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Technology Market / Re: Sold!!! Tech bros and ladies? Juicy laptop for sale by candyguyofficia(m): 4:01pm On Oct 31, 2023

The system ain't meant for kids . It's meant for techies who know the difference between a laptop and a laptop. Go and price a 12th generation core i5 laptop outside then you can come back and discuss. Checking the specs and price on the Internet could have saved you this display of shame.

Be deceiving yourself. Why did you have to open a thread to market it when persons were lambasting you about the price on the other thread.

Anyway happy sales, meanwhile feel free to attack this post with your other account
Technology Market / Re: Sold!!! Tech bros and ladies? Juicy laptop for sale by candyguyofficia(m): 12:29pm On Oct 31, 2023
If I offer to sell this laptop to you for the price you requested for, will you buy it?

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Phones / Re: I Just Bought Samsung S10e For 170K. Is It Worth It ? by candyguyofficia(m): 8:58pm On Oct 28, 2023
phone is expensive in d market now.

Even Tecno phones are sold above 100k now. Plus, the phone is sleek. Everything working perfectly and has never been used by anyone else before

If the phone is Samsung S10e as you have said then you can't say the phone you are presently using have not been used by anyone else before. If the phone was in a carton and look new then it MUST be a refurnished phone

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Travel / Re: My Japa Plan Has Been Destroyed by candyguyofficia(m): 1:43pm On Oct 27, 2023

Invest some in forex trading and earn in dollars. I can trade for you and we share the profit 60% 40% monthly

Athena6 if you wise run away ooo. A fool soon depart with his money/inheritance

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Celebrities / Re: MohBad Started Vomiting After He Was Injected- DJ, Ajisegiri Ayobami Tells Court by candyguyofficia(m): 6:26pm On Oct 25, 2023
I get traumatised when I hear "I don't want to die, help me ....." mohbad voice that was played in Oritse Femi "Tribute to Mohbad" that voice of Mohbad break me, it's perhaps the reason I stopped playing Oritse Femi Tribute song even though the song is a great song.

Whoever, is responsible for Mohbad's death should know no peace and what hurt me also is them (whosoever) broke Mohbad neck just so he could fit into the casket, the person that gave that instruction did not try. The way he was hurriedly buried is a No-No its not as if he was a Muslim and that religious rite required him to be hurriedly buried.

Lastly, the mom I would have expected her to be more vocal while Mohbad was alive and for her to voice out the oppression the son was facing but that wasn't the case. In my tribe, mother's are like mother hen they go the extra mile to protect their child(ren) at all cost fire-for-fire and blood-for-blood.

Its ironic that " 10 years I no see mommy " from Mohbad song that the same mommy is now the one welcoming visitors after his son demise while "Daddy gather money make I go Poly" ( from Mohbad song) it is the same daddy that is relegated.


Religion / Re: Things You Should Not Do When You Visit A New Church You Don't Know About by candyguyofficia(m): 8:43am On Oct 15, 2023
This Is standard practice for me long before now. Just as there are genuine churches there are many more fake churches


Crime / Re: ‘Stolen’ Genitals: 2 Men Jailed 3 Months For Defamation Of Character by candyguyofficia(m): 7:19am On Oct 07, 2023
That's nice conviction. The option for fine would have being increased to a larger sum that would have being great

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Car Talk / Re: What Is Your Car's MPG And How Are You Coping With This Fuel Price? by candyguyofficia(m): 10:33am On Sep 30, 2023

If I remember correctly sir, there are more fuel efficient SUVs out there, like the Honda Ridgeline and the RX 330/350. Any specific reason you went for the GX?
And considering the prestige thing you are talking about, you be governorship aspirant, sir?

You may not understand @ buygala very well but I understand him perfectly. There are some profession that your lifestyle ought to exhibit affluence and financial stability ( even though that may not be the actual state of things). The level of your display of affluence and financial stability is what will make client, on lookers and even police to regard you with maximum respect.

I feel I ready know the profession @buygala belong to but I don't want to mention the profession because display of affluence and financial stability in this profession is a trade secrete.

