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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Deadlytruth(m): 8:09pm On Aug 09
Usually once I send mail to any registrar twice without any response, I copy sec@sec.gov.ng and I get fast response.

Thanks for the advice. I will try your method tomorrow morning.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Deadlytruth(m): 11:50am On Aug 08

If you have a stockbroker go through your stockbroker to get across to Africa Prudential Registrars.Also followup on your stockbroker to get response from the registrar. Most times these registrars don't respond to direct mails from stock owners

The concerned stockbroker has been on indefinite suspension by SEC since 2015.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Deadlytruth(m): 11:38am On Aug 08

Keep emailing them.
They will eventually reply.
Okay. Thanks.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by Deadlytruth(m): 10:32am On Aug 08
Please who has any functioning phone number of any staff of Africa Prudential Registrars? I have tried all the lines displayed on their website and none of them is going. No reply to emails, and unfortunately I am currently out of Lagos and therefore can't visit their office physically. Please help. Thanks.
Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 7:28am On Jul 22

There’s no skewed defense.

I was specific in saying “defection from PDP to APC”. I didn’t stop my statement at “defection from PDP”.

Again, that I included Oshiomole in the list of those who defected from PDP and are struggling to win elections does not translate to the fact he carried out the two actions.

So, for Oshiomole, he’s just struggling to win elections since the formation of APC while people like Akpabio and Amaechi started struggling since they joined APC from PDP.

Clear now?
The bolded clearly proves that you neither read Philosophy as a major nor offered Philosophy and Logic as an elective course in your tertiary institution days otherwise you should have known that a lie mixed with truth within a conjunction statement renders the entire statement false. It is the same reason why you have in Mathematics that the product of negative and positive is negative: + x - = -

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Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 7:23am On Jul 22

You must think I’m jobless that I see every topic and comments on Nairaland.

And even if I were, you expect me to go about correcting the world?
And how are you sure I never corrected those people (even though I’ve never seen anyone making that argument) and you didn’t see it? Or do you see every comment on Nairaland?
Per the bolded; but you could quickly try to "correct" others here by sustaining your faulty arguement that Oshiomhole was once a PDP member. Funny!
You can't claim not to have seen such threads just the way you saw this one.

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Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 3:04am On Jul 21

Oga, I am not those people you are talking about. Just like their opinion has no consequence to the configuration of Nigeria.

So, I ask again, is Edo in Southsouth or not?
. Funny enough when such people you claim not to be one of were busy peddling that narrative you were very much present on nairaland but you couldn't one day tell them that their opinion had no consequence on Nigeria's configuration. Who is deceiving who?

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Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 3:01am On Jul 21

APC was formed in 2013, so take out the elections he won in 2007 and 2012 from your calculation.

The only election he won since he joined APC is that of installation of Obaseki. After that, none.

Arguing that he won National election in 2019 is gibberish because I’m talking about the election they won in their region.

If you bring the argument of Oshiomole winning national election in 2019, then it equally means Andy Uba has won an election too.

You see how senseless that argument is?
The main thrust of the arguement is you claim that Oshiomhole never won any election after he defected from the PDP, then I asked you when was he ever a member of PDP. I went further citing examples of elections he won and asked whether he was in PDP when he won them. Now you have twisted it to him winning them in AC, ACN, as if AC and ACN were same as PDP. Don't you see how skewed your defense is?

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Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 10:28am On Jul 20


How many elections has Amaechi won since he joined APC?

Tell me.

And how many elections has Oshiomole won?

Oshiomhole won in 2007, 2012, 2016 at state level and won in 2019 at national level. Right now he is obviously the candidate to beat for the Edo North Senatorial seat. Now I ask you to list the election ls he has lost since he entered politics in 2006. I am waiting for your response.

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Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 10:24am On Jul 20

If Edo is not in Southsouth, what region is it in?
I hope you are not pretending not to have seen at least one of the countless threads here in which your fellow Igbo monickers have in the past seven years been arguing that Edos are Yorubas and are therefore not supposed to be part of the SS but just included there to make up the statutory six states required to form a complete region? In some instances they even argue that Edo is more of North Central all because of the resentment they had towards the state for the 'crime' of not voting 90% for Jonathan in the 2015 election in addition to voting the PDP out of the state in the 2007 election and sustaining it in all subsequent guber election thereafter. If you want links to those threads, I will gladly furnish you with them and ask you again when Edo became part of the SS all of a sudden to them again.

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Politics / Re: Yari Meets Wike Behind Closed Door. by Deadlytruth(m): 2:38am On Jul 20

But trust me he’s not going to APC either.

Wike knows that defection to APC is political suicide in Rivers.

So also working for Tinubu.

Look at all the idiots who defected from PDP to APC in Southeast and Southsouth, only few have been able to win elections ever since. Others have been struggling.

From Amaechi to Akpabio to Andy Uba to [/b]Oshiomole,[b] etc.

