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Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Replaces Lionel Messi As Highest-paid Footballer In Forbes Ran by Aufbauh(m): 10:42pm On Sep 22
You can celebrate this as Messi gets ready to celebrate his 7th ballon d'or

Akuko! See consolation.
If at 36+ Ronaldo is still earning more than your 34yr old 7th balloon boy in the same career then he should hide himself.
Properties / Re: Cost, Estimate For Building A 3bedroom Bungalow In Nigeria (Detailed Info) by Aufbauh(m): 3:16pm On Sep 22
Op you should have use a sample of design layout to make your assumed analysis.

7,000 blocks for three bedroom bungalow even with soakaway is very incorrect.

I'd think there should be a regulation in the platform to guide information on issue that bothers on technicality and professionalism.

Most of the information you guys put out are misleading.


Crime / Re: Joshua Usulor Jailed For Killing Feyisayo Obot In Lagos Hotel Room by Aufbauh(m): 7:57am On Sep 22
Life sentence could have been better at least considering the brutal murder of the deceased.

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Politics / Re: Ortom Blasts Buhari: These Fulanis Are From Mali & Niger; Not Even Nigerians by Aufbauh(m): 7:04am On Sep 22
Ortom your exposition is nothing new.
However we understand that the month is coming to an end and payment of salary and pension is lurking.

Ortom has been entertaining you guys like ffk. He will plants seed of hatred and resentment in your hearts. Then wake up one day to tell you that he has been wrong all these days, he'll dump you guys and brag that he hold non of his sheepies apology.

Una never learn.

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Celebrities / Re: Why I Am Yet To Reveal My Real Gender – Bobrisky by Aufbauh(m): 6:57am On Sep 22
Bro Idris, we already know you're just a guy wearing female clothes with weak eRection.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: God Won't Save Nigeria by Aufbauh(m): 6:52am On Sep 22
Apart from those that go to churches to pray expecting God to be a magician, there are also others that think elections are won by online validation. So pathetic!

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Sports / Re: Ronaldo Leapfrogs Messi As Forbes' Highest-earning Footballer by Aufbauh(m): 6:09am On Sep 22
Let's give it to this guy CR7.
At 36 he's still competitive both in the pitch and off it. I'm yet to hear of someone who has maintained and sustained this level of consistency that span almost two decades.

Even his haters know intently that something special is working for the guy. Celebrate Grace upon CR7 abeg!

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Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by Aufbauh(m): 9:55pm On Sep 21

Somebody just ranted something ethereal. Meaningless. No substance. Trying to impress me with the little German he knows. Very funny.

Anything that makes an Ipobian feel good outwardly while he groan inwardly is cool by me.
I actually enjoys their frustration and learned helplessness borne out of their self inflict hatred and bitterness.
Do I need to impress an anonymous sombori? Naay.....! Definitely not at my age and stage. I'm just catching cruise online.
Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by Aufbauh(m): 3:15pm On Sep 21

When you are exposed enough, you would know when you see an African American. Y
support Buhari's "ideology" because they are always for self determination and freedom.

And just so you know, don't confuse your insults with being intelligent.

Exposure, seriously?? There's no need for me to put you in proper sphere about myself.
True knowledge is to know the limit of ones ignorance. My moniker alone should have given you the hint only if you have the capacity or could understand other foreign language outside English.

I've already known where you're coming from so I do not intend to compound your agony and frustration occasioned by Mr. Buhari's presidency.
I quite understand how the no nonsense Fulani man is teaching your kins the language they understand. Painfully you guys got nothing to do than the ceaseless and senseless online wailing. Ndo!
Politics / Re: Buhari’s Successor: You’re Looking For Trouble – Igbo Group Replies North by Aufbauh(m): 10:23am On Sep 21
Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by Aufbauh(m): 10:05am On Sep 21
Buhari and the northerners entirely are disasters to humanity

Una no go know peace for life and beyond

Useless parasite and leeches wink

Which region are you from?
Lumping southerners together for convenience and 'attachee by force' is an attribute of the'developers'.

The South East and North are the worst parasites we have in the country today. They produced virtually nothing but collect huge.

Imagine Imo state generating 1.9b VAT in eight months and collected 26b whereas Lagos generate 429b and received 139b in the same period.

Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by Aufbauh(m): 9:44am On Sep 21
nobody in is his right mind can still support this failed government. Except ofcourse they have something to gain

You are the one that needs your brain harvested, because you don't use it

No wonder we have zombie Taliban in the SE who want everyone to think and act alike.

You'd have a long way to go if you can't understand simple human behaviour.
We all can't perceive things in the same way so educate yourself properly.
Even Satan the devil have willful followers in view of how you see the administration.

Anyway Confucius asserted that the petty man understands interest, so I'm not surprise.
Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by Aufbauh(m): 7:07am On Sep 21

How? Those white guys and African Americans are Nigerians? It is you that needs brain checking.

So they wrote on their body African Americans? Skewed mentality!

When our brothers and sisters were protesting in the SE in support of Donald Okechukwu Trump how much were they paid?
Must you be a citizen of a country before you can support a personality or policy in that place?
Commonsense is indeed not common.

