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Politics / Re: FG Pays N157.35bn Tax Arrears To States by docadams: 3:20pm On Nov 12, 2019
From 2002 to 2016! Why must the government keep risking its neck for unwarranted favours?
Phones / Re: Isa Ali-Pantami Extends Deadline On Reduction Of Data Price by docadams: 6:55am On Nov 10, 2019
I hope these rabid telecoms see the wisdom in the minister's directive and act accordingly. Data cost is too high. I just can't fathom why our population cum market should be our Archiles

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Autos / Re: Sharp Rx350 by docadams: 8:57am On Nov 07, 2019
Politics / Re: Buhari Weighs Options On Magu, Fowler’s Tenure by docadams: 7:49am On Nov 07, 2019
Wish Ribadu can come back. That man forever has my respects. It isn't easy rejecting $5mill bribe. Not sure I'd have the mind to turn such down myself.

Ditto Ken Nnamani.

It was $15m in cash.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria : ‘china Closed Its Borders For 40 Years And They’re Better Now’ -NCS by docadams: 2:04pm On Nov 04, 2019
China didn't become better till it opened it's borders so stop decieving Nigerians

Where did you get this idea?
Politics / Re: Border Closure: Northern Textile Traders Say They Stand To Lose Over N3 Trillion by docadams: 3:17pm On Nov 03, 2019

Stop talking nonsense. What contraband did they import. Reread the article slowly. The textile mills are down because the business environment bad for it.

Voltron, defender of the smuggle's interests.. How do you connect what you regurgitated from your insipid medulla to the reality on ground. Going by your assertion at the bolded I can confidently state that the maturity and knowledge I once gave you on this platform was a waste. Tell me which of the listed textile mills was still operating by year 2003? Wasted knowledge

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Politics / Re: Border Closure: Northern Textile Traders Say They Stand To Lose Over N3 Trillion by docadams: 12:31pm On Nov 03, 2019

The Q3 GDP report will be spicy. It seems alot small business are coming out of woodwork to complain. They'll just have use seaports or airports even if it doesn't make sense. Im going guess GDP grew 1.5%.

PS: NBS never released 2018 crime statistics.

Complain about what, their inability to ship in their contraband goods? Loosing 3trllion naira indeed. They admitted the comatose state of our textile industries, so how is 3trillion being lost. Tomorrow it will be the turn of slaughter houses loosing trillion to border closure, next will be association of Kunu hawkers.


Autos / Re: 2006 Direct Sienna Accident Free Lexus Engine Not VVTI 08140857737 by docadams: 6:28pm On Nov 02, 2019
Post VIN to confirm your claims
Politics / Re: President Buhari Promotes Hajo Sani, Aisha’s Aide by docadams: 9:51am On Oct 30, 2019

How is this a promotion

You are not alone. I thought I wasn't comprehending again.

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Politics / Re: Opinion: Was Jonathan The Most Attacked Nigerian President When He Was In Power? by docadams: 4:37pm On Oct 27, 2019
Travel / Re: Cost Of New Nigerian International Passport By Categories by docadams: 2:41pm On Oct 24, 2019

how many days..
where In warri..
and what are the requirements

2days but can be done in a day at the government house annex near DBS.
Politics / Re: Rwanda Signed $1trillion Nuclear Power Deal With Russia. Twitter User. CAPTION. by docadams: 12:54am On Oct 24, 2019
A very serious lesson learnt about the much hyped Rwanda. Still like their tremendous recovery from the relics of an avoidable war.
But back then, the bragging rights was "My Mercedes is Bigger than Yours" but due to low self esteem it is now "Your Mercedes is Bigger than Mine"

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Politics / Re: What Is Your Opinion About The Nigeria Land Border Closure? by docadams: 8:20am On Oct 23, 2019
*Benin Republic has a population of 12 million people. But it is the worlds 5th importer of rice. In 2018, it imported rice worth US$996m.*

*Benin is also world's largest importer of _used_ _cars_ and __second_ - _hand_ _clothing_ . All with a population of 12m people.*
*DO YOU WONDER HOW?.........*

*98.2% of these imports into Benin are only on transit; their final destination is _NIGERIA_ !*
*Nigeria is world's largest consumer of used cars and second hand clothing, and is also Africa's largest consumer of Asian grown rice.*

*The problem here is that all these imported goods attract appropriate import duty and trade tax, which are paid to the Beninoise Government while the goods are thence SMUGGLED into Nigeria WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT to the Nigerian Government and, thereby, adding zero value to the Nigerian economy!*

*Granted, ECOWAS/CEDEAO charter allows for free trade between member states, but _on_ _goods_ _produced_ _in_ _member_ _countries_ , and NOT on imports from other economic blocs.*

