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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Finally, I Left My Job For Freelancing! by deturla: 2:38pm On Aug 26
I'll be resigning in the from my work place to venture into Freelancing full time. Why?

Because my work is so stressful. It's 6:04am and I'm already late for work. I'll be at the work place doing tedious work till 7:30pm. I'll have to be standing till that evening time of the day. It's a one man business and I risk being fired any time. From March to August, I've been able to save 55k. I don't do it drinks. Neither do I smoke or buy expensive things for myself. Well, yes. I don't have a girlfriend. So saving 55k portrays how zealous I am with the savings with the little I earn. Now, I'm facing a health challenge: a back and waist pain. So I want out.

Planning on focusing on the Freelancing route.

My worry now is, am I making the right decision?

I need your advice. What would you do if you were to be me?

To be or not to be?

Interesting decision you’re about to make for your life. You have every right to want to leave your 9 to 5, however, you’ve not got enough savings to leave. N55k is just not enough.

Unless maybe there are some gigs already waiting for you on the outside, then I suppose you are good to go.

Meanwhile, we are currently looking for writers to join our web content team.

Are you interested in this?
Send a DM then and let me get you started.

All the best as you make that huge decision.



Investment / Re: Ten Legal Ways To Become A Millionaire In Nigeria Before 2022 by deturla: 5:42am On Jun 27
Nice points OP

By the way I have the following for sale

MacBook pro 2015 8gb 128ssd core i5 absolutely no issues

Dell E6320 8gb 500gb core i5 solid battery 4 - 5hrs

Canon EOS 750D camera for sale no issues

WhatsApp 07051923534 for More information

Interested in the Max.
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by deturla: 11:18am On Jun 02

MacBook Pro 2015
Battery count : 91
8gb ram


Hp Elitebook 840 G3
14 inches
6th gen
16gb ram
Touch screen


Only 3 left

Hp Elitebook 840 G4
7th gen
14” inches
256gb Ssd
8gb ram
Touch screen


Hp Probook 650 G3
7th gen
15.6” inches
320gb HDD
4gb ram
No back light


Hp Elitebook 2540p
80gb ssd
6gb ram
12.1” inches


Pick up
Ikeja Lagos smiley

Is the Max still available?
Let’s connect.
Romance / Re: Many Ladies Are Lonely In Europe by deturla: 4:38am On Mar 24
Men are not lonely too. Alot of people cannot deal with the stress or troubles of marriages and relationships abroad. They now prefer hook ups, and owning a dog or cat angry

How far you?
You still dey press NL for CA? grin grin
Romance / Re: Alleged Side-chick: Mrs. Justina Is Confirmed To Be Married To Chief Ikpea by deturla: 7:56pm On Mar 09
Nigerian girls are useless.

Education / Re: My Sweden Scholarship Story by deturla: 6:15am On Oct 17, 2020
My scholarship testimony
In the midst of #EndSARS and now #ENDSWAT, I believe many Nigerian youths have what it takes to make this county better if quipped with advanced knowledge in their respective fields.

Let me tell you a bit of my story.

My journey into scholarship hunting began in 2017, immediately after my NYSC. I had my first shot at New Zealand Scholarship for Development.

When I scaled through the first round, I thought it would be a smooth ride until I lost out at the second stage; abstract reasoning.

With a 2:1, I knew my chances of winning a scholarship was not very high, as most opportunities go to first class holders. However, I was determined to give it a shot regardless.

In 2018, I applied for CSC Scholarship in China. With the help of a friend, I got a supervisor, and all was going smoothly until the admission list came out. I was admitted on Type-D which meant I had to pay tution fee and sort all the bills all on my own. It was so heartbreaking, as I was already fantasizing about the beautiful city of Shanghai. �.

What followed were series of rejections, from OKP to Mastercard, Chevening to Commonwealth, IPAD to MEXT (both Japanese), Erasmus to Marshal Papworth, the "Thank you and Sorry," emails kept coming back to back.

At a point, I abandoned my usual email address and created a new one; I felt maybe it had been cursed somehow �.

It got so bad that some of my close folks advised me to consider M.Sc. in Nigeria and forget about studying abroad until Ph.D. level.

However, I have a lot of friends that wouldn't just allow me to give Up. They were always there to provide support.

Last year, around August, I was scrolling past this ISF WhatsApp group when I found info on SI scholarship in Sweden.

That I could apply without writing IELST, TOEFL or GRE made it so appealing. Also, it's open to all classes of grade as they pay little attention to academic brilliance. I studied the material like my life depends on it.

Unfortunately, when the result came out, I missed out on the full scholarship��‍♂️.

