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Literature / Diary Of A Slim Babe By Obasa Olatunbosun by DejiPlug: 8:22am On Jul 07
That fateful morning, I woke up with a rumbling tummy that bore semblance with that of an impending thunderstorm. I was certain that it was the worms within my visceral walls that caused it and I was furious because I had consumed what the Yoruba call "ebo kanka ti n kagun laya" the previous night. I sat up in bed and I felt dizzy all of a sudden and I had to cover my eyes to regain the balance of my retina.

I managed to get out of my 6 by 6 by 2 mattress, I considered respreading the sheets but the hunger that gripped me convinced me otherwise. I triapsed to the kitchen to the stove only to find an empty pot then I remembered that I had finished a whole 'de rica' of rice the previous night. I rushed to the container of gaari and I opened it and fortunately, I found some gaari in it. I turned the gaari from the container into a bowl and I opened my fridge only to find out that I was out of satchet water.

I swore under my breath and went to the drum where I keep miscellaneous water and took some from it to add to my gaari. On the first spoon I took into my mouth, I felt the muscles in my mouth constrict that I had to grab it momentarily and I remembered the quality that my seller had bragged to me about.
"Se e sure wipe o gbe sha? (Are you sure it is dried?)" I asked as I was buying from her.
"O gbe gan, o tun wa kan. (It is really dry)."
I could not taste it because I was fasting on that day so I took her on her word.

After taking the soaked gaari, I got my senses back, put my breakfast on fire and I could rearrange my room then planned my itinerary for the day. I went to take my bath and I stood at the full length mirror examining my body in front of it. I looked at my body with disdain and anger.

I am a slim girl; scrap that, I am a thin girl or let me say that I am a skinny girl. I weigh less than forty kilograms and I have a 26" waist line. I did not use to be a glutton, in fact I used to be anorexic, I ate probably once in two days and miraculously, I functioned properly.

When I was growing up, my mother used to force me to eat with a cane in hand, a plate in front of me , slow movements of the spoon from the plate to my mouth and a torrent of tears along with mucus from my nose. I had the ambition to be a model, I was willing to attain that dream but it was shattered when I went to a modelling agency and they told me that I didn't have the curves and too skinny. They were telling the truth. I am over six feet tall with the only curves on my body being my joints so I decided to let the proverbial "elephant march my belle" and put flesh around my skeletal frame.

I went on a "see food diet"; I started eating anything I saw, I bought drugs to improve my appetite, I went on a beans-eating binge on prescription by my friends but there was no change except for my glowing skin but " who glowing skin epp?". I wanted flesh on my frame and I wanted the fleshy curves.

I am a student of Mass Communication, majoring in Advertising and PR. I chose the course of study so that I could understand the concept of building and nurturing an image as well as projecting the image. I am also an introvert which is in contrast to what my course requires.

I shook my head in front of the mirror as I saw my frame and an unpleasant smell filled my nostrils bringing me back to earth from my mental hell. I rushed from the bathroom to the kitchen Unclad and saw the whole kitchen filled with dark fumes which made me realize that I had spent a lot of time in the bathroom. I dragged a rag from the plate rack on the table on the left side of my kitchen, dropped the food from the stove with it and braced myself from the disaster that awaited me in the pot.

Nothing could prepare me enough for the disaster that awaited me in the pot. On opening the pot, an array of fumes hit me, temporarily blinding me before I rushed to the kitchen window to slide it open. My hostel mate, Salewa shouted in her sonorous "Yemisi, oloorun iya! You have set the hostel on fire with your burnt offering. If you know you would be sleeping while cooking, you should have stayed in bed."

Salewa has been my neighbor for three years now; right from the onset during our predegree days. She has been my best friend ever since and we decided that we would rent our apartments in the same hostel since we were both aversive to having roommates. Salewa is a rotund girl with big tummy and an inverted krest bottle legs with thighs that brush whenever she walks giving her regular complaints of skin inflammation causing her to apply a large volume of Vaseline and lotion within her thigh region.

We are an oxymoronical match whenever we attend lectures together as she is a direct contrast of me and I want to be a fraction of how big she is while she wants to slim down to an extent. The irony of our cases is that she doesn't eat much and she gets chubbier at any given opportunity while I have refused to get fat after my gourmand binge.

