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Literature / In Love With The Mermaid Season 1(novel) by donlackey(m): 4:53am On Sep 13, 2022
Saving A Good Looking Little Brother

Late at night, the dark blue ocean was calm, reflecting the starlight all over the sky from the ink blue sky ⛅. A luxurious cruise ship floated on the sea. As the waves gently swayed, the ship � was brightly lit and luxurious. On a dark and unlit deck at the back of the ship, a dark shadow held a five or six-year-old boy who was sleeping � and walked � to the side of the ship. He lifted the boy overboard and whispered softly, "Matt, don't blame me. I only blame you for being too favored!" As he said that, he let go and let the boy fall into the sea �. At about the same time, on the sea not far away from the cruise ship, a small head suddenly popped out A pair of big eyes as clear as gems excitedly looked at the ship in the distance. There was also a Little Dolphin swimming � happily beside her. Little Mermaid pointed at the boat and said milkily, "Little Dolphin �, look! Big ship! Daddy must be on the boat! Hmm! "Plop" a sound of water. "Ah! Little Dolphin �, someone fell into the water! Let's go save someone! " Little Mermaid saw the boy being thrown into the sea, and she almost didn t even think about it and quickly swam � over. The silver fish tail cut open the calm sea surface and stirred up Snow-white waves. Within tens of seconds after the boy fell into the water, she had already caught the boy who was slowly sinking to the bottom of the sea. The dark� shadow on the deck noticed the movement on the sea surface, frowned and asked, "What Sound?" Another gloomy female voice said, "Second brother, it should be a shark. I heard that there are a lot of sharks in this area. Matt might have been taken away by the sharks!" The shadow cast a cold glance at the woman and said, "This is for the best. Otherwise, you and I will have no good fruit ������� to eat!" "Second brother, I'm not stupid. The medicine I fed Matt was a chronie poison. Even if he didn't drown and was saved by luck, he would never live for half a month. As long as Second Brother � keeps his promise and lets my daughter marry the future heir of the Schubler family in the future �, I am willing to do anything for Second Brother!" Little Mermaid pulled the boy who had fallen into the water underwater and swam out several hundred � meters in one breath before she dared to poke her head out, while trying hard to lift the boy's head to the surface. "Hoo... Ho0... Little Dolphin, what did you say you were going to do? Why don't you bring him home? " Hearing � this, Little Dolphin called Out anxiously. That's right. Grandpa said that
humans can't breathe underwater. They can only stay above the water � so that they won't die. What can we do? " Little Mermaid said in distress. Then, she looked around and suddenly giggled. "Little Dolphin, I know! Just send him ashore. Let's Swim to the island over there!" After swimming � near the island, Little Mermaid instrueted Little Dolphin, "Little Dolphin �, go back and tell Grandpa that I.. I'm going � to pick coral and tell him not to Worry. Her grandfather once told her that human beings were all bad people, so she must not go near the shore or the big ship �. Therefore, if she knew that she had saved a human, she would definitely scold her. With the help of the waves �, Little Mermaid finally got the little boy to the beach where the waves could not hit. Under the starry sky ⛅, the sleeping boy's eyebrows were like ink paintings, his thin lips were closed, and there was no sound. Little Mermaid tilted her head and looked stunned. This little brother seemed to be better looking than her brothers! She couldn't help but stretch out her little hand and poke the boy's cheek. She called out in a milky voice, "Brother, wake up!"


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Celebrities / Re: Timi Dakolo Poses With Mandela's Statue by donlackey(m): 5:53pm On May 23, 2017
Politics / Re: "Buhari Will Win Presidential Election Again" - Garba Shehu by donlackey(m): 5:52pm On May 23, 2017
Career / Re: 7 Months Pregnant Female Vulcanizer Spotted In Bomadi Delta State [video] by donlackey(m): 5:50pm On May 23, 2017
Politics / Re: 500 Quran Reciters Pray For Buhari In Zamfara by donlackey(m): 5:47pm On May 23, 2017
Celebrities / History Of Amarachi Uyanne by donlackey(m): 3:30pm On May 23, 2017
Music/Radio / Listen To Davido New Hits Track Titled "FALL" (unofficia Version) by donlackey(m): 9:31am On May 22, 2017
As we anticipate the next single from Davido after his collosal continental hit, IF , I guess some folks have had enough of the wait, so they decided to leak it.

