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Politics / Re: South/South, South/East, Created To Divide People Who Should Be United- Kanu by DerideGull(m): 2:17pm On Jun 11, 2021
The so-called South-south can become a paradise tomorrow, I shall not give a freaking ratass. Nothing gives me happiness more than the moment I remember Republic of Igboland can be actualized. If there is England, I say there must be Igboland too.
Politics / Re: Can Mixed Fulani And Igbo Children Bring A Solution To The Nigerian Issue by DerideGull(m): 2:09pm On Jun 11, 2021
The picture of the skin texture on your hand shows there is Igbo in you.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Withdraw Troops From Igboland, Onyeka Onwenu Tells Buhari by DerideGull(m): 2:03pm On Jun 11, 2021
See these clowns. You were deaf and dumb when Unknown GunMen were running riot killing security agents and burning down Govt infrastructure. You are now lamenting when security agents are unmasking unknown Gun Men.

Madam, please respect your age! If your were quiet when your children were misbehaving and could not rein them and their instigator in, as well as their guarantor and chief Uber driver, then save us the crocodile tears!

Are you this idiotic? How soon did you forget operation Python dance? The agitators were not armed so the use of paramilitary force and extra-judicial killing were totally not necessary.
Politics / Re: Who Caused The Insecurity In The Southeast? by DerideGull(m): 1:57pm On Jun 11, 2021
Politics / Re: Reactions: Igbos Are Not Forcing Niger Delta Into Biafra(pics) by DerideGull(m): 8:36pm On Jun 05, 2021

A beautiful thread was created asking if we support only Igbo Biafra, simply say Yes or No or just move on, Some extremely foolish entities jumped in and destroyed the thread.

Those forcing Niger Delta into Biafran and those claiming to be Niger Delta to spite Igbos, una no get shame??

On 29th, I travelled down to Warri from Nassarawa where I observe my Sit at home. These guys doesn't value Biafra, they don't respect the people that was killed during the war. If somehow they decide to go with Igbos, they will always see it as if we forced them into what they never agreed to. Biafra may become another country with ethnic Bruhaha like the zoo.

The reason why I don't blame people that hides under WE SS to spite Igbos is because If truly SS is in this Forum and they see all these name callings Outsiders hiding under their Monika posts against Igbos and Yet they don't speak against it, then they support it.

It's not a matter of War or conflict, Since they don't Trust Igbos, then they can join Ijaw and form a country of their own or remain in Nigeria after we scrap out all our people that was wrongfully given to them during state creation.

Oge eru o la mgbe anyi ga akwusi ime onwe anyi ihe akaja n'iru mba niile. Ka anyi hapu Ikwuchitere Ndi SS onu, ka ha were aka ha gwa anyi na ha sonyere na ihe anyi na eme site na omume ha. Dalu nu!

I have never supported the idea of including wasteful entities as Biafrans. I prefer Republic of Igbo land to Biafra. However if the majority agree on Biafra, I shall recommend Ndigbo and what was Biafra.


Politics / Re: Why Niger Deltans Do Not Want To Be Part Of Biafra by DerideGull(m): 7:43pm On Jun 05, 2021
By H.E Goodluck Jonathan

Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan yesterday delivered a lecture at Texas US on why remaining indivisible with Nigeria than joining forces with Biafrans in splitting the country will pay Niger Deltans more.

I begin this write-up by saying that I mean no ill-thought towards the Biafran struggle or Igbos in general. What I’ve written here are mainly my personal reflections concerning the Niger Delta, especially with regards to non-Igbo groups and their stake in the Biafran movement which has been rebirthed for some time now. I am not a mouthpiece for the Niger Delta but I believe I’ve been in the Niger Delta long enough to know our problems and our stand. I’ve also interacted with many Niger Deltans to know their stand in the Biafran struggle.

When I use the term Niger Delta, I am referring to the region covering Delta, Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, and Cross River states. However, I understand that the region also covers Ondo, Imo, and Abia states. I’m not concerned with the latter because they are either Igbos or Yorubas and have their own struggles. The ethnic groups within my coverage include Urhobo-Isoko, Bini, Esan, Itsekiri, Ijaw-Epie-Ogbia, Ogoni, Afemai, Efik-Annang-Eket-Oron-Ibibio, Ogoja, Ejagham, and other groups in Cross River North. Ikwerre, Ukwuani, Ika, Aniocha, Ogba, and other Igboid groups, are not included. Historically, Biafra covered all the Niger Delta states EXCEPT Delta and Ondo states. This fact must be emphasised.