Although I knew in my heart of hearts that the food in the pot was a lost cause, I still wanted to see for myself for reasons I don't know; maybe closure. I paved through the sea of smoke with the cover of the pot which I held with the napkin that I picked and the inside of the cover was already black. When the proverbial sea of smoke had cleared from the pot by the self-professed Moses; me,I saw a disaster.

The inside of the pot had also blackened, the beans in it had also burnt to black and there was no avenue to salvage the situation. I shook my head in pity for myself. I looked up and discovered that my kitchen ceiling had blackened mildly while the burnt smell rented the air (more like acquired the air.)

I was jolted to reality by my ringing phone and it was then that it dawned on me that I was still Unclad. I picked the call and it was my dad telling me that he had transferred some money into my account. I grabbed my padded bra and my pants and put them on. I wiped my itching nose and I could smell the burnt smell on my body. It was so strong that I knee that it would overpower any perfume except I took another bath.

I took off my bra and pant and stepped back into the bathroom to take another bath. I finished bathing and on getting to the clothe I intended to put on, it had also been consumed by the burnt smell. I had no alternative other than change my choice.

I put water in the pot so that it would make the washing easier and I stepped out to go to the market. On getting outside my room, my neighbors hailed me sarcastically "Mummy Prophetess", " Incense burner", "Iya Samuel". All in reference yo the disaster of the burning beans.

I boarded a bus from Iyana-Iba to Iyana-Ipaja to buy sewing materials. The bus, having tattered seats with torn leather and the foam bearing semblance with a bread that had been torn apart by a mad man. I was seated in the seat immediately behind the driver beside a plus-sized woman seated beside a slim man next to the window then a plus sized man came in and sat next to me squeezing me in the middle like ham in the middle of a hamburger.

On settling on the bus, a text came in. It was from my immediate ex; John reading " Yemisi, stop asking me for us to get back, I have moved on, you do the same."

John was someone I thought I could spend the rest of my life with and he also promised to do the same to me. It was this reason that I put up with his scathing remarks about my frame. Breaking up with me, he told me "if I marry you, there is nothing I will enjoy in your body, maybe your good behaviour but what about our kids? Your breasts are similar to that of a girl that just attained puberty so I'm sorry I can't continue this relationship. You're too skinny."

To be very honest, John was the main reason I started my "see food diet" and the first time he noticed my gourmand habit, he quipped "you can't have savings with this your eating habit." It hurt Mr deeply but I took it because I loved him and I refused to see the signs.
"Baba e sun, mo fe joko (old man shift, I want to sit down)." The conductor said in a barritone voice and an alcohol and marijuana filled breath.
"Oju e to wi pe awa merin la joko sori aga abi? (Are you blind to the fact that we are already four seated here?)"
"Anty lepa yen o le gba ayee pupo (the slim lady won't take up much space)."
"Ori e ni o pe (you are stupid) " I shot back "o mo wipe ofe ni mo wo oko (you know I am not paying you a bus fare.)" I added.
Suddenly an "agbero" clung on to the bus asking for "Owo morning" which the conductor responded that he was just making his first trip of the day so he didn't have any money on him yet. Thr "agbero"climbed down.

Suddenly, the plus sized man shifted making me way uncomfortable and the woman on the other side pushed me back in response. The conductor burst into uncontrollable laughter at my situation.
I looked left and right
" e Jo e ba mi sun, mi o raye mi (please adjust, I can't breathe."
" e ma pa anty lepa now (don't kill the slim lady.)"
On getting to a bus stop, a large sized woman flagged down our bus and she boarded with her daughter. The woman was bigger than ten of me combined. On sitting down with her daughter taking another space, the conductor threw a jab
"Iya, Owo eeyan meta le maa san ooo pelu omo yin nitori emi ko ni mo so wipe ki e lo tobi iya ( you're paying for three people including your daughter as I did not send you to be this ridiculously big.)"

Seeing the woman, she exuded affluence and it was not due to her size but her clean skin , her clothes and her accessories. I remembered that I read about her bag in Ovation Magazine costing about eight hundred thousand naira and her Rolex was original as it was gliding not ticking. The woman did not respond. All through the bus ride, the conductor insulted yet. the woman did not say a word in response and as her daughter made to say something, she shushed her.

