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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 3:41pm On Jul 28

Before is better
Legalization is not as important as a visa,
He surely does not need to do a legalization unless it is need for admission, the €30 could be saved till he gets a date.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 5:22am On May 12
Also murderers and thieves.
They killed unarmed Ukrainian civilians and stole grains, washing machines, tractors, jewelry, and other equipment their wicked country would not provide.
All these paid adverts no go change the facts
But you know all this as a fact because somehow you are in the UN meeting �

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Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 11:06am On May 11

What are the percentage.

Compared to America?
Oya reason am country with the highest minimum wage Luxembourg compared to USA who get the highest immigration from naija, make we dey reason am before we talk we nigerian would take usa in a heart beat cause already learning a new language is not a problem
Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 11:00am On May 11

Forget about that war for a minute.

You mean to tell me that Nigerians in Nigeria are studying Russian as a college degree? What for?
People in unilag some of my friends study Chinese language
Russian language is one of the few language spoken by UN it is 6th most spoken in the world
The language is stronger than what we think
But it super hard
But people studying it in naija omo i dunno what triggered that

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Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 10:55am On May 11
Just shut the Bleep up poor man. You have never left the shores of Nigeria.

Russians are by far more accepting of blacks than the Western Europeans and Americans.

I've never been to Russia, but I was amazed at how free and accepting they are whenever I have a dealing with them in Europe
A wise man !

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Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 10:55am On May 11

Nigeria already looks like that apart from the natural snow effect...go to big places in Lagos. every country has it's posh and local places...

a white man visited Nigeria the other day and said Nigeria is a beautiful and very safe...that citizens are ungrateful for what we have...

.we all know where he visited
Nigeria is beautiful and very safe
Oya talk truth deep down you believe that grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 10:52am On May 11
misinformation bro, if you marry a Russian woman, u are sure of getting their citizenship within 5 years.
Even without that if u know the language perfectly and can pass the exam at B1 level you are on the verge of citizenship
Getting ur trc here is 3years of staying here
But like how we know nairaland turned a place where we misinform ourselves
Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 10:50am On May 11
More African student killed in Russia

And they wonder why foreign students don't want to go to Russia.
All these fabricated news
Na una make me believe say when i enter russia i would be shot on site as a black man
Yes no where is perfect but for here blacks are more of a celebrity than a fugitive as u guys design it and police never lock me to the ground with his knees like your lovely america


Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 10:48am On May 11

People keep making this same mistake. As much as I won’t like to pitch a tent with any European country because none has our best interest at heart speaking from historical perspective (Slavery and exploitation), I will like to show you a few things so you can know who the real devils are. Black people will naturally love to live in a country where such things as languages, weather conditions as well as cultures are relatively and considerably familiar. A black man who comes from an English-speaking African Country will naturally prefer to live in the USA while a Francophone African will naturally opt to live in France or Canada before thinking of living in Luxembourg despite the former being considered the richest country in the world (Emphasis on RICHEST). I think it’s that simple and logical. Also I will never think of living in Kuwait where they predominantly speak Arabic language just for the singular reason of having currency stronger than the USD. It doesn’t work that way, okay? You all claim that Russia is a racist country, I dare you to list a few instances of abuses against persons of different racial backgrounds (blacks or Indians) recorded in Russia and let’s compare to the ‘saintly west’. Tell me the African countries colonized and exploited by these ‘Devilish’ Russians. Don’t let these thieves blind you from seeing the truth. Know who the real enemies are. They control the media, they let you see what they want you to see because they have an unfair advantage of language.
God bless you
Every country have their bad sides
But even my russian friend tell me to stop seeing them as racist that racism is the USA work, russians are racist blah blah how may BLM (black live matters) movement happen there cause of killings by cops or random racist
Usa have all those bad headline but make us believe other countries are worst than them � do you know how there law system make sure black rot in jail

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Foreign Affairs / Re: What You Need To Know About Russia (Facts And Pictures) by Cypherhendrix(m): 10:35am On May 11

Calm down both Ukraine and Russia are both formal Soviet Union States.
Nigerian neither speak Russian or Ukraine.
But you see Blacks students in Ukraine more instead of Russia..
Why freedom..
Freedom is key..
Funny you say America is a shit hoe or slum,
You high bro, the biggest economy is a shit hoe...lol..hahahahahh.
No body get deported for reporting racisms in the USA..
Before the war ukraine would give u visa after u pay $1500 (visa assurance fee) even with legit admission make we dey calm down dey cap, ukraine is an easy route and study are not allowed to work it a very awful place but after the war many nigeria took their side and portray ukraine like a saint
Travel / Re: MMy Journey To Rwanda Kigali by Cypherhendrix(m): 1:59pm On May 03
When traveling to Rwanda what currency is advisable to travel with ?
Naira or dollar or the local Currency?
With the current look of things and exchange rate which is bettter
I would advice you to travel with dollars
That is more important
When you get to rwanda you would use momo money often and in that way you can always change your naira to rwf, but the best exchange rates remain using dollars to get RWF
Travel / Re: Not All Countries Are Suitable For Migration As A Nigerian by Cypherhendrix(m): 6:32am On May 02

Germany shithole? Nah God go punish you
You wey never even go Airport
All these broke mainland people sha
No need to curse that person
Nigerians are funny we quick to judge countries yet we are here in the jungle
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 6:30am On May 02

Good evening guys, I will like to be on the WhatsApp group, please add me. I’m having issues getting a visa appointment date. I really need all the help I can get
Hope your intake is october
Cause atm that is your best bet
And try to join the pool more than ones
The method of getting appointments is dicey that before, Good luck!


Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 6:29am On May 02
Please guys I have a question and I really need answers
For number 8 &10 what documents to use...
For som1 dar was last year intake October This person was denied for number 8&10 what are the necessary documents the person needs to submit
Appealing for number 10 denial is a myth and the success rate is so low to zero
But for number 8 it has to do with conflicts in documentation and maybe personal mistakes it could be anything from accommodation to flight itinerary to visa form it could even be school documents fault hence why before submission do yourself a favor and let expert help u check your documents.
Travel / Re: MMy Journey To Rwanda Kigali by Cypherhendrix(m): 7:42am On May 01
Are you currently in Rwanda?
Did dey request for return ticket upon arrival? Which one is application receipt?

Not anymore
And yes they did but i had a business in rwanda that does not require a return ticket but trust me the airline in nigeria would frustrate you for that
Travel / Re: MMy Journey To Rwanda Kigali by Cypherhendrix(m): 11:31pm On Apr 05

Please what are the necessary requirements if one is coming through student route, admission is already secured.
Kindly respond

When i was coming to rwanda
I bought one way ticket and all i had to show them was my admission letter and application receipt (mind you took some while to convince them) but do well to take along police character/certificate
Good luck

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Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 3:58pm On Apr 04

At the bolded, Is only in Nigeria that citizens prefer to pray rather to than take actions against government failures to get common basic amenities while governments capitalized on our weakness to continue their wickedness. Now the citizens that will fight for change are tired of prayers but prefer to Japa to another country .
Secondly, If you said they Japa for security purposes and not for money why are they still committing crime abroad rather than to remain there for daily bread and security as you claim. Average Nigerians are not sincere and they carry this mentality to abroad.
Brother crime is anywhere
Even we ourselves underrate ourselves alot
A fellow nigerian is a wicked person to his fellow countryman (truth be told it is our fault)
You want nigerian to fight the government what happen to victims of lekki massacre, we are fighting a remorseless government yet we think a protest or a mini fight would solve anything any one who commit crime here would do that in disapora let not make that a bone of contention we are deflecting from the fact that nigeria is close to unliveable for it citizen that so unfair.
Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 6:53am On Apr 04

I am not even referring to OP but my point is that most Nairalander who are Japa syndrome have never cross any broader yet they will tell you how you will make it abroad than Nigeria with serious condemnation of their fatherland in totality, this make me wonder if people pick money in the street of London, US or Europe etc . This kind of comment is what put most gullible Nigeria youths into desperate journey. If successfully get abroad the reality will done on them that is not as imagine. most Nigerians who commits crime abroad do that with the mentality j must make it abroad. The truth is that you can only enjoy basic aminities abroad we don't have here in Nigeria than to become a millionaire, how many of thses white people are millionaires, they are not even interested in acquiring wealth like us that's why they are not involve in financial crime.
Note i knew that currently Nigeria is not working as expected but i dont believe is the worst country in the world as most Nairalander term it to be for their reason of Japa.
My advise Is important to do your research very well , equip yourself with current thread and Japa in a proper way.
Yes myself im against went someone japa and the person starts pulling nigeria down it not cool, but like i said nigeria this days deserves all the criticism it getting, you said basic amenities is the only thing in europe do you know how much of disadvantage we are in nigeria when we have to pray to have normal things if only we can channel this same energy to making it better, honestly at this moment people are moving away for life insurance and survival unlike before when it for money even some for experiencing snow that how petty some nigerians was then.
Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 9:49am On Apr 03

I don’t have issues with Japa people my problem is this !! If you want to Japa
1. quietly do that without condemning nigeria in totality .
2. stop trying to drag people to follow you blindly to unknown journey.
3. Don’t go abroad where your future is to disgrace Nigeria with illegal activities.
4. When you Disowned Nigeria on your Japa mission, do not answer a Nigerian when you commit crime abroad. E get why
You made a good point yes
Honestly atm anyone who claim to be a nigerian in disapora is even finding it harder our predecessors have done lot of negativities, but im not sure he’s (op) is enforcing he’s just talking about his movement even tho he is not detailed bout it and he give some misinformation (toward racism) not sure he trying to tell people it russia or nothing.
Honestly if we are to be honest if we go to eastern africa country like rwanda there’s no how you wont condemn nigeria, the system is too decay that even you would unconsciously speak ill of the misgovernment we are suffering
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 9:44am On Apr 03
If possible, we should start considering other options , since it doesn’t look like this appointment date draws will get better, I have been waiting since last year OCTOBER , can’t make plans just here waiting, I have requested for a refund from the university, cause I am tired of deferring my admission. It is really frustrating…
Appoint is actually worst than before any new developments seems to be harder than before