Pro-Biafrans are welcome to debate and address my issues in a civil manner. I understand that most pro-Biafrans resort to insults when salient issues are addressed.

Please let’s set a good precedence from hereon.

1. Biafra may not be better for Niger Deltans because Niger Deltans may end up living one form of subjugation for another. The argument Igbos have made for their freedom is the desire to be free from Hausa-Yoruba domination. That argument also applies to the average Niger Deltan. Igbo, no doubt, will be the major ethnic group if Biafra is actualised. Ijaws may have a stake due to their numbers. What about the Ogonis, Urhobo-Isokos, Itsekiris, Efiks, etc? Where will they fit in at the national level? The sad reality is that another Nigeria will just be made manifest and resentments will build up. What will really be the fate of minorities? Will they fare better in Biafra or alone? In Nigeria, big groups such as Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo checkmate each other’s excesses very well. Who will checkmate that of Igbos in the new nation?

2. Where will the capital be located? If we are to follow the notion of central location, the capital of Biafra won’t be Enugu but around Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene axis. Will Igbos allow their capital to be sited in a non-Igbo location? This is a very salient issue because you don’t expect the riverine Niger Deltan in Twon-Brass, for instance, to journey all the way to Enugu to see their President. It has to be a location where ALL BIAFRANS can access easily. Enugu won’t go.

3. The issue of annexation comes to play. For so long, e-Biafrans have annexed Niger Delta as part of the proposed nation. The map below shows us what Biafrans have drawn to constitute the new nation:

If we judge from this map, it means all groups in the Niger Delta have been annexed. My question is whether the leaders of these groups have been consulted before the annexation was done. I, for one, know that Urhobo-Isoko and Efik-Ibibio leaders have not approved of Biafra neither have anybody in these regions declared Biafra. So how and why were they included in the proposed map? Little things like this bring distrust and I understand that many of these non-Igbo regions have disowned the map and pledged allegiance to Nigeria. The declaration by the Delta State government is a case in point. I see this as forceful annexation. The so-called e-Biafrans have also not done much in calming the nerves of the people of the annexed regions. I’ve seen comments such as “if you don’t like it, go and stay in Sokoto”, “all land in the South is Biafraland”, etc. Is it not ironic that a group of people who want freedom want to annexe others?

4. What languages will be made the official languages of the new nation? I have seen several posts by e-Biafrans where Igbo was proposed as the official language of the new republic. What then will happen to other languages such as Urhobo, Isoko, Okpe, Efik, Ibibio, Oron, Ogoni, Eleme, Okrika, Kalabari, Bini, Esan, etc? Will they die off because of Igbo? Certainly NOT! If English is made the official language, the Igbo majority factor will kick in. If your name isn’t Chukwuemeka or Oliseh, Amarachi or Nneka, etc, you won’t get any appointment nor shall you be recognised. These are things we can’t deny. We are very ethnocentric in Africa.

5. What and what have Igbo nation done for Niger Deltans to gain their trust? Every day I see Igbo youths making enemies where there were none. They constantly use the agency of the internet to sprout controversy, hurl insults at dissenters and make unfounded claims. There is this general air of mistrust for Igbos by some Niger Deltans, particularly by Urhobo-Isoko and Bini people. What have Igbos done to checkmate this? Has any Igbo leader or group extended the hand of friendship to the Niger Deltans. Mistrust cannot be wished away. Most Niger Deltans would rather follow Hausas as slaves than follow Igbos as kings. This is the real reality and truthfully, Igbos caused this.

6. Who will lead the new nation? Obviously, Nnamdi Kanu, their hero, has fought tooth and nails for Biafra and he is currently cooling off in jail. If Biafra comes today, who will be the interim leader and what modalities are in place for subsequent leaders to be elected? Igbos have been the only ones fighting for Biafra since time immemorial with a handful of other groups here and there. Will Igbos allow other groups to rule over them? Will they allow an Urhobo man to be President, for instance? This is not a case of mere wishing. We have to understand that Niger Delta groups MAY NEVER BE ALLOWED TO RULE BIAFRA IF IT IS ACTUALISED.

7. Still on the issue of leaders, are the new leaders going to fall from the skies or they are simply going to change addresses from Abuja to Enugu. If so, what will change in the new nation? It is not arguable that Igbo national leaders are the most corrupt persons in Nigeria. If these same people are the ones to rule the new nation then there is no hope because corruption will be so rife that the economy of the new nation will shut down like a knocked engine. If we argue that new and younger leaders will arise, we still have the issue of who fought for Biafra to contend with. Most pro-Biafrans will not allow someone who sat at the periphery of the struggle to just come and waltz power away from the “heroes” of Biafra. If this is true then we will not have a proper democracy in Biafra.