As I was throlling the internet, like I alsways do… LOL, I bumped into the snippet of his new single titled FALL.

Davido is back to basics and it is yielding some really great music.

FALL, is definitely another mad jam about to destroy the airwave and hijack all your playlists.
Listen to the snippet below and brace up for the full song when it drops officially!

Music/Radio / Re: Music Management Company Is Looking For New Artistes by donlackey(m): 8:42am On May 20, 2017
donlackeykingsley@yahoo.com Am donlackey DeRapKing
Music/Radio / [music] Christ Brown .- Privacy by donlackey(m): 8:21am On May 20, 2017
Chris Brown first announced his 8th solo LP
Heartbreak On A Full Moon back in May of last year. Since then, the R&B star has put out the singles“Grass Ain’t Greener” and“Party” featuring Usher and Gucci Mane.

While those two singles haven’t made a big impact on the charts, Breezy returns with a new record heading into the summer season.

Announced on Twitter last week, Chris Brown drops his new offering called “Privacy.” has earned a spot on the next episode of the hit sitcom Black-ish.

No stranger to Hollywood, C-Breezywill play a hip hop thug who hires Anthony Anderson’s character Dre to promote his ad campaign. Brownplays the role of a rap artist by the name of Rich Youngsta.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s character, Bow,
fears the ad campaign plays into negative
stereotypes. Black-ish is known for tackling
controversial themes involving Black America.

Music/Radio / Skiibii Ft. Reekado Banks .- London by donlackey(m): 3:29am On May 20, 2017
Five Star Music Signee “SkiiBii” comes through with his most anticipated brand new single christened ”LONDON” as he teams up with SMD’s superstar Reekado Banks. The song was produced by Mystro.

This tune is spanking hot, guaranteed a must put on replay.

Music/Radio / VIDEO: Qdot Ft. Lil Kesh - Lalalu by donlackey(m): 4:09pm On May 19, 2017
Qdot Alagbe releases the visuals to his outstanding hit “Lalalu” featuring YBNL/ YAGI act Lil Kesh The Video was directed by HG2 Enjoy!

Watch & Download QDot Ft. Lil Kesh – Lalalu Here
Celebrities / How To Become A Professional Song Writer by donlackey(m): 9:09am On Apr 21, 2017
Becoming a songwriter is a lifelong dream for many. Although anyone can technically write a song, only a small portion of people end up make a living off their passion. Writing good songs is a major part of being a songwriter, but it doesn't stop there. If you want to make the leap, you'll need to market your songs once they're polished up. Songwriting can be a harrowing field to get into, and it's extremely competitive. However, with the right dedication and artistic integrity, there just might be a place for you in this field. Follow the steps bellow to become a profectiona song writer.

1 Begin with a chord progression.
A chord progression is the basis of any pop song. Chord progressions are fundamentally simple to come up with, but it requires inspiration to come up with a truly great one. Using an instrument of your choice, ply around with a few different chords and see how they match up together.
*.Chord progressions are often predictable and simple in the context of pop music. Especially if you are starting out as a songwriter, it's a good idea to start small at first and work from there.
2 Build a song structure.
A hit song will always come in the form of a coherent song structure. It may be helpful to write out the parts of your song down, and attach musical ideas to them as they come. Here is a list of some common parts in songs:
*.The intro:An instrumental opening for the song that introduces the tone and rhythm of the song. Certain songs, like the Beatles' "She Loves You" break typical form and open up the song with the melodic chorus.
*.The verse:The most common part of a song, where the main body of the lyrics and music tends to go. In Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and others, this is where the story is told. The "summary" of the song is reserved for the chorus.
*.The chorus:A repeated section, often the most memorable melody in the song. Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" uses two verses before its chorus. The chorus uses repetitive lyrics stating the speaker's summary of the action.
*.The bridge:A change of pace featured later on in the song, often following a chorus. If a fresh idea happens right before a chorus, it may be called a pre-chorus. "Billie Jean" uses a pre-chorus after the verse and before the chorus. This is used to build up the tension before letting loose in the song's melodic hook.

