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Politics / Re: Peter Mrakpor Divorces Wife, Joan Onyeamachi Over 2023 Governorship Ambition by DAVECENA(m): 7:48pm On Aug 11

The woman is mannerless.
Earlier this year,you need to see how she was disgracing her husband in the church(Mountain of fire)in the presence of everybody.shes really power drunk.

You need to see them in the mornings, they often look like an enviable pair... Can't recall when that happened but she looks so harmless on a Sunday morning with her convoy lol

But if she really did that, that's damn unbelievable!
Crime / Does The IG Need A Signed Executive Order Before Disbanding SARS? by DAVECENA(m): 5:04pm On Oct 11, 2020
Good day Nairalanders, Does the IG need a Judicial inquiry or Signed Executive order before disbanding the squad?

It's been causing a little bit of rancour in my area and i wanted to clear the air...

What do you think?
Romance / Re: Ladies Miseducation- Decline Sex by DAVECENA(m): 9:18pm On Oct 05, 2020
Yes o, the best way to get a guy mumu button is closing your leg while putting him on suspense. They will even spend on what they can never taste grin
#alphafemale grin

MayB na simps u don dey jam dey come..Body go tell u if u meet a redpiller.

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Education / Re: Share Your First Day In Lecture Hall Experience by DAVECENA(m): 5:33pm On Oct 05, 2020
On my first day we had GST101 at about 8AM. I woke up around 4AM, prepared and got to school 6AM.

I initially thought I would be the first to get there but I was surprised by the numbers of students that were already seated. After taking my seat a certain man from the street whom everyone of us thought was a lecturer, came to sell his books titled "English and Englishes." grin

After successfully convincing us that one could be sent out of the university for not passing English, everybody in the hall bought the book with fear. grin
I bought the book with the last card I had on my wallet thinking it was my textbook for the semester. Little did I know that the man is well known for scamming freshers. He smiled cheerfully, counted and made away with thousands of naira under the watchful eyes of everyone in the hall. shocked

The useless book was less than 15 pages containing trash upon trash. I had to throw it in the nearest trash can. angry

hahahaha man be looking like almajiri...Ekpoma breed right?


Politics / Re: Wike & Amaechi Exchange Words At The Burial Of Adolphus Karibi -Whyte by DAVECENA(m): 5:43am On Sep 28, 2020
e clear sey amaechi still dey vex over wetin wike do 4 last rivers election come dislodge am 4 him state......

Nyerishi too dey try follow am up 4 gangster style buh las las amaechi no suppose use dis platform take yarn okpata na.

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Politics / Wike & Amaechi Exchange Words At The Burial Of Adolphus Karibi -Whyte by DAVECENA(m): 5:43am On Sep 28, 2020
Rivers State Governor , Nyesom Wike, and his predecessor, Rotimi Amaechi, on Saturday engaged in a verbal fight at the burial of a former Justice of the Supreme Court , Adolphus Karibi -Whyte, in the Abonnema, Akuku - Toru Local Government Area of the state .

Amaechi, who is the Minister of Transportation , while speaking at the funeral service , lamented what he term the rising insecurity and political intimidation in the state , saying the state was back to the time of Ateke Tom , a former militant leader , who is now the traditional head of Okochiri town in Okrika LGA of the state .

“ You have lost your voice . The sage ( the late justice ) has gone under and nobody is speaking . When I was governor , I gave people voices , but they have blocked those voices .

“Everyone is scared . We are going back to when Ateke held sway . We are going back to the period where we run away from our people . We are back to a period when nobody could speak . But from next year , I will begin to speak , if nobody wants to speak .
“We are all here because we need to bury a man God has blessed . I have stopped travelling because of bad weather, but I told myself I must be here because of Justice Whyte.

“If you knew Justice ( Karibi -Whyte) very well, you will know I was close to him . I was one of the few people he mentored, ” Amaechi stated .
Wike on his part described the late Karibi -Whyte as an epitome of unshakable integrity , civility and dignity, but noted that comments credited to Amaechi were embarrassing.

Responding to Amaechi, Wike who was represented by his Chief of Staff , Chief Emeka Woke , said the minister had lost touch with developments in the state , adding that since the launching of Operation Sting by his administration , the security situation had improved greatly.

Wike said , “It is unfortunate for Amaechi to come to Kalabari land and accuse former President Goodluck Jonathan of not developing the area six years after he had left office .

“ I wonder why the former governor will choose to make such embarrassing remarks at the funeral of late Justice Karibi - Whyte, a man he ( Amaechi) claimed to be his mentor .”


