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Family / Re: My Friend’s Wife Is Cheating by ComeAndobo: 5:49pm On Feb 21

Alright.i will try and get back to you guys

Oga don't let him know yet ooooo
Family / Re: My Friend’s Wife Is Cheating by ComeAndobo: 5:48pm On Feb 21
Stay out of it. I'm sure your friend is no saint either because he himself probably has someone in the U.S by now.

Na small remain make I report your comment cheesy cheesy cheesy na rubbish you talk my guy.
Family / Re: My Friend’s Wife Is Cheating by ComeAndobo: 5:47pm On Feb 21
Let's be honest here.

Is it fair for your friend to leave his wife all alone in Nigeria for almost 3 years?

They have been rejecting her at the VISA office. I heard a story of someone purposely sabotaging the VISA process, I hope that's not what this woman is doing.
Family / Re: My Friend’s Wife Is Cheating by ComeAndobo: 5:45pm On Feb 21

This advice can only come from a simp. don't listen to this useless advice.

Who in his right senses will confront a friend cheating wife?

True true na very very useless advice. God epp us. I hope the guy has not taken this advice.
Celebrities / Re: B-Red: 'I Spend #900k To Cut My Hair Every Year' (Video) by ComeAndobo: 3:11pm On Feb 16
I used to keep an afro like most naija guys in the diaspora when shi shi no dey . I just converted it and found out I spend an equivalent of N500,000 on haircuts every year. But it does not make sense at all because you can't just directly convert another country's currency to naira. Haircuts can be expensive in some countries because Minimum wage is different, cost of living etc.. If you dey pay naija barber that amount, na waste of money abeg

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Politics / Re: Trump: Nigerians Hail Goodluck Jonathan by ComeAndobo: 1:55pm On Jan 07
Dont compare Goodluck and Trump.


Goodluck lost comfortably, what do you expect him to do, continue.

Goodluck is not a hero, he did what he is suppose to do and that is concede.

Trump on the other hand was rigged out in the night in Democrats controlled cities by an organized rigging effort.

First he was impeached by the democratic controlled house of rep but they got him with their postal ballot and scamcovid from China.


Trump wont attend the inauguration of Scambiden presidency.

when Biden becomes president, he will try to normalize the situation but it won't work, CNN won't talk about covid that much because biden is president.

Biden will rule over a divided country, a possible civil war agitation is likely to occur. There will be more division between black and whites. The universities will keep brainwashing blacks that whites are their problem.


Oshey Mr Shalaye. Keep lying. I'm a black man living in the USA. I've lived through different POTUS in my lifetime and I've experienced things first hand not by watching or reading biased reports.

Trump is not pro black, stop repeating lies. If I tried Debunking everything you said here, I won't end today.

But I'll leave you with the fact that at the end of 2020, black wealth decreased by 3.8%, while white people went ahead to own 90% of wealth and left the rest for minorities to share.

The empire of the USA is not over. It's your father's country that the empire is over. Mr werey
Celebrities / Re: Don Jazzy Mimics Davido (Video) by ComeAndobo: 6:53pm On Dec 31, 2020
Hustling for N2M. Everybody need money.

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Romance / Re: She Just Can't Stop Calling by ComeAndobo: 1:07pm On Dec 22, 2020
I have and even block her number but she keep calling with other people's line

Calling with other people's line?

That's stalking. May God help you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hillary Clinton Renews Call For Abolition Of US Electoral College by ComeAndobo: 4:35am On Dec 15, 2020


Bill Barr is complicit with the Dominion machine financial scandal and Trump is definitely going to move to prosecute everyone involved hence Bill Barr would be a hinderance so Bill had to tender his resignation.

Serving American military Generals confirmed the Special Forces operations in Frankfurt where 2 American soldiers died to secure the Server.

Former CIA director is under house arrest by the military.

General Michael Flynn said in the DC rally ‘Trump will lose the battles but win the war’

The 305th division of the U.S. Military is ready to move in on the order of the POTUS when he implements the EO or declares martial law!

The insurrection Act is already being reviewed by the Secretary of Defence!

Go and sleep

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Hillary Clinton Renews Call For Abolition Of US Electoral College by ComeAndobo: 4:23am On Dec 15, 2020
No. Though I'm not a republican but Electoral college is one of the checks and balances needed.

Imagine we have electoral college in Nigeria. Kaduna, Kano and katsina will have a fixed number of electoral college votes even if they continue to use under age kids and encouraging overpopulation dey born like rabbit.

