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TV/Movies / See The Teaser and Poster of "The Millions” Featuring AY, Ramsey Noauh, etc by Briareos(m): 7:17pm On Jul 31, 2019
Chika Lann storms into Nollywood with her debut movie, “The Millions” featuring Nollywood A-lists, Ransom Noah, Ayo Makun, Toyin Abraham, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ali Nuhu, Nancy Isime and others.

Coming off the internet rave of claiming to make her hair with 40 million naira, Chika Lann has released the official poster to her film titled: The Millions.
The film which was shot across Nigeria in various locations including Kaduna, Abuja and Lagos have the top billed Nollywood heavy lifters like Ramsey, Noauh, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ali Nuhu, Toyin Abraham and Nancy Isime.

See the trailer below:


Written by Tunde Apalowo, The Millions is about Bem Kator (Ramsey Noauh) a charismatic con man, in other to carry out the biggest money heist in history has to enlist the services of three other con men (Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ayo Makun and Ali Nuhu) to carry out the act. But things didn’t go as planned as they all have ulterior motives for being on a job that is "winners take it all" and the losers might find themselves fighting for their lives.

A grand premiere for the film is stated for the 25th of August while the film hits the cinema on the 30th of same month.
See poster and the official teaser below.

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Celebrities / Re: Chika Lann: My Hairstyle Is Worth 40 Million Naira (Photos) by Briareos(m): 3:36pm On Mar 20, 2018
Saw it here first:


I have raided her on instagram to see the lady capable of making 40 million naira hair.

Religion / Re: Why Most Of The World Need A Good Theology by Briareos(m): 8:10pm On Nov 12, 2017
Hey Lawani,

I would love to talk to you. Is there a way I can reach you privately?
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Neatly Used Ps3 (jailbroken) Console For Sale... SOLD!!! by Briareos(m): 11:55am On Sep 10, 2017
Has it been repaired for red light issue before?
Education / Re: Ayoola Oguntade And Juliet Eko Win N1m Each At Cowbellpedia Maths Competition by Briareos(m): 9:54am On Oct 31, 2016
Smart Kids! Welldone.
Juliet EKOKO, hmmmm. That name reminds me of the Great Prof EKOKO in UNIBEN. A Mathematics Scholar! The young lady might be related to him!
Once again, Good job!

Abeggy. That guy wrote the worse book on 100L maths ever.


Politics / Re: Emmanuel Ifeajuna: Commonwealth Games Gold To Facing A Firing Squad by Briareos(m): 5:28pm On Jun 08, 2016
My friend made a short film on this.


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TV/Movies / Re: ELI5: How To Become A Scriptwriter by Briareos(m): 10:17pm On Jun 06, 2016

This helps a lot. Thanks, boss. But I have got a question about finding a mentor, though. Do you have any tips on how to find one considering a lot of them are sort of always busy?

I suppose you could send me a message.
TV/Movies / Re: ELI5: How To Become A Scriptwriter by Briareos(m): 11:08am On May 08, 2016
My answer will be based on a refined version of your question:

How To Be A Script writer in Nigeria?

0. Learn how to write a very good script. But more importantly, learn how to write a good Nigerian script. Trust me, most times, they are quite different.

1. Scratch any thought of being a full time scriptwriter from your mind. At least if you are just starting out.

2. Try to relocate to Lagos (if you are not in Lagos). But it is not absolutely necessary.

3. Study the industry very well and understand your market (your audience). Watching a lot of Nigerian films will help in this regard. You just have to consume those shit to succeed.

4. Find a mentor. Please find a mentor. I can't say this enough: find a mentor. Unlike acting whereby you see audition notices everywhere; in nollywood, writing jobs are kept on a "I know you and I recommend you" basis. Producers already have their go to writers. So you absolutely need a mentor.

5. Attend all the script workshop you can find. This is where you being in Lagos will help because most of the venues are always in Lagos. British Council Arts organizes several of these workshops. Search for Homevida online; they have short script writing competition. Pan Atlantic University just concluded a writing workshop. Chris Ehidero is gearing up for his second Story Story masterclass.

The purpose for attending all these workshop is very simple: TO NETWORK. Collect as much phone numbers and emails you can. Keep in touch with fellow workshoppers and start a conversation with them.


TV/Movies / Re: Mullholland Drive (2001) by Briareos(m): 1:24am On Mar 14, 2016
I saw this movie yester night and it was a crazy experience I must say. A psychological thriller with sprinkled comedy at its finest. I even had to check YouTube for some interpretations of the events that took place in the movie.

