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Politics / Re: $2.1bn Reserve Depletion: CBN Sold Only $581m To Market — Bloomberg by delpee(f): 11:19pm On Apr 24
Then it is equally my choice to call you out for attempting a lie using the name of God. undecided

Still doing the same thing. You don't know my realities or my experience about God so you're in no position to call me out. Live your life as you please. Nice night.
Politics / Re: President Tinubu Approves Takeoff Of Consumer Credit Scheme by delpee(f): 11:16pm On Apr 24
yeah right. What you, did you apply?

Politics / Re: $2.1bn Reserve Depletion: CBN Sold Only $581m To Market — Bloomberg by delpee(f): 9:57pm On Apr 24
I didn't insult you at all. You insulted God by mentioning Him as though He had something to do with your kind of reasoning there. God does not think like you or agree with you so leave His mention out of these things completely. grin

It's my choice to bring God into any situation.
Politics / Re: Titilola Adeleke Is Osun First Lady, No Confusion- Adeleke’s Spokesperson by delpee(f): 9:35pm On Apr 24

Exactly! Bunch of Okoro Savages & Ingrates! [center][/center]

Kilode? You're Omoluabi nau. All the unnecessary hate across board will fade away someday. It's so disheartening.
Crime / Re: Parent Slaps Bully At Abuja British School: Institution Temporarily Shuts Down by delpee(f): 9:31pm On Apr 24

I discipline my kids at home, they know that.
I handle them with an iron fist. I just don't trust the teachers to do that appropriately. If my kid misbehaves tell their mother when she comes to pick them, justice would be done right there and then.

Okay. I see your point. My style too when my kids were young. The teachers always had access to me so it made it easy for us to jointly enforce discipline when necessary. At least one parent must follow up on their school activities. Many parents don't sadly.
Politics / Re: President Tinubu Approves Takeoff Of Consumer Credit Scheme by delpee(f): 9:28pm On Apr 24
i doubt that. Probably a system error or something.

If that's the case they should show me how much I applied fa undecided

Oh, okay. I hope that they resolve it. It's a good thing if it works well.
Politics / Re: $2.1bn Reserve Depletion: CBN Sold Only $581m To Market — Bloomberg by delpee(f): 9:26pm On Apr 24
PLease stop mentioning God in this stewpidity you spew! undecided

You should have ignored the post instead of insulting me. It's my opinion. You don't have to agree with me. Indecency in spoken word speaks volumes.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Farmers And Fulani Herdsmen Peace Agreement; My Worries by delpee(f): 9:16pm On Apr 24
Were the governors involved? If not, I don't understand how this will be implemented. If there's security breach from either side, who takes charge? Miyetti Allah or Amotekun that is duly registered and funded by the government?
Politics / Re: $2.1bn Reserve Depletion: CBN Sold Only $581m To Market — Bloomberg by delpee(f): 8:53pm On Apr 24
How is our problem Bloombergs headache that they keep writing on CBN? Along with IMF and some others, it's clear that all they hope for is our failure. It won't happen by God's grace.

It's good and wise to always pray for our leaders as the Bible says. May God soften hardened hearts to do that which is best and moves our nation forward. Cursing them only aggravates our situation.
Politics / Re: President Tinubu Approves Takeoff Of Consumer Credit Scheme by delpee(f): 8:34pm On Apr 24

I tried to register motherfuckerrz dey yarn me say my email, nin and phone has been used for this already..

I'm like "Whatabloodclaaat!" cry

Act fast if the above is true otherwise you'll be paying back a hacker's loan.


Family / Re: After 14 Years Of Infertility, Man Loses His Wife And Child During Delivery by delpee(f): 8:31pm On Apr 24
Wow! 😭😭
I hope this man has good people around him. This is a tough one to bear. May God console and strengthen him. May the lady and child rest in peace.
Education / Re: "I Am Sincerely Sorry" - Lead British School Student Issues Apology For Bullying by delpee(f): 10:36am On Apr 24
We all agree that she was wrong. She's still a child and can be corrected. Now it's time to find a long lasting solution to bullying in ALL schools. We can't pretend that it only exists in LBIS.
Education / Re: Lead British School: Video Of Another Bullying Incident Hit The Internet by delpee(f): 10:25am On Apr 24
These rich folks raise monsters and privileged little arseholes as children don't they.

