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Politics / Re: What Do You Think Would Happen If The Girl Killed In Sokoto Was From The South E by Brooklynsouth(f): 9:01pm On May 12, 2022
What is her name
Politics / Re: GEJ Receives His Membership Card From His APC Ward Chairman. by Brooklynsouth(f): 6:51pm On May 12, 2022
If this is the anointed one Buhari talked about then he must really take the south for granted . We know the north will vote for him with the hope of getting back power in the next election. Jonathan is a self serving Northern candidate and Buhari clearly doesn't have the interest of the south at heart . I hope I'm wrong.
which region are you from
Politics / Re: Presidential Aspirant, Tinubu’s Supporters Fight Dirty While Sharing money. by Brooklynsouth(f): 7:34pm On May 11, 2022
Helinues , is that you?


Politics / Re: To Bring IPOB To An End: President Buhari In Close Door Meeting With Umahi by Brooklynsouth(f): 4:54pm On May 10, 2022
Truth be told.

Umahi is really working very hard to free Nnamdi Kanu and naturally kill the sit-at-homes.
Politics / Re: To Bring IPOB To An End: President Buhari In Close Door Meeting With Umahi by Brooklynsouth(f): 4:54pm On May 10, 2022
Politics / Re: Gej: Only Yorubas Condemning His Candidacy by Brooklynsouth(f): 4:53pm On May 10, 2022

Another bigot. And by the way, why should GEJ return to power? Have they addressed all the findings and failures subsequent to his departure? Why should Jonathan squander the south’s opportunity all because of his self ambition? Forget it, GEJ is and was a monumental failure. Don’t ask my why……. Time will tell.
why do you want tinubu a known political rigger and money launderer to be president

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Politics / Re: Gej: Only Yorubas Condemning His Candidacy by Brooklynsouth(f): 4:50pm On May 10, 2022

Chut up and stop this idiocy on social media.

Dont you have shame? Is it not an insult to recall GEJ to succeed a govt that accused him of ruining Nigeria? Buhari wasted half of his first term blaming govt incapacities and failures on Jonathan. He humiliated Jonathan and his wife publicly accusing them of corruption and personal enrichment. Efcc went after Mrs Jonathan. So what is there to support or be proud of when same Buhari invites Jonathan to succeed him?

Are you also from the creek? Ogogoro don kpafuka una destiny.
lol Yoruba and their sense ,so it's now you know buhari uses half if his tenure blaming past government, Yoruba why do you hate Jonathan


Politics / Re: 2023: ‘tinubu So Angry At Goodluck Jonathan Right Now’ – Adeyanju by Brooklynsouth(f): 2:53pm On May 10, 2022
Never inherit other people's battles as a sign of loyalty, one day you'll feel betrayed when they forgive each other.
2015 you mean?
Politics / Gej: Only Yorubas Condemning His Candidacy by Brooklynsouth(f): 2:47pm On May 10, 2022
Have you noticed something guys ? Only Yorubas are vocally against btge candidacy of Jonathan, is he no longer from the south? Power just return to the south and make sense only if it comes to southwest . I don't get these folks , we the south south and our oil , I hope you are seeing who hates you more , as usual and as natural ally , igbos are supporting him but Yoruba that claims to love you more is busy cursing and preaching why he shouldn't let Fulanis use him but will be will to let Fulanis use tinubu

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Politics / Re: Receipt Of Goodluck Jonathan’s N100M APC Presidential Form - Photos by Brooklynsouth(f): 10:27pm On May 09, 2022
This man want his good lock to become bad lock. He want to waste the respect the Nigerians have for him bcs if God send Angel to become the president of Nigeria with the situation on ground where and how this conutry Economy,security and moral had been bastardized na shame the Angel go take leave ASO Villa .
but you want thieffnubu to be president


Politics / Re: You'll not blame IPOB for beheading soldiers again pls hear us out PHOTOS by Brooklynsouth(f): 9:39am On May 06, 2022
I care less about their death period and no sympathy from me because these folks won't hesitate to shoot me at the slightest provocation

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Politics / Re: 2023: NDLEA Writes APC Seeks Drugs Integrity Test Before Primaries by Brooklynsouth(f): 4:15pm On Apr 27, 2022
Druggie is Finished !!