What members of the profession do is to triple the hussle and pray for breakthrough than to switch pretigious suv/vehicle to regular sedans.

Boss @buygala I will love your professional guidance Sir, I'm aiming for the profession

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Education / Re: UNICAL Suspends Dean Of Law Over Violation Of Extant Laws. by candyguyofficia(m): 6:35pm On Aug 17, 2023
I know we might be quick to pass judgement on the Dean but what I will say is that UNICAL management should carry out proper fact finding investigation into the alleged sexual harassment allegation.

The Dean ordeal seem like prosecution by powerful forces to humiliate him with sexual harassment allegations. If only people know the level of politics that go in politics across the various faculties in universities. If and when the panel of Inquiry is set up persons who has allegedly being sexually assaulted by the Dean (whether they have graduated or not) should be invited to the panel. It is not enough that the allegations were alledged by fictional persons the person(s) will have to step out. This is Faculty of Law the student and lecturers there ought to know the tenets of natural justice and fair hearing and this demand that the persons alleging sexual harassment must be known.

If the Dean was accused of high handedness (which is part of the accusations leveled against him), I would absolutely relate with that. Most Dean's of Law are usually high handed in dealing with student and support staff. Sometimes, this high handedness the goodness of some of it are not seen until the student get into the real world while other times the high handedness is absolutely not justified.

If at the end of the day the Dean is truly found to have sexually harassed persons he should be made to face the music but for this Dean for some reason(s) unknown I just feel the sexual harassment allegation is just to tarnish his reputation and to aggravate issues
Properties / Re: How Can I Avoid Being Scammed, I'm About To Buy A House by candyguyofficia(m): 5:48pm On Aug 16, 2023

I thought it was scam at first but it isn't.
It's very normal for property owners to use property managers for this kind of deal.

What Consultant C should provide is a Power of Attorney showing that Mr. B authorized them to deal on his behalf. This doc is even supposed to contain the owner's numbers on the letterhead. If legit, the owner can still refuse to discuss terms with you and tell you to deal with his agents (Consultant C). The photocopies of the title document should also be provided for you to do your own verification and ascertain that the property is unencumbered and truly in Mr. B's name.

After these, go ahead.

This DevilishMan man is not Devilish at all
Car Talk / Re: I Need A Good Mechanic In Abuja For Car Inspection by candyguyofficia(m): 6:04pm On Aug 11, 2023
Hello bro, please be very careful with hiring a mechanic. They often give a signal to the seller for a kick back from the deal and will not give a fair assessment.

Ask the dealer for the custom papers so that you know when the car was imported. Copy the VIN of the car and run a background check on the car to confirm the history.

Eliazejike i dont know kingreign face2face neither do i have his phone number but i have been on this section of NL long enough to know that for your location (Abuja) kingreign is a name that readily come to mind when it come to cars. It is my belief that he will do a honest and diligent assessment of the car for you.
Phones / Re: Is The Samsung S20 A Good Phone by candyguyofficia(m): 5:12pm On Aug 11, 2023

Thank you. I'm not considering a used phone yet.

This decision is not far from a wise decision


Family / Re: We've Been Married For Years. How Do We Get A Marriage Certificate by candyguyofficia(m): 6:00am On Aug 09, 2023
If your marriage was never registered before now then it is as though you were never married to begin with. undecided

Don't confidently talk about what you don't know about. Customary Law marriage is a valid form of marriage.

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Family / Re: Things They Will Not Tell You About Marriage.. by candyguyofficia(m): 1:41pm On Jul 22, 2023
Word on the street is that intimacy will tiya you and when responsibilities start hitting you left, right, front and back the only time you will remember you have D is when you want to pee and that this is when friendship with your spouse will survive the marriage and this is also when you realise that beauty is not everything.

Another word on the street is that 90% of marital problem are problems finance/money can solve and the problem(s) money can't solve more money will solve it. In marital calculation the remaining 10% preponderate the 90% but the 90% are the frequent cause of marital problems.

