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Religion / Re: Where Did Lucifer Get The Idea To Rebel Against God In Heaven???? by Dtruthspeaker: 10:15am
Morning's folks...
So, The question is where did this sin of rebellion emanate from??

Who tempted the devil so to speak to rebel against God

Where did the idea come from

Simple! It just needs only ONE ACT of Wrong Doing and Disobedience!

And an Unsuccessful Justifying of Disobedience is Stubbornness.

And Stubbornness is Rebellion!

He decided by his own thinking and calculation that if he did a certain act the way he felt it should be done rather than the way God had Commanded, he would be All Right and that he could justify why he did it.

Exactly, as how that foolish servant in the Parable of the Talent thought that it was a good and justifiable action if he just returned the Master's money!

He thought it was a good thinking at the time!


Was it God that planted the notion in his heart or is it that sin had already existed back then

Now you are been evil in planting what is evil upon He Who is The Good, because you would like it to be so! Exactly as Satan did by his own thinking!


Since Satan is the originator of sin,has he always been created that way by God.. I mean defective from the outset to somehow want to overthrow God??

He is the FIRST TO SIN!

And God has Great Attention for the First, and Puts Great Attention on them, which is why you see He tends to Act Very Greatly upon the First, eg AdamEve, Cain, Enoch, Abraham, First Fruit, First Born Son etc.
Religion / Re: All Men Die, But Not All Men Live by Dtruthspeaker: 7:54am
We'll all die and witness the grave. And after comes the resurrection.... heaven or hell.

Religion / Re: Q&A: Should A G.O Demote His/her Church Dept. Leader For This Reason? by Dtruthspeaker: 6:11am
@Dtruthspeaker Lols

Religion / Re: Is It A Sin For A Woman To Teach Man The Word Of God by Dtruthspeaker: 12:45am

lol, you are trolling right? I love the sarcasm.

I am not trolling I am only happy to lend a Truthful voice to these matter for I only just finished learning the deep and secret minds of women and why they are the way they are, as we have all seen and experienced.

And the highest unbelievable Truth is that they are very very very evil but they see that men do not know, hence they struggle to tune down their evil but ALL WOMEN KNOW these things.

That's why their favourite word is "You don't know me oh, mmmh!"

They are Truly Confessing and Warning you that they Satan but you can not believe that you are seeing Satan live and Clear.

And of course you think it is specific to the woman who has shown herself but All of them are the same, they are only trying and struggling against revealing themselves to you, but if you are very watchful, you would see them. And you did see them only that you were unable to interpret their information!

So I am not saying this to troll but I am saying that once again, the Bible is Accurately and Perfectly Right on Target.

"Drink from thy own cistern and keep away from the eyelids of strange women. Her depths Truly go down to hell and her lips is Truly the way to death.

Proverbs 5,6,7,8 and 9 is your best friend if you love Life and Peace and Goodness!

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Religion / Re: Any Christian Who Supports Israel Is An Anti-christ by Dtruthspeaker: 12:31am

This picture of inhumane, heartlessness is typical of Nigerian Christians. It is cosmically sad. You have not found comfort, joy or peace on this planet.

Yes, God made a very beautiful and good world full of comfort, joy and peace and He warned that Wickedness destroys it.

But men said that they are better than Him and therefore did what they liked. God said do not do any wicked thing, you did not listen, He said, do "Just is" and Right, Corruption of Judges is the way to get judgement.

Now all is destroyed and no man can fix it, now you are complaining.

Do not blame me, I did not create the problem neither did I participate in the destruction thereof!


What have we done as a society to have produced so so so many, unloved, abused, hateful, lonely, vicious, vengeful children whose only peace is the eternal pain of others

We cried and cried love thy neighbour, and do good to the stranger, did you listen? No!

Now you have all burnt this beautiful house with your Wickedness and now you are asking what have we done!

What we did was to warn you all that these destruction was going to happen if man does not stop being Wicked to his fellow man, but no, you would not hear us, even Michael Jackson and Co begged tire.

Black eyed peas and Alicia Keys even cried where is Love?

yet, you became deaf while complaining that we did not want you enjoying life.

So this is the life you guys were making to enjoy it, so enjoy on and let us be deaf to your cries!
Religion / Re: Prophesy by Dtruthspeaker: 10:13pm On May 15
I for-see death just don't know but let keep checking the social trends ..... PRAYER IS ALL WE NEED NOW..... hoping on SALVATION

Aha! Has death and hell not been going around?

Ok, you are referring to another wave of deaths and hells!
Religion / Re: Any Christian Who Supports Israel Is An Anti-christ by Dtruthspeaker: 9:55pm On May 15

So,you don't care about injustice and oppression?