On getting to the Woman's bus-stop a dramatic scene ensued. On alighting, the woman gave him the fare for two people to which the conductor protested and added another insult about her size. The woman grabbed him by the collar and headbutted him thrice opening a floodgate of blood from his forehead and nose. The driver alighted and attempted to interfere by grabbing her by the arm. Without you turning her head, she sent an elbow that connected with the driver's face and a crunching sound emanated from the hit.

The fight reminded me of my first fight or should I say my first beatdown. I was seven years old and I picked a fight with Chidinma, a girl that was twice my size. She had body shamed me and I slapped her face which I bitterly found out that it had no effect at all. She flung me miles by my hand with just one hand then while I was dusting my body, she ran into me pushing me to the ground before sitting on me and pouring sand in my mouth. Seeing this woman deal with the driver and his conductor made me feel like I was taking revenge against Chidinma.

The incident caused a very long holdup and the drivers from the vehicles in the back alighted to see what was happening only to see a large woman beating up two men like babies.
"Iwo fe wa da si ija abi? Ki lo sele ti oo so fun nigba ti o n fimi tayin? (You want to interfere now. When he was insulting me, why didn't you caution him?)
Out of nowhere, a mob surrounded us and there was a songless anthem from them
" Mama, kilosele (madam, what is the matter?). "
"Olosi ti o fimi diwon iya e nile yii lo n bu mi leebu ara. (Its this stupid idiot that has refused to put me in his mother's shoes that's body shaming me.)"

On hearing that, we heard sounds of slaps connecting with the conductor and driver's faces and necks. It was then that I realized that the mob had turned out for the woman. The mob seized the key to the bus from the driver, asked all the passengers to alight then they asked the woman to get on the bus with her daughter then drove off.

The passengers followed the driver and the conductor so we could collect our changes when everything got settled but personally , I wanted to see how the story ended. On getting to where the bus was parked, the driver and conductor prostrated immediately.

The compound had a duplex wgich from the outside looked like it had eight bedrooms and the open space looked like a car dealership with exquisite cars parked. The woman then narrated that it was her driver that went out without informing her and she opted to drive herself when her arthritis kicked in after driving a distance.

While she was telling her story, my phone rang and on looking at it, it was my customer calling. On picking up, she told me that she would soon be going out. I had no choice but to leave the scene but in the end, I was glad that the conductor met his comeuppance and I learnt a lesson on that day from the woman as she had confidence in her body size so I decided that I will build mine too.

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Celebrities / Love Me Crooner, Ayo Deji Samson Celebrates A Year Older by DejiPlug: 7:57am On Jul 05
Budding gospel sensation and boss of Lighteousness publications, Ayo Deji Adeluola Samson, is enjoying the perks of being a star boy, with encomium showers pouring everywhere as he celebrates a year older today, 5th of July. More popular by his Preazy Preacher persona, Ayo, a graduate of Biochemistry, OAU who is currently observing his mandatory one year national service program released his hit single titled "Love Me" last year and ever since remained a notable figure on the hip Christian scene

Celebrities / Steady Fans: Emmyli Set To Maximize Goodwill by DejiPlug: 7:09am On Jul 05
In anticipation of the Steady EP, fans and well wishers have begun to show enviable solidarity for music genius and BestSiders Records front line act, Emmyli, by promoting his posters on social media while he concludes plans towards a 6th of July release date.

Consisting of four delicious vibes as earlier announced, Emmyli and his team appear with intent to maximize the goodwill of the Steady project, considering an earlier absence from the music scene.

Celebrities / Ozzybee Set To Embark On Journey Of Life by DejiPlug: 6:14am On Jul 05
The management team of talented child sensation, Oziomachukwu Mojekwu, appear geared up for the unveiling of his debut album, Journey of Life, slated for 6th of July and asides the unending professional support from top celebrities, more corporate and industry titans have also pledged their support for the most consistent child star in Africa.

Projected to be a 12 track EP to catapult the young entertainer to greater heights, Journey of Life, which includes a few familiar tunes would be convening heavyweights from major sectors within and outside the country to commemorate the special occasion.

#journeyoflife #OzzybeeAlbum #LagosShutDownEvent #Entertainment #StarBoyOzzybee #SmileAgainCrooner #OzzybeeJourneyofLife #Celebrities #WorldRecordEvent

Events / 6th July: Join Like Minds At The Zero 2 Hero Conference 3.0 by DejiPlug: 5:29am On Jul 05
The Nigerian Youth has often been described as the Demographic Dividend of the nation. This is due, among other things, to its huge population and innovative capacity but obvious challenges are bedevilling that huge population as well. Unemployment, lack of education, drug abuse, etc. are just handful of the numerous.

