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Romance / Re: Abeg How I Take Do Bad Like This. by EdoBozz(m): 5:31pm On Jul 24, 2019
The primary resson you make this post is to tell us you base abroad, maybe to impress cheap girls here.

Any another reason is childlish, or maybe your Whatsapp do not have block buttom to extinct the small girl.

SA no be abroad to take dey make noise Oga, except say e dey pain you for body.
Number two, I no dey as heartless as you be to dey block person like that especially with the way people dey drink sniper anyhow now. Na small matter and some carelessness wey person fit do fit make another person go drink sniper.
Romance / Re: Abeg How I Take Do Bad Like This. by EdoBozz(m): 5:12pm On Jul 24, 2019
You don buy market o. She go curse you grin

So that kind curse dey work?
Family / Re: 23-year-old Law Student Gets A Mercedes Benz From Her Mother As Birthday Gift by EdoBozz(m): 4:52pm On Jul 24, 2019
I just know say no be naija. For SA here na small thing. The mama go fit pay the car finance wella


Romance / Abeg How I Take Do Bad Like This. by EdoBozz(m): 4:44pm On Jul 24, 2019
I meet one smally babe when I come naija, unto small softing paroles the babe just dey feel me. I tell this babe say I get woman ooo, but she no just wan hear that side. So before I move as she don to pressure me for nacking I come gats to run her on a level for my hotel room. Unto normal level I don high die so the nacking na without joy. Next day I don vamus from naija.
Omo na so this babe begin dey disturb me for whatsapp say she wan see me again ooo, she wan make we just dey nack on a steady like say I be ashawo na so I tell the babe say like this so I don fly comot from naija. Everyday na so so cry she dey use worry me say I just disvirgin her come run like that.

See me see trouble ooo, she come dey make me feel bad like say I promise her anything serious when she no even tell me say she be virgin pikin. Abeg na be do bad thing for this kind matter?
Politics / Re: Ahmad Lawan Reveals His Salary, Says No “Jumbo Pay” For Senators by EdoBozz(m): 9:25pm On Jun 25, 2019
All na wash.

Na so Ben Bruce been dey make noise when him enter Senate that year say him go dey give half of him salary abi na allowee to the poor. When him start to chop free government money we no hear him voice again


Crime / Re: Internet Fraudster Bags 35-Year Jail Sentence In Ilorin (Photo) by EdoBozz(m): 9:21pm On Jun 25, 2019

Hilarious Video Of A Man who made His Dog Drunk By Giving It an Alcoholic Drink==>>

Abeg which kind dog be that wey resemble pig

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Crime / Re: Two Nigerian Drug Peddlers Arrested In India With 254 Grams Of Cocaine(Photo) by EdoBozz(m): 2:08pm On Jun 25, 2019
When I see this kind news with the comments from name checkers association, e be like say naija go better if we give them the Biafra wey them want because this kind news na biafra we go dey hear no be naija and that one go begin give naija some levels make them no dey look all naija like biafra

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Romance / Re: After Embarrassing Herself, She Refused To Pick My Call. by EdoBozz(m): 3:07pm On Apr 14, 2019
Only one reason to make some peeps angry about this post.

Dem don shiit in the process before

You know why e dey pain her, maybe as she see say I dey South Africa too, e fit don happen to her she come dey fear.


Romance / Re: After Embarrassing Herself, She Refused To Pick My Call. by EdoBozz(m): 1:39pm On Apr 14, 2019

Faceless forum or not, there're certain things normal people keep to themselves & one of them is what they do behind closed doors because it's none of anyone's business. So you must either be very childish or just a plain dumbass. Your pick.

Your headache bitch... Why so pained. You should have as well fvcked off the thread the moment you realized it was childish. But here you are being all bitchy for no reason.


Romance / Re: After Embarrassing Herself, She Refused To Pick My Call. by EdoBozz(m): 1:28pm On Apr 14, 2019
It probably dawned on her that you're a blabbermouth. I wonder how many people you've told this story to in real life before coming to share it here. Reflect on that.
There's nothing more unattractive & stupid than a guy who kiss & tell. Learn to stop being a blabbering bìtch & shut your damn mouth! What, are you 12?

