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Politics / Re: An Open Letter To Osinbajo By Dele Momodu by congorasta: 5:45pm On Mar 09
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Casts His Vote For Governorship/House Of Assembly Candidates by congorasta: 3:09pm On Mar 09
No more ota payroll again look at how he's looking lean grin

your Fathers and generations may not reach d level of his ℅\™\™®
Politics / Re: Remi Tinubu Says: 'Igbo, We No Dey Trust Una Again'. Nigerians React by congorasta: 10:51am On Mar 09
I don't blame her tho...

everyone has the right to vote who they want to vote in.
the truth is that other tribes living in Lagos have embraced yorubas and yorubas also embraced them back,APOLITICALLY...but ibos don't even want to align with yorubas, apolitically...yorubas have been enduring this condescending attitude towards them by ibos and yorubas can no longer endure it any longer.

Politically,other tribes in Lagos, especially the Edos and deltans are supporters of PDP in Lagos,but they chose to vote PDP without taunting yoruba APC fans....but ibos,who are doing otherwise


they don't need president

they are survivors

they are blessed

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Politics / Re: Remi Tinubu Says: 'Igbo, We No Dey Trust Una Again'. Nigerians React by congorasta: 10:47am On Mar 09
You cannot be living and have also prospered on someone's land and still go against what the Landlord/landlady wants!

We Yoruba's are so lenient and accommodating, if I may ask, can Igbos's call Kano 'no man's land' because it is also a business hub?

Just for the record, Oluremi Tinubu, Lagos belongs to us and not you and your husband. we true owners of Lagos say 'we still trust our Igbo neighbours'

Drabeey was Here

trust or no trust..

they ball hard, they are too rich


Politics / Re: El-rufai Arrives Polling Unit, Joins The Queue As He Votes (photos) by congorasta: 10:41am On Mar 09
He will make a good vice president to Osinbajo for 8 years after which El_rufai will be the president for 8 years with Fayemi of Ekiti his vice President . After 8 years Fayemi will enter with another northern vice president .

We will rotate the post of president and vice president between the best of the North and the best of Yoruba, let the chest beater continue to play opposition to the ruling government.

feed yourself and your family comfortably firstly.
Religion / Re: Little Girl Accused Of Witchcraft, Flogged Mercilessly During Deliverance (Pics) by congorasta: 7:35pm On Mar 07
Op I would advise you to to edit that rubbish h you wrote
.. That is not Celestial church don't be punishes for ur stewpidity

Your useless blog can be sue for defamation of character

cele is worst
Politics / Re: Don’t Intimidate Igbo Voters, Tinubu Warns Lagos NURTW Leaders by congorasta: 8:17am On Mar 06
I’m not too sure Tinubu has rested for just a day since the presidential election. He has been moving from Abuja, to Ibadan, to Ogun and Lagos. To be a political leader is not easy.

PDP supporters in Lagos, whether Yorubas or Igbos should come out and vote peacefully. Once Sanwo-Olu is declared the winner, they should accept the decision of the majority and not cause trouble. If they cause trouble, they will be dealt with. It’s as simple as that.

even if devil himself is d governor of Lagos and d president of Nigeria, igbos will be hustling and balling hard... bad economy is not in our dictionary
Politics / Re: Buhari Hosts Members Of APC Presidential Campaign Council To A Thank You Dinner by congorasta: 7:27pm On Mar 05
The winning team! am glad i freely supported the re-election of president buhari and i hold nobody any apology for that. "i am me, and you are you, do you while i do me".
Next level for a new nigeria, Assuming atiku win this election, i will have loose the hope i have for nigeria. the winning of PMB re-awaken the hope i have for better a nigeria.. sai baba till 2023, we are making it official come june 12!

you will eat these words of yours
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Yemi Osinbajo And El-Rufai (Photo) by congorasta: 11:23am On Mar 01

Tell me how many times an Igbo person became a President of Nigeria or Vice in 16 years of Pdp 's rule?

does it really matter,..

ask your self what have happened in the north terms of grow and economy, yet they produce presidents and ministers
Politics / Re: Buhari In Early Lead In Kwara; Wins In Eight Out Of Nine Lgas by congorasta: 5:51pm On Feb 24
Politics / Re: Underage Children Caught Voting In Yobe State - Pictures by congorasta: 2:24pm On Feb 23
[quote author=Aboki99 post=76031459]U see house wife and u call am underage? Northerners chose to dignify their women by marrying them than raping raping them in uncompleted buildings in Aba and Onitcha [/quote

just like your prophet.