Will this youthful population fulfill its destiny as 'the Demographic Dividend' or will it fail roundly disappoint to become 'the Demographic Disaster'?

Join us, let's discuss and proffer solutions to the multifaceted challenges of the Nigerian Youth.

Click to Register


Venue: Sentinel Center, 13A Ikorodu road, opp. BRT bus-stop, Maryland, Lagos
Date: 6th July 2019
Time: 9am

Celebrities / We Go Through So Much Trauma Everyday- Miami Singer, Lyriq Tye by DejiPlug: 5:13am On Jul 05
Monday, 3PM, Nigerian time was again fun galore on veteran broadcaster, Ife Ajagbe's Instagram profile during her weekly Celeb Stopover show which featured Miami based singer, Lyriq Tye and Ife locked in a friendly chat which eventually led to disclosing unusually relatable incidences, enough to endear the budding entrepreneur/singer to any intelligent mind across the world.

Constantly maximising her wits so as to keep up with Ife during the live chat, a remarkably hilarious highlight was Lyriq's epic comment about Black people and therapists after admitting to having one (especially after terrible experiences with music managers and subsequent incarceration); that Black people really don't need to go see a therapist. "See black people, we go through so much trauma everyday that most people don't know we are acting out of the trauma". Lyriq also sided with independent artistes saying "Record Labels are Overrated and they control you till you lose your individuality".

Watch to Learn More about


Hood Sermon
Lyriq's African origin and her hesitation to visit origins
Lyriq Tye's age
Music distribution channels
Lyriq's Pretty face without Shades on

Celebrities / Celeb Stopover: Lagos To Miami With Lyriq Tye At 3PM by DejiPlug: 7:25am On Jul 01
After a brief hiatus on operations, last week veteran broadcaster, Ife Ajagbe returned with what has been described as the renewed and revised Celeb Stopover; via a live Instagram video chat where she first featured New York vocalist, Marco Foster.

Coinciding with her birthday, the interview session with the New York based recording artiste lasted about 25 minutes (3pm Nigerian/ 10am New York) and featured several insights such as how his record deal came about, distribution channels, approach to music and age amongst other relevant questions

Not a big fan of Instagram or you simply forgot to join Marco Foster and me on #CelebStopover at 3PM on Monday? I've got you. Get updated here.


Today's guest on this week's episode of Celeb Stopover is another American phenomenon, Lyriq Tye from Miami.
Remember to subscribe so that you would get a notification when the interview with Lyriq Tye comes up.

Celebrities / MC JP Toasts Stakeholders For Exploits 5.0, Trends On IG by DejiPlug: 12:36pm On Jun 26
Popular host of Laffta Current and CEO of Great JP Entertainment, Lucky Okorode, has begun warming up to credible sponsors and potential investors over preparations concerning his 5th annual Exploits music -comedy series coming up this October.

Having successfully convened prominent personalities on his Exploits series especially during the last Laffta Current where he featured Baba K of Wazobia FM, MC Ojemba, Laff Doctor and other funny comedians, MC JP, as Lucky is fondly addressed recently hosted a committee of progress oriented partners to announce commencement of activities for this year's edition of Exploits. Also releasing an appreciation montage on Splufik Nigerians, MC JP and friends appreciated past benefactors and wooed them for another round of progress.

The committee currently includes actress/ hostess Miss Temitope Olaniyi, Passion Branding Company CEO, Mr. Kingsley Ugorji, Deji Obasa of Plug Nation Promotions and Mr Fadulu Temitope, CEO of Top Notch pictures.


Celebrities / Emmyli Introduces Steady Vibes Under BSR, For The Fans. by DejiPlug: 4:33am On Jun 24
BestSiders Records (BSR) front liner and sound engineer, EmmyLi aka Omokogi, has announced his return to mainstream music with a forthcoming EP, titled Steady which he promises will be a delightful package for lovers of good music.

Speaking on the the recent development, EmmyLi, while discussing his prolonged absence also promised fans that the Steady EP (consisting of 4 inspiring tunes) would definitely be worth the wait given the collective time, resources and energy put into it by himself and team. "Well for months, my team and I have been busy working on my project in the studio to ensure I give fans something worth the wait. Now am back with a big project and this time, not just a single but an EP #Steady, to show my appreciation for their support and let them know am still here to give them melodies they deserve."

