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Travel / Am I The Only One Who Feels This Way? How Do I Stop? by Animegirl(f): 8:41pm On Mar 31
I really want to know if I'm the only one who feels this way, and I sincerely need advice on how to stop or go about the way I feel.

I feel like I can be anything, I can do everything. For instance, I want to pursue different career paths such as being a movie director, animator, diving into cyber security, or even becoming a medical doctor, despite currently being a lawyer. I also aspire to become an entrepreneur and own a fashion brand. I'm overwhelmed by all these thoughts in my head, but the only hindrance I face is not having enough money to pursue some of my goals.

I'm tired. How do I let go of all these thoughts? How can I change myself, because I know for a fact I can't pursue everything I mentioned? How can I give myself peace of mind?
Family / Re: Wife Catches Her Husband With Side Chick by Animegirl(f): 3:37pm On Feb 02
Travel / Re: I Envy People Who Left Nigeria Already. by Animegirl(f): 1:46pm On Feb 01
To be honest even outside the country the hustle continues but the difference is you see the results of your hardwork. You can plan stuff, work towards them and actually see the results manifesting but it's a whole different scenario in Nigeria. People who are still getting married and giving birth to Nigerian born children are some of the bravest human beings on earth.


My prayer points keep changing every day with how dire the situation is getting in Nigeria. I pray for something today, but when I check the news or go outside, I find myself having to change my prayer points again, if you know what I mean. It's becoming exhausting in this country.

Even for the basic things I need in this country, I find myself having to "work too hard" for them

Imagine me praying for common NEPA to bring electricity to keep my business moving.

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Travel / I Envy People Who Left Nigeria Already. by Animegirl(f): 1:24pm On Feb 01
Words can't express how I weep for this country; my future lies in the hands of this nation.

As a young lady striving for success, it seems to be getting harder each day. Things are becoming more expensive, with an increase in the dollar exchange rate.

Life now is about surviving, not living. cry

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Romance / Re: How Do I Handle Jealous And Envious People In My Workplace. by Animegirl(f): 4:31pm On Jan 27
My aunty told me something, don't tell people your source of happiness, same way you shouldn't tell people where you eat from most times.

If they don't use words to spoil your business, they will use there minds.

Just pray, there is nothing God can't do.

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Celebrities / Re: WWE Founder Vince Mcmahon Resigns From Roles After Sex Trafficking Allegations by Animegirl(f): 4:15pm On Jan 27
When will our corrupt politicians resign too
Romance / Re: Did I Go Too Far-Woman Cuts Off Friend For Taking Banga Soup To Husband's Office by Animegirl(f): 12:55pm On Jan 26
I will protect my territory. I love how the husband told his wife. If is some men now lipsrsealed
Romance / Re: Moses Bliss Did Not See Any Nigerian Lady In His Church Or Around Him To Marry by Animegirl(f): 12:04am On Jan 26

Are the sisters any different?

Yes, very different


Romance / Re: Moses Bliss Did Not See Any Nigerian Lady In His Church Or Around Him To Marry by Animegirl(f): 11:41pm On Jan 25
The truth is that that marriage or union every Tom, Dick and Harry is making noise about fit no even last. Before u think I'm pessimistic just know that Moses Bliss is from my state so I can't wish my brother evil. I've always been a church boy from my childhood and I play more than 2 musical instruments so u should know what that means. 95% of our gospel artists are not really born again. They're just using gospel music as a smokescreen to sleep with all the church girls they come in contact with. I know them and I play for some of them in church. Church pple are the worst fornicators and adulterers in every society. Marriage is more than what we all see in social media, that's why no matter how beautiful a girl is and vice versa, no matter how spiritual a person is, it takes the grace of God, patience, understanding and tolerance to stay with him or her without having the urge to seek for divorce.

You said it all. Christian brothers especially the ones in choir, I can never rate them.

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Romance / Re: A Candid Counsel Needed by Animegirl(f): 11:38pm On Jan 25
You and the girl are both confuse. It is well with your souls.
Forum Games / Re: Who Is The Real Mother Of The Child: Can You Guess Under 5 Seconds ? A Thread by Animegirl(f): 12:48pm On Jan 10
One on green gown her composure tells all cheesy cheesy cheesy.
A mother never relaxed freely when the kids are around...her attention,eyes and mind are always at alert.

