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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program - Connect Here Part 9 by DualCore1: 4:49am On Jan 28

Please anyone should help me
I will suggest you place your marriage plans on hold until you conclude your express entry process and get it or you put express entry application on hold until you get married. This is just my suggestion. Its not like trying to combine the two cant work but why give yourself more complications?


Properties / Re: Rent Payment: Monthly Vs Yearly by DualCore1: 2:27pm On Jan 22
Monthly rent cant work in nigeria because people will begin to owe for several months. Not cuz they cant pay but just cuz they can do it and get away with it in Nigeria.

Postpaid NEPA bill that is monthly, see how hard it is to get us to pay our bills on time... until it gets to disconnection. So landlords will be evicting us monthly be that before we go pay. Then again you pay last month’s bill on the 10th of this month, of course you dont think your landlord will expect you to pay this month’s bill by the end of this month... you may pay it by the 15th of next month... and the margin keeps getting wider and wider.

In places like canada, rent has to be monthly cuz if na yearly most of us cant pay. The monthly rent of a two bedroom flat in canada can pay yearly rent for a bungalow in nigeria for two years. Since people work and are paid monthly, a considerable chunk of their salary goes to the monthly house rent and its not Nigeria where you can get away with not paying.


Programming / Re: Which Is Best Machine Learning Engineer Or Fullstack Developer? by DualCore1: 12:51am On Jan 19
Do you mean to say Freelancing is a better way to earn your bucks if you are living in Nigeria?

You can choose to freelance, you can choose to work for a firm. Most will start by freelancing and get a couple of projects to build their portfolio and build their experience too.They can then start applying for jobs in (UK, US and Canada) as remote developers.

Whatever choice you make, just make sure you can show your range of abilities by the projects you have created and you don't have to wait to be ready before you start applying for jobs (we learn everyday and will never stop learning) so there isn't really anything like the perfect time. The time is now.

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Programming / Re: Which Is Best Machine Learning Engineer Or Fullstack Developer? by DualCore1: 8:26pm On Jan 13
Just learn to be a good programmer and don't over think what tools to work with. When you've gotten a good grip on programming, challenge yourself to take on a new tool or tech (e.g React, Node, Git etc) and just know how it works. You can be an all-rounder. Know a little bit of every technology presently in demand and create small projects with those technologies that you can showcase. ...and please don't limit yourself to Nigeria (na beg I dey beg you), if its possible exclude Nigeria from your target customer base.

Tools will come and go, the concept of programming will always remain the same.


Webmasters / Re: Please Help: Betahost247 Is Killing My Business/Blogging For 2 Weeks Now by DualCore1: 10:12pm On Sep 16, 2019


We really appreciate your concern in what our client is passing through. I personally don't know why some people talk here. It seems we still don't understand this business. It's totally not easy especially in Nigeria and beta host 247 is really trying her best to keep things up-to date. The client you are backing is the one at fault here. his domain (hkitnob.com) is using 42% cpu usage on the server and occurring high server load activity, therefore all plugins was restricted from working using our automated VM firewall. We can't just seat a look at his domain name consuming the entire server resources while is affecting other domains. Even if this sites was hosted in foreign server, same thing will happened. We shouldn't just sit and conclude, first we need to understand the situation and causes of all this issues his facing.

I will stop here.

Thank you

Warm Regards,
Musa Khalid D
Beta Host Limited Founder

I have a few questions based on this post that will help this your customer and others make an informed decision about which of your hosting plans to go for.

1. If he is not on a shared hosting account, why is his use of the server resources affecting other domains?

2. If he is on what you call a "Virtual Machine" I believe you're talking about a virtual instance (aka cloud). Your lowest "cloud" plan has 2 dedicated CPU cores. If he is using 42% of his server's resources, why is that affecting you? Is he not entitled to utilize the resources allocated to his VM?

3. Have you tried to reach out to this client with a feasible way forward?

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Webmasters / Re: Cpanel's Price Hike: How May That Affect You As A Host Or Enduser? by DualCore1: 10:01am On Aug 02, 2019
Seems cpanel is now only driven by money.

But it seems they have no big competitors.

If they do, they will care more.

Let's just hope that they listen to their customers.

So, how you been bro?
I dey my brother. The thing is, an investment firm bought cPanel over, last year. So its not owned by its original developer anymore. The same investment firm bought over other hosting technologies like SolusVM, Plesk and WHMCS. They are out for the webhosting industry now and want to milk it dry.

