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Politics / Re: ACN & CPC Accuse PDP of floating Another APC by BBPREYEgarri: 3:36pm On Mar 11, 2013
GEJ for 2019
Crime / Re: Boy Commits Suicide Over Parents Constant Arguments by BBPREYEgarri: 3:32pm On Mar 11, 2013
Revolva: A sad mood engulfed a village in Njoro after a 12-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself last night.

It is said that the boy locked himself in his room after the parents argued at their house. He had earlier on complained to his friends that his dad always quarreled the mother and he was not happy about their parents’ lifestyle.

According to Njoro OCPD Peter Njeru, the body of the standard six pupil was discovered by his mother, hanging from his room on Thursday night at 8pm.

Njeru explained that the mother was concerned when the boy did not show up for supper and when she went to call him she found his body dangling on a rope.

The boy is said to have left a note saying he had left his books with his class teacher but he did not offer any clear explanation as to why he decided to end his life.

The OCPD expressed concern over the rise of juvenile suicides and advised parents to open up with their children and be free to discuss issues that might be affecting them.

The body was taken to Molo District Hospital morgue.

Na wa.
Health / Re: Stop Taking Drugs With Soft Drinks, Expert warns by BBPREYEgarri: 3:23pm On Mar 11, 2013
infact, forget dat handle, buy anoda one if u wan go buy garri for market.
Infact forget dis new one self

What is this guy saying? We are talking about good health habits here, you are talking about buying GARRI in the market? Do you use eba (baked GARRI) to take your drugs?
Nairaland / General / Re: Does This Deserve A Ban? by BBPREYEgarri: 8:17pm On Mar 09, 2013
Seun: Noted,but pls try to avoid that topic from now on. Thanks for using Nairaland!

SEUN! What has BBpreye and Ebamma done to you? Please unban my real handle "bbpreye" . I apologise if I've offended anyone but I know how many people from portharcourt I've introduced to this site! Thank you SEUN!
Nairaland / General / Why And How Do You Pray Before Eating? by BBPREYEgarri: 8:06pm On Mar 09, 2013
This question just came into mind before devouring the native soup and fresh fish head with extra garri at one spot in portharcourt.

The food made me mumble some words before I started eating, really can't tell if I said a prayer, but I know I said "AMEN"

Do we pray before eating our mum's food, or your spouse or you only pray when you eat outside? Why do you really pray is it for God to bless the food or for God to take away the poison put by that your Uncle in the village!

Minus satan, plus Jesus! God bless this food amen! These are some of the words we always mumble.. Why are we in a hurry to pray whenever we'r about to eat? Abi the food go disappear? Loooooolz..


Your thoughts....
Celebrities / Re: Nkem Owoh And Funke Akindele 'Kissing' by BBPREYEgarri: 1:59pm On Mar 09, 2013
metti: cheesy cheesy

Nkem Owoh is a type of snake that can kiss!

Celebrities / Re: Nkem Owoh And Funke Akindele 'Kissing' by BBPREYEgarri: 1:56pm On Mar 09, 2013
Johnnoah1st: he is a farmer in burundi

Do u work for him in his farm?
Celebrities / Re: Nkem Owoh And Funke Akindele 'Kissing' by BBPREYEgarri: 1:54pm On Mar 09, 2013
dridowu: Nkem Owoh can be define as BBPREYEgarri who sells gari to Nairaland group

Is it yellow garri or white garri?
Celebrities / Re: Nkem Owoh And Funke Akindele 'Kissing' by BBPREYEgarri: 9:46am On Mar 09, 2013
What is nkem owoh pls?
Politics / Re: Photo Of President Jonathan In Borno With A Sword by BBPREYEgarri: 6:03pm On Mar 07, 2013
Freiburger: Bush man carisma grin

May God forgive you for calling your elder a bushman! GEJ is the best thing that has ever happened to Nigeria!


Religion / Re: Blessed Virgin Mary Crying Out Blood by BBPREYEgarri: 8:35am On Mar 06, 2013
Eileen111111: Imagine going to a man's house for dinner and completely ignoring his mother. Don't you think he would be highly offended? Do you think that man would invite you to return to his home for dinner?

That's what people do when they completely ignore Christ's mother. St. Louis De Montfort wrote in his book, True Devotion to Mary, that only a reprobate (or someone uninformed) would encourage a child to ignore his or her mother. Consider for a minute how unnatural that is.