The one on skirt na slay queen.she careless

What do you mean slay qwins can also be mothers cheesy
Romance / Re: Who Has The Key To The Man’s Heart? by Animegirl(f): 8:33pm On Jan 07
The one that is genuinely good to him and can be his safe space, is the one that will have his heart.

Call it a primordial fear, but men generally operate from the foundation that women can not handle male vulnerabilities (or insecurities). Most men will rather suck it up than open their deepest fears to women.

Any woman that can make him feel free, where he can just be without a mask, is the one that has his heart.

I once had this guy, he shows me his bad side like smoking but never to his soon to be wife, am I special to him? shocked
Family / Re: Update On Woman Whose Husband's Colleague Brought 2 Spoons To Work by Animegirl(f): 12:54pm On Jan 06

Most ladies don't know what exactly they are doing as online "feminists", cos they only followed internet noise and thought to choose a side in a perceived gender war. They just wait for the cult leaders to give them direction on whatever issue and jump on that bandwagon.

The real feminists are those who empower women one way or the other without necessarily pitching them against men. This woman is one and we have others like Folorunso Alakija and women focused support initiatives in Nigeria.

These are mere assumptions angry
Family / Re: Update On Woman Whose Husband's Colleague Brought 2 Spoons To Work by Animegirl(f): 12:53pm On Jan 06

That is the point, why can't you wake up early to cook for you husband you should be submissive to? The husband that wakes up early to go to work, does he tell you he loves it, but he has to do it for the love he has for his home. The Proverb 31 that some women love to claim even have it there in verse 15
She rises also while it is still night
And gives food to her household
And portions to her maidens.
— Proverbs 31:15.
But how many women can do it in this present age, if this woman is a means for women to open their eyes and repent, I'm so loving it.

Yes that is the point, Mr Great Achiever. This can only apply if your wife is a sit at home lady. You can't tell a working class woman to wake up at that time to do such unless, she is cooking for herself too. If my husband doesn't expect me to share bills with him at home, I will gladly do it.

Your generation wants us to split bills like a man.

In essence allow us to be feminine take care of the house, while you go out as the head of the house to look for money.
Family / Re: Update On Woman Whose Husband's Colleague Brought 2 Spoons To Work by Animegirl(f): 12:37pm On Jan 06

It is men that don't know what they want that end up with baddies. Some Players know what they want, but frolick with the baddies and in the end get what they want.

Family / Re: Update On Woman Whose Husband's Colleague Brought 2 Spoons To Work by Animegirl(f): 12:34pm On Jan 06

You really overrate the relevance of bitter "feminists".

By the way, she is more "feminist" than the pretending ones all over Twitter.

She teaches positivity, the ones who think themselves the real feminists are only about negativity, who tag women with successful love lives as "pick me".

You think most of these women became feminist overnight? Do you know what they have gone through to make a decision never to rely on men but rather be sufficient and independent for themselves?

Point of correction that lady isn't a Feminist, she is a traditional woman protecting her home.

I did not see any bitter comment on Twitter aside from the fact, most woman can't wake up at that time to cook. It all depends if you love someone.

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Family / Re: Update On Woman Whose Husband's Colleague Brought 2 Spoons To Work by Animegirl(f): 12:26pm On Jan 06

There's that. Though not necessarily to punish/pepper the bitter "feminists", but many men see it as a wakeup call that a good wife is a rare gift these days.

Die this talk please. Is your mother not a good wife to your father? There are good women but you men want baddies. Once you have money, that is when you remember you have "spec".

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Family / Re: Update On Woman Whose Husband's Colleague Brought 2 Spoons To Work by Animegirl(f): 12:23pm On Jan 06
This lady is in between an on-going war on Twitter, patriarchy and feminist society. Patriarchy proving what doesn't need to be proven because of their ego. At the end of the day, the lady won.

