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Politics / Re: Yoruba's Sons & Daughters Whose Mothers Ar Frm Igbo Land Stand With Peter Obi by delpee(f): 2:05pm On Jan 28

Hardly date outside indeed.i have dated more than 10 Yoruba girls.
I have lived in ib and no man's land Lagos.
The truth is afonja girls are actually the least sort after southern girls.they are the lowest in heirachy.and that is the. Truth.

Yet many prominent Igbos are married to Yoruba ladies including the likes of Chief Emeka Anyaoku, late Professor Ike and many more.

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Politics / Re: Supporters Excited As Oyetola Returns To Osun After Tribunal Judgement (Video) by delpee(f): 12:54pm On Jan 28
The kind of Government we have sef….
So He basically doesn’t live in Osun, He just went there to become Governor… it means he isn’t really part of them… so most likely he does not understand the problem.
Same as the Dancing governor, He doesn’t live there… for this guys it’s about their personal career and achievements… them no send average citizens.
Same as all our Senators that lives in Abuja and Lagos while representing Ekiti west or Abia East.

The Senator and Governor in Lagos can live there simply because FG has developed the city….
FG has only develop 2 cities so far… ABJ and LAG.
That’s why even Peter Obi lives in Lagos, go and check your ex governors and senators 85% of them lives in Lagos and ABJ.

N.B : FG single handedly built Lagos, the APC governors have just been managing it, sadly they did a poor job managing this beautiful state…. Fashola exclusive.

Governor Oyetola also lived in Lagos before his election.

FG developed the former Federal Territory comprising of VI, Ikoyi, Apapa Wharf and parts of Surulere/Yaba axis on the mainland. Every other part of Lagos starting from the Fadeyi area belonged to and was developed by the former Western Nigeria government led by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.


Politics / Re: Osun Tribunal: What The Law Says In Case Of Over Voting (picture) by delpee(f): 12:01am On Jan 28

Section 136 subsection 3 States that a tribunal can declare a winner after deduction.the section you quoted applies to inec

Hmmm! 700 polling units appears significant though. Shouldn't there be consideration for a rerun in those polling units?
Politics / Re: Osun Tribunal: What The Law Says In Case Of Over Voting (picture) by delpee(f): 11:58pm On Jan 27
The lead judgment of the Osun Tribunal was hinged on over voting.

But what did the 2022 Electoral Act say about over voting?

Read the provision of the Electoral Act on over voting as captured in section 51 and decide for yourself if justice was truly served in Osun or not.


Thanks for this. Most enlightening.
Politics / Re: Lagos Was A Super Slum Until Tinubu Became Governor - Shettima (Video) by delpee(f): 11:56pm On Jan 27

Chia I know the feeling since Igbo people don buy una land for Lagos finish .. e remain make you sell your papa burial ground fool . Don’t worry we will leave a small place at the backyard so your sister will give birth . FOOL

All land purchases in Lagos are leasehold.
Politics / Re: Gboyega Oyetola Declared Winner Of Osun Election By Election Petition Tribunal by delpee(f): 10:09pm On Jan 27
Hopefully, the upcoming elections into NASS and State House of Assembly will show which party is more popular in the State.
Crime / Re: Four Nigerians Arrested In Cyprus For Running Prostitution Ring by delpee(f): 9:48pm On Jan 26
They are being treated this way because they are Nigerians. Asuming they were white, they wouldn't have arrested them.
Prostitution has been happening even in the days of the Bible. These Cyprus people should rest abeg! Mtcheeeww!

Must someone be trafficked for prostitution against her wish? So disgraceful that anyone sees nothing wrong with the situation of "OA".
Politics / Re: President Buhari Commissions John Randle Centre For Yoruba Culture In Lagos by delpee(f): 9:44pm On Jan 24

For people wondering what the swimming pool is doing there , John Randle is a name associated with swimming i believe.

There used to be a swimming competition for kids that bore his name

Yes. The demolished property belonged to Late John Randle and he had a swimming pool there.

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Properties / Re: What Kind Of House Can I Build With 3m by delpee(f): 11:45am On Jan 24
this is it

Palm tree or bamboo?