Defecting to APC now is tantamount to suicide except Wike has Bible quotations he’d use to convince his pastor that Christians should vote for a Muslim Muslim ticket.

The two options available to Wike now are swallow his pride and work for Atiku


Come down from his high horse and work with Peter Obi which is where most Rivers people stand.

In which of your dreams did Oshiomhole ever defect from PDP? And since when did Edo State become part of the South-South again to your likes?

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Politics / Re: After What I Saw Today, Peter Obi Should Not Border To Campaign In Edo - Obinyan by Deadlytruth(m): 9:03am On Jul 06

I live in Edo state and I can tell you that, they are one of the most well coordinated set of people when it comes to politics. Once they are in for you they are in! No double face! They are very serious when it comes to voting. Any matters at all the majority of people always applies Morality to their handling of things! They're over serious set of people! Anything that gets to Edo state they take it to the head! , Name it, na Yahoo, na Ashawo, na Japa, na dem be d pioneers of Japa. Anything at all they are always dedicated to it.

The same Edo that was continuously insulted, called all manner of unprintable names, described as the headquarters of witchcraft, labelled as the betrayers of the SS, called the leprous finger of the Niger Delta, etc in the past seven years just because PDP wasn't winning the state overwhelmingly in the 2015 and 2019 presidential election. The same Edo State has all of a sudden become a role model with all these flattering still amidst slurs as the bolded. I only pity any Edo State person who will fall for this flattery from those who have been seeing us as their enemies in the past seven years but now suddenly 'loving' us and singing our praises because of the support some few former Edo PDP members seem to be singing for Peter Obi in pursuits of spiting their hitherto beloved PDP for throwing her ticket open for a Fulani man to clinch just when another Fulani man is about to complete eight years. Let Peter Obi end up losing and see Edo come under their usual venom of betrayal accusation once more for another eight years.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki's Plans To Dump PDP For Labour Party Thickens by Deadlytruth(m): 9:32pm On Jun 28
na Edo north oshomole get say, obviously if he expires Edo north is done in politics so you can understand why

But go Edo Central and Edo North, that godfather and agbero toga still dey oshomole name (e never expire at all)
Edo Central fell for Oshiomhole in 2012 election despite being the PDP's strongest hold in Edo State. Have you forgotten?
Do you remember the thunderous ovation Oshiomhole received in Ogbe Stadium during the burial of Victor Uwaifo to the embarrassment of Obaseki whose presence couldn't trigger one tenth of such ovation? Do you see the crowd that spontaneously gather around Oshiomhole anytime he visits Benin these days? Does Obaseki command such public goodwill now anywhere in the state? People have long been disillusioned about Obaseki's purported populist posturing even in Edo South. Even the PDP finds him offensive now and regret
ever accepting him into their fold. Recall that he has do wrecked PDP to the extent that the party is into factions now and may not have legally recognized candidates for next year elections. Why do you think Obaseki recently began to talk of being OBIdient? He knows he has fallen.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki's Plans To Dump PDP For Labour Party Thickens by Deadlytruth(m): 3:42pm On Jun 27
apc would always come last in a three horse race in Edo

The sympathy of the people is still with PDP, they have not seen anything wrong PDP did to obaseki

And you think they've not now realized that Oshiomhole and APC did nothing wrong to Obaseki? Visit Benin City now, board a bus and listen to commentaries on Oshiomhole versus Obaseki to know how people now feel about these two figures. Then, if you visit major towns in Edo North like Auchi, Igarra and Sabongida Ora now, you won't come back to say this at all.
When last did you hear anyone say things like Ogbane, Towargba, Edo no be Lagos in Benin City?

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Politics / Re: Obaseki's Plans To Dump PDP For Labour Party Thickens by Deadlytruth(m): 3:36pm On Jun 27

If you know what people are passing through in Edo State right now, you won't opine that Obaseki has a conscience let alone hope his political career advances. With how he tried to destroy the APC and Oshiomhole who made him, and how he has destroyed Edo PDP now which saved his political career, and how he has turned against Wike now who stuck his head out for him when it really mattered, hasn't it ever occured to you that his coming to Labour Party would endanger Peter Obi's chances and put the entire Labour Party in a jeopardy that will end up killing the party even before the 2023 election? Think.