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Romance / Re: Guys That Plays Betnija by DAVECENA(m): 11:47am On Sep 24, 2020
For where?She wan collect the #5k and runaway.I noticed it from her behaviour.We went out to a bar,a little bit far, from her house and she was just agitated over the money..She told me she want to start going home after we sat for 15mins.So when she was seeing me off to enter a bus she asked for the money.So I told her to send her bank account that I would transfer the money into her bank account.She was calling me after sending the account number the next day.I didn't answer her call.

you're a real nigga brah
Education / Re: What Took You To The Principal's Office In Secondary School? by DAVECENA(m): 4:10pm On Sep 06, 2020
I was invited to the principal's office after I emerged third in our local government in an essay competition. He took me personally to the state finals in Saint Patrick's college, Asaba in his Mercedes Benz V Boot. I was petite and young smiley

lol nice one..What sch is that??
Politics / Re: How Will The New Petrol Price & Electricity Tariff Hike By FG Affect You? by DAVECENA(m): 12:14am On Sep 04, 2020
This shit hole is breaking up slowly but steadily... I laugh at anyone who feels there hope for this country... There is more hope for Afghanistan than Nigeria....

Everyone knows we're rich in every single thing except human development..

So lol everyone is just waiting for it to break so that they can Scramble for it... China being wise is making investments already... You wont see trains in the south, but you will see them were the Chinese feel there will be a lot of confusion after the break hence pretending to put everything back on will quench the confusion and turn the people to slaves....

The only people I pity are the middle beltans because the little christianity left there will be quenched should a break occur...because as the maps say there are in the middle belt but are still part of the north......

The yoruba's are like wolfs very intelligent and very hard working,but the dog part of a wolf has made him loyal to the bird just because it has wings... The bird eats up everything the wolf helps catch and remains just enough to keep the wolf loyal... But imagine a pack of wolfs ruled by wolfs .

The ibgos..are elephants very powerful and majestic and can make it we're everyone else can't.., but when it comes to putting forces together everyone starts remembering which elephant lives in the jungle, or which lives in the plains or which lives in the Savannah.. they too have become loyal to the bird not because it has wings but because each group of elephants have sent envoys without the knowledge of each other to the bird who tells each of them the same thing and that is "you are greater than your brother" a lie they believe.

The Niger deltans.. are a group of bees living together in a colony providing honey to the bird who promises not to eat them provided they shut up and keep producing honey.. even when the the bird is also spoiling their comb by taking more than honey.. they don't complain because when they do the bird eats few of them and no other bee wants to be eaten so a swarm of bees who are a million more plentier and stronger shuts up...the queen bees prefer to be submissive even when they are a greater foe.....

Whose the bird, I'll leave you to answer..

Here's to who we are!!

Bunch of hypocritical cowards...

But not for long fellas..

Quote me let's build a force stronger than what mere protesters would. ..

Am 21 but....each time I close my eyes I picture my grandkids asking me.. "what did your generation do to help"... I don't think I'll have an answer for that..

Wisdom bruh... So do you have a platform or what?
Romance / Re: What Is The Fastest Way To Recieve Money From USA by DAVECENA(m): 4:13am On Sep 03, 2020
[quote author=FantomGreenz post=92958830]My friend wants to send some money to me from the United States but I don't have a domiciliary account.

So, please what how can I receive the money through Western Union. I could use really use like, a brief procedure.

Abeg make una help a brother before this guy change him mind. Thanks.[/quote

Bruh, don't ask him to download any phony app or give anybody your details to pick it for you.. you gotta beware of scammers.

On the contrary, ensure you have a Valid ID and ask him to utilize western union or money gram. When he's done he'll give you the payment details then you'll work to your bank and pick it up. Make sure the name on your valid National ID matches the name he'll send it too..
Romance / Re: .. by DAVECENA(m): 1:10am On Sep 03, 2020
Oga, get postpill and thank my later. It's not more than N700. I have done this thing so many times nah, postpill did the work. I don't shake anymore

Does it work even after 24-48hrs of intercourse
Romance / Re: Please Help. How Can I Stop Been A Simp? by DAVECENA(m): 1:07am On Sep 03, 2020
Hello NLders, after reading this thread https://www.nairaland.com/5910696/how-eradicate-all-simps-society I have a strong reason to think I’m a simp. Please help, I don’t want to be a simp anymore. It’s really draining the life outta me.

It all started when I met this girl during the lockdown. I asked her for her number and so we started chatting on WhatsApp. Fast forward to a few days, she asked me for help and given I’m a cheerful giver and I really want to date a girl desperately, I sent her the 3000 she asked. Two weeks later, I asked her out, took her on a date. We had dinner together and told her my intentions. How ever she said she was gonna think about it. Ever since then she comes to my place with her friends and they eat all sort of things, empty drinks from my fridge, grill the chicken I keep in my fridge. Hosting them a week cost me close to 40k and that’s when I’m hosting at my place. So I told her why is she doing this to me with tears in my eyes although we were alone. I asked her why hasn’t she made up her mind yet and that I love her. She asked for more time. 3 days later. She finally agreed but I must first take her for shopping. We did all that. I got her things. Now since July, I’ve been begging her for sex but she keeps telling me it’s not her thing however I see WhatsApp notifications from her phone where guys ask her to come over and most of these guys name are saved with love emoji. She doesn’t take most calls when she’s around and she flare up when I try having a conversation about it with her. It’s like I have to plead for everything. I think I’m a simp.

