week and said he will be back today.

I got to the hotel and booked the room and having some rests then I saw my stepmother call and she said I should come home and we need to talk.

I sensed maybe she was trying to set me up and I told her I’m at where I’m going to sleep tonight because I just don’t want to come home today.

She said I shouldn’t even think that way and promised me nothing is going to happen.

I believed her because she knows I respected her and I knows she likes me.

Then she told me to come home and sleep and assure me no violence will happen as she just need to talk to me privately which I don’t have idea what else she want to tell me .

Now should I go home or just sleep at the hotel and probably not going to go to that house again soon if I sleep at the hotel today ?

Listen to me, At 27 years, the worst thing you will do is go back to that house to live. This is time for you to become a man and get your respect and freedom as a man. You didn't disrespect your father in any way, you did the right thing by going to return the phone to him and apologize, that shows you honour him and respect him. Since he gave you the phone back himself then you didn't do anything wrong. Listen, if you have a place you can be sleeping and feeding, go there and start hustling for your life and take responsibility as a man. God will surely bless the work of your hands, don't be afraid of the change, it's time to leave your comfort zone and be a man.

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Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Condemn's Ipob DOS For Today's Sit At Home. by Abascoh: 10:52pm On May 05, 2022

I'm done with you...

The reality of delusions is that eventually everybody wakes up and smells the coffee!

Enjoy your endless sit at home, and anarchy! Bye!!!
Exactly, you will wake up from your delusions and smell the coffee when Biafra is actualized before your very eyes.
Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Condemn's Ipob DOS For Today's Sit At Home. by Abascoh: 10:34pm On May 05, 2022

Boko Haram turned the North into a near wasteland for over a decade, have they gotten their Caliphate?!!

Burn half of the East down, not a soul in Abuja will be moved.... Honestly, they will sadistically enjoy watching you self destruct!

Even an Igbo president will never allow Nigeria break up under his watch!

Get that into your near empty skull!
No, it's you that needs to get into your empty skull the fact that the agitation for Biafra is different from whatever rubbish Boko Haram is doing in the north and Biafra will be actualized whether the zoo likes it or not.
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 10:29pm On May 05, 2022

Yes they recorded it and she might be found guilty because of video evidence
Video evidence of what? She did nothing racist there
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 10:25pm On May 05, 2022

In the real world self control is very important because it would land you in trouble, if only she shut her mouth up she wont be in this mess now
She's not in any mess, she will not be charged with anything. If anyone needs self control here, it's you black people that like running around shouting racism up and down over non issues, you guys need to get a grip on yourselves. There are real racism cases to be dealt with out there without all these unnecessary distractions coming from you guys. Sooner or later, all these crying wolf over nothing will make people start dismissing real racism cases as just another ploy by the troublesome blacks to cry racism over nothing. The war against racism is about getting justice in real cases of racism not for rabble rousers to hide under to cause trouble and spread hatred and division in the society.
Investment / Re: Why Are Most Anambra Girls Tall And Beautiful by Abascoh: 10:15pm On May 05, 2022
Because Beauty is in their blood and please Anambra bride price is not high oh

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Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Condemn's Ipob DOS For Today's Sit At Home. by Abascoh: 10:04pm On May 05, 2022

Yes that's what you are, a very big fool
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 9:54pm On May 05, 2022

The white woman should have done the same thing
Not everyone has that Patience or self control, some people will tell you to your face that your hair or mouth is smelling and you should go do something about it. That doesn't make them racist,it might make them sound rude and disrespectful but definitely not racist. There was no racism in the case in that story and that white woman won't be charged with anything. It's like you guys don't even know the meaning of racism
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 9:51pm On May 05, 2022

Telling a black woman that her hair makes you sick is racism unless the police would not have recorded the case
Police recording a case doesn't mean anyone has been found guilty of anything,it only means that a case has been reported and recorded. I didn't see anywhere in the story that the White woman was charged with any crime. And telling a black woman that her hair is smelling and making you sick is not racism. It might be rude but it's not racist in any way.
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 9:38pm On May 05, 2022
And the same woman was covering her stinking mouth with a nose mask.
Have you ever sat close to a woman whose wig or weave on is smelling? If you have them you'll not be saying that what this woman did is racism. I have experienced it at an event and it took me all my self discipline not to tell the woman to go do something about her hair. Everything is not about racism
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 9:35pm On May 05, 2022

grin, is it not even disrespectful to tell someone that in a public train? When it is coming from a black woman to a white woman it is racism and when it is coming from a white woman to a black woman it is still racism and smelly hair and a dirty shirt is not the same bro
You've not told me how the comment made by the white woman relates to racism. The word racism is being thrown around these days over any issue, I am yet to see how the confrontation described in the post had anything to do with race or where race was mentioned or referred to in any way. Was the white woman rude? Yes but racist? How?
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 9:11pm On May 05, 2022

Telling a black woman to take care of her hair in a public train is racism my guy, how about she minds her own freaking business
There's nothing racist about that except you are saying any insult against a black person is racism. If a black person's shirt is dirty and a white person tells her to go wash her cloth cos it's smelling in a public train, would that be racism?

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Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Condemn's Ipob DOS For Today's Sit At Home. by Abascoh: 9:08pm On May 05, 2022

Give them their Biafra and in one year there will be full blown civil war in their country.
So why don't you give them their Biafra since you hate them so much? Since when did you become so concerned about Igbos killing themselves? Give us our Biafra let's go and kill ourselves. What we do with ourselves no concern Una again. At least you people should be happy that the people you claim are the problem of Nigeria have gone and left your beautiful Nigeria for you.
Politics / Re: Pastor Tunde Bakare Picks APC Presidential Nomination Form by Abascoh: 8:47pm On May 05, 2022

As at the last count, there are 5 Yoruba Aspirants and 7 ibo Aspirants. I guess the kingdom of biafuro have been buttlicking each other.

-Okoro bufo
Olawepo Hashim

That's six afonja aspirants in APC, oya mention the name of six Igbo aspirants in APC let me see.
Travel / Re: Take Care Of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo(photos) by Abascoh: 8:35pm On May 05, 2022
I don't see anything that has to do with race in the comment made by the white woman. How is that comment racist?


Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Hailed At Ariaria Market, Aba(Pictures, Video) by Abascoh: 11:01am On May 05, 2022

Ok so show us a single killer herdsmen they have caught so far Abi na for dream den de catch them.
You guys obviously didn't learn anything from bokoharam. But don't worry, you will eventually learn by force!
Na wa for you oh, why will you be expecting ESN to arrest killer herdsmen? They send them to God for judgement immediately, No time.

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