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Politics / Re: After What I Saw Today, Peter Obi Should Not Border To Campaign In Edo - Obinyan by Deadlytruth(m): 7:32am On Jun 27
I can't believe all these commendations I am reading from Igbo monickers about Edo State. The same Edo State they have in the past seven years been insulting and spewing venom against, labelling it a SW or NC state, tagging Edo people the black sheep of the SS, calling Edo people prostitutes, witches and wizards, describing them as armed robbers, ritualists, insulting the Oba of Benin profusely on all social media outfits, mocking Edo for always producing ugly governors, spreading hate and misinformation against Edo, arguing that Edo doesn't have riverine culture hence wasn't supposed to be included in the SS but just added to it to make the sixth state, saying Edos are Yorubas, calling them traitors who gave information to Hausafulani soldiers to kill Igbo people in Asaba, that Edos betrayed Ojukwu during the war by taking sides with Gowon, are Fulani slaves, fools, idiots, sell outs, etc, with Nnamdi Kanu reeling out revisionist tales against Enahoro, Ogbemudia, and many illustrious Edo sons, just because Buhari scored up to 40% there in 2015 and that they chose to be ruled by APC at the state level, etc. So all of a sudden we are now hearing : "I love Edo people, they don't sit on the fence, I will marry from Edo, I respect Edo people, Edos are made in heaven, Edo is the pivot state in the SS, Edo State is full of angels, God himself lives in Edo State, Edo people are the most reliable in the SS (the same SS they had been claiming Edo is not supposed to be part of since 2015 when Jonathan didn't get up to 90% there), blah blah blah, just because of some social media buzz that paint Edo as leaning towards Peter Obi an Igbo man? I have said it that Igbos are imost unprincipled, unstable and most hypocritic people in Nigeria. A people so rapidly emotional that they can't maintain a straight opinion for long. Only a mumu from Edo State will fall for all these their present hyping of the state and her people. I know for sure that if Peter Obi ends up not receiving as much votes in Edo as in other SS states, the suddenness with which these Igbo monickers will make a U-turn and begin to insult Edo again will be altogether on a new level. I can't be fooled. Igbos have no genuine love or respect for Edo State and anything about Edo. What is happening now is to hype Edo people and hoodwink them with fake love and respect into supporting peter Obi.

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Politics / Re: Edo State Should Be The Capital Of South-South by Deadlytruth(m): 11:16pm On Jun 22
� exactly.. I created this thread with my moniker that year,, Omo my eyes was open
I knew them far before the day you opened that thread. I had been having engagements with them since 2015 and through that I saw their raw hatred and envy for Edo.

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Politics / Re: Edo State Should Be The Capital Of South-South by Deadlytruth(m): 2:21pm On Jun 22
grin when I first created this thread,, it was filled with insults by the Igbos..

Guess the people who's taking the obi campaign to another level
That is why I only pity the Edos currently singing OBIdient. A lot of them are of the indomie generation who are ignorant of the fact that the average Igbo man hates anything Edo and hates Edo people more than any other tribe in Nigeria. If Peter Obi becomes the president, these Edo guys will regret.

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Politics / Re: 2023: How Kwankwaso, Obi Will Pinch Votes Off Atiku, Tinubu - Daily Trust by Deadlytruth(m): 8:55am On Jun 19
The history of Nigeria is not well documented so there are many versions depending on who's narrating.

But why should i bother about 50yrs ago when we're here now to vote for competence and integrity especially at a time like this!
The past led to the present and the present shapes the future.
Nigeria is a failure today because an obviously very wrong choice that was sure to tend the country towards poverty, lawlessness, corruption, above the law syndrome, etc was deliberately made at the foundation stage by some people who should have known better. If you built a house on a poor foundation 100 years ago, the mere passage of time can't stabilize the building, it will rather worsen it. And by the way when exactly did we all agree on what exactly constitute competence to warrant the opinion that we are now voting based on it?

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Politics / Re: 2023: How Kwankwaso, Obi Will Pinch Votes Off Atiku, Tinubu - Daily Trust by Deadlytruth(m): 8:48am On Jun 19

Edo? Maybe because of the rift btw Orbih and Obaseki's faction coupled with Oshiomole influence in his senatorial district.
Unless Wike decides to play a fast one on PDP, you and I know what will be the outcome.
Tinubu won't get 40% in Delta oo not when Okowa is VP to Atiku
Cross River ,Bayelsea and Akwa ibom will be close
It's a tall order for Tinubu to win in SS let alone get 65%
Who is Tinubu banking on to win in SS
PDP has five governor's here, remember?
If Tinubu picks a Muslim VP it will be very tough for him down South with a vast christian majority
Edo is likely going to give Tinubu a very large percentage because Oshiomhole is now obviously vindicated as the Edo no be Lagos cliche has become offensive on account of what Obaseki has turned out to be even to the Edo PDP family and Wike who all rallied around him thinking his complaints against Oshiomhole were genuine. Wike's recent public appology to Oshiomhole coupled with Obaseki's struggle for the PDP structure in Edo State has made nonsense of the previous assumptions that Oshiomhole was trying to become another Tinubu in Edo State.


Politics / Re: 2023: How Kwankwaso, Obi Will Pinch Votes Off Atiku, Tinubu - Daily Trust by Deadlytruth(m): 8:41am On Jun 19
Look at their faces, do they look happy?