READ MORE @ http://lackeynet.mobie.in/How-To-Do/?fid=How_To_Become_A_Professional_Song_Writer
Romance / If You Are In Love With Some One At Work - Then Read This by donlackey(m): 3:37pm On Apr 19, 2017
Source: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=If_You_Are_In_Love_With_Some_One_At_Work_-_Then_Read_This

Love can strike us at anytime, anywhere. But, when love finds us in our office cubicles, then keeping it under wraps can become daunting. Dating at work can have some downsides. Workplace romance can create an imbalance in the social sphere, can put office politics into steroids, threatens the work quality, productivity, and reputation of your workplace. It can also cost you and your love interest’s job too. Added to this, if the relationship doesn’t work out, things can get awkward . You’ve to see your ex almost on a daily basis, and interacting with him or her in a professional setting can become uncomfortable. It can negatively affect your productivity and your organization's bottom line as well. Nonetheless, if you still decide to take your flirtation and dating skills in your workplace, keep the following points in mind:

There Will Be An Obvious Impact On Work And On Coworkers
When you’re dating someone from work, a lot of considerations need to be taken. You may need to register your relationship with your Human Resources department. Should any legal issues arise from this relationship; this appraisal can come in handy. Office romance can make managers and coworkers wince, as love affects productivity, and can get in the way of organization’s business. Your productivity will suffer when your head in filled with unique feelings and inescapable thoughts about that special person. Workplace relationships create an imbalance of reason and common sense. It can create unfair advantageous situations at work and can mar you and your partner’s reputation.

Everybody Will Know Or Knows Already
It is easy for coworkers to see through the facades of corporate lovebirds. You may think that you don’t give two cents what your co- workers think about your relationship, or don’t care if everyone is focusing on you. The thing is folks are discussing it when you are not around, and amazing things can happen at work – both socially and professionally – if group consensus is taken. This is the essence of office politics. When two coworkers talk about one of their colleagues having a relationship at work, some part of those conversations involves gossiping about that person and his or her coworker’s lover.

Be Prepared For The Worst-Case Scenario
Apart from losing your job and facing some social friction, most workplace relationships go wrong typically degrades itself into an emotional nuisance. Even the most office relationship with good intentions, when failed, can be emotionally wrecking to both the dumper and the dumpee. The dumper turns into a ‘bad guy or gal,' while the dumpee gets upset, bitter, and resentful. Things get even worse and hellish since both have to see and meet each other daily. But,

There Is A Chance For Love To Blossom…
Keeps all alerts aside, when workplace romance is bad, it’s awful and unbearable. But, when it’s success, it can forge lasting connections. We spent most of the daytime at work, so it’s quite common that we can be attracted to somebody at work. Justkeep in mind that justlike everything else in this world, there are some rules you need to abide when dating someone at work. Compatibility and chemistry are the building blocks of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Ensure that these basics are there.
Romance / 7 Ways To Scare A Woman Away by donlackey(m): 2:13pm On Apr 18, 2017
Good women and good things don’t come very often. So, don’t mess up a good thing in making these mistakes mentioned below. Otherwise, according to the ladies, you will scare them off for good!

1. Showing Off
An egoistic guy is turn off for women. The more you boast or brag about much money you make, or how many ladies find you intriguing, the fewer women will be attracted you. It shows to women that you feel insecure inside, so you’re overcompensating for it. So, when it comes to getting dating women, don’t try too hard.

2. Poor Manners
Manners maketh a man.That’s not a cliché, it’s true. Besides, the typical belching, swearing or talking/texting while on the date, women also don’t like guys who don’t treat others respectfully. If you’re rude to waiters, cab drivers, maids, store clerk, you should rethink your approach. Your date will think if you don’t treat others well, how will you treat her?

3. Don’t Be A Cheapskate
Don’t use coupons on the first date. Don’t park your car fifteen blocks away, so you don’t have to pay for a $5 valet charges. We aren’t telling you should look for discounts or deals, or overspend on your dates; it’s perfectly fine if you can save some cash. But, if all of your activities are about being stingy, then it ruins the fun. It makes you look money-obsessed, and trust me women don’t like a guy obsessed with money.

