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Health / Re: Bill Gates To Nigeria: Wait For GAVI COVID-19 Vaccines by DeOTR: 7:52pm On Jan 27

Please shut the hell up. Your opinion about my assertion is completely worthless, you can go back to sticking your head in Bill Gates anus.

And you're taking someone with satan66 moniker seriously on this matter?
Crime / Re: Soldier Slaps Man Continuously As He Begs God For Mercy (Video) by DeOTR: 3:32pm On Jan 22
All mouth abeg, make you fight those aggressive red berret soldiers, if them no use you do BBQ ehn...
Red beret living without blood abi?
Abeg swerve! Coward.
Crime / Re: Soldier Slaps Man Continuously As He Begs God For Mercy (Video) by DeOTR: 3:17pm On Jan 22
That's what I told him too, soldier isn't a police man, especially in Nigeria where alot of soldiers head dey hot
I've beaten a Military man before and heaven did not fall. Anyone that slaps me will get it back in double portion.
These guys are regular people in uniform, banking on your fear to mess with you.
Romance / Re: Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria Polo Is Out by DeOTR: 8:55pm On Jan 14
Of course, you should remain single if you can't give "shi shi".
People will always ask you for money, male and female, but it's left for you to decide who to give.
I'll definitely not give my money to some ladies unless..., you know? Otherwise, I have no problem giving without expecting anything in return.
Politics / Re: Discos To Close 10m Meter Deficit In 5 Yrs – ANED by DeOTR: 4:08pm On Jan 13

Not quite the same. For electricity meters, people have to come physically to your house to come and install. Telecoms isn't like that. It's all done backend on single servers, so nowhere near as logistically challenging.

Not making excuses for them though, as they should have done way better.
It's almost the same thing. DisCos deliberately hoard the meters for reasons best known to all of us.
Politics / Re: Discos To Close 10m Meter Deficit In 5 Yrs – ANED by DeOTR: 4:04pm On Jan 13

Join us at Christ Love International Theatre aka CLIT EMPIRE

Follow us on Twitter: houseofclit
Like our Facebook Page: CLIT EMPIRE

God bless you as you do so...
CLIT bawo o! shocked grin
Culture / Re: Mai Tangale, Buba Maisharu, Is Dead by DeOTR: 7:56am On Jan 12
may God rest his soul.

Gombe seems to be a very strong northern christian zone
It's just those parts along the Adamawa-Gombe border.
The Tangales are essentially Christians.


Culture / Re: Mai Tangale, Buba Maisharu, Is Dead by DeOTR: 7:53am On Jan 12
Guess OP means-Binliri, Gombe State? Whao! The only first class Christain traditional ruler in NE? Well, you have spent you time well given the OP testimony.Rest on sir.
It's Billiri.

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Politics / Re: DHQ: We Have Defeated Insurgency In Nigeria by DeOTR: 7:35am On Jan 12
Thanks goodness.
Please, we don't want to hear you budget our resources to fight insurgency going forward.
Romance / Re: My Experience Dating A High-value Woman. by DeOTR: 5:32pm On Jan 10
What the hell is "high-value woman"?!
All women are the same, literate, illiterate, beautiful, ugly, white, black, rich or poor, no exceptions.
I meet new people everyday, trust me, you don't need to look too deep to see that we are all just ordinary, irrespective of our social or professional classes.

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Celebrities / Re: Odunlade Adekola Buys A Car For Jethro Oyekanmi, His Younger Brother by DeOTR: 9:05am On Jan 06

I laugh... The car I drive you will be dreaming of it.... I drive a benz suv

If I lie may my year be useless but if I say the truth, may your year be useless
Have you ever in your life bought a car for any of your relatives? That's what the guy wants to know.
We are not interested in the car you drive.
Anyone can buy anything for themselves.
The car you said is not worth it is worth nothing less than N1 million (I'm assuming the car is not new).
It's better to shut your mouth if you know your skull is empty.

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Politics / Re: FG Increases Electricity Tariff By 50% by DeOTR: 2:21pm On Jan 05
The stubborn Government will, very soon, run out of luck..
Politics / Re: Adamawa Residents Run To Mountains As Boko Haram Advances (Video) by DeOTR: 6:22pm On Dec 28, 2020
...now Boko Haram knows where to find these people, thanks to this news.
Health / Re: NAFDAC To Give Emergency Approval For N400bn COVID-19 Vaccines by DeOTR: 3:33pm On Dec 27, 2020
Take the vaccine at your own risk.
Even Contraceptives have proven to have grave adverse effects over the years.