There are alternatives but cPanel is the most popular because of its wide appeal and demand by endusers. Sometime around 2008 I tried out a few alternatives but they were no where near as good as what cPanel was at the time so I reverted to cPanel. Right now most of those control panels have caught up with cPanel and this recent bomb has just opened up the market for all the other alternatives.

Let's see how things go. At this end, an alternative control panel (DirectAdmin) is strongly being considered.
Webmasters / Cpanel's Price Hike: How May That Affect You As A Host Or Enduser? by DualCore1: 6:28pm On Jul 31, 2019
cPanel has dropped a ticking time bomb by increasing the price for their licenses that will see people paying as much as 800% more in monthly license cost. You can see the official announcement here: https://cpanel.net/wp-content/themes/cPbase/assets/downloads/cP_Store_Licensing_Guide.pdf

What this basically means is: Presently a cPanel license for a dedicated server is anything between $31 and $36 depending on where you get it from. And this license allows creation of an unlimited number of cPanel accounts (i.e websites) on one server. Now cPanel has moved to a per-account billing. So they are billing each server per account on the server (whether active or suspended websites).

The base price is now $45 per server (for a base of 100 cPanel accounts) and you then pay $0.20 for every additional account over 100.

For example:
If you had a server with 2,000 cPanel accounts (i.e websites), with the old billing system you would normally pay the $35 monthly cPanel license cost for this server.

Now that has changed:
From September 1, according to cPanel:
Your server of 2000 cPanel accounts will now have a monthly cPanel license cost of $45 + ($0.20 x 1,900) = $425

So what you were paying $35/month for will now be $425/month.
In this case, that's 12 times more. So you will effectively be paying for a month, what you would normally pay for 12 months.

The entire webhosting community has gone bunkers on cPanel right now. You can check out the reactions on these links:

So what's the way forward?
While some hosts are resorting to alternative control panels like DirectAdmin, VestaCP etc, others are considering remaining with cPanel and passing the bulk of the cost to their customers (this would mean drastically cutting profits and increasing the cost of their hosting plans). There are still some hosts that may consider liquidation.

While cPanel has said this will take full effect from September 1, they are likely to change their minds amidst the (possibly unexpected) backlash.

So people, if you begin to see hosting prices going up or your host changing control panels, I hope this post will give you a clearer understanding of what's happening.

Are you a host or an enduser? How do you think this move will affect you?

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Webmasters / Re: Tfhost Wins Hosting Company Award (leadership News) by DualCore1: 12:06pm On Jul 23, 2019
The organization giving you award need serious cane...

I can see ya reviews on Nairaland, it is not okay



You realize these threads you've mentioned are almost a year old? You don't think things coulda changed in that much time?
Webmasters / Re: Tfhost Wins Hosting Company Award (leadership News) by DualCore1: 11:57am On Jul 23, 2019
Won't it be a more honest (albeit arguable) award title if it were "Best Local Hosting Company (with a .ng TLD) of the year"?

I mean you can't have a car racing competition of just Hondas and win and come up to the world and tell them your Honda was awarded the fastest car in the world (based on an all Honda competition?). It was awarded the fastest Honda in the world at best. Act nice and tell it like it is and don't let the Ferraris come for you.

P.S: Weldone on getting the highest amount of votes to be the one to get the award. I got a mail from a friend asking for votes too in the same category. Sad his number of votes were not enough.

I'd really like to see awards based on benchmarks done by professionals and not votes. If I was out to choose a host, it would be based on benchmarks, not votes by customers (who could for instance, be fine with the service cuz they just serving out HTML or something). We'll get there one day.

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Webmasters / Re: Web Developers Please Help!!! by DualCore1: 10:17pm On Jun 17, 2019

Thanks bro it did help
can I send you a pm?
Yes boss
Webmasters / Re: Please, Check Out My Website Coded From Scratch by DualCore1: 10:16pm On Jun 17, 2019

Hi. Pls can I send you a DM?
Yes, you can
Webmasters / Re: Please, Check Out My Website Coded From Scratch by DualCore1: 5:23pm On Jun 17, 2019
yeah someone else like me. I just feel maybe JavaScript appeal better to you instinctively though, because much newer features are now on php, beside I hope you know of php composer for dependency management just like NPM?
Php 7 now support more better type hinting, you can now use closure call() on php like Js, Also php now support return type declaration(meaning you can define what would be returned), session Option and even many more.
beside PHP has one of the most powerful web framework, laravel.
I think you just lost interest in PHP but the amazing thing is Altleast you're happy doing JS
Yes, that's basically it. I lost interest in PHP cuz JS worked better for my workflow. I am aware of composer, the other things are new to me and its nice to know PHP is going somewhere. I'm just sold out on JS and its frontend/backend dual appeal.
Webmasters / Re: Please, Check Out My Website Coded From Scratch by DualCore1: 2:40pm On Jun 17, 2019
@DualCore1 what is your regret in using PHP?
I won't really call it regrets. I've just moved on to something that works better, Javascript. I've used Javascript for as long as I've used PHP but I mostly used the Web APIs part of JS until a few years back.