Jesus said, "Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3) Little children love their mother. It is a sin to ignore her. It is a sin to persuade others to ignore her. St. Louis de Montfort taught that Jesus CHOSE to come to us through His Mother. He didn't have to do it that way. He wanted it that way. Similarly, the saint said, we need to go to Jesus through His Mother. A mother living on earth doesn't ignore her children. She protects them from all danger, and she intercedes on their behalf. Our heavenly Mother loves us, too.

Jesus invites all people to attend his heavenly Wedding Banquet, the Catholic Mass, but many refuse his invitation because they are too busy or don't care about the Banquet, so he invites the poor and the sick and the disabled instead. He invites us to love His mother as He does. Those who refuse to love her are not imitating Jesus.

From ur comment, then u guys are commiting a gr8 sin of honouring just the mother. How about putting up statues and images of Joseph, his earthly father and start bowing down to it too. After all he also helped during the childhood days of my Savior!

Did Peter ur acclaimed first pope, BOW to Mary or Pray with a rosary or burn insence? Go and read the history of the pagans of old! And compare with your Roman Catholic Religion!
Religion / Re: Blessed Virgin Mary Crying Out Blood by BBPREYEgarri: 8:19am On Mar 06, 2013

no we don't. honour her, yes but not worship her
and she deserves to be honored. its no small feat to be chosen by God to be the vessel to bring the saviour to the world.

I've had enough!

God did not instruct us to honour, worship or bow down to any statue of Mary,
It is cleary written in the ten commandments that we should not MAKE, or BOW down to any image.
Mary was Christ's earthly mother, not the Mother of God! Gosh! BLASPHEMY!
I am the way, the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through ME! Not through Mary or any Saint!

Catholics know the truth but they will never accept it! God have mercy on this world!
Politics / Re: Okorocha Faults Formation Of PDP Governors’ Forum by BBPREYEgarri: 7:38am On Mar 06, 2013

Guess you are eating already....

Yea baybeeeee.. Cum n join me.
Politics / Re: Okorocha Faults Formation Of PDP Governors’ Forum by BBPREYEgarri: 10:38pm On Mar 05, 2013

Exclude Nairaland from the ingredients and you are on point! cheesy grin

Tnx lynpetraberry!
Politics / Re: Okorocha Faults Formation Of PDP Governors’ Forum by BBPREYEgarri: 9:42pm On Mar 05, 2013
chino11: Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, has condemned attempts to factionalise the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), insisting that the recent formation of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum (PDPGF) was not in the interest of Nigeria.

Speaking with journalists in Owerri, the Governor who lately became a factional leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), noted that democratic ideals in the country would be best served if the NGF remained undivided.

“The Governors Forum has not been divided because we still have only one Governors’ Forum.

“I do not support the idea of Governors forming separate forum under different parties because if we allow that, very soon we will have APGA, ACN, ANPP Governors forums and it is not good and healthy for our democracy.

“We must learn when to drop politics and embrace governance. We should talk more about the future of the next generation and not who wins election.

“Governors’ Forum should remain as it is otherwise APC will have its own Governors’ Forum and it is not good for our democracy,” Okorocha said.

He argued that the formation of the PDP Governors Forum was a panicky reaction by the PDP which felt threatened by the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“The emergence of APC has jolted the PDP and it (PDP) has woken up to form the PDP Governors’ Forum, and I believe that any party in power that is not doing well should be changed,” he said.

Reacting to his unilateral involvement in the merger talks by opposition parties, the Governor said though he was a foundation member of the PDP, the party was no longer living up to its billing.

“I wholeheartedly supported the merger and I do not intend to turn away from it, because the APC is good for democracy and for Nigeria; it will guarantee the provision of dividends of democracy.”

He added: “I was one of the founding fathers of the PDP but the party is not what people think it should be, hence it is not the best for the South East.

“The APC is a child of necessity because Nigerians are tired of the PDP and now want a change through the APC; the APC will do well in the South East and it has come to replace the PDP.”

He pointed out that “of all the five key positions in the country – President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives and National Chairman of the PDP – none was allotted to the South East,” and expressed optimism that this would be redressed by the APC.


How do I turn this egg am frying so it won't split? Any ideas? Plss!