Politics / Re: Lagos Was A Super Slum Until Tinubu Became Governor - Shettima (Video) by delpee(f): 12:51am On Jan 24
Story! That's for those who didn't reside in Lagos before 1999. The most annoying thing is that we had water flowing from taps at home and public taps on the streets before then. All the mini waterworks built by Jakande seem to be non functional now. It's either boreholes or mairuwa all the way.

Ikeja, Ilupeju etc and all the industrial estates were built in the era of Awolowo. The former Western Region started from Fadeyi on Ikorodu Road. The seat of government was on the Island extending only to Yaba and Surulere. Lagos had decent places to live in not slums.

Lekki exists today because Jakande built the road to Epe which was hitherto only accessible through Ikorodu/Ijebu axis. Most of the major institutions and agencies were built by LKJ apart from his truly low cost housing and masses oriented transportation system.

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Family / Re: After Being Single For Soo Long, Im Now Scared Of Getting Married. Please Help!! by delpee(f): 12:28am On Jan 24

Will it change anything? Ive grown so thick in this mindset. Marriage Is now like intrusion or even insurrection in my life or maybe how I now see it.

You need to work on your mind. Your current state is based on what what you have thought is right over the years and adjusted to. You can reprogram your mind if you so wish.
Family / Re: After Being Single For Soo Long, Im Now Scared Of Getting Married. Please Help!! by delpee(f): 12:24am On Jan 24

Our Thoughts Become our Reality, it's what you feed your thoughts about everything that paralyses your action leading to inaction.

You're absolutely right! Our deep thoughts tend to manifest in our lives. That's why the Bible says we should think about good things (positive thoughts) always.
Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by delpee(f): 12:18am On Jan 24

Not long ago, I stumbled on a discussion in relation to how some women abandon their husbands at advanced ages and pitch their tents with their children under the guise of helping them to nurse their (children's) children. In some other cases, the men have been abandoned at old age by their wives because they felt it was 'pay back time' for unforgivable sins allegedly committed by the old man when he was younger. Such sins don't necessarily have anything to do with infidelity or taking a younger wife, but it's enough if the wife and the children all concluded he was too harsh with (or to) them when the marriage was younger or the children were growing up. They carefully elect to wait until the old man has retired and needs the company of his wife and the affection of the children most before they embark on a revenge mission!

In most, if not all, cases, the man must have worked day and night towards the physical, economic, and educational advancement of the family, most especially the children when they were growing up. Ironically, but for what the children now label as 'high-handedness', most, if not all, of them would have ended up as wayward children and unable to make anything worthwhile out of their lives. But they don't appreciate that!

The most painful part of it is that, the wife it was who used to obtain the children's submission to her 'dictations' by mentioning their Daddy's name each time they tended towards obstinacy! 'Your daddy is coming', 'your daddy will soon come', 'if you don't listen to me, I will report you to your daddy when he comes back', and so on. Expectedly, the children would not like to incur the wrath of their daddy, hence, they will 'maintain'! Where the children refused to listen to the mother and she was constrained to report them to the father, the father's reaction by way of punishment is what is now being used against the man as being too high-handed.

Another reason for the children's resentment towards their father is the mistaken impression that the father never contributed towards their education. While this can be true in some extreme cases where the father is irredeemably irresponsible, the truth is that in most other cases, because the father had to pursue money most of the time, he would give money for school fees and upkeep to the wife to go and settle whilst he goes 'hustling'. These facts are usually unknown to the children and the mother never told them it was their father who provided the money. Such children would later grow up and rebel against the father for his 'irresponsible' behaviours when they were growing up!

It will amount to over-generalisation to conclude that all women and children do this. Far from it! Recently, I was discussing with a former colleague in one of the banks where I previously worked. She told me that she was outside the country with Daddy. What for? One of their children just gave birth and both of them had travelled abroad to 'baby sit'! I think that's how it should be unless the old man elects not to travel!

Even in very extreme cases where the man had been beastly during the 'sinning' period, why should the woman wait until the husband's old age to 'pay him back'? Why not call it a day with the relationship when the man could still have been able to find someone with compatible behavioural patterns?