Celebrities / Lagos- New York. Celeb Stopover Special With Marco Foster @ 3PM by DejiPlug: 3:33am On Jun 24
For those wondering how to join in the livestream of #CelebStopover today @ 3PM, all you need to do is,

* Follow @IfeAjagbe on Instagram so that you get a notification when the live stream starts.


* Set an alarm for 3PM on Monday so that you can visit her wall and click on profile picture to be part of the show. �

It's going to be fun cos you get to ask Marco Foster a question or more and if you ask nicely, Ife might just put you on the screen too. �

Oh, and if you are among the 1st 10 to join the conversation and stay till the end (25 minutes), you get your data back. �


Happy Birthday Radio Queen Ife Ajagbe

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Celebrities / Radio Queen Poised For June 24th Celeb Stopover, American Superstar Confirm by DejiPlug: 1:36am On Jun 11
Finally getting the rightly deserved recognition as a first class broadcaster, Nigerian media sensation and radio queen, Ife Ajagbe, has many reasons to be thankful this year; considering her growing fan base and the euphoria associated with hosting international superstar, Marco Foster on Celeb Stopover Unscripted, to celebrate her forthcoming June 24th birthday.

Adding a short viral from Marco Foster himself specially addressing his Nigerian audience and general viewers, the Sony Music recording artiste also confirmed he would be answering all questions posed to him during the Unscripted session with Ife.




Celebrities / Ebonyi State Na Our Own LONDON- Moments From Swearing In. by DejiPlug: 7:47am On Jun 08
Video footage edited from the Ebonyi State Governor's Swearing -in Ceremony; especially moments child star, OzzyBee humbly dedicated his latest track, EBONYI OMA to big Daddy, H.E. Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi, while professing his love for the Salt of the nation. Also, being a Chief himself, Ozzybee's fully traditional attire briefly turned heads at the special occasion.

Thanking the good people of Ebonyi State for their hospitality, OzzyBee's truly humbled as the team returns all Glory to Father GOD.


Celebrities / All Stars Street Awareness/ Live Concert, Item G Selected by DejiPlug: 4:02pm On Jun 04
Wednesday, June 5, promises to be interactive and memorable for keen entertainment enthusiasts within the Iju environs as GTMF Entertainment, in collaboration with different progress oriented platforms will be hosting a crowd of all stars for the Street Awareness, Live Concert programme, scheduled to begin by 3PM at the 203 Venue, Lonlo Bus stop and expected to run till 10PM

Joining the tons of talents lined up to spark the day is Item G, whose recent Kilimanjaro vibes is fast gaining trend and becoming a street anthem.


Art, Graphics & Video / Retouch Toons Now Offering Discount Prices On Services by DejiPlug: 7:13am On Jun 03
New generation Cartoons and Branding company, Retouch Toons Concept is offering up to 50% discount on their variety of services which is expected to last through the month of June in the company's bid to celebrate the first half of the year.

With general and screen printing included in the array of services rendered, Retouch Toons is also accepting students and interested partners to develop and also assist in the journey towards attaining progress.

+234 708 875 9795

Music/Radio / Get Your Business Across To Over 1million Potential Clients by DejiPlug: 7:23am On Jun 02
Get your business known by over 1.5 million people on the #KennisBusinessNews which is always aired at 7.30AM from Monday till Friday. This show is exclusive to Kennis 104.1 FM. The super extra juice is that besides reaching potential customers in Lagos and its environs, we can help you reach more people in Nigeria and beyond because we stream live via www.kennis104fm.com .

As a personal gift from radio queen Ife Ajagbe, She is including a sponsored ad (Facebook or Instagram) of the video that shows her reading your gist on radio just like the link below, at no extra cost.

Meanwhile, getting your business on the news bulletin would cost you only #25,000 (the best price in the market). Call or WhatsApp 0706 364 2406. �


Celebrities / Kilimanjaro Receives Positive Reception As Numbers Increases by DejiPlug: 1:37am On May 30
Following the path of street jam kings and largely inspired by the Shakushaku trend, fast rising music star, Item Gizzle finally drops his much anticipated Kilimanjaro single http://www.naijapals.com/music/Kilimanjaro_Item_G-95993 for the streets to vibe on.

