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Family / Madam Learn How To Apologize by bummyla(m): 3:46pm On Jul 23
Madam learn how to apologize

Family / Plateau State Indigenes, When You Are Tired Of All These Misfortunes by bummyla(m): 11:33pm On Jul 12
Jos Again! Plateau State indigenes, when you are tired of all these misfortunes, you know what to do

Few years ago, I went for an evening service at TPH and the pastor taught on Terrestrial Spirits.

And he used Jos Plateau State as one of his example of “….. While men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.” Matthew 13:25

Since 2021 Plateau State has known no peace till date, but before then Jos was the most peaceful city in Nigeria. Most NTA Soap Operas were shot in Jos.

While the town slept the enemy creeped in.

Now 17 dead, 120 trapped in Plateau school building collapse. 4 siblings dead, when the parent heard of it, both dead of shock. A whole family cleared!

Plateau State indigenes, when you are tired of all these misfortune, you know what to do

Family / Before You Jettison Your Spouse, Look Very Well Oooo by bummyla(m): 11:31am On Jul 12
Others dey leave their spouses and marriages for millionaires, billionaires, men and women hundred times better than their former spouse.

E reach your turn, you come jump from frying pan to fire!

How will you be able to make my ex jealous and remorseful for letting a good person go, when you settled for the least!

You just made a mockery of yourself! How will you be able to look your ex straight into the eyes, when your paths crossed? Shame no go let you show your face.

Relationships and marriages in Nigeria are now transactional

Apart from his wandering discoloured pri8k, what else is he bringing to the table?

Pink lips, permed hair, jerry curl hair and bleached skin guys are only good for tatata! And every tatata ends in waist pain, not in marriage.

Wetin you gain?

MONEY? You no gain!

COMFORT and LUXURIES you have being seeking for as a baby girl, you no see!

MARRIAGE? F8ck boys no dey marry! When the time comes he will tell you that you are too old for him, he wants a younger lady.

Who fine boy help? Fine face no dey pay bills! When the chips are down, you go look for Odogwu and that means hopping from one bed to another, increasing your sex mileage! No be ashawo be that! If they call you ashawo no vex.

There is no dignity in poverty! There is no dignity in suffering! You could have aimed higher!

The grass is not greener at the other side. Somebody at the other side makes a conscious decision every day to always water the grass.

Before you start feeling trapped in marriage and start listening to all your single sisters and friends, look before you leap!

Na statistics we go chop Oooo

But wetin I know! Even Nigerians choose slavery over competency.

Nobody needs to depopulate Africa, just destr8y the family

Food / Re: Okpa 100 Naira About To Go Into Extinction by bummyla(m): 10:22am On Jun 12
They only sell okpa N200 in Trans-Ekulu since last year December


Romance / Re: Can You Still Remember Your 1st Heartbreak? by bummyla(m): 10:42pm On May 28
Share the story with us

I remember the first but I, remember the second more...
Romance / Re: Can You Still Remember Your 1st Heartbreak? by bummyla(m): 10:40pm On May 28
But that's very rude of you to laugh at someone's parent, even though it caused for laughter

Yes, I laughed at his father's bald head and he stopped talking to me, I couldn't stop laughing and it was a very long laughter, he picked offense and never spoke to me again till he left the country. I'm still laughing now sef 😂😂😂😂

I have a kind of heart that can't be broken


Romance / Can You Still Remember Your 1st Heartbreak? by bummyla(m): 9:34pm On May 28

I just met a 17 years old boy, who was served “breakfast”

I now regret laughing him to scorn, he might never open up to a stranger again! But it is funny though!

He will learn, he looks like a tough kid that has a lot of potentials, but I think romantic relationship should be off the table for him at this age. He should focus on this studies and his job, the beautiful ones are not yet born!

Romance / Re: Still Your Maiduguri Fish Guy by bummyla(m): 7:25pm On May 28
Which one dey sweet pass for soup?

Which one your Igbo customers dey buy more?

Aspen carton is available for pickup, place orders

The following are available for salr:

Bargi Mangala fish - a carton of between (65-70) pieces goes for #80k

Catfish cutlets- a carton of (200) pieces goes for #80k

River Catfish- a carton of between (55-60) pieces goes for #65k.

Smoked and spiced Panla fish - a carton of between (120-140) pieces goes for #50k

Location is maiduguri Delivery is nationwide.