This is a movie you would keep thinking about and what it means to you after you've seen it. Highly recommended.

Cc: Villageboi, speedyboi, Prof800...

One of David Lynch subtle films.
Literature / Re: Resources For Young Writers by Briareos(m): 12:40am On Feb 09, 2016
Only if someone would follow this...
TV/Movies / Re: TV/Movies Chat Room - "THE CINEMA GUEST LOUNGE" by Briareos(m): 10:14am On Jan 03, 2016
Is briareos still in this country?
I've not seen him around in quite a while.

He is very much around. Happy new year everyone.


TV/Movies / Re: Watch The Trailer For My Film "O-Town" by Briareos(m): 8:32am On Oct 07, 2015
The follow up to Ojuju.... And it's looking very good.

Cc: villageboi, prof800, cnario, sholay2011

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TV/Movies / Re: James Earl Jones And John Hurt,which Voice Would You Rather Choose? by Briareos(m): 12:12am On Sep 28, 2015
You forgot to add Earl Jones voiced for Darth Vader in Star Wars. There is no competition, bro. cool
TV/Movies / Re: Your Most Liked Villain In Naruto Shippudden by Briareos(m): 7:29pm On Sep 12, 2015
Gaara later turned good. Deidara is too creepy. Hidan is a psycho Madara, duh! He's fuccking Madara.
But... Orochimaru. Awesome!
TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by Briareos(m): 10:42am On Sep 11, 2015
List of winners

Grand Prize – “Naked Among Wolves” (Germany)

Best Long Form Drama – “Open Your Eyes” (Angola)

Best Mini Series – “Misaeng” (Korea)

Best Short Form Drama – “The Good Sister” (Canada)

Best Actor – Engin Akyurek (Turkey)

Best Actress – Simona Stašová (Czech Republic)

Special Judge Award – “Deng Xiaoping” (China), “Home Away From Home” (Taiwan), “The American Letters” (Czech Republic)

New Trend Award – “Marco Polo” (United States), Chosen (United States)

Asia Star Grand Award – Odagiri Joe (Japan), Wallace Chung (China), Ariel Lin (Taiwan), Chen Bolin (Taiwan)

10th Anniversary Hallyu Achievement Award – PD Lee Byung Hoon (Korea),Lee Young Ae (Korea), Lee Min Ho(Korea)

Asia Star Award – Zhang Han (China),Aaron Yan (Taiwan), Kamiki Ryunosuke(Japan)

Mango TV Popularity Award – Lee Min Ho (Korea), Chu Ja Hyun (Korea), The One (Korea)

Special Invitation – “Shinya Shokudo Season 3” (Japan)

Hallyu Drama Actress Award – Hwang Jung Eum (“Kill Me, Heal Me,” Korea)

Hallyu Drama Actor Award – Lee Junki(“The Joseon Gunman,” Korea)

Hallyu Drama OST Award – Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon (Korea)

Hallyu Drama Grand Award – “Kill Me, Heal Me” (Korea)

Hallyu Drama Best Drama Award – “Joseon Gunman” (Korea), “Pinocchio” (Korea)

You are good now.

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TV/Movies / Re: Uzodinma Iweala: 'Beast Of No Nation', Based On Novel By Okonjo-iweala‘s Son by Briareos(m): 8:35am On Sep 10, 2015
If it'll ever hit our cinemas I'm going to watch. If it doesn't I'll hope Alaba boys come in handy.

TV/Movies / Re: MTN Project Fame Season 8 Official Thread by Briareos(m): 8:22pm On Sep 08, 2015
I think it time I invite Briareos into this thread since y'all are turning it into a war zone angry angry

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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TV/Movies / Re: MR. R0B0T - Official Thread by Briareos(m): 6:13pm On Aug 24, 2015
What are u saying?

That it might be too deep for you. That you should try "Gossip Girls" and "Vampire Diaries" with their over-convoluted romantic stories.

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TV/Movies / Re: MR. R0B0T - Official Thread by Briareos(m): 6:09pm On Aug 24, 2015
from the directors of "The girl with the dragon tattoo", and the producers of "True Detective".

A young computer programmer who suffers from social anxiety disorder and forms connections through hacking. He's recruited by a mysterious anarchist, who calls himself Mr.Robot.