Voting incompetent leadership due to primordial sentiments will ensure you remain unhappy with the retrogression around you
Do you remember which part of the South at independence started this whole mess of alligning and voting based on primordial sentiments without any atom of concern for ideology and factors of genuine nation building?
Politics / Re: 2023: How Kwankwaso, Obi Will Pinch Votes Off Atiku, Tinubu - Daily Trust by Deadlytruth(m): 8:37am On Jun 19
which south south?, tinubu's name is like a plague in the south south and the south east, if he gets up to 10% in these places, I will clap for him, its only obi and atiku that you hear their name here

I guess Bayelsa State where Tinubu's party massacred PDP in the last guber election is not part of the SS. Comedians everywhere.
The South-South has long cast off the agony of Jonathan's self inflicted downfall of 2015. Only the SE is still crying over it till today.

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Politics / Re: 2023: How Kwankwaso, Obi Will Pinch Votes Off Atiku, Tinubu - Daily Trust by Deadlytruth(m): 8:16am On Jun 19
Igbos actually believe northerners would vote them.

The minute Kwankwaso picks Obi, his estimation in the eyes of the northern public would diminish.

What igbos have done to the north in the last 8 years has not gone unnoticed.
How Ganduje stood right before Wike in Kano and told him to his face that he will be a loser in retaliation for Wike's profiling of him in public as Gandollar in babariga two years earlier on should be instructive enough to these people that Northerners never forget or forgive instances of insults on their persons even though they would not react immediately. How these folks now believe that Northerners will suddenly develop love and support for them after having sustained a campaign of calumny, unprintable name calling, outright insults, ethnic profiling, etc against them unceasingly for the past seven years remains a mystery to me.
I lived in the North for 10 years and from my practical experience there, what Northerners hate most and never forgive about is the denigration of them as inferior beings and mockery of their culture and religion.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Only God Can Stop Me From Being Atiku’s Running Mate ― Okowa by Deadlytruth(m): 7:40am On Jun 07
Okowa and e brother from Edo mess Wike up for primaries. The matter pain wike well well oh, na Delta and Edo governors him day tok to that day.
The INEC-recognized Edo delegates were those from the faction of Dan Orbih and they all voted for Wike. Obaseki's delegates were declared illegal by the courts hence they didn't even attend the primary that day in Abuja.


Politics / Re: Zoning: Southern Governors Forum Reacts To Northern Governors' Statement by Deadlytruth(m): 1:46pm On Jun 06
YOU CALLED ME A REVISIONIST THEN WENT ON campaign of false history.
Lets go back to the 1952 western house elections where NCNC won and AwoIsts came up with the idea ... EAST FOR EASTERNERS, NORTH FOR NORTHERNERS, WEST FOR WESTERNERS. Prior to that... these principles didn't matter and people contested based on the natural habitation.

You obviously have never watched the video in which Ahmadu Bello implicitly made it clear that when he bacame Northern Region premier in that same 1952 you reference, he was compelled to set sail a Northernization policy for his Northern Region because the Eastern and Western Regions were not giving the same opportunity to Northerners residing among them the way the Northern Region was doing to Southerners resident in the North. He specifically asked the British journalist how many Northerners were employed in the Eastern and Western civil servants and that Journalist went dumb for lack of a factual response. Nigeria was never one at any time contrary to your narrative. Was the 1945 in which Northern mobs killed Igbos in Jos not a time far before 1952? Interethnic suspicion and hatred had always been there. In fact as far back as 1944 Ahmadu Bello had correctly described Nigeria as the mistake of 1914 while Awolowo also correctly termed it a mere geographical expression. Only Zik and Igbos were deluding themselves with alternate reality and therefore singing one-Nigeria amidst the clear danger it portended.

The yorubas/ awoists were the first to bring tribalism into nigerian politics. The founding fathers had a mix of mainly yourbas and igbo plus other ethnicities when they went to seek independence in Britain.

In actual fact Zik was the one who introduced tribalism officially into Nigerian politics, and that was in 1938 when he pulled out of NYM in anger over the loss of the group's second chairmanship election by his favoured candidate to a minority man of the Ijaw extraction. He hypocritically cited the rather intra-Yoruba biases which he had no business but never saw anything wrong with a similar intra-Igbo bias of the Osu caste system which was worse than the Yoruba version he cited. In addition, a nationwide inter-secondary schools football competition was played far before 1952 and the final happened to be between an Eastern Region school and a Western Region school. The Eastern Region school won the cup and the next day, an article authored by Zik appeared in the Pilot Newspaper in which Zik credited the victory to the Igboness of the members of the team rather than to their skills. What was that if not a tribalistic slur against other tribes of Nigeria? Still, as at 1945 Oscar Onyeama had published an article in which he wrote that Igbo domination of Nigeria was just a question of time. In 1949 Azikiwe reinforced him by declaring publicly that it was getting clearer by the day that the gods of Igbo land had destined Igbos to rule over the entire Africa. While Zik and Igbos made all these offensive tribalistic utterances, the other tribes maintained restraint.
Even till today, you can still see that only the Igbo man keeps boasting of being the most intelligent tribe, being the developers of every other regions while their own home region ironically lays in ruins.

