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Crime / Re: New Photos Of Baby Whose Hand Was Amputated After Beaten By His Father by Chinnems(m): 12:46pm On Nov 07

If you have nothing in your empty skull, log out and go and catch lizards and frogs for your dinner.
Man ran away that midnight and they are still looking for him.

Oh boy!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: National Population Commission 2023 Census Adhoc Staff Recruitment by Chinnems(m): 1:44pm On Nov 01
Politics / Re: Nigerian Medical Association Invites Tinubu, Obi, Atiku & Sowore by Chinnems(m): 11:56am On Oct 14
Even if they offer him free medical check-up for life, he won't still attend.
Politics / Re: We've Had Enough by Chinnems(m): 4:59pm On Oct 05

Issue I raised? Funny! The post had my email address but its clear that you didn't take your time to read the post.

Please, don't send me PMs.

My bad. Sorry, I must have missed it.

I hope you don't mind pointing out your email address here.

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to get 1 or 2 writers for a contract job.

Rate is #3 per word.

Ahead, this is what the job entails;

✓ Payment is immediately the job is perused and approved (1-3) days at most. Is your job remarkable? If yes, you'd get paid in hours/less than a day.

✓ You'd write a long-form article of 1500 - 2000 words.

✓ You'd insert keywords strategically all through the article. (this is important)

✓ Keywords will be provided for you by an SEO expert, so you don't have to do any complex/boring SEO research.

✓ I'm not looking for expert writers. Just write simple and easy-to-understand sentences that flow well. If you can't write without verbose, please, let's save ourselves the stress and forget working together.

✓ Grammarly login would be provided for easier access to proofread and edit your work.


I WILL KNOW and will give you two options;
✓ Do what is right by researching properly and get paid.
✓ Cancel the contract.


Unless you later edited your initial post or the mods deleted it, there's no visible email address there,

I noticed that you ask those who drop comments on the post to drop their email address,

I didn't think that was safe,

Once again,

Sorry for the bother,

I believe that the job opening is closed already,

So, let's do ourselves a favor and forget about the whole thing,

Once more,

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Remain assured of my best regards.
Politics / Re: We've Had Enough by Chinnems(m): 12:38pm On Oct 05

Why do you keep sending me PMs?

I do not believe that this is the right channel for addressing the issue you raised.

I was trying to contact you with regards to the job ad you posted in the literature section,

As you didn't provide a contact detail, I thought it would be best to mail you directly,

Sorry for the bother.
Politics / We've Had Enough by Chinnems(m): 10:52am On Jul 14
On the forthcoming elections, and propaganda by sponsored 'exiles'

It defies common sense and logic,

That a few individuals who are partly or fully insulated from the realities that come with living in the present Nigeria,

Would accept financial or material inducement,

And then directly campaign for candidates in the forthcoming general elections,

It defies logic,

Many of these people permanently live outside Nigeria, or are preparing their exit strategies,

They care nothing for morals or competence,

They care nothing about the teeming masses who would end up at the receiving end of their greed and selfish ambitions,

They care nothing about the sustenance or the viability of an ailing nation in need of urgent, conscious, and coherent redemption,

And why should they?

They can escape the boiling cauldron we live in, at the snap of their fingers,

They can hide in relative obscurity while enjoying the loot they have amassed,

They can sit idle, and wait till the next general elections to sell their services to the highest bidder,

In the spirit of fairness, justice, and equity, it should not be so,

In the spirit of fairness, justice, and equity, these criminal elements should not be allowed to spread their poisonous propaganda disguised as political campaigns,

In the spirit of fairness, justice, and equity, they should be made to reap the fruits of the works,

It is based on this premise, that I humbly suggest that every paid influencer outside the shores of the country,

Actively campaigning for any party or presidential candidate in the forthcoming general elections,

Be repatriated immediately,

And consequent on the victory of his preferred candidate at the polls,

Be denied the opportunity to live, work, or invest outside Nigeria until the end of the incoming regime,

We've had enough of the nonsense,

If you believe the meal you are preparing is fit for others to eat, then you shouldn't have a problem partaking of the same meal when it's ready,


Politics / Re: David Hundeyin Attacks Nairaland CEO Seun Osewa On Twitter (Graphic pics) by Chinnems(m): 8:07pm On Jun 20
David read MANNA dem nonsense finish, carry the vex pour on top Seun...


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Politics / Re: How Peter Obi Can Win The Presidential Election; My Memo To His Social Media Sup by Chinnems(m): 10:24pm On Jun 12
Do you lots smoke Marijuana?

Please be real with yourself!

It’s impossible and not feasible!

