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Politics / Re: Motorists Groan As Fuel Scarcity Hits Lagos Hard by Ckonnet: 1:23pm On Feb 22
Even in pimpers paradise!!! Nigeria is not that bad that China and foreign companies are not rushing in to invest and bring the much needed dollars but the biggest problem here is "integrity " oyibo knows that the people at the helm of affair is a sham hence all the hiccups, emilokan and his co travellers are not the cause of the problem we are facing but they lack legitimacy, integrity and expertise to solve the problems.
Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1960 /EUR1 At The Black Market by Ckonnet: 1:18pm On Feb 22
And cardoso is still CBN Governor undecided undecided

Pride no go allow his handlers to sack him. As it stands na pride want kill naija last last if not they should reverse most of their policies.


Business / Re: Naira Hits Record Low Of N1960 /EUR1 At The Black Market by Ckonnet: 1:16pm On Feb 22
The only currency that requires an ak 47 wielding idiots with their cohorts at the top to defend.wahala dey oo!! Aboki as dumb as we all think they where never this naive.


Business / Re: Binance Confirms Working With Tinubu Govt To Block Dollar-naira Exchange by Ckonnet: 1:10pm On Feb 22
I pity for those whose only source is from binance

No real crypto g uses one platform. Never!!!

I stopped using binance a year plus, never trust a chinese man!!!
Business / Re: Binance Confirms Working With Tinubu Govt To Block Dollar-naira Exchange by Ckonnet: 1:07pm On Feb 22
Dollar don dey knack naira again on other platforms

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Politics / Re: Petrol Import Reduced By 1 Billion Litres In Seven Months by Ckonnet: 7:44am On Feb 22


They use inflate the numbers, that's where the corruption lie and I was expecting fg to tackle that first b4 putting the agbado cart b4 the horse.
Business / Re: PZ Cussons Nigeria Financially Distressed As Liabilities Surpass Assets by Ckonnet: 11:48am On Feb 21
We will keep standing on your manhood baba.

Floating of the naira without due consultation was the most stupid act of the century.
These idiots didn't even consider the ripple effect of that single action, I can forgive them for subsidy removal but floating of a weak currency just like that, is too dumb for my liking.
They didn't consider the fact that money in savings or fixed deposit and other instruments will loose value, imagine your millions in your account 7months ago has just lost more than 70% of it's value. Unbelievable!!!

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Politics / Re: Arewa Begs East To Join Protest Against Rising Cost Of Living by Ckonnet: 4:24pm On Feb 18
We are setting up taskforce to add flogging to the hunger to anyone who will do anyhow down east. Let us endure d hunger


Politics / Re: Tinubu: I Honestly Don’t Know Why The Southeast Is Quiet - Professor Usman Yusuf by Ckonnet: 2:35pm On Feb 18

The yorubas are special breeds.

Majority of them actually supported Tinubu and many supported obi too.
If they supported you and you failed them, they will be the first to come out and criticize you. That is why you see that the criticism is louder in the SW.

It is not because they are the only region that is feeling the heat of tinubu's maladministration. The suffering is everywhere except you want to deceive yourself.
When things were getting bad during Obasanjo's regime , it was the yorubas that first came out to criticize him.

The yorubas are not like the hausas/fulanis and igbos who will shield and support incompetent leaders because he came from their region.

Most of us that grew up in the east never believed that we can benefit anything from government until recently that we started participating in elections and na beating we dey beat them when we have the opportunity like the ekwerenmadu saga. Nobody is ready to leave his or her business and be writing n lamenting up n down about an avoidable mistake and yes the hunger is everywhere but we are resilient and once the naira finds it's stand, business will continue. Na wetin I buy I go sell.


Politics / Re: CBN Defends Naira With 11.25 Billion Dollars (throwback) by Ckonnet: 9:54am On Feb 18
Now ask yourself how much the country has lost in 7 months because of that ill prepared decision!
Note that alot of people had naira in their savings accounts before the floating of naira and now that money has lost more than 80% of it's value. Nigerians alone must have lost more than 50billion dollars.
Politics / Re: APC Tech Hub VS Labour Party Tech Hub by Ckonnet: 9:35am On Feb 18

They said we don’t know how to elect good candidates in South west. They said they are the only ones that know how to elect good candidates. They even came to Lagos and said they want to teach us how to elect good candidates. Now, this is what they hype as good candidate.

In the next 10 years they will tell us how Tony Nwoye was the best senator to ever appear in the senate chamber and how he increased HDI with the above tech hub. They will even tell us how it was Lord Luggard that started the tech innovation lab in Lagos and how Tokunbo Abiru did absolutely nothing while he was in the senate.

This is thread is for history purpose as the internet never forgets.

