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Education / Re: The Government Didn't Ban History In Schools by Deadlytruth(m): 3:12am On Jul 29

Can you back up this claim with facts?

This is how fake news is spread, someone just conjures a lie, types it n SM, no facts, no evidence, just vibes.

That monicker you quoted is actually correct. Obasanjo technically expunged History from our curriculum but the present government restored it. Details below:
Crime / Re: Adebayo Kingsley Kills Rosemary Ifeoma, Rapes Her Corpse In Edo by Deadlytruth(m): 7:55pm On Jul 28
That akoko-edo, that place is a very remote village linking Ondo and Edo states, I was once there, most of the people there are ebira people of Yoruba, very remote people until they travelled down to the civilized parts of the South West. Maybe I will read more about the ebira people, I know that they are mostly from kogi state but about their ancestral link to Yoruba's.

Look at this animal sad
First and foremost, Akoko-Edo is the name of a Local Government Area with 48 settlements. The indegenous tribes there are Etuno, Okpameri, Uneme, Ososo, Okpe. All the Ebiras and Yorubas you saw there are migrants. While the Ebiras there mostly engage in farming especially in the Okpameri areas and on lands leased to them by the natives, the Yorubas there are attracted to the place by the transportation hub potentials of Ibillo most especially since it is a nodal town from which you can easily get passengers of destinations in all directions be it Akure-Ibadan-Lagos axis, Igarra-Auchi-Benin City axis, and Okene-Lokoja-Abuja-Kaduna axis.
All these factors put together has somewhat made Akoko-Edo, especially Ibillo a cosmopolitan town hence a first time visitor like you is sure to fall into the assumption that it is an Ebira-Yoruba territory which it isn't.
Then as per the lack of civilization you claim to have observed there: it we juxtapose it with your apparent observation of an Ebira-Yoruba enclave, then you have implicitly accused your own Yoruba race of being uncivilized. See why there is no wisdom in superiority complex? Though it is already obvious that in your short stay there you mostly interacted with drivers, motor park touts and farmers....a category of professions which don't nurture refinement and sophistication in anyone regardless of their tribe or ethnicity. But if you had made conscious efforts to mingle with the indegenous people during your stay you would have realized that even the Akoko-Edo native who has little formal exudes sophistication, civility and intellect talkless of the highly educated ones.

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Politics / Re: "Igbos Don't Have Any Connection With Biafra, Ijaws Own It" - Asari Dokubo by Deadlytruth(m): 6:24pm On Jul 28
All these divide and rule tactics are all for selfish reasons. The defunct Biafran nation had an Igbo President from Anambra state (present day South East) and Obong Philip Effiong as Vice President, from Akwa Ibom state (Present day south south) . The so called " IGBO COUP" that led to the counter coup and ultimately the declaration of biafra was led by Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu, an Anioma man from present day Delta state in South South region. He wasn't even from the south east but was conveniently labelled an IGBO MAN. But the same people will tell you that Igbos only have five states, Igbos are landlocked bla bla bla.
Ojukwu made it clear in his numerous memos that the coup was hatched and nurtured by Ifeajuna a native of Onitsha in present day Anambra State, South East.
Secondly, how logical is it that Nzeogwu who was thousands of miles away in Kaduna was the architect and leader of a coup plot hatched and wholly nurtured in Lagos?


Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 6:59pm On Jul 26

Isaiah referred to Jesus as "Prince of Peace" {Isaiah 9:6} but Jesus himself said he did not bring Peace rather he said he brought Sword! Matthew 10:34

If you're willing we will unravel the sacred secrets, if you're not interested we can't force it into your head, just know that JWs are peaceloving but before we agree we must first disagree! smiley
Jesus' claim to bring a sword is figurative because Jesus however never did any violence to anyone. He gave his opponents the opportunity to speak and he heard them out and then engaged them. He didn't close his mind to their opinions despite he was omniscient and had no record of unrighteousness. But here we have mortal humans who are full of sin and house an ever-changing and even oscillating body of doctrines claiming infallibility. Isn't that funny?