This school must come clean and a proper independent investigation done. This has gone beyong bullying. It is molestation and abuse.

This happens in even more private schools in Abuja than we know about.

You're on point. Too many super entitled, arrogant and self centred children everywhere. Parents need to do more and live above board. Children copy what they see.

The school is already working with the Ministry of Education for a thorough investigation.

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Politics / Re: Software Engineer Bags Life Imprisonment For Raping Minor On Children’s Day by delpee(f): 10:20am On Apr 24
He was given life sentence because he is Igbo. If he was to be a Yoruba or hausa man, that mumu and bias Justice Oshodi, would have sentence him to five years in prison starting from the day of his arrest.

5 years under which law? A judge works with the provisions of the law.

Not everything should bring up tribal sentiments. Bob Risky was given a maximum sentence irrespective of tribal affiliation.

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Business / Re: Asba Launches Lithium Processing Plant In Abuja by delpee(f): 10:15am On Apr 24
Congratulations! Let's go a step further to produce batteries here.
Business / Re: EFCC Freezes 300 Illegal Forex Accounts by delpee(f): 8:40pm On Apr 23
Kudos to EFCC. A nation that refuses to kill corruption will end up with a dead economy.

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Properties / Re: Should I Have One Kitchen For Each of My Wives? by delpee(f): 8:27pm On Apr 23
I'm building my home for me and my two wives.

Each wife will have her bedroom.
Now, I am wondering whether I should build one or two kitchen.
What do you think?
Input from (current or future) polygamists and women would be appreciated.

It's more ideal for them to have separate apartments which automatically means they have separate kitchens. The home will be more peaceful that way (assuming they consented to your being polygamous).

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Education / Re: Parents Protest At Lead British School Abuja, Threaten To Withdraw Children by delpee(f): 8:17pm On Apr 23
I dare them to withdraw their children from the school.
The school should expell the buller, that is, the girl that bullied, for peace to rain in the school.

Expel the bully....the right thing to do if she already has a record of bad behaviour. Otherwise, suspension plus punishment will do.
Education / Re: Parents Protest At Lead British School Abuja, Threaten To Withdraw Children by delpee(f): 8:15pm On Apr 23
So na bullying Dem dey call this thing?, The one I collect for sch Growing up go com be damnation 😂
I saw terrible things chai, even senior girls wey ask me money I no give them go seize my pocket radio I go think "say na chase me to one koror let's touch ourselves" game only for me to reach the koror wey she enter com see senior students grinning and ready to beat nonsense comot for my head,
I suffer Sha😂

grin grin Pele

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Crime / Re: Parent Slaps Bully At Abuja British School: Institution Temporarily Shuts Down by delpee(f): 8:02pm On Apr 23
No one touches my kids in school anymore.
I have 4 boys, a set of twins and two younger ones.
The rules are simple, any student touches your younger one y'all go beat them up.
A teacher touches you I will take care of it.
My babymama called me to say she went to pick them from school and walked in on the teacher knocking my son on the head.
Few days later I returned from Abuja, went to get them from school myself, I simply called the teacher aside and told him " This is the first and very last time I will have this kinda conversation with you inside the school compound, the next time you touch my son I would be waiting for you outside the school and I won't be talking"
I have also informed the headteacher, if it happens again, I am withdrawing my 4 sons and someone will spend a long time in the hospital.

I am an advocate of not sparing the rode but teachers are now going to school to unleash their frustration on kids.
I am not paying half a million for you to turn my son to a punching bag

Unfortunately, kids read a different meaning to this. They're empowered to do as they please and then threaten their teachers with "I will tell my daddy". Of course, teachers avoid such students other than basic teaching so as not to fish in troubled waters. Finding a balance is key.
Politics / Re: "If I do not see the Yahaya Bello case to the end, I will resign" - Olukoyede by delpee(f): 5:44pm On Apr 23
The immunity clause for governors should be amended. Why do we allow people to be above the law for 8 years only to be chasing shadows after they have done their worst?
Politics / Re: Titilola Adeleke Is Osun First Lady, No Confusion- Adeleke’s Spokesperson by delpee(f): 12:45am On Apr 23

Whose fault if IGBO people cannot find a pretty Yoruba women to marry
Why are Yoruba women scared to marry Igbo people !!!
That' should be your focus

There are many Yoruba ladies who are happily married to Igbos. Emeka Anyaoku and late Prof Ike's wives are Yorubas. Punch Chairman Angela Emuwa is Yoruba among many others that I know.