Call or Whatsapp:08063592594
Romance / Re: Woman Leaves Her Husband And Becomes His Neighbor With Another Man's Pregnancy by bummyla(m): 2:55am On May 28
If I were the man I will move out of the compound, the woman is a monitoring spirit, the day she finds out another woman has replaced her, she will start causing problems for the man.


Romance / Re: Woman Leaves Her Husband And Becomes His Neighbor With Another Man's Pregnancy by bummyla(m): 2:54am On May 28
For me, not need to do DNA test since abandon me and the two children and she pretends we do not exist! Why complicate the children's life?

First is to do DNA for d two children she left behind


Romance / Re: 'My Wife Nabila Had 21 Miscarriages, Yet She Colluded Against Me' - Oritse Femi by bummyla(m): 4:28pm On May 17
I knew their marriage might not last! Twice I met them at Ebeano Supermarket in lekki, the wife kept picking a lot of things he felt they already have and he kept saying something like this:

"Babe we already have this at home, why do you want to buy more?"

The wife will answer: "Babe we have the blue colour, I want the pink, the brown and white colors and other colors, we can always interchange them, please lets buy them" She pleaded and gave him a peek

She ended up pick 4-5 bedspread that night.

You could see the guy was exasperated and wanted to leave there quickly, by she kept tugging at him.

Most men hate wasting money on things they deem unnecessary


Romance / Re: Lady Cries Profusely At Her Wedding Ceremony (photo) by bummyla(m): 9:44am On May 17
My ex-wife cried on our wedding day, a lot of people read meaning into it and said a lot of things. Somebody even did a detailed video analysis of her tears and sent to me.

Well Madam cried because he brother that was supposed to walk her down to the altar, was still at home waiting for me to send a car to come and fetch him, after I told them repeatedly that I am not sending any car for them, their house then was 3 mind walking distance from the Church and they thought I was joking.

I was even angry when I saw her stupid younger town's man wanted to do the honors, before an elder in the Church took over the duty
Food / Re: Which Of These Can You Manage Or Comfortably Eat In Public? by bummyla(m): 4:36am On May 17
All of them minus Sugar cane, expect it was cut into small pieces
Celebrities / Re: Ireti Doyle And Her Daughter At The AMVCA 2024 by bummyla(m): 11:30pm On May 14
She brought her half naked daughter to love-vendor on an award show? GOD forbid!
Romance / Re: Please Help Me. I'm Having Thoughts Of Killing People by bummyla(m): 8:49pm On May 14
Are you on any medication at the moment? Maybe the side effects of the medication
Romance / Re: What Makes The Food More Sweeter. Maggi Or Salt? by bummyla(m): 8:29am On May 11
I don't add salt to my food while cooking, because I over do it! The seasonings are okay by me
Family / Re: I Am 40 Years Today by bummyla(m): 8:26am On May 11
Congratulations! Happy Birthday!
Family / Some Of Us Are Monthly Salary Earners! by bummyla(m): 2:03pm On Apr 27



When “it” finishes now, you will be the first to ask “What was he doing with his salaries?”

The Month of April is coming to an end in few days’ time and I am grateful to GOD for life and provision and every other thing He alone chose to bring my way.

Thank You JESUS!

In this month of April I got 55 calls, chats and text messages for financial assistance, ranging from Urgent 2k to N500K.

Yes! I started counted them when they started becoming too much!

Now, I can no longer comment on a status, without getting a text for help! I don’t blame anybody, Nigeria is tough at the moment, but remember we are all in it!

Some friends, I am even afraid to call and check up on them, Why check up on them when you cannot elevate their suffering.

I keep wondering why these people think I have all this money! Even if I am super rich, I still have my own challenges.

I have not built a house for myself and for my family, which is one primary concern of every good man. I am not talking of my dream house, just a roof over my head that will cancel the yoke of house rent in my life forever.

A Wealthy Man Should At Least Have His Own House, No Tenant Is Wealthy! Every Tenant Is Struggling!

Any Tom, Dick and Harry can own a car, but A HOUSE! It takes an ODOGWU to be a LANDLORD or A LANDLADY!

I wouldn’t even mention friends that sells goods I will categorized as luxuries at the moment that gets mad when you exit their whatapp groups or when you tell them in your nonsense voice to stop bombarding your phones with pictures of things you don’t need at the moment, why flood my phones daily with more than 30 pictures and still flood your whatapp status with the same pictures and my phones automatically save all these pictures and videos on my devices, cluttering their internal memories.

We are all trying to survive!

I am cutting off some things in my life to enable survive Nigeria with the Grace of GOD!

