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Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 11:26am On Jan 30, 2021

I submitted my own application on the 8th of December and it is presently on further assessment on the statute. Does anyone knows how long it takes to get to final decision status from the current status.
Secondly my course is supposed to commence by 1st of march. Do I begin d diferment process now or just wait to mid june cos I don't want a situation where d visa does not come out on time and d school telling me I can't differ anymore.
Thanks 4 anticipated response
wait until its close to the end of February. Then you can apply for deferment of your admission till July
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 11:10am On Jan 30, 2021

Advice is just take a break at least one semester send the school a mail that you are not finding it easy here that you need a break from study if not you will finish your Uni in Nigeria o my 2 cent for you
True talk
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 11:02am On Jan 30, 2021

I kind of think it's better (If you have money of course) and just travel when things have eased down.

it's stressful considering the time difference. Also, if you have already secured visa, what's the point of rushing the study when you can defer. When they open border, your visa will still be there. In the event that the duration on your visa is not long enough to cover the duration of your study, you can get a visa extension based on a new COE. This advise is especially for those wey no too get money. Don't be a cash cow for the Australian government. Right now, based on the news the government is not even sure if border will open this year despite the vaccine. And even when the border eventually opens, not all countries will be allowed in and as we all know, Nigeria is very likely going to be among the last countries to be granted access. So, for those of you who have been doing online study since last year, you might end up finishing your program while still in Nigeria. At that point, your only option will be to apply for the post graduate work visa for which you might have to wait a long time to get a grant as they'll have to consider people that are onshore first before those who are offshore.

Note: this is not to discourage anybody, just an opinion that you might want to consider while you're in the process of deciding your next steps with regards to your Australian journey. Make sure you're reading the news as well so you can make an informed decision.

At the end of the day, each person's situation is unique and every decision should be tailored towards ones specific goals/targets.


Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 9:19am On Jan 30, 2021
The reason why Australian Government is refusing to open the border is because some international student still outside Australia have chosen to go with the remote study so schools are still getting some money from the fees being paid. If students who are still outside Australia choose to defer their admissions until the border is opened, there will be more pressure on Government to open the border. Like play like play, many of you will spend one year of your study outside Australia if you keep doing remote.


Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 9:10am On Jan 30, 2021
My life have come to a standstill and I don't know the way forward.
Started my journey for Australia Nov 2019 with application for admission without any agent.
Got a provisional admission Dec and the sch referred me to an agent in Nigeria to check my documents and ensure I meet the criteria, submitted all that was required and finally got the full offer Feb to start sch by July.
Paid my school fee, got my CoE.
Applied for my visa 14th March 2020, having done my medical and biometric. God a 50% scholarship.
Covid19 lockdown started..
Started my lectures online cos I didn't want to loose the scholarship and with the hope that things will improve before the end of 2020.
Finally got my grant 16th December 2020.

But the wahala now be say I no fit comot cos the restriction is still in place and I'm so confused now cos I don't know what else to do. Everything is just on pause mood.
should I continue with my work as a Teller in a bank or just resign and focus on the sch cos the stress was too much for me last year and since I already have my grant.

Guys confusion have full my head..
My brother, just defer the admission. It is allowed right now. Site Covid-19 as the reason and apply for new COE. Or you can apply to your school for reduced study load. Enrol fewer courses.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 9:07am On Jan 30, 2021
Hi guys. pls I'm new here. i just have one question

Paying an agent for 5yrs work permit 1.5M


Applying for Masters in artificial intelligence.

what should be my best bet

considering how studying in Australia costs as much as 10M

Pls I need guide
hmm..they want to dupe you. Stir clear of that agent.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 9:06am On Jan 30, 2021

Only Australian Citizens are allowed into the country
True. Right now only citizens are allowed into the country. Borders have not opened for international students yet quarantine or no quarantine.
Family / Re: How To Apply For And Get Fresh International Passport As A Married Woman by edkai: 11:25pm On Jan 17, 2021
Requirements and procedure for obtaining a Fresh international passport for married women.

1. Marriage certificate
2. NIN slip containing your new name
3. Newspaper publication
4. Sworn affidavit
5. Other documents required for all other passport applicants

You will use all this to apply

Below are the steps for getting the passport.

Step 1: Obtain marriage certificate.

Getting the marriage certificate is simple. It can be gotten at the registry, church or any other approved institution.

Step 2 and 3: a sworn affidavit for a change of name and a Newspaper publication for the same.

These steps go hand in hand because after getting the sworn affidavit, you will need to do a newsapaper publication.

You can begin by getting the sworn affidavit. This can be done at the registery of any high court near you. Next is to get a newspaper publication announcing your change of name.

You have to submit the following documents for sworn affidavit and newspaper publication.

Information about your current name
New name
The reason for the change
A copy of your marriage certificate
A means of identification showing your current name
(e.g drivers license, ID card , certificate etc)
Passport photograph

Marriage certificate, sworn affidavit and newspaper publication (the page of change of name) - you will be needing them almost everywhere else.