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Celebrities / Re: Ifu Ennanda: “My Plumber's Body Odour Is Killing Me” by DeOTR: 3:04pm On Dec 27, 2020
A Plumber is working in your apartment and you're complaining of odours? I mean, seriously?
Who's this idiiot sef?
Programming / Re: Python Or Php Which One Should I Learn First by DeOTR: 12:48am On Dec 27, 2020
If you love poverty python and then pick it's framework like Django. If you love money PHP. Use your tongue to count your teeth.
How much are you making with PHP? I'll pay you double from my earnings from Python.
Good programmers know how and when to switch between languages.
The OP should start by learning C. The best way to learn is to learn the hard way.
Education / Re: Why We Sacked 2,414 Teachers Employed By Ex-gov Ahmed –kwara Govt by DeOTR: 10:40am On Dec 26, 2020

If the so called teachers lack prerequisites for teaching, they should be fired.

Allowing them to teach our children is postponing the evil days.

You have the responsibility to posses the requirements for a position before you can be considered.
They told you ALL the 2000+ newly recruited Teachers are not qualified and believe them?
This news is directed at people like you.
Abeg, swerve!


Politics / Re: Correction: Its Aniocha Not Onitsha by DeOTR: 10:34am On Dec 26, 2020

You have resorted to insults because I have blown your cover. Any northerner can speak Igbo online through Google translate. Greet your fellow almajirins foe me, wish them a happy Xmas because we are all children of God.
Google Translate won't give you that same translation. The guy is Igbo.
I hate people who try to discredit others just to push their narratives.

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Education / Re: Why We Sacked 2,414 Teachers Employed By Ex-gov Ahmed –kwara Govt by DeOTR: 10:03am On Dec 26, 2020
Who in their right senses would want to work with a State government? One idiiot would just come onboard and disengage you and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.
I resisted every attempt to work in the Kwara State civil service. I turned all offers down, citing low pay, but deep down, I knew this is the reason.

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Romance / Re: She Said I'm Too Gentle For Her by DeOTR: 9:49am On Dec 26, 2020
I don't think there's anyone as gentle and timid as I am.
Yet, even my Exes would want to come back if I give them the chance.
There must be something you're doing wrong, not your gentleness.
Just break up with her, or simply find someone else and let her know.

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Religion / Re: Father Christmas Scares A Child As She Cries & Runs Away by DeOTR: 2:08pm On Dec 25, 2020
You know some people can see demons right? wink
You watch too much movies. In real sense, demons do not wear ugly faces.
Religion / Re: Father Christmas Scares A Child As She Cries & Runs Away by DeOTR: 11:36am On Dec 25, 2020
Apart from this being traumatizing for a child, this is very demonic, the Grinch looks like a demon and its very demonic, parent should be careful where they take their kids too, you are opening demonic doors for demons to enter and possess your kids life, be very careful.

When you see grown ups that have demons living inside them for years, most time it is caused by their parents careless attitude.
You know the looks of a demon, how?
Education / Re: Deborah Okezie: ‘My Life In Danger’ – Mother Of Deeper Life Schoolboy by DeOTR: 10:27am On Dec 25, 2020

When you stand for the truth you stand alone especially in Nigeria...

Ma don't take the video down let them do their worst, since it has reached this level let the fire burn .

Useless commissioner and I believe the commissioner's kids are in school in foreign lands that's if she's married

What nonsense, putting government that asked the issue should be investigated, how kwanu

Let them go to hell , let them try rubbish and see na
It's very easy to accuse people of any crime. Since no medical examination has been done to ascertain the veracity, or otherwise, of her claim, the best we can do is watch as things unfold.
Education / Re: Pictures Only People Who Attended Primary School In Nigeria Will Understand by DeOTR: 10:40pm On Dec 22, 2020

Those were early 80s. MacMillan Books. Including Adio Family.
That book changed my life.

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Education / Re: Pictures Only People Who Attended Primary School In Nigeria Will Understand by DeOTR: 10:35pm On Dec 22, 2020

Macmillian English in the 80’s
Was your primary school in the East?
Nope. North-Central. Kwara State to be precise.
Education / Re: Pictures Only People Who Attended Primary School In Nigeria Will Understand by DeOTR: 11:24pm On Dec 21, 2020

Ahhh, as I been tell that other guy, u mah na great grand children u suppose don get like so, cos all this stuff you said, I only heard stories abt it,didn't witness any, although during my time things were far better than now but it can't be compared to yours abeg.

