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Politics / Re: Evidence That Lekki Killing Is A Huge Propaganda (pics) by Chimok: 9:07am On Oct 22
I say it again Yoruba is the most hated and untrustworthy tribe in Nigeria

They are judas just read what this one is writing out of fear

Fear of Fulani will make this one point his mother as a culprit

They have no honor and a tribe without honor is dead

I prefer hausa , IBO, middle belt , even other Africans to Yoruba

I can never ever trust a Yoruba man. See how this one because of fear is betraying the south already

In Edo here we burnt worse and did worse but no one is casting blame out of fear only the Yoruba

Nigeria can never be great with this tribe called Yoruba this is why we joined south south than join them.

This tribe called Yoruba are just so evil .. they lead all our oil companies yet they don't have oil , they are the most tribalistic tribe in Nigeria

They habor hate and envy so much it's sad

They try to bring you down when they see you are riding above them

u ve said it all my brother. I cant believe these people are this disgusting
Politics / Re: Evidence That Lekki Killing Is A Huge Propaganda (pics) by Chimok: 9:00am On Oct 22
The Lekki killings is nothing but media war. Even foreign celebrities and media have been caught in this trap, reporting what they have no knowledge on.

It has been more than 24hrs and yet no evidence of death recorded and neither a missing person.
Till now, no pictures of the deceased,.

All they show you is a blood-stained Nigerian flag.

All I know is that some of the youth supporting the mayhem would lose their homes of residence in the not too distant future.
Isn't it obvious it's just a ruse to justify a well cordinated attack on the heartland of Yorubaland

Oba's Palace

GTB bank branches

Tinubu's investment

Nigerian Port Authority Apapa

Lagos BRT bus

The plan is to cripple Yoruba establishment, render Yoruba leaders useless and weaken Yoruba economy by attacking the Ports, since new ports are opening in other regions.

1. Nigeria Port Authority Lagos - set ablaze
2. Orile Police Post, Lagos - set ablaze
3. Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos - totally destroyed
4. BRT Terminal, Oyingbo - New Buses set on fire
5. Television Continental, Ketu, Lagos - set ablaze
6. VIO, FRSC Office, Ojodu - FRSC branded cars, generators set ablaze.
7. BRT Terminal, Ojodu, Lagos - buses set ablaze.
8. BRT Bus at Berger - set ablaze
9. Lagos Television, Agidingbi, Ikeja - shut down
10. Recreational Center, Oregun, Lagos - set on fire.
11. Oba's Palace, Lagos - burnt to ashes. His scepter of authority seized.
12. Sanwo Olu Mother's House, Surulere, Lagos - set
13 Kings college on fire
14. Many lives lost already to the protests all in Lagos and south west.
15. Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos burnt
16. GTBank Branches burnt down
17. AccessBank Branches burnt down
18. Channels Television shut down
19. Ajeromi Local Govt Secretariat
20. Lagos-Island Local Govt destroyed
21. Lagos-Island East LCDA Secretariat set on fire
22. Lagos Mainland Local Govt Secretariat Destroyed
23. Ibeju Lekki LCDA Secretariat destroyed
24. Sanwoolu's Uncle's house on Lagos Island

Still counting....

Several Yoruba heritage buildings and private properties burnt down.
WHO IS BEHIND ALL THESE? I am vexed like this. My family are happy and supportive of these propaganda. This is RUBBISH sad angry
you Yorubas are really disgusting
Politics / All The Protest Needed Is Northern Youth Involvement To A New Nigeria by Chimok: 12:48pm On Oct 21
Youth in a matter of days can overthrow not just the tyrannical regime of Buhari but every political office holder in the country because none of them mean well for the masses.
Its just very unfortunate that northern youth mentality have continued to be suppressed by their elites. They cannot reason beyond what they are allowed to

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Politics / Re: Nairaland Is Not Helping To Restore Peace. by Chimok: 9:44pm On Oct 20
Dear nairaland moderators,

Please try and moderate views that suggest that this peaceful protest is a decoy for insurrection. These statements are deliberately sponsored to frustrate all effort to restore peace in the land for meaningful execution of the concessions won by the protest. As patriots, please do not yield our nairaland for the sabotage of peace in NIGERIA.

It also respects the sensibility of those who have lost lives and properties on both sides.

Please kindly push to the front page those news that heals and binds our wounds while providing exit strategy currently lacking in the protest.

There is also a need for education as most of the protesters don't understand the implication of protest during an official curfew.

When you fill the gaps this manner, it helps saves a lot of lives,especially those who will do the right thing if they are aware.

Most influential WhatsApp groups have restricted sending of messages to only admins to support the call for restoration of peace.