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Politics / Re: Titilola Adeleke Is Osun First Lady, No Confusion- Adeleke’s Spokesperson by delpee(f): 12:31am On Apr 23
Gov. Adeleke knows that making NGOZI Adeleke the official first lady will arouse unnecessary politically-driven tribal sentiment. #Fact

His late mum was Igbo and his late dad was a politician who was well loved in Ede. Ngozi knows she's accepted and she hosts her own events in the State. The people never cared about all these tribal issues until the last elections anyway.


Travel / Re: Federal Govt Completes Dualisation Of 220km Keffi-Akwanga-Lafia-Makurdi Road by delpee(f): 12:23am On Apr 23
Good news! That road used to be very bad.
Politics / Re: FG To Resell Discos Under Banks, AMCON In Three Months by delpee(f): 11:51pm On Apr 22
IBEDC covers a very large area and it's so ineffective. I think they cover Oyo, Ogun, Osun and Kwara states. Many places in Ibadan city would fit in perfectly in Band E. sad
Perhaps it should be split to 2 or 3.
Lagos has 2 DISCOS.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello: CSOs Protest Against EFCC In Lagos by delpee(f): 10:09pm On Apr 21
Very embarrassing! Why can't he go and prove his innocence? Other governors went to EFCC peacefully.
Politics / Re: Army Confirms Killing Of Two Officers, Four Soldiers In Niger Terrorists Ambush by delpee(f): 9:59pm On Apr 21
When will the army invade the community in revenge?

It's a different situation. I know that area including Erena. The people are mostly minorities and mainly hard working farmers. There's a big commodity and fish market by River Kaduna close to the Shiroro power station. The bandits are in forests between them and Kaduna but it seems they invade Shiroro LG area from time to time. It's such a large area so the military can be ambushed.

Harassing the villagers without valid information will not be fair. Of course, the military will find out and deal with those involved appropriately.
Religion / Re: 8 Important Ways We Can Render Christian Works To God In Faith by delpee(f): 3:54pm On Apr 21
Also by giving to the poor and needy, the fatherless, orphans and widows. Help the sick, those in prison and strangers (apply wisdom).
James 1:27, Matthew 25:35

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Crime / Re: Reign Of Terror: Lagos Blackspots Where Hoodlums Rob, Assault Citizens In Broad by delpee(f): 1:34pm On Apr 21
Where are the neighborhood watch guys? And what is their duty?

I really want to know what they do. I thought they were supposed to be the equivalent of Amotekun which is quite effective in community policing in the SW.
Politics / Re: South-west Farmers, Miyetti Allah Sign Peace Pact by delpee(f): 11:13am On Apr 21
I've never heard of Segun Dasaolu or his commodities association. The farmer's association and the Agbekoya are more prominent on farmer's issues. The details of the agreement should have been made known to everyone. What's the role of Amotekun in all this? Are the majority of the people and the State govts/officials involved in this?

Oyo and Ekiti already have ranches. That's the best way forward in every State for peace to reign.

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Politics / Re: Head Of Tinubu Media Support, Onokpes Jesutega Blasts EFCC Over Bello by delpee(f): 11:03am On Apr 21
BAD NEWS FOR A NORTHWEST GOVERNOR: A former governor from the North West who presided over his state for 8 years has lost $120m investments in UKRAINE.

This is as a result of the ongoing war between Russia and ukraine.

The governor was reported to have invested heavily in establishing fertiliser plants in Ukraine. His many plants happened to be among those bombed and decimated by Russian war missiles. He decided to go to the unexpected location to avoid the Eagle eyes. But God is Omni present


" Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand"

Really! The Law of sowing and reaping at work if true. However, the loss to the State he presided over is my concern. God knows how many schools, hospitals he could have built with that money. Even, support to farmers would have reduced the poverty level in the State. NW still seems to be the worst in terms of meaningful progress.
Politics / Re: Everybody Was Afraid Of Spraying Money Including Me - Abike Dabiri-Erewa (Video) by delpee(f): 10:54am On Apr 21

Coins shocked
That would have been so painful ooo

grin grin No, not really. It's placed in a gentle way and picked immediately.

I've updated the post.

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