4. Talking Sex Too Soon
We know the sex is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. Also building a long-term relationship depends on the sexual compatibility of both partners. But, if you mention anything voraciously sexual in the first few dates, texts, emails, phone calls, you will appear as someone who is fixated on sex, and this creeps a lot of ladies. It’s common for women to date guys who are only after sex. So, the first thing they do is filter those guys. Most women believe sex can only happen when two people get to know each other well, not before that.

5. Calling and Texting Her Too Much
Most men seem to believe that the right way to pursue a woman they’re interested at is by calling, texting, and emailing constantly. Well, a woman might feel flattered by all this attention, but the truth is this isn’t how things work. Instead, you’ll be seen as someone who is needy, inept, desperate, impatient and insecure. All of them are deal-breakers while dating.

6. Mr. Serious
Meeting someone new and knowing them can be nerve-wracking. But, if you relax and take the whole dating activity in a lighthearted manner, the better the whole situation will be. It’s justa date, after all! Most women are looking for a guy who has a sense of humor, and fun to spend time with. So, if you’re stiff, uptight, negative and serious, it will turn her off.

7. Complimenting Too Much
Everyone likes a compliment now and then. Ladies love them to do. It’s fine if you compliment your date, but limit it to justone or two per date. If you keep them coming, the whole thing becomes disingenuous and also a little suspicious. She might start to doubt your intentions, and can even take you as a potential stalker.

If you’re looking for a girl to date, remind yourself of these mistakes. Otherwise, we can safely say you’ll find a hard time being in a relationship.

Source: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=7_Ways_To_Scare_A_Woman_Away
Celebrities / (video) I Still Stand By My Word, I Will Finish The N25m In One Week - Tboss by donlackey(m): 2:15am On Apr 17, 2017
Second Runner-up of Big Brother Naija Show, which came to an end on the 9th of April has said she stands by her words that she’d spend the 25 million grand price in a week.

Recall that following a heated argument with Bisola on March 14, 2017, TBoss mentioned that she could spend 25 million in a week.

and She also told Efe that she has wealthy men with private jets hitting on her. Her comments led to a heated conversation on various social media.

TBoss in an interesting interview with Pulse Nigeria at their Lekki Office explained the controversial comment when asked if she thought it affected her chances of winning.

According to her, she doesn’t regret the comment. She also stated that she is happy with the winner and if she lost the prize money because of the comment, then ‘such is life.’

“People will always have opinions. To be honest, I don’t know why people loved me enough to keep me there seven times that they put me up for possible eviction,” said TBoss.

“But, I still stand by that. With the debts I have, that money go finish. At the end of the day, I may end up not having One million.

According to her, she doesn’t regret the comment. She also stated that she is happy with the winner and if she lost the prize money because of the comment, then ‘such is life.’

“People will always have opinions. To be honest, I don’t know why people loved me enough to keep me there seven times that they put me up for possible eviction,” said TBoss.

“But, I still stand by that. With the debts I have, that money go finish. At the end of the day, I may end up not having One million.
Download Video @: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=I_Still_Stand_By_My_Word_I_Will_Finish_N25m_In_One_Week_-_TBoss_Said_In_New_Video
Sports / I Dont Feel Extra Joy At Beating Chelsea - Mourinho by donlackey(m): 1:43am On Apr 17, 2017
Jose Mourinho has insisted he doesn’t feel any extra joy at beating his former club Chelsea, saying he is happy because Manchester United “needed” the three points on Sunday.

Goals from Marcus Rashford and Ander Herrera secured a 2-0 win for the Red Devils at Old Trafford, which blew open the title race as second-placed Tottenham now trail leaders Chelsea by justfour points.

United, meanwhile, remain in the hunt to secure a Champions League spot as the win over the Blues – who sacked Mourinho in December 2015 – takes the club to within four points of fourth- placed Manchester City, who have played a game more than their fierce rivals.

Mourinho’s side lost their previous two encounters against Chelsea this season, with the last meeting in March seeing a section of the Chelsea fans call the Portuguese “Judas”.

