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Foreign Affairs / Re: University Student Who Yelled ‘Free Palestine’ Deported From UAE by aybabz101: 1:47pm On Jul 10
Can you all see the difference between the USA and some "others".....

I really respect the USA.....

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Food / Re: What Is The Creepiest Meat For You? by aybabz101: 2:53pm On Jul 02
In all sincerity...though i detest snake meat, but i cant comprehend people eating monkeys, baboons and other similar primates...

those that eats monkeys can easily eat humans....

Tua for snake, monkey, dog, cat, and bat meats...

And i dey always pity those rabbits...i dont think I can eat them

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Travel / Re: Air Europa: Passenger Trapped In Overhead Bin In Flight Turbulence; Many Injured by aybabz101: 2:17pm On Jul 02
Prolong and violent turbulence are one of the worst experience someone can have....Its then you will know how precious this sleeping and waking up in peace is.....

I wish all the affected people quick recovery from all physical injuries and most especially from the psychological trauma.....

And time for Air Europa to pay up.....

But Boeing again!!!.......why always you guys' airplanes?...

make God sha dey protect us .....

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Politics / Re: Dangote Fuel: Marketers Fear High-Priced Petrol Ahead Of Supply by aybabz101: 6:48am On Jul 02
I knew they would initiate an "happy fear-like" news like this.

I dont know why a lot of people pin their hope on this guy?....

this is a guy mining our limestones almost for free and decided to drastically increase his cement price that even his competitors were like "bro this is too much!"

And dont forget he is similarly one of the carbals in central bank who with the help of Emefiele dwindled our foreign reserves

though i am aware he is a business man and not responsible for the country's woes...but his own past rockefellar at this point....

I will just sit back and see if the so called "biggest refinery" in Africa will have no impact on the local economy!...


Celebrities / Re: Obasanjo Arrives At Davido & Chioma’s Wedding In Lagos (Photo) by aybabz101: 4:28pm On Jun 25
This one don pass wedding ooo...

Na one big political gathering be this!..

Mayb OBO should try his hands on politics..coz it seems like he be correct politician..

From street love to elders admiration...


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Politics / Re: More Edo PDP Chieftains Resign and Leave The Party by aybabz101: 4:56pm On Jun 21
To my fellow anti-wike people, this is how people resigns from a party!.....

No court of law can see this and fail to rule properly.....Evidence is very important....

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Crime / Re: Outrage As Police Officers Go Door-to-door Demanding Settlements (photos) by aybabz101: 3:12pm On Jun 15
God abeg!

Hope it hasn't gotten to this stage...

Coz this stage is synonymous to robbery
Politics / Re: Oyebanji Flags Off Fifth Edition Of Palliatives Distribution To Ekiti Reside by aybabz101: 2:48pm On Jun 14
Nothing man go do fit satisfy these Nigerians...

If he refuses to distribute these palliatives, we go hear the people are hungry....he is looting what was approved to be given to the masses.

He dey distribute palliatives now, una still dey complain.

My country people sha!....

Its this same country that FG approved truck loads of palliatives to states which some governors converted to personal property. At least this one dey distribute palliatives.....


Travel / Re: Caregivers To Get Canadian Permanent Residency Status Upon Arrival by aybabz101: 11:25pm On Jun 05
I'm not planning, I have, already,and it was the best decision of my life. You think everyone that japa came here to wash yansh? Delusional and dim-witted. Quite a huge number of Nigerins are climbing both professional and social strata gradually in a saner and "better life"....if it takes me to resign from a "faux" high level potion in a country of chaos, lunacy, low quality of life, apprehension lack of amenities, corruption ridden, very low life expectancy to a saner clime, high quality of life, where almost all works accordingly, common!!, the choice is glaring to the discerning. You need to ask yourselves why people who struggle to get out of the Nigerin universities go abroad and get first class in a jiffy..something must be wrong with the society that is continuously and increasingly ridden with corruption, nepotism, banditry,terrorism, corruption, where quota system and religion stand on the heads of merit and excellence.

I have only 1 life to live, I don't know of anyone after, but this one, I chose to live it in a saner clime/better life and make the decisions for my future generation.
You can chose yours ti remin to build and sacrifice your life for Nigeria, its your call. When you guys fix it, we will be back to enjoy the benefits of your hard labour and sacrifices.....but for now, I chose a better life.


You know the problem with you lots, you guys argue out of context.

The topic of discussion here is "the government of canada announces PR for care givers"

I rest my case
Travel / Re: Caregivers To Get Canadian Permanent Residency Status Upon Arrival by aybabz101: 8:14pm On Jun 05
Completely myopic. People world over migrate for many reasons, not only economic. The moment you lots open your brains to that perspective, the better you will reason when commenting on public issues.

Baba! are you a Bank manager planning to resign with the aim of packing one grandma poo?

And mind you, people japa categorically for "better life opportunities" either for a good quality of life, professional, career or academic.

