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Webmasters / Re: Question About Vps/dedicated Server by bedfordng(m): 11:27am On Aug 02
I have a question about vps or dedicated server Hosting
I'm new to it.
If I'm to run a software on a VP or dedicated server.
Do I need my data to run the software.
I mean the software requires internet connection to work, can I run the software virtually even without my data or when my computer is not working?
you don't need data to make the software run 24/7. you need data to connect you to the vps server so you can have access to do anything. after that, the software inside the vps will keep running.

so you only need data to connect and operate the vps
Webmasters / Re: I Need Author For Copy/paste Blog Posting I Pay Per Week by bedfordng(m): 8:43am On Jul 31

Do you still have updated premium wordpress plugin for sale.
yes sir. just get in touch with me via WhatsApp details on my signature below and send the name of the plugin you want. if available , I will tell you
Politics / Re: FG Orders NIPOST To Desist From Courier License Increment by bedfordng(m): 4:41pm On Jul 25
they are looking for their own share of the cake. just little disagreement between both parties
Romance / Re: Why Did She Lose Interest Suddenly? by bedfordng(m): 8:09pm On Jul 23
they real owner who bought the phone is busy with her .
Business / Re: Share Your Experience Using Lesotho Paypal Account by bedfordng(m): 7:50am On Jul 20
using PayPal should be with sense whether lessoto UK, USA etc. just don't ignore the operate it with money you can afford to loose when they strike. don't load fund into your pp account if you don't plan on using it immediately.

anyway, if you are looking for 100% visa vcc for payoal verification, you can contact me via contact details below on my nairaland signature.

you will get vcc I usually make use of to verify mine.
Business / Re: Advertise On Our Telegram Group At ₦100 Per Week by bedfordng(m): 12:27pm On Jul 10
Do you have a product or service you want to market online and need quick customers/buyers to patronize your product or service? Then look no further, our Telegram community and blogsite generates loads of online viewers and it keeps expanding daily, just imagine the possibilities.
Our advert rates are very cheap and easy to set up, for as low ₦100 per week, you can showcase your product or business to ready buyers , anyone who wants to advertise should come up with either a banner, graphics or a telegram link, for placement contact me on my telegram number 08138261385 and watch your product, service or business go live.

Cost Analysis

Advert Placement On Telegram - ₦100 per week

Advert Placement On Blog - ₦100 per week
you didn't mention the telegram subscribers you have. at least that will determine if someone would use your service as I intend to run advert campaigns on some of services. so how many subscribers does it have
Webmasters / Re: Please Google Refuse To Send Me Payment After Verification by bedfordng(m): 11:41am On Jul 10
I have 557$ balanced in my YouTube AdSense but the channel is no more working, but google refused to send payment I verfied pin yesterday but my senior brother they paid him yesterday after putting pin. what could be the problem or should I wait for 21st
you will have to wait for this month from 21st. they won't pay you since the required date has passed.

so wait for this month and if nothing happen, then contact them for any reasons.
Crime / Re: FBI Tracked Woodberry Via Iphone, Whatsapp, Bitcoin Transactions by bedfordng(m): 11:36am On Jul 10
America will later start accusing China of spying or breaching of privacy, how did the FBI get detailed record of his phone calls or how did they get the transcripts of his Whatsapp chats.
they can get it from the companies if they want as long as they operate in America or they can sort the company by paying cash . better still, anything that has to do with crime, most companies will willingly give out details of the suspect. nothing is really anonymous when it comes to the internet
Celebrities / Re: Actors Guild Of Nigeria: Regina Daniels’ Baby Is ‘Nollywood Baby Of The Year' by bedfordng(m): 12:15pm On Jul 06
money mata
Properties / Re: How Do I Handle My Landlord?? by bedfordng(m): 6:20pm On Jun 29
all you have to do is to fix it. you will get the landlord attention when its time to pay house rent by reminding him of the leaked roof you fixed.

some feel they are smart but you can remove the amount you spent before paying. there your landlord will be loyal
Webmasters / Re: fgb..... by bedfordng(m): 2:20pm On Jun 27
only use Nigerian host for learning or hosting site that doesn't have much traffic.

don't waste time hosting serious site with Nigerian host else you might have yourself to be blamed.
Webmasters / Re: Using Two Hosting Name Server On One Domain. Is This Achievable? by bedfordng(m): 1:32pm On Jun 26
you haven't answered the question. I do not need your suggestions. what I am asking is if it's achievable to get an email from another cheap host when the domain remaining in my server?

the way i do my work. my scripts most remain with me. I do not give it out. if there any thing need to be done like update it should be detected to me. if then contract ends they should look elsewhere who will develop a site from scratch for them.

my reason is getting a cpanal email account while the site hosting remains with me
thought if after someone develop a website or web app for their clients, the source code automatically belongs to the client except maybe the clients made an agreement not to have the source code because me don't understand why someone would spend huge amount of cash on a web app and yet it will remain with the developer. I have not heard of such before.

seems what you are looking for is email service. you can use gmail business suit to create emails for them. or probably ask them to send you the name of the email they wish to create while you create it on the cpanel and send them login to the web mail without them having access to control panel.