With popular votes, the Northern political house will continue. That's their strategy. Popular votes.

Infact Maybe local government can be our own electoral college. Lagos has 37. Katsina has 34. Make we dey count am like that.

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Music/Radio / Re: Headies Next Rated Nominees And Winners From 2006 - 2020 by ComeAndobo: 9:40pm On Dec 11, 2020
Nigeria music industry is full of sh*t now I must tell you.
Check the list of the previous winners from 2006-2015, you quite agree with me that they are well talented.
But what do we have today in the industry?

1. Noise maker
2. Slag maker
3. Bad lyrics
4. Bad voice
5. Bad habit promoters
6. Yahoo artist etc

Back then you listen to music and you will be happy but now the story is different.

Abeg who are these one below?

Omah Lay
Bella Shmurda

Headies and bribery grin grin

Meanwhile few of them are still trying like Fireboy, Joeboy and.......

Go and look up their songs. Even me sef shock. They are super talented. It's a difficult choice for me.
Travel / Re: Should I Marry Here Or When I Travel Overseas? by ComeAndobo: 5:46pm On Dec 09, 2020

I am 32. I am planning to move overseas- America, Canada, Europe or Australia in that order. But I'm seriously considering settling down before I turn 35 or at most 35. My problem right now is having to decide if getting married before i travel will be a better idea considering how uncertain things might be for a new immigrant.

I can be skeptical towards ladies, very selective and reserved. So I want to hear your suggestions please..

Get your Visa first before asking questions
Family / Re: My Sister Want To Expose My Secret Life To My Husband by ComeAndobo: 5:43pm On Dec 09, 2020
Time registered: February 22, 2020 grin grin grin

Nairaland is now a place where the admin hire writers to write different lies just to drag traffic tongue

I can tell you confidently that I know real stories that have been posted here on this forum. Believe it or not

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Foreign Affairs / Re: The United States' Citizenship Test Now Harder And Longer by ComeAndobo: 6:10pm On Dec 05, 2020
Before you travel in these Strange times! Ensure you seek For Divine Direction!

Traveling in these times and Seasons on your own could cause you greater pains than you ever envisaged!!

Those that Have Ears to Hear ! Should Hear!!

Before anyone comes for me know that I'm a christian but I stopped taking this guy seriously when he called Trump his spiritual daddy. You can support him but don't claim he is Holy. That's where me and you go fight.

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Music/Radio / Re: Davido - Jowo (Official Video) by ComeAndobo: 12:02pm On Dec 05, 2020
Politics / Re: APC: Goodluck Jonathan Is Working For Buhari by ComeAndobo: 7:08am On Nov 28, 2020
Whether he's working for the current, past or future government, trying to put an end to APC/PDP dominance at both state and federal level might help this country a lot. They already have their 'unproductive' pattern of governance they force into any newly elected person. Same ideology, different people.

A lot of people are naive in Nigeria. Even so called political analysts. GEJ has been working for "APC" He has his personal reasons. It's a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. A symbiotic relationship.

People that really wish for things to be well in Nigeria should start thinking of how to push out all these old politicians
Foreign Affairs / Re: GSA Tells Biden That Transition Can Formally Begin by ComeAndobo: 2:18am On Nov 24, 2020

How many times have you people lied that Trump has accepted defeat?

We will hear from the supreme Court not CNN

How many times do you want Trump to lose. He is on marathon lose. He is just delaying the inevitable.

Also not only CNN reported it, even Trump is tweeting about the start of transition.


Foreign Affairs / Re: GSA Tells Biden That Transition Can Formally Begin by ComeAndobo: 12:59am On Nov 24, 2020

KPK cheesy

KO POR KE... grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Michigan Election Board Votes To Certify Biden's Win by ComeAndobo: 12:50am On Nov 24, 2020
It is over! Trump just approved transition

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Fire Director Of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency, Chris Krebs by ComeAndobo: 8:44am On Nov 18, 2020
trump isn't an outgoing President, you get that fact now before you get the reality on ground. He will be swear in next year as the 46th President of USA.

He will be swear in grin cheesy :
He will be swearing in
He will be swear for

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Romance / Re: RE: My Girlfriend Still Gets Help From Her Ex by ComeAndobo: 10:08am On Nov 14, 2020
Bash me Nairalanders, I didn’t learn again.

But sit down critically and analyze this, then tell me your thoughts.