I really don't know what to say right now but as for the girls, i would have told you how to pay them back in their own coin but you won't do it.. you're just too simpful and calm.
On the contrary, learn to grow some balls bruh.
Romance / Re: Please Help. How Can I Stop Been A Simp? by DAVECENA(m): 1:03am On Sep 03, 2020

Love is a two-way connection. If you only feel love from her when you spend then you should know that your relationship is on “pay as you go” tariff plan.

There should always be a separate compartment in your heart for spending. Don’t lump it up with the part of your heart that loves. Reward her if she deserves it but never you indulge her. You must guard your heart cos these ladies are, by default, not nice to gentlemen who are generous.

Always let her know you have expectations. She herself has expectations which include shopping, gifts and dates. Lookout for yourself FIRST. When you feel the pressure to spend on her, divert that money to yourself. Invest in yourself.

Don’t be afraid to be called stingy. That term is often used by stingy people who are unhappy that they cannot take advantage of you. If she calls you stingy and she herself has not spent a dime on you, wear the label with pride. Apologise to her then disappoint her again.

Relationship is give and TAKE. If she’s the only one taking them there is a problem.

Wisdom!!!! Bless up bruh


Travel / Re: If You Are Given The Oppurtunity To Travel Abroad Where Would You Go? by DAVECENA(m): 6:06pm On Aug 12, 2020
South Korea. E get why
lol enlighten a brother
Romance / Re: I Asked This Yoruba Man, Where His From by DAVECENA(m): 11:05am On Aug 02, 2020

He is my new housemate

Ohk then, just tread with caution and if his demeanor implies so, avoid asking him questions which may be too personal and keep the convo simple.
Romance / Re: I Asked This Yoruba Man, Where His From by DAVECENA(m): 6:33pm On Aug 01, 2020

He felt, I am acting inappropriate questions at the wrong time

I seriously need to work on my communication skills

Your story is incomplete.. What brought you two together and what warranted the question?
TV/Movies / Re: Wathoni Kisses Kiddwaya During BBNaija Truth Or Dare Game by DAVECENA(m): 9:03am On Jul 27, 2020
This Kiddwaya will knack plenty of the babes for this house oo. I just hope he has mind like TeddyA. Smash smash smash.

Very useless show. Instead of spending time watching this show, it is better to do online dating. I am not supporting bad thing oo. But online dating is a better use of one's time. See that small girl, Adeherself, she does online dating using dating sites like Bit Mitstress. When they arrested her, they saw N9m in her accomplice account. If you spend time doing online dating for 3 months, something must fall out.

Why do I have this feeling that this Bit Mistress you're always laying emphasis on was created by you? Before it was a friend that bought a Lexus now N9M in another person's account?
Education / Re: Ambrose Alli University Launches Solar Powered Have Washing Machine by DAVECENA(m): 10:05am On Jul 26, 2020
[quote author=DAVECENA post=92119063][/quote]
Education / Re: Ambrose Alli University Launches Solar Powered Have Washing Machine by DAVECENA(m): 10:05am On Jul 26, 2020
Ambrose Alli University yesterday launched a Solar powered Hand Washing Machine with consist of a temperature sensor and a host of other Covid-19 related mechanisms.

After the launch,The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Ignatius Onimawo commended the Faculty of Engineering for this ingenious project and assured them of his continuous support for subsequent projects aimed at bridging the technological gap in Nigeria.
Education / Ambrose Alli University Launches Solar Powered Have Washing Machine by DAVECENA(m): 10:02am On Jul 26, 2020
Ambrose Alli University yesterday launched a Solar powered Hand Washing Machine with consist of a temperature sensor and a host of other Covid-19 related mechanisms.

After the launch,The Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Ignatius Onimawo commended the Faculty of Engineering for this ingenious project and assured them of his continuous support for subsequent projects aimed at bridging the technological gap in Nigeria.
Romance / Re: Romance by DAVECENA(m): 7:25pm On Jul 13, 2020
It's funny how they show love to you but they don't love you

Wetin occur bros?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Redpillers Online Group by DAVECENA(m): 7:14pm On Jul 13, 2020
Sports / Re: I Saw Kobe Bryant’s Death .. Now I’m Freaked Out by DAVECENA(m): 10:35pm On Jan 26, 2020
Na wa oooo...naso me too 4 see sey a footballer Wen get O 4 him name die throway...las las e fit b any footballer for any division club around the world and boom!...I don see vision....Oga TB Joshua of our time I hail ooooo..abeg give me 2 sure odds..
Education / Re: Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, In Pictures by DAVECENA(m): 10:44pm On Jan 23, 2020
Really don't know what to say....but am so happy my school is wearing a new look...just cant describe how it was in my time(left 2006)...but kind of wonder if it still same fun there....and how about my faculty (Engineering)....no upgrade?