So your response to me is vague.

And again, i find it appalling for professionals and managers with significant wealth and mentees here in Nigeria, resigning and travelling to be engaged in odd jobs and in some "demeaning" care-giving jobs.
Travel / Re: Caregivers To Get Canadian Permanent Residency Status Upon Arrival by aybabz101: 5:48pm On Jun 05
Over to the Japa crew.....

time for managers in top banks, breweries and other strong institutions for drop their resignation letters and start packing some old cargoes sh*ts all in the name of PR.

Time for the clearing and forwarding guys to forward some unsuspecting Nigerians back to square one.

All in all....man go sha survive...But please lets ensure we get "as much information as possible" before making a life changing decision.

seek information! seek information! and ask questions from far and near!


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Politics / Re: Adaora Soludo Becomes A Member Of APGA (Photos) by aybabz101: 3:18pm On Jun 04
This girl is not a virgin

Something is wrong with you somewhere. Dont know where! But you are definitely not alright.


Politics / Re: Workers Shut FIRS Office, chase out Staff With Canes (photos) by aybabz101: 2:04pm On Jun 03
So these FIRS people still come office.....

That office is too sweet to go on strike.....

Those guys are the only civil servants at the moment to whole heartedly perform their duty under the sun or in the rain.
Business / Re: CBN Revokes Licence Of Heritage Bank by aybabz101: 1:51pm On Jun 03
The Saraki's and Co don run another Nigerian Bank to the ground.

Another set of people to lose their means of livelihood coz i am quite sure that branches will be closed down irrespective of the bailout or change in management.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Spain, Norway Recognise Palestinian State, Ireland Next by aybabz101: 3:18pm On May 28
I believe this is the right move and I expect a significant number of countries to follow suit.

This is consistent with the initial agreement of the UN....

However, Palestinians too, at this stage should surrender to a two-state solution....They themselves should get rid of Hamas and back the Peace loving Palestine Liberation Organization also called Fatah.

This war will never end except the Palestinians themselves supports a two state solution.

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Education / Re: Nigerian Students Win Big At ICT Competition In China by aybabz101: 2:50pm On May 28
A lot of prospective and expected banters were aborted by this post.

Nice one to all the geniuses involved......


Sports / Re: Breaking News: FC Barcelona Sack Head Coach Xavi Hernandez by aybabz101: 2:38pm On May 24
There is one thing I have learnt in this life..."make a decision and stick to it"

You've decided to leave, you changed your mind....now dem come disgrace u by sacking you...

This sacking really makes Xavi look like a fool!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Rishii Sunak Holds Press Conference In The Rain (Pictures) by aybabz101: 12:13pm On May 24
If no be I too know, what will it take for one of the ppl there to help him with an umbrella?...

But dey fit snap pictures.....

These people sha!


Food / Re: Which Of These Can You Manage Or Comfortably Eat In Public? by aybabz101: 7:08pm On May 16
All except that Mango. That thing fit disgrace person for public


Politics / Re: APC Calls For Cancellation Of LG Poll In Oyo by aybabz101: 6:58pm On Apr 27
Local government elections is Nigeria is the most useless "electoral process" in the world!

A blatant waste of time and finacial resources....

It's better for one to be watching two cats or dogs playing around than to attend a local government election......

Opposition party will never will a ward leader talkless of a chairman....

Until local government autonomy is granted, these LG elections will continue to be a charade


Politics / Re: Vessel With 566 Containers Berths At Onne Port by aybabz101: 6:52pm On Apr 27
This is another evidence there is a functioning seaport in the SS which is very close to the SE.

To whom it may concern...

Please let's desist from the propaganda "that the federal government is deliberately making the seaport in some regions except the SW redundant"

Please let's desist

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Politics / Re: NGF Hails Oyebanji Over Transfer Of Electricity Regulatory Oversight To Ekiti by aybabz101: 1:27pm On Apr 26
Seriously, i dont really know how this will really affects electricity consumers in Ekiti state. However, my thinking is that the state will be able to monitor the pricing of electricity and have a say when these distribution companies are bringing outrageous bills which is not equivalent to the provided electricity supply.

However, with Governors forum congratulating him, this to me looks like another scheme to further exploit the generally population coz these people only know how to enrich themselves.

the governors be like.....

Governors forum: "nice one governor Banji, una don uncover another format for us!"
"U be sharp guy!"

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Education / Re: Student Captured Berating Teacher In Viral Video by aybabz101: 2:58pm On Apr 16
This is what your slay mamas and woke daddies has turned schools into.

Teachers are now scared to touch students because na wahala. The parents and all the family members of the student will ponce on the teacher and wipe the school reputation in the mud. so no beating of students in schools any longer.

This trend is not limited to ajebo schools ooo....even aje pako schools in Ibadan don dey follow the trend.....

