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Nairaland / General / Re: I Tend To Lie Unnecessarily. Please Help by Akanoaaa(m): 11:48pm On Nov 27
Write application latter to Ministry of information. If you know you know


Politics / Re: Oyetola: I Leave Behind ₦‎14 Billion Cash, Paid ₦‎97b Debt Without Borrowing by Akanoaaa(m): 10:50am On Nov 27
I have a feeling Osun would miss this man, Adeleke is a calamity waiting to happen.

Even if Adeleke himself is a calamity, people around him won't allow him to happen. Oga go and rest
Politics / Re: ₦‎1k Challenge: Labour Party Seeks Monetary Donation From The Public (Photos) by Akanoaaa(m): 12:32pm On Nov 25
I thought they don't give shishi
Watin dey want use 1k for?

Na water dem go put inside motors wey go carry dem go campaign? Abi dem no go pay for the chairs, tables etc dem go use for the campaign? They want to use the money for necessary things not for bribing voters. Get sense.


Family / Re: Martha, The Pregnant Lady Commits Suicide After Husband Caught Her With A Pastor by Akanoaaa(m): 9:28pm On Nov 21
Last ritual through doggy? No be juju be that?
Sports / Re: It's Not Coming Home Because Of Maguire: Iran Trolls England by Akanoaaa(m): 3:14pm On Nov 21
And he got an assist already. Shame to them


Sports / Re: Qatar 2022: Which Team Are You Rooting For As The Winner? by Akanoaaa(m): 10:47pm On Nov 20
Ghana and Argentina
NYSC / Re: Faith Ehimare: Nigerian 'Virgin Corper' Brags About Her Purity (Photos) by Akanoaaa(m): 3:40pm On Nov 17

Longest time sir
Very long time brother. How have you been?
NYSC / Re: Faith Ehimare: Nigerian 'Virgin Corper' Brags About Her Purity (Photos) by Akanoaaa(m): 2:05pm On Nov 17
I also have a current serving Corper virgin as a friend. She graduated from OAU and serving in Oyo state.

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Politics / Re: Kidnapped FGC Yauri Student Gives Birth In Bandits’ Camp by Akanoaaa(m): 11:08am On Nov 14
Na bcuz dem be Christian. Have you ever heard something like that happened to a Muslim girl?
Politics / Re: Pa Adebanjo: At 94 I May Not Be Alive. U're The One To Suffer If You Vote Tinubu by Akanoaaa(m): 7:53pm On Nov 08

Invest your resources wisely... This is a waste of data and time

Ogbeni gbe gbogbo enu oshi e danu jare arindin. You might be the first sense less person from osun. I'm from osun, odeomu precisely and I have never met brain dead person like you. Either you want to die or live, It's Obi.


Business / Re: 15-Year-Old ₦‎500 Note Currently In Circulation (Pictured) by Akanoaaa(m): 6:41pm On Nov 01
Here is 17 years own.

Travel / Re: Lagos Blue Line Trains On Their Way From China (Photos & Video). by Akanoaaa(m): 11:13am On Oct 29
And some stu pid people are already attributing this to Tinubu
Family / Re: I Saw A Dead Family Friend Two Years Later by Akanoaaa(m): 9:53pm On Oct 28
I entered a bus with my dad in 2010 around Jakpa junction. We were the only passengers. After about a minute or so my dad asked em to stop.

We came down only for him to tell me that the driver n conductor were not human beings lol.

I didn't notice anything. Just that they were deathly lean and very dark.

Wetin elderly person see while he or she sit down, if a child climb iroko tree e no fit see am
Family / Re: I Saw A Dead Family Friend Two Years Later by Akanoaaa(m): 8:55pm On Oct 28
No matter what anyone does please don't do this...

Politics / Re: Redesigning Of Naira Notes: Retain The English & Arabic Languages - Adamu Garba by Akanoaaa(m): 2:39pm On Oct 27
The ARABIC written on the naira note is Hausa and not anything ISLAMIC

Just like the LABOUR PARTY Governorship candidate in kano used in his signage

It is called AJAMI

It can be read by an average hausa man who didnt attent WESTERN BASED CURRICULUM SCHOOLS(ENGLISH)

I agree with you, but do you know it's not only Hausa we have in this country? If they must include Ajami that is Hausa language, then they have to include Ibo and Yoruba language. There are also millions of Yoruba and Ibo that can't read English but their local languages.

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Crime / Re: Alaba Traders Receiving Treatments After Clash With Thugs by Akanoaaa(m): 12:17pm On Oct 20

Which freedom?

Dem drag you from your village to mount shop in Lagos?

Go back to your yeast already .

Oga gbenu oshi danu. As a Nigerian, you have every right to live anywhere in Nigeria.


