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Celebrities / Re: Blessing Egbe: No Need For DNA If We Marry As Virgins by comfokon: 7:58pm On Jan 09, 2021
So virgin wives don't cheat after marriage? Partners should just be faithful, that's all.

I tire for them, my guy deflowered a girl, happily hoping he had found a wife material, when her toto craze start ehhhh, na flog im begin dey flog her till the babe revolt, nobody tell bobo say water don pass garri.

Fidelity in my opinion is a personal decision.

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Politics / Re: Air Marshal Nsikak Eduok Is Dead As NAF Mourns by comfokon: 11:21am On Jan 09, 2021
RIP to our dear son who made us proud.

Our house is not far from this man's house in Ewet housing.

I remember those days I use to enter his ultrafit in Ewet housing estate.

In those days, I was discussing with one girl who worked at ultrafit and she told me that if someone misbehaved in the ultrafit,

the soldiers would lay him or her on the floor and flogged him or her.

I don't know how true that statement was.

But since then, I have not got near the place again.

RIP to the our dear son.

I was so surprised to see such well furnished gym laying to waste in Uyo. I have never heard anything good about that man, all his businesses are in comatose, but he keeps on raking in Govt money.
Culture / Re: Visit to Nigeria Local aluminium Pot Making Factory /see how they make it -photo by comfokon: 3:52am On Jan 09, 2021
To make simple generator or motorcycle block engines are that simple I don't still understand why Nigeria is not making them

Investment / Re: . by comfokon: 11:29am On Jan 07, 2021
No goal in 30 mins is close to 2 odds. No goal after 85 minutes is close to 1.3 odds

ok. still.....every option in the act of gamble is a gamble itself.

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Family / Re: Paternity Fraud Led A Married Banker To Early Grave. by comfokon: 11:11am On Jan 03, 2021
his mother? how?

Omo na try mothers for that way oooo. they have that divine eye.
Family / Re: Paternity Fraud Led A Married Banker To Early Grave. by comfokon: 12:16pm On Jan 02, 2021
the MD is already attached and too rooted in her before the Young married the babe. he was only an option for the girl to cover status as she cannot marry the MD. the girl was not into him in whatever kind, it was just a side guy. and I doubt if the girl is willingly giving me sex. I believe they must fight and quarry, and the guy might thought he wife doesn't like say and was choke from shock that was sleeping around with the MD. what an heartbreak.

they guy should be ashamed for a man to impregnate your wife you sleep in the same bed with twice and you are there playing around her.

she is probably seeing the man in an hotel maybe twice or once a week. yet he milk everything in there more than the so called husband.

an old man for that matter give a Young Man wife Belle. the man most really got it big and do well with it. it happens everyday but most guys are too shy to speak out. the shame and humiliation they just change location and run away from people.

you couldn't have said it better. that man must have been pounding the girl right from her Uni days and she has gotten so attached to him, it's a huge slap having a man impregnate your wife two times..
Family / Re: Paternity Fraud Led A Married Banker To Early Grave. by comfokon: 12:11pm On Jan 02, 2021
I knew Mr Tunde! I remembered in 2013 there about he was telling me Never to allow a woman (wife) pay for the family house rent...

This issue started a long time ago... he comes to our office then...

Most time he forgets he’s in the office and smokes... we all understand because we knew he was facing a lot!

Rest on sir.... He was a good man.

May we be far from evil women (wife)...
so bad, depression.
Family / Re: Paternity Fraud Led A Married Banker To Early Grave. by comfokon: 12:03pm On Jan 02, 2021
I feel for the guy sha, he should not have taken his life. Those kids look mixed race and nothing like him, I'm sure he knows they're not his. He probably couldn't live with the shame of being exposed of not being able to father a child.

I'm wondering same too, maybe the lady was the bread winner and dude had to be relegated to the back water. But even at that, his mother would have known, they don't need DNA tests to detect that.
Investment / Re: . by comfokon: 11:50am On Jan 02, 2021
abeg you all should be thinking of weaning yourself off this shit called betting, I have long envisaged taking my business to the next level with it and it usually ended in ruins and wails.

from 100 naira staking to 5,000 to 10,000 just to reduce games and eliminate the minute of risks, abeg leave all these preaching.

I have resigned to FATE that you can't BEAT THE SYSTEM.

you wan go subscribe for loss.


