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Family / Re: I Suspect My Wife by eguarojeona: 9:32pm On Jan 09, 2023

She is still ranting that I am insecure
That is called Gaslighting.


Crime / Re: Femi Olaleye Wife: My Husband Drugged Me Before ‘Raping’ My Niece by eguarojeona: 2:32pm On Dec 20, 2022

lies.She knew or suspected. This is who the husband is.She wants to absolve herself from blame
Politics / Re: DSS Summons Ishaq Akintola Over Allegations Against Seyi Makinde, MURIC Reacts by eguarojeona: 9:06pm On Dec 17, 2022
Dear southerners,christians,minorities,this was how sharia was started in the north.
Politics / Re: Labour Party Hints At Increasing Minimum Wage To ₦‎80,000-₦‎100,000 by eguarojeona: 9:42pm On Dec 08, 2022

Labour party and its daft presidential candidate will just be spewing figures around like an amateur. Just look at the ignorant kids jubilating above.

Is this achievable economically and financially? You want to wreck the country down. In a country where even a common continous payment of subsidy is taking a toll on the country.

Labour party think we are all fools who dont know how things works.
It is more like telling a kid you will buy aeroplane for him/her . How?
Lol,this was how network providers said then per second for calls cant work.Till Glo did it.And others followed.Peter Obi leads,others follow.

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Politics / Re: 2023: APC Has Failed Northerners, Muslim-Muslim Ticket Won’t Work – Shagari by eguarojeona: 11:23am On Dec 07, 2022

Cos you want to vote another northerner Atiku.We honestly shouldn't be sharing same country with you northern parasites.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Delegates El-Rufai, Dele Alake, Edun To Answer Questions At Chatham House by eguarojeona: 5:56pm On Dec 05, 2022
Food / Re: See The River Fish I Bought For N1,000 In Bauchi by eguarojeona: 10:30pm On Dec 01, 2022
I was at a car wash near the Bauchi State School of Agriculture in Bauchi metropolis and I saw some kids with this fish which they caught from a River nearby. Priced it and they said I should bring N1,200. Asked them for the last price and they said N1,000. Omo I quickly gave them the money and opened my car trunk.
Lol,say na river fish.Fire fish been dey
Sports / Re: You Come To Our Country, You Know What Makes Us Angry And You Do It - Qatari by eguarojeona: 3:40pm On Nov 29, 2022
A Qatari journalist blow hot on social media after an Australian pitch invader Marco Ferri, ran into the sadium during portugal win over uruguay on monday with a rainbow flag associated with the LGBT group. This is due to the fact that Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar

* Mohammed Al Kaabi on twitter threatened in a tweet which reads : ''You come to our country , you know what makes us angry and you do it.

From a people who go to the west and start praying on roads and wearing burkars in public places.And want to supplant islamic culture in the west?Rest!
Business / Re: Tang Jian: Story Of How Former Millionaire Turned Sausage Seller (Photos) by eguarojeona: 5:18pm On Nov 28, 2022
I wonder what made him fall from grace to grass undecided
You didnt read the story?
Romance / Re: My Boss' Fiancee Is Making Advances At Me by eguarojeona: 10:09pm On Nov 22, 2022
that's not your boss's wife making advances at you. It's unemployment that's seducing you.

And probably a few broken bones.

Sha try relate with her well, make sure she understands that you can't sleep with her.

Not telling her directly, but always playfully get out of her reach each time she touches you. Act a little shock, smile and move out of her reach.

Try avoid spending time alone with her if you can.

You can't report her to oga because oga will rather sack you than confront his fiancee.

And don't try to tell her to stop or confront her because she go make that place hot for you.

You can't reject a powerful woman throwing herself at you. Women can't handle such rejections and she will make sure you pay for it.

So the best thing is to play along. Remain friendly. but always draw a line, and make yourself unavailable to her as much as you as you can
Or just do her.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkey Rejects US Embassy’s Condolences Over Terror Attack In Istanbul by eguarojeona: 7:52am On Nov 15, 2022
One very good thing about the Russia-Ukrainian war is that it opened the eyes of so many countries to see the Un!ted state for what they really are: Hypocrites and Evil

Imagine the turkish interior minister likening the US condolences to "the murderer arriving as one of the first at the scene of the crime."

It says alot about how glaring the evil dealings and intentions of the Un!ted state are around the world. And thank God everyone is coming to terms with the fact.

Why always them? Why would a country be going around supporting group within another country just to bring the government down through chaos, war and upset. Why?
I hope you know your messages are pubic. People like you would still prefer to settle yourselves and family in same USA and the west instead of places like saudi,russia,turkey.Confused people.
Politics / Re: Expel Wike, Ned Nwoko Tells PDP Leaders by eguarojeona: 5:45am On Nov 08, 2022
Politics / Re: FG Takes 40 Ekweremadu’s Properties, Secures Interim Forfeiture Order by eguarojeona: 5:31am On Nov 05, 2022
Peter Obi is a criminal and must not be allowed near our treasury.