Another word on the street is that the first 5 to 6 years expecially first 2 years are the years in marriage that have the greatest trial/confrontation/issue it is then that you will likely realise that what you ordered was nor what was delivered to you. You start to see the other spouse true character and behaviour (I don't want to sound gender specific) but you will wonder if you both actually did courtship for 10 years and why you didn't see their true character.

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by candyguyofficia(m): 9:20pm On Jul 08, 2023
Does anyone need law books?

For free.

Ikosi, Ketu, Lagos.

Please I'm very much interested. Family Law/ Matrimonial Causes, Procedural Law, Evidence, Company Law, Jurisprudence, Conflict of Laws, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Conveyancing and Legal Drafting, Land Law as much as possible.

Can I get your contact
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Married Someone Against Your Parents Wish? by candyguyofficia(m): 5:26am On Jun 28, 2023

I'm so sorry to say this but you are a big disappointment. Imagine you were the one that had cancer. So it's a few millions you spent on your wife to save her life that is worrying you. I hope you are just writing a fabricated story if not, you wife deserves a better man

Please try to be reasonable and make use of your initiative he married the wife even when she was diagnosed with Cancer of Liver 3 month BEFORE the wedding, do that not say alot about the moniker?

Even with the Cancer and his parent prior warning not to marry her he still went ahead to marry her? Still don't this make any sense to you.

He has not neglected his wife he takes care of her hospital bill of which he has spent about 3Million on medical treatment. Do this act not still say alot about the personality of the moniker?

Apart from that he still gives emotional support to his wife by been with her on her sick bed. Don't this act make any sense to you?

With all this act of sacrifice he stated that apart from this his wife still don't give him peace.

While moniker is not perfect same as his wife don't you atleast see a presumption of a noble man the moniker is.

Sometimes, the way some of you openly type on an open forum, attimes some one wonder who raised you people and how you people were raised


Education / Re: Happie Boiz Spotted Entertaining Guests At A Cyprus Club Last Night (video) by candyguyofficia(m): 5:28pm On Jun 26, 2023
Atleast they are now hussling


Crime / Re: Robert Hanssen: FBI Double Agent Dies At 79 by candyguyofficia(m): 8:11am On Jun 22, 2023
1.4 million dollars that some footballers now earn in a week is what this one risk all his life for.
This life is not balanced at all

Try to think harder 1.4 million dollar from a period of 1979 to 2001 do you think 1.4 million dollar at as then is of same value now
Food / Re: We Are Aware Of Chef Dammy’s Cooking Marathon, Willing To Review Evidence - GWR by candyguyofficia(m): 1:41pm On Jun 16, 2023
Polianskaya said there was no waiting time to break an existing record and added that it was possible for people to break their own records.

Those hating on Dammy I hope this is clear enough

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Food / Re: Guinness World Records: Treasure Eleojo Abraham Begins ‘Home’ Cook-A-Thon by candyguyofficia(m): 8:30am On Jun 16, 2023
I hear they give them 100k$ if they succeed that alone is enough to try

Guinness World Record do NOT pay record breakers for their achievement. All they get is certificate and recognition as a result of been certified record breakers, this itself is what most times open doors for endorsement deals

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Crime / Re: Why Do Judges Destroy Their Pen After Death Sentence by candyguyofficia(m): 5:01pm On Jun 09, 2023
It's normal, it's an ancient practice. It usually symbolise 2 situations.

Firstly, a judge cannot review his judgement he has written or has signed so breaking the pen symbolise that he cannot revoke or review his judgement and that it's already beyond him

Secondly, it's rational to a judge that a pen that is used to sign and or write a death sentence shouldn't be used to write or sign another judgement for a different person either for same offence or a different offence.

A judge mind must be sharp all the time and all day long so breaking the pen and not using it to write or sign another judgement indirectly makes a judge focus in that he won't feel he has pass many death sentence and ought not to pass yet another especially when justice is in that line.

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Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by candyguyofficia(m): 12:51pm On Jun 02, 2023
Rinsing it can't take u up to 2weeks if u using it every day, but half engine will last up to 3month

Boss if it's your number that is on your profile I will call you
Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by candyguyofficia(m): 7:15pm On Jun 01, 2023
Get the half engine is better than rinsing it

That's a tough one presently.

