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Politics / Re: Those Talking About Restructuring Have Nothing To Say - Buhari by Amaechi2023(m): 2:11pm On Jun 20
Politics / Re: 100 Million Will Be Paid To Anyone Who Can Provide Nnamdi Kanu - Northern Group by Amaechi2023(m): 10:43pm On Jun 17
Something for ipob to hype their online ego..
Politics / Re: Twitter Deletes Nnamdi Cownu Inflammatory Posts After Ban by Amaechi2023(m): 6:37pm On Jun 05
There only two rabbits that can post this sort of news : Zombies and Head-slamming Afonjas
isint it too bad already for you that you think everything is all about fighting buhari that is chilling in the villa rather than opening your concience to obvious reality and be rational in your comments? dont you understat=nd the fact that your comment should be and express of opinion and not show of stupidity?
guy use your brain and comment and not just for commenting sake.
smh for your kinds..


Politics / Re: Elrufai Presidency Vs Ortom Presidency Which Is Better? by Amaechi2023(m): 10:17am On May 14
Go and tell your short devil terrorist to warn his terrorist brothers away from Benue. we all know the reason you terrorist and it's evil sympathizers are constantly attacking Benue but you will not succeed... you never did succeed and you will never do.
go tell your short devil satanic governor to pay 20,000 Kaduna state workers salaries.
Insecurities.. in this country if any governor will complaint about insecurities it should not be Elufai. Abu we all here are aware of the evil happenings in Kaduna state orchestrated by Elufai himself.

And warn him to stop killing Southern Kaduna people with the guise of bandits... we are aware of Elufai evil agenda against Kaduna South.

Evil people all over.
Ortom have all reasons to cry because even the federal government is against Benue people... we know by their actions and words....

Leave Ortomatic alone.... and don't forget the poor 20,000 workers salaries, the safety of Southern Kaduna people, rescue those Knapp secondary, primary and tertiary students, before your evil brothers Will kill them with rape and homo. Evil people....

Don't forget to warn your brothers to stay clear from Benue state.
20000 people owed a month salaries and you are wailing. how about we talk about ortom whos oweing all the state teachers over 1year plus salaries and leave elrufai thats oweing just 1 month.. seems the people of benue have turned zombie or are too broke to even protest their salary arrears.. rubbish!!!
Politics / Re: Elrufai Presidency Vs Ortom Presidency Which Is Better? by Amaechi2023(m): 10:14am On May 14

Elrufai that's pays terrorists money and doesn't do anything to protect kaduna south people?

Is he not the governor of kaduna state?
elrufai doesnt have total control on kaduna state security, its unfortunate the security challenges hes facing already in his state which is 5* greater than what benue is facing. but in his own way hes put up security measures to curb the menance. unlike ortom whos more concerned about the media publicty rather than competence
Politics / Re: Elrufai Presidency Vs Ortom Presidency Which Is Better? by Amaechi2023(m): 7:51am On May 14

Divide and rule...

You guys are now so afraid that you cannot hide it any longer!

We already know you people.

This format no dey work again!
oga which one be the format no dey work again??

Hardly you see northerner's create topic concerning the southern states, they have zero business about the south but rather it's you people parading the forum with hausa christain, fulani are not hausa, middlebelt is not north e.t.c.

Ogbeni go and siddon if you have nothing to say..

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Politics / Elrufai Presidency Vs Ortom Presidency Which Is Better? by Amaechi2023(m): 7:44am On May 14
Going by the way they handle their respective states, let's acess how el-rufai and ortom would be when given the seat of power.

Ortom reign as president.

Blames Ecowas for country's security challenges.
Blames EU for country's security challenges.
Blames America for country security challenge.
Do nothing about the security challenges of the country.
Organise massive media burial for the lost victims.
Owe workers salaries
Keep oweing workers salaries and cry to TV stations stating how Nigeria labour force is above the revenue generated.
Zero project construction.
Make it a political affairs and decamp to the rival party.
Still continue the same cycle of blame game and media sympathy.

Elrufai presidency.

Keeps taking drastic and proactive measures in tacking insecurities.
Hardly have issues on salaries.
Massive project construction ongoing.
Align with what holds the country political and economic interest.
Taking harsh but necessary decisions.

Which of these 2 are reasonable in your own opinion??

Cos I'm certain even benue citizens would choose el-rufai ahead of ortom 1million times.