The single most important reason why I have chosen JS over PHP is because JS can be used both on the frontend and backend for modern web development. I would rather focus my resources mastering one language that can kill both frontend and backend than having to master JS for the frontend (React, Angular, Vue) and PHP for the backend. Things can get confusing when you start to mix up JS and PHP syntax when working on both frontend and backend areas of the same project concurrently.

With JS, everyday, something new comes out, some tool (e.g an NPM package), some framework etc. While it will be a bad idea to just jump on everything that comes out, it gives one a wide array of options to choose from. I also love the NPM library and the ability to publish your own JS NPM packages and have other people use it and also contribute to it. Overall there's just so much life and buzz in the JS ecosystem now and I don't see that happening with PHP. This can change anytime, it could be something else tomorrow. One just has to go with the times.

So I won't say I regret using PHP, I appreciate the exposure it gave me. However, I think its glory days are over. PHP is a nice-to-have skill if one has it already but it isn't a skill I will recommend anyone to start learning at this time.

All of this is my opinion based on how I like to think and work. Someone else could be on the flip side of the coin and love PHP for his own reasons.
Webmasters / Re: Web Developers Please Help!!! by DualCore1: 8:03pm On Jun 15, 2019
@OP, see if you can pick out anything useful from my post on a similar thread
Webmasters / Re: Please, Check Out My Website Coded From Scratch by DualCore1: 7:16pm On Jun 15, 2019
Please, the Bosses, check out my Forum website for my community @ www.peroland.com
Review it and tell me how to improve it. Thanks

Weldone. If you did all of that from scratch (with that thing...PHP) then you're ready to start learning real web development for the 2019 audience and market. I'm just going to drop the following skills you should acquire and where you can acquire most of them. Try not to learn everything at once, your engine will knock. Just take it nice and easy.

Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript

Database Engines: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

ORMs/ODMs: ObjectionJS, Mongoose

Frontend Techs: ReactJS/Redux or Angular (I personally won't leave React for Angular but this is just an uninformed bias I have toward Angular so you can ignore it)

CSS Frameworks and Techs: Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, Tachyons (functional CSS), SASS

Backend Techs: RESTful API, NodeJS(with ExpressJS), GraphQL

Version Control: Git

Build Tools: Webpack

Testing: Mocha, Jest

Mobile Development: React Native

The best place to learn about any web technology is from the official documentation. If there are no official docs for a technology, I wont suggest you invest time in it at this stage (my opinion).
For the core langauges (HTML, CSS, Javascript), you can go from beginner to advanced by using the docs at Mozilla Developer Network (aka MDN). Check it out here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn
Another good resource to learn most things is https://jstherightway.org
At some point in your learning process, attempt the books "You don't know JS" and "Eloquent Javascript". I said "attempt" because those books will chew you and spit you out the first couple of times but don't give up.

For any other thing you want to learn, Google it.

Also youtube, spend time on youtube and subscribe to the following youtube channels
1. traversy (this guy teaches you stuff like he knew you personally and you two are just gisting)
2. academind (this guy teaches you deep concepts easily)
3. techsith (this is my favorite. I cant even describe his methods)
4. funfunfunctions (my least favorite, he talks like he's always high so its hard to watch and focus)

Yes, PHP is not on the list, no its not a mistake. Yes the exclusion of PHP is very opinionated but I've spent the past 2-3 years gathering and working with the skills I've listed above (still gathering) and cursing the 11 years I spent working professionally with PHP.

Sorry for the long post. I took my time to write all of these because you're kinda rare. Its been a while I've seen anyone build anything from scratch here and be proud of it... most of the people here just flirt with Wordpress and Laravel and kaboom .... "build your website for 15k".

