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Phones / Re: Lockdown In Computer Village, Ikeja by ccnation(m): 4:34pm On May 05
Thank you all for the useful information.

Phones / Lockdown In Computer Village, Ikeja by ccnation(m): 8:25am On May 05
Please does anyone know the days computer village, Ikeja will be opening? The Lagos State government said they were going to schedule market days but I'm not sure which days are for which market.

I want to buy a phone.
Culture / Re: Beaches In Lagos Without Gate Fee by ccnation(m): 1:23pm On Feb 29
knew one particular beach ,
Guess it called SUNTAN beach along badagry/seme

No, I don't think SUNTAN BEACH is free. I've been there in 2013 and the gate fee was N500. Maybe by now it should be up to N1,000
Culture / Beaches In Lagos Without Gate Fee by ccnation(m): 10:50am On Feb 29
Good morning nairalanders. I need someone to recommend for me beaches in Lagos where one can visit without having to pay a gate fee. I was asked by a priest to go pray by the beach, but I don't think that is something I can do in any of the fancy beaches.

I just want where I can walk in, do my thing and go peacefully without harassment.
Education / Re: What I Would Do To Babcock Female Student, If She Were My Daughter! by ccnation(m): 10:40am On Nov 22, 2019
I will call her on phone to come back home from wherever she is, hug and kiss her, reassure her of my love for her; prepare her favourite meal, and make the bed for her to sleep. We will look for the way forward afterwards ranging from sending her abroad to counselling.

You know why?

She needs me now more than ever. The whole world is against her. The hypocrites.

I will be with her now!

Another option is to disown her, let her go into depression and may be suicide.

I choose the former, first option.

Wisdom is profitable to direct!

While I think you made a good point, I also think you failed to see things from the angle of the parent. Who do you think will be most traumatized by this public shaming? ...the girl or her parents? Most people will condemn the parents that their daughter was poorly raised, and these include colleagues at work, neighbours, extended family members, church members etc. No one would even try to think that the girl might have been a rebel to her parents' guidance.

What you wrote up there may be the appropriate thing to do, but it's easier said than done.

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TV/Movies / Re: A Nollywood Movie On Domestic Violence by ccnation(m): 12:06am On Nov 06, 2019

Thanks a million. That's the movie
TV/Movies / A Nollywood Movie On Domestic Violence by ccnation(m): 11:56am On Oct 31, 2019
Please I'm searching for one Nollywood movie shot around 2016, which was centered on domestic violence in the home. In the story, the husband and wife was always fighting until they mistakingly killed their only daughter during one of their fights. The main female character was Uche Jumbo. In my opinion, this is one of the most sensitive Nollywood movie I've seen.

I have these in-laws who are always fighting, and recently it has degenerated to the point of using dangerous weapons on each other. The fights are becoming bloody. I need to show them this movie if it will instill some level of decorum into their head before they kill themselves or somebody else around them.. Anyone who remembers the movie should please drop the title. Thanks
Education / Re: Henry Suubi: Viral Photo Changed Makerere University Student's Life In Uganda by ccnation(m): 1:15pm On Oct 25, 2019
Just like the story of little Success in Sapele, Delta State early this year. What was meant to be a mockery just to earn social media likes became a life changing blessing.

FROM MOCKERY TO GLORY! ...this should be the caption.

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Business / Re: Side Hustle by ccnation(m): 8:01pm On Sep 30, 2019
Phones / Re: Must Have App On Your Device? My Thoughts On Gotv's New App. by ccnation(m): 8:05pm On Jul 30, 2019
As long as one cannot watch live TV on the GOtv app unlike the DStv now app, then the GOtv app is useless.

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by ccnation(m): 7:36pm On Jul 20, 2019
What is happening sef? @saynotocultism has disappeared leaving the thread to lie fallow. See bush don dey grow everywhere for the thread. Oya make everybody gather here make we clear the bush. If I call you, answer present. I nor go call name sha, I go just call according to category. You know where you fall into;

1. Those wey just dey read, like post but nor dey comment
2. Those wey dey argue say the OP dey try to promote CULTISM in disguise
3. Those wey dey support one cult group or the other
4. Those wey dey condemn cultism totally (awon SAY NO TO CULTISM)
5. Those wey dey argue the potency of otormokpo aka jazz
6. Those wey dey argue on the spiritual side of cultism)
7. Those wey dey argue how one strong man like that take fall, and who the killer be
8. Those wey dey argue which English correct pass between thread and trend
9. Those wey dey claim say Dem nor sabi anything about CULTISM until Dem enter this thread
10. Those wey dey argue which cult group strong pass
11. Those wey dey argue whether wetin we dey call cult for 9ja na truly cult group, fraternity or gang.