I told a friend I have not switched on my generator for 6 years, he couldn’t believe me, he asked me why, I told him, I cannot be fuelling my car and my generator at the same time!

A kilo of chicken is now N6k, which is just one lap of a chicken Oooo! I have cancelled chicken from my menu.

I buy one crate of egg, which is 30 pieces of eggs, we go chop am for 2 weeks.

Still typing ………


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Romance / Re: As A Guy Have You Experienced This In A Relationship? by bummyla(m): 5:29pm On Apr 25
You will never finish knowing your spouse!


How did you evem marry such a woman in the first place ?

If she been born for you hope you done carry DNA tests on the kids?
Romance / Re: As A Guy Have You Experienced This In A Relationship? by bummyla(m): 5:27pm On Apr 25
I have a lot to loss! So I let her be


She's so bold... I for use her eyes see shege if na me. If she ever sees penis she go run. In fact she will become a full blown lesbian because of the experience
Crime / Re: Am A Chinese, Let Me Tell You Why Chinese Supermarkets Refuse Nigerian Customers by bummyla(m): 11:16pm On Apr 24
This make sense! Economic crime! Na serious offense


Romance / Re: As A Guy Have You Experienced This In A Relationship? by bummyla(m): 10:54pm On Apr 24
Na my ex-wife way!

During Covid and Endsars lock down na so, she dey pretend say she dey fight her papa, she disappeared for house for 6 weeks, came back to challenge me, if I be man make I come chop! True men dey welcome back their wives with sex.

Me na money I dey find, women dey rush us, no be we dey rush women!
Family / Re: Today I Saw Another Man Cry by bummyla(m): 12:48pm On Apr 13
Hmmm! You might be right, because he kept saying under his breath "I no go fit bear this thing any more!"

He cried, not because he was weak, but because he has been strong for too long.

May God help us.

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Family / Today I Saw Another Man Cry by bummyla(m): 9:15pm On Apr 12
Today I saw another man cry

Today I saw another brother! Another friend! Another man! Another husband! Another Son! Another Father sob quietly behind his office building for 20 minutes because he job was threatened! His only source of livelihood was shaken and he felt so helpless but to sob in agony.

This was not the first time I saw a man cry at his place of work, because his job was threatened and this might not be the last. Things that our fathers go through on a daily basis and most of us know nothing about them.

While I watched he cry, I kept asking myself, does this young man have a wife or a knife?

Does he have a companion at home, someone he would share his fears and insecurities when he gets back to the house tonight! Or does he have a knife that will strip him of his last dignity if he ever shows any sign of weakness.

Would he be loved at home or condemned too!

Well! I will never know! But my brother seems to be a fighter!

After sobbing for like 20 minutes, he washed his face, left and bought for himself a plate of beans and bread, plus two chilled sachet water, I would have asked him for one of the water if the circumstances were right.

After he finished eating, he washed his face for the second time, adjusted his tie, made sure his shirt was perfectly tucked in, with his shoulders high and his head raised up, he went back to his office as if nothing happened!

No matter what you are going through in Life, biko eat something my brethren


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Romance / Re: Worst Relationship Advisers by bummyla(m): 12:16am On Apr 04
grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

But when will men rest with women's issues?.
Romance / Worst Relationship Advisers by bummyla(m): 11:59pm On Apr 03
Have you noticed, single ladies give the worst relationship advices
Romance / Worst Relationship Advisers by bummyla(m): 11:48pm On Apr 03
Have you noticed, single ladies give the worst relationship advices
Romance / Re: Strange Sexual Behaviour by bummyla(m): 3:55am On Mar 22
Welcome to my world! Sex with my ex-wife was like WWE, I end up always been bruised everywhere possible
Family / Why Radio Station Dey Promote Gambling? by bummyla(m): 2:47am On Mar 22
Almost all Lagos radio stations promotes gambling, buy a ticket of N500 and win N25k-N100k, almost all the Lagos radio stations. Why?
Family / Re: Can You Advise Someone To Marry In This Room by bummyla(m): 10:25pm On Mar 14
One of the biggest mistake I made in marriage was not to allow my ex-wife live for at least 6 months in my face-you-I-slap-you apartment in the ghetto.

She visited me there, I did not allow her to cook, nor bath, nor sleep over there, that's why she did not appreciate a bungalow in a gated estate. Where we have a spacious compound, clean borehole water and well. Better than average power supply.

If she had lived in the ghetto and fought some of those girls there, she would have appreciated GOD more the blessings.

Most young millionaires live in one room apartment, till they get married


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