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Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 6:54pm On Jul 26

This is false. In fact, the opposite was the case were many JWs were imprisoned and killed because the Witnesses in Germany wouldn't join the military nor participate in the war. Search "the Jehovah witness and the holocaust" on Google to learn more

Revisionism at best. The Declaration of facts clearly stated that the JWs hold the view that the British and US Governments and the Jews therein are the worst economic and political oppressors in the world and that the Watchtower Organization stood behind Hitler's Germany's crusade against the US, UK and the Jews.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 6:48pm On Jul 26

Your fellow Church members too reject JWs publications like plague.
Bros, " is that how to be peaceful and peace loving?"
Bros," is that "simply arrogance and pride?".
We preach against anything in conflict with your own Bible. grin grin
Yes we reject JWs because they started it all. We are admonished by the Bible to have nothing to do not with unbelievers but with those who claim to be believers in words but manifest contrary actions.
No you preach against anything in conflict with your organization's doctored version of the bible and the whims and caprices of your elders in New York.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 6:36pm On Jul 26

Romans 16:23
"23 Gaius, whose hospitality I and the whole church here enjoy, sends you his greetings.

Erastus, who is the city’s director of public works, and our brother Quartus send you their greetings. "

Erastus is a high ranking public servant not politician.

Did Jesus promise his followers a political solution in due time?
City director of pubic works is like a commissioner for works and housing. Is a commissioner a civil servant or a political appointee?

Jesus disciples asked for a political Kingdom and Jesus answered them accordingly. He didn't tell them that the restoration of the earthly kingdom was not their business. Rather he said that His father had fixed a time for it to come in future.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 10:24pm On Jul 25

You get to wonder may they see these other Christian denominations with cutlasses, swords bombs guns armour tanks when going to their gatherings grin
Honestly. They are full of comedy. And come to think of it, when they come to preach, deep down in their minds their ultimate objective is not to preach peace and love but to condemn your own belief and tell you that they know God in a special way than everyone else. That is simply arrogance and pride. They want you to collect their tracts while they reject yours like a plague. Is that how to be peaceful and peace loving?
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 10:01pm On Jul 25
There was no active politician holding any position in the first century, like today when i first met the JWs i never knew it will come to my resignation. But i so much love what i was learning more than anything in the world!
So it was during the study of a book "You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth" that i came to a portion where my conscience began disturbing me that i must make the decision.
I first ran away for many years but God kept me alive until i now came back fully prepared to forgo whatever it will cost me to become a member of this peaceloving group! Luke 18:18-23 smiley

Then who was Erastus and what exactly is the status of a city treasurer as described in Romans 16'23? All religious organizations are peace loving. I don't know of any one that preaches the absence of peace from their pulpit.
The bible is your standard and not first century Christians who had their own sins. Wasn't the first century Christians Paul was referring to when he wrote a letter to the church in Corinth rebuking them for incestuous relationships among themselves? So are you suggesting you practice incest because first century Christians did it?
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 9:46pm On Jul 25

Be careful of their planned arguments. Na because na Nigeria. Other developed countries are now carrying out bloodless treatments because of the side effects and dangers of blood transfusion. here here in Nigeria, they are so so backward.

Fact check: How many Jehovah's Witnesses have died because they refused blood?

How many non Witnesses are dying even after taking the blood.

My experience: Nigerian doctors will treat you without blood. But if you are not one of Jehovah's Witnesses, they won't even bother. That's the truth.
So since people sometimes die through surgical operations, then such method of treating ailments should be abandoned? Or that since aeroplanes do crash and kill hundreds of passengers on board air travel should be banned? Funny.

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Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 9:41pm On Jul 25

What can you say about been in the world yet not part of the world?
The world as used in the bible means participation in sin against God. It doesn't mean you should isolate yourself from the affairs of men completely.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 9:35pm On Jul 25

Please the bolded!
Can you tell me how fellow believers in Christ will not kill themselves during political struggles?
And does the scriptures support such in the midst of Christians? John 13:34-35 smiley
A true believer would in the first instance understand that politics should not be an unhealthy competition hence he wouldn't even get involved to the extent of struggling negatively in it. And pray tell me any human endeavor that can't and doesn't have the capacity to degenerate into deadly rivalry.

Your citation of John 13: 34 - 35 doesn't prove that Jesus was against participation in earthly government or politics. His avoidance was simply because it would forestall his salvation project of dying on the cross. Now, do all Christians equally have to die on the cross to save the world?