The only group of people wey nor go follow clear bush na those wey share their story to educate others about the dangers of CULTISM. If you know say you nor won follow clear bush, Oya share your story as e dey hot. I don taya to dey refresh this thread over 5x in a day without seeing nothing

If nobody answer me, I go come back come pour water for the thread make everybody wet

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by ccnation(m): 1:10pm On Jul 14, 2019

Oya bye bye, YOU DON WIN!
I hope say na lawyer you be Sha? ...Make you nor go waste your talent for nothing grin


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by ccnation(m): 1:02pm On Jul 14, 2019

Doing juju is specific and not just a blanket protection.. People do protection for what is likely going to be used often against them. You can do juju against gun, daggers, matchete or axe while your formidable foes ready for you will stone or plank you to death..

The ancient Africans didn't have an answer to the Canon fire power of the invading white men and that was the game changer.

As useful as regular scientifically tested bullet proof vest are against gun attacks, they are rendered useless when they come in contact with Armour piercing bullets traveling at great speed.

The reason guys run from bullets or cutlass or stuff is not because the juju is failing.
It's because the pain of impact is the same. Wether it penetrates or not.
There's juju o, real one. I've seen it live. I've seen bullets bounce off men, but even when it bounces, the pain is still the same

Even though I've been finding these arguments about the potency of black magic (jazz) very annoying, I just had to add this; I think these two posts have brought it to a logical conclusion. Anyone who continues to argue about jazz not being potent should be ignored henceforth. I have my personal experience on jazz, but I would rather not talk about it because it won't change anything. There are some people who can argue over anything, even when they know they are wrong they will never submit.

Some people dey think say na them go school pass. For your information, nor be every knowledge dey inside book. Knowledge is infinite


Politics / Re: An Open Letter To My Brethren In The "South-south" by ccnation(m): 5:53pm On Jun 14, 2019
The OP is right about the history of south-south and south-east being one. Most ethnic groups in south-south are just other igboid dialects e.g the Ikere people of rivers, the Anioma people of Delta etc. The Yoruba language also has various dialects across different states but they refer to themselves as Yorubas not south-west because they recognize that a Yoruba man in Kwara state, Kogi state or Edo State which are not part of the south-west is still a Yoruba man non the less. Until all igboid ethnicities agree as one people, self determination can not be actualized.

Again all the south-south are not igboid so don't get confused, all south-south can not join with the Igbos. Edo and Delta States were never part of the then Eastern region, rather they had their own region known as Mid-western region which was carved out of the then Western region in 1963. Some ethnic groups like the Itsekiris, Urhobo, Isoko are more Bini(Benin) than Igbo in culture, and their history traces down to the old Bini kingdom.

Another point of note is that most of the ethnic groups in the south-south including some igboid ethnicities traces their origin to the old Bini kingdom. With this, where are we to align with as an Igbo speaking south-south whose history is from Bini (Benin)? ...Are we to go with the Igbos (south-east) or with our Bini origin who share similar cultures with the Yorubas than the Igbos?

... Confusion!!! grin

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Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by ccnation(m): 5:41pm On Jun 13, 2019

If after following the link which I’ll drop below you still aren’t discouraged on being a member of a confraternity, your blood is in your hands.



The images are too graphic, but again it portrays the dangers of cultism as graphical as it is in real life. What a painful way to die. Smh


Crime / Re: My Story As A Cult Member........initiation Phase Included... by ccnation(m): 12:23pm On Jun 12, 2019
The OP's story is verifiable. All names of places and people mentioned within DELSU Abraka is correct. I graduated from same institution many years ago and I witnessed some of these things. What makes the OP's story more interesting is that it's coming from one of the main actors. What you see from outside is different from how it looks inside. Don't wait to get inside before you discover how ugly cultism is. Pre-university days I almost got involved in the foolish act of cultism. Then I had this friend whose elder brothers were all axemen. We were both always at every axemen party that some of them even started thinking we were one of them. The thing felt good until we both entered into one deep sh1t, that was when I started seeing the dark side of it and retreated. By the time I was in the University I already knew a whole lot about cultism that it wasn't attractive to me at all. In my 300level I became close to one of my coursemate who was a frat man. At one point he started preaching to me to join his frat, I just laughed and told him, "Guy if frat dey hungry me you for nor know me as ju".