Newspaper publication costs around 5,000 while sworn affidavit costs between 200 to 2,000

Step 4. Modify your new name on your NIN slip or Register for a new NIN Slip if you dont have

The next document you would need is a National Identity Slip or Card. Especially if you want to get the Enhanced passport.

So, if you haven’t registered for one before, you should do so. But if you have, you would need to apply to modify your existing details.

To register for a new NIN, you need a valid means of identification (drivers license, voters card etc) and you need to fill the pre-enrolment form on the NIMC website
Pre-enrolment form ==> https://penrol.nimc.gov.ng/loginForm.tpl.html.php

Changing your Name on your National Identity Slip or Card in Nigeria

To change your name on your national identity slip or card, you would need to pay a modification service fee. It costs ₦500 to change most fields, except the ‘Date of Birth’ field which costs ₦15,000.

Payment Process for Modification to your National Identity Slip or Card

Go to www.remita.net to pay the modification service fee.

Select ‘Pay FGN and State TSA’ and then choose ‘FGN: Federal Government of Nigeria’

In the field that says ‘Who do you want to pay?’, type in ‘National Identity Management Commission’

In the ‘Name of Service/Purpose’ field, select ‘Modification of any Other Field Other than DOB – Per Transaction’

If you are updating multiple fields, you can choose ‘National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Fees‘.

Fill in the other fields and click on ‘Submit’.

Pay the fee with any of the available methods of payment. Take note of your RRR fornqhen you might need it.

Print out a confirmation slip to take with you to the NIMC centre.

Documents Needed for Modification to your National Identity Slip or Card

• Filled form – this would be given to you at the NIMC office. The NIMC says this form is free, however, officials in some centres charge ₦50 to ₦200

• Letter of application for the change of name.
If you're based in Lagos, this should be directed to the ‘National Identity Management Commission, Alausa, Ikeja.
If in another state, I guess the letter will be directed NIMC headquaryers in that state.

• Sworn affidavit

• Newspaper publication

• Marriage certificate

• Confirmation of payment of modification service fee.

After making the necessary payments and gathering the required documents, go to the nearest NIMC centre for the final process of change of name.

Getting the Nigerian International Passport

After getting your NIN which reflects your new name, Newspaper publication and sworn afiidavit,

you can now gather the other requirements for Nigeria international passport and begin your online application at the Nigeria Immigration Service portal

Here ==> https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/passport/epassport

You can get a free comprehensive guide on the steps to apply and get a fresh Nigeria passport.

Just send "fresh passport guide" via whatsapp to 09060978669
And the guide will be Whatsapped to you
Thank you so much for this guide. Really informative. I would like to ask the following questions:

1. Does a married woman who wants to apply for the standard passport need to do modification 9f NIN fields

2. How long does it take to have ones change of name published on a news paper after paying for it.

3. Assuming a married woman actually needs to modify the NIN fields, how long does this process usually take altogether?
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 1:36pm On Jan 06, 2021

Good morning, please I need advice from the experienced people here.

I plan to migrate through the PR route directly.

I am 36 years of age with 8 years experience in banking.

I studied public administration and graduated with first class.

I will be sponsoring myself with account statement of 8m.

I have a wife and two kids but will like to leave alone and bring them over later.

I will like to know my chances of getting nominated from a regional area in Australia.

Swift responses will be appreciated
I think the link below is the appropriate thread for your enquiry. You should post it there so as not to derail this particular thread meant for student's visa enquiries.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 1:17pm On Jan 06, 2021

My wife applied for VISA on 11/12/2020.
When is she likely to get a response from the relevant authority?

Its hard to say at the moment due to the Covid situation as I believe there might be a huge back-log of applications that yet to be dealt with. You know, borders were closed for sometime and visa processing suspended. However, if i'm to speculate, I'd say expect a response by late february or early March. Otherwise, she might need to defer her admission till July and request for a new coe.
Travel / Re: Living In Australia/life As An Australian Immigrant by edkai: 11:16pm On Jan 02, 2021
Hello my people. Just thought I should drop this here as someone might be looking for something like this. If you wish to send money back home from Australia using the parallel market rate rather than the official rate, you can go through Wiremoney Transfers. The current AUD/NGN rate for today is 1 AUD = 351 Naira. Whatsapp me on +61412449456 if you require this service. Money can also be transferred from Nigeria to Australia. Its very fast and easy. Have a very prosperous new year everyone

Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 1:43pm On Jan 02, 2021

This is relevant advice but studying in regional area might not be enough. There are some challenges with studying in regional area.
I.e Jobs are limited.

Also the way I see it ehn, only health related are somewhat sure of getting pr now. And once the govt feels they have had enough, they will close or reduce the number needed.

It reminds me of some indian guys that were my flat mate. after studying, to get PR they went to study trade courses. Plumbing, carpentry etc.when govt realized the number of applicants via that route increased they took it out of the list and threw them into jeopardy.

Sometimes ehn, chasing these govt policies for PR is tough. Imagine a guy very good in law, just to get PR switches to Nursing. This is one reason canada beats Australia, once u graduate from thier uni it's as good as having PR.

It's tough, but we move.

You're right. However, it is still easier to obtain PR if one studies in Regional Australia. At least even though you don't get it via 189 or 190 visa, you're almost sure of getting it through the 489 visa.