Please help promote news that will lead to peace in the land.
Thank you.


Cc Seun Osewa

u useless Fulani bastard,
Politics / Re: Soldiers Open Fire On Peaceful Protesters At Lekki Tollgate Now (graphics Video) by Chimok: 9:33pm On Oct 20

Honestly you all are mad.
Youths will win what this way?
How dare you flout the order of a governor, an order imposed in his bid to restore normalcies?
You stupid nits cheering them on online are the problems here.
You all are hiding behind your keypads to post nonsense when scores are dying out there.
May you get shot for your refusal to say the truth.
What else do you want again? Hasn't the unit be disbanded? Didn't Mr Speaker address his fellow HOR members earlier over the quests of the youths? Why can't you all wait and allow them implement what they've promised to do rather than constituting nonsense.
u useless slowpoke
Politics / Re: Time To Protest Against Hike In Fuel And Electricity by Chimok: 12:29pm On Oct 13
Let it start from your region first
what exactly is ur problem

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Politics / Time To Protest Against Hike In Fuel And Electricity by Chimok: 10:09pm On Oct 12
These are the major ones killing Nigerians far more than sars ever will.
The executives of NLC have collected bribe as usual living the rest of the masses in greater suffering.
We can do this
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Led Protest In London Changed From "Endsars" To "Buhari Must Go" (video) by Chimok: 8:13pm On Oct 11
I said it. That's the main agenda behind this protest.
We only share the same country together but deep inside Southern Nigerians, they don't really love the North.

I could sense an undertone of bitter politics immediately the protest kick started. The protest has already been hijacked even before it started. The likes of Sowore, Saraki, Reno, Atiku and Co were at the forefront of this hijacking, and their agenda is to start a revolution to either achieve two major goals.

1. To destroy the regime and good reputation of Buhari and his various quality performances, thus, making the country ungovernable under his leadership so that they can hijack power through the backdoor.

2. To gain an unlawful sovereignty as a nation.
brainless tree swinging monkey.. Foolish black ape
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youth Protest For True Federalism And Stop Beating About The Bush by Chimok: 8:10pm On Oct 09
Lol... OP, almost all your threads are about complaining, cursing and insulting Nigeria.
Well i think I envy u since ur condition enables u to lol
Politics / Why Is This Buhari Not Wearing Face Mask by Chimok: 8:04pm On Oct 09
The government at a point made wearing mask compulsory.
You get turned back in some offices if u re not having one.
Some even got arrested for not putting on a face mask.
Then why is the leader of the country continues meeting with people without face mask.
Is it that he is already having a face mask we are not seeing or relating with that he doesnt need another.
Perhaps a Buhari face mask
Politics / Re: Nigerian Youth Protest For True Federalism And Stop Beating About The Bush by Chimok: 7:49pm On Oct 09
Perhaps just Break Up
Politics / Nigerian Youth Protest For True Federalism And Stop Beating About The Bush by Chimok: 7:45pm On Oct 09
Brutality can never stop and ur suffering will worsen.
This time the hardship is not enough but to kill u join.
U have hundreds of issues plaguing the masses, why taking on just one when u can coordinate all through restructuring
Politics / Re: Misplaced Priority And Protest By The Youths by Chimok: 7:23pm On Oct 09
No offence bro.

but i am sure if your brother or relatives get murdered by SARZ you won't say these things you are saying now undecided
definitely I wont say that but trust me this protest won't end this brutality because if the protest leads to the end of Sars an uglier brutality will surface.
This Country is already a time bomb waiting to explode and I believe the youth can rescue it
Politics / Misplaced Priority And Protest By The Youths by Chimok: 5:47pm On Oct 09
The truth is, in this country we like chasing shadows instead of the real thing.
If u get killed by this endSars protest, u died for nothing.
The problem of this country is too numerous that Sars brutality is a fraction .
Where will we even start? Is it the recent increament in petrol and electricity bill that have turned most lives into nightmares..
Is it the ban in the importation of rice that led to the outrageously persistent increase in the price of that commodity for years now. The same rice u ban is always openly displayed in the market ever since but been sold at cut throat prices.
The herdsmen, Bokoharam, bandits, lack of electricity, good roads, healthcare whereas the politicians keep stealing billions daily. The issues are too numerous.
So I want we youths to channel our protest in the right direction.
If this country doesnt restructure, things will continue to get worse that the Sars brutality will be a child's play.
I know some will endlessly oppose this and even resort to name calling but if the youth dont rise to this occasion, then breakup and war will eventually follow then we will understand better.
Lets confront the real issue because if we fail in this regard and war eventually breaks it is the same youths that will fight the war. This time, we will be fighting against ourselves.
Ofcourse, the politicians.and their family members will be in safe havens while we the same downtrodden will be killing ourselves.