Hope say na "baban Yara" u be like so,cos e no go make sense say u never marry, I fit provoke for u like dis grin
The guy is not that old na.
In 1990, the finest Rice were sold for less than N3 per measure. 30 years down the line, how much is the same rice now?
I'm sure he was talking a time post-1990, coz I don't see the possibility of any parent giving their wards as much as 50kobo to school. People will accuse you of stealing it.
Education / Re: Pictures Only People Who Attended Primary School In Nigeria Will Understand by DeOTR: 11:06pm On Dec 21, 2020
Who knows anything about Konki and Tinka here?


Romance / Re: My Girl Replied Her Ex Boyfriend's Compliments Of The Season. Now She's Begging by DeOTR: 12:12pm On Dec 21, 2020

I never read anything about comparing the Op with her ex, you’re making that up..
Mind you, what you read is the guy’s version of the story..
It's there in the 4th post of this thread, so I'm not making it up.

Meanwhile, with that guy’s attitude and arrogance, that girl is better of with any other guy except the current childish and insecure boyfriend!
He even had to tell us that he bought her the phone she used in replying messages.. more like he owns her!
Nonsense and ingredients angry
I blame him for spending that much on a fooolish girl like that. This issue shouldn't even come up in the first place if he has any sense.

If you see something wrong with me for having a contrary opinion to yours, it shows that you don’t have sense!
A contrary opinion that would change if the situation is reversed?
Would your opinion still be the same if it was a Lady who posted this thread?
I know the answer, that's why I said something is wrong with you.

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Romance / Re: My Girl Replied Her Ex Boyfriend's Compliments Of The Season. Now She's Begging by DeOTR: 9:57am On Dec 21, 2020

Guys of today or small boys on nairaland forming alpha male

You’re one of the guys that actually washes their girlfriends panties in private and be forming alpha male on NL.. I know your type grin grin grin grin
The Guy's fear about his Girlfriend is justified.
The Lady is very very stupid for assuring her Ex of the possibility of a reunion. If I was the OP, I would have broken up stylishly with her at this point.
We are talking about someone who left you for another girl here. I can't take back any girl that left me for someone else. Agreeing to such is equivalent to accepting you're worth less than the other fellow.
First, the Lady has little or no self-esteem (it's their type that sleep around with different men).
To make matters worse, she always compares the OP with her Ex.

If you see nothing wrong in what the Lady did, then something is definitely wrong with you.


Religion / Re: What Is The Role Of Santa Claus In Christianity And Christmas? by DeOTR: 4:26pm On Dec 20, 2020

everytin we do should be to the Glory of God.

Internet was nt in the bible, it was created and individuals utilize it to the Glory of God.

So how does your internet story tally with the fact that Christians are adopting pagan practices and more worrisome, the fact that we are now seeing it as normal?
If you have to do anything to the glory of God, you must do it according to His own words, otherwise, you're on your own. Even Jesus will deny you on the judgement day.
Romance / Re: Why Ladies Prefer To Date 'Bad Boys' Rather Than 'Good Boys' - Nigerian Lady by DeOTR: 2:01pm On Dec 20, 2020

For the bolded, I will support you. That's any of your relatives. I can fight for my immediate relation but not for a girlfriend. A girlfriend can deny you at any point. But your immediate relations can't deny you no matter what.

If it is a wife, of course you can fight for your wife but a mere girlfriend, nah nah.

If you can't create that habit later if you don't do it now.
Protection comes in many forms and most times, it won't involve you having to fight anyone.
I treat my girlfriends at any particular time as I would treat my wife and it doesn't really matter if we break up tomorrow.
If you treat them as a part of you, you'll find them more useful, even your Exes.
Romance / Re: Why Ladies Prefer To Date 'Bad Boys' Rather Than 'Good Boys' - Nigerian Lady by DeOTR: 9:22am On Dec 20, 2020

But it's not worth it whether physical fight or not. The other person can use other means to follow you as well.

If you know much about women, you supposed understand that they will only tell you what you want to know. Your girlfriend might tell you that DeOTR, Okoro has been disturbing me o. He said he likes me and boom you rushed to warn Okoro and arguement ensued along the line.

Both of you start to exchange words with you screaming; do you know who I am? Do you know who I am? And Okoro screamed back; do you know who I am too? And if asked why both of you are exchanging words and people get to find out it's because of one pussy girl. Haba! It is not worth it my brother. Not for a girlfriend that will still end up fucking behind you. Not even a wife at that just a bleep partner known as girlfriend.

One can fight for one's mother but fighting for a pussy is not worth it.
I don't engage people in fist fight or altercations.
If Okoro likes my girlfriend, good (God forbid I fall in love with a Lady that won't be attractive to other men), he's only trying his luck.
But if a man assaults my girlfriend or any of my sisters, he's finished.

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