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Family / Re: Single Mothers' Household Produce The Worst Kids — American Lady(vid,pix) by ceede2: 7:30pm On Dec 01, 2023
The worst mistake a man can make in his life time is to marry a daughter raise alone by her mother. (Venom)

Expectially if you are not born with a silver spoon, if you r eventually born in a rich fam, she will act nice until she give you a child, boom truth color will surface.


Politics / Re: Lasepa Shuts Mosque, Company & Hotels In Oshodi/Isolo Area. by ceede2: 1:07pm On Nov 21, 2023
This is another revenue generation method for Lagos State.

Shey oluomo hotel for Oshodi follow?
No be say na only Igbo man hotels Una go dey shut down so that customers go dey patronise MC oluomo hotels.
that mosque na Igbo pple get too, make una dey apply wisdom sometimes.

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Politics / Re: Lasepa Shuts Mosque, Company & Hotels In Oshodi/Isolo Area. by ceede2: 12:57pm On Nov 21, 2023
I did not see one single mosque in the picture...wash wash propaganda

You included mosque in your wash wash write up but no single mosque was seen sealed in the photos

Who you dey deceive?
OZo-M-Madu go back n check again, cat work this time so u can see well

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Family / Re: Should I Have Collected The Bread From Her Mother? by ceede2: 1:08pm On Nov 20, 2023
I traveled from Lagos to Port Harcourt to see my future in laws family. My girl wasn't around as she's still in Lagos schooling.

I went there with a family member and got them some items like shortcake biscuits and juice.

They offered us food and we ate. After the meeting and normal questioning, we were set to go when surprisingly, this people brought out two loaves of bread and gave us. I told them that the food we ate was enough, that we don't need the bread.

We haven't even gone far when my girl started texting me on WhatsApp angrily asking me why I rejected her mother's gift. That she gave it out of love, this and that.

I told her that bread is the wrongest gift the mother could give me. I am supposed to buy them bread and not the one way round. I intentionally refused to buy bread for them because I assumed bread is an everyday food that people buy and eat, so I decided to go with the package biscuits instead and here they are offering me bread.

If it were something produced locally by them like coconut or something, I can understand but bread?

Please, did I do anything wrong rejecting the bread?
You give biscuit n juice, they reciprocate by given you bread.

Your in-law try you are the problem here.


Crime / Re: CCTV Captures 4 Men Stealing From A Woman's Vehicle In Lekki (pics/video) by ceede2: 7:05pm On Nov 09, 2023
I know the one on red shirt

He's Ajibola from Ogun state

A rice bandit
Plantain thief

Ajibola can steal anything stealable
...na thief they quickly sabi thief, you are a suspect too

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Travel / Re: Visa Application Centres In Abuja, Lagos Remain Open – Canadian High Commission by ceede2: 6:57pm On Nov 09, 2023
My bank assistant manager stole # 44million from the bank, sold his Lexus and japa with wife and children.

The situation is getting worse everyday. The employed are suffering not to talk of those who are unemployed.

Anyone supporting this government need to get his brain checked.

For real!!

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 6:43pm On Nov 09, 2023

Haba! just 1 denial and you did not go again😁😁🤣🤣🤣

I was given on my 5th attempt....

The thing is, the rules change. The people getting asked these questions must have just being unlucky.

The lady in question should have being calm and reply that I honestly do not know how my sister git to the US.

On *5th* attempt!!!! Determination.
I was going for a graduation in 2014.
What they wrote in the blue paper was I have strong tie overseas that I will not be abandoned but I didn't demonstrate that after my travel, I have what will compel me to come back to my home country. The VO didn't check my documents, just few questn.

How she jump to that conclusion I don't know.

Then I don't know there's a thread on NL that can make it easier like this, at least I know better now.

I will still try.

Kudos to Justwise and the good people on this thread who took out their time to respond to every question without been payed.

God bless you all.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 5:38pm On Nov 09, 2023

Maybe using her host as a sponsor was the problem.

Tell her to pull herself together please.

That they refused you does not mean one is not qualified....
Abi nah, when they deny me 2014 till now I didn't apply again.

You want to try the way the VO was shouting at one lady,
VO: how did your sister get to US?
VO: are you married?
Fear couldn't allow the Lady, after about 3 question, without even allowed her to answer, blue paper straight very aggressive tiny VO.

How your bro/sis/your fam get to US really matters. They have the record. If they move there legally infact you are halfway home.


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 5:22pm On Nov 09, 2023

Host as sponsor is a red flag. You basically cannot go on a holiday you can't afford. So to them she is financially weak. She shouldn't apply again until her circumstances have changed. Also living in lagos and getting interviewed in Abuja is somehow sha.
You have a point, tho Abj is not as rowdy as Lag. She didn't go with her statement of account just payslip/ IV, VO didn't ask her for any doc.

