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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by austinereds(m): 8:04pm On Jan 17
Men i typically don't comment but this thread is priceless. Thanks to everybody that shared their TRP wisdom and experiences (good or bad). I have known about TRP for a while now but i won't lie i have broken frame a few times but that's neither here nor there. I am very angry at what's going on around me and in society.

I am an entrepreneur and most of my friends are as well by design because there's just something about risk takers and people that take their destinies into their own hands. A lot of us are married and what is going on around me is giving me the shivers.

* Friend A's marriage is over because business took a hit, wife works a 9-5, couldn't weather the storm with him and the insults started.
* Friend B's wife was recently caught cheating with a "bigger boy" with Gwagon. My friend is a hustling guy that drives the big yansh camry. Granted he married an instagram slay mama. I think she fell in love with the lifestyle of the gang (rolling together like a unit, child naming parties at each others houses etc and the trappings of having rich friends)
* Friend C's wife works in an oil company. He pays the bills and she keeps all her money. Business is suffered setbacks in 2020, asked wife for help she refuses but still managed to upgrade her car to the 2019 Lexus jeep.
* Before i got married, Friend D used to always borrow from me( and payback of course) . I used to find it strange that he did that because his wife is super rich, until the day i asked my wife (who works and doesn't pay any bills) to borrow me and she flat out said she doesn't have.
* Friend E and wife migrated to USA. Luckily she got a job first while my friend was just hanging doing menial jobs here and there. Over a few months, the disrespect started. She stopped buying groceries, she would just buy her own food to eat and go to bed. She has left him under just 2 years since moving to yankee.

I am pained for men. There's a massive conspiracy to emasculate men. Its like men's only value come from his bank account. Even in my brokest days i see things deeper and farther than my wife, and that made me realize a man's value is not only in money. He is GOD's masterpiece, a reflection of HIMSELF. Yahoo boys and politicians have created a massive bubble in the gender market. Women are overpriced and inflated because of a few participants in the market driving up their price.

Men out there, i feel your pain, i feel your struggle. I know that there's no unconditional love for you anywhere. I know you are shamed on the daily for circumstances outside your control. Please SELF DEVELOPMENT and ALPHA FRAME is the meat and potatoes of TRP, the rest is just veggies. A man should build an empire(no matter how small) and be the king there.

Happy sunday folks

Everything about marriage just felt bitter. The life of a Man


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by austinereds(m): 3:21am On Dec 05, 2020
I.am not crying but I just sent a bitch on Twitter 15k and that happened in the afternoon of yesterday. She has realized from my endless messages to her which she never replied any of them. So yesterday morning she replied and for some reasons conversation entered points where I thanked her for replying my texts all these days. she cajoled me saying this isn't how my level of guys appreciate women and that I'm not man enough to do something (jokingly) I guessed I got emotional and I want to prove myself, I asked her account number and I sent her the money.

I'm not at fault. It's Been two weeks of no sex after I ignore one hoe who been milking me and manipulating me (I shared the story here around November 14 or something). So it's possible this girl saw my neediness and I was too emotional to notice it. Now she's not even replying my texts, and she's already shared the part where I sent her 15k on Twitter and make it look like guys are begging for her attention.

PS; the money is part of the money someone sent me for business three days ago, and I have already spent about 50k (together with the one I sent to her) without knowing where the money went.
I am sad

what kind of fuckery is this? dude you need to get your shit together

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by austinereds(m): 8:15pm On Nov 18, 2020

I had a two week ban
The mods are trying hard to keep a good brotha down grin
I've been keeping busy in my porn dungeon cool
Patrice O'neal was/is amazing.I still regularly listen to the past editions of his short-lived Black Philips radio show on youtube

Patrice O'Neal deserves accolades. Man changed my thinking. Thanks for the recommendations


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by austinereds(m): 7:27pm On Nov 18, 2020
Redpill Sports Documentary of the Day


Dude I've missed you. learnt of Patrice O'Neal for you.


Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by austinereds(m): 7:41pm On Sep 09, 2020
[quote author=repairpalng post=93664285][/quote]
hello please do you have Gionee M7 lite screen?
Investment / Re: What Can I Invest In With 100k? by austinereds(m): 8:23am On Aug 02, 2020
Just come stuck it up in Cryptocurrency you won't regret. Ethereum is the new Goldmine.
Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by austinereds(m): 3:31pm On Jul 13, 2020
good day all please who has htc desire 530 charger port or can fix an Htc desire 530 charging port.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 11:25pm On Jun 28, 2020

grin grin grin I'm leaning towards the Oneplus but the iPhone longetivity and chipset is calling my name

which longevity? you see how IPhone copy Android finish for there new 14.0 software updates?
Better enjoy your Android except you're a camera person we there's Gcam for that on Android
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 10:44pm On Jun 27, 2020
Guys a bit off topic
Oneplus 8 Vs iPhone 11

which would y'all recommend?
if you buy IPhone 11 I will find you and best you.
Politics / Re: Full Speech Of President Buhari On June 12, 2020 by austinereds(m): 8:35am On Jun 12, 2020
when will borders be opened for Trade Mr President?
Crime / Re: "Tony Trace Of ABU Zaria Raped 72 Girls" - Suleiman Muhammad Murkthar by austinereds(m): 4:25pm On Jun 03, 2020
72 rape victims. That's a community population.
There's no need to claim innocence he just just cut chase and present himself.
Phones / Re: XIAOMI Discussion Thread [updated]* by austinereds(m): 11:15pm On Jun 01, 2020

man it happens to all numbers,and they are complete,

how do I do the copy thing

Copy the number you intend to send text to fix them at the TO slot then type your message , send
If it doesn't works our ogas go answer you
Phones / Re: XIAOMI Discussion Thread [updated]* by austinereds(m): 10:54pm On Jun 01, 2020

forget olamide jare

ma text no dey go,it's been like that for over a month


forget olamide jare

ma text no dey go,it's been like that for over a month

Check the number sometimes the 11 digits might not be complete if it's not you will have to go through the stress of copying the number before sending text.
Phones / Re: XIAOMI Discussion Thread [updated]* by austinereds(m): 10:49pm On Jun 01, 2020
guys,how do I solve this

Olamide message grin or the text

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 4:19pm On Apr 24, 2020
Shot Fired ��
Against iPhone SE
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread.. by austinereds(m): 9:11pm On Apr 10, 2020
registration on new thread activated.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 8:48am On Dec 26, 2019

Why do you need it?

there are so many educational files I can't save over the phone and I need access to them at every second in my daily life
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 10:27pm On Dec 25, 2019
In the spirit of this festive season, my oga Jboixxx has decided to gift out 3 32GB OTG drives to the people of this thread. He'd like at least a student to get one and the other 2 are up for grab. The first student(with proof of being one) to quote this post gets one, yeah that simple while the other 2 drives will be given to first 2 posters on the next 2 pages. *You can only win once*

Merry Xmas to y'all.

abeg I seriously need one. thank @Jboixxx
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 2:02pm On Nov 16, 2019
I won't lie MIUI 11 is Awesome been a silent followers for long. I read you guys reviews and arguments everyday keep it up.


Romance / Re: Plz Help Me My Girlfriend Want To Give Me Hypertension!!! by austinereds(m): 10:45pm On Oct 10, 2019
doesn't pick calls on Sundays grin


Phones / Re: Which Phone Can I Get At #35,000? by austinereds(m): 2:40am On Aug 18, 2019
Redmi 6 and Redmi 6a, Redmi Go, and if lucky Redmi 7a 2gb/16gb

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Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by austinereds(m): 2:23am On Aug 18, 2019
hello guys please can I get an HTC desire 530 charging point replacement part? how much will it cost?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 8:16am On Aug 17, 2019
Mine ain't blurry...
abeg how you do this kind of screenshot?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 5:43pm On Aug 06, 2019
Una well done oh. abeg shey Redmi S2 dey support Gcam if yes download link please ��
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by austinereds(m): 11:22pm On Aug 02, 2019
Redmi Go 1GB/8GB ₦19000
Redmi 6A 2GB/32GB ₦29k
REDMI S2 3GB 32GB ₦44899
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 3GB/32GB ₦49k
Redmi Note 7 3GB/32GB ₦57990
Redmi note 7 4gb/64gb ₦67800
REDMI NOTE 7 4gb/128gb ₦77000.
Xiaomi Mi 9t 6gb 128gb 125k

Umidigi uwatch smartwatch ₦9800
Umidigi A3 ₦26990
Umidigi A3 pro ₦319990
Umidigi one -₦39990
Umidigi F1 - ₦66900

Nokia 2.2 ₦31500
NOkia 3.2 ₦39990
NOKIA 4.2 ₦46500
Nokia 3.1 3GB 32Gb ₦29990
NOKIA 3.1 PLUS ₦42000
Nokia X6 6gb 64gb 55k

Galaxy A10 -37500
Galaxy A20 ₦50990
Galaxy A30 -₦65990
Galaxy A50 -88k
Galaxy A70 119k

Huawei Y5 lite 27k
Huawei Honor 7s 30k
Huawei Y5 2019 35k
Huawei Y6 prime 2019 ₦43900
Huawei Y7 prime 2019 ₦51900
Huawei Y9 prime 2019 ₦83900
Huawei mate 20 pro ₦270000

Get 50% off the shipping fee too

CALL OR WHATSAPP 07016854740 click to chat me up on WhatsApp https:///2347016854740
Pay on delivery
Fast delivery!