The future is so so so so so......
Politics / Re: Shaibu Prayed For Omobayo Godwins To Be Higher Than Him, Months Ago by aybabz101: 2:42pm On Apr 10
All these bloggers sha!

Is he now higher that him?

una go sha wan bring issue from where issue no dey.

This is politics...no permanent enemies or friends... only interests...

Immediately is interest similarly fails to align with that of Obaseki, shit will definitely happen!

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Travel / Re: Russ Cook: British Man Completes Challenge To Run Length Of Africa by aybabz101: 5:02pm On Apr 08
Wahala go dey im own... some people go dey find am up and down.....

Make him go use im talent for Olympics

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Politics / Re: Sokoto Governor Ahmad Aliyu Breaks Ramadan Fast With Almajiri Boy by aybabz101: 9:51am On Mar 18
I have been on this site for over 7 years if my memory serve me well....

Having tried severally to be FTC....but alas, today na today .....FTC....

Instead of him to do the needful by providing these kids with good education, basic infrastructures and providing jobs for their parents to be able to cater for them...

the hypocrite is breaking fast with ppl he is directly feeding fat on their destinies....

Devils in human human flesh = 9ja politicians

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Music/Radio / Re: Davido Features Vinicius Jr, Bellingham, Others In 'Away' Music Video by aybabz101: 11:21am On Mar 14
OBO! just love this guy.....

Keep on soaring...

But... abeg make una control your Konji a little... him dey part of things wey dey bring disrespect from all those F*cking upcomings


Politics / Re: PDP To APC: Where Is Buhari’s Rice Pyramid, You Owe Nigerians Explanation by aybabz101: 7:50am On Feb 27
We all knew there were no rice pyramids as it was all political propaganda.

Numerous evidences were on the media revealing the obvious that these termed pyramids has a solid wooden skeleton with few bags serving as the pyramid flesh to deceive gullible Nigerians.

In fact, we all know the rice producing states in Nigeria which are Kebbi, Niger, Kano, and Kaduna. So how Buhari will miraculously perform such an achievement within such period of time considering the complexities associated with the system and the propensity of the people to sabotage any sort of intervention via greed and corrupt practices remains a question that we all know the answers to.

And PDP dey talk as if their governors didn't took part in the theatrics?

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Politics / Re: Bugaje: "Lagos Boys' arrogantly Misled Tinubu On Niger Crisis by aybabz101: 8:04pm On Feb 25

You were probably too young to know what was happening when Obasanjo was president because he's the best president of Nigeria since 1999.

I am not young during the period u are insinuating and i can tell u categorically that Obasanjo is second to Buhari on the placard of worst presidents since 1999.
Politics / Re: Bugaje: "Lagos Boys' arrogantly Misled Tinubu On Niger Crisis by aybabz101: 4:27pm On Feb 25
There is one thing about Nigeria that I have been observing....."everybody seems to know how to do it better"....

But when they were there, things were never good. In fact, its their ineptitude that led us to this now....

That is how that OBJ man go dey write letter every now and then as if he wasnt the one that laid the template of corruption and civil disobedience that we were facing now.

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Education / Re: Brain Drain Of Teachers In Private Schools: What's The Way Forward? by aybabz101: 9:26am On Feb 22
Private schools are typical examples of how selfish and greedy Nigerians can be. The owners of these schools are just too wicked.

They pay teachers as low as 15k monthly with students in a class more than thirty...

How can one survive on 15k in a month? And the proprietors and proprietress redirecting school monies into buying cool cars and building houses.


Crime / Re: People Block Dangote Trailer And Loot The Goods In The Trailer by aybabz101: 10:51pm On Feb 20
I once said this when Tinubu newly stole the presidency. I said 1. people will be dieing on the street in SW and north out of hunger 2. A time will come when people will look for all those who participated in enthroning this criminal into the presidency to kill. These people are, INEC CHAIRMAN, the presidential petition and supreme court judges, MC Oluomo and his gang, Asari Tokunbo, Wale Soyinka and other actors who helped this criminal into Aso Rock. 3. People will beg the SE to beg PO to be the president. Nigeria savior is in SE. God has already design it that the SE will liberate Nigeria from Corruption, hardship insecurity and make their economy grow. So all this run around will never and can never save Nigeria. Nigeria survival is in the hand of SEasterner. This is fact.

If a yoruba man writes this, he is tribalistic....but if you guys do, u are all saints...

The the 65% of yorubas that voted for Tinubu are tribalistc but the 90% of Igbos that voted peter obi are saints......

But you guys should be happy with what is happening now? i thought u want out of the country and these happenings is a great precursor to ensure that without even lifting a hand....

I dont think on tribal ends but what you guys are peddling is very annoying... the lies and the extent you guys can go just to ridicule the yoruba race is alarming!....even the above video shows that this is not SW but still.....

Recent happening has shown me that you lots are the most tribalistic among all the tribes in the country.....what you know how to do is to accuse others but you guys are worse than the worst of others..

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