There's a reason why people blame buhari for benu insecurities but blame el-rufai for kaduna insecurities.
The reason is simple, the one with even lesser security issue always appear helpless and looking for someone to blame for his failure while the other with higher security issue is always taking the challenges as it comes not minding the presidency whether he's doing something or not..

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Education / Re: Throwback Of School Girls Of Northern Nigeria In 1966 by Amaechi2023(m): 6:28am On May 13
In northern Naija without hijab

Oga easy.
These look like the yoruba ladies. shocked
the north are not religious freaks, non Muslim girls are allowed without hijab.
On most situation, you see the christains girls wearing hijab voluntarily.
It mostimes look better..

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Politics / Re: Watch As UGM Attack A Police Station In Orlu Yesterday, Police Rescue Team Fled. by Amaechi2023(m): 6:05am On May 13
Four biggest take-always from this video

(1) Even amidst the chaos of heavy gunfire, some people can still be seen in the video casually just walking around like it's a normal day for them, appears Orlu people are either fearless or they are used to the sound of gunfights already...

(2) Those ESN guys doing the attacking seemed very organized and military-like in their operation, where are they getting their training from? it also appears they had some explosives which they used to blow something up towards the end of the video. Even after the operation, they converged back to their vehicles in a very orderly and coordinated manner like they had rehearsed the whole thing.

(3) The police armored personnel carrier that showed up to confront the gunmen knew better than to stay there for any longer than necessary, the security personnels quickly realized this fight was far beyond them and quitely made a U-turn.

(4) The guy who did the live recording is really BRAVE, the possibility of been hit by stray bullets didn't seem to faze him one bit despite been in the direct line of the whole chaos, he should be very careful next time cause stray bullet no dey look face!
ohhh na the new trend be this.
Na this one una dey copy and paste abi?

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Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Attack 2 Police Stations In Akwa Ibom State (Photos) by Amaechi2023(m): 2:08pm On May 12

Nwokem Go and sit down. Police and Army are the real terrorists. Didn’t you see what they did to the young businessman Imo State. Our Leaders know why this UGM are striking so hard. They should address their grievances reparation to the relatives of all those unjustly murdered by the Nigerian Security Forces. Stop pretending you don’t know that the youths are really angry.
yea i would have given zero Bleep if only your kinds are the types that accept the consequencies of their actions. but nooo.. when the consequence comes knocking, your kinds are the first to start blaming the entire country except yourselves..
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Attack 2 Police Stations In Akwa Ibom State (Photos) by Amaechi2023(m): 9:45am On May 12
Funny how people still hail the the activities of these men..
Only men with foresight understands the consequences of these acts.

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Romance / Re: Please Stop It!! Don Jazzy Cries Out As Different Ladies Flood His Dm With Nudes by Amaechi2023(m): 11:21pm On May 11
This Don jazzy no dey check him weight?

omoh the guy been run over 20pressr up for one TV program.
Even fit men his age cant try that.

More like he for overhyper weigh if not for the exercises..

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Politics / Re: Army Reacts To Killing Of Watermelon Seller By Soldier by Amaechi2023(m): 10:30pm On May 11

Yeah, they recruit and fill top military position, service chiefs, police IG, efcc chief, dss boss, nnpc and custom with south easterners. Infact the northern custom boss sacked was replace by south eastern boss.
while they recruit and fill the top economic position with CBN governor, Minister of petroleum and labour, minister of solid minerals including the chairman of the economic team with as osibanjo.
The north keeps generating revenue and risking it's lives while the south produce propaganda and mismanage our economy.
Sanusi reign as CBN governor vs emefiele is quite high in difference then..
Politics / Re: Army Reacts To Killing Of Watermelon Seller By Soldier by Amaechi2023(m): 8:39pm On May 11

Oya look at nnpc, custom and military, who occupy there most? Or is south east dead brains?
if only you did proper research and not your nepotical research, you'll find out that the military recruits similar amount of candidates per state into it's rank.
The list are there in the newspaper.
Politics / Re: Army Reacts To Killing Of Watermelon Seller By Soldier by Amaechi2023(m): 8:38pm On May 11
Hmm, what is the difference between solider and army?
airforce, Navy and army are the three top military units.
They are all soldiers.
Army is just the land version of soldiers..
Politics / Re: Army Reacts To Killing Of Watermelon Seller By Soldier by Amaechi2023(m): 8:34pm On May 11
It happened in Zamfara so it's expected they would react immediately...
Let such occurrence happen in SE you will never hear a thing
hypocracy and lies against the north would choke you someday.
Rubbish, keep playing the victim mentality..
Politics / Re: Amaechi Inaugurates 11-Man Investigative Committee To Probe Hadiza Bala-Usman by Amaechi2023(m): 10:48am On May 11