Food / Re: Mackerel: How Do I Identify Original From This Fish? by Akanoaaa(m): 8:19pm On Oct 19
A is the original, B is fake, we call it Kampala.
Celebrities / Re: The Moment Teni Received Award From President Buhari by Akanoaaa(m): 11:07am On Oct 12
She's just not a pretender.


Politics / Re: World Bank, China… Here Are Nigeria’s Top Five Creditors by Akanoaaa(m): 9:18am On Oct 07

2001 post where Obasanjo said he would replicate Tinubu's Achievements in Lagos in Abuja.


2012 throwback where Nairaland complained about obi administration after 6 years in office


Answer the question I asked you.
Politics / Re: World Bank, China… Here Are Nigeria’s Top Five Creditors by Akanoaaa(m): 7:10pm On Oct 04
Wow, borrowers league.
One day, all this borrowing would be cleared Sha.

We reasonable Nigerians will vote the best candidate by looking at their respective states and regions and vote for the best candidate based on the development in their states in terms of infrastructure security investment economy, revenue generation, HDI GDP

A foolish Nigerian choice.




We are tired of people trooping to Lagos, let the development spread equally, for a greater nation.

Small money rivers made last year, wike was already shouting, he won't send money to fg again.

This is the must senseless comment I ever seen on nairaland this month. Please, how was Lagos state before Tinubu became Governor and which state was better than Lagos before he became Governor of Lagos state?

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Romance / Re: How My Friend Wasted His ₦1.2M Life Savings Within 3 Months In Port Harcourt by Akanoaaa(m): 12:08pm On Sep 26
Why don't he use the money to start a small business instead of looking for job that may never come?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran's President Abandons CNN Interview As Amanpour Refuses To Wear Head Scarf by Akanoaaa(m): 9:07am On Sep 23
Why these people always trying to force the way of their life on people? Why can't they respect someone else choice for once? Must everything go their way?

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Politics / Re: Meet The Four (4) Biafra War Heroes Who Are Yoruba - by Akanoaaa(m): 9:09am On Sep 19

I've already addressed this misleading and poignant ignorance in my rebuttal above you already.

And once again to cure your ignorance, the largest and most successful Biafran campaign in the war was the ABAGANA AMBUSH and not your fairytale nonsense about Banjo's heroics in the Midwest (cause the events that played out in the Midwest campaign proves your assertions to be pure bullsh!t)

Google the Abagana Ambush led by the one and only Colonel Joe Achuzie (Hannibal of Biafra), and cure your stupidity. That was the ambush that headlined almost all media outlets and correspondents of both the BBC and American newspapers/TV for its devastatingly remarkable outcome.

Do I have to drag anything with you? You people are known for ingrate and victim mentality. So, keep you moonlight tale to yourself.
Politics / Re: Meet The Four (4) Biafra War Heroes Who Are Yoruba - by Akanoaaa(m): 11:23am On Sep 17
They will still come and tell you that Yoruba are their problem.

Emmanuel Ifeajuna & Ayo Banjo were killed in the most controversial way ever. But they will never talk about it.

Do you mind them?
Victor banjo fought gallantly for the biafra,he was betrayed by biafra Gov, he led the highest counter attacked so far recorded during the biafra war(battle of Ore), he was the main force, the commander of operation torch, after helping biafra captured the whole of the Midwest region that consist the south south today, he was framed up by biafra outlying to over throw ojukwu, transported to enugu and executed by the biafrans, on the 19 September 1967 few days after his arrest by the people he was fighting for, benin city was retaken by nigeria troops which saw ojukwu regrets his execution. But till today, they never acknowledge the sacrifices some Yoruba made for them during the war, instead, they see Yoruba as their worst enemy.

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Politics / Meet The Four (4) Biafra War Heroes Who Are Yoruba - by Akanoaaa(m): 11:14am On Sep 17
Biafran Heroes of Yoruba Extraction Not many of us remember the Yoruba soldiers who fought gallantly on the side of Biafra. This is a quick attempt to remember some of them now.

1.Lt Col Victor Banjo.
He was one of the first graduates to join the army alongside Ojukwu and others. The two were best of friends according to public records and individual accounts. When Ojukwu released the January 15 coup suspects in the Eastern region after the revenge coup ,Banjo stayed in the government house with him while the rest were accommodated elsewhere in Independent Layout, Enugu. Banjo led the 3,000 strong Biafran brigade known as the "Liberation Army of Nigeria" and also called the "Midwest Expeditionary Force" in the planned invasion of Lagos. His forces reached Benin within 12 hours on August 9,1967. By this time, Nigerian forces had captured Biafran towns of Obudu, Garkem,Ogoja, Nsukka heading to Enugu and Bonny, heading to Port Harcourt. Banjo's arguments with Ojukwu resulted in fatal tactical delays in Benin and Ore enroute Lagos for several days. He was recalled back to Enugu alongside his deputy and Quartermaster; Major Ifeajuna, court-martialed and executed with 3 others in September 1967. Lt Col Banjo was the highest ranking Yoruba in the Biafran army.