Packaged by Real Music Entertainment in conjunction with Plug Promotions, Kilimanjaro's positive reception is definitely proving to be a calculated step for the independent artist who aspires to hit the limelight in 2019


Celebrities / Dr. BM Rufai At 65: Nigeria Celebrates Prominent Orthopedic Surgeon by DejiPlug: 12:07am On May 24
Today, Friday, 24th of May 2019, all celebratory roads lead to Titilope Medical Centre, the fully equipped Orthopedic Clinic completely owned by Dr. Bashiru Mabinuori Rufai, whose private practice is grounded within the Okoro Quarters axis of Ile- Ife, Osun State, as family, friends and many well wishers join the respected orthopedic veteran in celebrating his 65th birthday amidst pomp and tributes.

A former student at Obafemi Awolowo University, coupled with decades of practice; including 29 years spent at OAU Teaching Hospital before retiring as a Departmental Head (Accident and Emergency) at age 60, the discreet Idimu Royal Prince has successfully risen to be one of the nation's most sought after medical practitioner, given his professionalism, commendable success rate and intense versatility in all fields of life. Also, being a Teacher, Father and Mentor who continues to impact positively on everyone in various capacities, it is imperative to especially recognize his zeal towards influencing humanity amongst tons of principles exuded by the Bone Doctor whose clientele cuts across the super elites and less privileged alike.

IG: @mabinuorirufai

08037115972- Titilope Medical Center Hotline.

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Celebrities / Join The Radio Queen On Her Broadcast Classes by DejiPlug: 7:07pm On May 19
Are you a presenter without a platform (Radio/TV) to showcase your skills? Are you aware that you can start making money off your skill even before you get your preferred media job? This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. In a very practical online class, Ife Ajagbe will be showing you how to monetize your skills (especially your original discipline).

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019
Time: 8.00AM (Broadcast time �)
Venue : WhatsApp

This training costs only #3500. Call Lady Gwen on 0905 628 8407 or send an email to duchessgwenn@gmail.com to register today.
There are only 10 spaces left so hurry.

Celebrities / Item Gizzle Set To Bring On Kilimanjaro Vibes By May 27 by DejiPlug: 6:55pm On May 19
Usually inspired by unique beats, fast rising music star, Item Gizzle finally succumbs to the Shaku Shaku trend, as he is currently set to deliver a unique rebranding of the street groove with Kilimanjaro, his soon to be released single

Describing the project as a challenging one; as he had to record 5 times given his intent to be unique in delivery, Item G is positive about the reception which awaits the song when it drops a week from today, May 27. "So much story behind this jam, I actually recorded 5 times before I became satisfied, all in all, I just give thanks to God that my studio session was not eventually wasted". He quipped

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Celebrities / The American Dream Is Achievable - US Singer, Jameel Zion by DejiPlug: 6:43pm On May 19
Straight from Boston Massachusetts, USA, and fortified by the mindset that the much coveted American Dream is achievable by everybody willing to harness the powers within them, rising music prodigy Jameel Zion, is the proud leader of a global campaign that challenges the world to embrace the journey towards reaching the apex of the mind, which in turn breaks mental barriers.

With two mainstream releases in 2018 titled Tiger's Eye and One Seater, Jameel whose name also implies boundless, has his musical roots stemming way back from childhood and through music, continues to awaken the inner warrior while challenging listeners crankiest thoughts. "Within our minds, a world of pure imagination, boundless dreams, divine hope, demonic thought patterns, unshakeable faith and creative ingenuity remains suppressed except for a few who embark on "that Journey between Today and Destiny" a process he describes as "Six Degrees of Separation"

With his music steady generating buzz in Europe; currently earning over 20,000 digital streams monthly), the enlightened singer and owner of the J Z business franchise, which stretches across Music, Merchandising and Technology has been dubbed by keen observers as the New Age Millennium Dream Chaser


Events / Ongoing Live At The Trek Africa Entrepreneurship Conference 2019 by DejiPlug: 11:36am On May 15
Today Wednesday, 15th May, all roads leads to the 4th edition of the prestigious Trek Africa Entrepreneurship Conference, themed "From Poverty Capital to Prosperity Capital" which is currently live at Presken Hotel, Off Alade avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

With several distinguished and productive Nigerians already registered for the annual elites affair, including esteemed sponsors, Tomisin Ojo of MITV continues to hold the interactive crowd agog while other guests continue to troop in en masse to grab their bite of the elites national cake

Music/Radio / Presenters Without Platform, Make Money Off Your Skills- Ife Ajagbe by DejiPlug: 9:00am On May 14
Are you a presenter without a platform (Radio/TV) to showcase your skills? Are you aware that you can start making money off your skill even before you get your preferred media job? This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. In a very practical online class, renowned broadcaster and host of Celeb Stopover, Ife Ajagbe will be showing you how to monetize your skills (especially your original discipline).

