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Programming / Re: I Need Help In Django by bedfordng(m): 7:40pm On Aug 09
First make sure you added the following to your settings py file and point it to the appropriate static directories.






when added, run the manage.py collectstatic command .

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Business / Re: Dollar Equals Euro For The First Time In 20 Years by bedfordng(m): 12:02pm On Jul 12
Programming / Re: Php How To Determine If A Quantity Is Declining? by bedfordng(m): 9:02am On May 16
What you need here is cronjob if you want it to run the check for those specific period.

With this once it's time, it runs the check and do the needful for you in the background .

In your case, you will create a Cron job to run every 5 days, then create another one to run every 3 days.

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Programming / Re: Which Pc Is Better For Programming by bedfordng(m): 4:50pm On Apr 29

Alright, can you recommend any walk-through on how to install? Thanks
YouTube has lots of video on this. One of the video is what I used.

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Programming / Re: Which Pc Is Better For Programming by bedfordng(m): 1:53pm On Apr 29

Thanks for sharing man, what distro do you use?

Plans on switching to Linux.
for now I use Ubuntu via virtualbox.
Programming / Re: Which Pc Is Better For Programming by bedfordng(m): 9:14am On Apr 28

I have this rule of law anything less than 4gb move to Linux for performance. Windows uses a lot of memory to boot like 1.5gb or so, Linux takes far less. Also you would be a better developer with a unix background.
op should follow this advice if he can but as you know, users often love windows.

Using Linux for a while now has opened my eyes.

It's like killing multiple birds with one stone as it gets you closer to server tooling and using modern achetechtures without stress.

There are some tools that will get you frustrated or just doesn't work on windows and there it is available in Linux for free in multiples.
But the truth is , at times you just need windows for other things.
Programming / Re: So There Are Devs That Earn Up To 30k USD. by bedfordng(m): 8:15pm On Apr 27

Isn't every software written an algorithm or a collection of algorithms?
of course. But do i really need to write those algorithms to be a Dev because it would mean reinventing the wheels rewriting forloop, if else statement, hashing and lots more others algo.

The answer is no.

What I am trying to say is that most tooling comes already with its algorithms which we make use of without even knowing.

Learning DSA gives you indept knowledge on how this things works under the wood and makes you better programmer. But it is optional.
Programming / Re: So There Are Devs That Earn Up To 30k USD. by bedfordng(m): 3:20pm On Apr 27
Omohhhhhh!!! I haven't even know anything about what I'm about to dive into cheesy cheesy cheesy
I'm a graphics designer who wants to dive into programming and I must confess, I have ZERO knowledge on coding or programming, what I was planning was,paying to learn from an organization thats teachs coding for 3 months and boom! I don arrive! cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
This thread is really an eye opener shocked I would like to start from this, I suck at math, I'm an art student, I know programming is not an easy task and not for a weak mind, but I believe in HARDWORK.
Firstly, I would like to know how much my low knowledge in mathematics can affect programming, and how to start working on it. E never spoil finish na.
And what I must know, or things or rules I must follow as a beginner.
Pros in the house, help me with the right informations pls. Thanks
knowing maths or not doesn't necessarily mean you cannot be a top notch developer.

You don't have to know maths to become good. Most important thing in programming is thinking logically and knowing how to apply them optimally.

There are lots of programmers who doesn't even graduate in maths related field working in most of this top companies . Some of them studied art and other non science related courses.

It's just a matter of your focus and will to learn as you progress.

If many developers go with this assertion of you need maths, they would have ended up not taking chances.

So Don't let what is being written here discourage you.

If your target is not to write algorithms, you don't really need advance maths and science.


Programming / Re: My First Django Project by bedfordng(m): 4:52pm On Apr 18
Nice to see you have created something for a start. Although I was hoping to see some of the functionality the site has.

I can see the sign-up and login which is usual Django form. Try and sprinkle some JavaScript validations on sign-up and login to prevent users from stressing the server and database at least because as of now when you type just one letter and click the button to login or sign-up, the form send the request to the server thereby stressing it.

This is where JavaScript can help. Do yourself the favour to learn it because it will really help you in the long run. If you already have the knowledge, then use it.