P.S: All the resources I have listed above are free. In this journey, you'll be spending more of your time and data bandwidth.
In the list, apart from the Languages, every other thing boils down to your personal preference. So if I had to start learning today, I would focus on mastering HTML, CSS and Javascript and then see what stack of technologies I am comfortable with learning and working with, afterwards.


Webmasters / Re: Whogohost Is The Most Nonsense Hosting Company In Nigeria Here's Why by DualCore1: 3:40am On Jun 09, 2019
Its 3:35 am now. I read this thread and went of to whogohost to start up a chat with them. They responded within 3 minutes.

Name : JohnDoe
Email : JohnDoe@gmail.com
How can we help you? : Hello

Anyone online?[/i][i]

Thank you for chatting with us today. Our agents are currently busy and will be with you soon. Thank you for your patience.

Yea right

Hello JohnDoe, Thank you for contacting Whogohost. My name is Emmanuel.
How may I assist you

Thanks for responding Emmanuel

So I was on a thread that says you're the worst host company because you dont respond on time

Well, I just wanted to check for myself
Thanks for responding on time.

Ooh really

Most of such threads are just out to sabotage our work
Webmasters / Re: Working With Django by DualCore1: 4:22pm On May 19, 2019
Put this up on stackoverflow.com
Business / Re: How Do You Cope With Nigeria's Epileptic Power Supply Issue As A Freelancer? by DualCore1: 10:01am On May 11, 2019
If you are sure of a few hours of electricity everyday, get an inverter and power your lighting points, fans and 13amp sockets. Don't try to power your whole life through the inverter by powering fridges and freezers and ACs.

In my area we're sure of about 10-12 hours of electricity in a day. Combining that with the inverter, I have 247 electricity with everything except the fridge and freezer. The generator, well I think it still works but I will never know cuz its been over a year since i turned it on.

If you don't have good power supply, opt for combining the solar with the inverter.

I'm no inverter expert but I configured and installed my setup myself (DIY faithful). If you need professional advice and answers, I may not be able to help but here's a number to call or whatsapp 08067240665. He speaks inverters.

P.S: You can have a decent setup of one 2.4kva inverter with one or two 220A tubular batteries and you'll be fine, as long as you're not trying to power freezers and ACs.
Webmasters / Re: 80 DOWNLOADED FRONT AND BACK-END UDEMY COURSES FOR 15K by DualCore1: 11:45am On Mar 20, 2019
When this hustle start to pay, coman gimme my cut o. Based on sey I dey help una with seeding.

Webmasters / Re: Which Skills Must I Know Well To Be A Great Web Designer by DualCore1: 8:26pm On Jan 18, 2019
Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript (I did NOT forget to add PHP, it is ACTUALLY not in the list, learn it if you want tho)

DBs: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

User Interface (UI) Techs: Materialize CSS, Bootstrap, Flexbox, CSS grid, SASS (or LESS)

Frontend Techs: VueJS, ReactJS/Redux, jQuery, AJAX

Backend Techs: RESTful API, NodeJS( with ExpressJS)

Version Control: Git(hub), Bitbucket


Social Participation: Github, Stackoverflow, LinkedIn

Focus on learning these technologies (one at a time, preferably) and you'll be good to go for a full stack developer job. All the above techs/tools can be learnt online and at no financial cost. The only costs are your time, determination, internet bandwidth and your ability to use Google and Youtube to get what you want.

A good place for a total beginner to start is freecodecamp.org

Happy learning/coding!
Webmasters / Re: . by DualCore1: 7:01pm On Jan 14, 2019

and talking about API, that is just a way an application exposes some of its interface to the outside to manipulate its data hence the name Application Programmable Intrface. So if you looked at the site you would know there is no need for API as it does not communicate with any third party applications. Yea, you could write an API on your server and have your frontend call it but over kill for this.

Thanks, again.

Your backend should expose ALL its functionality through an API. You should control what resource is available to what consumer through authentication. Ideally your frontend should have no direct business with your backend... the API is the middleman. You think creating an API is overkill? No it isn't. Don't think of it as being overkill, think of it as being scalable.

One of your projects has an order tracking system and from what I'm seeing (you can correct me if I'm wrong), you think you don't need an API for that. Well, the front facing application may be the only consumer of your backend resources for now and you would think it wise to just hardwire the frontend to the backend. But, what happens when your client tells you they want a mobile application (Android, iOS, etc) for that same order tracking feature? This is where an API will shine.

To be frank with you, I saw your threads a couple of days ago asking for jobs and I was like... if this guy is really a full stacky, he shouldn't have this much time to play. That's just my opinion.

