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Romance / Re: The Comments On The Posts About J Boogy Surprised Me. by Astra101: 7:08am On Nov 19
Your post proves you ignorantly or deliberately lead in the hypocrisy.

You pointed out that no one is perfect. But you don't want to admit that imperfection is in varied degrees and tolerance has a limit. The Boogy's surgery was not caused by any sickness or accident. The surgery was caused by conscious madness and deserves to be ridiculed. After all, what is the intention behind the surgery? His intention is to intimidate or indirectly oppress his fellow crossdressers or some women. I remember when Bob Risky said he squirts more than many women can. J Boogy first tasted the meal she prepared for some people and you are here acting as if he made the move with a good intention.

If you claim his intention of BBL is good, may all your male relatives and your sons emulate what he did. Say amen to this prayer if you are not the leader of hypocrisy here. Nobody mocks Ibu whose leg was amputated. Nobody mocks Mohbad despite the fact that he consciously chose Marley who is an epitome of vulgarity. But this J Boogy's surgery is purely a reprehensible act that doesn't deserve tolerance. Even women are reprehended for that talk more of a man. If people are not supposed to react to the issue, then the news should not have circulated. If your logic is that the guy has his own freedom to do whatever he likes, then you yourself should let people use their own freedom to react the way they want. As a matter of fact, you are not even condemning reactions to the issue, you selectively condemn only the reactions that displease you. This is the same way some people dislike Boogy's action. So, you are guilty of what you condemn others for.

Talking about freedom, no man lives for himself alone. The Boogy should live for at least his parents, let me not talk about his wife and children as he may have none. You don't just live your life the way it pleases you, you live your life the way it will have good impacts on the people around you. People are dying of hunger, there are beggars on the streets, some sick people in the hospital need financial help, but this Boogy chose to spend a huge amount of money on BBL, a man for that matter. Freedom has to be inline with objective truth.

You, in this post, condemn the act of judgement. But the post itself is absolutely your judgement of people's reactions to the Boogy's news. So, if judgement is bad, you are more guilty of it here. Judgement is necessary in the human society. What you should say is that judgement by humans has a limit. And that limit has not been crossed in this Boogy's case. I haven't seen anybody wishing Boogy death. What people's reactions imply is that his pain will teach him a lesson now and after his recovery.

Louder shocked

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Sports / Re: Fiorentino Perez criticises refereeing &VAR, calls on Spanish Govt to intervene by Astra101: 5:51pm On Nov 11
Which kind journalist be this one

You are talking about Real Madrid, Spanish club and the image you posted is that of EPL club.

Voice of Jacob and skin of essau's journalism


Romance / Re: Video Of Jaruma Behaving Erratically Before She Went To Psychiatric Hospital by Astra101: 7:09pm On Nov 10
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Nuclear Submarine Arrives In Middle East In ‘message To Iran’ by Astra101: 12:13am On Nov 07
Business / Re: Billion Dollar Transfer From Nigerian Wallet To Binance by Astra101: 1:43pm On Nov 04
Contact efcc, reference that wallet
Foreign Affairs / Re: Elon Musk Mocks US Military Bases Around Iran by Astra101: 8:18pm On Oct 28
I just love Elon, most times he tells the truth from an obscure angle angry
Car Talk / Re: Who Can Explain What Happened To This Tyre?? (SEE PHOTO) by Astra101: 9:08pm On Oct 23
It step on poison meant for human leg cheesy
Nairaland / General / Re: Transformer Explodes In Plateau Community, Many Feared Dead by Astra101: 5:43am On Oct 15
The head line is misleading, the picture posted is that of a power transmission station, not just a single transformer we have on a regular street, and if I should go by the picture above then the head line should be corrected
Romance / Re: Lady Goes To A Restaurant's Toilet, Strips Naked To Take Pictures by Astra101: 6:34am On Oct 12
But why are they always taking selfies in smart toilet? What happens to face me I slap you toilet
Politics / Re: The Certificate Elephant In Abuja By lasisi Olagunju by Astra101: 5:20pm On Oct 10

God bless Our LEADER,
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Bunch of perennial failures in life.
Jagaban will be your President and everyone in your family for the next 8 years.
Live with it.