Programming / Re: Encountering This Error In Django: TypeError: 'module' Object Is Not Iterable by bedfordng(m): 10:56am On Apr 16
Boss, please come down to my level sir cry
what he is trying to say in layman's term is that you didn't use challenges in your URL when accessing the view

If you wish to just access the view from example


Then you have to remove the challenges from the URL py file in the folder where settings is located.

So since you used

path("challenges/", include("challenges.urls" ),

Change it to path("", include("challenges.urls" ),
Programming / Re: Encountering This Error In Django: TypeError: 'module' Object Is Not Iterable by bedfordng(m): 10:50am On Apr 16
From your screenshots, all looks good. The issue could either be from the way you are trying to access the url.

Seems you are visiting the URL using just


You have to go through


for it to work. If you can screenshot the URL path you try to use in accessing the view.

Or better still, try and add comma in the URL path since it is a list.
Programming / Re: Help! I Need Guidance On This Problem In Python by bedfordng(m): 1:55pm On Apr 02
Your code is moving to the next line but you just can't notice since there is no break statement.

All you need to fix this is to add a break statement after the print under the if statements.

Also you might want to add an if statement to check if users enter something.

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Business / Vtpass Now Runs Google Adsense And It's Killing User Experience by bedfordng(m): 1:26pm On Apr 02
I was surprised to see vtpass running Google AdSense on their business site. This is not only killing but it is not professional to say the least.

Navigating the site is hell as the distraction caused by this adverts is not encouraging. Both from the top and bottom and side, I find it hard to navigate the portal and I believe other users would be experiencing same thing.

Their portal is not a blog and they should know that. Why running advert on the site and sacrifice user experience for few $$.

This is killing the user experience that should have been one of their core value.

I barely click on anything as most times the ads covers some part of the navigation. It's annoying to see that a professional platform of such would sacrifice user experience for Google AdSense.

They are not even aware that they are giving their competitors access to run AdWord ads and only target their site, thereby enabling their users to click their competitors ads.

If they continue like this, only time would tell. It's unprefessional for a site selling a service to run third party ads since users are using it.

If it is a blog, it's a different case. I have noticed other platform making the same mistake. Wasn't expecting vtpass to involve in such scheme.

Vtpass you can do better than this. Ads is not meant to be on website that sells services to users. Imagine flutterwave, paystack, banks etc running Google AdSense on their platform.
Programming / Re: CS50P: Harvad University's Introduction To Programming With Python by bedfordng(m): 8:36pm On Mar 30

Less intimidating how? It just leads to terrible code writing coming from a background in Procedural and Object-oriented programming.

A variable Average for example should only be able to hold real numbers (floats). It should NEVER at any point be able to hold a string or a char

But yeah Python is THE leading entry level programming language so I understand if Unis decide to make it the language of choice for beginner programming
that is why I said it makes it less intimidating.

When I was doing a search on friendly language to learn, after checking other programming languages and seeing the usual type hint and their Syntax at first scares the shit out of me.

I just wanted something that is less intimidating even if the code sucks at first. It does the job. This is what makes beginners tend to go for python .

So when you compare python syntax and it's loosely typed nature with other languages , you will see why I said it is less intimidating when you remove the type hint. Also you can use type hint like I said if you wish as python has that option for you to explore to make your code neat.
Programming / Re: Please Recommend A Good Laptop For Me To Start My Coding by bedfordng(m): 11:37am On Mar 30
Please I need a recommendation for an average laptop to start my programming. I have intention to buy another one when I master the programming, for now i need an average but good laptop of 50-60k, I will be learning excel, MySQL, python
will advice you pause and addore fund to get a system with at least 8gb ram and sad even if it's 120GB space.

That cash can may get you a pentum dualcore system. Laptop price is increasing on daily basis. Don't make mistake of buying small GB ram lappy because you might get frustrated when you start running big project as most of the IDE will lag.

Although you can use Vscode but it may lag too. so your option will be to use any other less ram eating IDE like sublimeText, vim, atom etc.
Programming / Re: CS50P: Harvad University's Introduction To Programming With Python by bedfordng(m): 11:29am On Mar 30
Welcome on board. The loosely typed makes It more interesting and less intimidating.

Although you can still use type hinting in your code if you wish. It's an option which is available.

this language is one of the first programming language I will recommend anyone who doesn't want to disturb their brain to learn especially if your main focus is not for immediate job hunting. If you learn it with fun in mind, you will really appreciate the language.