Ebin npiawa azu is at ur back ooo, like tinubu can't even be awake to do his job.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Has Taken Over Senate President Office, Akwa Ibom People Cry Out by Ckonnet: 9:33am On Feb 18
The handwriting was so clear and glaring

U wanna talk down on a people yet praise them this much

U must think we all have same head shape 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I hope you are okay because I have noticed that you are easily triggered at the mention of igbos, mental sickness is real though.


Politics / Re: Hardship: I Honestly Don’t Know Why The Southeast Is Quiet - Usman Yusuf by Ckonnet: 9:28am On Feb 18
We go use our hand flog any noise maker down east

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Crime / Re: Nigerians Warn About This Taxi Driver, DSVA & Police Ask For More Info by Ckonnet: 9:25am On Feb 18
Someone says that he knows him.

The police already knows him n his deeds!!! This one police is gingering na just to save face
Business / Re: Why Exactly Is The Cement Price Going Up This Way? by Ckonnet: 12:57pm On Feb 17

Baba, you've NOT answered the question. OP is wondering why the cost of a nation's natural resource is this expensive to even its local market.

So you're telling me the cost of excavation and logistics is the major driving force behind skyrocketing prices? 🙄 Even to local markets?
Guy, these are beyond natural forces of macro economics, abeg.

When a nation headed by bloodthirsty Vagabonds-In-Power oils the wheels of a certain capitalist fool pretending to be a businessman, this is usually the result.

Oga cost of production has gone up from fuel to logistics!!! In as much the cost seems to be inflated.
Business / Re: Why Exactly Is The Cement Price Going Up This Way? by Ckonnet: 12:55pm On Feb 17
If the materials for producing cement are sourced locally,, what has DOLLARS got to do with its cost of production.??

Machinery which includes spare parts
Fuel be it diesel,gas or petrol
Politics / Re: Your Donations Won't Be In Vain And Will Be Accounted For – Obi Assures Donors by Ckonnet: 12:43pm On Feb 17
My shishi will not go to that,obi is a billionaire!
They should bring out their money and achieve their lifetime ambition as iam pursuing mine with no input from anyone apart from my loving parents. I can only vote 4 him

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Travel / Re: Pictures Of Circular Roads Along Ife-ibadan Been Done By Seyi Makinde Govt(pics) by Ckonnet: 12:40pm On Feb 17
South West governors are gradually getting it right. Haven't seen any road by Soludo that is as quality as this.

Soludo was a pure scam and I warned my people about him.nwamgboafor,!!!!

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Politics / Re: 2023: Capital Importation amounted to $3.91bn, lowest since 2007 - Statisense by Ckonnet: 10:00am On Feb 17
As expected
Politics / Re: Petrol Subsidy Nears N1trn Monthly, Bigger Than When Tinubu Came - Businessday by Ckonnet: 5:55am On Feb 17

That's country that think about it's citizens. 2018 or 19, Luxembourg subsided transportation to cut down on greenhouse emission and also encourage a fewer cars on the road. These are counr that wants to work and they are working.

Truth is, whatever our government pronounced to do to cushion the effect of this madness, never believe them until they start from the core problem, which I believe they can't until the people be on the toes.

Nigeria problems are way rooted in deep and there's no hope in sight soonest.

Right now, public transport in Luxembourg is free.
Politics / Re: Petrol Subsidy Nears N1trn Monthly, Bigger Than When Tinubu Came - Businessday by Ckonnet: 11:34am On Feb 16
Ending the subsidy was the biggest blunder Tinubu committed and floating Naira killed it all.

There's no government in the world that doesn't subsidize energy for their people inone way or the other.

And Nigerian government has in the past kept selling to Nigerians the fallacy that government has no business in doing business instead of them to cub corruption which is the bane of our problem but they kept a blind eyes because they're the biggest beneficiary of corruption.

With the current configuration of Nigeria, mindset and attitude of Nigerians, Nigeria will never work.

Untill we get our priority right, expect more sh*t to happen cos the sh*t is deeply rooted.

Subsidy is an integral part of governance as long as it keeps the economy running but here, the demons in power are so naive that they can't see beyond their nose. I know of a certain European country that subsidizes their fitness centres so as to encourage people to enrol and be healthy there by saving huge money in health related issues.


Politics / Re: Man Who Vowed To End Peter Obi's Political Carrier Laments Hardship by Ckonnet: 11:26am On Feb 16
This hunger of a thing, I've not seen anyone wailing in Enugu where I'm currently serving. Is it that this people don't feel economy hardship

Most of them prepared their from Buhari era so it is a bit easier.

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Politics / Re: Stop Running Rivers State Without A Budget - APC Tells Fubara by Ckonnet: 11:17am On Feb 16
Tony okocha that rumuigbo people v rejected as their don and v told him to go back to imo state is claiming to be aoc in Rivers state..funny how the wealth of Rivers state that comes from riverine areas of mostly ijaw is being abused by Wike and his loyalist that are bent in pushing all Rivers sons and daughters into poverty.