The SLU scholarship which covers tuition and medical alone also came out and I was placed on reserve.

On May 27th, I got a mail that they had concluded the selection and unfortunately, no place for me.

That was when I felt our village people were really strong. In my mind, I was done with scholarship application.

However, on June 1st, I was seated just imagining receiving a mail that they have reconsidered me after all.

At that moment, I got a mail notification and opened it. Lo and behold, my imagination turned out to be reality. Out of 6 openings, someone declined his offer and that created an opening for me.

But there is no stipend. No problem! My moment of waiting had, however, fully prepared me to cater for my own needs (It costs $1K/month on average to live comfortably in Sweden). Thanks to my freelancing career and the good people of Premium Freelancing Class (PFC).

Today, I am one of the 6 recipients of SLU scholarship and the only one in my department.

All thanks to God, my family, my friends, and the entire ISF members. Testimonies and lectures from that group are always useful for every application.

If you are like me with countless "Thank you" and "Sorry" emails, I want to encourage you today not to give up. You have gone too far to lose. Your time will come!

Next admission opens by October 16, 2020.

Get more updates here:

Congratulations Dolapo. This is the drive I need to get started.

I've been online in the last one week researching and researching till break point. The information online is super, duper rich and I am happy that you got in.

I have just commenced my journey too, as I am interested in some of the courses on there. I have enough experience running digital businesses and I just pray I make it too.

We should connect though. Advice from you is critical at this point.

I hope to see you soon. *grins*. See as your face fresh sef. Sweden sweet abeg! grin grin

You are the one who studies Sustainable Food Systems at SLU? I hope I am right though. Haha.

Let me know if you would like me to send you an email.

All the best man.

Romance / Re: Have You Ever Felt Like Committing Suicide Before? How Did You Overcome? by deturla: 10:12am On Jul 20, 2020
[quote author=Amazinggrace200 post=88881763][/quote]

Wow. I missed the conversation we were having here.

How are you guys now?

Doing great, I suppose?
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by deturla: 8:18am On Jul 19, 2020
Signing in.
Music/Radio / Re: They Don't Care About Us: A Nairalander Releases New Music Video by deturla: 12:29pm On May 19, 2020
Great content.

Very creative.
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Felt Like Committing Suicide Before? How Did You Overcome? by deturla: 6:40pm On Apr 22, 2020
Just twice
Omo the second one no be joke
For inside bush
Na one old farmer God use save me I for don go
And any success of the act back then
They can't see my body embarassed

How are you now? I hope you are enjoying life?
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Felt Like Committing Suicide Before? How Did You Overcome? by deturla: 6:32pm On Apr 22, 2020
I was quite young then. I was trusted and tired of life. I went to the kictchen. Wrote the short suicide note. Held the knife . Put the tip on my Belle. But I just couldn't do it . I was too weak... I wished there was a way death could come with that much pain... but another voice in me said "there's another way- BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!!."

Wow. This is amazing.

I hope you don't have that feeling anymore?

You are an overcomer.

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Romance / Re: Have You Ever Felt Like Committing Suicide Before? How Did You Overcome? by deturla: 6:31pm On Apr 22, 2020

In those days when I was a minor, life became unbearable that I drank methylated spirit, but nothing happened after vomiting form.


Romance / Have You Ever Felt Like Committing Suicide Before? How Did You Overcome? by deturla: 4:55pm On Apr 22, 2020
Have you ever felt like committing suicide based on depression before?

You'd just draw blank, after sadness has enveloped you for so long.

You'd not be able to think of anything else. Just within your shell, you'd grow cold.

The pressure of the pain, the hurt reaches a high, one that only you can feel. No one else can.


The thought of suicide filters in, and you'd come to make peace with yourself.
Shebi, death will make all the pain go away.

The peace that that comes with the realization of dying will be overwhelming that nothing else will matter at that point.

That's why it's never easy to pull someone from the throes of suicide.

For those who have won suicide, you are the real MVPs.

How did you deal with it?
How did you help yourself?

Can we learn from you?

cc: lalasticlala, mynd44
Romance / Re: 10 Different Types Of Babies Valentine Sex Will Produce by deturla: 3:03pm On Feb 18, 2020
mad ooo

Romance / 10 Different Types Of Babies Valentine Sex Will Produce by deturla: 11:38am On Feb 18, 2020
You had unprotected Valentine sex, yea? Very good. This post is to show you the 12 different types of babies your Valentine sex will produce.


cc: lalasticlala, mynd44
Travel / Re: Lagos: Narrate Your Trekking Experience This Morning by deturla: 3:39am On Feb 04, 2020


Let's continue our convo on Whatsapp.
Travel / Re: Lagos: Narrate Your Trekking Experience This Morning by deturla: 2:51am On Feb 04, 2020
Trekked from Cele to Ijesha, got a bus to Aguda (had to abandon the bus halfway coz of traffic) and then trekked from Aguda to Eric Moore. Razz

Definitely can't do this for a month


You trekked from Aguda to Eric Moore? WTH!