Ncnc wasn't an igbo party ...infact it was founded by Herbert macauly whom I believe was yoruba. With the 1952 cross carpet debacle the distrust btw the west and east was born.
NCNC was a metamorphosis of NNDP which was the first political party ever founded in Nigeria and that was in 1922 by Herbert Macaulay who had a Yoruba mum and a Sierra Leonean dad. As an elderly person on account of being born in 1864 or so, his ideology, though foresighted and we'll thought out, didn't sit well with the relatively younger generation of youths like Enahoro, Awolowo, Azikiwe, Earnest Ikoli, etc who therefore decided to form a youth movement (NYM) to press for an Independence earlier than the 1980s and 1990' envisaged by Herbert Macaulay for same and which would have been better for us today. But after having his candidate losing the NYM president election, Zik betrayed his NYM colleagues by pulling out and, as against the earlier agreement, going back to join NNDP which was already being repackaged as NCNC by Herbert Macaulay.
The cross carpeting allegation has been severally debunked even by Zik himself in his book "My Odyssey". As recorded by foreign observers of that election, what happened was a stalemate at the first run which retuned no party with the required simple majority to form government even though AG had the leading figures. The few cases of cross carpeting didn't make any substantial difference in favour of Zik. Meanwhile some AG members too crosscarpeted to NCNC in that very scenario. An example was Pa Awodi who who was representing my own Kukuruku Constituency now Edo North Senatorial District. Only two people joined AG from NCNC. What made the real difference for Awolowo was the decision of the smaller but substantially prominent parties like Ibadan Peoples Party (IPP), Ondo Industrial League (OIL) etc to align with AG just exactly the way Igbos alligned their NCNC with Hausafulanis NPC at independence. So how does that amount to crosscarpeting?
Go and read Zik's "My Odyssey" and you'll see the whole truth from the horse's mouth.
Moreover, Awolowo's call against Zik's bid to govern the Western Region wasn't a Yoruba agenda pursuit otherwise the Urhobo member of the house who heeded it and moved from NCNC to AG wouldn't have done so. As a federalist, Awolowo's arguement was that the regions were created in response to the demand for self governance by the different tribes hence an incursion into the West by Zik would amount to a defeat of the essence of the creation of the regions in the first instance. Awolowo maintained that each region should be governed by her own natives and not a native of another region. There were non-Yoruba tribes indegenous to the Western Region, eg. Binis, Esans, Etunos, Etsakos, Unemes, Okpameris, Okpes, Ososos, and even Igbo tribes like Anioma, and Awolowo wasn't opposed to them seeking to be premier. Why couldn't Zik install a Yoruba man or a Hausafulani as premier of the Eastern Region first before going to the west to seek same for himself? Shouldn't charity begin from home? Was his idea of one-Nigeria only meant to be upheld in the Western Region?

After the 1959 elections, contrary to your false narrative.... the east and west were both negotiating an alliance with the north cos an east _west alliance wasn't big enough to form a central govt ( Thanks to british politinomics)..The north was the favored bride and was bigger than the east and west combined.
Those who went to negotiate with the North from the West were the Akintola faction of AG and they didn't receive Awolowo's blessings for that. It was already an open secrete then that AG was already factionalized between Akintola and Awolowo with Awolowo's faction still maintaining dominance hence a marriage between it and NCNC would have more combined MP seats to defeat NPC. The issue back then wasn't landmass but MP seats and popular votes boths of which the AG and NCNC figures combined would have easily killed NPC with their landmass. If not, why was Ahmadu Bello threatening to pull the North out of Nigeria should the Southern alliance materialize?

The north chose to go with the East cos they didn't trust awo.
Two facts rubbish this claim of yours as follows:
1. At the height of being pummeled by Balewa courtesy of the rigging of the 1962 census and re-riging of its rerun against Zik's Eastern Region, Zik and Okpara pulled out of the NPC-NCNC alliance and began to seek audience with the same Awolowo through his wife for the negotiation of the very all-South proposal they had rejected four years earlier on so as to be able to fight the North back. How do you return to a person you don't trust to save you in times of trouble?
2. In "My Odyssey" Zik confessed that he chose the Igbo-Hausafulani alliance because he had assumed that an alliance cutting across North and South was better for national unity. Please go and read that book.

The 1952 crosscarpet sent a strong message to all regions.
Now after Ncnc and NPc alliance ..NCNC became really dissatisfied with the NPC handling of govt forged an alliance with AG amd NEPU.