I don't care in an ongoing War, God confuse both sides to bless me abundantly. May Tinubu regime favor me, Lord. grin

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Romance / Re: Red Flags Everywhere: A young Man & His Deceptive Girlfriend by Animegirl(f): 11:56am On Jan 06
Family / Re: Why Do People See Calm and gentle People As Pastors? by Animegirl(f): 1:55pm On Jan 05

You are like every typical girls, attracted to guys that look like bad boys.

I'm not at all. I was taught by life experience never judge a book by its cover.


Family / Re: Why Do People See Calm and gentle People As Pastors? by Animegirl(f): 1:31pm On Jan 05
I fear calm guys more than anything in life especially the ones looking like pastors better you know a yahoo boy through the way he dresses than someone looking like pastors, they're always sex starveangry.

Don't quote


Romance / Re: Helping A Man Vs Helping A Woman by Animegirl(f): 11:39am On Jan 05
Is not about helping a woman, you men still want something more under her legs. You always feel entitled to her body, marriage, even her time, is only few good men that don't ask anything in return.

As a lady I always go back to appreciate, is not even a gender thing. But anytime I go back to appreciate is when can we see angry

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Romance / Re: Why Do Guys Act Busy After Initially Approaching A Lady? by Animegirl(f): 2:47pm On Jan 04

You don dey catch feelings this new year?

Me, no oh! I will catch feelings when Arsenal win premium league cheesy

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Romance / Why Do Guys Act Busy After Initially Approaching A Lady? by Animegirl(f): 12:28pm On Jan 04
"I don't know if I'm the bad person here, but ever since I decided to treat people the way they treated me, I realized most people can't handle what they dish out.

So this guy was the first to approach me, and our chat was going well until he started taking a lot of time to respond to my messages, always saying he was busy. In response, I decided to reciprocate the energy by not responding to his messages and focusing on my own life.

Later, he reached out on WhatsApp to confirm something, but I purposely delayed my response. When I eventually replied after a day, I explained that I was busy with my online classes, which was true.

Now, when I called and texted him back, he saw my message, read it, but didn't respond. I find that attitude unpleasant, and I'm unsure if he's testing my feelings, but I don't appreciate it.

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Politics / Re: Minimum Wage: ‘All Agreements Between Labour, FG Must Be Implemented’ – TUC by Animegirl(f): 7:28am On Jan 04
Increase minimum wage, increase fuel price cheesy

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Family / Re: JAPA: Marry Your Man Before Coming To The UK - Nigerian Lady Advises by Animegirl(f): 6:03pm On Jan 02
Glod diggers trying to escape poverty…

Una smelling yash don Dey open

Lazy Gold diggers


Your fellow men getting married to old white ladies to escape poverty yet you open mouth like an unintelligent person to say nonsense.

Modafucka donkey

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Romance / Please, I Need Advice What Can I Do In This Situation. by Animegirl(f): 9:48pm On Jan 01
So, there's a man who wants me to be his wife. Honestly, he possesses the qualities of a good husband, but I can't deny that I don't find him attractive. Despite my efforts, I can't seem to develop feelings for him. Seeing his face makes me angry, even though he treats me well and spends generously. His height and face are a deal-breaker for me. If I accept his proposal, I know it will cause pain, but no matter how rude I've been, he won't let go. I'm considering running away from my community altogether. I don't want him to know my parents; otherwise, I'm done.

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Nairaland / General / Re: In Nigeria, 5 Habits That Can Make You Go Broke by Animegirl(f): 8:36pm On Jan 01
I disagree with the last. I feel safer when I take risk especially when it comes with money smiley. Life is risk itself.

The only thing that can make you broke is when the money you spend never comes back to you, meaning no proper investment or stable income.


Family / Re: How Do I Deal With A Manipulative Stepmother by Animegirl(f): 8:31pm On Jan 01
OP Bleep her and she will stop.

Unintelligent man, olodo rabata tongue. Be meaningful for once and give proper advice. See the way you open mouth

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Romance / Re: My First Experience In A Nigerian Club by Animegirl(f): 8:26pm On Jan 01
I want to go to a club and see for myself. It seems fun when my friends post on their snap stories.


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