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Politics / Re: Kanu Drags Nigeria & Kenya To African Commission On Human And Peoples Rights by chuksme(m): 11:08pm On Jul 27
He who comes to equity must come with clean hands. Ipob has no right to talk about human rights. Ipob and human rights should not be in the same sentence.

The families of those policemen , soldiers, Civilians killied by Ipob Esn foot soldiers by the order of Nnamdi kanu should also present Their case there.

Where were you useless being ,when soldiers and Police were killing Ipob members who were not using weapon. Didn't you see when they deploy Fulani soldiers to South Eat to kill their young men, by giving order to shoot everyone without waiting to obtain permission from Police IG

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Politics / Re: "Seek Out-Of-Court Settlement With Nnamdi Kanu" - Ohanaeze To Buhari by chuksme(m): 2:00pm On Jul 25
Bastard Ohaneze!

Thunder fire all of una one by one.

Where was your voice when your terrorist son was threatening to kill Nigerian security personnels?

Where were you old, foolish, dirty bitches when the hunch-back fugitive was using ESN to cause mayhem in the South East?

E no go better for all of una one by one.

Shameless old fools!

Your are very stupid human being on earth. Which mayhem did ESN caused. Did they kill your tribe?

How many security agent did they kill in east. you are supporting evils, evils will befalll upon you and your generation that supports evil.

Is Nnamdi Kalu Boko Haram or Fulani Herdsmen that are killing thousand of Nigerian
Politics / Re: Nigeria Must Explain How Kanu Was Arrested From Kenya- UK Parliament by chuksme(m): 4:33am On Jul 21
You are the must stupid person on earth. Mention who he killed. Who did Kalu killed.

Is he Herdsmen or Boko Haram?

quote author=ILoveDemMANNA post=103916734]Chai,
UK get sense no be small.

UNa dem dey beat pikin, na dem still dey blow cool air for pikin bumbum.
Sweet politics.

Meanwhile, kanu and his brainwashed pigs no go die better, hell fire straight. You can't murder innocent people and go scot free, never , animals.[/quote]
Politics / Re: Israeli Film Crew's Family Blame Separatists Groups For The Arrest Of Their Sons by chuksme(m): 7:36am On Jul 15
This group of Hausa regime wants to put this Country in heavy problem.

How can you arrest these people based on the hatred they have on Ipop.

They will not with stand Isreal.
Politics / Re: Timipre Sylva: Petrol Subsidy Will Soon Be Removed by chuksme(m): 7:13am On May 19
Buhari has vowed to finish Nigeria and Allah will finish him before he finish Nigeria

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel-gaza Violence: Israeli Ground Troops Attack Gaza Strip by chuksme(m): 11:45am On May 14
Some people are talking nonsense . They did not ask who started the fight. Gaza Palestinian started the war by attacking Israel. They threw thousands of missile to Israel. On Thursday.

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Politics / Re: Lai Mohammed: Kidnapping, Banditry Not Federal Offences In Nigeria by chuksme(m): 5:20pm On May 04
This lai mo is a stupid man.
Nairaland / General / Re: I Notice Strange Marks On My Body When I Wake Up by chuksme(m): 8:58pm On Mar 01
Please I need answers. I recently started noticing strange three line marks on my body. Like scratches but this is deep with normally three lines and sometimes one line ( I have attached pictures). I do not drink, I always read my scriptures and pray before I sleep. I don’t have any pet. I live in a very clean house (abroad). I do not sleepwalk or have any health issue.

I noticed this before but recently started seeing more of the marks. Please does anyone know what this marks mean, how I can stop it, or any solution? Please don’t comment nonsense answers because I am very serious and need honest answers and solutions. Thank you so much.

That mark is not ordinary mark. Forget all about these people mentioning Gecko and finger nail. If you have oil been fruits . just burn it in that house and let the smoke evaporate and put some of the Charcoal in corner of the room. You will not see that mark again on your body and that person will be afraid of you.


If you can pray, pray very well you will not experience it again.
Politics / Re: Okorocha: How I Was Attacked By Thugs, Imo Government House Police by chuksme(m): 7:52am On Feb 22
The wickets must not go unpunished. This is the beginning.
Family / Re: Undetected Sickle Celler by chuksme(m): 9:48pm On Jan 30
One of them is cheating each other. One of them cheated. The woman cheated.

