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Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 6:30pm On Aug 31
At the end of the August Contest, the top 3 are
@depressed 1st Position $50. + extra $10
@Jerry 2nd position $30 + extra $5
@emekuscana1 $20 + extra $5

4th to 6th are and will get
@obiskidguru $ 15
@osinamaka $15
@divinepips $15

Rates will be @#500/$
@copyjose and charly20 will get complimentary #5k each for their consistency participating in almost all the contest and for demonstrating commitment to get better .

Thanks all for participating and I hope when I am back, we will have all improve even better. I will take my time later to go tru some of the data from all the contest and strike a deal with some outstanding participants.
fx is sweet and real. But to be able to benefit from the goodness, you must be willing and ready to learn and be highly patient and discipline.
If there is any thing I observed, it is that most of us do not take our time to understand principles of a subject before going into it, we are too lazy to read instructions as well. And we are far from been patient to be able to reap from this market. And when we get undesirable outcomes, we fail to accept responsibility. We either blame the market or news for our miseries. Meanwhile Mr Market do not care. I wish us all success. lets continue to stick around to learn from each other. I am FTA for life.

Those that I offered recharge card then did not reach out in good time and that is why I ignore all of them as it was late when they reach out. I hope we all claim our above prizes on or before Sunday. Anything after Sunday Night is nil.

Good day every one, its 6:40 am here in Atlanta and everything is cool and calm. Have a bless day Ahead.

You have done exceedingly well Boss. May the good Lord forever show you love, grace and favour as you show us here. Thanks for everything.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants. You guys are all good traders.


Family / Re: My Younger Brother Beats My Father by Benqozenero(m): 6:57am On Jul 02
Just a few months ago, my younger brother beat my father not once not twice. What do you think I should do?
This will also help people are facing a similar situation.

Please sensible and godly advise.

He is a very angry person and has pride just because he was looking for the house key, and discovered that the key he was looking for was held by my dad. He started beating him. He has even destroyed some of our properties at home all in the name of anger.

They saying "how you lay your bed is how you lie on it" is real.
Sorry to say your father failed in the training of that boy, hence the constant beating.
I see terrible things happening in the nearest future. You guys need to pray and put in the work of confronting the situation else!!!!
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 7:36pm On May 28

Best set of rules you have created so far but you should have removed gold to create a better and fair level ground for pure forex traders

Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 1:16pm On May 14
[b]What a contest this time? Obviously getting better. And I guess some body somewhere is challenged and learning and improving. There might be reward attached to it and that is to reward those getting it right and motivate those still struggling. Personally, I have been challenged and I have come to learn much more since the contest started. Kudos to every one participating or following.
At the end of the contest and after verification,
@Gasive 1st ------29.5% $75 ($75*#480)
@Qpetz 2nd ------21.396% $50 ($50*#480)
@Benqozenero ----21.382% $25 ($25*#480) Congratulations

The Most Valuable player and or trader goes to @Jbinary AKA @ilovebigyansh. Surprisingly, this boss stated sometimes that he is not in the contest for the money and I was wowed by his performance because I am clearly convinced by that statement with the results.. Excellent strategy + fantabulous risk management + Decent Psychology = Rewarding Performance. As a result, I will be giving him #20,000 for that and now he has a choice to either accept the reward or nominate four people here that he will want that I give #5k to each or he just let go of the price.

@jospidos was disqualified at the last minute simply because he failed to send in his login details, despite the warnings, despite the reminders and I personally sent him emails but still no response. I hope he is safe as well. Best wishes. The rules are as important as the results. The fact that most of us do not have rules or keep to our trading rules explains the reason for the struggle in trading and outside of trading.

Next contest link is out with updated rules, Kindly read first before joining the contest.

I will appreciate if you can answer this even thou you have answered it in the past. In your six years of trading struggling and last two years been profitable, what did you learn along the way? what brought about the transformation in your trading results? What will be your advice for that you six years ago? What do you think is responsible for 90% of traders failure? What do you think that I need to be a profitable trader? I want to grow and be better than the type of trader you are today.

@aluspeciality, @itsprospero and now @jbinary have been exceptionally exceptional. grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

@satine@donsheddy@amolak @wavesandgold@youthatididnotmention

@charly20 and @copyjoe are worthy of mention too. They are struggling but highly sincere and determine. Do not relent boss mi. You will get it right eventually like @gabsonfx @shevychen2 @currentprice @natrutalk @redsox11 @meshpips and like me your fellow struggler too @infofirst.

2k Recharge card for @amolak @oobash@netvaluefx@itsprospero@haryodehji for making 5-9th spots.

Thank you all and let the weekend exchange of ideas begin.

Next contest link


Congratulations to all the participants. You all did wonderfully well.

Thanks Boss infofirst for the platform.
Alert received.
Big thanks to you Boss, God bless you more.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 4:30pm On Apr 16
Got a sumptuous alert from Big Boss Infofirst.
I am so thankful for this. So so thankful and grateful. God bless and replenish you richly.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 1:07pm On Apr 16
Congratulations to the winners. Also to the Boss of all Bosses infofirst for such a platform and opportunity.