8. Will Biafra be a utopia? The impression that e-Biafrans give is that Biafra will be perfect and we all know for a fact that this is not true. Apart from the issue of corruption and sentimentalism that have been addressed, we still have the issue of development. Where will money be generated from to develop the nation? In the whole of the proposed Biafra, only Port Harcourt and Onitsha are economically viable cities. Where will the investors come from? Why should they invest in a volatile country? Only in Warri, we have Ijaw, Itsekiri and Urhobo at loggerheads, imagine what would happen to the whole nation. Secondly, I am sure that no Niger Deltan will allow his “oil” to be used to develop Enugu like what happened with Abuja, and is still happening today. Niger Deltans are getting wiser and by the time the new nation is formed, matters that border on oil, wealth distribution and infrastructural development will be raised.

9. The current structure of the proposed nation, as shown in the map earlier embedded, favour Igbos with more states. Urhobo has one, Efik-Ibibio has two, Itsekiri has none, etc. How will this be addressed? Certainly, every ethnic nationality will want adequate representation and so the structure on that map will never work.

10. Last, but not the least, is the issue of referendum. Some Biafrans are already calling for a referendum which will involve all parts of the proposed nation. I am pretty sure how this referendum will turn out. However, for the sake of being hypothetical, let us imagine that some ethnic groups/states vote against Biafra by the majority, what will be their fate at the end of the day? Secondly, will the result of such a referendum be true and honest? I understand that electoral malpractice forms a part of our identity. How are we going to get a true reflection of people’s thoughts? Thirdly, if states and ethnic groups do decide to vote for Biafra, what mechanisms are in place to contain Igbophobia, Igbomania, Igbocentrism, Igbo hegemony, Landgrabbing, and all issues that minorities have raised?

Above are the reasons why I feel that Niger Deltans will NOT subscribe to the Biafran movement. I have been very practical, philosophical and hypothetical in my approach. I do not speak for any group or persons but I present these issues for the pro-Biafrans to address. Niger Deltans can raise more issues that I have not raised. Finally, it should be noted that I expect insults directed at my person by e-warriors and keyboard mercenaries, as usual, but I won’t pleasure such persons with answers or altercations. If you raise good points, we can discuss like intellectuals.

- H.E. Goodluck Jonathan


Goodluck Jonathan had denied writing above crap. By the way, I do not want a bloody betrayal artists as my compatriots. I state unequivocally Republic of Igbo land is the main destination.


Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Agitators Are Foolish – Aregbesola by DerideGull(m): 7:35pm On Jun 05, 2021

Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola on Saturday said those leading and supporting agitation for the Yoruba Nation are foolish saying “they should consider the consequences of war.”

Aregbesola while speaking at Zenabab Hotel, Ilesha, Osun State during his 64th birthday celebration warned that agitators must consider the women, children, old people and those living with disabilities who are mostly affected.

He said Nigeria must be more united else African countries will be enslaved once again.

He noted that Nigeria is the country that will liberate Africa from all oppressions therefore Nigerians must not give nod to secessionists.

“Anything that threatens and creates a problem for Nigeria may cause backwardness for our country for 50 years,” he added.


Rufus with all due respect, you are the foolish character in the episode. A person of your class should have known there is no foolishness in agitation for self determination.

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Politics / Re: Igboho: Crowd At Yoruba Nation Rally In Ekiti (Pictures) by DerideGull(m): 7:30pm On Jun 05, 2021
I had always known certain peeps in Nigeria will wake up to reality one fine day.


Politics / Re: How Ndiigbo Oppressed And Marginalized The Eastern Region Minorities by DerideGull(m): 3:53pm On Jun 05, 2021

Igbo man say the truth as it is. [b]Southern Anglophone Cameroon joined La République du Cameroun simply because they felt cheated by the Igbos in Eastern Nigeria. This is a known fact.[/b]

They had one ministerial appointment on the federal level and another at the regional level. How many did Ijaw have?
Politics / Re: How Ndiigbo Oppressed And Marginalized The Eastern Region Minorities by DerideGull(m): 3:47pm On Jun 05, 2021
Many times, some of the emotionally charged stories we get from Minorities against Ndiigbo is that the region was marginalizing them while taking oil from their Region.
But we know that Crude oil was never a major source of income and revenue for Eastern region. It took long time for oil to be a money spinner.
Eastern region was always cash trapped and had to be innovative to make money. Minorities were not the only ones neglected. There are many parts of Igboland that never knew what Government meant. There was simply not enough funds to go round.