Also side note, you will enjoy coding with python on Linux operating system as it gives you the real benefits to use most of the modern tools to integrate with without much hassle. That is something I came to realize.
Crime / Re: How I Got Scammed Of ₦150,000 On Fairmoney by bedfordng(m): 7:51am On Mar 26
The title should be changed to how I got scammed by fishing website. People would think you got scammed by fairmoney not knowing you got tricked by fishing site to get your your login details .

This is not fairmoney scamming you. Next time look the link very well before clicking.

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Programming / Re: Python Vs Html by bedfordng(m): 10:32pm On Mar 23
You should do more research to know the differences between both.

You cannot be learning python without actually knowing the several aspect it can be used for.

Since you said data science is what you wish to learn with python, then your focus should be on it. You cannot use html to analyse data.

I will advice you to take your time to check online on the uses of python and html as both of them are entirely two different stuff.
Programming / Re: My Experience Learning Cyber Security by bedfordng(m): 6:34pm On Mar 21
Using virtualbox will reduce the stressing of your laptop.

Using VMware workstation will overwork your laptop because it's more heavy compare to when using virtualbox. So which one are you using out of the two.

Also you may have to upgrade your laptop to use SSD if not already using it. Increase the ram also if you can
Programming / Re: Is It A Waste Of Time To Learn Javascript If You Already Know Python? by bedfordng(m): 6:07pm On Mar 21
Good evening everybody!
I started learning Python a couple of months back, and I have made good progress. I started learning because I have an idea for a web app for my department, and I would like to launch it for them before we graduate.
After I had finished the Python basics and started studying Flask, someone told me that to make a web app, I would need HTML, CSS and Javascript, so I went to brush up myself in HTML and CSS since I took courses on them a few years ago.
Now, I'm about to start Javascript, but I'm wondering if it is necessary since it is a scripting language, and Python can do same. Should I just continue studying Flask, or should I take a break and complete my Javascript course?
Very necessary to make page interactive and for user experience. Don't joke with it.

If anyone tells you otherwise, don't listen to them because you will definitely find yourself learning JS at the end no matter how hard you try to skip it. You cannot escape not using JS in your web apps even if it's not advance.

I used to think JavaScript is not needed as long as you can code same frontend logic in the backend.

But trust me, JavaScript will save you lots of time and prevent users from stressing the server and database.

Although you don't have to learn it to advance stage except you want to use it as your stack.

If you just want to springle it around your web app, then Just learn it enough to be able to use it and master Dom manupulations.

Flask is cool but also I will advice you learn Django instead. It has lots of features with an already made admin panel.

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Programming / Re: Is Python A Good Language For Backend Web Development by bedfordng(m): 10:53pm On Mar 02
If you want fast job opportunities, then PHP, node js has more jobs out there but If your learning python is not urgently triggered for job hunting, then you can learn python as it is also very good for backend.

Learning python doesn't also stop there, you also need to learn how to deploy it online as it's deployment is not as straight forward like PHP , JavaScript.

It's up to you to decide.


Programming / Re: Whats IDE For Python Programming For Beginners? by bedfordng(m): 10:33pm On Mar 02
I often recommend pycharm.

If your system performance is not avarage, then I will recommend you use Vscode as you might get frustrated running pycharm as it will lag a lot.

Also if you decide to go into web develooment with its frameworks, then I will recommend Vs code as it has plugins to give you smooth ride.

In fact, install both if you can if you want peace of mind.
Programming / Re: I Need Help With Django by bedfordng(m): 7:44pm On Feb 14
Like someone said, your git is incomplete. You did not add the file that is causing the error.

From the look of things . It seems the error is coming from the post id . Probably you did not properly include the post id in your URL patterns or in view def request function.

Try not to use the dictionary keyword argument in your URL patterns . Instead use the conventional method .example


def post_details(request, post_id):

If you can screenshot the code for this , it would be helpful to analyze.

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Programming / Re: Please Can Someone Recommend To Me A Low Budget Laptop For Coding by bedfordng(m): 2:36pm On Feb 09
Most of the popular programming editors would lag on your budget laptop unless you plan on using notepad++.

Even at that, react also would lag when done via cli process.