2.Major Wale Ademoyega
One of the five majors that toppled the government of Balewa on January 15,1966, he was released from Warri prison during the Midwest invasion in August 1967 by a battalion led by Major
Chukwuka; another of the five Jan 15 majors. He first commanded the Biafra newly reorganised 19th Battalion but replaced Ifeajuna as the "Liberation Army" Quartermaster General when he (Ifeajuna) was recalled back to Enugu with his commander; Col Banjo. Ademoyega wrote a book on the Jan 15 coup titled Why We Struck. He was arrested by federal soldiers after the war, faced the military commission and was detained until October 1974.

3.Capt Ganiyu Adeleke.
He was one of the Jan 15 officers released by Ojukwu. He cordinated the Biafra 18 Battalion at Onitsha as Infantry Company commander with Major Chukwuka in readiness for the Midwest invasion. He distinguished himself in the charge toward Ore and later become an instructor at the Biafra School of Infantry. When other Biafran soldiers who took part in the Midwest invasion were released from prison in 1974 after Gowon granted them pardon, Capt Adeleke, Lt Col Ochei and "Col Hannibal"Achuzia were exempted from pardon and remained imprisoned.

4.Lt Fola Oyewole
He also joined in setting up the Biafra 18th Battalion at Onitsha and commanded the D Company that liberated Ughelli, parts of Sapele and Warri during the Midwest expedition. Lt Oyewole is one of the first soldier to write a very instructive book on the civil war titled the Reluctant Rebel. It is a credible account of the civil war from the eyes of an active Biafran army commander who is not from the East. Oyewole is also one of the Biafran soldiers detained by the federal government after the war and released in 1974.

Other notable Yoruba who opposed the federal government on the Biafra war include but not limited to:
1.Wole Soyinka
2.Tai Solarin
3.Prof Hezekiah Oluwasanmi; former Vice Chancellor of OAU Ife (1966-1975)
The pictures below are arranged in line with the arrangement of the article with only Capt. Adeleke missing in the pictures.

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Travel / Re: Which State Has The Worst Capital In Nigeria? by Akanoaaa(m): 5:14pm On Sep 15
Oshogbo? Lol. Seems you never been there.


Family / Re: Mothers Please Advice A Frustrated Married Man. by Akanoaaa(m): 3:59pm On Sep 14
Oga let her be jare, which one is your wife stays late. Authority.
I didn't see any tangible reason from all you mentioned above
What happened to being a sweet husband, I bet your controlling personality is what putting her off sexually.
Be her man, draw her closer to you, in terms of emotions let her rely on you, look away over little things, get her a help if she needs it.

Men should stop the idea of I married her so giving me sex is her responsibility, actually it's her responsibility but she owns the puxxy, you must be soft to get it no matter how strong you think you are else you go still get it but e no go sweet or belleful you. If you do things right na she go dey come for it.

Woman wrapper don talk.

Someone who will wake up by 4am and still not allow to sleep by 12 and the wife was at home throughout the day o? Your sense is as size as ant own.


Family / Re: My Parents Destroyed My Life In Guise Of Love, I'm Now Depressed Daily by Akanoaaa(m): 10:13am On Sep 14
You're the one who is not serious yourself. That 1 year at nysc should be enough to turn things around for yourself. But there are you asking for advise less than 3 months to spend there. Anyways, wish you best of luck.
Fashion / Re: Why Do Ladies Like To Flip Their Polo And Allow It Hang On Their Waist? by Akanoaaa(m): 7:03pm On Sep 09
What sort of nonsense question is this?

It's only natural for a shirt that is not tucked in to roll up while walking, even for a guy.

Sometimes you lift it up to sit down and don't bother taking it back down when you stand up.

Sometimes they want to have easier access to their pockets to take and return their phone or money or key easily.

My point is, it is a very harmless unintentional phenomenon.
Why make a big deal out of it?

I think you're living in a village or probably you are a kid. I believe something like this was not happening 5 years ago. You will hardly see a girl without flip up their polo these days.

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Celebrities / Re: "If Wizkid Wasn't My Guy, I'd Punch Him In The Face" - Burna Boy by Akanoaaa(m): 5:33pm On Sep 07
Well said african giant
All these afonjas need to stop hype this boy

Well said, but he will prefer to associate himself with Afonjas than osu nyemiri


Travel / Re: Man Attempting To Cross Into Italy By Sea From Libya Changes His Mind (Video) by Akanoaaa(m): 9:39am On Sep 03

Yes bro I’m very fine
Wow.. At the end of the sad story, I'm happy to hear this from you.


Romance / Re: My Landlord Son Took My Girlfriend away From Me...I might revenge by Akanoaaa(m): 10:18am On Aug 31
Knack craze comot the sisters of the guy. E go pain am pass but still save money to park out. grin

Listen to this guy op. Most importantly, save money to park out.

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