Crime / Re: Nigerian Lady Accuses Friend Of Taking Her To Dubai For Prostitution by congorasta: 2:13pm On Feb 18

A vote for APC is a vote for continuity of our railway project.

It's a vote for judicious use of our little resources which has been drastically reduced due to global fall in the price of crude oil to international communities.

It could be likened to a market woman who sells 20 number of corns at a rate of 110 naira per each daily, however, the market leaders eventually reduced and controlled the price at 50 naira. The market woman is still expected to sell same 20 number of corns and nothing higher than this. Tell me if the woman's income would increase or decrease? However, if the woman had saved enough when the corn was still priced at 110 naira, she wouldn't be affected by the fall in sales price, pending the time sale price would increase.

That's the situation of Nigeria today. When crude oil which is our main source of foreign revenue was selling at $110 per barrel for more than 5 years under Jonathan, Jonathan didn't save but looted us dry instead. We're suffering from this effect today now that crude oil has been selling at a poverty rate of $50 per barrel for the past 4 years under Buhari yet Buhari administration has had so many projects undertaken by him despite earning 60% less.

If only people knew what other oil countries such as Angola and Venezuela are passing through during this global crude oil price recess, they would thank God Buhari came in rather than Jonathan who looted us dry despite oil boom when crude oil was selling at $110 per barrel for five years unlike the paltry $50 it has been selling under APC. If the looting Jonathan couldn't save during the time of plenty and was already borrowing, how would he have carried on during this crude oil price recess?

Despite Buhari administration earning 60% less yet he's come up with plenty projects such as

Our railways at itakpewarri, Lagos-ibadan, Lagos-Abeokuta, kaduna-abuja etc,

The production of low cost fertilizers,

Zik maoseleum

Baro inland port,

Kaduna inland dry port,

Port Harcourt airline terminal,

Abuja airline terminal,

Rice mills,

Foreign reserve increase from $26b to $43b,

Construction of our express highways such as enuguonitsha, Lagos-ibadan etc.

Social policy schemes such as tradermoni, npower etc

Payment of all pensions of airline staffs that were forced to retire after the shambolic privatisation by Atiku. PDP didn't pay them in the last 16 years.

And most especially, stabilizing us through this recession which happened because jonathan failed to save despite earning 60% more than Buhari coupled with the fall in the price of crude oil from $110 per barrel in 5 years under Jonathan to a paltry $50 per barrel under Buhari administration yet Buhari was able to keep us afloat while having many projects to his name thereby surprising Ngozi Iweala and Charles Soludo who predicted recession because jonathan looted and failed to save during the time of plentiful.

Sai Baba. PDP, Neva again

is too late
Celebrities / Re: Femi Branch Rants As Trucks Return To Lagos Bridges by congorasta: 6:42pm On Feb 13
why not put d code for d game,let's check for our selves.

poor scammers
Politics / Re: Northern Elders Endorse President Buhari by congorasta: 5:00pm On Feb 09
Education / Re: ASUU Strike: What Is The Resolution Of The ASUU Chapter In Your School? by congorasta: 10:29pm On Feb 05
Politics / Re: Port Harcourt Rivers Named After Lord Lewis Vernon Harcourt by congorasta: 8:20pm On Feb 05
Osu land

And why haven't we changed the name?

