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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Batch C 2020 - How To Apply. by aybabz101: 2:08pm On Apr 01
is it the first click on TAKE TEST or when u try to input ur ID and password it says u have done the test?

when I try to input my ID and password
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Batch C 2020 - How To Apply. by aybabz101: 12:48pm On Apr 01
is ur own still showing 'Take test'?

yes its still showing... but if I attempt to take d test again, its says I have done the test
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Batch C 2020 - How To Apply. by aybabz101: 10:45pm On Mar 31
guyz, I want to change my ID only, hope I won't have to retake the test again coz I love my score
Phones / Re: States With Highest Percentage Of Internet Connection To Subscribers by aybabz101: 9:28am On Mar 19
its as simple as the top 10 States with the highest number of game boyz......if u know...u know.....


Politics / Re: Why Children Are Prime Targets Of Armed Groups In Northern Nigeria by aybabz101: 10:10am On Mar 17
for about 13 yrs now, we've been battling the issue of boko haram. the growth of this sect which I believe is largely due to negligence in the part of the government and ideology/religion sympathy in the part of the natives of the domicile areas; though devastating, may be forgiven because I believe terrorism and 'religious fanatism' is nascent to the Nigerian community.

But I have a very big problem in the rising activities of bandits in Nigeria; and if we are not careful, this will be worse than boko haram. because we are facing community insecurity. ppl are now afraid to travel, to go to farms, and to attend functions.

The problem is Nigeria that ought to learn from boko haram is taking this issue with kids glove. now, over 600 schools has been closed in the north and more will still be closed. what is next? they will start attacking businesses and critical infrastructure such as hospitals......... and markets!

oh!!!!!! pls.....let's stop playing politics and let's solve this problem that threatens our fundamental right to live and make our social life extinct.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Batch C 2020 - How To Apply. by aybabz101: 7:04am On Mar 13
I have been waiting for about 8 hrs now for password changing mail; all to no avail.....is there any alternative?
Politics / Re: Wakili: Why We Arrested OPC Operatives - Police by aybabz101: 8:36pm On Mar 07
Aye Nigeria police force o ni Dara. ko ni ragba fun commissioner of police Oyo state ati gbogbo idile re!

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Politics / Re: I Won’t Apologise For Opposing Fulani Profiling - Bala Mohammed by aybabz101: 6:52am On Feb 25
we are not profiling Fulani's as criminals but its just an unwanted coincidence that 99% of arson, banditry, kidnappings, gruesome murders etc committed in the country are linked to this tribe.....

what shall we say then!

Again, it disgusts me that these guys always think that if there are no Fulani's, we will not have access to meat. firstly, man shall not live by meat alone.. or cholesterol will kill the man. If we must live on meat alone, we will rear our own cows. If that is not enough, we will import cows from other countries.... these Fulani's contributes nothing but chaos in this country!


Politics / Re: Zamfara To Spend N200million On ‘repentant’ Bandits In 2021 by aybabz101: 7:28pm On Feb 18
why u create me come this country Lord Jesus Christ my God and my king! why now.......why....... God!


I can categorically tell u that this country is run by terrorists....

let's pray that this ideology of "power by brute force without regard for human life and morals" should not spread down to the south.

the north nurtured these to destroy oppositions.... they have the power now but cannot control their unleashed dogs....instead for them to deal with these menace they are still pampering them believing they will be useful in 2023 knowing that its killing their society and the country at large....


Politics / BREAKING: Gunmen Kill One, Abduct Students In Niger by aybabz101: 9:19am On Feb 17
Some students and staff of Science College, Kagara, in Niger State, were kidnapped when bandits stormed the school on Wednesday morning.

A student was also reportedly killed by the bandits during the attack.

According to a source within the area, the attack started from the staff quarters and ended in the students hostels.

The source told The PUNCH that the bandits attacked the school at 2am.

The source said, “A staff by name Batagi, who was among those kidnapped, has escaped and is in the school now (as of the time of filing this report). Others are still with the bandits.”

Details later…

Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed Used FG’s Handle To Tweet On APC Crisis, Got Blasted by aybabz101: 7:09am On Feb 17
not surprised; this is typical of these assholes who parade themselves as politicians. They are oblivious to the formal and informal duties of their offices and turn these offices to their personal consolidated fortress.

Can't blame them though; coz they are appointed base on their extraordinary performance in rigging and maiming voters. They are put into office base on tribalism and their unholy agenda. May God help we the ordinary citizens.

In the case of Mr. lie Mohammed, I have nothing to say; but I'm sure he will still deny this when asked in the coming press conference.

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Politics / Re: 53 Abducted Obigbo Young Women, Serially Raped For Weeks By Nigerian Army by aybabz101: 12:25am On Feb 15
after reading this news, I felt aches all over my body. Is this a country or what? what is really happening? I'm really crazy right now......ki lo n sele ni Ilu yi?