I have already bursted the crosscarpeting allegation. If you want links to interviews in which a honest Igbo member of the parliament who witnessed the whole event confessed that there was really nothing like that, I will gladly oblige you here. Your NEPU story is pure falsehood as Zik's alliance with NEPU predated independence hence never after the break up between him and Balewa. In the build up to the 1959 elections, zik had always loved the core North so he first took NCNC into alliance with Aminu Kanu's NEPU and together they went into the 1959 elections and came out with 89 MP seats. It was at the point of the stalemate after the election that Zik and Aminu Kano took their combined 89 seats into alliance with Ahmadu Bello's NPC while Awolowo too had aligned his AG with United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC) of Joseph Tarka and together they went into the election but at the point of the post election stalemate, Awolowo and Joseph Tarka didn't fancy the idea of aligning themselves with the NPC. Get your facts straight before you write.

Awolowo's persecution started in 1962 and he was jailed in 1963. Those who initially were assisting Akintola to weaken Awolowo's AG faction in the West were Zik's NCNC allied members of the Western Region Assembly. An example is Madiebo who disrupted the first Akintola impeachment attempt by jumping on the table and trying to smash the mace on a pro-Awolowo faction member. Zik never cautioned him and lot other NCNC members because he was still fully in support of Balewa as he never imagined the possiblity of the crisis to one day spill over to the East and begin to consume himself as it later happened. If he wasn't in support of Balewa, why didn't he resign his Governor General position in protest? Aren't we accusing Osinbajo today of complicity in Buhari's misrule on the premise that he has refused to resign in protest of these killings and terrorist acts here and there?

Zik Even called for all parties to boycott/ not participate in the 1964 elections. Pls get your facts right. Let's not forget Zik was even rejected by igbos by 1964 and was beaten by a younger Michael okpara.
That was in 1964 after he had finally broken up with Balewa on account of the fact that the East had started feeling the spill over of the Balewa heat from the West. In essence, it was an afterthought and medicine after death.


In essence ifbos didn't forgive zik for his northern alliance and revolted against him.
Now you are talking. That Zik'sdecision to go into Northern alliance put all of us Southerners into the mess we are in today. But initially you were trying to rationalize it with claims of the North being favoured, being lager in landmass and all that jazz. By that myopic and ill-conceived choice, Zik killed all of us Southerners and endangered our generations yet unborn. Even president Nkuruma of Ghana was reportedly shocked on hearing about that choice of Zik at such a critical and defining moment. Are you yourself happy about the insecurity currently ravaging the south on account of the born to rule agenda of the Fulanis which would have been crushed in the bud if Zik had put his loftly and unrealistic one-Nigeria dream aside and faced reality?


I understand from a yoruba point of view... Awo did the right thing by supporting the northern elements in 1966 cos of some little gains they got from the nationalization policy... but that was.a very myopic decision and short term driven.
. Awolowo was still in prison when the Northern revenge coup happened, so how could he have supported the coup from inside prison? The nationalization policy was done at a time Igbos were fighting to pull out of Nigeria so how could a country extend it's own policy to benefit a people who were already seeing themselves as foreigners and fighting to actualize that status?

The results of 1993 election still shows that'sore than a quarter of igbo land voted mko. Obj was yoruba... igbos have no inclination to why he's hated.
Nearly doesn't kill a bird. Jonathan got up to one quarter in many Northern states too in 2015 but we Southerners still feel that the North kicked him out.
Yorubas hated OBJ because of:
His misrule as Military HoS, his shambolically conducted elections by which Shagari a Fulani emerged as president, his mockery of MKO while the struggle for June 12 actualization lasted, his general immorality and poor self conduct, etc., and Igbos knew these.

However there waere other parties that had igbo candidates and they all unilaterally stepped down for their yoruba counterparts like FALAE etc...
That wasn't as important as Igbos cooperating with Yorubas to vote Falae against Obasanjo towards forging for the first time the much needed Southern alliance required to once and for all put paid to the North's born to rule mentality.
I am not Yoruba or Igbo, but from all my studies of Nigeria's political history, Nigeria can only be saved from all further catastrophe and misgovernance by Igbo-Yoruba alliance which unfortunately doesn't seem likely. Once Igbos and Yorubas allign, we the Southern minorities will have no choice than to tag along together with the Middle Belt and the Core North will be easily defeated and demystified.

I Dare you to mention one time the yorubas supported an igbo cause.
Neither have Igbos ever supported Yoruba course.
However the truth remains that when it really mattered that Yorubas and Igbos come together to forestall the impending danger of Northern domination, Yorubas saw it and made an offer to Igbos, but Igbos turned it down and that was the beginning of the troubles we all facr today.

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Politics / Re: Francis Alimikhena Wins PDP Primaries For Edo North Senatorial District by Deadlytruth(m): 1:01am On Jun 06

Oshimole really developed that region, while living all of Esan land to wallow.
Esanland where he dualized the Uromi township road and renovated hundreds of primary and secondary schools through his Red Roof Revolution program? If with all that, he abandoned Esanland, then what will the people of Owan and Akoko-Edo say?