What Shall Men Do?

In the first place, a man must learn to be responsible and responsive in matrimonial homes! He must be actively involved in the children's affairs! Where some roles have been delegated to the mother, he should let the children be aware!

Second, no father must allow the woman to surreptitiously turn him into a masquerade in the estimation of the children. That you went out and you're returning home should be something that your children are looking forward to. If you continue to allow yourself to be portrayed as the family masquerade, in your old age you will definitely pay for it.

Furthermore, as a father, learn to correct your children in and with love. Let them know the reason a particular course of punishment was administered. Whatever level of punishment to be administered must be commensurate to the act of misdemeanour! Just like the Yorubas would say: 'Abéré ò gbudò sonù, ká lo gbé Ṣàngó síta'! Let the punishment fit the offence!

Finally, fathers must learn to provide for any 'incasity' at old age! In other words, learn not to eat with both hands. If you haven't been doing that before, start saving for the rainy day (old age) today. If your spouse and children decide to be supportive at old age, all well and good, but if it turns out to be otherwise, there will be no regrets. Times are changing fast too! The children also have their own lives to live. If anything comes from them to the parents at old age, fine, otherwise try and be prepared! Whatever you have as savings would eventually go to them upon your inevitable departure anyway. No parent knows the art of raising or bringing up children. Only God does!

This battle of mother and children in relation to men, in most cases, is a lost battle for men. You cannot win it. The most deceptive belief a man can have is to think that he knows everything that goes on under his roof. This is because there's usually a lot of 'Má jé kí Daddy ẹ ó mò tàbí gbó o' in all homes! In other words, 'don't let your daddy know or hear that o'! This usually exists between the mother and the children to the exclusion of the father! They understandably spend more time together than men do, no matter how hard the fathers try! I think it's unconscionable for any woman to 'conspire' with the children to dub her husband a devil after using him as a tool to train the children to achieve greatness! God bless our homes, Amen!

Caleb Arogundade

Good write up based on experience it seems!

Mostly true but it's not a lost battle. Both men and women need a new orientation. The ways of the past won't work with today's generation who tend to overreact to every situation.

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Family / Re: Why Are Some Men Abandoned By Their Wives and Children At The Old Age? by delpee(f): 11:49pm On Jan 23
Men need to spend more time with their kids. It creates a bond that no mother can break. I was close to my dad till he died. Nothing could have changed that even as he wasn't a perfect human being. No one is. Despite his busy schedule, he always created time to relate with us at home and during outings. He had personal files for each of us to monitor our progress and proffer advice or discuss problems as they arise. He paid the bills mostly through our mother who never denied same. Of course, our mum supported him as much as she could. He also never pretended that he was the sole financier.

However, men who honor side chicks while allowing their wives and children to suffer should plan for and expect anything. You can't have the love and respect of your family when you're paying the bills of mistresses and denying your family love and care. It's too emotionally, financially and physically tasking for a woman living under that condition. Of course the children see things oftentimes without being told.

Mothers should let their children show gratitude and respect their fathers. It's actually a spiritually rewarding thing for them. Hiding the fact that a father pays the bills (if he does) is grossly unfair. He loses the respect of the children while sacrificing so much for them. Mothers should separate issues between them and their husbands from the relationship between him and his children. They are two different things. It's never wise to use the children to fight battles between couples. It's probably one of the reasons why we have so many dysfunctional children these days.

A mother's attitude and actions has a great impact. Don't tell your children stories that will make them hate their father. If you feel terribly disenchanted, it's better to leave than to wait for revenge. It's a waste of valuable time and most unhealthy. Bitterness is a slow poison, avoid it.

Above all, both men and women should save towards their old age. A mix of investments makes it easy to have access to funds at all times. Even when the children are willing to do their bit, circumstances may make things difficult e.g. ill health that requires a lot of funds to manage. Whatever the child can provide should not be the main income source. Over dependence could hamper the child's progress too.

As Yorubas say, a jere omo. On the other hand, a ni woju omo ka to jeun. Amin (We'll reap from our children but we won't have to wait on them to be fed.)

