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Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Handmade Shoes By Zeez Lagos by Bulldog(m): 10:11pm On Sep 17, 2019
Are you the designer an maker?
Technology Market / Re: Place Your Laptop Battery Needs Here And Get It In A Few Hours by Bulldog(m): 7:11pm On Dec 31, 2017
Rlg mini laptop battery

Career / Re: To Be A Whiz In Cybersecurity, Where Do I Start? by Bulldog(m): 8:34pm On Dec 08, 2017
Get the materials from me. CCNA study guide deluxe by Todd Lammle.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fidelity Bank Recruitment For Graduate Trainee 2017 (Bsc And HND Only) by Bulldog(m): 6:26am On Apr 14, 2017
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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fidelity Bank Aptitude Test Format by Bulldog(m): 10:19pm On Mar 12, 2017
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fidelity Bank Recruitment For Graduate Trainee 2017 (Bsc And HND Only) by Bulldog(m): 9:48pm On Mar 12, 2017

Mayor, abeg help me with d gmat 2007 question -whatsapp no 08186957171 or isiguzoblessing@gmail.com. Tanks n remain blessed.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Fidelity Bank CBT by Bulldog(m): 9:42pm On Mar 12, 2017
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Business / Re: 3 Legitimate Online Businesses A Nigerian Can Start Today by Bulldog(m): 7:12am On Mar 09, 2017
I earn... (Little by little though) from posting on iq2cash.com you can try it. If you are expecting billions, it's not for you, you can try mmm instead.
Webmasters / Re: Pin Codes Generation For My Joomla Website by Bulldog(m): 12:19pm On Dec 04, 2016

Politics / Re: FG's Recovered Loot with CBN — Investigation by Punch by Bulldog(m): 4:51pm On Nov 29, 2015
Buhari is a disgrace... Period
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 10:16pm On Jul 20, 2015
Una still de?
Politics / Re: What's Happening In Anambra, All the Markets Closed. by Bulldog(m): 10:36pm On Jun 27, 2015
Yu bring them down here for their blood to be spilled like those of Anambra people killed up there. Problems solved and everybody can now sleep hapilly. Make them send them bastards. My uncles blood needs to be pacified

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Programming / Re: Game Development: Next Gen 3d PC Game Team by Bulldog(m): 10:10am On May 30, 2015
So Una never complete this game?
Politics / Re: Buhari Didn’t Promise To End Insurgency In Two Months – APC by Bulldog(m): 9:24am On Apr 04, 2015
click and see for yourself He said two weeks. APC and lies.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Nokia Lumia 520 For Sale For N18000. by Bulldog(m): 6:46pm On Jun 29, 2014
contact: from 5-9pm weekdays on 09032863703
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Nokia Lumia 520 For Sale For N18000. by Bulldog(m): 6:37pm On Jun 29, 2014
reason for sale is to make up money and upgrade to lumia 1320
Phone/Internet Market / Nokia Lumia 520 For Sale For N18000. by Bulldog(m): 5:49pm On Jun 29, 2014
A yellow 3months old nokia lumia 520 for sale at a non negotiable price of 18k. The price for brand new lumia 520 currently stands at 22k so you'll be getting a discount of 4k. This is for only those in enugu or abakiliki cityi

Politics / Re: Stella Oduah's CV Released By Senate by Bulldog(m): 3:13pm On Jan 09, 2014

Their report was not based on her CV she submitted to the NASS. It was based on her so called profile online on Wikipedia. It is so disgraceful what Sharia reporters is doing. They are a faceless junk newspaper. CVs of notable people on Wikipedia are not even put there by them. So shameful. How are we sure it wasnt Sahara reporters that edited the Wikipedia profile, put in that information and now go to press with it. That is what most like happened
i simply love those with brains and you my friend is a real deal

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 11:56am On Jan 09, 2014
13th, 20th or 27th
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 8:46am On Jan 09, 2014
ok o cry . If patience is purchased with money, i will be stone broke by now.(not that i'm not at the moment )
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 7:07am On Jan 09, 2014
are we there yet?!
Religion / Re: Which Is Your Best Gospel Songs And Artists? by Bulldog(m): 7:59am On Jan 07, 2014
Themmy007: There was this worship song I heard....its so inspirational,don't know the full lyrics but it goes like this

'' Dooooo Do Do Oghene Doooo Oghene Dooo '' its not frank edward its a worship song

I know the lyrics is not so descriptive sha,please help me with the artist n song.....

I also like solomon lange-nagode
Midnight Crew. Those that sang "igwe"
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 10:42am On Jan 03, 2014
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 2:46pm On Dec 31, 2013
Eskyrama: Bulldog d number I posted is not Mr Okore direct number mind u, it a number from d HR which u can reach to get any information u need, it was Mr Okore dat gave us wen we were about to write CBT n told us to call if we need any info
aite. My bad
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Recruitment Cool Tv And Wazobia Tv by Bulldog(m): 5:10pm On Dec 29, 2013
bookmarked for future consideration
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UBA Aptitude Test: What To Expect? by Bulldog(m): 9:15am On Dec 28, 2013
^^ posting someone else's number on a public forum is not a good etiquette cos people will start calling him and making funny demands and requests. Unless that's the cfc number, i really think that mailing it to the person that requested it would have been a better option
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Employment Offer From Oasis Petroleum Is A Scam by Bulldog(m): 11:49pm On Dec 26, 2013
[quote author=coolimpetus][/quote] i've checked the attachments. That's him alright. He just updated the same document and changed account number
Politics / Re: Rate/describe Jonathan's Reply To Obasanjo by Bulldog(m): 10:09am On Dec 24, 2013
ba7man: So with G.E.J's reply, what do you think would have happened if OBJ decided to reply him again??
if he replied without any proof for his accusations, then he'll be proving the part of his daughter's letter that mentioned something about an imbe.cile correct.