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Politics / Thats Jubril From Sudan by Chimok: 8:03pm On Oct 01
Buhari cant be this stupid and senseless
Politics / Re: Naira Is More Valuable Than Dollar And Pound. Ignorance Is Killing Us. Wake Up! by Chimok: 1:48pm On Oct 01
I couldnt finish the piece because this guy was thinking upside down. Really reasoning from his anus
Politics / Re: Sadiya Farouq Dismisses ‘N2.67bn School Feeding Fraud' by Chimok: 8:10pm On Sep 29
Devil himself is even afraid of this Sadiya woman. She will wiggle out of this, Buhari na her boyfriend
Politics / Re: Sadiya Farouq Dismisses ‘N2.67bn School Feeding Fraud' by Chimok: 8:07pm On Sep 29
The demons plaguing our wealth will be shamed.
shut ur stinking gutter fool
Politics / Nigeria A Very Useless Country Where Thieves Claim To Catch Fellow Thieves by Chimok: 7:51pm On Sep 29
Complete drama of the absurd.
The ICPC claims to have uncovered misappropriation of public funds.. That's how Magu continued uncovering and stealing. They are just deceiving the ever foolish Nigerian people.
Just a gimmick to show they are fighting corruption. At the end of the day nobody will be indicted. Such a useless terrible country
Politics / Leadership - NLC Or Government Na. Them Them. by Chimok: 10:30am On Sep 28
I told a couple of friends in an argument that the NLC leadership is doing gragra just to be settled.
The truth is Nigeria is long gone. Nigeria will automatically break. The Fulanis in their bid to control everything are pissing other regions off.
Though the elites in these regions dont mind because they are direct beneficiaries of the fulani maladministration but the restiveness emanating from enthrenched suffering of the masses will eventually force even the elites hands.
The Fulanis maradona type of leadership is fast failing them
Politics / Re: Amotekun Battles Fulani Herdsmen In Kishi Forest. by Chimok: 1:23pm On Sep 26

Kanu started his campaign attacking governors, at the same time, the governors are fundamentally stupid people (in the SE) and usually the lowest our society has to offer.

But if anyone had the power to make this happen (at a point) it was Kanu and he blew it.
u re too myopic. How can Kanu set up something of this nature under prescription

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Politics / Re: Amotekun Battles Fulani Herdsmen In Kishi Forest. by Chimok: 1:21pm On Sep 26
Nice one.

But I don’t like all this media attention.

When Fulani struck they don’t come to the media to shalaye, why do we need to come to the media to discuss this when we can treat their FK secretly without causing too much publicity.

Alaafin vigilante have been dealing with these Fulani herdsmen since in Oyo and you won’t hear them videotaping themselves to come to the media.

Igboho Sunday, I love you as a brave man but limit the media attention a lil bit and work behind the scenes.

But I won’t stop without saying kill them all coz those who pick up arm against us deserve nothing but death!
maybe the media attention is important to stop all nonsense once and for all

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Politics / Re: Amotekun Battles Fulani Herdsmen In Kishi Forest. by Chimok: 1:13pm On Sep 26
War should start from there, if the government try to arrest SUNDAY IGBOHO, spread WEREPE on all the forces they're going to send, let uniform turn to gun in their body, WAR FOR WAR the fear is too much, The AGBEKOYAS, the O P C, and other yorubas powerful movement, should gather in SUNDAY IGBOHO'S HOUSE, and let war start from there, IBOS too should start the war sametime, and let's see how many they're going to kill, SUNDAY IGBOHO, NO SHAKING.
which war, people who are more scared of war than u.
What have they done to the few boko boys displacing them in their millions.
The only thing is full support to the Ametokun and u will see them steer clear unless there is sabotage from the elites

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Politics / Re: FG Develops Rapid Response Register For Poor Nigerians by Chimok: 1:05pm On Sep 26
endlessly seeking and searching for new avenues to syphone more and more money.
This finance minister must have been tutored by humanitarian minister sadiya


Politics / Re: IPOB Declares Sit-At-Home On October 1st by Chimok: 11:34am On Sep 24
Nnamdi kanu must be replaced he has lost his integrity
replace him then
Politics / Re: IPOB Declares Sit-At-Home On October 1st by Chimok: 11:32am On Sep 24

IPOB should please stop all this rubbish. My mom is an Igbo and my dad is North. cry cry

I love Nigeria as one!!!

One Nigeria !!!

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