Now that both of them are at loggerheads, what next?
Since a fight against Hadiza Bala is a fight against El-rufai
political disagreement is allowed.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Inaugurates 11-Man Investigative Committee To Probe Hadiza Bala-Usman by Amaechi2023(m): 3:35pm On May 10
Bigger thief investigating a smaller thief.

Where is Amaechi2023? come here and choose between your Jihadist master El-rufai and your Political master Amaechi.
the goal has been a less tribalistic and generally acceptable amaechi with positive track records as a leader and a tictical/intelligent vice president whos prudent in taking quality decisions..
Politics / Re: If Hadiza Bala Usman Is Not A Northerner, The Internet Would Have Being On Fire by Amaechi2023(m): 11:29pm On May 08
Honestly I've been wondering why the internet keeps forcing the news of this woman down our throats.
Who's hadiza, how has she affected the people ls growth, how did she became a public interest.
Things I don't just understand why the media keeps forcing her on us..
Politics / Re: Insecurity: US Won’t Relocate Africa Command To Nigeria, Pentagon Replies Buhari by Amaechi2023(m): 8:29am On May 08
Any form of assistance from the US won't be possible.
Same people who are sabotaging the fight, rubbish!!

One thing the us don't know is that Nigeria is one great country, things might seem hard as it stands but trust me, we would survive them all and the US and European countries would all now in shame..
Politics / Re: How Amaechi Got Buhari To Suspend Hadiza Bala Usman Amid ‘Cold War’ - The Cable by Amaechi2023(m): 9:22pm On May 07
She will be soon be replaced by another Hadiza, or Aisha, or Halima
read una no go read, the details clearly stated that he was replaced by one Mr Koko.
Former zenith bank manager from.ribers state.

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Politics / Re: You Won’t Get Presidency By Threatening Secession, El-rufai Clears Igbo by Amaechi2023(m): 8:13pm On May 07

Igbos have to fear El Rufai. The man has special hatred for us. Why must he make that kind of embarrassing comment?
as though igbos like him.
He's blunt here, you can't like those who hate you.
Na only Jesus do like that..

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Politics / Re: Lauretta Onochie: Igbo Leaders Responsible For Insecurity In The South-East by Amaechi2023(m): 6:42pm On May 07
I think this is beyond other leaders, even the citizens are guilty here and I repeat no word of advice would make them see reasons.
Their hatred for buhari and opposition have even made them hate good policies from the govt .
At this junction, I urge other region to protect themselves from the foolishness of the east.
Bokoharam would be child play when these guys expand their base..

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Politics / Re: El-Rufai: We Were Ready To Lose Students In Planned Bandits’ Bombardment by Amaechi2023(m): 12:38pm On May 07
I totally agree with the part that no negotiations with terrorist,

I don’t agree with the part of killing innocent students or victims coz of the negligence of both state , federal and locals that aid and abets criminals
it's not all about being correct in the media bro, whatever situation Nigeria finds itself today the masses as much as the leaders have their own share of blame, we all brought it upon ourselves.
When the govt protested against high birthrates, the masses are quick to criticize the policy.
People give birth to children they can't take care of. The result today is banditry.
Now we can continue to sound politically correct like your statement which directly condemn kidnaping but indirectly support negotiation or we learn from our mistakes and grab the bull by the horn by facing the reality and preventing future occurrence.
Imagine how much was paid for the release of ferestry school students and you expect a sane person to quit a job so lucrative as that.

My brother, the el-rufai way is the only way we have now other wise this words of yours is just a mirage, negotiating would only increase the base of the business..
Politics / Re: El-Rufai: We Were Ready To Lose Students In Planned Bandits’ Bombardment by Amaechi2023(m): 5:19am On May 07

If only you had bothered to read it well sir. He just explained in simple terms that leadership is a lot of hardwork . That talk is cheap and typing few uncouth and unpatriotic words to disparage his effort on faceless forums and media is the easy and lazy part.
He is taking very tough decisions in the face of difficult circumstances. Just when Kaduna started climbing up in igr, the enemies of progress tried to turn back the wheel of progress.
He is a strong leader and I applaud his brilliance and clarity of mind. He is a dogged fighter and I pray he succeeds.