Investment / Re: . by comfokon: 11:47am On Jan 02, 2021
Don't mind him. Just focus on 1st half 40 minus no goal. And 88 minutes no goal.
You win you lose some

what's the odd for this?
Politics / Re: Have You Received Your FGN Survival Fund Alert? by comfokon: 11:41pm On Dec 28, 2020
Thank you FGN. I received my first payment on 17 December and my second payment on 25 December. Just a week interval. 50k each

from how much salary does 50k payment start?
Business / Re: Bvn Time Frame by comfokon: 4:57pm On Dec 23, 2020

Business / Re: How To Make Unlimited N2000 By Having A Standard Chartered Bank Account by comfokon: 4:57pm On Dec 23, 2020

Yes. Getting the OTP is instant except if there are network issues which may cause it to take few minutes to be delivered. If it's not gotten within 3-4 minutes, you can click on request new OTP.

ok, thanks.
Business / Re: How To Make Unlimited N2000 By Having A Standard Chartered Bank Account by comfokon: 4:27pm On Dec 23, 2020

within seconds. if it delays, it might probably be network issues.

ok, I mean a new applicant?
Business / Bvn Time Frame by comfokon: 4:26pm On Dec 23, 2020
Please bankers in the house, is it possible for me to go to the bank tomorrow and register for a BVN and get the BVN same day?
Business / Re: How To Make Unlimited N2000 By Having A Standard Chartered Bank Account by comfokon: 3:26pm On Dec 23, 2020
Standard Chartered is an international bank with branches in various countries, Nigeria inclusive. As the moment, it is one of the few banks that doesn’t charge customers any extra cost for banking transactions: zero SMS alert fees, zero interbank transfer fees, zero withdrawal fees on other banks’ ATM, free VISA Gold Debit/ATM card, free Debit card delivery to customers’ location, etc. Another benefit of having an account with the bank is the opportunity to earn N2000 on every new customer that you refer and the good news is that the N2000 earning is unlimited and this piece of information will help you in opening an account to start getting your referral bonus.

How to Register On Standard Chartered Bank to Get unlimited N2000

1. Download the Standard Chartered (SC) NG Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play store.
2. Copy this code 400051369 and input it as the invitation/referral code in the space provided. That's the code you will paste to any space provided for referral code during your registration.

3. Click on open account and the registration form will be displayed to you.

4. Enter your BVN number, don't panic, your BVN number is very safe. standard chartered Bank is a bank just as your local banks and they are 100% trusted.

5. An OTP will be sent to the number attached to the BVN provided, Check your message box and enter the OTP to continue.

6. Update your contact details where required and if it has been displayed to you automatically, just cross check and proceed.

7. Take selfie of yourself, upload your valid ID card (NIN Slip, National ID card, Voter’s card or Driver’s license) and signature. In the section for Tax Identification Number (TIN), input your TIN if you have one and if you don’t have, leave the space empty but select Yes and No for these options:
i. Update Tax Residency Information (Select YES)
ii. Are you a tax resident of Nigeria? (Select YES)
iii. Are you a tax resident of any other countries/jurisdiction? (Select NO)

8. Enter 400051369 in any space provided for referral code.

9. Now cross check the details you have provided and accept the terms and conditions.

10. Submit your request and wait for your account to be ready.

In case you're unable to complete your registration at a go, provisional registration details will be communicated to you via your email and phone after some minutes. Just follow the instructions to complete the registration.

11. Once you're able to login to your account and see your account number on your Dashboard, that means your account is ready.

Now that you have successfully created your account, the next thing is to do transaction to verify the account.

How To Verify Your Standard Chartered Bank Account

This is very similar and you will be done in just few minutes.

1. Copy your SCB Account number from your Dashboard or just write it to somewhere if you can't copy it directly.
2. Now transfer N500 to N1000 to the SCB Account. You can transfer part of this money back to your account immediately just to show that your account is now active.
3. To request for debit card, you will be prompted to upgrade your account which can be done immediately during the account registration process. To request for a debit card, click the menu icon at the top-left corner of the app interface and then select “service request”, after that click on “request debit card”. You will get notified on when the card will be shipped to your location for free (usually within 3-7 days depending on your location).
Boom! Your account is ready to receive the referral incentives, you can refer as many people as possible, there is no limit.

How To Refer Friends On Standard Chartered Bank And Get The Referral Bonus

Follow the instructions below to start referring Friends and accumulate as much N2000 as possible.

1. Open your SC mobile app and login.

2. Click on the menu bar, which is the three white lines at the top left corner of the app.

3. Once you click on the menu bar as described above, check the bottom and you will see a white space where refer friends and family is written.

4. Click on the refer family and friends button and you with see your personal referral code.

5. Ask your referral to download the app and Register with your referral code. Note that the code you will use as the invitation/referral code during your own registration is 400051369

6. Tell them to verify their account by performing transaction and requesting for debit card as explained above.

7. Wait for 5days for your referrals to be verified and your account will be credited with N2000 per person. At this time, if you have referred 10 people so far, N20,000 will be sent to your SCB Account.

Some recent payment proofs are attached to this information.

how long does it take for BVN to be gotten?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: .... by comfokon: 12:16pm On Dec 23, 2020

God ll bring the one that is yours! i ve not heard from them yet. May God have mercy on us. #Fingers crossed.