Congratulations to all the participants, you all fought gallantly, so do not be upset with yourself in you don't get any price money.

See the competition as a way of grinding yourself as a trader with no instructor because being a full time trader is a lonely journey. These competitions prepares you to stand alone .

Congratulations again Boss info for believing & investing into the future through these competitions. God bless you more and more.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 10:44am On Apr 15

You can end it now angry grin grin tongue tongue



Romance / Re: Pressured To Commit Suc*id by Benqozenero(m): 7:28pm On Feb 07

Hello everyone please read till the end. Mind not any typos and focus on the message

My name is Ben, I'm 22, tall and black in complexion .

I recently relocated to urban side of my state on January this year. On getting there, I was living alone no body to talk to. In one evening I decided to take a stroll to a female friend (Favor not her name ) of a guy who introduced me to that place.

On getting there, the door was closed so I knocked and the girl came out, not long enough her friend. (Precious not her name) pop out too and we began to talk, after everything they decided that I should take them out arround that street because they just came new.

On our way going, I began to notice a chemistry between me and precious but still yet I desist from making the first move.

That day passed then the following morning she was going to fetch water from pump, she branched to my house to say hi to me. On arrival, she was extremely comfortable with me because of how I treated them yesterday. Inside my house we started having feelings, the urge became too high to the point that I needed sex, but she told me that she had a covenant with God that ___any man that would have sex with her must be her husband. And this bounced my urge back to the extent she began to cry screeming that she love me and would like to have sex with me but would I marry her?

Though I did not said yes but I responded " I can't have sex with you or promise you marriage because I still have a long way to go"

But after everything we had sex, so on our third sex my protective broke unknowingly before ejaculation. When I noticed, I told her what Happened and she told me the drug to buy for her which I bought. She took the drug that night then the following morning she saw blood on her undies and different type of pregnancy signs which includes vomiting, dizziness.

We proceeded to test. The first place showed (negative) the second place showed (positive) while the third place showed same ( negative). Note, this is different hospital.

Now I've called my man of God to cover me in prayer while I'm doing fasting and prayer morning to evennnnig for God's forgiveness from fornication and clearification, the man of God told me to give him 2days to pray before going the final test.

Though we went back to that second doctor to give complaint and she said that anxiety can hide such in ones blood or if persist we should what for 1 month, or go into prayer and ask God for forgiveness and also to widraw the pregnancy back if happens to be positive since the whole play is out of wedlock.

And here comes my problem why I'm afraid of this pregnancy

1. I'm a student
2. 22 of age not more than 20k in account
3. Still struggling
4. Can't stand the shame from friend and families
4. On a one year target for a project
5. She is 25 of age while I'm 22
6. Can't have my children from different mother

Here are my thoughts
1. Could anxiety change pregnancy test?

2. How long does pregnancy takes to show after sex because she saw that blood flow a day after we had sex?

3. She do complain about stomach? ache before we had sex, but she said that the sickness has lasted long?

please what do you think, I seriously need advice. insult is allowed but make it matured and educative.

Just to let you know that she might be pregnant but I doubt. Even if she was, you are certainly not responsible for it. You are not the owner, so fear not.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 9:58am On Jan 21

Indicate if you've seen my message.

I think we should all forget about this and move on.

Pipsbasketings has deactivated, I hope he really comes back though. Benqozenero has apologized. So let's forget the past!

Seen. Replied.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 11:15pm On Jan 20
I have taken time to go through my posts and I can see that it is quite insensitive. I am not trying to put up a defence, but my posts were written out of the sadness that he would call me out without even trying to communicate with me if he thought there was an issue.
The exchange rate was not an issue and I never even showed anything but gratitude to him.
I am sorry and would like to apologize to everyone who felt offended at my posts.I will also try to settle things out with pip. Thank you


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 9:11am On Jan 20


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 7:25am On Jan 20


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 21 by Benqozenero(m): 4:55pm On Jan 16
Nov - Dec Reward disbursed to Benqozenero

Cc @Teemy

Thanks Man.

Oga Teemy, God bless for the Support.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 8:07am On Dec 25, 2020
Thank God for this year and Prepare for next year. UK reached agreement with EU on Brexit deal, So prepare for next year.

Merry Christmas, friends.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 7:50pm On Dec 24, 2020

Movement too. Manually closing this at 0.69244. Holiday is coming. 50 pips in already.

Good job. I have always known you can do this.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 3:47pm On Dec 21, 2020

Congrats boss.
Thanks Bro.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 1:13pm On Dec 21, 2020

Congrats man!
We the investors are proud of you. cool cool
Xmas and new year don set be that. cheesy

Hehehehe. Thanks man.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 1:06pm On Dec 21, 2020

Congrats man. You did great and the world watched you do it. Ensure you milk that cash cow to the fullest. cheesy

Thanks for the support.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 11:52am On Dec 21, 2020

The contest of months ago you started with $200 balance?
Wow. Didn't know you were still in it. Congratulations Bruv
yeah, thanks man.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 11:49am On Dec 21, 2020
Congrats! You made it.