Everything to you guys is money,nothing is done base on ideology or conviction.
Politics / Re: Pro-Buhari & Anti-Buhari Protesters Clash In New York Before Buhari's Speech by Aufbauh(m): 10:06pm On Sep 20
You believed that Buhari supporters were paid agents and the anti-Buhari supporters were protesting out of their conviction.
Me: You need a brain check.
Politics / Re: Salihu Lukman: APC Members Are Angry About Femi Fani-Kayode’s Defection To APC by Aufbauh(m): 1:05pm On Sep 20
Femi Fani-Kayode has Zero ‘Electoral Value’ to APC but his Shameful Defection will Hit PDP & IPOB badly as they lose one of their most Potent & Destructive Propaganda Agent

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Politics / Re: Secession Not Solution To Nigeria's Problem - Gbajabiamila, Peter Obi Says by Aufbauh(m): 8:18am On Sep 20
Intently most people are not interested in the geographical balkanization of the country.

All the agitation for separation and social tension are products of perceived injustice, unending deprivation, lack of opportunities in the face of plenty, outright oppression by the ruling elites, inequality among peers within the same country etc.

Some of us are still hopeful and optimistic about the country knowing fully well that even in secession the ruling corrupt elites will still be in charge.
Celebrities / Re: Bitter Kola Changed My Life - Meek Mills' 2 Years Ailment Healed By African Herb by Aufbauh(m): 4:23pm On Sep 19
The power of Africa herb aka 'Agbo jedi'.
Was he also having weak eRection cus bitter kola can do wonders there too.
Politics / Re: Second Bach Of A-29 Super Tucano Fighter Aircrafts Depart US For Nigeria by Aufbauh(m): 12:39pm On Sep 19
May Nigeria succeed all round in spite of the odds against her.

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Religion / Re: Why The Living Faith Church Salary Is Fine by Aufbauh(m): 10:14am On Sep 19
stop quoting scriptures carelessly. Is the labourer worthy of agreed wages or some phantom industry standard wage. As long as the labourer was aware of wages before agreeing to labour under the ministry and he isn't owed.

Between you and I, who's heretical? Where in the Bible did you read 'agreed wages'?
As usual with the herd mentality, you wants to add to what suit your narrative.

FYI, I'm only concern about good salary package that suit the work done whether in Christendom or secular.

You can spend all day defending your GO and GS for all I care. Some of us have outgrown blind loyalty and 'sheeple' mentality predominant in today's church cus we've seen and known better.
If I tell you that i was sent to the mission field as a pastor 26 yes ago I know you won't believe it. So be thoughtful when engaging people online.
Politics / Re: Hushpuppi: IGP Queries Abba Kyari, As Malami Considers Extradition Request by Aufbauh(m): 9:54am On Sep 19
By and large Abba Kyari won't be repatriate to the US, forget all the histrionics.

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Religion / Re: Why The Living Faith Church Salary Is Fine by Aufbauh(m): 9:39am On Sep 19
some years back, a pastor of winners was kidnapped while on philanthropy mission in borno. The commission pays lecturers, secondary school teachers, older pastors. There are welfare to widows and orphans o. Stop asking jealousy questions please.

Jealous about who particularly?? Naay...., We are all in different field of endeavour and I've never wished to be a full-time pastor talk more of owning a Church.
All I'm saying is that the right thing should be done, for a labourer is worthy of his wages.

Welfare to widows, orphans etc should be a social responsibility of the church. Even individuals and secular organizations engage in same.

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Religion / Re: Why The Living Faith Church Salary Is Fine by Aufbauh(m): 8:42am On Sep 19
Op, the parameter that you should have used for your analysis to be fair is to tell us how much Living Faith Church is making annually.

For example an organization can not be earning up to hundreds of billion annually and has a paltry wage bill of just 10B. That's not equity! Even secular States still shell out 70-80% of their earning to recurrent expenditure.

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Politics / Re: Femi Fani-kayode: The Yorubas Can Never Support The Igbos Against The Hausas by Aufbauh(m): 8:36am On Sep 19
Supporters of our Sokugo politician are not better than him. They should spare us the lecture and theatrics. When we told them he was no good they said he was the best. Now they are telling us” he is useless”.


Politics / Re: Why Northern PDP Chieftains Have No Moral Claim To PDP Ticket In 2023 by Aufbauh(m): 4:58am On Sep 19
The simple political arithmetic is that the very day the PDP gives it ticket to a southerner is the day they lost out in the 2023 presidential election.

These are some of the reasons why the PDP with a southern candidate will have no chance winning 2023 presidential election:

1. The reality is that there's no foreseeable PDP southerner in the political landscape that has a national appeal that can woo up to 30% of the Northern votes.

2. The PDP is more stronger in the south considering it acceptance in at least 2 out of 3 geopolitical zones. Thus it is regarded as it natural habitat or stronghold and the decision to pick it presidential candidate from there will add little or no electoral value to their chances.

3. If the PDP decides to field a southern candidate the said PDP gladiators will still work against it or at best become uninterested in their domain.