God help us all.

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Properties / Re: Tallest Building In Anambra State Abandoned (Video, Pictures) by delpee(f): 3:52pm On Jan 23

Ask anyone from his village,they will confirm it.

The man is a nice man,but according to his kinsmen the problem is that he's an OSU.

Na wa! Discrimination within a tribe is outrageous and ridiculous. I thought this was a thing of the past.
Politics / Re: OBIdients Arrange Buses For Students Across The Country To Pick Up Their PVCs by delpee(f): 8:16pm On Jan 21
Great move! I've wondered about how students who registered at home while ASUU will get their PVCs. I pray this works out. The younger generation must make a choice to secure their future. Get involved in politics. We need to move this nation forward. You own the future. Nigeria was a great nation. It's not too late to restore it to those glorious years. Focus on how to build a new restructured and powerful nation in all ways. The labors of our heroes past shall not be in vain.
God bless you all.

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Politics / Re: Chatham House And Nigeria’s Growing Cultural Cringe By Farooq Kperogi by delpee(f): 8:02pm On Jan 21
Years ago, the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) was active and made a huge impact on the political space. That agency, NIPSS and Centre for Democratic Studies would have been better places to host the Presidential aspirants so they can talk to us, the PVC holders.

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Family / Re: Mum Rejects Car Gift From Son, Questions His Source Of Wealth (Pix, Video) by delpee(f): 7:39pm On Jan 21
There is only one of this virtuous woman left in Heaven and Earth, the last one before this woman was Holy Mary the Mother of Christ

My mum is like this. Same with me. Those are the values we grew up with. The essence of being an omoluabi. Great pity that many have lost our sense of good values. Ise logun ise... Iwalewa
Family / Re: Mum Rejects Car Gift From Son, Questions His Source Of Wealth (Pix, Video) by delpee(f): 7:29pm On Jan 21
This is an old school mum. You're not allowed to bring home what is not legitimately earned. That's the true Nigerian culture. The fact that there's so much laxity and greed now doesn't mean some people don't still have our old value system at heart.

Even if it's legitimate income, what the woman needs for now is probably not a car. Expanding her business or making her life more comfortable would have been more appropriate.
Politics / Re: Inside Ilu Aje, A Ghost Village In Oyo, Where Money Has No Value. by delpee(f): 6:02pm On Jan 19
I wonder what people gain from all this lies just to score cheap points.

Few years ago, I personally employed 3 guys in their late 20s from this said town working in my animal farm at ilora just 50 naira bike from ilu aje.
Ilora that the Op called bankless is just 5 minutes drive from Oyo town and most of its houses almost mixing up with oyo because they share boundary.
Now farm produce that they export from ilora weekly can feed the whole oyo state and that town is blessed with several multi millionaires and off course electricity, market, good houses and big churches (85% are Christian)
Now ilu aje is notoriously known for their JuJu practice so most of their youth stylishly claim ilora instead and reside there and oyo town because of civilization.
There's nothing you want in Oyo town that's not available or what do you expect from a place that have 5 higher institutions, a first class king and historical legacy.

Thanks for this clarification. I was beginning to wonder how this was allowed to happen in a place that is not so remote. They need to check themselves. Perhaps some spiritual cleansing too so that whatever the government or philanthropists decide to do there will truly make a difference.

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Health / Re: Nigerian Man Mourns As His Wife Dies 11 Days After Their Wedding (Photos) by delpee(f): 5:57pm On Jan 19
Wow! So sad. May God comfort her husband and family. Aljannah firdaus.
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Campaign Rally: Oyo State, Ibadan ( PICTURES) by delpee(f): 5:44pm On Jan 19
This is Mapo, a small area with markets nearby. The centre of Old Ibadan.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo: MKO Abiola Was Denied Presidency Because Of ‘Bad Belle’ by delpee(f): 9:31am On Jan 19
IBB is the culprit. For a record. A south Easterner declared Abiola winner and a northerner annulled it. Immediately after the annulment, south westerners went after South Eastern people property. This is not to bring back old wound but to be guided on future occurrence.