Rewards to be disbursed on or before the last day of the trading period.

Thanks Boss. I am grateful for the opportunity to separate fact from fallacy.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 11:47am On Dec 21, 2020

Congrats brother!!
Benqozenero right now.
Hehehehe. you no lie Bro
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 11:22am On Dec 21, 2020
Those who have been following my "30% per month challenge" congratulations we did it in record time.

Those sending me emails on how to continue copying my live account please exercise patience, I would open my live account for copy services to the public by the 1st of March.

Thanks @Pipsbasketings, thanks @Teemy, thanks @karleb. Thanks all.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 3:04pm On Dec 19, 2020

You hit the hammer on the nail.

God bless him richly

I am doing warm up for my own santa gift. hopefully before month end I will join you guys in the santa celebration.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 2:01pm On Dec 19, 2020
Congratulations. Santa came early.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 10:27pm On Dec 18, 2020

This is a forex thread for the last time...

grin grin grin grin grin
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 6:17am On Dec 15, 2020
Big Congratulations to prosperotrading. it takes discipline to accomplish this.

@jakpeyen, if prosperotrading follows that your excel sheet he won't win. i can tell you that authoritatively.

U see trading is not as sweet as our excel sheet. trading is like a football game and the trader is the coach. when you go to a match most times with your game plan sometimes you may need to jettison that game plan and let experience and flexibility lead you because market do not always behave as we would like or as we prepared for going by our game plan.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 7:41am On Dec 12, 2020
Yes boss, I understand. The fact is that the contest portfolio is a sum of ₦100,400 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Now that 2nd & 3rd are not forthcoming, we would have to reward only the first his prize: ₦50,400.

Now, I'm left with 2 options: it's either I pocket the remaining ₦50,000 prize that is meant for 2nd & 3rd since there is none OR I give it out freely but ONLY to someone who deserves it (i.e.; finding someone who is next to the winner, someone who at least made little profit on the contested capital) - choose one......... Remember, this is meant to be a gift for Xmas and not for my pocket, still choose one.

Good I am giving the opportunity to suggest. So let me do justice to it. (Hehehehe).

Look at it this way, let the 2nd person get the 32k as the runner up. Person wey go write certification exam, if the person fail the course, them they give the person certificate of attendance na.
So let the 18k be shared equally among the other 13contestant as thanks for coming/attending/contesting.

This is Christmas abeg.


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 4:08am On Dec 12, 2020
Xmas Contest Update: Reward Allocation, now that no one will be making 2nd or 3rd

Reward Condition for 1st Runner UP:

Although you are out of the contest by not meeting the goal, you should never be considered for a reward; however, if and ONLY if the last man standing meets the goal, we will consider you for a reward as a 1st runner up.

First, the goal of this contest has to be met.
Now that Prosperotrading is the last man standing, he gets rewarded with the 1st position price if and ONLY if he meets the bi-weekly goal. Thereafter, we can look for a 1st runner up which is obviously you. Please note that you are the only runner up contestant we will be considering simply because you made some profits over your initial capital (even though you are out of the contest) at the end of the day while others blew their accounts and have below the initial capital as we speak, as a result, none of them will be rewarded.

The ONLY condition to this reward is Prosperotrading meeting the goal in order to obtain the 1st position reward: NO 1st position, NO runner up.

You get the prize of both 2nd and 3rd positions (i.e., the prize of both 1st and 2nd runner up since we have no 2nd runner up)

1st Position: ₦50,400
2nd Position & 3rd Position: ₦32,000 + ₦18,000 = ₦50,000

Boss, so somebody wey come second deserves 32k but the person wey fail deserves 50k?

if so, I would like to fail my contest so I can get like $10,000 instead of $x.

@mrbillionaire no vex Na joke o
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 1:30am On Dec 12, 2020

I should be blamed more; I made $150 during the 2 weeks and I kept trading and lost everything left with a balance is $202 (-$26 for the two weeks). Discipline is key in this game.

Sorry about your predicament. The reason is because you wanted to maintain your lead in 1st. It doesn't take away anything from you as a good trader. Better luck next time. cheers


Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 1:17am On Dec 12, 2020

I have no open position. And I met the 15% ($15) bi weekly goal.

Ok I checked again. if your current balance is that $172 and you have no open position then I think you are still on track then.

Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 1:08am On Dec 12, 2020

How come bro, am confused. The goal is 15% per bi weekly which is 15$.

Two people got achieved that. So why the disqualification? Clear me pls

I achieved 15% profit this bi weekly. Last ending balance was 155 And current balance is 173, which is abiove the 15% target.

Bro, from what I can understand from the box/table I think you shot yourself. when you achieved the desired $15 why didn't you stop trading until the next period? look at your balance $172 then minus $3! this makes you fall short of the target as the 3rd period was still on when you took the current open position.
when playing a game, try to pay attention to details. Sorry about the predicament.
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts: Season 20 by Benqozenero(m): 6:32pm On Dec 04, 2020

Thanks bro. I am doing fine. Been trying to catch up pages. A whole lot have happened for real on the thread. Mixed feelings.


Welcome Boss.

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