Nigeria will be great in our lifetime whether the evil ones like it or not.

God bless Our LEADER,
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu,
AKA Dem Mama Husband ❤️

Where is your conscience? Are you human at all? Do you have a soul

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Gaza will Be Reduced To rubbles, Leave Now - Netanyahu tells residents by Astra101: 10:45am On Oct 08
My point, without Muhammad the world would have been sweeter and better place.

The world number one problem is Islam

Let me rephrase your comments... "with Abraham /Ibrahim the world would have been sweeter and better place".

Don't treat a problem from the surface, target the root!
Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Young Tinubu In America by Astra101: 10:18am On Oct 08
Step 1: Long Press on the Image and Select 'Search Image with Google Lens'

Step 2: Wait for the images to load in the Google Lens' app.

Step 3: Click on the image to see the real image before the Photoshop.

Step 4: Well well well, what do we have here? 😌

Jeff Fort was convicted of Murder, Drug Trafficking and Conspiracy in 1983. That's your choice association of Photoshopping Tinubu with? 🤣🤣

Who hired you? 🤣🤣

Hat down for you man! 😀😃


Politics / Re: Full Text From Atiku Abubakar's Press Conference Over CSU Saga by Astra101: 9:24pm On Oct 05
The concept of third party replacement certificate vendor which CSU managed to throw in during the deposition perhaps as a lifeline to its almunus is a big technical loophole that Tinubu's legal team will try to milk optimally before the Supreme Court.

That no PDP state governor showed up in solidarity at Atiku's press conference is unfortunate.

I think this is about the second time I'm seeing this your comment on nairaland and I think it's high time to put you straight on the matter.

First of all, the CSU rep. Clearly stated that there is a formal way of applying for a replacement. And for the record, Tinubu never formally applied hence his diploma is still with them.

Secondly, that the signature on the replacement must match that of the one of 1979 not 1990s. And, to put the records straight,the signature on Tinubu's certificate is not the same as those of 1979
Politics / My Suspicion About Nairaland by Astra101: 10:20am On Oct 04
I've noticed and observed with absolute disdain the vast amounts of fake news push to nairaland front page about CSU Tinubu certificate saga since on the 2nd of October 2023.

Is nairaland now a brown envelope news sites?

Those who peddle fakes should should read this and have a rethink.

Celebrities / Re: Elon Musk Trolls Ukraine President, Zelensky For Constantly Begging USA For Aids by Astra101: 12:40pm On Oct 02
Hahaha hahaha Elon my real G cheesy
Education / Re: Live and Wringling 3 Inch Worm Removed From Woman's Brain by Astra101: 7:15am On Oct 02
Years ago, 3 live Cockroaches was found in the year drum of a man in Germany.
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Gistlover? (photo) by Astra101: 11:58am On Sep 28
I think she was unmasked years ago.

BTW, her identity isn't hidden cos she earned from her traffic
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad: 6 Reasons Why Naira Marley Might Go Scot-free by Astra101: 9:43am On Sep 22

You most tire the evidence to naira marley. If someone beats you up ...you most prove the identity of the person otherwise you have not case . There mostbbe witness to prove that the person you are accusing is indeed responsible. You can do this by catching those people that assaulted him and getting a confession from them which link naira maley to the crime . Right now all we see is video upon video non of those individuals have been caught...Is a difficult case . Like the op said marley might escape court judgement but not court of public opinion .

A video evidence is admittable by law. Video of him bullying the young man is up there on the Internet
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad: 6 Reasons Why Naira Marley Might Go Scot-free by Astra101: 9:41am On Sep 22
He might go scot free in the hands of the law but not in the hands of Nigerians who made him what he was. Right now he has been cancelled!

A bully is a murderer and there are videos of naira marley on the Internet bullying Mohbad along with his associate.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Signs On A Woman's Chest During Campaign Visit In Iowa (Pics) by Astra101: 9:18am On Sep 22

Have you got proof of this because so far no one has shown it?

Some deluded high ranking Republicans that have made these same allegations, like Trump himself and Giuliani, are being dragged to court over it yet you are here repeating the lie.