I have read your responses to the two individuals tackling you here and I'll just say this... (this is solely my opinion though and I am not afraid to be wrong)... You seem like a comfortable big fish in a small pond. The problem is, the "bigness" of the fish and the "smallness" of the pond are only a figment of your imagination. In reality you're a very tiny fish in a very tiny school of fish in a very mighty ocean, honestly... very tiny, atomically tiny. Don't feel bad though! if its any consolation, we all are tiny and inconspicuous and we all are in the same big ocean (including those two people giving you headache, the difference is that they know it already). The difference between you and that other tiny guy over there could just be attitude, acceptance of the reality and a determination to be less tiny.

You got to accept the fact that you know relatively nothing and try to learn something new everyday to have less nothing to worry about not knowing. I'm not here to bash you, I really want you to put things into perspective and instead of thinking you have been insulted, look for a way to profit from this thread. Look at me, I have been here since 2008 or so, I don't think there's any type of web application I haven't built on the LAMP stack. I have gotten to the point where I spend hours writing codes and at the end they don't fail any tests and I am uncomfortable about that. I code for the bugs but when I don't see bugs I don't think I'm that good... I just think I have pushed my luck further at this fraud called me, again! I finally found the phrase for it a while back... "impostor syndrome" (Google it).

You seem to have a lot of time and energy on your side. I would say weldone on the projects you've done. I would also say you should get along with the times and embrace new techs. I'm not one of those PHP-bashing guys but I'll advise you to explore other techs and ground yourself up. The next time you should be getting in a developer war with anyone, you should be spitting out your Github and Stackoverflow profile links... not screenshots of your IDE or links to projects.

Btw, anyone reading this and thinking of a good place to learn full stack development, I will recommend FreeCodeCamp.org. When you done with that and you got all 5 certificates, you can look deeper into JS with the "You Don't Know JS" series available for free on Github (Google it). You can also look at the book "Eloquent JS"... for some, that book goes downhill from Chapter 4, so watch out.

Happy coding.


Webmasters / Re: .... by DualCore1: 9:51am On Jan 08, 2019


Am not switching between my username as suggested, those replies you are seeing as betahost247 and BetaHostTeam are replies from my office. Am not in control of such.

Regarding your claim on whmcs. We aren't using a nulled rather we use a developer version directly from WHMCS given to us when we are still using gilgahost.com. this particular domain is not longer in use so we decided to swap the content to betahost247.com

Our Data Center/Network IP are restricted to use a nulled scripts due to attacked.

Thanks for the advice.

Musa Khalid D

A WHMCS developer license is not a trial version license. A WHMCS developer license is meant for developers (as the name implies) to build/test 3rd party integrations and other things in a secondary location and it cannot be on a front facing application.

You cannot have a developer license without having a valid WHMCS license (as we speak, both betahost247.com and gilgahost.com do not have valid WHMCS licenses on them).

You can't use a WHMCS license on one domain when it was assigned to another domain, you first have to re-issue it. WHMCS allows license re-issuance.

Save yourself the headache of pushing your baseless argument further and run off to whmcs.com and actually purchase a license and save some of your reputation too. I have to tell you, using a nulled WHMCS script will hurt your business in very terrible ways that you would wish you don't ever have to experience. I will be happy to remove all my comments about this, once you start using a licensed copy of WHMCS or remove it entirely from your website. I mean no disrepute to your business. We just have to learn to do things right or not at all because our actions affect other people.

Btw: Dajugba, e be like sey you sabi shout o, I just saw another thread you created about this same Betahost247.com in 2017. I think if you've been with them for over a year you should have developed a phone/email rapport by now and these issues should not be brought to us here except as a last resort. Google never forgets, so before going all out public with a complaint please explore and exhaust all other options available.

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Webmasters / Re: .... by DualCore1: 7:37am On Jan 08, 2019
I don't understand the rationale behind masking your domain name when you're needing help with that domain. If the domain you're on about is hkitnob.com, it is online from my end. I can see betahost's cpanel's skeldir content on it. So if this issue has been resolved, please update this thread that it has been resolved and add "SOLVED:..." to the topic of this thread.

A WHMCS license is less than $20/month. Invest in your reputation now that you're young, you will profit when you're older.
Also know when to switch between your official handle and (one of) your personal handle(s) "emcee4love". Many have lost money and jobs as a result of saying very unprofessional things with their personal handle which they mistook for their official handle.