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Nairaland / General / Freedom Of Speech On Nairaland: The Garri War & Others by BBPREYEgarri: 6:31pm On Mar 05, 2013
"How does this affect the price of garri"? The era of this great question may have come and gone but its stench still hovers around this forum. Started by two Generals, Ebamma and BBpreye, it brought Nairaland to a standstill and uprooted some deep secrets used by the dictator SEUN to run his dear site.

"You have been banned till 2150" became a normal write up on the profile page of all advocares of the Garri war, we struggled! We fought! We cried! For our voices to be heard yet Seun refused to see reasons with us! Moderators without control, were unleashed and gradually they kept us silent for a while!

There is no denying that we have opened the eyes of the members of this forum, that this is not really a forum, and like some users will put it, it is a cult! A cult where once you are in you can't get out! You can't deactivate or delete your account thus increasing the number of users and he now brags of over 1 million members!

We know the truth don't we?

During the flood, we all experienced in one way or the other the impact of the price of garri in the society, Goverment had to wade into the matter cos Garri has saved millions of Nigerian lives from dying of hunger and starvation. Today I can proudly beat my chest and say if Seun does not recognise us, The world one day will recognise us!

We stand for freedom of speech!
We stand for unbiased threads and topics making the front page!
And above all we stand for the success of Nairaland!

All my Garri advocates let your voices be heard!

Long live GPAN
Long live Nairaland.


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Fashion / Re: Omoni Oboli & 2face On The Cover Of Redsheet Magazine’s March Issue by BBPREYEgarri: 3:45pm On Mar 05, 2013
trendystuf: They look beautiful...check out Omoni Oboli's hair, you like?

Source: http://trendysturvs.blogspot.com/2013/03/omoni-oboli-2face-idibia-on-cover-of.html

And so?
Celebrities / Re: 2face & Annie Release Pre-wedding Photos by BBPREYEgarri: 3:40pm On Mar 05, 2013
So how does this affect the price of iphone 7 in the market huh? Rubbish!

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Crime / Re: 10 Dead Bodies Found In Owerri Burrow Pit by BBPREYEgarri: 3:27pm On Mar 05, 2013
About ten unknown human bodies that are in varying stages of decomposition have been spotted in a burrow pit at Mgbirichi, along the ever busy Owerri-Port Harcourt federal highway.

Vanguard learnt that the shocking discovery was made a group of women, who were on their way to their farm, suddenly discovered two dead bodies that were dumped in the pit.

Scared by the shocking finding, the hapless women rushed back home to announce the development to their fellow villagers.

Confirming this to Vanguard, one of the villagers who spoke on strict grounds of anonymity, said “the community leaders quickly reported the ugly incident to the Divisional Police Headquarters, Umuagwo”.

Continuing, the villager recalled that after seeing things for themselves, including the seemingly fresh bodies and other decaying human parts littered inside the burrow pit, the two fresh bodies were buried in the place.

“Health workers under the watchful eyes of the visiting policemen later buried the two fresh bodies in the burrow pit, while the other decayed human parts, including bones which littered the place, were not attended to”, the villager said.

The new Police Public Relations Officer, Joy Elemoko, a deputy superintendent of police, DSP, could not comment on the issue because she was not able to get across to the Divisional Police Office, DPO, in charge of the area


And so?

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Politics / Re: Igbo Presidency: Why Not? by BBPREYEgarri: 3:20pm On Mar 05, 2013
Rochas will be President come 2019!
I saw it in my dreams!
Celebrities / Re: Kate Henshaw With David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) by BBPREYEgarri: 12:52pm On Mar 02, 2013
ebamma: the big deal is that garri is still selling for 50naira per cup

It is 55 Naira in my area.
Nairaland / General / Re: Having Intimate Feelings Towards Your Blood Relative? by BBPREYEgarri: 10:36am On Feb 28, 2013

Have you? undecided

No I've not. But I've had a near miss, till I was alerted!
Nairaland / General / Having Intimate Feelings Towards Your Blood Relative? by BBPREYEgarri: 10:30am On Feb 28, 2013
Let's share our experiences here.

I believe some people have slept with cousins..
Food / Re: Christmas Cow Attacks Man In Onitsha by BBPREYEgarri: 1:50pm On Dec 26, 2012
Did the man die?
Politics / Re: Forty Persons Injured In Lagos Fire Cracker Warehouse Inferno by BBPREYEgarri: 1:39pm On Dec 26, 2012
Na wa!

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