But the United manager insisted on Sunday that beating his former side gives him no extra joy than beating any other team in the Premier League, but conceded the victory was important for the Red Devils’ ambition to play in Europe’s premier competition next term.

Speaking to BBC Sport’s Match of the Day, Mourinho said: “Chelsea are the best counter attacking team in the country and we controlled them very well.

“I’m really happy with the boys. I’m happy – not because it’s Chelsea, it’s because we need these three points. “I don’t feel extra joy at beating Chelsea – we beat the leader. It doesn’t matter if the leader is Chelsea or another – we beat them convincingly.
“Nobody can doubt our credit to win the game.”

Souce: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=I_Dont_Feel_Extra_Joy_At_Beating_Chelsea_-_Mourinho
Celebrities / "T-boss" I Was Shocked When My Dad Sent Me A Screenshot Of My B00bs(see Photos) by donlackey(m): 6:27am On Apr 15, 2017
She also talked about her comments regarding spending the N25m among other things.

Tboss has confessed that she never knew that exposing her boobs would cause a lot of drama on social media. The Big Brother Naija 2017 second runner-up claimed it dawned on her when her father sent her the viral screenshot that earned her so much criticism.

‘He actually did a snapshot. He justsent me a picture of myself, and I was like, ‘Oh, Lord!” she said in an interview with Beat FM.

When asked if her father was aware before now that she pierced her nipples, she said, ‘He knows now’.

Also speaking about her inability to sing the national anthem, Tboss said, ‘I can totally recite the national anthem.’ ‘I was under pressure and tired because we were in the sun throughout that day, talking.

It was a very emotional day and I was really drained. I had a meltdown and it was justified.’ She went on to clarify her controversial comments on spending the N25m prize.

‘I said I have so many projects on ground that I need the money for. I don’t have a house.

I don’t have a car and I would like to get myself a car and I have responsibilities. ‘I have five godchildren. I have siblings, by the time I would share this money. Plus, I have to pay tithe and tax,’

she said. ‘I am always misunderstood. I would sneeze and it would be taken the wrong way. If I burp, it will still go that way,’ she concluded.

See Photos: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=I_Was_Shocked_When_My_Dad_Sent_Me_A_Screenshot_Of_My_B00bs_-_Tboss_Said
Celebrities / Kiss Daniel To Drop New Song Against His Record Label's Wish by donlackey(m): 6:01am On Apr 15, 2017
Yesterday, we reported that Kiss Daniel, might be leaving his label G-worldwide, pretty soon, following a cryptic message he shared on twitter, a couple of days back.

Kiss Daniel, announced that he will be dropping a new single without the knowledge of the management as he could no longer wait, suggesting that the label has for a while now stopped him from putting out new tracks for reasons, we hope will be made public soon.

The singer, has confirmed that there is indeed a silent war brewing between himself and the label. He made this known via twitter a few hours ago.

See Photos: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=Kiss_Daniel_Confirms_Issue_With_His_Record_Label_Promises_To_Drop_New_Song_Against_Their_Wish
Celebrities / (photo) See How Senator Dino Melaye Look 22 Years Ago by donlackey(m): 5:11am On Apr 15, 2017
Celebrities / I Know The National Anthem. It S Just That I Was Tired - Tboss Reacts by donlackey(m): 7:29pm On Apr 14, 2017
TBoss had an Interview with the Pulse Nigeria Team, and she spoke about her controversial National Anthem moment in the Big Brother Naija House.

She also spoke about her outburst after she felt Debie-Rise had put her on the spot by asking her to recite the anthem.

“Like she [Debie-Rise] has said, that house isn’t a normal house. At a point, you could go [crazy]. And this was the one person I could confide in, I drew energy from her own energy.”

“I was upset, I’m not going to lie. Because, I had history with being told off like, ‘what makes you think you’re good enough for this because you’re not Naija. Can you speak pidgin?”

“And I bet you – you heard me speaking pidgin in the house? At my auditions, I couldn’t speak pidgin.

On not being able to recite the anthem

“Now, with the National anthem thing, I do know the National anthem. It’s justthat I missed it. I was tired, I was exhausted, I just wanted to go home. I had seen my family and it was like ‘please.’