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Politics / Re: Zoning: Southern Governors Forum Reacts To Northern Governors' Statement by Deadlytruth(m): 5:27pm On Jun 05

You're a learner. The north was waiting for the outcome of pdp primaries. If pdp had given it to a southerner....APC would have fielded Gej(a 4 year term) then power goes back north. Pdp is fielding a northerner so the north has quickly / unilaterally agreed not to divide their votes for a northern candidate. You people are so stupid, you have no idea how politically intelligent the north is. It amazes me when I see yoruba clowns dreaming they will win a single vote up north talkless of winning presidency. The east and ss / mb will not vote west. They will divide their votes between either atiku obi or kwankaso.... AS USUAL THE SO CALLED SOURHERN UNITY HAS BEEN DESTROYED. THIS WAS WHAT THE NORTH WAS AFRAID OF.... A WEST AND EASTERN ALLIANCE. These two ethnicities.... never agree... and i personally think the west has more hate cos the east has in the past massively supported western canfidates eg mko and obasanjo.... the west has never supported any eastern cause.. even during the civil war ... it was the same backstabbing. ...

Atiku is the next president as we see it. The west as usual has once more given another fulani power by their selfish greed. They're the Trojan horse in the south.
I am not Yoruba but you claim in bold is pure revisionism toward victim card play.
It's either you are sincerely uninformed on Nigeria's political history or that you just want to be politically correct.
MKO lost in the entire SE then except in Anambra where he won by a razor thin margin. In the old Rivers State (now Bayelsa and Rivers) Alhaji Bashir Tofa - a Fulani man- ganerd 66% of the votes. It was even Northern states that made the difference for Abiola. Go and peruse the results very closely.
Igbos' support for Obasanjo in 1999 was because Obasanjo was the candidate of the North in addition to being the very candidate which Yorubas were mostly against. So Igbos voting for Obasanjo was actually a case of working against Yorubas' cause.
In 1959, Igbos' laid the foundation of Southern disunity and rivalry when Azikiwe rejected the proposed all-South alliance which would have made an Igbo man (specifically Azikiwe himself) the prime minister of Nigeria post independence. He rather went for the Hausafulani-Igbo alliance which made a far less educated Tafawa Balewa the prime minister with him being compensated with a powerless figurehead ceremonial position of Governor General whose only constitutionally assigned duties were the commissioning of public toilets and incinerators, and also the acknowledgment of cheers from school children matching on independence day anniversary celebrations. It was when his brothers in the army realized six years later that that position he accepted in reward was meaningless, redundant, powerless and of no significance that they tried to correct it through the ill-advised coup of January 15 1966 which ended up only compounding the problem onto an avoidable civil war.
On your claim that Yorubas didn't work with you during the war; what you fail to understand is that Awolowo couldn't have come out of prison to work with Igbos (who ,through Azikiwe, colluded with Balewa to jail him) to fight the Gowon who released him. It doesn't make sense.

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Politics / Re: Atiku's Victory And Obaseki's Vice Presidential Bid: A Case For Philip Shaibu by Deadlytruth(m): 3:42am On May 30

Osigwe omo ikirodah, I don't know whatever motivated these your hasty permutations but you obviously you did not do your home work. Last I checked Obaseki is fully in control of Edo PDP and as governor, he is already the leader of the party in the state. He does not need VP candidacy to become the leader. He has also outwitted Orbih, who is a Wike stooge BTW. I wonder why people keep repeating the mistake of undermining Obaseki, after he took Oshiomhole and Jagaban to the cleaners in 2020.

The slimness of Obaseki's margin of victory should have been instructive enough to you that he rode on the gullibility-engendered sympathy votes that came his way from those who placed emotions over reasons.
You can take a trip to any part of Edo State now to feel the public's pulse about his second term for you to judge by yourself. Most of those who fell for his anti-godfatherism campaign have passed through dissolutionment courtesy of his godfatherism bid within his new party amidst total collapse of governance.

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Politics / Re: 2023: You Will Never Be President, Igbos Will Reject You – Ohanaeze Tells Atiku by Deadlytruth(m): 3:15am On May 30





Ironically the kinsmen of these two idiots would never admit this unassailable truth but keep pointing fingers at all the other Southern tribes. I have never seen a people like this in my entire life.


Politics / Re: 2023: You Will Never Be President, Igbos Will Reject You – Ohanaeze Tells Atiku by Deadlytruth(m): 8:24pm On May 29

Even if igbos are excluded from Nigerian politics,they can never be as poor as Northerns.What people failed to under is this, igbos are always finner than other tribes with or without Political post,cos they contributed immesenly in the economic growth and development of this country.