To show how inconsequential crude oil was in scheme of things in this period, Eastern region got only 65,000 pounds from crude oil exploitation in 1959. A big money for an individual, but hardly anything for a Region.
I would post a table for crude oil revenue for Nigeria between 1961 to 1965. Remember the civil war happened in 1967.
Because I notice when minorities talk of marginalization, they think of crude oil in this modern era when production has been ramped up and muddle it up with meagre revenues in early 60s when the country was still trying to develop the crude oil.

It is in trying to be innovative and create alternative source of Income for the region that the then Financial minister of the region,DR S.E Imoke introduced the P.A.Y.E system of taxation for the first time in Nigeria in 1956 as financial bill proposal to Eastern Assembly, which became a huge success in ramping up the region revenue and was subsequent copied by the rest of the country.
And guess who had 2/3 of the region population and hence contributed most (2/3) to the taxes? You guessed right, Igbos!


Igboid, you will have a long life ahead of you. I have reiterated crude oil played no part in development of eastern region of Nigeria. Nigeria started lifting crude oil in 1961 but did not accrued dividends until 1967 during the war.


Politics / Re: Tension In Ekiti As Soldier Kills DSS Officer by DerideGull(m): 3:23pm On Jun 05, 2021

There was pandemonium in Ado-Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital, as a yet-to-be-identified soldier reportedly killed an operative of the Department of State Service (DSS) over a minor disagreement.

DAILY INDEPENDENT learnt that the unfortunate incident occurred at the popular KSSD Hotel located at NTA road, Friday evening.

It was gathered that the soldier had accosted a young man suspected to be a “Yahoo Boy’ (internet fraudster) at the Hotel and in the process of apprehending him, the suspect sighted a familiar face who happened to be the late DSS man.

The atmosphere became charged when the deceased attempted to intervene in the matter and pleaded with the soldier to let the suspect off the hook.

Enraged by the alleged intervention, the soldier reportedly stabbed the DSS man in the neck, which led to his death, hours after.

He was rushed to the state hospital but gave up the ghost minutes after.

Few minutes after the DSS operatives were said to have stormed the hotel premises and taken the killer soldier into custody.

Reacting to the incident, Police Public Relations Officer, Ekiti Command, ASP Sunday Abutu, confirmed that the victim was killed during an argument with some soldiers and that the police are investigating the matter.

“We heard that the DSS operative was killed during an hot argument with some soldiers yesterday evening.

“The deceased’s corpse had been deposited in the morgue. The perpetrators of the murder had been arrested.

“Let me also add that our detectives have started investigation and we will get to the root of the matter,” Abutu said.


Nigerian army is filled with dumbass fools from northern region of Nigeria who could shade their rural life style from regimentation of the army. Imagine a soldier stabbing an agent of the country with a dagger.


Politics / Re: How Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau Died—iswap by DerideGull(m): 3:09pm On Jun 05, 2021
How Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau Died—ISWAP

ISWAP confirmed that Shekau blew himself up after refusing to surrender following the invasion of his hideout


The Islamic State-backed faction of Boko Haram, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), has confirmed the death of Abubakar Shekau, leader of the Jama’atu Ahlussunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad faction of the group.

ISWAP confirmed that Shekau blew himself up after refusing to surrender following the invasion of his hideout on May 19, 2021.

This was contained in a message from Abu Mus’ab Habeeb Bin Muhammad Bin Yusuf al-Barnawi, born Habib Yusuf, leader of the terrorists.

According to HumAngle, al-Barnawi, in an address on Friday, described Shekau as “the leader of disobedience and corruption.”

He said Shekau’s fighters rejoiced over his death, adding that the former terrorist leader, who took over after the death of Boko Haram founder, Mohammed Yusuf in 2009, was apprehended “in the most humiliating manner.”

Speaking in Hausa, al-Barnawi said: “This was someone who committed unimaginable terrorism. How many has he wasted? How many has he killed? How many has he terrorised? But Allah left him alone and prolonged his life. When it was time, Allah set out brave soldiers after receiving orders from Amirul Muminin [leader of the believers].”

ISWAP, which broke away from Shekau’s Boko Haram faction in 2016, disagreed with the late extremist leader over his excessive use of force, especially on Muslims in areas under his influence.