Bola Tinubu is not just a criminal, but he's also medically unfit to be president.

Atiku is the ideal man for the job
Atiku 2023
Same Atiku with corruption cases in US and nigeria?Same man who obj said is fantastically corrupt?Same Atiku who had to pay tens of millions of dollars just to secure a fraudulent visa to the US?Lol
Politics / Re: APC Should Be Apologising Not Campaigning, Says Utomi by eguarojeona: 8:39am On Nov 04, 2022
If you are Igbo and must vote please read this with an open mind.

You don't wish to see the bigger picture. This is Nigerian Politics we are talking about not America or UK politics where a second generation immigrant recently assumed the head office unrestricted without threat of sabotage.
Now let's get down to numbers. Look at the attached photo, do you think Peter Obi has organic support base to challenge Atiku. Look at the voter suppression carried out by INEC in the South south and South East.

My point is this, If Peter Obi magically wins in 2023, he would be deep into the trap these people have set for him. He will be sabotaged gradually and subliminally even if they have to cripple their country (Learn from Jonathan's last days in office).

Aggrieved states would refuse to co-operate with his dictates. The Legislature, Judiciary and Civil service that are controlled by his opposition will slow him down and frustrate whatever positivity he offers . Don't forget his experience in his own Anambra where he was impeached and fought against by these politheifcians.

Secondly, whosoever is taking over from Buhari is going to be seating on a shaky stool. By all accounts it is wrong timing. Global recession, COVID recovery, Russo-Ukraine war, Buhari's failure, Plunging debt. All this factors won't go easy on whosoever is the unluckily lucky aspirant. And it better not be one of our own.

Then you can as well prepare for taunting and stigmatization about the failure the president being of Igbo extraction failed to deliver. Save your shame, vote for Atiku. Let the North continue to keep their property. I won't add words about the other entity, because he doesn't stand a single chance. A regional candidate.

More so, one man can't fix Nigeria, the country is rotten to the core. From the citizenry to the government, Nigeria needs an attitudinal, cultural, constitutional, ideological overhaul. My preferred solution is the divvying of this contraption, which would be a rather soon eventuality though
Politics / Re: APC Should Be Apologising Not Campaigning, Says Utomi by eguarojeona: 8:38am On Nov 04, 2022
Who is utomi again?
He was a minister in Nigeria when he was in his 30's.Prof before 50.How old are you?Who be your papa?


Health / Re: Are HIV Patients So Eager To Infect Others? by eguarojeona: 11:39am On Nov 02, 2022
alot of Nigerians are not educated and ignorant. There is a less than 1% chance of spreading aids with vaginal sex. Blood transfusion is about 70%. If a lady with hiv sleeps with 10 men. None may even catch the hiv
Especially if she is well lubricated .Its micro-tears that infections happen
Health / Re: Are HIV Patients So Eager To Infect Others? by eguarojeona: 11:27am On Nov 02, 2022
alot of Nigerians are not educated and ignorant. There is a less than 1% chance of spreading aids with vaginal sex. Blood transfusion is about 70%. If a lady with hiv sleeps with 10 men. None may even catch the hiv
Unless there is a tear on the D.Its easier for ladies to contract it than guys.Its easier with ģæy seks too.Cos the incidence of tear is high especially if its raw.


Health / Re: Are HIV Patients So Eager To Infect Others? by eguarojeona: 11:22am On Nov 02, 2022
I think they are. I innocently once dated a HIV positive girl and narrowly escaped being infected. Then I was in depression and she came to my rescue. She was so nice, loving and caring. When I was coming out of depression, we were already fuckn raw. I even was even planning on settling down with her since she was there for me in my challenging moment. She was so pretty, tall and fresh. Her plan was to infect me so that I can settle down with her.

One day, I came across her medications and googled it, only to find out its an anti retroviral drugs, with lots of immune boosters. I confronted her and she confessed. I broke down in tears and told her if I go for test and its positive, I will simply commit suicide.

I went for test at CDC in Yaba, it was negative. After three months I went back it was also negative. I tried about seven different hospitals and Labs, it cane out negative. Even when I travelled to east, I checked with several hospitals and lab it also came out negative.
There was evwn a time I delibrately went to donate blood so that my blood will be thoroughly screened, the result also came out negative.

I explained my ordeal the doctor there and he was talking about people who are naturally immune to HIV.
You were not "immune" to HIV.Her taking antiretrovirals reduced your chances of contracting it from her.It reduced her viral load .
Politics / Re: Kperogi: Obidients Are The New Buharists, Get Ready For Their Rank Stupidity by eguarojeona: 10:49pm On Oct 21, 2022

Na ogun go kiii you this kperogi.An islamist fundamentalists saying people are perpetually angry.America supposed pursue you comot usa.Muslims should be in saudi Arabia and not the free western world
Phones / Re: Name Any Useful App That Can Block Porn And Betting Sites On Android by eguarojeona: 4:39pm On Oct 18, 2022
I masturbate a lot. And my data is always exhausting. 1GB data no longer last up to 3 days due to excessive consumption of porn. This is getting out of hand. I need to limit some certain things I do in my life.