Like how much is the half engine Maxi 10EM 1.25 kva?

Should I rinse it by buying the Piston, Centre Package and Connecting Rod give or take how long will it last me so I could work on the budget for the half engine and what great brand of half engine will you recommend
Politics / Re: NNPCL CEO, Mele Kyari And EFCC Boss, Bawa At The Villa Today by candyguyofficia(m): 6:21pm On May 31, 2023
This fuel subsidy removal is not a good option.

No provision at all on Nigerians to cushion the effect. I would have expected FG to distribute FG Mass Assisted Buses to State Government to commute persons at a subsidised rate.

The masses who support the removal the most are those suffering the effect the most


Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by candyguyofficia(m): 4:01am On May 31, 2023

Wait ooo, what do you normally load the gen with? How many hours do you run the gen daily on average? How often do you change oil? This will give an idea of the problems you face.

Immediately before now sometimes TV plus Home Theater mosttimes I get tired when I get home and hardly on the TV except just Home Theater and fan. There was a time I was using it to load 2 modern TV and about 8 energy saving bulb (but it was not for a long time for about 2 months but since I stopped that load it's been like 4 months).

Presently, I use the generator to load 2 tvs 1 decoder 3 energy saving bulb and 1 yellow bulb that (but all the bulbs I don't on them the same time).

I change the oil once its change colour or short I use Golden Super but after the first oil shortage I observed I bought Zico Oil (just to see if its the oil but it short as well).

The hours I on the generator is about 4 to 5 hours daily but at some days I don't on the generator at all like when I travel or leave for short break
Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by candyguyofficia(m): 8:23pm On May 30, 2023
I thought it was 2.5kva, though that 1.2kva half engine still cant last u as expected, 4-6month u will start experiencing oil burn and shortage

The half engine of the 1.2kva will last 4-6 months?

What do you advise I do.
Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by candyguyofficia(m): 4:32pm On May 30, 2023
Though the engineer is rite to some extent, but getting the half engine of 35k is as same as him rinsing ur old engine, will advise u to get good half engine, should be 70 -80k

Boss I appreciate you for taking time out to answer me. The generator is actually 1.25kva. It cost that much for a good half engine?

The cost for half engine is out of my budget for now.

Do you recommend I rinse the engine? If I do give or take would it last for a long time and not short oil because the repairer was like its 50:50 that it will not burn oil but later on he was like it will not quickly burn

Is 2 years long enough for a brand new generator to start having engine oil burn problem?

What causes generator to have engine oil burn so that I can avoid such situation

Also the generator repairer didn't open the generator I told him the generator is burning oil and he said what he said considering the generator is still recent I'm trying to see if maybe he would have observed or maybe check something from the generator
Technology Market / Re: Professor On Any Type Of Generator. by candyguyofficia(m): 12:17pm On May 30, 2023
Good Afternoon

My generator is burning oil as the engine oil always short. I called a repairer he said I need to buy half engine (35k) that if I rinse the engine that it is 50 : 50 chance it will work that it might take sometime before it start burning again. He said if it's rinsing that I want to do that I will buy Piston, Centre Package and Connecting Rod.

The generator is I think less than 2 years old bought it brand new (Maxi E10M)

House please what do you think




Technology Market / Re: What's The Best Smart TV To Buy Now by candyguyofficia(m): 8:45pm On May 27, 2023

I needed a 50 inches TV with Google assistance.

Do you recommend getting a TCL TV?

Bro, your budget is a bit low for 50 Inches. Truth be said TCL is not a bad TV but its not in same grade as the other options I mentioned earlier even though the price and specification of the TCL would seem like a better option but bearing in mind that TV is not what you will most likely change in say 5 years time, considering the period you will most likely use it I will advise you save a bit more and go for the options mentioned (but the down side to this is that price of things in Nigeria are not getting cheaper, you shouldn't save the amount and realise that the money saved can't even buy the TV and the one you would have bought presently is now more expensive) or add little money and just go for the first option I mentioned earlier.

When you buy the TV, do well to mention me

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