Lolz...It's still fun here and Engineering has a new structure near completion about a Kilometre from law... At the moment, we're still in the old structure.
Education / Re: Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, In Pictures by DAVECENA(m): 10:34pm On Jan 23, 2020
I rep AAU 04....OP please add faulty of Engineering...I miss that faculty and this post just made my evening.

04?? It's been a long while!
Well,a new structure which is been constructed will be completed before the end of the first quarter... Although at the moment, we're still in the old structure..
Education / Faculty of Life Science Graduates Of AAU dress like Marlians by DAVECENA(m): 3:09am On Nov 20, 2019
Students of Ambrose Alli University from the faculty of Life sciences were adorned in the trending "Marlians" Apparel in celebration of their graduation...

What do you think

Education / Engineering Students Of Ambrose Alli University Rock Arab Apparel For Graduation by DAVECENA(m): 4:44pm On Nov 17, 2019
Electrical Engineering Students of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma were seen rocking Arab apparels in celebration of their graduation..

What do you think about it? Hit or Miss?


Politics / Re: Ganduje Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Law Court, Says Buhari by DAVECENA(m): 8:55pm On Jan 31, 2019
Politics / Ganduje Presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty In A Law Court, Says Buhari by DAVECENA(m): 8:54pm On Jan 31, 2019
President Muhammadu Buhari has responded to claims that he is shielding Abdullahi Ganduje, Governor of Kano State, from prosecution.

Ganduje was caught on camera pocketing wads of dollars, which appeared to be kickbacks from a contractor.

Although the Governor has claimed the videos were doctored, Jafar Jafar, publisher of Daily Nigerian, who shared the videos in public domain, insisted the videos were real.

Jafar was invited to face an investigative panel set up by the Kano State House of Assembly, but no major action has been taken against the Governor on the matter.

Similarly, when he appeared on ‘The Candidates’, a presidential town hall programme for politicians broadcast on live television, Buhari expressed doubt about the authenticity of the videos but stated that the law would take its course.

However, on Thursday, the presidential campaign rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) berthed in Kano and Buhari was welcomed to the state by Ganduje, as well as thousands of party faithful. Buhari also endorsed Ganduje for reelection as governor of the state.

Responding to the reports that the corruption allegation levelled against Ganduje had watered down the President’s claim that he is fighting corruption impartially, a statement by Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President (Media and Publicity), issued on Thursday, restated Buhari’s commitment to the fight against corruption.

The statement read: “President Muhammadu Buhari has dismissed claims that his association with Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano has diminished his commitment to the war against corruption.

“The Presidency in a statement Thursday said that there is a difference between perception and reality. According to the statement, which followed comments after the proclamation by President Buhari of Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje as the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, at a rally in Kano, the presidency cited a number of high-profile prosecution of senior government officials that a former Secretary to the Government and a former state governor who is a party member and now serving term in jail as indications of will and determination to wage the anti-corruption war without fear or favour.

“It also added that the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Prof. Usman Yusuf, is currently on administrative leave as part of President Buhari's commitment to transparency and accountability.

“The statement explained that despite some of the suspects being close to the President, he had not shielded them from investigation, administrative suspensions and prosecution.

“The Presidency added that it is sheer mischief to suggest that President Buhari is shielding anybody because of their closeness to him, explaining that no official under this administration would go unpunished once they break the law.”

On the allegations of corruption against the Governor, the statement added: “On the specific issue of Governor Ganduje of Kano State, the statement noted that Dr. Ganduje, as a sitting Governor, enjoys immunity from prosecution in his own right. Furthermore, under Nigerian laws, a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

“In the circumstances, the matter is in court and the President has no power to dictate to the court or the Kano State House of Assembly, which is already investigating the matter, about what to do with the allegations against Ganduje.

“The Presidency added that it is unfair to ignore the larger picture of the President's major successes in the war against corruption, including blocking leakages of corruption, which in turn, boosted government revenues.

“The statement challenged President Buhari's critics to prove that those facing corruption allegations are innocent, adding that the President's zero tolerance for corruption has boosted and remarkably improved
Nigeria's image in the eyes of world leaders.”


Politics / Re: Hon.patrick Obahiagbon Spotted Eating Bread And Mirinda by DAVECENA(m): 11:35pm On Nov 03, 2018

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