The story has never happened in medical or science world before.

The has question to answer .
Health / Re: Renua, Femi Giwa-Amu’s Daughter Commits Suicide After Rape Accusations by chuksme(m): 9:53am On Jan 01
I don't believe her, at 7 she could not remember what happened. They have used her to ridicule the father.

She looks like drug addict
Health / Re: Renua, Femi Giwa-Amu’s Daughter Commits Suicide After Rape Accusations by chuksme(m): 9:24am On Jan 01
I don't believe her, at 7 she could not remember what happened. They have used her to ridicule the father.

She looks like drug addict.
Crime / Re: IGP Adamu To General Garba Wahab: I’m In Firm Control Of Nigeria Police Force by chuksme(m): 7:28am On Nov 18, 2020
Buhari's regime is the most useless and nonsense regime in the whole Africa.

I have never seen this type before. Everything is not working,
Politics / Re: DJ Switch Speaks To Canadian Parliament Over Lekki Shootings (Video) by chuksme(m): 4:16pm On Nov 10, 2020
And so fvcking what?! Will Canadian parliament run our country for us?!

Anyways I really wish her Goodluck, because she got subpoena, telling lies under oath would be pejury so I hope she chooses her words carefully

If you support evil, evil will befall you and your family. Some one is saying what she witnessed and you are here saying nonsense. Those people that were shoot by Military are someone's Children, brother,sister, wife,husband and relations.

You that support evil, may it happen to you.

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Celebrities / Re: Yetunde Bakare: "As A Single Mother, It's Difficult To Be A Slay Queen" by chuksme(m): 5:49pm On Nov 08, 2020
What is Slay queen?
Religion / Re: Divine Shadow Church Benue Burnt Over Missing Manhoods by chuksme(m): 4:59am On Nov 04, 2020
This country is back in the 17th century

If you are not believing it will happen or those saying it are telling lies. Let it happen to you or someone close to you for you to believe.
Religion / Re: Divine Shadow Church Benue Burnt Over Missing Manhoods by chuksme(m): 4:54am On Nov 04, 2020
Biko, I have often wondered how the genital area looks like after the dissaperance of a d.ick.

Is it sealed up permanently ni or is there a hole in place of the d.ick.

It will shrink like that of new born baby. It will look very small.

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Computers / Laptop Keyboard by chuksme(m): 8:26pm On Oct 29, 2020
How much can I get HP dv200 Laptop's keyboard
Politics / Re: Fact Check On Rumours Of President Buhari's Replacememt By An Impostor by chuksme(m): 7:26am On Oct 28, 2020
Buhari has died, whether you believe it or not . At last the truth must be opened for the ignorant people.

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Politics / Re: Declare Your Assets, Buratai Directs Senior Army Personnel by chuksme(m): 10:58pm On Oct 27, 2020
He will first declare his before others. He that owns houses and properties at different places abroad.
Crime / Re: End SARS: James Nwafor Goes Into Hiding by chuksme(m): 7:39pm On Oct 16, 2020
Any soul that committed sin must die. He that kills by sword must die by sword.

He cannot escape it. He must die


Politics / Re: Buhari Rejects Buratai’s Request To Deploy Soldiers For EndSARS by chuksme(m): 7:44am On Oct 15, 2020
This Buratai of thing is the most useless and coward Army general in the whole world. How can you seek for permission to forcefully fight peaceful Protesters.

He will never go unpublished for so many of the atrocities he has committed. He has wasted so many of our Nigerian Armies because of his empty brain and ignorance.

He is making money for the trouble of Northeast.


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Erica Makes Her First Public Appearance After Disqualification (Photos) by chuksme(m): 6:14pm On Sep 07, 2020
Na very strong Olosho.
Politics / Re: Ghali Umar Na'abba For Criticising Buhari by chuksme(m): 12:55pm On Aug 16, 2020
So we should not say our mind again in this Country. They are intimidating every body who wants to say the truth.

I have not seen this kind of thing before.

