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Family / Re: Roadmap To Living And Working In The US As A Qualified Nurse Or Midwife by akaahs(m): 7:24am
Just like u said, applicants must be degree holder in nursing. My wife applied through Avant Healthcare but got a feed back telling she isn't eligible because of that and she isn't having experience in a facility of 100 hundred plus bed space.
My question now is, where/how can she locate an agent or state with certification in nursing with practicing licence
Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Declares 'Nigeria For Nigeria Movement' by akaahs(m): 12:04pm On Jul 26
This one is coming very late to the lamentation ground.
Anyone that didn't realise Buhari was a monumental mistake just 2 years after 2015,and didn't start voicing out same or airing his disastrous rule,is a grand f ool!
U re right, I have to denounce my APC membership in 2017 cause I realised all Na scam.
Family / Re: My Partner Never For Once Say In Bed "Pls Stop For I Am Satisfied" by akaahs(m): 8:07pm On Jul 19

One round is too short to satisfy her. Try to use drug "anafranil" 25 mg. If she is the type that doesnt cum easily after two rounds, then masturbate her to make sure she cum.

One round will not release her sexual needs
But that drug is antidepressant used to treat symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder na
Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Begins Massive Clean-up Effort Costing BILLIONS ( Pictures) by akaahs(m): 5:37pm On Jul 19
Leadership at its peak.

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Family / Re: Married Men In The House Please Advice Me by akaahs(m): 9:49pm On Jul 18

Smile, yes bro...

Maybe because I didn't add I have got a house (4 bedroom flat) land properties too... what I don't have now as a man is car bro... anyways I won't dig deep about myself... I know myself just want to be sure of my marriage...
In my community a young guy at 22 that knows what his doing can get marry and settle perfectly fine...

What delayed me till now is my education.. I hope you understand now?
Bro forget those telling u guys are immature for marriage. Marriage is all about responsibility. Its seems u know Ur left from Ur right. I understand Ur fears, its something u can handle. Yes, it is true, when got married, u marry the whole family but there certain things u can't change like this particular one. All u need do now is to place them where they belong. Give them when u feel u want to, not as a right. Creat boundaries and principles that ll make dem not to cross.
Marry that girl!!!!!!


Romance / Re: Insecurity: What Northern Nigeria Needs. by akaahs(m): 10:12am On Jul 12
For how long will this continue?! Me i'm tired o. The least we could all do is creat awareness.

Are there no northerners on Nairaland ? Kaduna and Zaria people where are you?

Aren't you also tired??
Bro, to be honest with you, we are tired especially my people from the southern Kaduna. We hopeless and helpless, no one to run to order than our God. All want we asking is a peaceful environment to do our farming activities and manage our lives.
The pains is making so many of our youths loosing focus and track of life.
Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: 4 Signs You Are A Vagina Worshipper by akaahs(m): 9:40am On Jul 12
Chai, each time I read any of Ur article, I found myself applying them subconsciously and effortlessly.
Travel / Re: Adventures Of A UK Bound Nurse by akaahs(m): 7:50pm On Jul 11

She got an email from who?
UK doesn't discriminate against University graduate Nurses and Diploma nurses. What they are interested in is to confirm if one is duly registered with the regulatory body of the country where she was trained and they don't require that specific experience you mentioned. I think it's USA that always demand for experienced nurses in a hospital with more than 200 beds.

The first step someone that intend to travel to the UK will take is to register and write IELTS. If you pass, you can then start your application proper like NMCN verification, getting your transcripts, writing CBT, etc.
There are many recruiting agencies that will even rush you when you pass IELTS.

I advise that you consult a reputable agent that has guided someone on this before.