Why would a Nigerian even be supporting a childish slowpoke like Trump? Someone who shamelessly repeatedly appeals to his retarded white supremacist base.

Any crime committed by the FBI in collaboration with CIA can not be easily uncovered bro. These two agencies rig in Biden with the help of twitter under jack.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Protesters Demand Answers After MohBad's Death - FRANCE 24 (Video) by Astra101: 10:06am On Sep 21
Celebrities / Re: I Stopped Mohbad’s Father From Burying Him At Midnight – Baale by Astra101: 11:18am On Sep 20
This man (Mohbad's father) is an enemy inside!


Celebrities / Re: ID Cabasa: Zinoleesky's House And Car Registered Under Marlian Records by Astra101: 10:12pm On Sep 19

Is like the Boy is driving MOSQUITO or BED BUG as FERRARI, abi why him blood dey Drain? as e dey drive car, or na him food money take dey Fuel V¹² Engine ni?
Effects of drugs.

In rick Ross voice.... Cocain running in my big his tiny vain
Celebrities / Re: ID Cabasa: Zinoleesky's House And Car Registered Under Marlian Records by Astra101: 10:42am On Sep 19
Everything thing is now at a boiling point
Travel / Re: U.S $80m F-35 Fighter Jet Vanishes From Air (Photos) by Astra101: 7:54pm On Sep 18
Hijacked cheesy
Politics / Re: Mohbad Mom And Dad At Police Office For Questioning As Investigation Begin - Pix by Astra101: 7:49pm On Sep 18
This is what a female marlian artist has to say few days to Mohbad death..

This lady must be picked for questioning .


How authentic is this post? Hope is not doctored.
Romance / Re: Meet The Man Who Sued The Guinness Book Of Records For Giving Him An Award (vid) by Astra101: 10:38am On Aug 24
Guinness Book of World Records should equally award him another award for being the first and currently the only person to sue them grin cheesy

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Education / Re: Let's Laugh Out Loud by Astra101: 10:00pm On Aug 23
Some children are very anyhow grin wink
Family / Re: Why I Dumped Farida Sobowale After ‘n100m Wedding’ – Estranged Husband, Odulaja by Astra101: 11:10am On Aug 23
the way you dey talk,e be like sey if Fareeda give you, you go chop
By providence, I'm beyond her reach wink

Nah tiwa PA I still dey follow talk for just one weekend arrangement kiss
Family / Re: Why I Dumped Farida Sobowale After ‘n100m Wedding’ – Estranged Husband, Odulaja by Astra101: 10:54am On Aug 23
that does not stop man from contacting sexually transmitted diseases
But that wasn't your first assertion cool
From experience, sex with a lady who is financially buoyant is like having sex with a sweet sixteen cos of the care and priorities they gave their private parts.

Always practice safe sex and you won't be worried about sexually transmitted diseases
Family / Re: Why I Dumped Farida Sobowale After ‘n100m Wedding’ – Estranged Husband, Odulaja by Astra101: 9:56am On Aug 23
omo, her pusssssssy no go fit hold pricks again o as e go don turn to borehole

Women of her social status spent heavily on virgina treatment and tightening cos that's their pride assets. Forget the physical business they runs here and there, nah cover up for big time pussy hustles

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Celebrities / Re: Suicide: Farida Is Acting Drama, She Slept With Almost All My Friends – Ex-hubby by Astra101: 2:26am On Aug 20
Suicide: Farida is acting drama, she slept with almost all my friends – Ex-hubby

Demola Odulaja who is the estranged hubby of Farida Shobowale, a Lagos socialite and boss of House of Phreedah has revealed the reason he dumped her.

Recalled Farida on Friday wanted to jump into Lagos Lagoon due to the sudden crash of her two months old marriage.

According to Odulaja, out of 20 of his friends the lady has allegedly slept with about 18 of them.

Demola insists his estranged wife is just acting Nollywood movie, promising to help her produce more juicy episodes.

Recall that Farida claimed to have spent a whopping N100 Million on her wedding and wanted to end it all the other day after the union hit the rocks.


I thought as much

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