So we cannot call Buhari useless human being again. So we cannot call him lifeless being .
They should go and arrested Trump. Our Country Nigeria is being lead by lifeless being.

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Politics / Re: Kyari, Tijjani Yusuf, Others Still Listed As Buhari’s Aides by chuksme(m): 3:14pm On May 23, 2020
This Regime of lifeless body. What do you expect. Buhari is lifeless been.

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Crime / Re: Stephen Akinkunmi, Ogboni Leader Killed In Ondo by chuksme(m): 6:19pm On May 15, 2020
There is grade in every power . when higher power surface, the lower must bow .
Politics / Re: 3 Persons Arrested For Insulting President Buhari And Governor Masari by chuksme(m): 4:48pm On May 01, 2020
How many did they arrest during Jonathan's regime? Buhari and his Fulani and Herdsmen have spoiled this country.

Which President received insult like Jonathan, yet nobody was arrested.

They should go and arrest Trump who called Buhari lifeless body.

Lifeless President in deed.

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Family / Re: How Do I Handle A Husband Who Wants To Have Sex Almost Everyday? by chuksme(m): 8:41am On Apr 28, 2020

Am very sure you are more confused now after reading through all the comments. It's not everything you post on public domain!
It's even obvious that you have not spoken to your man about this. marriage is about tolerance, believe me, you should also have certain behavior that your husband is trying to cope with on daily basis.

This issue is about the both of you, and only you both can resolve is personally. As a matter of urgency, you and your husband needs to talk about this before it leads to something bigger and worse.

Please apply wisdom in dealing with this, because we don't want to hear later that "my husband doesn't like having sex with me as often as I want it, am I loosing him!

Nice advise, this is one of the best advice I have come across on this matter. Well-done
Family / Re: How Do I Handle A Husband Who Wants To Have Sex Almost Everyday? by chuksme(m): 7:20am On Apr 28, 2020
Your husband is controlled by his bodily urges, it's a sex addiction and you have become his personal sperm disposal unit if you don't take a stand. His type will still cheat, watch pornography because it's always in his imagination. I can see some women think their only role is to service Oga just because he paid your bride price and made you a Mrs!!! You are a woman, someone's daughter with human dignity! If you like continue submitting because you want to please him to your own unhappiness. Sex is not everything in marriage. Nne don't kill yourself, dat everyday own is a very big No!!! To me, if u don't have strength explain to him if he gets angry allow him to get angry in peace he will be alright las las, no be today dem don begin dey get angry on matter like dat

This advice is enough to break family. If you are a married woman, with out being told. Your relationship with your husband is not okay. There must be issues in that marriage. Mrs Juliet please don't listen to this advise.

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Health / Re: Suspected COVID-19 Patient Runs To Police As Attempts To Reach NCDC Fail by chuksme(m): 11:33am On Apr 27, 2020
NCDC is a scam. They only exist to syphon money. We have corrupt Government. They use NCDC to deceive Nigerians and pull money. Nobody has called the numbers they provided and got answered.
Politics / Re: Abaribe Cautions Against Lockdown Extension by chuksme(m): 8:08am On Apr 26, 2020

When the situation gets worse will you also take responsibility? This Abia state Man that want to make himself popular for talking, how far have you impacted Abia state, how many state has facilities to admit at least 1000 COVID-19 patients except Lagos State. Those supporting your opinion now will abuse Buhari when things get worse. Wailers and hailers has one thing in common. To mislead you. Is not within your power to advise opening of the country. The NCDC chairman and the task force for COVID-19 will advice base on facts and recommend precautions. Not emotional senator that did nothing to support people on lockdown.

I can see that you don't have common sense. This Man said The mind of many Nigerians. He suggested this and still give solution to it. Is he the one that will support non sense person like you, with his personal money. Which way do you want him to support you?

Is he the Federal Government that collected all the donations from wealthy Nigerians for this Virus and refused to give it out to people through BVN
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Begging Mark Zuckerberg When He Was In $53m Debt (2016 Tweets) by chuksme(m): 6:20pm On Apr 25, 2020
It is the life style they are into that put him into such debt. He must have learnt lesson and that was why his life changed again.

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