NB: I'm not an agent

U re right, the agent is Avant Healthcare in the US.
Thanks ma.
Career / Re: Which Is Best, Architecture Or Civil Engineering by akaahs(m): 4:35pm On Jul 09

Bro, look at the profile of those giving u advice and know where to pitch ur tent. Im a civil engineer and I must tell u the truth, architecture has no single advantage over civil engineering in the present day Nigeria. In fact, no course really has an edge in today's Nigeria - there's no job. As a civil engineer in Nigeria, u can do everything an architect does and even more. The truth of the matter is that there's no job in Nigeria, but a civil engineer has all the options an architect has and more. Architect focuses only on buildings and civil engineers can also do that, but on the flip side, a civil engineer can work on roads, drainage, water supply, construction management, surveying and a host of others; whereas an architect only works on buildings!

N.B: If I were to advise, go for electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, chemistry, physics or mathematics if u are an excellent student. After many years you will thank me.
Good advice bro. I'm a civil engineer too, not regretting being one but all the three softwares I have, I earn more money in architectural design than staadpro and civil cad.
Career / Re: Which Is Best, Architecture Or Civil Engineering by akaahs(m): 4:23pm On Jul 09

Nowadays architect go draw plan, even execute the plan and do the job for u.
The only thing architect take pass civil engineer be that.
.....and u think a civil engineer can't do that?? I'm civil engineer, proficient in auto cad and can design architectural drawings very well. I can analyse and design structural elements while an architect can't.
Career / Re: Which Is Best, Architecture Or Civil Engineering by akaahs(m): 4:22pm On Jul 09

Nowadays architect go draw plan, even execute the plan and do the job for u.
The only thing architect take pass civil engineer be that.
.....and u think a civil engineer can't do that?? I'm civil engineer, proficient in auto cad and can design architectural drawings very well, analyse and design structural elements while an architect can't.
Travel / Re: Adventures Of A UK Bound Nurse by akaahs(m): 3:26pm On Jul 09

OSCE is the final exam you need to write in the UK in order for you to get your PIN to become a UK registered Nurse. You write the exam as an international Nurse, and you will be working as either band 3 or band 4 nurse (i.e working as HCA- Health Care Assistant) until you become a registered nurse (band 5) that's when you have your PIN.
Thanks ma. My wife is the registered nurse and is eager to travel out. The last time she tried, she got an email disqualifying her because she has no BSN and lack experience in over 200 hundred hospital bed space. She has post basic in perio.
Travel / Re: Adventures Of A UK Bound Nurse by akaahs(m): 3:19pm On Jul 09

I will say that you really don't need to use agency. My wife didn't use one. She had 10 offers from different NHS trusts in the UK. We decided to go with the one that was ready to tick maintenance for the family. We're in Wolverhampton now since last year. Moreso, if I'm right, the latest update now is that agencies won't be allowed to recruit directly from some countries which Nigeria is part of. If you're going to get job in care homes, that's why you could say you need agencies. Though carehomes pay higher than the NHS, but getting job with NHS gives more stability in terms of job sustainability. I've worked my wife through all the process of relocating to the UK from the beginning when the journey started, now we're in UK going to 10 months now.

O woow, my wife is a registered nurse here in Nigeria and she is eager to leave. The last time we tried an agent, she got an email from them telling her, she isn't qualify because she is working with a rural hospital with less than 200 bed space. Again, they looking for BSN holder.
What's the link to get started with NHS?
How can one know if they are genuine?
Education / Re: What Is The Worst University Course To Study? by akaahs(m): 1:35pm On Jul 09
Have you head about B.A Christian Studies??

If you have no intentions of becoming a pastor, avoid the course
Chai, u just remind me of a friend that graduated with such degree.
Career / Re: What Money-Making Skill Do You Have Or Wish To Learn? by akaahs(m): 9:25pm On Jul 08
1. Structural design and construction of multi storey highrise buildings.
2. Design and construction of special structures like Dams, Waterworks, and Jetty.
Wow, u most be a civil engineer. I am one too, only looking for practical experience especially in road construction or dam

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Travel / Re: Adventures Of A UK Bound Nurse by akaahs(m): 2:22pm On Jul 08