Secondly, just before Jesus was taken back to heaven his disciples asked him when God would fulfill his promise of restoring their earthly government to them as a country. By that the disciples demonstrated interest in how they were being politically governed. They obviously wanted an end to the extant Roman imperialism. But did Jesus rebuke them for being interested in earthly governance of their country. A big no. Rather Jesus reaffirmed the promise and reassured them of its fulfilment in due time.
In Romans 16:23 Paul transmitted calvary greetings from Erastus a political office holder in the Government of Rome.... meaning that Paul recognized a politician as a worthy member of the church.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 9:15pm On Jul 25

Voting is a constitutional right of every citizen, most especially in a democratic form of government.
Jehovah’s Witnesses totally RESPECT this arrangement and they never cause any problems or obstacles for other people to freely exercise their right.
However, JWs around the world have decided to VOTE not for HUMAN government but GOD's government in HEAVEN

Jehovah’s Witnesses maintain their worldwide unity by remaining neutral for religious reasons. As many of you are aware politics is a great divider of nations and creates a huge disunity even among close friends.
Jehovah’s Witnesses are following the example of Jesus and his Apostles in remaining neutral in politics.
Jesus refused one of the highest positions in any government. Jehovah’s Witnesses follow this patternsad“John 6:15)

Early Christians were loyal to God’s Kingdom. So are Jehovah’s Witnessessad2 Corinthians 5:20)

The bolded is a distortion of biblical truth through your group's attitude of interpreting one particular bible verse in isolation of the others. Jesus and his disciples were never politically neutral. Recall that when Jesus was just about to be taken back up to heaven His disciples asked him when the Kingdom of Israel would be restored to them the Israelites. This meant that his disciples were interested in how they were being governed politically by earthly government and wanted their own home political government as against the Roman imperialism. Now, did Jesus rebuke them for nursing such desire? Answer is no. Rather, Jesus replied that God would surely restore that earthly government to them but in due time.

Then somewhere else in the book of Romans or so, Paul was sending greetings to some members of the church there and he mentioned the city treasurer meaning that a man holding a political office in an earthly government was regarded as a worthy member of the body of Christ by Paul himself. I think the man's name is recorded as Chamberlain. Let me check up the details and edit accordingly.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 9:00pm On Jul 25

Kindly Google about those that was infected with dangerous diseases through blood transfusion. The world is confuse that they can't deferentiat between good and evil.

My final year project was about a research on how medicines taken to cure certain diseases could actually worsen those diseases or bring about an entirely new disease in addition to the one it is meant to cure but failed to. And my research discovered lots of such medicines. So why haven't JWs stopped taking medications?

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Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 8:40pm On Jul 25
Let's assume they did back then as you're saying right now what made them the one and only Organization that remains neutral today? Matthew 5:11-12 smiley

As of today, does the Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, and lots of others pledge allegiance to any political bloc in their capacity as religious organizations? Only their members do so as individuals and the Bible doesn't forbid that. Even some JWs show sympathy for certain political groupings in Nigeria just that for fear of being disfellowshiped they conceal such sympathies.
Religion / Re: Russia’s Mysterious Campaign Against Jehovah’s Witnesses by Deadlytruth(m): 8:19pm On Jul 25
My God will bless you for this!

Putin is not the problem but jealous orthodox Churches who feels JWs have been talking too much about their evil deeds. They're the ones giving Putin their full support to attack JWs so as to silence them from exposing their evil deeds! smiley

Exposing evil deeds? You mustbe living in the assumption that JW is a saintly organization. Let me shock you,. do you know that JW openly endorsed Adolf Hitler's onslaught on Jews during the second World War? I don't even like like to bother you with a lot other evils JW has supported in its capacity as an organization.
Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:45pm On Jul 25

This is not about what Obaseki is doing in PDP, it's about how the Edo people feel about APC. Edo people are not willing to give APC a 2nd chance. They rather try a different party than go back to APC. That's fact.
It is about how Obaseki is doing in PDP and running the state presently. Edo State people don't play partisan politics blindly like most other states in the country.
The truth is that Obaseki never won either of his two elections with a wide margin and that puts a question mark on your judgement about how Edo people view APC.
Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:42pm On Jul 25

Relax, APC has lost Edo State. What has been done can't be reversed. PDP is looking forward to another candidate come 2024. The party plans to hold Edo for as long as possible. But as for APC in Edo, the party is dead.

I am not sure you are from Edo State. If you were, you would have known that lots of those who supported his reelection are presently confused. I will bring you back to this comment. It is just three years from now.
Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 10:40am On Jul 25

He has relinquish it during the mop up exercise which also affected Odubu and the rest . Look I don't support any of them , before you tear me apart , I know very well you re from Edo state and are ready to argue . Because the little I know while in Benin is that an average Edo man is ready to argue and fight and me I don't have the energy

Yes an average Edo man is usually not comfortable with one-sided narratives hence his tendency to contend whenever he sees such. Other Nigerians usually gloss over one-sided and unbalanced narratives purportedly because they want peace and calm atmosphere but that exactly is why Nigeria is like this.
Then on the other issue: the mere fact that Obaseki relinquished the property at the verge of the commencement of his political witch-hunt clearly indicates that:
1 he would have held on to the property had the need for political vengeance never arisen.