*Where foreign goods are transiting through a member country, and ending up in another member country, the ECOWAS charter stipulates that the country of transit MAY collect a token trade tax, and its Customs officials should then escort the goods to the border of the importing country and hand it over to the Customs officials of the importing country!*
*But what we see in the case of Benin Republic is that it collects _CUSTOMS_ _DUTY_ plus _TRADE_ _TAX_ , and then allows the goods to pass through its hinterland for onward smuggle into Nigeria!*

*This is a clear violation of ECOWAS statutes and no nation can condone such costly infraction.*

*Nigeria has tolerated this nonsense from Benin for far too long and it is time to stop the malpractice if we want Nigeria's economy to grow.*
*(Therefore, whoever cries foul because we have closed our borders to smugglers while we're putting our act together, IS AN ENEMY OF NIGERIA!)*

*Nigeria makes up about 74% of ECOWAS population and about 71% of its economy. It is ECOWAS that needs Nigeria and not the other way round!*


Very informative


Politics / Re: What Is Your Opinion About The Nigeria Land Border Closure? by docadams: 8:07am On Oct 23, 2019
I look at sustainability of any policy and this is not sustainable ...can we close our borders for 5 years or 10 years or 25 years

Buhari like most Nigerians like treating the symptoms not root cause

The problem is we import foreign rice

Root cuase
1) our local grains are short Nigerians prefer longer grain
2) our yield are small average 1 ton per hectare while Thailand is 10ton per hectare
3) we have evil birds that can eat up ur farm in few days ...eat everything

Closing border is like forcing ur child to listen to radio because he goes to the next compound to watch TV which he love .

My solutions
1) we need to develop our seeds ...Jonathan government did a lot on this regard don't know why they were not continued ...we need to develop long grains

2) develop grains that yeild between 6 to 10 tons per hectare ...n can be planted 2 to 3 times a year

3) give loans to major rice farmers already to expand

4 ) develop ways to handle those evil birds ...we can learn from iseral

Create rice farming villages

Place 50% import duty on rice imported use the money to fund the above

In 5 years we can achieve full sufficiency then u can ban import



Politics / Re: Photos Of Saraki's Property In Ikoyi That Court Orders Him To Forfeit by docadams: 7:00pm On Oct 21, 2019
Shameless govt ..so A man who owns a whole bank and has been a director before Buhari married Aisha can't own a couple of bungalows in peace again ...

You've got a talent for something: poster boy for the dregs of the society

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Politics / Re: Edward Onoja Sworn In As Kogi Deputy Governor by docadams: 12:52pm On Oct 21, 2019

buharist u told u m from abia state onye mmpe

Johnnyessence equals joshuanwankwo.
Saved for posterity.
Politics / Re: Border Closure: Ghana And Nigeria Agree On Temporary Import Corridor by docadams: 10:10pm On Oct 19, 2019
If their beef is exclusively with Benin and Nigeria republic why not allow the rest if ECOWAS to trade via land borders. I really dont know what Nigeria wants from those two.

Since you claim not to know you should have stopped at that

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Politics / Re: The Closure Of The Nigeria - Niger Border Updates By A Twitter User by docadams: 9:19am On Oct 19, 2019
Hmm. A border is not an abode.

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Politics / Re: Jos, Funtua Dry Ports To Commence Operations In Three Months by docadams: 1:12pm On Oct 18, 2019
Good development
Politics / Re: Where Are The Fire Trucks Donated By Peter Obi In Anambra? (Photos) by docadams: 11:44am On Oct 17, 2019

The Fire Trucks were effective during Peter Obi's tenure, hence you NEVER heard of any fire incident during his tenure.

How come fire trucks were effective in the absence of any fire? IPOB amaka!
Politics / Re: Abdullahi Gobir Says Border Closure Is In Good Faith by docadams: 8:16pm On Oct 16, 2019
Banning foreign rice is like locking ur child at home and force him to listen to radio because he watches TV in your neighbors house hoping he would chose radio over TV instead to buy TV

One hectares of Nigerian rice farm yeilds 1 ton of rice paddy or 800kg to 900kg of rice averagly ...in Thailand its 10 tons ..or 9 tons of rice

Tackling the symptoms is nothing ...Jonathan government focused more on developing seeds that can increase our yield for rice and what ....they developed 6 tons variety ...where are they now

We have crop sciences in many university give them grants to develop seeds that can match what Thailand has

Can we close our border for 10 years ? Can we

Wailing of a typical smuggler. No matter how hard you tried to point them in the direction of legitimate/legal ways of doing business, na lie. Illegal business they must do.
Travel / Re: Fire Outbreak In Onitsha As Truck Crashes Toronto Hospital Fence (Photos, Video) by docadams: 6:36pm On Oct 16, 2019
when it comes to things that concerns Igbos, every creeping and crawling thing would automatically have a say, no matter how worthless and unwanted their opinions might be, they just want to air it. Because... after all it's about the Igbos

Sorry as e de pain you. I am just awed that in a major city like Onitsha with all its potentials, no effective fire service. And it is not the first time such is happening in Anambra state. Back in 2004, a similar explosion occurred at a filling station opposite NAUTH, Nnewi. No single firefighter came to the rescue till the fire burnt out. Very disgraceful.