That was how one Maphite guy tried to bully me way back in 2008 because I was wooing a girl whom he said was his girlfriend. The night he came to disarm me I didn't resist, I allowed him take everything. By the next day words had gone to him that I was looking for him with JTF. Na so the guy jejely find me come house 2 days later around 10pm for night with one lawyer, come beg me plus return my phone intact. About a year later he was gunned down by his best friend who is an axeman over trivial issue. Na there him story end, while the killer is still walking freely.

(Note: All cultists fear security agents. Once you threaten them with Army or JTF they will stay off your case)

One sad thing about cultism is that if you get killed from cult related activities no justice for you, your killer will go scot-free

SAY NO TO CULTISM ...it kills dreams. So many promising young men have gone to dust like chicken without owner

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Crime / Re: Abba Kyari Reacts To Evans' Torture Claim by ccnation(m): 6:02pm On Oct 27, 2018
I'm as much as we all know that Evans is a notorious kidnapper, we also know that the MPF is notorious for carrying out extra-judicial killings. It happens in most state CID headquarters down south. If you know you know.

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Sports / Re: Tazania Pulls Out Of Athletic Championship In Delta State by ccnation(m): 9:53pm On Aug 03, 2018
Okowa is a failed governor. Things like this is where the former governor Uduaghan scored good points. Under Udaughan sports excelled in Delta state, but with Okowa the reverse is the case. Okowa has spoilt everything the previous administrations built. Mtcheeeewww!

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Romance / Re: My Dreams Finally Come True..... All Hope Now Lost, My Father Is Dead... by ccnation(m): 12:52am On Aug 01, 2018

You didn't get enough words of wisdom from your family members & neighbours sitting all around you there, its on Nairaland you want to get it abi?

Someone mourning his Dad will have time & space to pick up his phone & create a Nairaland thread... grin A first son/born for that matter.


I've busted your scam so you're pained. Try another method.

Stop it PLEASE! This guy might be in genuine grief while you are here compounding issues for him. There's no ideal way to grief, if he thinks he's going to find some comfort from nairalanders please let him be. You may not know the pain of losing a close family until it hits you. I pray you don't lose your parent/benefactor at a young age


NYSC / Re: Corper Who Brags About Sex With His Student, Talks Students Into Taking Alcohol by ccnation(m): 12:41pm On Feb 16, 2017
Who this guy Don offend? Someone somewhere wants to make sure the dude doesn't get his NYSC discharge certificate.


Family / Re: Subject deleted! by ccnation(m): 10:33pm On Jan 02, 2017
Still expecting to hear from someone here on the subject matter.
Family / Re: Subject deleted! by ccnation(m): 5:46pm On Jan 01, 2017
Those who have gone through the process should please enlighten me.
Family / Re: Subject deleted! by ccnation(m): 5:44pm On Jan 01, 2017
Still waiting to hear from someone in the house .
Education / Re: 36 Facts About Africa And Africans You Should Know by ccnation(m): 1:04am On Dec 31, 2016
[/quote][quote author=27dec post=52407440]

You mean just one note is 50 million?... Or am I the one who doesn't know how to interpret digits? shocked shocked shocked
Family / Subject deleted! by ccnation(m): 12:00am On Dec 31, 2016
Post modified.

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Celebrities / Re: Check Out Efcc's Response To A Guy Who Asked If They Attended Headies Award by ccnation(m): 8:58pm On Dec 23, 2016
E.F.C.C have gone mad oooo grin grin grin

But wait o, na which category dem won nominate E.F.C.C put?...... Buhari's watch dog of the year?
Celebrities / Re: Tekno Disqualified From Headies Next Rated Award by ccnation(m): 7:47pm On Dec 21, 2016
Honestly I think Tekno is just too big to be nominated in just "Next rated" category, it would have been a "fatality" competing with the new comers. .... Now we have a level playing field.
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by ccnation(m): 9:24pm On Sep 09, 2016

19:00 Rad Beograd - Vojvodina 2 @ 1.95


The 3 Combined suggested the tip cheesy

Goodluck if you are on it.

Am very sure like yesterday the odds will start running low grin grin grin grin grin



TV/Movies / Re: Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2016 Winners List by ccnation(m): 6:41pm On Sep 07, 2016
How can Olamide's "Mayweather" be ranked above Falz's "Stories that touch" in a rap category? .....well it's Naija so I can't expect more.
Celebrities / Re: Shocking! See This Woman Who Took Unclad Photos With Her Children by ccnation(m): 7:48pm On Aug 10, 2016
This woman is just plain silly, at the same time abusing the little kids.

What does she aim to achieve with this? Lawd have "Mess"i on this endtime woman.... But where is their father?

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