Pls help me suggest any free app I can use to block porn and betting sites on my phone for a certain period of time.
Honestly only you can help yourself. Its not easy.Avoid watching,reading x-rated materials. When you are ready you will be over it.Its good you acknowledge its a problem. Its the main step of stopping it.You are on the right tract.Keep it up.

Politics / Re: Tinubu Responds To Questions On Climate Change (Video) by eguarojeona: 10:52pm On Oct 17, 2022
grin grin. Tinubu didn't understand what he was asked about. The man was busy speaking out of point. What an embarrassment.
They should stop inviting him to these events.
Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu And David Hundeyin Fight Dirty Over Peter Obi by eguarojeona: 7:43am On Oct 16, 2022
I've never trusted Aisha, Deji & Rinu's activism from day 1. These guys are opportunists trust me.

Even David too can't be trusted. They always start on a good note to gain followership then show their true colour when they appear to be sidelined.

Same thing Oby & Sowore did. They were Anti-GEJ. When Buhari was sworn in and ignored them, they immediately turned Anti-Buhari.

You will never see me follow anybody blindly just because they appeal to my current Political leanings. Most of these influencers are cashivists. It's about survival for them.


Any activist that does not have a verifiable & stable source of income should never be trusted. Their belle and political portfolio will always determine their principles.
But you trust the police and politicians?
Politics / Re: Tinubu: I Turned Lagos From Jungle To Megacity by eguarojeona: 8:58am On Oct 15, 2022
Follow the person wey know road. Tinubu sabi im way, na im we go vote for
Make the iragbiji drug lord go make osun into a mega city then.
Education / Re: University Of Port Harcourt To Start Examinations In 10 Days by eguarojeona: 8:54am On Oct 15, 2022

Honestly,this aint fair to students.Y'all wasted 8months of their time.Now you want to rush them.There need to be something students should benefit from all these.Cos they wont learn much,a lot of failures and a good session(8months) was lost.Something has to give.Maybe students gets paid or they should go on strike themselves. Cos this disrespect is too much.
Politics / Re: PDP Crisis: Iyorchia Ayu Collected ₦100m, ₦1bn From A Gov – Wike Alleges by eguarojeona: 1:51pm On Oct 14, 2022

Obviously ayu's kids wont deny him cos he stole money.Only about his seksuality or fetishism would they do that.
Politics / Re: Oyetola: Osun Will Deliver One Million Votes For Tinubu by eguarojeona: 10:46pm On Oct 13, 2022
Lagosians should pursue tinubu back to iragbiji to go and fix osun state the way he "fixed" lagos.
Career / Re: Working In Cross River. by eguarojeona: 5:26pm On Oct 13, 2022

Security is based on where you reside...like the municipality is better than the south in terms of security...
Business is ok...but kinda dull now university is on strike
Thank you.
Career / Re: Working In Cross River. by eguarojeona: 9:55am On Oct 13, 2022
It's a student town.
Depends on the kind of work you do...
The town is dry o!
Thank you.Want to work in a teaching hospital (internship).
Would love to know about security situation,business climate.
Career / Working In Cross River. by eguarojeona: 7:34pm On Oct 11, 2022
Hello,please i would want to know what working in Cross River is like.Thanks.
Family / Re: I Have Been Having An Affair With My Elder Brother's Wife – Nigerian Man Reveals by eguarojeona: 2:25am On Oct 09, 2022
No be juju be this?
This is the height of wickedness!!

Bros,move on.Goan have your own family. One mistake you make when having with women who cheat with you,they cheat with others.The kid may not even be yours.Free her and yourself.
Family / Re: My Wedding Was Stopped 6 Weeks To The D-Day by eguarojeona: 11:02pm On Oct 06, 2022

Utter gibberish! I kept seeing my aunt, my mom, my dad, my neighbor Jesus Christ! Are they all in this relationship with you?
He made the right decision to walk away because it’s obvious he’ll have to deal with more than an indecisive and emotionally dependent wife. Aunt wants him to thank her for taking you, her own niece to the market to buy wedding items? Really? You should thank your aunt not him!
I congratulate the young man for saving himself from an entitled and overly intrusive family.
Most old girls have serious problems. Any girl who isnt married by age 25 has problems.
Family / Re: My Wedding Was Stopped 6 Weeks To The D-Day by eguarojeona: 11:00pm On Oct 06, 2022

You rang him back after two weeks undecided for two weeks... good two weeks he didn't call. His mum didn't call.. His siblings didn't call undecided

You had to ring him.. so if he had agreed on pushing through with the wedding you would have said yes undecided

Iswear dawadawa expensive pass you (pissed)

You should be jubilating... get heaven dust, four cans of budweiser, a pack of dunhil and if you can afford captain Morgan... make yourself happy.. heaven just saved/liberated you from a curse
Be letting single to stupor ladies and bitter feminist without man in their lives give you advice.They would snatch at any man they get

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