No man on earth is qualified to give "Just is", Not a One. All who you think will give you "Just is" are themselves Corrupt and Corruptible!

You guys have successfully destroyed everything that is Good, so No one can do any Good now or give "Just is"

Only Mr Good and Mr. "Just is" Himself! And He is AComing to give "Just is"!

Bros, I intend to run away from Mr. "Just is" to go and Meet Mr. Mercy because I know I am Guilty Already, even without any Charge.

So, bros, I no dey stay house wey don Spoil pata-pata and Dem dey come Demolish am!


Is this the love your hypocritically preach to others?

We have long since Finished Preaching The Love!

It does not look like anyone heard us,so Now, it is time for us to Vamoose!
Religion / Re: History Of Terrorism by Dtruthspeaker: 9:40pm On May 15
Terrorism, the calculated use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. Terrorism has been practiced by political organizations with both rightist and leftist objectives, by nationalistic and religious groups, by revolutionaries, and even by state institutions such as armies, intelligence services, and police

Most scholars today trace the origins of the modern tactic of terrorism to the Jewish Sicarii Zealots who attacked Romans and Jews in 1st-century Palestine. They follow its development from the Persian Order of Assassins through to 19th-century anarchists. The "Reign of Terror" is usually regarded as an issue of etymology. The term terrorism has generally been used to describe violence by non-state actors rather than government violence since the 19th-century Anarchist Movement.

Every Region in the world had terrorists exactly as Uthman Dan Fo, did to northern Nigeria, Britain did to Oba Akinolu in Lagos, Ovoranmwen in Benin and Jaja of Opobo.

Same thing was happening in the Americas as they terrorised the Indians there.

France, Britain, Scotland, Germany, Rome, terrorised themselves!

Where there are wicked and evil men, there do you find terrorists in training!
Religion / Re: Any Christian Who Supports Israel Is An Anti-christ by Dtruthspeaker: 9:35pm On May 15
Dear Christians,

Why do you need to be told that Palestine also have Christians for you to not support the murder of Muslim children by Israel?

Bros, Christ Followers are not doing these foolish things!

They are busy trying to find their seats in the Ark while some others are trying to locate the Ark!

This world and all that is in it is going to be destroyed, so we do not care!
Religion / Re: The Law Of God And Righteousness, Do We Still Need The 10 Commandments? by Dtruthspeaker: 9:28pm On May 15


Therefore, you can see now that The Law is "Holy" as you Admitted and "Spirit" as you have now confirmed therefore, one can Truly say that The Law is "Holy Spirit"!
Religion / Re: The Law Of God And Righteousness, Do We Still Need The 10 Commandments? by Dtruthspeaker: 9:21pm On May 15

I can stop laughing.

What does the law of faith entails?

See his mistakes! He Always tries to explain himself yet he ends up saying LAW.

First, he said "LAW of the spirit", now, it is the LAW of faith! grin

No man is outside The Law and can be Outside The Law, every Tongue must Confess the Truth that They are Always within The Mighty Hands of The LAW! grin

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Religion / Re: Is It A Sin For A Woman To Teach Man The Word Of God by Dtruthspeaker: 9:12pm On May 15
I have been to churches where they do not allow or permit women to preach or pray among the congregation. reason that women are weaker vessel and vulnerable to the devil.

Hmmh! Women? Women are Satans daughters and concubines. They are very very evil and very cunning more than what men know, but men are just beginning to real eyes them now! (Romance and Family Section prove this)

And the women know oh! But men think that they are the normal good and evil people like them, but No, they are Not!

They are evil trying not to show you that they are evil.

Yes, I said it!

God knows this Which is why God puts them aside and does not like them, if you observe His Countenance (Spirit) towards them.

So how can they represent Him and Teach His Words?

Shall they not pollute His Word which is A Holy Spirit with their evil spirit?
Religion / Re: The Law Of God And Righteousness, Do We Still Need The 10 Commandments? by Dtruthspeaker: 9:01pm On May 15

No it is not spirit.

Ah! You falled me, for you did not take cognizance of what Christ Expressly said

THE WORDS I have spoken to you Are SPIRIT and Life! John 6:63!
Religion / Re: The Law Of God And Righteousness, Do We Still Need The 10 Commandments? by Dtruthspeaker: 8:53pm On May 15

Sin is transgression of the law.

grin Beautiful!

I love your Nigerian law counter grin


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Religion / Re: The Law Of God And Righteousness, Do We Still Need The 10 Commandments? by Dtruthspeaker: 8:43pm On May 15

... Sin was in the world before the law but sin wasn't imputed because there's no law to charge the sin with. So you can sin without breaking a law.....

So why was Adam, Eve Cain and the Old world Guilty?