“I missed it. That was justwhat happened. I did feel like I was put on the spot because, I kind of signaled her, but, she didn’t get it. She really didn’t get it. It was an honest mistake on her part.”She stated that she had a conversation with Debie-Rise, and that they are currently cool with each other.

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, Tboss said she felt humiliated by Debbie-Rise for putting her on the spot during the truth and dare game. On Thursday, April 6, 2017, TBoss however apologized to Debie-Rise for her outburst, reminding her that she is still her best friend.

Source: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=I_Know_The_National_Anthem._It_s_Just_That_I_Was_Tired_-_Tboss_Reacts_To_National_Anthem_Saga
Celebrities / Toyin Lawani's Son Tenor Is Payporte Fashion Ambassador Poses With Tboss by donlackey(m): 7:13pm On Apr 14, 2017
Socialite Toyin Lawani and Rapper, Lord Triqq’s Son, Tenor aka (Tenor jermaine womadi) is officially @payporte Youngest Ambassador. Oluwatenola got signed to @payporte this week and shared a photoshoot with Big Brother Naija Stars.

See Photos: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Post/?fid=Toyin_Lawanis_Son_Tenor_Is_Payporte_Fashion_Ambassador_Poses_With_Tboss
Jokes Etc / Re: At Childhood, Which Role Do You Normally Play During The Mommy & Daddy Play? by donlackey(m): 6:26pm On Apr 14, 2017

my brother go and read ur dictionary before quoting me ... I was either 5 or 6 .. means if not 5 it 6 . so u want me to say I was BTW 5 or 6 ...kuku kee me professor

I don't say u are not correct. The either means you are not sure of the age u are that time, but u still remember it.

1 Like

Jokes Etc / Re: At Childhood, Which Role Do You Normally Play During The Mommy & Daddy Play? by donlackey(m): 4:21pm On Apr 13, 2017
grin lolxx because of one were we cook food which is sand mixed with water ... my friend had already Finished cooking and molding the sand into wat looks like semo ... I Dont know what kind of spirit possessed me I just shatter the sand .. brethren. na so my best friend stab me with stick that she use in turning the sand on my cheek . see blood every where ..that day was not funny ..girls get mind oh ..I was either 5 or 6 years den

Either? sad
Celebrities / Davido Signs Big Brother Naija Winner Efe To His Record Label by donlackey(m): 4:13pm On Apr 13, 2017
BBNaija winner, Efe Ejeba has signed a recording deal with Davido’s label, DMW.

Reports claim that Efe was offered the deal in Johannesburg, South Africa following his win at the reality TV show.

According to a spokesperson for DMW, “Efe is loved by all, the people love him and that’s why he won.

Asides supporting him to win Big Brother Naija, we decided to support him further with a music deal.

Based on logistics, we know he’ll go places but we believe Davido Music Worldwide will be a grand opportunity for him.”

READ FROM SOURCE: http://lackeynet.mobie.in/Entertainment/?fid=Davido_Signs_Big_Brother_Naija_Winner_Efe_To_His_Record_Label
Jokes Etc / Re: At Childhood, Which Role Do You Normally Play During The Mommy & Daddy Play? by donlackey(m): 2:17pm On Apr 13, 2017
Men I was too talented. I played all the roles

Including the mother?
Jokes Etc / At Childhood, Which Role Do You Normally Play During The Mommy & Daddy Play? by donlackey(m): 2:10pm On Apr 13, 2017
Can’t just take this memories off my
head during those days when we normally walk around will ordinary pant.

Most of the ajebutters might not have the
opportunity to partake in the motion then cause
only the ajepakos has the opportunity to move
around and cause silly things around.

During these days even though you don’t
know how to do that stuff like that, at least you
will sure hustle it anyhow.

Let’s say something – During Your Childhood,
Which Role Do You Normally Play During The
Mommy & Daddy Play?

Me:- During my childhood I hate been son, so I fight to be the Daddy which I normally play the role of Daddy and it’s awesome to act the Daddy’s role.

Incase you don’t want to write long story, you can indicate by choosing A B C D E.

What about you?

Drop your comment

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