Buhari has finally nailed him using NDLEA
the only source of happiness is the internet , you just put a smile on my face , you need to see the way I'm laughing

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Politics / Re: Tolu Ogunlesi Criticized For His Posts About Peter Obi (Pictures) by Brooklynsouth(f): 2:38pm On Apr 25, 2022

When it comes to Igbo you want them to be saintly and without blemish in ALL things concerning Nigerian politics but you don’t hold yorubas and Hausa/Fulani to this same standard. A yoruba king and pastor will curse igbos but that won’t spoil tinubu or osibanjo’s rep, a northern Muslim can kill and kidnap southerners but that didn’t spoil buhari’s rep. But na when easterners on nairaland engage in a free for all political/tribal mudsling then you start talking about how it affects obi or any eastern politician. You guys hypocrisy stinks to the heavens.
i love
Crime / Re: BREAKING: Gunmen Attack Soldiers In Abia by Brooklynsouth(f): 11:50am On Apr 08, 2022
Gunmen suspected to be members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have reportedly attacked an Army patrol van in Aba, the commercial nerve of Abia State.

The Nation gathered the incident happened in the early hours Friday when the soldiers were on patrol.

It was gathered the attackers laid ambush for the unsuspecting soldiers

The incident occurred at the popular Tonimas junction, Osisioma LGA axis, on Enugu-Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway.

The attackers also burnt the patrol van of the soldiers.

But the number of casualties was yet to be ascertained.

A source within the security circle said the incident occured around 3am.

It was gathered that the incident caused pandemonium with residents of the area in apprehension.


I saw the vehicle but I think this thing was done by the military, a Mack truck came and tolled the burnt white Hilux , Mitsubishi Hilux escorted burnt pick up off from the seen . What I don't get is this , the military were calm and weren't intimidating anyone unlike before they will be killing passerby. The army planned that attack , it has the signature of govt sponsored attack

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Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Declares Sit-At-Home Tomorrow. Warns Emmanuel Kanu. by Brooklynsouth(f): 3:04pm On Apr 07, 2022
Provide any evidence of me supporting them or forever shut up. Unknown gunmen killed a relative of mine just this month. His blood will continue to cry for justice. The people that killed him will never know peace until they kick the bucket
has he or she been a saboteur?
Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa Declares Sit-At-Home Tomorrow. Warns Emmanuel Kanu. by Brooklynsouth(f): 3:02pm On Apr 07, 2022
Meanwhile, Simon Ekpa and the Autopiloters have resumed their attacks on the Catholic archdioceses and dioceses in the South-East.

The Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Reverend Doctor Callistus Valentine Onaga, had complained about the sit-at-home protest and its effect on the poor in the South-East. In response Simon Ekpa claimed that Bishop Onaga impregnated a 15 year old girl and that he now has a 27 year old son as a result. The Catholic Diocese of Enugu denied the allegation and that's where it ended.

However, the Governor of Anambra State, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, held a mass at the St Joseph Catholic Cathedral, Ekwulobia to mark the end of the sit-at-home protests (two security men at the Cathedral were killed later that day) and Simon Ekpa has since resumed his attacks on the Catholic Church in the South-East.
you are on your own , an enemy to BIAFRA restoration can not tell us who our enemies are
Politics / Re: Visited Anambra Several Times…. I’ve Not Seen Anything That Peter Obi Has Done by Brooklynsouth(f): 2:59pm On Apr 07, 2022
This one na low paid BMC , hunger go soon finish you
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo: The Only Person That Has The Pedigree Is Bola Tinubu by Brooklynsouth(f): 2:52pm On Apr 07, 2022
Ewedu Muslims , is asari no longer a tout , criminal and thief ? So his sins have been forgiven? The type of hypertension and humiliation that spread across Southwest part of the zoo will shock the world . Tinubu we have your antidote, just clinch the ticket and we will unleash hell. Mark my words

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Politics / Re: Workers Seize LG Chairman, Adegoke Ogunsola's Car In Osun by Brooklynsouth(f): 1:03pm On Mar 21, 2022
That's how people with brains behave, hold the custodian of your entitlement to ransom.

Unlike in some cursed barren villages who will rather be screaming Buhari from morning till night when the criminal holding them to ransom is their brothers. angry
awon biggest igr

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Politics / Re: When A University Dropout Is Building A Nation by Brooklynsouth(f): 8:50pm On Mar 08, 2022
When a University dropout is building a nation for igbos, the educated people will suffer.

Look at the child soldiers they recruit in their ESN/UGM terrorist group.


Here their leader threatening a university VC


Look at his followers chasing students from school


Then the proceed to kill doctor chike akunyili, the young medical student and many more educated people.