He stated that the interim leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ordered them to take action on Shekau for deviating and killing “believers.”

ISWAP fighters then took their arms, travelled through the Sahara, went into Shekau’s enclave, and engaged in a gun battle with his followers.

“Shekau preferred to be humiliated in the afterlife than getting humiliated on earth. He killed himself instantly by detonating an explosive,” he said.


Do you mean the same Boko Haram Leader, Abubakar Shekau, Nigerian government claimed to have been killed by its gallant forces more two years ago? Something is not correct here.
Politics / Re: Buhari Falls Into Nnamdi Kanu's Trap. by DerideGull(m): 3:06pm On Jun 05, 2021
Hmmm. There might be a revisit to the biafran war.

It is a welcome idea. No country on earth has ever survived second civil war. The revisit to Nigeria/Biafra war will put the final nail in the coffin of Nigeria. It is unfortunate that you and your dumbass leader did not mention the principal actors for the intended revisit of Nigeria/Biafra war. Today is far from 1967.

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Politics / Re: Ohanaeze: Ndigbo Won’t Support Nigeria’s Break-up by DerideGull(m): 2:54pm On Jun 05, 2021
Who is Ohanàeze

Bunch of lunatic old fools whose usefulness has gone beyond their age. What has the so-called useless Ohanaeze ever achieved? The earlier congregants of Ohanaeze were visionary souls whose aim was to uplift Ndigbo to nationhood. These present day Ohanaeze stiffs are contractors.
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze: Ndigbo Won’t Support Nigeria’s Break-up by DerideGull(m): 2:30pm On Jun 05, 2021
Only dumbass fools will talk about unity in Nigeria where cultural, traditional and religious affinity are not fostered and nourished. It is very useless attempt to force a person into unity with people whom he/she does not share any common human nature with them.
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Unity Must Be Negotiated Without Bias – Sultan by DerideGull(m): 2:24pm On Jun 05, 2021
The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’adu Abubakar III, has said that Nigeria’s unity is very important to all, adding that all deliberations about it must be harmonised without bias.

The sultan spoke through a representative yesterday at a two-day symposium organised by the Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria (SCSN) in collaboration with the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) and Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA).

Sultan Abubakar who urged Nigerians to refrain from bias in their contributions, said the symposium must be towards helping to bring progress and development to Nigeria.

The sultan who was represented by the Emir of Keffi, Dr Shehu Usman Chindo Yamusa, said: “The unity of Nigeria is very important to us and to our nation, and so all deliberations must be harmonised without bias.

“All discussions must be compiled without disparities. All contributions that affect the ummah must be analysed in a way to bring progress and development in our country.”

A former chief of state to the senate president and spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum, Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed, in a paper titled: “The Nigerian Federation and the Management of Our Diversity: A Critical Evaluation,” said since a nation is made up of diverse peoples, citizens have identities which define them further.

He said the issue of indigene and settler is not in contention in Nigeria.

“The constitution mentions ‘indigenous’ only in reference to qualification for citizenship (Section 25(1). The indigene has acquired a profound presence in our lives and in the manner we organised the struggle for power and economic resources. The elaborate constitutional provisions for the fundamental rights of the citizen had been blind to the indigene, or for that matter, the monster it has created.

“Chapter IV of the constitution outlines among others, rights to life, dignity of the human person, private and family life, thought, conscience and religion, expression and press, peaceful assembly and association, movement and acquisition of property to apply equally to each citizen,” Baba-Ahmed said, adding that a federal arrangement is primarily an acceptance that countries will be basically designed to accord recognition to cultural, spatial or even political pluralism, and sharing of powers between federating units and a centre which gives substance and meaning to identities, values and aspirations to all citizens.

“Significantly, federal systems define citizenship at the national level, and in various forms and scale, allow federating units the scope to design and determine how they organize governance and other matters which influence lives of citizens who live within them.

“Conflict over these attempts to create a state and a national citizen are endemic in all federal systems, and they have been resolved in most instances, by recourse to the judicial process and in many countries, by an alert agency which polices inter-governmental relations,” he added.

A discussant, Dr Auwal Abdullahi Aliyu who also spoke on the citizens/settlers dichotomy said it was unfortunate that no matter how long you live in Nigeria, you cannot become a citizen in that area even if you were born there.

He said issues of indigenes/settlers dichotomy had made Nigeria to lose a lot of people, adding that most deaths in the country were caused by ethnic, religious or even regional clashes caused by reckless comments and utterances of some leaders.