Igbo people are really good.

Wrong narrative. Some of us remember all that transpired. SE people left on their own accord as Abacha descended heavily on the SW.

Chukwumerije, then Information Minister made announcements spelling doom for NADECO and the SW in general. We saw hell but we thank God that the battle for democracy was won. We appreciate people like late Ndubuisi Kanu who stood by NADECO against all odds.

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Travel / Re: Going To Ibadan For The First Time by delpee(f): 7:51pm On Jan 17
My brother as you are coming be careful oo Ibadan has crazy people too though the place is nice but you have to use your tongue to count your teeth, Some people here tribalism and religious beliefs want kill them you have to be wise.
cost of living is very less expensive .

There are a lot of hostels at RING ROAD and OLUYELE but I don't really know the price oo..

You obviously know very little about Ibadan. Ring road for someone going to Secretariat? Haba!

The Federal Secretariat is within Agodi GRA and close to Bodija, Idi Ape/Bashorun, Gate. Try to get somewhere to stay within that area for your convenience. UI isn't so far too as someone suggested.
Crime / Re: The Story Of MONSURAT TOYIN IGBIRA, The Most Notorious Drug Baroness In Africa by delpee(f): 5:58pm On Jan 16
Interesting story. Perhaps a good storyline for Nollywood. It will be a great movie with lessons to learn.

It seems that God judged the dubious Judge ( if the story is true) in a wonderful way.

If every agency of government dealing with crime worked diligently like NDLEA and our courts are fair in their processes, we'll have less criminals in our midst.
Celebrities / Re: Yomi Casual's Wife, Grace Reacts To Claim Of Him Being 'Gay' by delpee(f): 6:17pm On Jan 15
Too many idle minds are wasting their time poking their noses in other people's affairs instead of getting busy on making progress in their own lives.
Politics / Re: Atiku Vows To Fix Ajaokuta Steel Coy, Develop Inland Port In Kogi by delpee(f): 8:52pm On Jan 14
Story, story....He can deceive only those who don't know the Ajaokuta Steel history.


Family / Re: I Am Depressed by delpee(f): 4:14pm On Jan 14

Abandoning her is not a wise decision at this point in time. The phone chat shows deep frustration on her part.

A woman doesn't need to find another man before realising that she must maintain her sanity and stay safe. Don't think along that line of her having a new man for now.

A man who is verbally abusive can drive one nuts and could become violent. It seems she found her father's house to be a place where she's happy and peaceful. Only for you to offload your usual rants and provide for her an escape route. The fact that her father and brother support her speaks volumes. She'll probably calm down after a while provided you're willing to sort out your anger issues. Seek help ASAP.
Family / Re: I Am Depressed by delpee(f): 4:07pm On Jan 14
You told her you don't want to see her anymore simply because she couldn't pick up the phone the first few times you called her. This is a woman you're married to and the mother of your child, and you're talking to her anyhow. From your post, this was probably not the first time you're telling her such words. You also mention nagging. You cannot be verbally abusive towards your wife repeatedly and be difficult to live with and expect her to not get fed up one day.

On point!

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Business / Re: Zenith Bank Replies Chiamaka Agim: ₦800,500 Is All You Can Get. by delpee(f): 2:25pm On Jan 14
This type of scenario is becoming a regular feature in our banks. What is baffling is that the recipient is always known. I don't understand why it's difficult to recover the funds from them and try them for fraud.

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Politics / Re: How Igbos Voted For MKO Abiola In 1993 Presidential Election by delpee(f): 9:50pm On Jan 13

I know my experience in South west recently , the best Obi can do is below 12k votes and that's even exaggerating..

That's a joke abi? Which South West?
Many more may decide to vote for Obi just to have a change.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How I Got Home After A Failed Job Interview by delpee(f): 9:42pm On Jan 13

Thanks for this Sir

It's a pleasure. Try to link up with event planners so you can have opportunities to supply food/snacks etc at events. You'll grow with good referrals.

I pray you experience divine favor and amazing grace to propel you to greater heights in 2023.

I'm female by the way. smiley

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