2. he was a beneficiary of the same corruption and sharing of state's resources he accused Oshiomhole of hence there are many other ways he himself has milked the state of her resources but not yet known to the public because there is yet no basis for the extension of his vendetta to such realms.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 8:43am On Jul 25

Illegal acquired as the SSG of Edo state then . In a saner clime this man should be behind bars now

And you haven't ever heard that Obaseki acquired a piece of land in GRA while he was head of Edo State economic team under Oshiomhole?

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 8:32am On Jul 25
Obaseki is unrelenting.

He is just using KOBOKO to flog the Oshiomole boys.

The 12 legislators are no long welcome to hold their seat.

Betrayal have a heavy price which the like of the legislators are paying.

Not even the 7 legislators loyal to Obaseki do sit anymore. Or when last did you hear any news about proceedings in Edo State House of Assembly?

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 8:19am On Jul 25
Oshomole tried to make a fool of obaseki, Am happy he defeated oshomole, it's ize Iyamu that will suffer it las las.

With the posterity of all that is happening in Edo State now, namely; absence of cabinet for 9 months and still counting, closure of all state-owned tertiary institutions, demolition of the properties of even PDP members for insisting that he honours the agreements he reached with them before being admitted into the party, outstanding salaries of AAU lecturers, suddenly dishonouring the agreement he earlier on in 2019 had with Oba Ewuare II on the destination of the about-to-be-returned artefacts, near total abandonment of governance while still going on holidays in the US, sponsoring thugs to beat up those opposed to him within the PDP, abandoned first term projects here and there, taking the glory of private sector investments in the state, opening a parallel PDP state secretariat in opposition to that which admitted him into the party, revenue generation through harsh unilateral policies, taking over of the State Assembly premises by drug addicts, discontinuation of Red Roof Revolution project, reduction of AAU subvention from the N200 million of Oshiomhole era to just N40 million, refusal to conduct LGA elections, night life becoming history in Benin City as a result of withholding of funds meant to power streetlights erected by Oshiomhole, collapse of Edo State transportation company a.k.a. Comrade Buses, etc; is Oshiomhole not being vindicated for his quest to see him out of Osadebe House?

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:57am On Jul 25

I guess you knew izeiyamu less than 9years ago. Izeiyamu was the Chief of Staff for during Lucky Igbinedion first four years and SSG during his second term.
That was when Izeiyamu got this land.
The land was acquired as government farm to train youths in farming, but was dubiously taken by izeiyamu.
If you know about the now moribund IO Farms, it's part of it.
Do you know how lands have been acquired now through Obaseki's Agriprenural Program which never produced any harvest and has since gone into oblivion? Are you aware that Obaseki acquired a parcel of land in GRA through the Oshiomhole administration?

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:52am On Jul 25
War is not about who won the first battle, Oshiomole will have the last laugh, never bite from the hand that feed you.

Insightful. Obaseki bit the hands of Oshiomhole who fed him and literally held him by the hand and speaking for him in the 2016 electioneering campaign in which Obaseki was merely stammering and couldn't even put up any convincing argument before the camera. In fact without Oshiomhole's oratorial prowess behind Obaseki, Ize-Iyamu would have eaten Obaseki raw in the election back then. However Oshiomhole too is not innocent of betrayal considering how he haunted the same Ize-Iyamu who rallied the new Grace Group to provide Oshiomhole with the platform and resources to contest in 2007 and win.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:43am On Jul 25
Don’t mind the senseless youths, instead of asking questions they are hailing Obaseki that will run back to APC in 2 years time, ordinary commissioners he can’t appoint, Useless betrayal, enjoy your second term, 9 months has already gone by, it is only counting down.

Well, while I perfectly agree that Obaseki is likely to end up as the worst governor of Edo State against whom even Lucky Igbinedion will smell of roses, Oshiomhole will still carry the blame for railroading Obaseki to limelight and imposing him on Edo APC in 2016 in defiance to all warnings and counsels from the Palace and lots of well meaning Edo State stakeholders in 2016. Edo State is presently suffering the consequences of Oshiomhole's ITK syndrome. Yes so far Oshiomhole remains the best thing to have happened to Edo State since its creation in 1991 going by his quality legacy projects, however, in terms of arrogance and self-opinionation, If you had the opportunity of ever interacting face to face especially towards the end of his second term you would wonder if it was the same Oshiomhole that was being talked about in the media with all glee and fancy. I used to be very ethralled by Oshiomhole's person considering his style of governance which desmonstrated a strong political will deployed to the benefit of the Edo State people, but I began to fancy him less beginning from the day a group of concerned natives of my LGA visited him officially to lay a complaint to him about an age-old injustice which my LGA had suffered. Oshiomhole's response was so bad, full of arrogance and verbal recklessness. At that point I knew his fame was already getting into his head and would definitely become his hubris in no time and so it really happened through his Obaseki choice against every advice and known antecedents of the Obaseki family line.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:20am On Jul 25
9 months after still no commissioners? Indeed he is the best Governor in the whole of Nigeria.
Just leave him. He is still among those yet to see through the smokescreen.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:17am On Jul 25
Come over to Kogi State and see good governance.
I wish Edi could even borrow us Obaseki for just one month, at least the workers would be paid one full salary.