God cannot even do such miracles with reality on ground.

Obi can NEVER be the president of Nigeria come 2023.

If Atiku and Tinubu dies today, Obi still will never be the president. One thing is 100% guaranteed, either of PDP or APC flag-bearers will become president.

Y’all stop this Tom-Jerry analysis.

For you to have mentioned God this way, shows that you are well beyond being reasoned with,

Good luck in your endeavors,

Politics / Re: One Year To Go: Nigerians Await Fulfilment Of Buhari’s Many Campaign Promises by Chinnems(m): 7:20pm On May 29
The perfect shirt for marking the end of this administration

Properties / Re: Which Of These Warehouse Types Should I Go For? Photos by Chinnems(m): 7:20am On May 23
Go for the steel-frame type

Besides being more cost-effective and structurally durable,

Steel frames allow you expand, reduce, entirely transform your warehouse whenever the need arises,

This flexibility will come in handy in the future,

As an architect with over 3 years of on-site experience, I'm willing to provide further clarification to enable you establish the perfect steel frame structure your business needs,
Business / Re: CBN Warns Nigerian Banks Concerning Transactions Regarding Benin Republic by Chinnems(m): 7:48am On May 06
Is receiving money not a transaction as well?

He be like say diz CBN people are on drugs...
Can you send money out of the country.
CBN policy doesn't allow someone to send out money to other country you can only receive so what transaction are dey talking about....


Romance / Re: I Just Realized Something New About Nairaland by Chinnems(m): 3:13pm On May 01
Politics / Re: Unongo: We Supported Buhari In 2015, Risked Our Lives, History Will Judge Him by Chinnems(m): 9:48am On Apr 27
Who's wailing now?

Griller, come and carry your fellow employee,
Crime / Re: 12-year-old Girl Raped By Teacher Gives Birth In Kaduna by Chinnems(m): 7:23pm On Apr 08
Before you sleep tonight, PRAY!

Ask God to teach humans how to love themselves as Jesus taught us.

Ask God to expose the perpetrators of abuse and their enablers.


Ask God to heal the victims of abuse cases.


Ask God to heal saphiere, and give her peace.

Ask God to bring saphiere in contact with decent and God-fearing men.

Ask God to shower saphiere with His pure, perfect, and unending love.

Pray this prayer with sincerity,

Because I'm worried about what this society has become, and the many saphieres we have created.

God bless you as you do.

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Crime / Re: 12-year-old Girl Raped By Teacher Gives Birth In Kaduna by Chinnems(m): 7:12pm On Apr 08
Can someone tell me why God shouldn't curse this gender?

Because He's wiser than you are...

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Crime / Re: 12-Year-Old Maid Jumps From A Storey Building To Escape Being Rape By Her Boss by Chinnems(m): 9:00am On Apr 08
I salute the bravery of this young girl, and hope other people can learn from her.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Policeman Tenders Resignation Over Poor Pay, Inability To Feed - PHOTO by Chinnems(m): 2:20pm On Apr 01

Incoherent gibberish....typical of a dunce. You're devoid of common sense. Always littering this space with your acute stupidity.

Ahn ahn, comrade. You are unleashing too much vawulence.
Literature / Re: The Greed Of Nairaland Writers! by Chinnems(m): 9:36pm On Mar 10
5,000 words a day, consistently, for several days? undecided

If it was that easy, you should have done it yourself,

I understand that many Nairaland writers don't deliver the quality you might desire, but less than #2 per word isn't something to brag about,

And who's the greedy person here?

Some employers get as much as $20 per 300word article and only pay a measly #500 to the writer who actually writes it, after lots of reviews and other whatnots,
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ghana: Nigerians Have Turned Super Eagles To Tribal War - Umar Sadiq by Chinnems(m): 5:21pm On Mar 10
...if I truly wanted to use my connections, I would have been in the national team long ago.

This is the crux of the matter,

In saner climes, you would have been summoned to explain this statement,

With this your statement, you just proved your detractors right.

If you are smart enough, you'd understand that this statement implies that playing for the Super Eagles isn't based on merit alone but 'connections',


Politics / Re: Reps Reject Bill For Special Seats For Women In Parliament by Chinnems(m): 4:41am On Mar 02
Sometimes, I wonder if there is a limit to the entitlement mentality of women,

You want seats that are decided by voting to be reserved for you?

Just because you have a hole between your legs while others have sticks?

Come on!

Reserving a percentage of ministerial positions for women makes more sense though...