What rubbish!
grow up


Crime / Re: Two Men Drug And Rape Girl In Lekki, Arrested By Lagos State Police by congorasta: 8:18pm On Feb 05
Politics / Re: Buratai Orders Immediate Crackdown On IPOB Over Elections Disruption Threat by congorasta: 3:39pm On Feb 05
Absolutely correct The die was cast..kanu and his gang knew in their hearts that they had nothing to send against the federal side except the bodies of ibos. Flesh and flesh and flesh.The south Eastern stranglehold had taken by the federal government and any further move it would be at a terrible cost and extreme human suffering.The second child of Biafra died completely grin grin grin What suicide plot grin grin grin l laughed again grin grin grin

spewing rubbish like DJ Crank 16 bars
Politics / Re: Opinion:Nnamdi Kanu Is Right;Atiku’s Adamawa Was In Northern Cameroon- The Cable by congorasta: 1:48pm On Feb 05
Go and hang.
Anu mpama!
grow up
Politics / Re: Opinion:Nnamdi Kanu Is Right;Atiku’s Adamawa Was In Northern Cameroon- The Cable by congorasta: 8:31pm On Feb 04
Igbo.....Afara Ibeku.

grow up
Politics / Re: Opinion:Nnamdi Kanu Is Right;Atiku’s Adamawa Was In Northern Cameroon- The Cable by congorasta: 6:23am On Feb 04
This tribe that claims to know too much yet they know nothing because we are baffled how this little and mischievous character continued to brainwash a whole lot of them.

Many have been led to their early grave because of one small boy selling his wrapped thoughts to them and they fall for it.

Odumegwu Ojukwu did same thing to them when he led them to war unprepared. He told them that the grass and trees will rise and fight for them,they all agreed.....the reverse was the case, over 3 million men,women and children perished in his failed project.
The same man was granted amnesty by Shagari, contested to become President of the same country he led his people to perish untimely.

Make this tribe try get small sense na.....

This foolishness is too much abeg.


tell us your tribe
Politics / Re: 10 Dead Judges Among Newly Appointed Election Petition Tribunals’ Members by congorasta: 7:08am On Jan 28
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Leaves Israel For England. Photos by congorasta: 5:18pm On Jan 26

And who told u i haven't bro?

I left naija 7 years ago 4 study. Been to many countries in Europe, (including that London Nnamdi is opening teeth taking pictures), and America.

I think u need to see life bro


then go and collect back your sch fees.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Leaves Israel For England. Photos by congorasta: 2:51pm On Jan 26
Taking pictures while u left your vulnerable followers to die like chicken.

A leader indeed

u need to travel out and see life
Romance / Re: Lady Seen Beating Her Man After She Caught Him Talking To Another Lady by congorasta: 5:57pm On Jan 25
Atiku support groups lament lack of campaign materials and grants.

Me: Na Dollar they are after, awon omo rapala. ���

grow up
Celebrities / Re: Oliver Mtukudzi Is Dead. by congorasta: 6:49pm On Jan 23
he sang
Buhari must go
Celebrities / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem: 'Buhari Is Weak Mentally And Physically' by congorasta: 3:10pm On Jan 17
Idris no longer sings. Im talent don enter coffin since when he sang Nigeria jagajaga. He should be referred to as former musician.
People dont understand natural laws. The bible says those who love Jerusalem shall prosper. It is therefore safe to say "those who do not love Jerusalem will not prosper". If you doubt this logic, take Nnamdi Kanu as an example. Ever since he referred to Nigeria as a zoo, he has been running about like a vagabond.
Nigeria is our own Jerusalem, let us love her.

buhari is a ##$%%%
Politics / Re: CJN’s Trial: court restates order stopping CCT, AGF, others by congorasta: 1:18pm On Jan 17
Politics / Re: Army Scholar Preaches To Soldiers With Two AK-47 Rifles By His Side. Photos by congorasta: 5:11pm On Jan 13

grin grin grin
Do you guys know the meaning of fanatic at all? undecided
Bros no offense but una mumu no be small.



Politics / Re: Presidency Has No Hand In Petition Against Onnoghen – Aghanya by congorasta: 8:15am On Jan 13
The average Igbo is a crook by nature. They are fraudulent by default. I spit on their flat head. 4+4 is dole

of cos they are,,but the are living fine,

doing their business and earning large,

so grow up and mind your own business
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Nollywood: "Cunning Man Die, Cunning Man Bury Am!" - APC UK Mocks by congorasta: 10:06pm On Jan 04
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom Assembly Clerk, Cashier Arrested by congorasta: 8:20pm On Jan 04
this is d truth.

Buhari and APC issa curse .
do you know y IDP camp was bombed by d air force a year ago? of course you don't.

this is d fact .

if buhari win come next election,
then Somali and CAR will be a safe heaven compared to this country



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