Sometime last year, I made a thread https://www.nairaland.com/5461415/it-proper-girlfriend-still-gets where I revealed my girlfriend-cum-business partner still receives financial help from a man she once dated.

Today, another story surfaced. In June 2020, she had produced one million naira saying her brother gave it to her to invest in our business. I even called the brother to say thank you and he told me it wasn’t a bother to him at all. We could pay in six months time. I know we can.

Today, I realized it was her ex-boyfriend, the same man I complained about last year, that gave her the money. He’s 52. She's been confessing more and more about how it’s a loan to grow our business she asked for to pay back in December and she only kissed him as a thank you. My people, what precise, wise, and smart move do I make now?

You know what to do. It might seem inconvenient right now but believe me you'll be grateful you did it. Don't waste time, the earlier the better for you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Biden Becomes The First Democrat In 28 Years To Win Georgia by ComeAndobo: 8:09am On Nov 14, 2020
Congrats to him

But Trump will never be forgotten


He will be remembered as a tyrant, a stain and the worst president in the history of the great country USA.

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Politics / Re: #EndSARS Promoter, Rinu On Frozen Account: I Am Disappointed In Nigeria by ComeAndobo: 9:21am On Nov 11, 2020
Remain strong, even though abookis and yoruba muslims will laugh at you and mock you.

God bless you my sister. You shall prevail.

Are very foolish? End SARS was a non tribal, non religious movement. Don't bring stupidity into it abeg.
Foreign Affairs / Re: What Will Happen If Donald Trump Refuses To Leave Office by ComeAndobo: 10:05am On Nov 09, 2020
It's more complicated than that. But he can actually refuse to leave and remain there and still be backed by the constitution.
Celebrities / Re: Laycon Celebrates His 27th Birthday In Style (Photos, Video) by ComeAndobo: 7:29pm On Nov 08, 2020
This boy was so dull in the BBN house I sometimes wondered where exactly his fans saw the intelligence they claimed he had. He never contributed anything meaningful, he was incoherent, he never participated well in individual tasks. The boy no sharp abeg.

Which best result? undecided so what happened to the first class students in his departments graduation list below? Abi 2.1 dey get best students above first class again?

You said he is dull but he made a 2:1 and also bigger than you.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Joe Biden Wins US Presidential Election 2020 by ComeAndobo: 8:41pm On Nov 07, 2020
It's official at 284 electoral votes, Joe Biden will be the president of the United States of America

"Nigerian Christians" who have decided to mortgage their individual thought processes for a man they have not heard about prior to 2015...NYORRRR!!!!

- Student Loans
- Remove the stupid tarrif war with China, Canada and other important trading partners
- Repeal all Trump executive orders and evil policies

God bless you.
Politics / Re: Okonjo-iweala: WTO Postpones Meeting To Pick New DG by ComeAndobo: 2:25pm On Nov 07, 2020
This is not a trump something America is an Allie to south korea so they will always support her

Think about what you just wrote.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Paula White: Angels Are Coming From Africa - Trump's Spiritual Adviser Prays by ComeAndobo: 8:43am On Nov 05, 2020
They are referring to Righteousness 89. The fake angel of nairaland. grin grin grin grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Protests In Thailand Over The Ban Of Pornhub & 190 Other Pornographic Websites by ComeAndobo: 8:48pm On Nov 03, 2020
Hahahahahaha... For a country who's capital is BANGKOK, why ban porn grin grin... Their Minister's name even includes PUTTIN PUNNA

Good one grin grin cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Mojisola Alli-Macauley Used CA-COVID Palliatives As Birthday Gift - Youths by ComeAndobo: 1:44pm On Oct 30, 2020
Nigerians, especially lagosians, get the kind of leaders they deserve.

I always said that but the recent happenings made me realize that elections in Lagos are hijacked by hoodlums and paid thugs, so they are not the true reflections of the populace.

So we don't deserve these bastards that we call politicians.


Politics / Re: #WTO-DG: Okonjo-Iweala Speaks 'Despite Hiccups, We're keeping Positivity Going' by ComeAndobo: 6:48pm On Oct 29, 2020
Buhari go affect dis woman

Please explain how Buhari is affecting her?
Politics / Re: #WTO-DG: Okonjo-Iweala Speaks 'Despite Hiccups, We're keeping Positivity Going' by ComeAndobo: 6:47pm On Oct 29, 2020
Igbo Amaka

Are you a Trump fan? cheesy

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