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Webmasters / Re: Using Two Hosting Name Server On One Domain. Is This Achievable? by bedfordng(m): 1:11pm On Jun 26
in the first place as a developer, you don't host clients site on your own server especially when the job is done.

purchase a different hosting package for each client and hand the details to them. that is how it suppose to be because it is not all clients that are not savvy in this kinds of stuffs.

better still, if you want to run all clients to your server, then get a vps server and setup cpanel whm, with this each client can have their own control panel while you on the other hand will be in charge of the server to over see their account. you will still have access to their cpanel from whm admin back end even while they have their own cpanel login which is different from yours.

so for each client, you just need to create cpanel account based on their package they want for them on your server . you can allocate the number of storage space they will use, ram, email account they can create, ftb, sub domain, add-on domain etc all from your back end.

this way they can do whatever they like with the account .

there are lots of cheap vps server you can get which you can even earn from such kind of packaging because they will be paying for their hosting which goes directly to you as the owner of the vps server. imaging.

so this is the best way you can do it and still give them full access to their own cpanel where they can create emails and even do other stuffs which they won't have to disturb you in the long run.
Crime / Re: Video Of Hushpuppi Being Arrested In Dubai Posted By Dubai Media Office by bedfordng(m): 7:03pm On Jun 25
see the way they presented like movie where the hacker is coding
Music/Radio / Re: Mamuzee Twins "Issa Goal" Video With Charly Boy by bedfordng(m): 10:45am On Jun 25
at least they are still singing
Webmasters / Re: Help To Activate Ssl On Namecheap by bedfordng(m): 12:07pm On Jun 24
I don't know how name cheap cpanel looks like. bug if it is the usual cpanel, then you either use let's encrypt if they have it installed or scroll to SSL status. there you will see list of your site that has SSL. you can activate any that doesn't.
Webmasters / Re: Nicholas Idoko: My Experience As A Freelance Software Developer | Part 1 by bedfordng(m): 1:41pm On Jun 20
nice. not bad.

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Webmasters / Re: I NEED A Website But........ by bedfordng(m): 8:12pm On Jun 19

Stealing content is not the problem. What I want to know is how to ensure that I alone have full control over the site ( someone said something about control panel). Since this is alone. And the designer is going to be asking for details from me during the creation

What vital info should I not give out.

Or do I insist on physical contact first?

whether physical or not, most designers work remotely. you will have no option than to give them access to your control panel to upload the files and work on the site. if suppose you have little knowledge on WordPress or other content management system, then you can upload the file and install the WordPress, then create user account for the designer and give him admin right to work on the WordPress site.

after he is done, you can change the admin permission to something else.
moreover, if you give him hosting cpanel login, you can as well change it later when done with the design.

you may have to watch video tutorials on this aspect so you won't be giving access to developer when you experience little difficulties which you can easily fix without their involvements.
Webmasters / Re: I NEED A Website But........ by bedfordng(m): 5:58pm On Jun 19
first you need to be sure of what platform you want to use. is it a business website, personal blog you want or a forum. blog is easier to maintain and run than a forum. so you have to be sure which platform you want to use.

as for intellectual property, when it comes to online, you have to expect the unexpected especially when it comes to blogging and sharing information because you will have others copying your contents if it is of interest to the public.

lastly, you can run any of them without knowledge of web design or programming provided they used content management system to setup the site for you.
Webmasters / Re: Best Hosting For A Music Blog by bedfordng(m): 3:37pm On Jun 18
Please my website has been suspended after it received a dmca take down notice. What is the best hosting company for a music blog?
get a vps hosting that is DMC ignored.
Webmasters / Re: Google Admob by bedfordng(m): 3:36pm On Jun 18
you will end up getting your account blocked by admob. there is no short cut to this, you have to promote the app to get engagement
Webmasters / Re: Everybody Can Not Be A Blogger But... by bedfordng(m): 3:31pm On Jun 18

• Both Involves curating contents either Video or text except in a case (for copy and paste bloggers)
• Admob Vs Adsense Approval = Admob on mobile is easier to approve . admob , start app, app next , appcolony ... has easier approval than most blog monetization platform.