Date: Saturday, May 25, 2019
Time: 8.00AM (Broadcast time �)
Venue : WhatsApp

This training costs only #3500. Call Lady Gwen on 0905 628 8407 or send an email to duchessgwenn@gmail.com to register today.
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Politics / Trek Africa Recognizes The Quintessential Oluranti Idiat Adebule by DejiPlug: 11:48am On May 11
By Oki Samson and Deji Obasa.

A worthy role model for African women...

More work, as the saying goes, is the reward for good work and with the giant strides taken by Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Her Excellency, Dr. Idiat Oluranti Adebule, since coming under public reckoning in 2005, her career as a public servant will definitely not lose any momentum, even after leaving the Deputy Governor's office come 29th of May 2019.

Surpassing all expectations, the graceful politician continues to receive commendations from political observers home and abroad for selfless contributions as the number 2 citizen of Nigeria's commercial hub; a position which she handles with intellectual insight and empathy, most remarkable was during her yeoman stint as Commissioner of Education where she introduced far reaching policies and programmes including the regularisation of the academic calendar across schools in both sectors within the state.

The Lagos success story isn’t always complete without a few highlights of the imprints of Dr. Idiat Adebule, whose creative influence in different administrations has enhanced public servants demeanor to service. Distinguished for her utmost humility and piety as a wife whose endearing maternal instincts extends to empowering the less privileged, it is imperative to note that despite her usually hectic schedules, Oluranti also embraces the heritage of a cultured Muslim African woman who constantly admonishes errant youths to lead a lifestyle dedicated to God.

Celebrities / KEO Hub Chairman, Ezechinyere Continues Instagram Giveaway, Fans Appreciate by DejiPlug: 4:15pm On May 10
Port Harcourt big boy and Chairman, Keo Group of Companies, EzeChinyere Keojimi, rides on in his benevolent acts of plastering smiles on the faces of followers through magnanimity on Instagram, including giveaways and reduced promotion costs.

The illustrious businessman with a portfolio stretching across Real Estate, Marketing and Entertainment also continues to push for progress amidst tons of prayers from beneficiaries while He enjoys steady growth within the big leagues.

Celebrities / Birthday Tributes Still Pouring In For Poppytail Crooner, Kolasoul. by DejiPlug: 9:21pm On May 08
Days after May 6, birthday tributes haven't ceased to pour in for naijas versatile RnBaby Maker, KolaSoul, while his recent groovy Poppy tail jam continues to enjoy airplay.

Born Kolawole Ogunwunmi, the corporate and music genius, widely renowned in high society for his benevolence had celebrated his special day with a cranky thanksgiving post on social media amidst the tons of birthday wishes that still continues to pour in.


Celebrities / Instagram Make-up Lover Laylanhiemua, Steady Becoming A Sensation by DejiPlug: 2:35pm On May 05
Judging by impressive number of views and commendations, (fully owing to creativity expressed during her make-up tutorials on Instagram) its imperative to recognize US based make-up expert, Laylanhiemua as a promising figure in the international beauty world.

Although it's unclear what the pretty plus sized beautician and host of social creatives has outlined for the year, but followers continue to enjoy her bedazzling shots on Instagram.


Events / Adebule, Folawiyo, Sijibomi Others To Mentor Youths At TAEC 2019 by DejiPlug: 3:56am On May 05
Deputy Governor of Lagos state, Dr. Idiat Adebule, Managing Director Yinka Folawiyo Group, Mr. Tunde Folawiyo and Chief Executive Officer, Sujimoto Group, Mr. Sijibomi Ogundele are among distinguished guests expected to grace the 4th edition of Trek Africa Entrepreneurship Conference and Exhibition (TAEC) 2019.

According to TAEC Project Director, Oki Samson, the theme for this year event is: ‘From Poverty Capital to Prosperity Capital: Entrepreneurship and innovation as key drivers of economic Transformation’ and it is scheduled to hold on 15th May, 2019 at Presken Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.