I live in Ijesha and I know what that distance is!

Jesus! Sigh.

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Travel / Re: 10 Most In-demand Jobs For Nigerians Migrating To Canada In 2020 by deturla: 12:36pm On Jan 27, 2020
Many dont care. they can always go to school after getting the visa and change career

Travel / 10 Most In-demand Jobs For Nigerians Migrating To Canada In 2020 by deturla: 12:09pm On Jan 27, 2020
As a Nigerian looking forward to migrating to Canada in 2020, it is important for you to ensure that there are job positions that fit your experience or to look out for before you commence your migration journey.

The job positions which are in high demand cuts across several fields. From the available administrative roles to white-collar professional roles down to skilled talents is of high demand in 2020.

It doesn't matter where you're proficient in, there's a place to exhibit your prowess in that sector and in return earn a mouthwatering salary. In this article, we will list about 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2020.

Looking for a job that pays well? Go for the ones that are said to be high in demand. They pay more.

The jobs below are 10 of the numerous most in-demand jobs there is. 10 Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada In 2020!

1. Sales Associate

The position of a sales associate, or sales representative, is one of the most coveted positions in Canada in 2020. Businesses entrust their products in the hands of sales associates or sales representatives to deliver their products to customers.

Is it B2B Salespeople? They are in high demand. To succeed in this field, you have to possess an outgoing personality and the innate sales ability.

2. Driver

Until this day, there are people always in dire need to someone who's capable of driving them around without hassle. This makes driving a job in high demand. If you're a delivery driver, forklift driver and long-haul driver, be rest assured that your skill is of high demand by employers. Knowing how to skillfully drive a commercial vehicle makes you a hotcake in the eyes of companies who need commercial vehicle drivers.

Having a certificate to operate forklift or licence to drive commercial vehicles will make you a gold fish amongst other drivers.

3. Receptionist

These are people who, at a place of business, make the very first impression to customers or clients. For you to be a great receptionist, you must possess the skills involved in offering good customer service as customer service is an important element of being a coveted receptionist.

Also, every receptionist must be in the knowledge of basic tech skills. With such, you're sure of taking a huge piece from the cake in this high in-demand field.

4. Welder

Some may be wondering, “how did the job of being a welder make it to this list?”

Well, if you don't know that welders are highly sought-after in Canada, now you do. Have you been following up Canada's shortage of skilled trades workers? If yes, then it'll make sense why welders made it to this list.

If you're searching for a job on high demand which you can delve into - and you don't mind getting your hands dirty - consider welding. Welding is a career path that comes with loads of opportunities for growth.

So, before you jump on any cheapflights or expensive one with no hope of getting a job, you should check the welding job out.

5. Developer

For people who have an obsession with building websites, tech, apps, enterprise software and anything which run on programming languages — develops innovates to feed that obsession.

So, it's no news that this is one of the professions that are high in demand. Developers have almost been one of the most sought-after people in businesses. The tech sector still remains the fastest growing in Canada.

Though developers of all kinds are highly needed, full-stack developers proficient in front-end and back-end programming are of high demand.

6. Business Development Manager

Business development managers typically find themselves right under the sales umbrella of jobs. They are the ones highly responsible for providing new business and strategies to help the salespeople of their organization close deals with new clients.

They are mostly involved in big picture strategizing and relationship building.

7. General Labourers

These people are also tagged as a jack-of-all-trades in the labour market of Canada. In whatever workforce, they strive to fill in gaps, ensuring that tasks to enhance the growth of a business are completed. From cleaning to packing materials to general handiwork.

You can't be a general labourer if you don't possess the strength or zeal to work hard. The question is, “do you have the ability and determination to take on physically demanding tasks?”

8. Heavy Duty Mechanic

Just like the name “Mechanic,” the people in this fieldwork with heavy machinery, ensuring that it is well repaired and maintained as needed. Such people are often found in construction, energy or manufacturing. Every one of these sectors remains essential contributors to the Canadian economy in 2020.

9. Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors are also known as money specialists who exhibit their expertise with individuals and families. They help individual and families make decisions on how they spend money and make investments. Banks have financial advisors that work for them.

Most businessmen need a financial advisor - someone who'll advise on money matters. As a Nigerian with experience in financial advisory, this could be your goldmine in Canada in 2020.

10. Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers are people who focus on designing systems and products which contains electricity. From designing electronics to working in the energy sector, to telecommunications, the skills of an electrical engineer have countless applications in our modern tech-obsessed world. Though most engineering disciplines are experiencing workers shortages, electrical engineers are particularly in demand in 2020.

Let me know if you have any additions to this list in 2020. Let's learn together.

Cc: Lalasticlala, mynd44, Ednut1
Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 12:18pm On Jan 25, 2020
She no fine

Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 6:55am On Jan 24, 2020
Is this really true love Or a guy looking for pali cheesy

You eh? I don dey wait for your comment since. LOL!

Can we quickly have a chat on Whatsapp?
Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 8:18am On Jan 19, 2020

You are not in the right position to make this assertion. All what you should do now is watch and pray.

I thought I was the only one thinking this way.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 6:54am On Jan 18, 2020
Wow! That's a brave move from both of them. Happy married life to the new couple

Very brave move indeed.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 9:06pm On Jan 17, 2020
Anyone can get married at anytime.

The goal isn't marrying. It's about marrying the right person... having a blissful home... and growing old together.

This isn't an ideal way marriage should happen. But may the grace of the Lord be sufficient for them.

Ideal is what you think it should be. But realistically, marriage can happen anywhere, anyhow and anytime.

Amen to your prayers.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 8:28pm On Jan 17, 2020
Bros. just they smile anyhow, do you know what it means to get married to a nurse in the UK, they are well paid and secondly British passport.

Abeg make my US/UK nurse slide into my DM

grin grin
Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 7:26pm On Jan 17, 2020
Nairaland ladies should learn and stop allowing their DM to be filled up because they are not ready for NL guys

Is there DM on Nairaland? grin grin
Romance / Re: Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 7:22pm On Jan 17, 2020
The other day one woman was complaining that her husband did not use to flush toilet after yagbeing purge. angry

I am not saying anything negative. Do not misquote me. All I am saying is, Live together even if na one month.

Shey on yesterday's front page one woman was complaining that her husband to be is barry allen, 2 seconds everywhere don burst undecided. He don't use to last during mekwe. angry

Mtcchh...Just live together first before rushing to marriage plsss

Different strokes for different folks Brov.

Celebrate People so that you can be celebrated.
Romance / Nigerian Couple Who Never Met Physically Until Their Wedding Shares Love Story by deturla: 6:35pm On Jan 17, 2020
OlaOlu, based in Nigeria met Fola, a Nigerian Nurse based in the U.K on Facebook sometime in July 2019 and they immediately hit it off.

Their conversation started with a comment on a Facebook post which quickly progressed into the DM. And the rest, as they say, IS HISTORY!

What makes this particular Naija love story exciting is that they never met physically during the 3 months they dated.

The love bug and connection was strengthened through video calls on Whatsapp and Facebook, and after 3 months of online dating, Fola travelled to Naija to meet her Prince Charming and they got MARRIED!

The husband made this post on Facebook:

It was Itodo's birthday and as Getmeri's ambassador I sent his number to the company to call and wish him a happy one. I shared his appreciation of the kind gesture on my timeline and next thing I know this Facebook friend commented that when will she get her own Getmeri call.

My first reaction was, kinni isolenu yí bayi? I couldn't leave the comment unattended to because Getmeri's image was at stake so I replied that she should dm me her number.

When she came inbox and dropped an international number, I was dismayed. International calls cost more and Getmeri nuh send me message reash this level. But she's got this good sense of humour and I could feel she was hitting on me as well.

That very night in August, we chatted for about 5 hours till early in the morning. The flow was effortless.

So I finally get to marry a nurse as it is and the prophecy I gave myself that my future wife would walk into my DM herself just like my mum walked into my dad's house is fulfilled.

Thanks to a few friends that have been part of our journey. Started from the DM now we're here.

We caught up with them before Fola made her return trip back to the UK, and they shared their journey from Facebook to getting married with us.

Love is indeed beautiful


cc: lalasticlala, mynd44

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Technology Market / Re: Original Clean Uk Used samsung Galaxy S9+ For 110k,SEPTEMBER PRICE by deturla: 5:11am On Nov 21, 2019

I have a very clean Samsung s8. Can I use it to upgrade to the s9+?
Romance / Re: What Apartment Is Best For A Newly Wedded Couple? by deturla: 6:04pm On Sep 29, 2019
With 2 to 3m wedding waiting. Person go still use 400 to 700k rent 2 bedroom. Life is hard abeg

grin grin grin grin
Health / Re: Common Beard Myths Demystified by deturla: 1:23pm On Sep 17, 2019
grin I've not grown a strand of beard @19...do I need to be bothered?

No you don't.

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