• you can always redeploy any changes threatening bug whilst retaining Daily Active Users (DAU) and the App contents
chief you sound as if I make this post for competition comparison? it a post for blogging alternative for those who blogging doesn't work for.
not a bad alternative at all. one just need to try these alternatives.

I am gradually shifting my focus on trying mobile apps. there is no harm in testing the waters.

so what are the list of app ideas you will suggest to go for that drives user engagement's
Webmasters / Re: Tell Me All I Need To Know About Hosting by bedfordng(m): 3:23pm On Jun 18
I want to host a project of mine online and this is my first time. Am budgeting NGN200K+ for domains and cloud hosting so I will like you to tell me about things am to pay for, if yearly, advance or more. And things that I don't have to pay for yearly or advance.
This is because I keep asking myself a question whether I have to be paying for my cloud hosting plan yearly or once...
Anyway, Pls put me through.
first your traffic will determine the type of hosting you will go for else you will be wasting money on unused resources.

cloud hosting should be an option if your site has heavy traffic.

normal vps can serve you for a start. there are some cheaper vps server that can serve you until the site started gaining momentum.
Webmasters / Re: Urgent Help Needed... Web Guru In The House Please Help by bedfordng(m): 7:23am On Jun 16
you may have to reset it from phpmyadmin database as suggested by someone on the post.
Webmasters / Re: Buying More Storage For Gmail In Nigeria, Anyone Help How To? by bedfordng(m): 1:17pm On Jun 14
they don't accept any kind of card. try use africard or dollar dominated card
Webmasters / Re: I Just Installed Elementor Pro Plugin by bedfordng(m): 11:28am On Jun 10
I just installed elementor pro plugin through my cpanel, but when I visit my website as an admin, I can't see the elementor plugin to even use it. What could be the problem, and how can I rectify it?
the reason why you did not see it is because you probably only installed pro version. you are suppose to install the free version from WordPress plugin repository . then you install pro version for it to work.

so try and install the free version from WordPress plugin repo.

I will also advice you install elementor extra pro plugin too and install.
Business / Re: How I Was Scammed By Nwagu Martins Emeka (truthfulperson) by bedfordng(m): 7:47pm On Jun 08
from what I can perceive here is probably mistaken offer. someone said he needs mturk but due to the way it was presented, the seller sold mturk which is not yet approved. the buyer needs mturk that is approved . so this is why the issue arises.

to fix this, the seller should refund the buyer so the case will be over. that is the only option for now else this will be perceived as scam

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Webmasters / Re: Any Reliable Cheap Web Hosting In Nigeria? by bedfordng(m): 6:45pm On Jun 07
if you are running a serious blog or website, then will advice you not to go for Nigerian host because it will be dead on arrival. don't even think of using most of those host being advertised here on nairaland, especially those calling them self DMC ignored hosting because you will have yourself to blame.

Nigerian host should be used for practicing web design and development or running demo script . not for running serious sites with traffic . they will frustrate you.

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Webmasters / Re: Please Recommend A Cheap Hosting For Me by bedfordng(m): 6:41pm On Jun 07
I don't want blue host or hostgator or hostinger or even namecheap. Plus I want a hosting where I can upload my own plugin. Because I bought an elementor plugin I want to use on my website.
uploading any plugin should not be an issue with most hosting providers be it foreign or local except you bought managed WordPress hosting.

as for cheap hosting, what is your definition of cheap because in Nigeria, there are lots of cheap hosting that goes for #500 per month.
Business / Re: Platinum Investment, Is It Legit Or Another MMM by bedfordng(m): 11:56am On Jun 06
don't be deceived. within 24hours you get paid with 100% interest. most of them are planned scheme by members . they are all working together.

they might pay you today, tomorrow to gain your trust and when you invest big time, they disappear into thin air and create another group and add those old members to new one to continue the journey. robbing Peter to pay Paul. be wise. the website they gave you is not even an active domain, its free hosted platform they used.
Webmasters / Re: Learning Coding, Is It Necessary? by bedfordng(m): 4:31pm On Jun 03
coding gives you more advantage to unlimited features . so learning coding if you want to go full stack is necessary
Webmasters / Re: Please Help Webmasters by bedfordng(m): 11:53am On May 25
I am building an online Ebook website.

Here is what I want.
Customer shops different books on website, After that, they pay, then they get the required file link to download.

What I am confused about is the best way to give the book download link for each purchased book to the buyer, and this download link won't be reusable by another customer aside the intended buyer.

Please how can I achieve this? A simple algorithm will do.

you can get this done with either woocommerce or easy digital download plugins together with membership plugins

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