After IELTS, you have every employer/agents running after you because they are in need of nurses.
It wasn't difficult at all.
It is possible to apply directly to a hospital but by my own observations, it is more stressful.
I applied through an agency.
Please do not pay any agent because they are being paid by the employers for their job.
After my IELTS, I sent my CV to my agency which I consider very professional, judging from the openness on their site.
They set me up for a Skype interview, and I got the job.
After that all the paper work began and I took the CBT exam; UK Nursing competency part 1 exam.
The part 2 which is OSCE would be done in the UK.
I hope I have answered your questions correctly.
Please can u further break them;
-how and which of the site to get IELTS exam, how can one prepare for it for better scores
-the name of the agent u use
-what is OSCE.
Travel / Re: Adventures Of A UK Bound Nurse by akaahs(m): 1:46pm On Jul 08
Please the link to get started with IELTS UKVI

The question is why would I leave in the first place?
Simple answer is I was tired. Tired of the structure, staffing, poor opportunities, I felt stuck and just wanted more.
I wanted to see what's going on out there. I wanted to be part of a standard setting and reach for my dreams which seems impossible for me or would have taken so much time. This wasn't about money. It's about fulfilment.
So, my dream of working abroad started about 2 years after school of nursing. I was working but not happy, after going for post basic program, I still felt stuck somewhere even with a public service job. With all the experiences I don't want to bore is with, I finally made up my mind in October 2018.
Booked IELTS UKVI, in January and did the test March 1st. It came out well.
Then I searched for a potential employer, did the interview and was offered appointment.
So, paper work began.
Romance / Re: Marrying As A Man When You Are Not Financially Stable by akaahs(m): 11:08pm On Jul 07
There are different dimensions to the issue.

Biologically there is a competition for whose genes will inherit the earth. If you don't make babies then the offspring of one idiot will inherit the world so you need to add your genes to the mix
Exactly my point, Na aboki dey threatening us up and down with numbers to win election. Aboki we dey shine shoes don 3-6 children for house oo
Romance / Re: Marrying As A Man When You Are Not Financially Stable by akaahs(m): 10:55pm On Jul 07
Aboki wey dey shine una shoes dey born 5-6 children and later him politician brothers go begin threatening u guys with numbers to win election.

But who told is u ll make the money u need to leave a luxury or comfortable life?? What if God arrange am Na Ur pikin go make d money, so go delay Ur destiny or what??

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Romance / Re: Marrying As A Man When You Are Not Financially Stable by akaahs(m): 10:49pm On Jul 07
As a young man, DO NOT let anyone, whether married or not to deceive you that money does not matter in marriage. The truth is that money solves more than half of the problems in marriage, especially in a Nigerian society.

This does not mean that you must be a millionaire or be rolling in money, but have the financial capacity to provide the basic things humans need for living, and luxuries inclusive.

Any home you enter where the man commands maximum respect, observe closely, he is living up to his responsibilities as a man. There is no respect from any woman for that man who cannot provide the basic necessities. Don't let anyone deceive you. That girl that tells you today that she will run any length for you will turn to a tigress tomorrow in marriage if the major finance comes from her.

If you would be respected, make sure you have a source of income that brings a substantial amount that can provide basic necessities and at least, modest luxuries.
Na so u go dey mislead people wey no dey reason both ways. Aboki wey dey shine Ur shoes dey born ,5-6 children with the meagre income later him brothers go come dey threatene u guys with numbers to win election. Una no go get sense.
Politics / Re: Electoral Law Without Electronic Transmission Of Results Invitation To Anarchy by akaahs(m): 6:42am On Jul 06

does that make APC competent, have life improved with their cross carpeting? Have your life improved think about it
Does he have a brain to even think??
Sports / Re: How Sport Bet Ruined And Destroyed Me For 7 Years by akaahs(m): 2:01pm On Jul 05
Government could have regulated this nonsense, but no they won't, it's social media they want to regulate
On the way to review the laws regulating them. The way bet companies are emanating is alarming.