Literature / Re: Shebi Cow Meat Is Beef, Abi What Is Goat Meat??� by Chinnems(m): 3:16pm On Feb 26
The common name for goat meat is simply "goat",

though meat from adult goats is referred to as chevon,
While that from young goats can be called capretto
Mutton in South Asia

Well done.
Sports / Winter Olympics: Finnish Skier Remi Lindholm Suffers Frozen Penis In Men's 50km by Chinnems(m): 5:30pm On Feb 21
Such was the chance of athletes suffering frostbite, freezing conditions at the Winter Olympics in Beijing had already seen the blue riband men's 50km cross-country ski delayed by an hour - and shortened to a 30km event.

But even those alterations could not save Lindholm from an "unbearable" fate.

The immediate concern for the 24-year-old, in the aftermath of completing the final event of his debut Olympic Games, was thawing out his frozen penis.

A heat pack eventually helped the Finn salvage the situation at the end of what was a gruelling race.

However, having spent almost one hour and 16 minutes out on the course in howling winds and appendage-threatening temperatures of -17C, he was, understandably, left in a tremendous amount of pain.

"You can guess which body part was a little bit frozen when I finished," Lindholm told Finnish media.

"It was one of the worst competitions I've been in. It was just about battling through.

"When the body parts started to warm up after the finish, the pain was unbearable."

Poor Lindholm previously suffered a similar incident at a competition in Finland last year, with the thin suits and under layers worn by racers offering minimal protection from extreme cold.

Source: BBC Sports https://www.bbc.com/sport/winter-olympics/60466907

Sports / Re: Did You Grow Up With This? What Is The Name Of This ball In Your Area? by Chinnems(m): 7:00pm On Feb 19
Growing up in Kaduna, we called it koriya...

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Food / Re: Signs To Know You've Entered An Overpriced Restaurant. SHINE YA EYES! (Photos) by Chinnems(m): 11:26pm On Feb 17

If you can't secure a job, find something needed within your environment, source for it and resell to those with job and make a living from it... Thats all smiley

Thank you,

I'll try,
Food / Re: Signs To Know You've Entered An Overpriced Restaurant. SHINE YA EYES! (Photos) by Chinnems(m): 10:29pm On Feb 17

grin grin grin na by mouth...

I hope you are manifesting it with serious hustle cheesy

Nothing serious,

But I'm confident that I will get there,

If you can give me some directions, I'll appreciate it,

I can't enter a restaurant, and be looking for signs of wealth to convince me that I don't deserve to be in there,

I reject it in Jesus' name...

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Food / Re: Signs To Know You've Entered An Overpriced Restaurant. SHINE YA EYES! (Photos) by Chinnems(m): 9:45pm On Feb 17
I reject poverty, in Jesus' name...


Romance / Re: Trash Those Options, Come Clean! by Chinnems(m): 10:31am On Feb 14
Come clean, everyone!
Romance / Trash Those Options, Come Clean! by Chinnems(m): 8:53am On Feb 14
As you celebrate LOVE today...

There was a time during my undergraduate days, when I had just one pair of sandals,

That sandal was my all-in-all,

I wore it to lectures,

I wore it to church,

I wore it to every outing I had to attend,

In fact, anytime I wasn't home,

Then that sandal was definitely wherever I was,

Fortunately for me, the sandal was quite rugged,

It also matched the different outfits I wore, perfectly,

You see,

That pair of sandals was the apple of my eyes,

I cared for this sandal as any responsible man would cared for his new wife,

I loved and cherished this sandal as any honorable mother would love her first child,

This sandal was never out of my sight,

It was my trusted and reliable companion,

I always polished it, and brought it into my room whenever I returned home,

You'd never see it with my bathroom slippers outside my room,

I never let anyone borrow it, not even my roommate,

I knew that if it got damaged or stolen, there would be no other option for me,

One day, my roommate was going out,

He saw this my 'beloved' sandal outside, and asked if he could borrow it,

I told him to go ahead, that we were roommates after all, and that he didn't need my permission to use my footwear,

He laughed out loud, throwing his head back and holding his sides,

When I asked his reason, he reminded me of the the times I refused to let him wear my sandals,

He also recalled one incident where I had even rebuked him for taking my sandals outside because he was cleaning our room,

He asked me what had changed,

In his words,

"...like say you don buy new sandals..."