4. Elections are won by political structures not by street or bear parlour strength. As it stands the APC has more structures in the north and southwest and can leverage on that to easily sell dummies to the voters.

5. The possibility for PDP to field a Southwestern candidate is slim compare to the APC. Apart from GEJ from the entire SS/SE the northern electorates has strong animosity for those zones to produce president in the near future.

6. The Northern electorates will be out to prove a point to spite the Southerners even if all the major party presidential candidate comes from the south. What that mean is that, where majority of the Southerners tend to follow which is more likely to be PDP they'll go the other way.

There are lot of reasons including and not limited to separatist agitation from the south which is being championed by the PDP sympathizers as perceived by northerners.
All these factors and so many more will be the PDP undoing even before the 2023 poll.

Summarily, While a northern candidate will give the PDP a chance at the poll, the selection of a southern PDP candidate will be dead on arrival. Zoning is a banana peel placed by the APC for the PDP.

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Is Wrong About Pentecostal Tax by Aufbauh(m): 2:14pm On Sep 18
"Persons who succeed in their endeavours owe the society "3" forms of taxes.

The first is income taxes (personal income tax)& corporation tax for company owners.

The second, he noted, is a social tax or philanthropy, which is the obligation of the wealthy to give back to society.

And the Third tax is a civic tax; the obligation of the successful to write their stories, to share the histories of the phenomena they have become."

This is the assertion of the VP.

Why is it so difficult for the OP and others to understand from this context what Osinbajo meant by Pentecostal tax.

Some Tax just like the social tax mustn't be pay to the government. It should be an obligation owe to those that has make you.it is also referred to as corporate social responsibity.

My own understanding of paying'Pentecostal tax' by preachers referred to in this context is Tithe. Tithe in a broader perspective can be qualify as a tax for preachers. That is why every full time pastors under the employment of a church is pay a salary with tithe deductible at source.
Tithe like tax, work by percentage of your earning and also meant to be a'give back' to God that has called you.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Sends Message Of Gratitude To His Followers - Picture by Aufbauh(m): 12:06pm On Sep 18
Has Kanu being told that one his trusted brother and friend ffk who egged him on to his Waterloo has ported to the'evil Islamic party'?

Let him be told also that the Wailer-in-Chief has gone to pay homage to the caliphate and has vowed to crush anything that stand against Nigeria unity.

Let him be inform that his once compatriot in the struggle has gone to confirmed the authenticity of Buhari in flesh and blood. That the man in Aso rock is not Jibrin el Sudan.

Furthermore, he should be put on notice that his Book haram counteract All barnawi has been neutralized and ESN cum UGM has abandoned the struggle due to the strong language from Buhari.
Politics / Re: Zamfara Governor Matawalle Gives Cash To Soldiers (Video) by Aufbauh(m): 12:00pm On Sep 18
This is commendable and encouraging.
Military personnel value cash ehn.... However they're the most patriotic citizens we have in the country today.

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Politics / Re: $4.9 Billion Fresh Loans: NW And SW Zones Get Highest Project Allocations by Aufbauh(m): 6:01am On Sep 18
Buhari is regarded as Mr Infrastructure according to my Dad.


Politics / Re: It's Ridiculous, Absurd To Say I Moved To APC Because Of Money - Fani-Kayode by Aufbauh(m): 11:33am On Sep 17
Most of the people throwing tantrum at him are his once gullible supporters who cheered & egged him on while he abused and maligned Mr President and his party.

Now that the man has change his stance they're now confused and devastated. To them ones you're not insulting the president and drumming for disintegration of the country then you're a traitor and betrayal.

Ffk has endured and sustained his opposition to the present administration for the past six years which no other person in the country has done. They never insinuated that he's broke then. If it is solely because of finance I think ffk should have decamped since instead of waiting for this long.

I'm not one of his fans but I'm objective to perceive that ffk is not an average man talk less of a poor man. He can still be a political jobber enmassing wealth without jumping ship after all he has friends across the party divides.

Finally, politics is not for people of emotions and morals, it is purely a game of interest.
Little wonder why you're online trolling and casting a party, your benefactors and mentors are jumping ship to same party.

"Politics is more dangerous than war, for in war you are only killed once"- Winston Churchill
Politics / Re: Court Awards N20b Damages Against DSS For Raid Of Igboho’s House by Aufbauh(m): 11:09am On Sep 17
With 20B naira Sunday Igboho will be controlling entire Benni republic security from prison.
Politics / Re: FG To Spend $4.9bn Fresh Loans On Kano-Niger Republic Rail Line, Others by Aufbauh(m): 6:00am On Sep 17
The content of this news is so fake like white lies. Although it's meant for certain people to swallow and wail as usual.

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Politics / Re: "I Was Wrong About Buhari In The Past", FFK Says As He Joins APC (video) by Aufbauh(m): 12:06am On Sep 17
Femi Fani-Kayode has Zero ‘Electoral Value’ to APC but his Shameful Defection will Hit PDP & IPOB badly as they lose one of their most Potent & Destructive Propaganda Agent ... Politics is Dirty!

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