What bias is this dude talking about? Union is negotiable. How unity flows out of emotional feelings towards each other among people with cultural and traditional affinity.
Politics / Re: Northern Women Protest In Abuja, Demand Referendum For South-East To Choose by DerideGull(m): 2:18pm On Jun 05, 2021

Every region should be allowed to choose what they want in this contraption. Sadly though, this is not the solution to the issues in this country - Nigerians we enjoy lawlessness and therefore the rich and powerful will always Lord it over the poor and weak and therefore the vicious circle continues in the smaller regions (new countries agitated for)

You are the type of Nigerians who tend to slow the process disintegration. The issue of the shithole called Nigeria has gone beyond the matter of region. It is every ethnicity in Nigeria should decide for themselves. I am for Republic of Igbo land.

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Politics / Re: Northern Women Protest In Abuja, Demand Referendum For South-East To Choose by DerideGull(m): 2:14pm On Jun 05, 2021
They are terrorists for protesting against the unity of the country

You could not be more correct.

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Politics / Re: Biafra Human Right Initiative (BILIE) Gets Registered With United Nations by DerideGull(m): 2:00pm On Jun 05, 2021

STFU. This is not ibo.com

If it is a Yoruba.com, I should not post because I cannot write in Yoruba.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Urhobo Youths Fume Over The Death Of Immigration Officer by DerideGull(m): 2:56pm On Jun 03, 2021
Igbo shud thread carefully.
I dnt like the arrogance in their approach
They may end up bagging enemies in strange places

You wrote this nonsense because of Urhobo. Look joe, I do not give ratass about Urhobo and certainly not care if Urhobo repeat the act of 1967.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Urhobo Youths Fume Over The Death Of Immigration Officer by DerideGull(m): 2:51pm On Jun 03, 2021
Will Urhobo do more than it did in 1967 when the ethnic nationality foolishly lined behind the Fulani army to prosecute a war against Ndigbo and Biafrans? This time around, Ndigbo and Biafrans are not oblivious on where the Urhobo stood on the ongoing palaver in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Deltans, Edo Will Form A United Kingdom With Oduduwa If Nigeria Breaks Up. by DerideGull(m): 2:41pm On Jun 03, 2021

Udonminit cheesy grin. This kind victim mentality dey make me lazy.
The Biafran soldiers invaded the old Midwest first. Below is a link for it.



You definitely earned the pass mark while Nigeria is called basket of fools. Most Nigerian are intellectually lazy and unfit to do rudimentary research. Biafran troops which through Midwestern region of Nigeria was not up a brigade therefore could not be up to 3,000 troops as stated in the silly write up you foolishly posted as source of your knowledge. Besides Midwestern region was an integral part of Nigeria that had attacked Biafria on July 6, 1967. The military governor of Midwestern region of Nigeria had on August 4, 1967 on Radio Nigeria, Benin City, proclaimed his region supported Gowon and Nigeria on the police action in eastern region.

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Politics / Re: Deltans, Edo Will Form A United Kingdom With Oduduwa If Nigeria Breaks Up. by DerideGull(m): 2:27pm On Jun 03, 2021

Go ask the elders and you will see what they think.
We will be more united and prosperous if we go with oduduwa.
I am speaking the minds of GOD.

I guess you are too greenery to understand historical facts. Did you know on of the reasons Midwestern region of Nigeria was carved out of Western region of Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Deltans, Edo Will Form A United Kingdom With Oduduwa If Nigeria Breaks Up. by DerideGull(m): 2:23pm On Jun 03, 2021
Good morning fellow NIGERIANS.
I am here this morning to write facts and nothing but the truth.

I have been reading some misconception about the people of the Niger deltans concerning Biafra.
Now let me tell you all facts.
An average person from delta state and Edo speaks Yoruba language very fluently, infact apart from English and our normal Edo, ijaw, urhobo, isoko and itsekiri language, our third most spoken language of the people of Niger Delta is the "Yoruba language"
You can take this to the bank and cash it anytime any day.

For example if you go to mile two, mile twelve, Berger and the rest, most of the people, most of the guys you will see in those bus stops particularly in transport companies, most of them are from delta state and Edo ( urhobos In particular)

But the way they speak Yoruba, you will think they are Yorubas.
Contrary to the normal general believe that lots of Igbos are in lagos, apart from the Yorubas who are the legit owners of Lagos State, the second highest concentration of people in lagos state are the people from delta state and Edo.