I joined in his laughter, and told him he could leave the sandals if he didn't need it,

He left with the sandals, but not before throwing some extra jabs at me,

It was after he left, that I considered what he had said,

Indeed, I had gotten another pair of sandals, as well as a new pair of shoes,


What I had done to my 'beloved' pair of sandals had been unintentional,

It was then that I realized that I had become a bit careless in my treatment of my trusted and reliable companion,


I might not be a professional in matters of the heart,

The truth is, many of you treat your partners the same way I treated my sandals, (probably worse),

After all, you've got other options you can resort to when things get ugly,

But, you will have (and continue to have) problems in your "relationship", if you continue this way,

When you can't set your heart on one person,

You will fight more often,

You will keep finding useless reasons to quarrel,

You will find it easier to not forgive their faults,

You will find it harder to appreciate their strengths,

You will always find opportunities to highlight (and emphasize) their weaknesses,

You will find it difficult to treat them with the respect they deserve,

You will find it impossible to remain committed to them,


You have a backup plan (or plans),

It's Valentine's day,

You have probably sent a well-crafted message (and maybe a gift or two) to that 'special' person,

The same you, have also sent similar messages to the other 'upcoming special' people in your life, (messages you would do anything to make sure no one else sees)

And still the same you, are wondering why your 'relationship' isn't working,

You might feel that you are protecting your interests, or creating a safe landing for yourself if things go south,

But you are not being wise,

Am I asking you to put all your eggs in one basket?

Hell YES!, and to quit that 'relationship' if you can't trust your partner (or yourself) to remain committed,

All this 'sidechick', 'sideguy', 'bestie', 'childhood friend', 'prayer-partner', and other spare tyres you are driving around with,

-Whom you struggle to invest time and emotions to keep 'warm' and 'interested' in you,

-While at the same time, making it look like that there's nothing serious between you two,

Will sap you of the effort and commitment you need to make your relationship work,

Am I asking you to put all your eggs in one basket?


I'm also asking you to walk away from that relationship if you have any reason to doubt your partner (or yourself)


I'm asking you to come out clean, TODAY!

Remember, LOVE is true,

Do your partner(s) a favour today, and come out clean,

You will also be doing yourself a huge favour, boosting your mental health and confidence, and improving the quality of your life,

Love without deceit,

Come out clean!

#LifeNuggets #love #valentine

Business / Re: The Guy Who Blocked A Nairalander After Placing An Order (pics) by Chinnems(m): 8:44pm On Feb 07
I have a strong feeling that this post and the initial post by the seller in question might be nothing more than a publicity stunt,

But for a seller to drag a prospective client online because he blocked her after cancelling an order in progress, isn't ethical,

You might have gotten a little something 'for your stress' and maybe a few orders made by sympathetic Nairalanders,

But it would be best, if you never resort to this method when next you face a similar issue,

It would be unhealthy for your business image and perception (this should bother you unless you are not building something that is meant to last),

Also, apologize to this client in question (if you have the heart),

You have certainly subjected him to public ridicule,

Lastly, let everyone of us learn to give other people the benefit of a doubt,

All of you calling the said client 'wicked', 'scammer', and other unprintable names might be letting out your frustrations based on personal experiences,

But we all should do better next time.
Politics / Re: Abaribe: Sit-At Home Has Chased Businessmen Away From Southeast by Chinnems(m): 5:55am On Feb 06
He who seeks justice must come with clean hands,

IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu cannot claim ignorance in this sit-at-home issue,

After building a large following founded on aggression, hate, calumny, and deceit,

You can't claim you don't know what is happening,

What did you expect when you railed against traditional institutions sacred to the Ibo people you claimed you wish to liberate?

What did you expect when you set your dogs against every religious denomination in the Southeast?

What did you expect when you played the tribal card in turning your followers against their perceived 'oppressors'?

What did you expect while recruiting uncouth, frustrated, and illiterate people as your foot soldiers without bothering to train them?

What did you expect when you constantly referred to Nigeria as a zoo, and Nigerians as monkeys and baboons on all your recognized media channels?

What did you expect after Buhari miraculously returned to life after you proclaimed him dead to all your followers?

What did you expect when you clearly lack the capacity to engage in-house opposition with civility, but rather branding every contrary voice a saboteur?

Come on!

You guys missed it a long time ago,

The Nigerian government (especially the current administration) has given any right-thinking person enough evidence of its nepotism and inefficiency,

You didn't need any propaganda at all to bury this government, or further your cause,

I wish you restrategize soon,

Lots of your prospective followers do not wish to tow the path of violence you are advocating,

Long live Ndigbo!
Long live Biafra!


Religion / Re: Prince Dele Banjo's Letter To Kumuyi by Chinnems(m): 4:04pm On Jan 23
If - as you say, that - you were born and brought up in the church,

Then, you would not have made this letter public.

I agree that you have raised valid points - based on Deeperlife's - doctrines,

But this letter of yours is beginning to look like an attempt for cheap publicity.


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