He added that the essence of organizing the event is aimed at creating sustainable jobs and wealth creation while identifying the role of entrepreneurs in national development
Specifically, he stated that the programme also aims to change the narrative about Nigeria as the poverty capital of the world.

According to him In a recent survey, Nigeria has overtaken India as the poverty capital of the world. The survey reported that Nigerians live below the extreme poverty benchmark. This is in spite of the nation’s abundant resources.
He added that about of 800 aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers are expected at the programme.

Other guests expected at the programme are: GMD ZGM Investment Group, Dr. Onas Abbey, MD Nigeria Railway Corporation, Engr Fidet Okhiria, Founder, HIIMA International Education Network, Dr. Nike Agunbiade-Etiebet, President, Medallion Communications, Mr. Ikechukwu Nnamani, CEO Abeni Alaso Oge, Mrs. Bola Omotayo, MD Smithcrown Nigeria Ltd, Chris Agbede and1st Vice President National Association of Mico finance Banks, Mr. Yusuf Gyallesu.

Courtesy: PlugHQ

Celebrities / Pidgin Radio Boss, Ovie Osalue Celebrates +1, Gives Thanks by DejiPlug: 11:23am On May 04
Today Saturday May 4 2019, Veteran music broadcaster, Ovie Osalue, and distinguished CEO of Africa's fastest growing online music channel, Pidgin Radio, celebrates a year older amidst tributes pouring in from industry colleagues.

Associated with several bigwigs on the entertainment and social scene, the humble media entrepreneur began his celebration with a special thanksgiving writeup on social media.

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Technology Market / Computer Village And The Iyaloja Saga- Firstsonar by DejiPlug: 11:59am On May 02

By Sunday Imonah.

We visited Ikeja on Tuesday April 30th, to get a change of parts for a client and friend when we noticed some unusual activities at the popular international computer/tech market at Ikeja.

People were moving around with placards and many shops were closed, people standing about and unsuspecting shoppers just milling about. The few open shops had gloomy attendants and placards in front, they were not attending to anyone.

We asked around to know what was going on and a trader by the name Victor was kind enough to inform us that the government was planning to impose an "Iyaoloja" and a "Babaoloja" on them, that's why they were protesting because they do not need such and that it made no sense.

We also noticed media presence in the market, specifically that of News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) amongst others. The traders had addressed the press saying that Computer Village was an international market that did not need such imposition.

We found a convenient spot at a customer's shop to sit where we listened to traders discussing the incident and other related issues around the case. We also notice other media representatives speaking with various people to gather more reactions for their report.

I made some notes and we eventually left the market, unable to achieve what we came for that morning.

Still on the matter, apparently one Mr Wasiu Agbaje, who is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) Engineer, had told the press that Computer Village as a hub was not like the regular markets where such "Iyaoloja" office should be imposed.

NAN reported that Mr Wasiu Agbaje went on to say that installing such would undermine the hub because there was no correlation between technology and Iyaoloja.

“What does the Iyaoloja and Babaloja have to offer in Computer Village, what value are they going to add to the hub and what technological innovations are they bringing?

The computer village is not like any other street market where pepper and other things are sold. “It is an international technological hub and it should be treated as such,” he had said.

Others who also spoke to NAN, said that the computer village was an international market and should be treated as such. They appeared concerned that the intention to install an Iyaoloja would undermine the position of computer village internationally as the biggest technological hub in West Africa.

There are also worries of contradiction of what the hub was known for as well as breach the peace there because it was not a regular market.

It was quite clear that the traders didn't want the imposition, they all seemed to have spoken with one voice. I later placed a call to a friend who works there to find out if things were back to normal but she said only partially as there were talks of legal action from the market association.

My concern at this point are these;

1. What is the essence of the Iyaoloja and Babaoloja offices in a market that already has its own unique leadership and structure?

2. What would be the fate of the former market leadership? Would they be removed, dissolved or rendered less relevant?

3. What would be the levy implications? Would the traders begin to pay additional levies to maintain that office of the new Iyaoloja?

4. Would this not lead to conflict as it might be seen as an attempt to politicize the nature of the market?

5. How would this speak from a tribal perspective? The former leadership is mixed but the Iyaoloja office would be suggesting a strictly South Western affair... Does this speak well of our diversity?

The questions are many and need urgent answers.

What are your thoughts?

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