Wow....I got a mail on the 17th of this month.

Stay safe and don't give up.

It actually was my first interview since I graduated in 2015 and cold feet took the better part of me, I have learnt a lot with that interview though and I'm grateful for the knowledge.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: .... by comfokon: 2:49pm On Dec 22, 2020

Have you heard from them yet? The silence is killing man. Mine is for sales.

did you get a mail from eterna?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: .... by comfokon: 12:55am On Dec 21, 2020

Have you heard from them yet? The silence is killing man. Mine is for sales.

I just checked my mail now and saw a regret mail from them....have they messaged you?

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Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 1:54am On Dec 16, 2020

This one shock me o. Make e be say na sarcasm sha. cheesy cheesy

Their view of respect is intimidation nothing else. If that younger brother is financially buoyant than her husband, you will see the way even they would be bowing for the junior wife.


Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 1:47am On Dec 16, 2020
Put anty or coin a pet name for her, respecting her equals respecting your elder bro, if I were her I will tell you to stop calling me by my name. Drop your ego

what is wrong with your name please, the school you graduated from, did you tell the far younger people not to call you by your name?

the firm you work that has a younger in age ahead of you, do you give them these your rules too?

abeg the world has gone beyond all these bullshit
Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 1:44am On Dec 16, 2020

Even if she is 10yrs younger than your present age, pls address her by either sister or Aunty before mentioning her name

She is already married that's enough respect for her, one day she will birth a child and you call her by her child's name

If you are living with them, do so, the house belongs to her and she knows best how to butt you out or allow you to stay with them

would you as a lady agree to address you elder brothers wife who is your age grade as aunt? say the truth.....

so if the house is a family house nko?


Family / Re: Pius Angbo: Channels TV Reacts To News Of Their Staff Who Beat Up His Wife by comfokon: 1:35am On Dec 16, 2020
See if a woman is showing yoy attitudes that you ain't bargain for, drop her asss and move on with your live. You only live once instead of turning your into an ANIMAL and beating the daylight out of her.

Have seen men sentence to 12month for domestic abuse, is it worth it? Ruining your life because of Marriage.

You are not only a DOG buh also lacked SELF-ESTEEM (you choose female moniker wen there is nothing Feminime in the way you type).

Yeye dey smell. TUEH!!

Oga I have better things to do than chase an empty argument with you, when you get married to a LovePeddler(because I'm sure you wouldn't miss out on one) you can keep these commandments of yours..

All I know is there are women I can't pray for my brothers or relations to get married to. Wait till you have kids from them, then you would see how easy you think divorce is.

na women dey know fellow women secret, na una type dem dey use do tissue.
Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 1:24am On Dec 16, 2020
The age difference between me and her is 4 and the age difference between me and my younger brother is 2. Hope I answered ur questions?

I think you're wrong in trying to coerce her into that, you have friends who are below that age and if you've worked in a coy, you would have people ahead of you who are also below you age.

Even the school you went to same thing.

Just saying, don't breed enmity out of nothing.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: .... by comfokon: 1:21am On Dec 16, 2020

Have you heard from them yet? The silence is killing man. Mine is for sales.

nothing ooooo. I hate all this no-feedback from Nigerian companies, I applied for a job with bolt Africa, they replied in less than a month and even forwarded tips on scaling through an interview.

It's just a Nigerian thing and it's disgusting. They told me during the interview that they would get back in less than 2weeks.
Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 2:28pm On Dec 15, 2020

It's not "overboard", it's called culture!

if the younger brother is financially over the elder, it is these same wives that would rush and attach title to the younger brother.


Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 2:26pm On Dec 15, 2020

See them clamouring for undue respect just because they are wives lipsrsealed

I'm Yoruba.
I'm the third of 4 boys.
My brothers wives are all younger than me.
Thus, I call them all by name - in fact, they are the ones calling me "Egbon".
The world hasn't ended because of that.

This is 2020 not 1683.

don't mind them, you now get to cases where the wives are just house wives and are looking for undue title, someone who is working in a big organisation and interacting with people from diverse background where these unnecessary subservient calls are not needed should come back home and start adding that for a house wife or someone he/she is far ahead of because he/she is married into your family. nonsense.


Family / Re: Is It Appropriate To Call My Elder Brother's Wife By Her Name. by comfokon: 2:22pm On Dec 15, 2020
Abeg stop calling her by her name. Since u re Yoruba, it's not a big deal to call her Iyawo naa. That's how my younger Brother's wife was calling me by my name until I politely but firmly called her to order. Please give Respect to whom it is due.

what is the age difference between you and her, and also your younger brother?

you brothers wife may be coming from a highly exposed background and forcing her on that can cause friction between you two.

I don't think it's a big deal if you both are close in age.

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