Is anyone following this series right now? If you haven't watched, check it out. it's so damn good!

I think this is on one of the best original series i have seen in a long time.

Let's discuss scenes, plot holes, and characters here.

It is a well crafted Series. It reminded me of House of Cards: Season one. I like the themes they explored. Loneliness. Privacy. Ethics etc. My favourite character remains, of course, Elliot. Christian Slater's portrayal of Mr. Robot doesn't go well with me. Slapping a pair of glasses on his face doesn't make him look like a great hacker.

Anyways, I stopped at episode six, so please avoid spoilers. Thank you.
TV/Movies / Re: MR. R0B0T - Official Thread by Briareos(m): 5:53pm On Aug 24, 2015
Seriously? You're following this boring 101? I had to delete all the episodes on my phone

The series suppose win award as the most boring tv series ever!

Or you don't get it. Or it is not your cup of tea. But it is nothing, but boring.
TV/Movies / Re: Script Writers: I Need Your Help by Briareos(m): 7:37pm On Aug 13, 2015
thank you very much. Please how do I get it? Thanks.

Celebrities / Re: David Oyelowo To Play James Bond Character by Briareos(m): 4:05pm On Aug 13, 2015
He's not a Nigerian actor. He's a British actor. Big difference.
TV/Movies / Re: Script Writers: I Need Your Help by Briareos(m): 3:06pm On Aug 13, 2015
please script writers in the house I need your help. I have been wanting to commence work on my script but discovered that trelby the script writing software which worked very well for me on windows 7 didn't work on my windows 8.1 Lappie. I need your help on the most affordable and easily available software to use. I wanna go to Ikeja now. need ur help ASAP. thanks.


Free and neat.
TV/Movies / Re: Looking To Make Short Films? by Briareos(m): 12:37pm On Jul 22, 2015
The op said you should email her na.

I'm not asking for Missile Launch codes. Only further information. If the post is genuine, more info won't hurt anybody.
TV/Movies / Re: Looking To Make Short Films? by Briareos(m): 10:40pm On Jul 21, 2015
Can you give more details on how this arrangement will work?
TV/Movies / Re: Klaus Vs Ra's Al Ghul by Briareos(m): 12:08am On Jul 01, 2015
There is only one Ra's Al Ghul and he is the founder of the League of Shadows (Batman). Who is this copy from Arrow y'all is talking about?
TV/Movies / Re: Veteran British Actor, Christopher Lee Dies At The Age Of 93. by Briareos(m): 7:28pm On Jun 11, 2015
Gandalf, yet again, has the last laugh.

But he was quite old. 93?
TV/Movies / Re: My Synopsis by Briareos(m): 10:48am On Jun 09, 2015
Our story dates back to 18th century.
LOCATION: Nigeria in west africa.
The sound of the gong by the town crier
dragged the minds of every inhabitant of
umuomumu to state of bewilderment. Murmuring, anxiety and rumuours every
where. '' what is happening?'' what has
befallen on our kingdom? Even the
animals have took to their heels.
There is a king, wise men, able bodied
young men, wizards, sorccerers, chief priest and even the gods yet the kingdom
is boiling in turmoil. It later leads to the
opening of some secrets in the kingdom
even the gods are aware of them. There are
two kingdoms, but only one stands tall. There
are traitors, deception, deceit, greed and deaths so becarefull. Also there are rules
which have severe consequences if
disobyed so be warned. Don't b a fool
don't trust any one. Now following the
deaths of the mouth piece of the gods the
centre could not hold anymore. They say the gods are wise but are the gods really
wise? Watch as the story unfolds....
Sponsors are welcome. Thanks for your

Woah. This is interesting and exciting. It is a very unique idea that is story driven. It's not something we've seen before. Best Screenplay in Oscar loading.
Politics / Re: Lagos State Governor Ambode Represents Tinubu At An Event by Briareos(m): 9:44am On Jun 08, 2015
Now, we have a clear indication of whose pocket half of Lagos budget will be entering.
Politics / Re: Warning To All Nigerians On Insults On PMB - Cramjones by Briareos(m): 1:19am On Jun 07, 2015
You've not seen anything yet, When you guys were having a field day insulting GEJ, you never knew he was the commander in chief then, eh?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and what goes around comes around, No one complained when you minions were lampooning Jonathan. But even without taking the aforesaid into consideration, truth be said; Buhari is a Brainless dullard.

"What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."


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