When you hear a Yoruba man saying how them and Hausa Political senses are far better than igbo, and how Tinubu was the best thing that wil happen to Nigeria, after a slice bread.One would wonder is this kind of the Political brain that what destroyed and kept Nigerian economy, after our independence in to this mess? With their political senses, can you tell me what tangible development or improvements their senses have offered Nigerians,if not a criminal intelligence they mistaken for political senses? I tell you the truth, AFRICAN Nigeria BLACK MAN is the most devilish and wicked homosapies in the world.

A country as blessed as Nigeria is stik shouting up Nepa at 2022 centuries. A country that is being
ruled by the tribes that produced the highest illiterates in Nigeria
.Imagine Adamu who is supposed to be a gate man is a Minister for Education?
A country whose tribalism, hatred and evil mind are far greater than a white man racism.
A country blessed with lots of mineral resources but this thief called themselves Political best brain are still milking Nigerians dried and stil recycling the old cargos in lieu of young vibrant Politicians [/b]whose political careers have been sold and replaced with a plate of porridge yam.A country touts are preferred to eat them in lieu of professionals.
Where people vote on the sentiment of Tribe and religion rather than the competent and integrity.

[b]A country where a particular set of tribe,(north) controls almost everything
ranging from EFCC, Military, Police, Education Judiciary Supreme court, DSS, Customs.Efcc and DSS and operating like criminals and violating Court order in a blood day light,and everyone is afraid to talk.A foolish Yoruba man will tell you how they have the best polirical brains,and that you are inconsequential 5%,as if they are not aware that their 95% best brains have destroyed this country and are still continue to destroy this country till infinity with hopeless future for Nigerians.

North made Yoruba to hate igbos such much that they can't be one,while they kept uniting to play you politics.They tell south south that igbos are their biggest enemy,so that they can continue to milk their Oil and used it to build Railways to Chad and Niger Republic,while their Zamfara Gold is kept secretly and made you to hate each other.
The most foolish zones I have ever since is south-south.You only hear their hatred voice is when It is igbo matters.
North used their wicked political smart game of countious disuniting southerns,so that they will keep taking advantage of that.
What annoys mostly is that, people will see the right candidate but will foolishly vote a criminal out of hatred and envy of his tribe and religion.
But, one thing is certain, until Nigerians fight and destroy this deceptive 1999 constitution,North will continue to monopolise this country with no result to show for it.

You are clearly ignorant and full of irrational thoughts for you to have dishonestly removed the tag of superlative foolishness of your tribe as even confirmed by Uwazurike and tried to hang it on the neck of the South South.

All the bolded are the long term consequences of that very historic blunder your Azikiwe committed on the eve of independence by which he prefered an alliance that would give raw power to the most educationally backward section of the country at a time as critical as the begining of a new republic even though that section already had a history of massacres of his kinsmen for no justifiable reason.
So you are pained that Nigeria is being ruled by illiterates when educated people abound? Are you suggesting that you were expecting illiterates not to continue ruling Nigeria after your brother Zik had given power to the most educationally backward section of the country known for the highest percentage population of illiterates at independence?

Another fool from the same region of yours by the name Ironsi would further compound the disaster which Zik's stupidity and shortsighted greed had already plunged the country into. Or are you suggesting that you don't know the correlation between Ironsi's Unification Decree and all the ills you enumerated above?
Were Zik and Ironsi, who shoved down unitary system on us by their evil one-Nigeria philosophy which led to the overwhelmingly strong center which now favours the North unfairly, natives of the SW and SS?

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Politics / Re: Orbih Celebrates As Court Bars INEC From Recognizing Obaseki’s Faction by Deadlytruth(m): 4:47pm On May 29
the ticket was bought and paid for, they did not give it out of the magnanimity of their hearts or were u not here when even wicket was accusing his own party members of collecting billions from onasekis during the election?

And exactly how does that change the fact that the likes of Zimbabwean Dollar, Ogbeide Ihama, Dan Orbih, Wike and even his supporters among the masses regretting today are not from the SW?

Why didn't he go and pay heavily for the ticket of LP or AAC if he was so sure his assumed fame surpassed the importance of an already existing strong party structure to get reelected? And why is he currently desperately seeking to own PDP structure if you think PDP needed him more than he needed PDP?

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Politics / Re: Orbih Celebrates As Court Bars INEC From Recognizing Obaseki’s Faction by Deadlytruth(m): 1:58am On May 27
fools from the SW of Nigeria, u people are still smarting from the defeat of the last election, u won't face ur brown roof region and leave others to face theirs.

So members of the Dan Orbih faction of PDP who are themselves currently in regrets over allowing Obaseki get their ticket are from the SW too? Ogbeide Ihama, Zimbabwean Dollar, and the likes are from the brown roof region too? Wike who publicly apologized to Oshiomhole over his championing of Obaseki's campaign is from the brown roof region too? There should be a limit to ostrich playing please.

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