Nnamdi Kanu's Biafra will be run by criminals.
otu gbawa nne gi


Politics / Re: Six Reasons Why Tinubu Will Be The ‘Best President’ By Bayo Oluwasanmi by Brooklynsouth(f): 6:13am On Mar 08, 2022
This people are making it more easier for tinubu all because of their hate messages.

On his mandate i stand.
you should be sitting because that half dead brain can't stand too long
Politics / Re: Six Reasons Why Tinubu Will Be The ‘Best President’ By Bayo Oluwasanmi by Brooklynsouth(f): 6:12am On Mar 08, 2022
The only people against Tinubu are igbos, they want to be president to revenge and bully other Nigerians.

sorry it won't work ,Nigeria has a life line come 2023 ,it's up to the zoo to misuse it .
Politics / Re: Ijelespeaks Exposes Apostle Suleman Naked Video Call - PHOTOS by Brooklynsouth(f): 12:10pm On Mar 07, 2022

The photo spoke already . Don't bring photoshop here . We can clearly see his cursed bald head embarassed
hello Muslim, sultan of sokotos blokos is all over the internet
Politics / Re: Photo: Tinubu Sweating In Alaafin Of Oyo Palace by Brooklynsouth(f): 8:17am On Feb 21, 2022

We control the Nigerian media space. Create your own media and promote whatever you want. But for the current media space, we control it. We used it to bring down Goatluck Jonaddaft and install the lifeless terrorist hiding inside the Rock not knowing that he is an empty barrel. Now, we will use the same media to install Tinubu Jagaban Borgu. Bring out your candidates and see how we will use the media to bury them.
I don't think you know what is cooking


Politics / Re: Did Tinubu Break Any Law By Urinating On Himself? by Brooklynsouth(f): 12:05pm On Feb 16, 2022
Imagine if tinubu is Igbo ,the propaganda that will fill the Yoruba Muslim brown paper envelope junk media will shake heaven . Tinubu can never rule nigeria
Politics / Re: Oya Take Mic, Tell Me Why You Hate Obi Cubana. by Brooklynsouth(f): 11:19am On Feb 15, 2022
Afonjas think that Obi Cubana is the richest young man in igboland. As such, if he's arrested and painted dirty, it's going to go along way in solidifying their worn out narrative that every rich igbo man either used his mother for juju, pounded babies for money or sold drugs. Afonja doesn't know that Obi Cubana might not be amongst the first ten richest men of his age group in his village of Oba!

They don't know that if not that he is in to showbiz, he would never have been known this much. They see him as a symbol of the Igbo man's "rag to riches" tale and they are desperate to destroy that narrative. Raw envy.. Putrid jealousy... Afonja is not ready to compete with anybody, (they have given up because they can't deal) Afonja wants to destroy every perceived opponent.

That's what all the commotion is all about. They're also hurt that President PooPoo was humiliated beyond measure over the last few days and are desperately snarling right left and center as they look for any strong figure from the "opponents camp" to damage as "reprisals"... Today, it's Peter Obi, tomorrow, it's Anyim Pius Anyim, next, it's Obi Cubana! Afonja is restless and reckless.. Our "sophisticated" neighbors have gone bananas..

Afonja knows nothing about trading. They have spent eternity belittling trading. So much so that if you tell them that a young man made his billions legitimately from trading, they consider that a cock and bull story. They will still be asking you to open your wardrobe; there must be a human head in there, vomiting fresh cash! Any wonder they hawk human skulls for fun in afonjaistan?
brotherly ,you know these people inside out

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Politics / Re: Troops Neutralize Scores Of Terrorists In Borno State (Photos) by Brooklynsouth(f): 8:51pm On Feb 10, 2022


Lalasticlala, Mynd44, Dominique
fake news ,I don't believe this , wait till Boko Haram releases their stats

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Inspired Me To Manufacture SUVs, Pick-Up Vans ― Innoson by Brooklynsouth(f): 6:24am On Feb 10, 2022
cheesy for your mind

You dey mind hin statement, also note the part he said "we source for most of our component locally"
keyword MOST not ALL

Which still place them under assembly plant
do you think Mercedes Benz producers Al it's parts ?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Inspired Me To Manufacture SUVs, Pick-Up Vans ― Innoson by Brooklynsouth(f): 6:20am On Feb 10, 2022
Mr Pandora probably did that to cut a deal and push the proceed to his offshore company.
I heard that there's virtually no transaction he got involved without pecuniary interest.

I don't know why these people love selling Contraband goods?
Peter Pandora Obi is a contraband product outside SE.
tinubu for president

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