Education / Re: Nigeria Medical Association Expresses Concerns Over The Reopening Of Schools by aybabz101: 9:32am On Jan 19
I can't really comprehend a reasonable point from what this man said.

The general population disregards the covid 19 protocols and the government is doing nothing to enforce these protocols. So, schools should bare all the lockdown consequences?

I was disappointed when I saw pics to NIN reg. centers across the country. People were like sugar ants vying for a cube of sugar. churches, mosques, hotels, markets, political gatherings, events, international flights, inter state travels etc are not locked down but its schools they believe will spread the virus. useless govt.
Politics / Re: Why FG Exempted Dangote, BUA From Border Closure Policy by aybabz101: 3:19pm On Nov 10, 2020
Politics / Re: General Elections: ‘nigeria Is For El-rufa’i In 2023’ by aybabz101: 5:50pm On Oct 31, 2020
wetin person no go hear from the northern part of this country......dey wan carry mallam el rufai go court to force him to contest!
Politics / Re: EndSARS: Governors Worried About Discontent, Anger In Nigeria – Fayemi by aybabz101: 7:05pm On Oct 18, 2020
Politics / Re: Lagos Police Command Bans Protests, Rallies On October 1 by aybabz101: 7:36pm On Sep 30, 2020
I think freedom of expression is a constitutional right of every Nigerian. How can the police ban a non violence gathering?

The police that are supposedly the warden of the laws of the country; are the ultimate destroyer of the laws.

If u like ban or no ban.......we say No to tyranny..... No to shadow marking of corruption...... No to corruption...... no to nepotism....... No to tribalism..... No to northern department of state services


Sports / Re: Fincen Files: Roman Abramovich Had Secret Stakes In Rival Players by aybabz101: 1:34pm On Sep 22, 2020
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: Ganduje And Uzodinma Visits Oshiomhole by aybabz101: 5:33am On Sep 13, 2020
The scammer and the supreme Court meets the short devil, I'm expecting a catastrophe!

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Sports / Re: Transfers Involving Nigerian Football Players So Far This Summer by aybabz101: 7:48pm On Sep 12, 2020
Na only Victor Osimhen get price tag? se others na awoof ni?

Taye Taiwo still dey play football! Egbon no wan retire ni? I no fit blame am, naija condition fit make person play till 50....

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Car Talk / Re: Nord Automobiles Rolls Out Pick-Ups From Lagos Plant by aybabz101: 7:00am On Aug 30, 2020
well this is a good development, at least we have to start somewhere.

I think new innovators, inventor and investors needs to be thinking about the future as regards cars and energy. I recently saw a documentary and it amazes me how far Tesla has gone as regards battery power.

Apart from the fact that teslas electric cars can travel to hundreds of miles before recharging, their electric car advancement is top notch. these cars can run on autopilot and has several soft safety gadgets such as impact detection.

Apart from electric cars, teslas batteries -using the wind mill as a source of kinetic energy- are now used as an electric grid to supply electricity to a whole town.

The world is moving away gradually from fossil fuels and moving towards eco- friendly alternatives. Its is a matter of when before fossil becomes obsolete.

But I trust naija sha, we go still taste Bugatti veron as a Tunkunbo when these things are happening.

Only God knows what our government is doing about research. most of these technologies the world enjoys today are either pioneered by the US military or sponsored by the US government. Internet was from the US military including Wi-Fi. it will also surprise u that the first investor in google was the CIA; the CIA sponsored the research of Google founders Larry page and sergie bin. But all 9ja government does is to embezzle the little we have and spend the rest on frivolities.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: PSG Vs Bayern Munich Champions League Final (0 - 1) On 23rd August 2020 by aybabz101: 2:29pm On Aug 23, 2020
Correct score: PSG 3 : 1 FC Bayern Munich

the thing go snap all of una picture....


Education / Re: UNILAG Crisis: Academic, Non-Academic Workers Meet Over VC’s Removal by aybabz101: 12:41pm On Aug 13, 2020
Like I said earlier in a related thread; the fact that the removal of prof. Ogundipe as the VC and the subsequent installation of another prof. took place in Abuja shows that that something is not right.

I believe that the removal of prof. Ogundipe is a witch-hunt maybe from the governing council or a higher political figure. whichever way, it is a disgrace to the members of the council and the Senate of the institution.

I think the university union supports the former VC; if they do, this will be another problem for unilag coz the Union will definitely embark on series of strike. And as usual, the students will be the victim.

shame on these politicians parading themselves as academics and shame of the NUC for aiding and abetting such delirious act.


Education / Re: University Of Lagos Appoints Soyombo As Acting VC by aybabz101: 7:46am On Aug 13, 2020
These thugs are just disguised academics. They are not different from street urchins and crooks.