Politics / Re: Ndi Igbo Stand For One Nigeria by akaahs(m): 8:18am On Jul 05

No one is confused. We all know the game. That comment from a purported Igbo man is just a survival mechanism. All Igbos want Biafra and will fight for it. What alternative is to Biafra? A second class citizen not worthy of being a president? Come on, no real Igbo man is that daft or servile. Whatever you see the fulani terrorists doing on nairaland is to try and paint a picture of a sound Nigeria where Igbos are comfortable but we all know it's not true. It's madness doing so but for some reasons they think it might work.
Ndigbo know that there's no future in Nigeria. Being among the first 3 biggest tribes in Africa and not having the control over your land cannot be acceptable by any reasonable person. Even smaller tribes have and control their own countries.
For the isolation of a leader you stated, we know that too. We loved Ojukwu and love Nnamdi Kanu. We might have few areas of disagreement but we all know that the point of the agitation is solid hence we stand together till the end. You can see some of them already vilifying Ojukwu just so they can zoom on MNK praying one way or the other that Igbos can fall for the trick of abandoning him. We are wiser and we know the game.
The odds against Igbos were so much because our fellow southerners didn't understand the magnitude of what's at stake in the 60s. Igbos bore the brunt of it till last year when the scales started falling off the eyes of them. It's now that a lot of them are beginning to understand the game. If it were to be only between Igbos and Fulanis, it won't even last long before the terrorists are thrown back to Futa Jalon.
God Bless Biafra
We are watching from the middle belt
Politics / Re: Ndi Igbo Stand For One Nigeria by akaahs(m): 7:26am On Jul 05
Confused set of people. Law 42: Strike the shepherd to scatter the sheep. Isolate the leader. That's exactly what they doing una.
Romance / Re: When Is Likely Her Ovulation Period? by akaahs(m): 11:16pm On Jul 04

She is my wife
Just google ovolation calculator, it ask d last day and menstrual cycle, it ll calculate for u
Romance / Re: When Is Likely Her Ovulation Period? by akaahs(m): 11:14pm On Jul 04

She is my wife
Just google ovolation calculator, it ask d last day of Ur wife cycle and calculate for u
Sports / Re: Crystal Palace Appoints Patrick Vieira As New Manager by akaahs(m): 4:08pm On Jul 04
One of the greatest migrant player from Senegal with a Cape Verde or Cabo Verde mother to France at the age of 8.

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Politics / Re: Zamfara State Governor Formally Defect To APC by akaahs(m): 7:21am On Jun 30
embarassedThis is defection of necessity. The truth must be told that in a free and fair election it almost impossible to win in Zamfara as a PDP governor just as it is to win in Imo State as an APC governor.
It can only be through the court.
If at all a free and fair election ll b allow then I will take u serious.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Tests S-400 Missiles In Crimea Amid Tensions With Ukraine by akaahs(m): 9:46pm On Jun 29
I only love Russia for one individual "Putin"
Politics / Re: NLC Mobilises For Fresh Kaduna Strike, Alleges Breach Of Agreement by akaahs(m): 6:04am On Jun 23
We don suffer too much in hand of hell-rufai, make una just leave him, we go manage him till 2023.
Politics / Re: Did You Know Buhari Is Building A TRAIN Manufacturing Plant In Nigeria? by akaahs(m): 1:07pm On Jun 19

We are alive. Stop relying on what you read in the media that overblows everything negative.

How many of us have been hurt, or personally know anyone that's been hurt in any violence?

Less than 1%, I'm sure.

Make we hear word abeg.
The less than 1% hurt ll visit u, family and relatives then u understand how they feel. Ode
Family / Re: Little Boy Dies In Kaduna House Fire (Photos) by akaahs(m): 12:50pm On Jun 19

I am not a fan of El-Rufai but no government in Kaduna has done what he is doing in Kaduna!!!

I rest
What has he done exactly?? Is it the division or lopsided appointments or development

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