Wike did not look into the welfare of the workers, did not sign their pburomotion for 8 years but thought himself only worthy of promotion.
Same thing he has started doing to fcta workers in Abuja.
Since Wike entered office as fct minister,he has refused to pay contractors he met on ground,refuse to pay workers their overhead pay n sign promotions.
Only him is interested in going higher?
He stops there

Fubara can not be boxed into the corner.
Rivers people are happy with gubara
He means we'll for the masses.
He is looking into the welfare of the Rivers men n women .
Wike can not continue to demean rivers people.

It is not only obio/akpor that we v in Rivers state.

Let Rivers people breath.

The budget had been presented and the president said both parties should maintain peace so why is it difficult for wike camp to maintain peace!!?

Has fubara not shown times without number that he loves peace?

Resworn the sacked commissioners, allowed the sacked speaker n members?

So what's even wrong with these obio/ akpor ikweree Wike clan!!!?

Riverine areas fetched this insect infected firewood in 2015 to spite amaechi because of mama peace so the reoccurring effect of that decision is what riverine areas are enjoying now. You guys supported another ikwerre man after an ikwerre guy gave una your own to support.
Politics / Re: Hunger Protests: Why Tinubu Can’t Govern Like Buhari By Farooq A. Kperogi by Ckonnet: 1:33pm On Feb 10

Avoided by implementing the same policies?

Or did the other top candidates for Presidency not support the subsidy removal and floating of the Naira?

Did you also find out how they wanted to go about and the timeline they gave or is it the normal apc blame game


Politics / Re: Hunger Protests: Why Tinubu Can’t Govern Like Buhari By Farooq A. Kperogi by Ckonnet: 1:32pm On Feb 10
Cardoso is a victim of politicization of appraisal of CBN performance.
The performances of all CBN governors has historically correlated with the petrol dollar availability. To me, Emefiele was the only guy who performed beyond the level of available petrodollar in his time. All other governors of the CBN were simply lucky to have the dollar available.
Not one of them influenced inflow of dollar in any significant way. Cardoso's case is agrevated by what Emefiele and Buhari did with loans and cash in circulation. They created a huge problem by spending out of recession and into crippling debt that eats revenue.

Nobody is asking for magic, what we expect from them is a thoughtful approach and not the trial and error method they embraced.


Sports / Re: Kashim Shettima Leads FG Delegation To AFCON Final. by Ckonnet: 1:14pm On Feb 10
Jagaban no one go die tongue

They fit run am street 4 stadium

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Business / Re: Totalenergies To Exit Nigerian Onshore Oil Business by Ckonnet: 1:13pm On Feb 10
The environmental factors surrounding their operations onshore is no longer favourable to them.
Talk of oil theft from their pipelines.
Pipeline vandalism.
Environmental pollution arising from pipeline vandalism,yet they are made to take responsibility for the cleanup and hefty fines imposed on them to serve as deterrent.
The problems posed by the militants also is another ball game entirely.
The wahala associated with operating onshore assets is just numerous.
Compared to what obtains offshore.

For instance, last month there was an oil spillage that happened offshore in one of the assets operated by one of the multinationals. No one got to hear about it in the national newspapers or social media.
It was kept under wraps.

If that spillage happened onshore, I am sure the company could have gone almost bankrupt, due to the fines and penalty they will incur.

The bottom line is everywhere is looking out for his profit margin.
It's a case of put your money where your mouth is.

I can tell you confidently that there departure has nothing to do with Tinubu government.

The problem with single celled organisms is that they think everyone is like them and you spitted alot of garbage out there just to defend your little god.

Total didn't leave when militancy, vandalism and other nonsense you mentioned there was at its peak.
For your info, multi nationals forecast their business strategies ahead of time and work with it so now they understand that idiots are at the helm of affairs and they will wake up one day and churn out stupid policies like they do now without considering the consequences.
Business / Re: Totalenergies To Exit Nigerian Onshore Oil Business by Ckonnet: 1:06pm On Feb 10

He should make enemies, right?

You need brain surgery, it is clogged with garbage!
Business / Re: Totalenergies To Exit Nigerian Onshore Oil Business by Ckonnet: 1:05pm On Feb 10
“We want to divest our share of SPDC, and we are looking to reshape the portfolio. Fundamentally it’s because producing this oil in the Niger Delta is not in line with our (Health, Security and Environmental) policies, it’s a real difficulty,” Patrick Pouyanne,

See them. They didn't take note of the comment above.

The French are not interested in obeying Nigeria laws. They develop these oil wells without taken consideration of the environment. They destroyed the ecosystem will oil spillage and leave like that.

Now that laws are in place to check them, they don't want to continue because they were never interested in keeping the environment in good shape.

Agbadorians are irredeemable!!!
Politics / Re: Senate To CBN, Ministers: Your Policies Are Failing by Ckonnet: 12:57pm On Feb 10
The same idiots that rubber stamped a patch patch cv holder.

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