If it's not time nothing anybody can do. She will re apply.

Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 12:06am On Nov 09, 2023
[quote author=flourishing247 post=126866189][/quote].....actually one reliable agent that got her date handled the Ds 160, she provide all the info herself.

She work with one of the LCDA here in Lag but the interview was don in Abj

She's going there to attend one of our cousins wedding,, she said the VO didn't even ask her for any doc.
She applied for visiting (B1B2).

If she put herself together, I will aske her more about the interview.

She use the host as a sponsorer (our anuty) as agreed btw them.
Note: she have all the info about our anuty who invited her for the son's wedding...
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 6:01pm On Nov 08, 2023
American Embassy are just denying people, without much question.

My kid sis was deny, no much question although this is her first time, does it mean they don't give Visa to first timer again.

She couldn't eat since morning 😔

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Politics / Re: For Those Wishing Death On Tinubu, May God Spare His Life - Reno Omokri by ceede2: 7:26am On Oct 28, 2023
All those pastor that handed over Nja flag to Obi giving him hope, make una no dey use gods name dey deceived us shameless set of people, God know his people.


Celebrities / Re: Taylor Swift Now A Billionaire by ceede2: 7:39pm On Oct 27, 2023
Very talented girl....

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Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 10:54pm On Oct 23, 2023
Hi Everyone, I started reading this thread about 2 months ago and the transcripts were extremely helpful, so I am going to share my transcript. Previously denied twice. Had our interview today US embassy Lagos (Family of 3). Transcript below

VO - Good Morning
Me - Good Morning
VO - What is the purpose of your trip to the US?
Me - We are planning to visit the United States for a Christmas family vacation. We would like to celebrate our wedding anniversary at Disney World Orlando. We would also be visiting Kennedy Space Center, Seaworld and Legoland.
VO- What do you do?
Me - I am the Group Chief Financial Officer of XXXX Group which comprises of XXXX and XXXX. I am responsible for all financial operations across both companies which include tax supervision, audit, budgeting, financial planning and capital raise either through banks or the debt capital market through bonds and commercial papers.
VO - She turns to my wife, and what about you m'aam, do you work?
My wife - Yes. I am a *she stated what she does
VO - Have you travelled together as a family?
Me - Yes. As a family of 3 we have gone on vacation to France, Netherland, Italy, Spain, UK, Dubai and Turkey. In addition, my wife and I have gone on vacation to Ghana, Morocco, Singapore and Mexico.
VO- How much do you earn?
Me - xxxxxxx exclusive of benefits which include my driver's salary, house rent, car maintenance etc. All of which are paid for by my company based on my position as a C-suite executive.
VO- How long will you be staying in the US?
Me- We plan to stay for 11 days from the 24th of December to the 3rd of January. After which we shall promptly return back to our respective jobs here in Nigeria
VO - M'aam on your form you stated you earn XXXX
My wife - Yes
VO- Typing for about 30 secs
VO- I am approving your visas
Us - Thank you

More testimony before the year runs out.


Crime / Re: Anambra Woman Sells Three-Month-Old Grandson For ₦‎50,000 by ceede2: 7:16am On Oct 23, 2023
.... 🤐
Family / Re: Single Parenting: My Success Story by ceede2: 12:50pm On Oct 22, 2023
Jan 2023. Your story still make 'FP'... Moral of the lesson.

Never lose hope.

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Music/Radio / Re: Chris Brown - Sensational (Official Video) Ft. Davido, Lojay by ceede2: 9:40am On Oct 21, 2023
The end is near

I so much dislike this generation

Even the Bible was right about them.

Perverse, lover of self , lover of money and materialistic ideas.

They are also hypocrites.

Same youths cursing Naira Marley cant do the same for Davido

Davido has successfully renewed his fame and riches by doing ritual

Using his close associates and even his kid

But nobody is ready to talk about this.

Your eyes go clear soon

Stop saying what you don't know.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 7:38am On Sep 26, 2023
B1/B2 interview
Location -Abuja
Status -approved

Vo was a man and because I understood the accent well, I replied as swiftly/quickly as he asked so he asked a lot of questions in few mins.