I hope you two find the love you first had when you two decided to enter into this hosting contract.
Travel / Re: Night Views Of Woji/Elelenwo Flyovers & Bridges Built By Wike (Photos) by DualCore1: 8:30am On Jun 16, 2018
That year, you would spend your closing hours at work thinking about the mayhem you’re about to get into while driving into Woji from T/Amadi, through slaughter. Your misery begins at the narrow slaughter bridge, when you drive through, towards YKC and you look into the horizon and see 4 to 5 long lines of brake lights. Yes, 4 to 5 lanes locked in traffic and one incoming lane, all on a single carriage road. You will do that strip in 2 minutes, on a clear road. During rush hour, its more like 2 hours. That year!

That year, you would leave Lesukaa, heading towards Okuru roundabout and you would pass that road that nobody could use cuz it was still under construction. That road that could save you from the slaughter-YKC fiasco.

That year, you would have to go to Onne for an official assignment from T/Amadi, mid morning and you are leaving the office with all your ‘kaya’ cuz you know you won’t make it back to the office before COB.

That year, you wont want to pass the old slaughter bridge while in front of a heavy duty vehicle, for fear the bridge would cave in.

Now you can cruise through slaughter-YKC (trans woji, the name never stuck for me), you can breeze through trans elelenwo, and if your car is up for it and you have the driving experience to follow and a love for your life, family and friends, you can jet through the new road by golf estate leading into woji/gbalajam. The view while ascending could give you this doomsday/apocalyptic feel.

If you know, you know.

The roads in port harrcourt have evolved.

I feel that roundabout at Garrison shouldn’t be there. I think what should be there instead is the kinda flyover setup at CFC.

Another issue I have is that there are not many U-turns on the new roads. Sometimes you will pass through a town and go to another town to do U-turn to get to the other side of that town. E.g Woji people going to Elelenwon to turn back into Woji town. Golf estate people going into Gbalajam to turn back into Okuru.


Webmasters / Re: Why Does 95 Percent Of Nigerian Websites Run Without SSL ? by DualCore1: 7:55am On Apr 27, 2018
If your website isn't dealing with sensitive data, you do not need SSL. Now the question boils down to what you regard as sensitive data. In the past SSL was an expensive route to go through and only a few startup sites bothered to follow that route with one of the cheapest licenses like the Positive SSL license which is about $15 per year. The more serious licenses call for much more serious verification processes and are as expensive as $500 per year or even more (those sites you see with a green bar, respect them).

Now most host service providers in Nigeria offer free SSL with the basic hosting plans, thanks to cPanel's Auto SSL feature, Let'sEncrypt and Comodo. So if you have a website, ask your host if they offer the free SSL from providers like LetsEncrypt.

I don almost end this post with "Best regards"... I think sey na mail I dey write undecided

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Programming / Re: In Need Of An Inventory Management System Software. by DualCore1: 12:57am On Jan 30, 2018
My company deals on sales and supply of a segment of building materials and we are in need of a good and user friendly inventory backup system that we can use in our accounting and sales transactions.

Please suggest for me the best software to use.

Sports / Google Honors Stephen Keshi With A Doodle by DualCore1: 12:09am On Jan 23, 2018
Stephen Okechukwu Keshi (23 January 1962 – 7 June 2016)


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Tips On How To Answer The Interview "What Are You Bringing To The Table by DualCore1: 8:53am On Jan 02, 2018
"What [insert competitor's name] are waiting to see you throw away, me."
Forum Games / Re: 80% Of Nairalanders Will Fail This by DualCore1: 9:28pm On Sep 26, 2017
In my opinion an accurate answer cannot be given as there is a missing variable (pressure). At low pressure, glass 5 will get filled first. At high pressure, glass 1 will get filled first.
Webmasters / Re: After Designing A Static Website From Scratch, How Do I Add CMS? by DualCore1: 11:01pm On Sep 24, 2017

@Mr Fullstack developer,

The name is Dual Core as far as Nairaland goes. Starting off your post like this gives me no motivation to read the rest, been here since 2007 and I'm used to the stereotypes ... I really didn't read the rest. I have a low threshold for long posts and when the first line is already a turn off, it only lowers the threshold.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors. You will all move on to sky level and beyond. smiley
Webmasters / Re: Who Can Teach Me Laravel In Lagos by DualCore1: 10:27pm On Sep 22, 2017
I don't know what anyone would want to teach you physically that is not being taught on Laracast and from the Laravel documentation and Google.

Useful resources:

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