Although you can still learn and practice coding with a 4gb ram laptop using some of the light weight tools like vim, sublime text etc and install the necessary plugins needed for a start.

Again, when you start noticing the lagging. It may prompt you to want to upgrade. So if you can try to raise more cash to get an 8gb ram with SSD, even if the storage is small, it's better
Programming / Re: I Need A Python Programmer by bedfordng(m): 2:06pm On Feb 09
That's a job for selenium.

You can get in touch for a smart python bot with random sleep time to make it look more like human interacting on the site.

Not only that, you can run it even when your normal Chrome browser is already opened.

on like the traditional pattern that keeps opening the fresh automation browser all the time, which delays the process.

I could even make it a exe file for you so you can run it as a desktop app.

So hit me up via contact on my signature.
Programming / Re: How Much Is Needed To Kick Start A Forum Like NL by bedfordng(m): 4:42pm On Feb 05

The site looks ugly lame on the outside, but inside its top notch inside.

Even 3 devs cant build NL in 3 months.

Just check the size of the file.

The 250k per month mid-level devs cant handle a job like this effectively. It will flop.

I know how long it takes to code even the smallest of things effectively.

Devs build and test at the same time and it takes so much time.
Like someone has mentioned, nairaland is more of content driven and popularity .

When it comes to backend logic, there is really not much top notch.

Even 1 senior dev can get nairaland done in 3 months on steady work.

Haven't you seen lots of nairaland clone script out there. A little tweaking, you can add more of nairaland logic to it.

Anyway, I am still learning.
Programming / Re: Python Vs PHP by bedfordng(m): 4:09pm On Feb 05
This guy is really joking when he said PHP can be learnt in a day. Na wa.

Python syntax is more simple than PHP on biginner level.

Learning PHP gives you hedge to develop web apps without needing too many setup on webhosting and frameworks, also for getting gigs.

Moreover, you can't really be comparing python and PHP as both of them does different things entirely . PHP is mostly for web while python can actually be used for anything you can think of.

Your comparison should have been python, java, go, rubby, rust etc. Not with PHP.
Programming / Re: Pycharm Is Not Installing. Help!!! by bedfordng(m): 11:06am On Dec 21, 2021

I downloaded python 3.7.3 and its fine just that the PyCharm is not working
will advice you use Vs code because pycharm will lag on that system.

Download Vs code and then python extension for it and you are good to go.

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Programming / Re: Pycharm Is Not Installing. Help!!! by bedfordng(m): 1:31pm On Dec 19, 2021
Download Vs code as alternative and use it with python extension. Also note that latest python version doesn't work on windows 7. So you may have to use python 3.7 or so.

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Programming / Re: IOS And Android Developer Needed For A VTU App Using Flutterwave by bedfordng(m): 12:49pm On Dec 02, 2021

Do you already have a VTU API
you can see he mentioned using Flutterwave for this purpose. that's the API
Programming / Re: Auto Group Maker By Likeaking Company by bedfordng(m): 8:26pm On Nov 23, 2021
You won't get concrete review without someone viewing it to check. Screenshots alone is not enough as one has to view it live to test its functionality to point out the errors to be fixed.
Programming / Re: What Skill Should I Choose? by bedfordng(m): 1:33pm On Nov 17, 2021
You made mentioned of learning JavaScript and you have knowledge with python and you said you want to let go when there are lots of framework you can use for web.

Using their framework should not take you much to learn and the irony is that you can still do most of the stuffs you talked about like creating bots with Django, flask etc . I mostly recommend learning Django because it makes the job easy and comes with already made admin backend.

Most people won't really care what you used to develop the bot provided it does the job and easy to setup and now most shared hosting can be used to host your flask or Django web app on cpanel.

I used to think like this when I was leaning python basic and running it on command line wasn't really what I wanted. In fact, I also hated JavaScript So I tried to learn Django which so far is not bad.

Even at this, I still find myself learning basic JavaScript to get things done as one can't really run away from JavaScript if you go into web dev.

Funny thing is that you can learn the aspect of JavaScript to use for the job, not really advance if you don't have plans of becoming a full time JavaScript developer. You can do wonders with just basic JavaScript and Django, flask.

The aspect of JavaScript I learnt is manipulating of Dom and making Ajax request which one can use with Django or flask and it does the job without going into advance JavaScript.

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