Kaduna, even in military governments, has always been a hotbed of the worst forms of violence and inter-ethnic cleansing but HE El Rufai and his predecessors have achieved so so much to tone down the violence and the result is the progress we witnessed in their igr. Kaduna Indigenes must defend their state against bandits and terrorists.

They are lucky to have a hardworking and passionate leader, I urge them to support him and Ignore those who hate him and therefore demarketing his great effort.

Well done HE El Rufai. May God bless you. May your labour of love and sacrifice in service of Kaduna & Nigeria bear great returns.
Don't relent and don't give up. Remain focused and forget the media, especially social media, doing the bidding of the highest bidder for their dwindling unpatriotic service. Nigeria will defeat all the enemies of Nigeria including sponsored insurrectionists like Sunday Igboho,anarchists like Sowore and terrorists like the Boko Haram and IPOB terrorists.

The good news is that ordinary Nigerians are claiming back their land physically and spiritually. I received the message below at 3a.m this morning. Now, you can imagine people praying against the enemies of Nigeria around such hour. It is pouring hot coal on the heads of the enemies of Nigeria online & offline.visit www.freestuffsng.com for latest freestuffs in Nigeria. God bless Kaduna .God bless Nigeria. Nigeria is winning!
thank you.
Most nairalanders are too lazy to face the reality on ground.
Elrufai has stated the obvious fact.
Rather than keep paying cash ransome while they keep expanding their base it's better we face the reality and admit to the fact of casualties.
May God guide el-rufai in his decision making.

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Fashion / Re: The Lingerie Our Mothers Used To Seduce Our Fathers Then by Amaechi2023(m): 11:11pm On May 06
the one our kids would use on us.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by Amaechi2023(m): 10:13pm On May 05

I sincerely pray Chelsea wins this cup even as a United fan. I hate Man City with passion. Tbh I'm happy it's Chelsea over Madrid at the finals cos City would white wash Madrid.
e be like say you ma modern day man.u fan or you dey stay for England hence the natchester hatred.
Here in Naija, those of us when watch football when Mourinho announced himself to the game in the early 2000s knows woman Chester fans would rather prefer their 1 million naira bet9ja ticket cut that to allow Chelsea win..


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by Amaechi2023(m): 9:59pm On May 05
We yaff finally done it..
This victory go choke man.u fans till tomorrow, even if them qualify against Roma, e no go still sweet them..

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: AS Roma Appoints Jose Mourinho As Head Coach by Amaechi2023(m): 2:41pm On May 04
the expired one..


Travel / Re: Relocation From Abuja To Jos City by Amaechi2023(m): 10:57am On May 04
I have done my findings I just but ofcourse no one has the monopoly of knowledge..kindly share your thoughts.

lived all my.life in lagos till.2014.Abuja since then...but thinking about Jos.
I'm 36, IT professional n married with 2 kids...wife not really working. i currently work in an ingo that also gas field offices includin Jos...but my salary isnt that interesting to make me that comfortable in abuja considering the bills on my neck.
we stay in a 1BR apartment in one of the villages (chika precisely) in abuja and pays abt 370 yearly.

ive visited Jos more than 5 times and i keep loving it more in each visit...Rayfield and surroundings to be precise...calm, weather friendly, fresh n affordable food, my salary wud get me a comfortable 2BR flat... navigation to/from abuja is jst 4hrs..so i feel i can apply for a relocation to our field office in jos..or at worst work from abuja and travel weekends.

i dont intend living anywhere outside Jos south/Rayfield environs

as a family man...i find it most suitable to relocate there..most esp for the sanity n good environment for my children's growth -stressfree of going to school in abuja, the hot sun, bad electricity, havin to wake up to fan my.kids at night (ofcos i have Generator)..i stay in a noisy compound that dosnt befit me..many fake foods n fruits in abuja, ..i wonder if its the same Nigeria...but Jos looks like a greener pasture for me.
waduyu think??
1br apartment 370k annually??
oboi pack your loads go like jare..
Politics / Re: But The Denied Printing Billions Of Naira (Photo Speaks) by Amaechi2023(m): 2:01pm On May 03

Why anything that speak against the government always ipob?
many people are against the govt but ipo are hyper dumb with the way they go about theirs..

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