Vo- good morning, can I have your passport?
Me- yes pls
Vo- where are you going to
Me- Maryland, specifically salisbury.
Vo- okay, why are you going there?
Me- I am going to see a friend and his family, I haven’t seen him since my wedding.
Vo- how do you know your friend?
Me- we are childhood friends and we also went to same university.
Vo- oh nice, where’s your university?
Me- (named country)
Vo- nice! Are you married?
Me- yes, married with a child.
Vo - how old is your baby?
Me- ( answered)
Vo- when do you want to travel ?
Me - 30th October
Vo- and how long will you be staying?
Me-just 3 weeks- though my leave is 1month but I want to come back and prepare for work resumption and ofcourse I need to spend Christmas with my family too.
Vo- right , that’s right! What does your husband do?
Me- He is a banker and also imports cars.
Vo- And when was your wedding again?
Me - 2017
Vo- and you said your friend came for your wedding in 2017?
Me- yes, only him- I only saw the family the last time I visited US.
Vo- okay, okay , okay, what does your friend do again and where does he work ?
Me- I answered
Vo- oh ! What did your friend study and what did you study ?
Me- he studied Engineering and I, pharmacy.
Vo- oh you are a pharmacist?
Me- yes, licensed and practicing and I also have my license here.
Vo- oh it’s okay, don’t worry- I will be approving your visa, you will be sent an email to the email you provided when your visa is ready.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 6:52pm On Sep 25, 2023

go with all, but the Americans are notorious for not requesting or attaching much importance to any nigerian document....so don't put your hopes on carrying huge piles of document to the interview
Thank you.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 6:52pm On Sep 25, 2023

Hey 👋
You don’t need all those things.
Int Passport
Passport photographs
Appointment Confirmation
Maybe bank statement. Maybe.
That’s all…
Thank you.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 5:29pm On Sep 25, 2023
Pls house if you are applying B1B2 which of this doc is relevant to go along with
Flight reservation
Statement of acct for 6month
Reference letter from your bank
Business registration or employment letter
Tax clearance
Statement of acct
Introduction letter
Passport photo
Family pictures
National ID card
Property documents.

Quick response pls
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 5:18pm On Sep 25, 2023
Thanks alot! You’re so nice ! My interview today was successful 😊

I will write down my transcript (questions /answers)

VOs don't really take documents from you concerning the marriage cert, but my rule of thumb in life is to have it and not need it than to need it, and not have it.
I don't think you need family photos for the B1/B2 visa, but we don't know the circumstances of your application.

Take same passport and a new passport taken a week or two to your interview because the passports are supposed to be 6 months old at your interview date.
pls share your experience my kidd sis interview is coming up soon, besides where did you do it Lag or Abj?
Travel / Re: Visitor Visa Traveling Enquiries by ceede2: 6:56am On Aug 23, 2023

can i as well book a paid hotel reservation that I’m going for tourism?
You better listen to the advice up there.
Travel / Re: Visitor Visa Traveling Enquiries by ceede2: 6:50am On Aug 23, 2023

You don't know who invited you and the agent that supplied the IV does not either? You will be lucky to get through the airport and POE without getting turned back to Nigeria.
Case close.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 6:43am On Aug 23, 2023
Please I need help as I have been trying to update passport details on the ustraveldocs portal that I used when booking appointment because it has been expired. I contacted the US Desk Service officer. I was told that it has been updated but whenever I logged in I still have the same passport number. My interview is next week. Please, what do you think I can do?
Best of luck Sir/Madam, don't forget to share your success story with us here.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 1:07pm On Aug 03, 2023

As of right now I’ll say she’s good to go but let’s see how things go in February.
Thank you.
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 3:46am On Aug 03, 2023
If the purpose of your trip is not in the future, like 10-15 months away, and your intended travel date is in 2024 or thereabout, don’t put yourself under stress of applying and the financial pressure. There are no dates available for interviews in 12 months. The possibility of getting a date for NIV is slim and thin.
Good day, pls my kid sis got February date 2024. The event she's going for is happening that same month. After her interview she will have just 10 days left.

Hope she's good to go.

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Romance / Re: Cheaters!!! by ceede2: 7:46pm On Jul 28, 2023

They blame their victim....especially women...

U stopped care for me...
U neglect me..
U dont satisfy me...
U made me do it by not telling me im pretty everyday

They lie.....
We ddnt do anything..i swear down...We were just gisting all night in the hotel..

He only touch my boobś b4 i regained senses

I swear he used jazz on me

If they were caught right in the act...." I swear It was only the tip that entered" b4 u came in...

He raped me....(haba aunty...after 4 rounds)
Ah....when you think you 've seen it all.🤔

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Romance / Cheaters!!! by ceede2: 7:03pm On Jul 28, 2023
What's the firs thing that cheaters say when they get caught??
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is That Thing You Want To Stop But Always See Yourself Doing It Again by ceede2: 10:39am On Jul 22, 2023

Sometimes being too nice is dangerous. You have to show your mean side once in a while to avoid getting hurt
Ziad K Abdelnour.

can we chat privately??
Politics / Re: Sit At Home: Why Has Nigerian Government Failed To Arrest Simon Ekpa? by ceede2: 2:03pm On Jul 15, 2023
Charity begins at home, let's people in the East caution themselves first before putting the blaming on gov't

Osadebe songs come to mind.


Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by ceede2: 6:48pm On Jun 27, 2023
We assist in getting early dates

Pls can you assist me for early date for my mom against next year Feb or Match.

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