Why was I and my colleague at Law able to draw out Adam and Eves Charges on that day The Court fell on them?

See https://www.nairaland.com/6319053/when-eve-charged-court-charges/5#101699805

Before man was, The Law! That's what John 1 and other scriptures tell you, which you would not see because you are not a Law'er!

The Law was Always there and has Always been there as the case of Abimelech vs. Abraham and Wife Clearly Prove!

Also, the case of Cain vs. Abel, Potiphar's Wife vs. Joseph etc.

Truespeak, budaatum what say you!
Religion / Re: Is God Truly The Almighty?(yoruba Edition) by Dtruthspeaker: 8:28pm On May 15
There are many god's in the universe today. Which amongs this this god's can be referred to as the Almighty and whyc

It is the people who are many who have many names for A Mighty Person Who is Too Muchly Greater than Us.

So in English language, we agree to call that Mighty Person, God!

Other peoples are calling Him from their own languages and exposures.

So it is we, the men who have "many gods" as the simple would think but the Consensus is that we are talking about a Mighty Person Who is Greater than All Men!
Religion / Re: A Child Who Died At Age 9, Will Remain 9 Forever In Heaven. Let Us Discuss by Dtruthspeaker: 8:21pm On May 15
Bother yourself with the things on earth and how to make it to heaven. Forget what happens there. because there are too many questions to ask.

I concur!

We never pass this "Common Entrance" yet, so it is not smart to pay too much attention how that Place shall be.

But surely, when you pass, you will know!
Religion / Re: This 3 Things Can Make You Sin All The Time by Dtruthspeaker: 8:11pm On May 15
With a soul prepared to sin, EVERYTHING is always ready to make you sin!

With a soul not prepared to do EVERYTHING RIGHT and GOOD (RIGHTNESS/RIGHTEOUSNESS), NO MATTER HOW HARD AND INCONVENIENT, then, All is ready to make you sin, even a small thing as "Do Not eat this Fruit, because it would kill you or don't keep over night!

What Think ye budaatum?
Religion / Re: Speak The Truth In Love by Dtruthspeaker: 8:04pm On May 15
And I said...
He did not go around attacking groups or weighing their choices against His Word. His Law has nothing against the Laws of men or their groups but instead speaks of what is Law in the Kingdom of God.


But, while Christ did not judge (then, for He clearly told us that He shall Come back to Judge Later) He Left us with The Law that we may judge ourselves and consequently judge one another that we may see for ourselves if we obey The Law.

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Religion / Re: Speak The Truth In Love by Dtruthspeaker: 7:55pm On May 15
1. Where in your Bible are you told that Jesus Christ attacked sinners or unbelievers? undecided

From His Spirit and by His Countenance we all see that He hates the fact that people sin and He did not permit any sin to be near Him.


2) Did Jesus Christ tell you that the Pharisees were "sinners" and unbelievers? undecided

Clearly anyone who sins, is a sinner and every one sins. But it is worse for those who are supposed to teach people that they should not sin, are the very same ones who sin and teach others too to sin!


3) Jesus Christ never needed to attack the sinners in His time because He never had any reason to. He came for those who knew themselves as sinners, those sick in need of a physician. Those who were blind and needed to see.

He came to warn all who sin that we are in danger of the Judgement!

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Religion / Re: Speak The Truth In Love by Dtruthspeaker: 7:44pm On May 15
But is the truth in the instance that you pointed to there. Jesus Christ, the Truth of God, is not against the LGBTQ community -

He said "and they were asked if the LGTB community is against God's laid down rules". and Not about the LGBT people!

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Religion / Re: Q&A: Should A G.O Demote His/her Church Dept. Leader For This Reason? by Dtruthspeaker: 7:39pm On May 15

No. A church is not supposed to be a financial institution. But a church that fires a Church department leader for not meeting up financially is clearly a financial organisation.

The Law for the above position will be found in the following verses where Christ fired the General Overseer instead.

Matthew 21:12–17, Mark 11:15–19, Luke 19:45–48, John 2:13–16


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Religion / Re: Q&A: Should A G.O Demote His/her Church Dept. Leader For This Reason? by Dtruthspeaker: 4:44pm On May 15
You know that which is good and evil, is a church a financial institution?

Is it supposed to be?

What did The Law say!?

Submit all Answers to Budaatum grin

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Religion / Re: Is God An Estate Real Agent? by Dtruthspeaker: 11:23am On May 15

Lost but can still be regained cos they are both rightful owners right?