Thanks for the deal though. smooth experience on the Xiaomi device.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by austinereds(m): 7:13am On Jul 30, 2019
Hallo guys. Please which Xiaomi phone can I get with 40k. 3GB/32GB. Thanks
Technology Market / Re: The Xiaomi Thread Store by austinereds(m): 10:08pm On Jul 28, 2019
(SAMSUNG) Galaxy S10 8gb/128gb #229,900
Galaxy S9+ 4gb/64gb #200k + free (3D Glass protector)
Galaxy S8 4gb/64gb #115k
Galaxy A70 6GB/128GB #118,900
Galaxy A50 4gb/128gb #89,500
Galaxy A30 4gb/64gb #65,990
Galaxy A20 3gb/32gb #51k
Galaxy A10 2gb/32gb #38k

Umidigi F1 4GB/128GGB #66,900
Umidigi one 4gb/32gb = #36,990
Umidigi A3 pro 3gb/32gb #36,900
Umidigi A3 2gb/16gb #29,900

NOKIA 7 PLUS 4gb/64gb #89,100
Nokia x6 6gb/64gb #(out of stock)
Nokia X6 4gb/64gb #(out of stock)
Nokia x5 3gb/32gb #(out of stock)
Nokia 5.1 3gb/32gb #39,990
Nokia 3.2 3gb/32gb #39,990
Nokia 3.1 3gb/32gb #29,990

(XIAOMI) Poco F1 6gb/64gb #130k
Redmi note7 4gb/64gb #67,700
Redmi note7 3gb/32gb #57,990
Redmi 7 3gb/32gb #49k
Redmi 7 2gb/16gb #44,700
Xiaomi Mi A2 4gb/64gb #55,500
Xiaomi mi A2 Lite 3gb/32gb #49,990
Xiaomi Mi play 4gb/64gb #49,900
Redmi S2 3gb/32gb #44,900
Redmi 6 3gb/32gb #36k
Redmi 6A 2gb/32gb #31,350
Redmi Go 1gb/8gb #19k
Redmi Go 1gb/16gb #27k

Huawei Y9 PRIME (2019) 4gb/128gb #83,900
Huawei NOVA 3i 4gb/128gb #87,900
huawei Y5 2gb/32gb #34,500
huawei Y6 prime 2019 2gb/32gb #43,900
huawei Y7 prime 2019 3gb/32gb #51,900
Huawei Y5 Lite 1gb/16gb #29,900

INFINIX Hot6 pro 2gb/16gb #50k
Infinix Hot 7pro 3GB/32GB #45K
Infinix S4 (X626) 3gb/32gb #48,500
Infinix note4 3gb/32gb #41,500
Infinix Hot 7pro 2gb/32gb #40,200

To order call or whatsapp : zero7zero169611zero1
Fast Delivery Nationwide

Would like to know if Redmi 6 is Available? Possible pick up Location in Lasgidi
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Brand New Original Xiaomi Redmi Phones For Sale, Payment On Delivery by austinereds(m): 10:05pm On Jul 28, 2019
Hello boss. Please do you have Redmi 6 if yes how much?
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by austinereds(m): 9:19am On Apr 11, 2019

I already suggested what you need to do. You don't have so many options for bsc English taught courses, so it's better you look out for something related or you switch gear to other disciplines. With your bsc and waec you can apply for courses you have got interest in. So get back to work asap
Thanks mate.
Travel / Re: General German Student Visa Enquiries Part 6 by austinereds(m): 10:55pm On Apr 10, 2019

Since you don't have funds for ielts at the moment, I would suggest you look for other related courses that suits your interest. Don't restrict yourself to just one thing alone. Moreover studying in deutsch is not quite funny, remember you still need to do some side hustle to enable you pay bills since you have about six to seven semesters for bachelors. Why adding more load to existing loads

Thanks for your response. what do you suggest I do Now.

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