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Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 4:06pm On Mar 30

Run for future you said ? Your future is in a country where the youths of their time developed and did not abandone it during the hard time and runaway to another country . Nigeria youths wake up una mumu done do
Una think say being a patriotic nigerian make you a better person, sometimes people sound very foolish supporting their nation and yes that is what nigeria have become and for people who think japa is all about going to abroad to make money hope your life is assured in nigeria


Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 3:20pm On Mar 28
Hello guys pls I need your help. I already filled my application but I misspelled the name of the school
“University of Economics “ instead of University of Economy. Will this affect me, what should I do pls help
You can always fill a corrected form
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 1:29pm On Mar 26

Ah I see, that is quite relieving to hear that I wont be told to provide any other special documents. I was actually prepared to include my mothers bank account statement just to prove that I sort-of have a local sponsor, even though bank account statements aren't really accepted as POFs. And yes, I will indeed be notarizing the sponsorship letter. Hopefully from the best law firm or high court I can find.

Once again, thank you so much Cypherhendrix. You are quite literally a life saver in how much stress and confusion you've saved me from. Hope you have a great weekend smiley
How time flies

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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 1:26pm On Mar 26

Hello there!

Please who is studying in this school or (Wszia Opole) or traveling there.

Higher School of Management and Administration in Opole
School of Management and Administration, Opole
wszia Opole.

I need assistance. Thanks �
I use to be an aspirant what do you need
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 1:22pm On Mar 26

Hey man! I successfully received my visa. The info and advice you gave me, especially with the foreign sponsor notarization stuff, really helped me out with the visa application so I'm deeply thankful for your help. I don't know how to express my gratitude online in a stronger way, so please accept my sincerest thank yous.
You are welcome bro
Check your mail

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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 1:21pm On Mar 26
[quote author=Ykhgu1 post=111317831][/quote]
Wow you are welcome
Check your email

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Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 3:53pm On Mar 25

There is no sanctions without solution, stop consuming NATO news. Read neutral news outlets, you will get the truth.

The fact that they banned news outlets in Russia from their own controlled environment should tell you something if you're discerning enough.

Do you know how many countries ready to deal with Russia on rubles and btc?

Do you know that alot of countries (NATO countries) still trade with Russia?

Do you know btc is now a legal tender in Russia?

I am not here to prolong fruitless discussion though. Just believe what you want.
Just the kinda comment i was looking for
Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 3:36pm On Mar 25

Malcom of Brazil got signed to Zenit and was almost out of the 4 days after being signed because fans of the protested: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/world/zenit-st-petersburg-malcom-signing-barcelona-banner-protest-a9039761.html?amp

When Osazie Odemwingie left Locomotive Moscow, fans of the club thanked West Brom for signing him and put up his banner with a picture of banana. The same Osazie, like Ahmed Musa said racism was exaggerated.

Legendary Roberto Carlos was taunted with a banana in 2011 but the police failed to arrest the Russian who taunted him because "he committed no crime".

I am sure you remember Bryan Idowu, the Nigerian footballer with a Russian parent. He suffered racism almost every where he turned.

Danny Rose, Valbuena, Frimpong, Yaya Toure all got served some decent amount of racism in Russia : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.okayafrica.com/amp/russia-world-cup-racism-black-players-2577482879.

I do not consider 'sesedes' (just arrived) experts on matters in a new terrain. Just because you get Russians to do YouTube videos with you doesn't mean it is not a thing. There will always be exceptions but racism in Russia is unrivalled in Eastern Europe.

PS: The image below was when Osazie left Russia to West Brom and those are home fans.
I understand how it could be yes every country have an atom of racism but let us tell ourselves this no country have a history of treating peoples of colour badly than america from slavery to lynching and burning and the BLM movement but they(western media) would let us the russia are the people with the biggest racism problems and i want us to know this even in african country they are segregations if you are not one of them!.
Travel / Re: My Japa Relocation To Moscow Russia by Cypherhendrix(m): 3:30pm On Mar 25

After authentication in MOE & MOFA
you would legalize your documents in russian embassy its 17k plus

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Travel / Re: MMy Journey To Rwanda Kigali by Cypherhendrix(m): 4:51pm On Mar 03

Kibagabaga. Immediately after the genocide memorial site
Close to gisozi nice
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by Cypherhendrix(m): 4:45pm On Mar 03

Hi pls I'm asking for clarification... Anyone with idea can help also. A friend applied for Masters in Jagiellonian University, now she needs to pay application fee but can't use her naira acct. Please any suggestions as to go about it?.

Sorry im just seeing this
Tell the person to find someone in poland to help with the payment and you would pay or transfer the naira equivalent

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