Their problem!
Religion / Re: Is God An Estate Real Agent? by Dtruthspeaker: 11:20am On May 15

Stop putting bible into this cos quran also get their own version of the story... Infact, Boko haram are using that Israelis claim to perpetrate their evil

I said every side came with their own records to make their own case.
Religion / Re: Is God An Estate Real Agent? by Dtruthspeaker: 8:45am On May 15

Eggzactly, infact no clear explanation of what led to the war before the land was conquered by Israelites. Not just that war but others as well.. Those stories was written to suit the narrator's story

All the Testimonies Agree that Palestine were the "First Settlers" but they all also agree that the Palestine's Lost it, like Nigeria lost Bakassi,

Nigerians are still complaining about the loss and Palestine is still complaining about their loss too, it's as simple as that!
Religion / Re: Is God An Estate Real Agent? by Dtruthspeaker: 8:41am On May 15
Abram could have laid claim to the land like the other legendary ancestors like Oduduwa, Bayajida et al.

Moreover, I’m still looking for the establishment which shows Israel owns that place apart from the biblical record.

The Truth is Always in the past and the Bible Corroborated many other known Old Truths which caused their lands to be given to them.

Many regional courts sat to hear the matter and each side presented their respective cases.

And it was the consensus that in facts and evidence, Isreal proved their case of Ownership of the lands.

And they did not get it all!
Religion / Re: Is God An Estate Real Agent? by Dtruthspeaker: 8:31am On May 15
So God promised Abraham the promised land cos God is an estate agent who can allocate lands to whoever he wishes..

The same Abraham's promised land which was Canaan, now the present Isreal region is what is causing conflict between the original land owners and the immigrants.. Abi what does the word Conquered mean?

Why una Always dey Foolish?

Hotel na real estate agent? Or Person wey get house (Land Lord) na estate agent.

No be d Right of the Owner of the Hotel or House to give Anybody Any Room wey e wan give?

And drive anybody wey dey there before make dem comot?
Religion / Re: Total Depravity by Dtruthspeaker: 8:00am On May 15
The general belief concerning the natural man is that man is born innocent and remains in this innocent state until a certain age or until some point in his life.

This is True and it is Proven by Babies and Toddlers, that's why we call them adorable and sweet.

And look at them deeply, you will see that they are Pure and Without Fault hence Sinless.

And since they only bring Joy, happiness, laughter, sweet feelings and pleasure, therefore, they brought "Goods" and therefore, they are indeed Born Good and Perfect, Exactly as God said!


Nevertheless, the Scriptures teach just the opposite. In fact, the Word of God states that man, each and every human being without exception, is a sinner from the time of conception.

The operative word is "man", Not babies and toddlers!

Watch parents, guardians, teachers, neighbours and the world carefully and deeply (spiritly), you will see how they give Sin Injections to these Pure Sweet souls.

Evil spirits and Sinners find Good Spirits Intolerable to Live With and therefore they Must Corrupt and Change the Pure and Innocent Spirit into an evil one as they are Under The Law "Light and Darkness can not walk together" and "Two can not walk together unless they Agree"

Thus, where the soul refuses to change, hell and death is brought down upon that soul for destruction.

90 - 95% of souls breakdown under that great wicked power of evil.


Also, in addition to this, man is in this condition to such an extent that he is unable to do anything to remove himself from this depraved condition. This doctrine is called “total depravity.“

Depravity is from the word "deprived" which is "To be prevented Access to A Thing"! So the bolded is not correct, for being unable to remove oneself is not "Prevention of Access"!

Secondly, that's what God Comes For!

He is Always Privately and Silently trying to remove souls from their wicked embrace but, they do not listen and they love the warmth of evil!
Religion / Re: Is Happiness A Choice by Dtruthspeaker: 5:39am On May 15
I have heard some people say that happiness is a choice. But how true and accurate is that statement?

I am asking because I think that happiness is a form of an emotion like sadness, anger and fear that are largely determined by circumstances.

Saying that happiness is a choice is making it seem like we have a control panel in our mind with which we are supposed to use to decide whether to be happy or not.

What are your thoughts on this?

It is kind of a choice because we all heard that God Cursed the earth and that the only way to escape the Curse is to Follow Him, which is your choice.

So you choose to not follow Him means you choose to remain in the Curse of hardship and sorrow!
Religion / Re: Christian Beliefs Are Ridiculous. by Dtruthspeaker: 5:31am On May 15
O fe she lu, Ayakata!

Mad man don open mouth again oh, o!
Religion / Re: Christian Beliefs Are Ridiculous. by Dtruthspeaker: 5:27am On May 15

May God forgive us all ..

*According to Christians, Satan refused to bow to Adam which he created with God and Got thrown out of heaven down to worst part of earth.. that's like not bowing to a child you created.

See, Satan pikin don come with e own Lie!

No dey Honda Accord anything to d Christian wey no dey bible! Satan pikin!

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