The fact that these removal and installation meetings took place in Abuja speaks volume. I don't know about Unilag but from all indication and facts, the dismissed VC was just a victim. Maybe he has decamped from APC coz that is how this government roll now......

A big shame on the governing council of Unilag.

Come to think of it, how many people this government don sack after the damming revelation of the corrupt atrocities that took place in NDDC?...


Politics / Re: FG Pampers Repentant Boko Haram Members As IDPs Suffer by aybabz101: 8:38am On Aug 04, 2020
There is nothing more disheartening and absurd than what this government did. This go a long way to prove that there is more to this BH issue than what is being fed to Nigerians.

How can u free those who voluntarily render millions homeless, jobless, and turn thousands into orphans. This really puzzles me!

I don't think those who make policies in this country are sane. They really need psychiatric test one way or another.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki: “If They Want Violence, We Will Give Them Violence” by aybabz101: 4:54pm On Aug 03, 2020
APC won't use direct violence, they have now upgraded their game to cooperate violence. They don't use thugs and street urchins anymore; they've figured out that it will create unnecessary outcry and unwanted media publications.

so, they now use the services of our corrupt police, elite police (DSS) and the military. Don't be surprise that soldiers will be redeployed from the NE to Ondo and Edo just to monitor civilian election.

In the last election in Ekiti state, soldiers and policemen were harassing and flogging prospective opposition voters. that is how low our security agencies are now!

my experience during the recent recruitment process of DSS made me know that this country is bleeped up. If competence, character and integrity can be blatantly overlooked in the recruitment process of the most elite security agency in this country, then corruption can never be curbed in this country.
Business / Re: Shoprite To Leave Nigeria After 15 Years - News24 by aybabz101: 8:50am On Aug 03, 2020
well, that is another job loss in this trying moment, but las las, we go dey alright.

But seriously, what is happening in 9ja? konga I think was recently put on the market for sale and jumia is really struggling. This means e-commerce is not "really productive" in Nigeria.

Also, our major supermarkets are closing up!

I think the purchasing power of our middle class is really dwindling at a very fast rate coupled with the fact that the naira is on a free fall.

these companies are not Nigerian companies so, their profit will be declared in their corporate headquarters in dollars not in naira. regardless of the marginal profit made in naira, if naira is below the cliff, it will be seen as a loss in their headquarters.

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Politics / Re: Insecurity: Nigerians Know We Have Done Our Best – Buhari by aybabz101: 7:29pm On Jul 31, 2020
do our leaders think before they talk?!

Book Haram is gaining ground in the NE. U guys claim that Bama is free of BH, but the governor of Bornu was recently attacked by this radical sect in the same Bama. if they can attack a whole governor with all his escorts and securities, imagine how many soldiers and civilians had been 'unreportedly' killed.

The entire north is suffering from banditry, effrontery and kidnappings.

The north central is not left out as falani herds men are maiming, killing and rapping innocents.

down south, we have robbery, police brutality, kidnappings etc.

Yet, our president said they are doing their best.

we didn't vote u in to do your best, u are voted in to solve problems; if u are incapable, kindly resign and let a capable individual handle the job.

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Politics / Re: Wife Of Mubarak Bala Pleads For ‘Proof Of Life’ by aybabz101: 9:09am On Jul 28, 2020
What a country!

we have a constitution which clearly dictates that every citizen of the country av

*freedom of speech
*freedom of expression
*freedom of thought and religion

but its unfortunate that this same country gave a jurisdictional independence to a geopolitical zone which blatantly suppress these rights all in the name of religion.

They can say whatever they want to others; but if same is said about their religion, it is blasphemy which ridiculously is punishable by death according to Sharia.

If drastic action is not taken to redress d level of inequity and nepotism being displayed by the political elites especially of the northern descent; it will bring the end to this country.


Politics / Re: Ambode Lose Out As Lagos APC Picks Dele Alake To Replace Bayo Osinowo As Senator by aybabz101: 7:28am On Jul 28, 2020
never fear a man that bleeds ambode you are a coward Tinubu has one head down to two legs call his bluff off and show him your butt yet you exhibited the popularly know yeyoba cowardice shame on you see what your mate did in Edo state

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Most Painful Loss You Have Had This Year 2020? by aybabz101: 7:20pm On Jul 21, 2020
Be ur own boss!.....stop looking for government job upandan..... emancipate urself from slavery.

how is it slavery working for someone? if everybody is into business, who will man the other sector of the economy.

u guys need to respect other people's choices; some love business while some loves working in corporate organizations. some people loves government work while others just want subordinates to train and mentor.

I know someone who made millions of naira in bitcoin business but wasn't fulfilled. currently he is undergoing his PhD program which involves staying in the lab everyday. the guy just want to be a lecturer.

u business guys should just respect other peoples choices and stop belittling them. everything is not always about money!

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