In Osun, Oyo, Ondo and the rest states of the Yoruba nation, the second most concentrated people in those states are the urhobos and the people from delta and Edo.

Have you been to Ile ife? There are more urhobos in Ile ife than in the entire south east.

The people of delta state and Edo are like twins to the Yoruba nation.
Africa magic Yoruba has the highest viewers from delta state and Edo even more than some Yoruba states, only Lagos top us when it comes to Africa magic Yoruba.
This is not mere propaganda or some lies, i am writing raw facts here.
The people of Niger Delta, delta and Edo and yourbas have this Lionel Messi/Suarez kind of relationship. The love is Genuine.

Do you know that 50% of people from delta, Bayelsa and Edo grew up in south west?

You will hardly ever see an ijaw man or urhobos or Edo, itsekiri man, leaving in south east, it's almost impossible.
Even looking at transportation. 99% of flights and busses coming out of delta, Edo and Bayelsa State are all heading to south west.

Have you been to ore?

My whole point is that i believe in one
Nigeria but if eventually Nigeria breaks, I don't know about Calabar or Akwa Ibom
but the ijaws in porthacourttt and entire deltans, Bayelsa and Edo will rather form a United Kingdom with oduduwas just like the united kingdom and Scotland with Lagos being England.

The Gods have spoken and so shall it be.

Court rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The united kingdom of oduduwas will be the most prosperous nation on earth.

Note!! I have nothing against the Ibos, i am only speaking raw truth.

May almighty Lord sanction the wish of the so-called Deltan and Edo in their endeavor to form United Kingdom with Oduduwa. I had wished and wanted the resourceful and indomitable Republic of Igbo land. The allies of Republic of Igbo land are not in the present day Nigeria for sure and I look forward for the day of onboarding.
Politics / Re: British Warned Tafawa Balewa Not To Appoint Aguiyi Ironsi But He Refused by DerideGull(m): 2:11pm On Jun 03, 2021

"Are Igbos really marginalised in Nigeria?

To make Aguiyi Ironsi the General Officer Commanding of Nigerian Army, Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa broke rank with his Northern People Congress colleagues and Sir Ahmadu Bello. NPC and Ahmadu Bello, Premier of Northern Region wanted a Northerner as the GOC.

The last British General Officer Commanding of Nigerian Army, Major-General Christopher Welby-Everard in his recommendation to the Prime Minister raised a number of issues against the then Brigadier Aguiyi Ironsi who at the time was the most Senior Nigerian Army Officer and concluded Brigadier Ironsi was unfit to lead the Army of a brand new country.

For fairness and to preserve the tradition of seniority in the Army, Balewa ignored General Welby-Everard’s recommendation. He appointed Ironsi as the first indigenous General Officer Commanding of Nigerian Army.

A stubborn fact of history is that the Igbos dominated the top echelon of the Army and Federal Civil/Public Service for many years from 1958. Till date, Abia, Anambra and Imo State have largest number of indigenes in Federal Civil Service.

I can conveniently say that Igbos have had the best of Nigeria more than any other tribe. Blackmailing the country with victim mentality is not a strategy. Today, many Southern politicians and so-called activists built their public credentials on constant agitation for restructuring of Nigeria. If indeed there is anything wrong with the current political structure of the country, the blame should be more on Igbos.

Who promulgated the Decree 34 that abolished 1963 Federal Constitution and unitarised the Federal structure? It was Major-General Aguiyi Ironsi as Military Head of State. With scant regard to other tribes, Igbos dominated the security agencies and the Federal civil service in the first Republic.

Professor Ben Nwabueze who is now the chief priest of restructuring drafted the unification decree as Legal Counsel to General Ironsi. Igbos who literally ran the Federal Government then executed the unitary arrangement for domination and ethnic advantage.

Who plotted first coup that decimated South West and Northern political establishment? The fallout of that misadventure led to the civil war in 1967. The mainly Igbo officers who masterminded the coup didn't kill any political leader from their tribe.

Some Igbo leaders talk about the Civil War as if Nigeria started the war against them. Colonel Emeka Ojukwu started the war not Major-General Yakubu Gowon. Gowon had a duty to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria.

Even with all the noise about all that is supposedly wrong with Nigeria, who are the biggest beneficiaries of Nigeria's diversity today? It is still igbos. Every part of this country welcomes them.

They prosper more across the country outside their ancestral homeland. Igbos are probably the biggest real estate owners among all Nigerian tribes. In fact records show they own more than 60% of houses, Plazas, hotels and housing estates in Abuja.