So you want your state to have nearly all her tertiary institutions closed down and staff owed salaries, and that the government operates without a cabinet indefinitely while the governor extorts you through N50,000 per house land use charge and lot other obnoxious policies? You seem to be observing Edo State from afar.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:13am On Jul 25
Ok Obaseki is better than himself & Oshiomole, or who are the APC Governors you are referring to?
You just took it out of my mouth. I don't know which APC he is referring to. The same APC Obaseki left and planning to return to. A product of godfatherism claiming to fight godfatherism while he himself is plotting to become a godfather. That monicker is obviously a comedian.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:10am On Jul 25
From the way things are Going Now
The Oba of Benin Palace might be Revoke if care is not Taken

Agreed that Obaseki is crazy and reckless, but Obaseki's madness will be cured the day he tries nonsense on the palace or the traditional institution. Note that the Oba Palace predates even Nigeria talkless of Edo State Government.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 7:05am On Jul 25
APC is officially dead in Edo State .
You are obviously observing from a long distance. Even PDP in Edo State is no longer in support of Obaseki just that they don't want to voice out so as to avoid the shame of being taunted by the APC. Aren't you aware that Edo PDP has been writing letters to Uche Secondus asking him to take disciplinary actions against Obaseki for causing unending problems in the party? Why do you think Obaseki has not been able to constitue a cabinet now for almost 10 months since his reelection but always diverting attention away from that by demolishing buildings and revoking license of whoever criticizes him even within the PDP? When last did you hear Edo PDP make a public statement in defense of Obaseki's action or even write a rejoinder to criticisms targeted at Obaseki? Go to Benin City right now and you won't need anyone to tell you that even PDP supporters and members in Edo State are in regret mood for accepting Obaseki into their fold.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes Ize-Iyamu's Right Of Occupancy On Property (Photo) by Deadlytruth(m): 6:54am On Jul 25
The biggest mistake Edo people would have made would have been to vote Ize-iyamu as a governor.
That man is an irredeemable thief.
He got that land through dubious means.
Thank God for a governor like Obaseki.

Didn't you see 'right of occupancy' in the story?

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Politics / Re: They Are Dreaming - Clark On IPOB’s Inclusion Of South-South In Biafra by Deadlytruth(m): 11:03pm On Jul 23

Well said.

Like u said, I may not agree with u on some of ur points. Example,

1 am into oil and gas plus marine services, I can tell u vividly that all oil wells belong to the north from ibb till now. The only exception which I may not mention here for obvious reason was when of the leaders (not from ijaw) used two persons from the east and south south to secure some oil wells which has since been revoked. Allocation of oil sells is different from oil well allotment.

Secondly, I know what an ino man is like when not groomed for leadership which pervade every where where u got ur assumption from. Dont forget that the south south themselves are not different(am from south south), some south souths thinks they are more important than the others and more south south than the other. Have u ever heard of any meeting where sout south nation was called and related matter discussed? But, one of the leader will start speaking for every body in the south without proper consultation.

Like I said, am not interested in biafra or the other, my point is, any thing that will break fulani southern enslavement is welcomed
Among the South South people opinions are almost 100 unanimous on what we are agitating for which is restructuring and greater devolution of powers to states and LGAs. And this is the point which most SS figures keep repeating. Do you need to consult a people again when you want to voice out exactly what they have already made themselves very clear about. A South South elder or leader can't be accused of speaking for the SS without consultation as long as all he is doing is to call for resource control by any means and in any language.
Let us use you as an example. You are making a case for an end to Fulani domination here. Can you be accused of speaking for the South without due consultantion knowing fully well that what you are saying is the already established consensus of nearly all Southerners?

Well, be it oil well allocation or allotment, they all carry benefits which all the Wazobian tribes enjoy more than the owners themselves.

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