On the contrary, where I am she has no idea NL exist. Secondly I can never tell anyone around me a thing like that. Obviously anything I do or say here is just to mess about because its a faceless forum.

So if you think am that stupid, na you sabi. As for me I no send any bagga


Romance / Re: After Embarrassing Herself, She Refused To Pick My Call. by EdoBozz(m): 1:09pm On Apr 14, 2019
Yeah, you're right, but I am just knowing you now and you are a big m0ron.

No offence.

Thank you for properly spelling your surname. I have seen it. No offence too.


Romance / Re: After Embarrassing Herself, She Refused To Pick My Call. by EdoBozz(m): 1:05pm On Apr 14, 2019
And you had to bring it online?

Wow, what a m0ron.

E be like say you never know me before. You go cause me tire until fire go thunder you.


Car Talk / Re: Guys Buy Car For Their Friend After Getting Tired Of Picking Him Up With Theirs by EdoBozz(m): 1:01pm On Apr 14, 2019
Na sooo friendship suppose to be. No be to pay for ashawo and shayo. Me and some other friends dey plan help one of our guy buy house because him don too dey squat from one house to another.


Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by EdoBozz(m): 12:56pm On Apr 14, 2019

Hmmmm Download ICQ . Then send me ur ID.. It's a bunch of unique numbers peculiar to ur account.. I nor fit pm u here coz I nor want make u get my email address.. Thanks

Let me know when you copy my email make I delete ma

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Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by EdoBozz(m): 12:51pm On Apr 14, 2019

Drop ur icq connect here

Which one come be icq connect again? Message me if you need bro, no jokes.
Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by EdoBozz(m): 12:49pm On Apr 14, 2019

If u don't know what's up sharap.. I will buy ur FB account if it's 6years old ...i have tons of use for it

I get two Facebook account more than six years for sale. Pm me if you serious for business.
Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by EdoBozz(m): 12:47pm On Apr 14, 2019
Which kind lie be this one naaaa. You for say for naija that's if e dey down for there because I dey chat for whatsapp like this so and my Facebook dey go wella
Romance / After Embarrassing Herself, She Refused To Pick My Call. by EdoBozz(m): 12:44pm On Apr 14, 2019
Wonders they say no fit ever end.

E get this babe I don dey pursue for long wey dey form big babe for me dey give me tough time. But as a badt guy e no dey hard to dey patient because what must be chopped must be chopped.

Last last the babe fall for me and we begin enter next level things. Though I really like the girl sha but I be just no wan put all my heart make she no go scatter am for me. Last week here after some better chilling na so the mood set in and before I know I don see say na naking level we dey so. Condom no dey but I reason am, who condom help omo na to skin up ooo before she change mind.

Omo na so I take arrange the babe one kind doggy like that i come dey hear sound like say she dey mess I just lock up dey fire dey go before I know this babe just shit ooo. As in ehhh I weak instantly but I just had to act nice and we went to wash up. I be just dey pet her normal make she no feel bad say na normal thing but I could tell she felt ashamed.

After she left ooo, this babe no dey gree pick my calls again. I don send her messages tire she no dey even reply me so I just lockup for some time to give her some space make I reason to go track her for her working place because she be one boutique.

Abeg I no understand oooo, this one no reach for babe to just lockup naaa abi I dey wrong?

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Romance / Re: Help!! I Need To Stop Thinking About Him. by EdoBozz(m): 12:27pm On Apr 14, 2019
what sort of fuckery is this?

No vex.
But seriously you fine sha. I see why the guy rush your lips like that. No blame am.

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Romance / Re: Help!! I Need To Stop Thinking About Him. by EdoBozz(m): 12:23pm On Apr 14, 2019
That guy na real badt guy wey get babe one side.

Aunty abeg this one wey you dey smoke Igbo join so, carry am for mind say a pussy once bleeped can always be refucked as long as the fucker and the fuckee agrees that the last time it was bleeped it was well bleeped.

No go enter one chance ooo

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Romance / Re: Health Benefit Of Viginal Fluid. by EdoBozz(m): 8:19am On Apr 05, 2019
the op does not know more than pvssy. everything around him revolves round pvssy.