ba7man: It will only lead to public exchange of accusation letters. Its not only about what you do but how you do it.
your opinion. In Mine, that wont be a bad thing but i dont think the president is lazy enough to be trading letters with obj. He stated explicitly why he replied this, giving about 10 good reasons for that. one being national security.

ba7man: If i was in G.E.j's shoes, I would grant an audience to OBJ in private for him to air-out any discord or misconceptions he has and also make sure they arrive at a logical conclusion to close his chapter.
thank God you weren't smiley . But allow me to elaborate on the consequence of your prospective reaction: the public will think you are guilty because to them you are trying to broker a backdoor deal to shut obj up.
First rule in communication is to maintain a uniform medium/channel. If someone contacts you through a phone, reply through a phone; if someone speaks to you, dont use sign language to reply...

ba7man: GEJ is then supposed to organize a press release to refute (or confirm) those allegations to the public.
what other press release do you need when the letter was released to the press If someone talks to you, talk back to the person and not the person sitting beside him.

ba7man: With the way GEJ has handled it, I don't think this is the last we've heard of OBJ, he's only gone ahead to wait for GEJ.
i have to agree with you on that, whenever obj makes such accusations and it's ignored, a bad thing follows. So this approach is the best cos after obj's letter APC suddenly committed treason publicly by calling on the senate to impeach jonathan.... What do you think will follow next? Jonathan even mentioned assasination attempts on him in the letters so that when something phoney happened, the public will have a clue. So his approach, perfect to my perception.
Politics / Re: Rate/describe Jonathan's Reply To Obasanjo by Bulldog(m): 9:09am On Dec 24, 2013
ba7man: So you think this whole letter writing thing is supposed to be a face-off between OBJ and GEJ while you cheer on on the sidelines??
unlike you, i ain't a syncophant that changes opinion with the changes in tide. I take time to come to conclusions so as to avoid the shame that accompany retraction of a word already said. And if you read Gej's letter in it's entirety, he showed a remarkable decorum of explaining to nigerians what's really on ground although his utmost goal should have based primarily on exonerating himself of the allegations levelled against him.

ba7man: You don't even know you're part of the main people that deserves the explanation......not OBJ.
Explanation without proof is no different from gossip in market place by market women. GEJ has statistical indices to back his claim while obj has....? As a jury in the case i'll say the presidents letter has more credence as an explanation than that of obj.

ba7man: You don't even know what the moral obligations of a father is to not understand that he owes his children and not the grandfather the explanation since they were present.
I'm not a father at the moment but from observation, i dont think a father has to present a financial report of his spending to his children after every month unless the children are the ones that generates the income. So latching to your i'll conceived analogy is still caving.
But assuming we are using the model i painted, if a grandfather and his peers keep frustrating a father's efforts to be responsible to his kids, Will you tackle the father for being irresponsible or will you tackle the grandfather for irresponsibility?
ba7man: You think "Responsibility" is an Ego trip??
you are the one doing the thinking cos i know it's a duty.
Politics / Re: Rate/describe Jonathan's Reply To Obasanjo by Bulldog(m): 7:19am On Dec 24, 2013
ba7man: If your grandfather accuses your father of spending the money meant for your school fees on girls and alcohol in your presence, will you wait to see how your dad would reply him............or wait for your dad to explain the truth to you??

You don't even have a full understanding of how leaders should react.

Mirroring OBJ's actions of replying the letter in return is a petty reaction. He's supposed to organize a press confrence highlighting each accusation and disproving it to the citizens while ignoring O.B.J...........not exchange letters with O.B.J like 2 market women that have just discovered the art of letter writing.

BTW, I'm not a fan of either and i'm not about to start cheering for one because he's my kinsman.
I must say what you lack is not just in 'standing by your words', but also in making coherent comparisons. Why? My grandfather can't question my father's use of the fund he didn't raise. And secondly, the money for my education as in your analogy is still not my money even though it's meant for me smiley . I hope you are seeing how sublime your incoherency could get.

Neither obj nor GEJ made any revenue for nigerians. To rephrase your analogy and put it as it should be in context:
if you saved money for your education and someone stole it, then your grand father said your father stole it and used it on prostitutes, orgies, gambling etc to your hearing. The right thing your father should do is to deny the accusation and demand the proof of his allegations right there before you just like your grand father did. It will be then left for you to ask your grand father to provide the proof to support his claims

so my friend, knowing how a leader should respond is no rocket science but plain logic. And to be a leader you dont need to be a politician. All you need is to be WISE, HONOURABLE, and TO ALWAYS STAND BY YOUR WORDS AND NOT BE A CHAMELEON
Politics / Re: Rate/describe Jonathan's Reply To Obasanjo by Bulldog(m): 4:59am On Dec 24, 2013
ba7man: I mean G.E.J should adress the Nation!!!.......(U and I), not O.B.J.

What's going on is just a bunch of crooked people accusing each other on crimes they're all guilty of in letters.

G.E.J should be adressing the Nigerian Citizens on the contents of the letter to set it straight .......not replying O.B.J for us to rate his reply.

I still stand on my words.
if your neighbour slaps your face and you went to his village and started slapping his kins men, what does that make you? You dont even have a word to stand on cos you are no different from those confused PDP chieftains without honor that think jumping from one party to the next solves any problem

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