With regards to jobs, it depends on how enterprising the individual is. Some regional areas have enough jobs to do also. Since I got to Wollongong for instance, I've never been without job. Infact I'm running a cleaning service and I'm currently overwhelmed by the amount of jobs coming in... so much that I'm starting to look for extra hands.

At the end of the day, it's about adaptation and discovering the opportunities around you.

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Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 1:32pm On Jan 02, 2021

Hello Edkai, is master of teaching a viable pathway for pr(I studied English at the uni) and aside from Wollongong which other universities are in the regional areas
Yes, Primary school teacher is eligible for PR either via the 190 skilled nominated visa subclass or the 489 skilled regional (state or territory nominated) visa subclass.

Secondary school teacher is eligible for 189 skilled independent (points tested) visa, 190 skilled nominated visa and 489 skilled regional visa (state or territory nominated) all of which lead to PR.

However, it's easier to get these if you study in a regional area. Even though you don't have enough points for 189, you can get 489 which leads directly to PR after 2 or 3 years on the visa.

Other universities with campuses in regional areas are University of south Australia. Their regional campuses provide course options which includes Primary education.

University of Tasmania is another with regional campuses, Charles Darwin university, Edith Cowan university, Murdoch university, University of Adelaide, Southern cross university e.t.c
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 2:58am On Jan 01, 2021
I will advice prospective candidates or students to apply to regional institutions , there are many advantages. I guess from next year, if there is no any issue especially with the pandemic , overseas students will be allowed into Australia. So don't give up everything will be alright.
Well said Bruxxels. Guys if you have any goal of having an extended stay in Australia that would lead to PR or want to apply for PR directly after your studies, studying in regional Australia should be your preferred choice.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 2:55am On Jan 01, 2021
Please guys can anyone help with a step by step process of applying to a university in Australia to study. I'm a computer science graduate and will like to do my masters (research and not coursework) because of low funds, I learnt research student are given jobs in the school as Teaching Assistant and maybe it can take care of my fees. I'm just a recent graduate and don't know if I have the requirements for a scholarship.���
I will advise that you pay an approved agent to assist you with your application for admission as well as visa application.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 2:50am On Jan 01, 2021
I applied as well to WSU. All requires docs submitted for about 2 weeks now for March intake. Yet to hear from them. Am I the only one waiting?

why not apply to a university in regional Australia rather than sydney. That's if you hope to boost your chance of getting a PR or at least regional sponsored visa which leads directly to PR. You can apply to university of Wollongong. It's not far from Sydney and is considered a regional area.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 2:42am On Jan 01, 2021
My people my people.

Please when will Australia open border? Any update..

Don't worry very soon they'll start allowing students in even though the border is not fully open...by March students will be allowed in. Whether students from Nigeria will be allowed in is a separate question.
Travel / Re: General Australian Student Visa Enquiries Part 3 by edkai: 7:39am On Dec 12, 2019
Please I need a response, is it advisable to state in my GTE statement that my sponsor's children are in another country say Canada/America for their postgraduate study just to reinforce his financial capacity and love for education. Please kindly reply.
No need for such info bro..you might end up shooting yourself in the foot.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Australia: Survival Tips!! by edkai: 7:37am On Dec 12, 2019
Joan is right...and I love the idea. It's what the Chinese and Indian students do to cut cost. I wish I was in Victoria...would have loved to take this offer.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Australia: Survival Tips!! by edkai: 7:34am On Dec 12, 2019

First and foremost, I can't tell you that and then again, people who live here would agree with me that my rent is cheap even though it's not the cheapest.

International students are Australia's cash cow, people pay twice of what I pay a week in the so called student houses and some other places undecided
She is spot on..believe her.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In Australia: Survival Tips!! by edkai: 7:32am On Dec 12, 2019
Hello. Is it possible to get in contact with you? I want to check how this eventually panned out. I am considering accepting an offer from Wollongong with plan to also live in Sydney. Will appreciate thoughts. Thanks
Yes bro. Sorry I'm replying late. I've been having exams.
Education / Re: 2019/2020 UNIBEN Admission Guide Thread!!! by edkai: 3:31pm On Oct 16, 2019
Hello guys. Please I'd like to know if Uniben requires transcript for DE admission. I'm hearing several rumors.
Education / Re: 2019/2020 UNIBEN Admission Guide Thread!!! by edkai: 3:16am On Sep 11, 2019
eyeneka abadie?
50% is not enough for Mass com, a brother applying for Mass com last year via direct entry had 57 yet he wasn't given anything.
but all hope is not lost tho
Idionkor Afanmi grin

What's the cut-off for Mass communication? Do you think the ND result (i.e upper credit) may be considered in my favour?
Education / Re: 2019/2020 UNIBEN Admission Guide Thread!!! by edkai: 11:56pm On Sep 04, 2019

Aggregate performance of others (DE candidates) going for thesame course matters.

Have you by chance seen other peoples' scores & also your state of origin too is considered.
Thanks mate. I haven't seen any other score yet. I'm from Akwa Ibom.

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