Funny enough you are so wrong about that. But anyway I won't argue about that.
Romance / Health Benefit Of Viginal Fluid. by EdoBozz(m): 5:03am On Apr 05, 2019
Abeg no be me write am oooo, am just sharing after I saw it somewhere on facebook. Is this really true because me go turn head master unto the matter.

Eating vaginal fluids makes you immune to cancer, and other diseases.
Do it for health.
Scientists at St. Austin University in North Carolina, they investigated the benefits of vaginal or cervical mucus consumption and the results were amazing. These fluids contain high levels of active proteins up to 10 minutes after leaving the female body.
The vaginal fluid is rich in protein, sodium, vitamins like C1, C4, C4, vc and others.
This study confirms what was exposed by Dr. John d. Moore in his 2009 study of the "equivalent exchange" theory, which indicates that women and men benefit in the same way. The benefits of "swallowing" vaginal fluids are:
1. Eliminates buttons and buttons
2. Stimulates the electrical charges of the cells
3. Prevents prostate cancer
4. Improved digestion
5. Very effective against constipation
6. It makes teeth and bones stronger
7. Helps the functioning of the kidneys Share men! Everything is for your health!
Crime / Re: Police Officer Shoots Man Dead In Ahoada Today (Graphic Photos) by EdoBozz(m): 8:36pm On Apr 04, 2019
In the UK, the police don't hold guns but yet they are one of the most effective in the world.
How can you give hungry illiterates guns all in the name of police and not expect these kind of news on a regular basis.

It is very sad and these are just the few that come out in the news. I remember when I was staying close to Ikeja barracks, almost every night you will hear the gun shots of SARS how they waste peoples lives and no body says anything about it because they just call them common criminals without properly investigating to know if they are wasting an innocent persons life.
Education / Re: Outrage As Teacher Attacks Little Girl In Class, Hits Her On The Head by EdoBozz(m): 6:31pm On Apr 04, 2019
There are two videos which I posted earlier.

Watch the videos here:


How she slammed a little boy on the ground and was matching his head.
The the second video is this one she was hitting this little girl on her head.

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Education / Re: Cultists Disrupt Examination In Osun State University, Osogbo Campus by EdoBozz(m): 4:32pm On Apr 04, 2019
Yoruba people eh...

This your comment already shows your own tribe must be filled with brainless people which I think is worse than yoruba people. Mention your tribe and I will have no doubt how foolish your tribe people are.

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Crime / Re: Danfo Driver Almost Strip Bribe-Seeking Policeman Unclad During A Fight In Lagos by EdoBozz(m): 12:43pm On Apr 04, 2019
Na the normal police way naaa

Abeg who fit design fine logo for me free. Once I don blow I go pay.

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Politics / Re: Dangote Blasts State Governors For High Poverty Rate In Northern Nigeria by EdoBozz(m): 12:29pm On Apr 04, 2019

Meanwhile please parents should be very careful of the sort of daycare they send their kids to because you may never know what your kids are going through. No kid no matter where in this world deserve what this lady did in this video.

I cried watching this and I plead that you all should try to share it as far as it can go so that the lady involved can be brought to book. It is really sad.


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Celebrities / Re: Tobi Bakre Stranded At Luxury Store Abroad by EdoBozz(m): 11:03am On Apr 04, 2019
How you go carry naija something go use abroad with all the bad luck wey anything relating to naija dey carry.
Politics / Re: Fg’s Goal Is To Move Nigeria Into Top 100 On 2020 World Business Index, Says Vp by EdoBozz(m): 10:59am On Apr 04, 2019

However this is only achievable if all of you holding that federal government position dies before 2020 and a new set of sane government takes over power.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye's Classmates At Baze University Surprised Him With Cake - Photos by EdoBozz(m): 10:56am On Apr 04, 2019
Law maker turn lawyer. Meanwhile many lawyers dey street wey no fit be law maker lol.

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Crime / Re: South Africa: Nigerians Attacked, Shops Looted In Fresh Xenophic Attacks by EdoBozz(m): 9:41am On Apr 04, 2019
Here in East London, Eastern Cape is calm and peaceful.

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