They play big in Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, and Port Harcourt - every part of Nigeria. I need someone to tell me the number of Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ijaw, Kanuri, Tiv man or woman etc that currently have lands, houses or any business that can employ 50 people in any part of South Eastern Nigeria the same way Igbos do in South West, South South and in the North. Do they sell land to non-Igbos in South East same way they freely buy land and own properties in other parts of Nigeria?

Under President Jonathan, the government they seem to have invested heavy emotions more than Jonathan's own Ijaw tribe, Igbos got key federal appointments through Senator Pius Anyim as Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

Did other tribes bitterly complain the way Igbos now do over appointments? In any case, which statutory appointments have they been denied by current government despite rejecting President Muhammadu Buhari and his party in 4 elections? Let’s get real here.

Igbos really want to get all top appointments in a government they rejected and have shown unimaginable hostility despite the government offering them the best deal in Nigeria in terms of real development no administration offered them since 1960. It is on record Buhari, in two presidential contests, made top Igbo politicians his running mate. Let’s face it.

Which government in Nigeria has taken on the quantum of Federal government-funded infrastructural projects that are going on in the South East than this current FG since 1960? If we analyse the Federal Budget from 2016 when President Buhari presented his first budget, the current FG has possibly spent more money developing SE in 6 years than it has done in Buhari's own North West if we consider FG's spend on Infrastructure per region.

It will appear Igbo elites prefer appointments that only benefit individuals and their hangers-on more than real development that benefits majority of citizens of that region.

They covet appointment of an Igbo person as Chief of Army Staff more than Second Niger Bridge, Enugu-Port Harcourt Express, Awka-Enugu Express, Owerri-Port Harcourt Express, Port Harcourt-Aba and other dead Federal highways that are being reconstructed across the region.

For all the special intervention supports by Federal Government to all States of the Federation, I am not aware President Buhari denied South Eastern States what is due to them because Igbos didn't vote for him.

Question: how did all the appointments held by Igbos before the Buhari administration including Chief of Army Staff, Comptroller General of Immigration, Deputy Senate President, Deputy Speaker of House of Representatives, Inspector General of Police, Minister of Aviation, Director-General of Pension Commission, Executive Chairman of National Electricity Regulatory Commission, Minister of Power etc improve the lives of Igbo people.

Stella Oduah and Osita Chidoka as Ministers of Aviation couldn't even fix Enugu Airport in 5 years or did Dr. Sam Amadi, Professor Bath Nnaji and Professor Chinedu Nebo who superintended over the power sector for 6 years supply more electricity to Onitsha, Aba and Nnewi?

Having Igbo sons leading the power sector for 6years could not even resolve the legal logjam between Emeka Offor’s, Enugu Distribution Company and Geometric Power owned by another Igbo man to supply regular electricity to Aba.

Whereas a Federal government being led by a man they rejected in every election since 2003 has done, in 6 years, what the Igbo adopted political party could not do for them in 16 years. It was Buhari that gave Ariaria Market, the biggest market in the region uninterrupted electricity supply.

The main point here is the fact that Igbos cannot continue to claim they are the only good people or tribe in Nigeria while others are the evil people holding them down. Certainly, hate and insulting other tribes can't be a strategy for engagement in addressing any grievances if at all there are genuine ones.

Even though the Nigerian constitution does not allow for referendum, let the Federal Government allow it to see if majority of Igbo people will vote to leave Nigeria. I am sure majority wants to remain citizens of Nigeria because they know Nigeria serves them better.

If the Nigerian government won’t allow a referendum, can the South East governors agree and fund an informal referendum to even give us a scientific basis to know if the Igbos want to live as citizens of Biafra, after all, Lagos State, in 2003 or so, conducted its own census independent of the Federal Government.

The Igbo elites must summon courage to counter the IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu's hate mongering. Igbo elites have tolerated Kanu too much without considering their own hard work, sweat and investments in Nigeria. Whatever our country is today is what we all made of it.

If we now need to press the reset button it should be done in a manner we all can listen to ourselves. We must not yield the space to the mad man and his specialists in IPOB..."

~Ajayi Temitope

The title of the thread reeks of ignorance and the write up adds insult to human intellect. The Prime Minister did not have power to appoint anybody to the position of GOC of Nigerian armed forces. Instead his position was either to support a candidate, oppose the candidate, advice the President and Parliament or abstain. If this jackass cannot read either the Nigerian constitutions of 1960 or 1963, the dumbass could, at least, rent someone to do the reading and interpreting for him/her.

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