Delta state had to send an ambulance across the Niger
Travel / Re: Fire Outbreak In Onitsha As Truck Crashes Toronto Hospital Fence (Photos, Video) by docadams: 4:20pm On Oct 16, 2019
Hmm. It is a tragedy. May all lives be spared. Somebody said the firefighters came after 2 hours. Hope they didn't come blaring sirens without water. The igbos should focus attention more on their states instead of wasting their energy discussing happenings in Lagos, Kano, Lokoja, or Daura.


Politics / Re: Ghana Resorts To Diplomacy To Get Nigeria Border Opened by docadams: 11:42am On Oct 16, 2019
And you think Ghana cares about 80 million dollars. Our free SHS alone cost us 500 million dollars in just one year.One Ghanaian business man is worth times ten of that 80 million dollars. It's chicken change in Ghana. You should buy boko haram and tame them rather or better still,buy Niger Republic and let them stop controlling your country. Stupid talk.Do you know the worth of goods Ghana exports a year alone.That 17 billion dollars will fund 70% of your 25 billion budget for 200 million cows,sorry people.

You boast and malign out of ignorance of he facts.


This was as at 2018.


Politics / Re: APC Frustrated Over Our Leakage Of Their Plan On Atiku’s Appeal ― CUPP by docadams: 8:54am On Oct 15, 2019
On APC, we have heard what you have to say. On Supreme court warning nko?
Politics / Re: Obaseki Sacks All Local Government Appointees by docadams: 10:17pm On Oct 14, 2019
In politics you choose your fighs
Politics / Re: Border Closure: FG Releases Statement by docadams: 5:36pm On Oct 14, 2019

You sign #AfCFTA, and then close your border, and then "completely" close the border.

All the while, ignoring that you've lost the ability (for years now), to effectively police the borders.

if you want to ban a commodity, you have to factor in the demand of the commodity and how much your people rely on it. You don't go and ban importation of Rice when the indigenous farmers don't have the necessary quantity demanded by the nationals. There should have been a timeframe before such is implemented

We go learn by force. Hardship will go round.

AfCYA is for goods made or produced by member states. The rest of your post is typical of that of a smuggler.


Crime / Re: When Generals Turn Bandits: Inside The Massive Corruption In Nigeria’s Security by docadams: 3:54pm On Oct 13, 2019
Imagine Maj.Gen.Otiki moving #500million from a supposed war-ravaged area to a more peaceful Abuja.Why will troops not continue to die sense- less deaths with the greed & wickedness of these generals? cry

The present government have bred and legalized its own brand of brazen corruption in all strata of our national life.Imagine what a corrupt military will do to a nation.

Thought this happened under Jonathan? Why bring it up now?? Or Azazi and Dasuki served under the current administration?

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Politics / Re: 'Border Closure Exposes Nigeria's Deficiency In Local Rice Production' by docadams: 8:13pm On Oct 12, 2019
Politics / Re: EFCC Wants Abdulrasheed Maina’s N1b Assets Seized by docadams: 5:19pm On Oct 12, 2019
29 additional? This is man sent to investigate corruption in police pension ooo. Just imagine how much the bigwigs in police pension ate then ...I wonder what Maina did to Buhari recently because Buhari only prosecutes this he has issues with..Did Buhari find out Maina tried to finance Atiku campaign from the Shadows?

Below is the mana for your incurable memory loss and uncontrollable verbal diarrhoea.

“Maina had a total inflow of over N2.7 billion between 2010 and 2013, with 95 per cent of the deposits being in cash. It was discovered that Faizal Abdullahi’s Account (his son), had a turnover of over N1.5 billion in less than a year.”
Politics / Re: EFCC Wants Abdulrasheed Maina’s N1b Assets Seized by docadams: 5:08pm On Oct 12, 2019


The world is waiting to see what becomes of this Maina case -the alleged highly wanted pension funds fugitive criminal.

This is the time for the president/presidency to truly clear their names by revealing to Nigerians their role in the controversial reinstatement & double promotion of this man.

It's only a foolish man that will ask a question, turns round expecting a pat in the back but is greeted by an ominous silence, turns round again to ask himself "what was I even saying self?"
Education / Re: Kaduna Govt Purchase N302m Textbooks For Public Schools by docadams: 3:09am On Oct 12, 2019
'Hurricane' Rufai walking the talk. Just hoping these 'Not for Sale, Property of Kaduna state government' wont become occupants of Onitsha bookshops

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